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Falling Fred

Falling Fred for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Dedalord located at Prof. Dr. Pedro Chutro 3135 Suite 101 - Ciudad AutΓ³noma de Buenos Aires - Argentina. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Amazing game... But PLEASE for the love of God update it so people can use it now. I used to own this game and had all the characters but I can't use it anymore because it crashes when I try to open it in a Samsung note 8
Fix this game plz I use to play when I was 5 and 6 like I was only like a half toddler I loved this game plz fix this game and maybe this 1 star will go up to a 5 star
The game does not work for me maybe it's my phone but i done know whenever i try to open it it shows a black screen with the game picture on top with a blue line below it please food this game i use to play it when i was 6 or 7 and it was really funny and cool. please fix whatever this is 😭
Falling fred won't work for my revel 4 phone and I'd like to play this right now I can't please fix if you see this thank you
I can play the game its just i cant really pause and play because it resets the game when i pause and everytime you go on the game it takes you to the more games section automatically and when you press back to menu is takes you to play store to get psychoban and it repeats till you spam play on the menu.
I like this game and I like to play it and I was wondering if I could play it because I cannot I would really like to play this game I do not like the core I just like this game so I would like to rate this because I love this game and I always loved it as a 5 year old and I wish I will never stop going and I wish I could play because I cannot and please make the 4th stop I do not I want to play this okay I want to let you decide if eat okay but if you don't let me I will Wet Willie you yeah by
Yeah im pretty much with everybody else. This was one of my favorite games back when I had an iPod touch in elementary school. But it badly needs an update because it just doesn't work.
I cannot play the game please fix it. I like the game because when I was a kid I used to play this pls fix it :-\ :-( :'( oh and I am using Huawei BLL -L22
Theres really nothing to say. The game is too old to run on newer versions of android. Before opening the app android warned me it might not work properly due to the game being so old. So I proceeded but got no luck. I used to play the game when I was a kid and really enjoyed it.
Used to play on my samsung galaxy tab 3v works perfectly fine. But on my sony xa1 plus keeps crashing everytime i open it. Please fix it. I will rate 5 stars if this problems are already fixed.
It's saying app not responding whenever I open it. Not even opening. On SNAPDRAGON 626 Android 8.0 3 GB ram
Hmm well I used to love this game but now that I'm like 16 it's weird to play this I used to play back a long time ago but like damn I can't believe it doesn't work I have memories with this game so 3 stars.
For some reason this game crashes as soon as i open it, I've had 3 different phones in the space of 6 months and each has done the same and I'm using Samsung galaxy s8 now
FIX FALLING FRED!!!!!!!! When i open the app it immediately kick's me out. Wait,I think I now know the reason why. I think it's because I'm on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Please fix it for galaxy Tab a
I like it and all that stuff but why does it need access to your location that's creepy and it needs to your pictures media and files it gives me the chills
What the f***? I've been playing this game since I was like 4 or 5. I played it on my mom's galaxy core prime then. I tried playing it on my moto e6, And ALL it says is "Falling fred is not Responding." Pls fix this, Literally EVERYONE has asked you! But you aren't even listening. PLEASE FIX THIS!
i used to play this game a long time ago but now it crashes the developers are not even updating anymore I wish you could do something about that but it was fun playing at Super Falling Fred still
This game was so fun when I lasted played and I remembered this game so I downloaded this game just to crash all the time so I think this game is dead and when I saw when it was last updated
I used to play this a long time ago but now it's not working and I don't know how to play it but this I don't like this anymore is unacceptable
I use to play this game when I was younger, and I remember all the Dedalord games I play and all of them work but this one, I only give this one a three star is because of the memories.
Hi when I download the game and want to play it,it like stop working for some dumb reasons and can you fix this😟😟😟😞😞😲😲😲
U can't even open the game without the game crashing and saying ''unfortunately, falling fred has stopped'' this is deeply disappointing
Well, this is a drat. I used to play it on my IPad when I was young. But he bad news is... the game is not been updated since 23rd May 2012! I think you need android 2.2 gingerbread or less! Which means you can only play from Samsung Galaxy S2 or less! Maybe galaxy s3 will work but i don't know. So this is a important message to falling fred players. We will just have to wait until the developers update the game to 1.0.17 for new device support. I've the developers update the game, give it a 5
The game is awesome I remember playing on the Samsung Galaxy s 5 it has been nine years from it's release and now it's stop working
When I play this on newer samsungs it just says the game has stopped, and it just kicks me out before I even get into the game
I played this on my father's phone its good but when I play it on my Huawei tablet it kicks me off pls fix it
Love this game but it crashed at startup when i had an LG phone. Now i have a sony experia and its still crashing at startup please fix this.
Anyway You Can Play Falling Fred On Bluestacks It Will Work On Bluestacks Not The Newer Version Of The Android Because It Will Crash So It Will Work On Bluestacks So Yeah
You basically need a toaster of a phone to get this game to run at all. Which is a shame because I liked this way more than Super Falling Fred and it appears we only have that option when it comes to the concept.
This game is dead. The developers aren't even updating it anymore. And if you try opening it all it does is crash. Was a fun game but Super Falling Fred works and its still fun.
You should really take this off the playstore if it is no longer available after super falling fred. My 3 year old is PISSED, he cant play this game and gets upset and yells its broken.
Doesn't work on my phone anymore 😭😭😭 p.s. it still works on my son's old Verizon tablet I wish it still worked for my Moto Z Force, please fix!!
I see lots of people saying the app immediately says it has stopped working and never opens. It seems this hasn't been fixed yet as of 3/20/19
The reason why it keeps crashing because your on an Samsung tab a or a s8 which all of these phones crashes you can only use it for s1 s2 s3 s4 or maybe s5 and galaxy tab 3 so that's why it keeps crashing
it literally doesn't work, I am not lying. I have a LG phone and I've tried to get into the game and it keeps crashing. this sucks, I give you HALF a star.
FIX FALLING FRED!!!!!!!! When i open the app it immediately kick's me out. Wait,I think I now know the reason why. I think it's because I'm on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A.
Its good but now when i open it it just crashes i have unistalled and installed over and over again im using a huawei
I can't play the game on a50 it says that the app was made for an older version of andriod please fix this problem
Please fix the game it says it does not work it says unfortunately the game has stopped working so please fix that I have an LG please and thank you
I used to play this before and it was kinda exiting even tho it's pretty brutal now it doesn't work on my phone. It says it only works in older versions of andriod please fix this :(
I really want to play this game because I never had the chance to and it kept saying "falling Fred has stopped" and "Falling Fred keeps stopping." Please fix this game.πŸ˜”
Used to be an awesome game. Stop giving bad reviews to this classics. It's 10 years old, not supposed to work on new phones.
Dedalorsd pls fix the problem that when you open the app it says stopped work if you could do this immidietly i will rate five stars thank you but for now i will place one star.
DONT DOWNLOAD THIS IT KEEPS SAYING "falling fred has stopped and if you try again it will just say "falling fred keeps stoping" please fix this!