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Falling Ball

Falling Ball for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Magic Ice. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its a pretty good game overall, however it can be difficult to control at times and there are TONS of ads. i understand that these developers need to make money (and they deserve to) but I think it's just an extravagant amount of ads. otherwise, it's a good game.
Controls too sloppy waaay hyper reactive, 3-4 ads between plays each with a 5- 10 second skip wait, plus ads during play, this is really only a mediocre game created strictly for ad Rev, it also wants access to your device files for no reason so I'm also going to guess a security risk? Uninstall ing after this review
Game is pretty good, but when I watch an ad to get a new ball, I have to watch like 3 ads. I would give 5 stars if this wasn't a thing.
pop up ads when app isnt even open took me a week to figure out what was happening thought i had a virus just this toxic app. fun game but stop opening ads when im not playing. deleted. fix and i will re install abd change rating.
Fun :D Well the game is AMAZING but!.... there is ad after add but still the game itself it great :) if the creater saw this ... please dont put ads after every fail and round...
i really like this game. its entertaining, cool or whatever but there is an ad after every end of game. its to the point where i was about to break my phone. its SO annoying, honestly.
really bad. it has the same awful song and when i clicked to watch the ad for a ball, i had the add but never got the ball. way too many ads as well. it is very repetitive and boring. would give a 0 star if possible
The game is great, very entertaining. However theres too many ads while you play and then they constantly pop up adds even when not playing. Dont download if youre not willing to be patient with them being really pushy.
This game is entertaining and fun, and also there aren't that many ads that you'd see. I really like games like this.
I'm uninstalling this game because it is using up all my data on ads. You've advertised it as a free offline game but I can't play without at least 2 ads popping up each time I restart a turn. A fun game but the ads make the experience unpleasant.
first off there's the ad issue, but aside from it there's the BUGS... For instance when you fall on the corner of the road (or whatever it's supposed to be) the ball teleports beneath it and the ball loses it's speed, other than that they're some stuff in the game that should be removed like the bouncing of the ball, it shouldn't be found especially in such game, and what also annoys me that even though sometimes the ball jumps the air time will be neglected
Fast-paced, stimulating. However, there's too many adds, some of them aren't even interactive, unlike the others and during a game or an advert playing it causes the phone to shut down and restart.
Falling Ball is a great and simple game. Ive enjoyed playing it time to time. However, i will be uninstalling it at this very moment due to the factual findings that this application is infact a leading/main culprit/cause for unwanted nor provoked advertisements appearing on my smartphone even without using the app at all. Fullscreen ads will appear on my homescreen or anywhere else I am on my phone.
Game is decent, but way too many ads! Every death and every success is followed by an ad. Not even kidding there is more ad time than playing time.
the amount of ads but stopped in the middle of my game in the first three attempts is absolutely terrible this game isn't worth the space it takes up
HORRIBLE the game is okay, but there is TOO MANY ADS. after one minute of playing i got about 30 ads. even if you click the "no thanks" button YOU STILL GET ADS!!!! your game sucks and dont ever create anything again unless its ad free. And it spawns ads while the app is closed?!?!?!??! what the f man. not a good app at all.
Invasive apps even when app closes. How can you think an app with ads that completely take over your phone is OK. My son thought he had a virus on his phone, finally figured out its this app. Dreadful.
Fun way to pass the time when I am board. I dont know what version the people who voted 1 star got, because the game's ads are not as bad as they were saying.
I think it's a Awesome game and you too should play it. I'm sure you guys will be thinking that it's interesting and addictive. you'll have fun and you'll love it. I even don't have any complains about it. One last thing that I want to say is that please keep making more games like this.
i almost never review games or any apps. but this is an exception. i feel that this could be a good game except for the fact that there are SO MANY ADS. you can't enjoy the game with the amount of ads there are.
it is sooo mutch fun .when I first started to play with the game I thought it needed to get more songs but then later on I got more. great game!!!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜„
I never rate games but this one sucks. I'm sorry. too many ads, horrible idea and graphics and music. Thought it was a joke for the 1st couple minutes. Uninstalled immediately. Keep working on it.
This app is literal adware, be warned. They may keep responding to reviews, but their greedy ******s won't change a thing. If you love pop-up ads, this game is for you.
I gave this game one star because it keeps cheating me every time I'm at the finish line I'm dead. Ur welcome for the star.
I'm just being honest, okay? So, my problem here is that it keeps stopping there after I lose. Fix it, please. I would have uninstalled it by now.
Getting ads while the app isn't even open!! Had fun playing the game but this is ridiculous. Sincerely hope this gets addressed soon. Will be sure not to download from this developer again unless I hear that this is addressed.
If you want to make money, keep your customers happy. I'm here to play a game, not watch ads. There is no need to reply with "sorry for the inconvenience", learn simple marketing, don't force ads everytime you die, it's ridiculous.
Great game but too many ads. There is also times that the ball glitches so it's impossible to land on a platform. Really fun though.
This app is awful. Don't get it. It shows you ads on your HOME SCREEN even when it (the app) isn't open. You can be watching tv on your device or playing a different game or whatever you do, and an ad will come up. It took me a week to figure it out and it was so annoying. I also did a hard restart and wipe my phone. But one ad came up and I closed the app I was using and it said that the ad came from facing ball. It was very annoying. I showed my friends something on my phone and an ad came up.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! This game has Adware on it to make sure ads pop up while using other apps on your phone and yes the ads will pop up while the game is closed. I am reporting this game to Google as adware is against the terms of service. Hopefully this game will get taken off the PlayStore so no one has to deal with this greedy company again.
Its honestly really fun! It has kinda sensitive controls, but that can save you from tough situations. It is a good game nontheless
Its a really good game! But... whenever I win or die, the screen goes blank and nothing happens. I have to exit the gane and re-enter it to play again. Overall its a good game.
this game is awesome!!!!! I love it you guys should download it first I thought it was boring but when I played MY MIND BLEW UP FOR A SEC!!!! this game is legit cool I know you can only give five stars BUT I am giving you HUNDRED EXTRA STARS YOU DID THIS GOOD AND I AM PRETTY SURE THIS GAME SHOULD BE FAMOUS WE ALL (people who rated five stars) SAY IT'S AWESOMEEE GOOD JOB MAKING THIS WE APPRECIATE FOR YOU TO MAKE THIS APP SO PLEASE GIVE THEM FIVE STARS EVERYBODY
I thought I'd give this game a shot, but honestly it makes me sick... I get so much motion sickness from it messing with my eyes. No game has ever done this to me before.
i LOVE this game its so fun i like how you get to name the animals and how you get to collect different beautiful new animals Everytime. It can be a little hard when you first play but as you play more it gets better. I play this game a alot and i do not regret downloading this game๐Ÿ’ฏ. Ive told my mom my siblings about this game and they love this game also. Now most of the time they are always playing this game witch never happens๐Ÿ˜‚. YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD RiGHT NOW!! you wont regret it trust me!
This app illegally opens in the background to push ads to Android devices while displaying no notification. Users worried about this issue may check app usage history. This app was opened more than 60 times in the last 2 weeks. I have played the game only for minutes since downloading and the ads are driving me insane. This is a virus. It is illegal, and it is accessing my device to push advertisements in my own personal life unwarranted. I recommend anyone to clean their device after dl'ing.