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Fall in Love πŸ’– (Choose Your Story)

Fall in Love πŸ’– (Choose Your Story) for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Love Game located at Flat A, 31/F, Ford Glory Plaza, 37-39 Wing Hong Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was fun but each book only has 10 chapters they all leave on cliff hangers. For instance the knight brothers only has 10 chapters and I don't get to choose with brother I want like it said.
This is a great app. I just downloaded it today like 5 minutes ago and I already love this game no complaints here. I recommend it:)
This is the worst game!! Ohk like the premium choices are fair..but the hearts.. u need to read the stories..This isnt a good strategy..when u do this u lower ur chances of getting more readers coz u have to wait a WHOLE TWENTY-FOUR HOURS just to get hearts..Tsk..Im deleting this I aint wasting my space for this
I love this game it is so great but I wish you did not have hearts because when you run out you have to wait a whole day
I'm so amazed even just the very first story is very interesting and I love it so much! This is really an app out use if our wanna spend time fast! It's like you're so into it the time just speeds up^^ without even realizing it, time for me passed by almost and hour! I really think you guys should get the story app~ not k ly that but it actually gives you a lot of gems and the hidden scenes only cost 1 gem which is cheap for a poor person πŸ˜… I could go on about how good this game iS ❀❀
I love this game too much and it's really cool and really good for kids and kids like that one and the other one is really good 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Literally the best that i have ever played on my life, the "premium" choices/decisions are rlly cheap which helps, the story is fantastic, I really like it, the story are romantic and dramatic I just love it.
I love games like this. Chapters are pretty entertaining. Only thing that sucks is how much it cost to use the diamond answers. Maybe lower it to like 2 or 3 diamonds per answer rather than 20
This game is really nice..The stories are good,the dress are pretty but the only problem is gems.I don't mind wearing ( not pretty clothes), but I suggest you to give a happy ending without gems. Please fix it. THANK YOU...
Every time I tried entering the game it would immediately return me to my home screen, this could possibly just be my device or it could be the game I don't know..?
I was waiting multiple hours and seeing if it would refil my hearts or something but nothing happened. Then I tried to buy hearts and then nothing happened. Other than that great app. Amazing themes and story line!
this game is sooooooo great and i loveeeee it so much. by the i'm a girl. i acctually using my boyfriends account.
Its really fun and intriguing, I love the story and I'm only three chapters in. I haven't been on it long enough to have any complaints though.
The last update made this game garbage the story totally changed and the graphics became disgusting. I'm really disappointed because I really loved the game before that stupid update. PLEAAASE! bring it back to the way it was. Please I still haven't finished all the knight Brothers options, and the new update only has Ryder. Why?!!
It is a great game the only thing that i hate is that it as a long time to revive may be u can shorthen the time to like 8 hours, it will be better
This the best game ever!!! Nit like other love games like episode were you have to spend so much dimonds this one only lets you spend whatever you want!! Also you get to choose an outfit thats free even if it looks fashionable and looks like a lot of dimonds its not. I love this game so much!!! If your lookibg at this game you mist download it its amazing❀
I think this app is awesome I have had awesome experience yes there is adds but it is worth it so muchπŸ’–
It helps with my reading and is exciting and is roamantic so you get to make choices and have fun doing anything and it wont affect the real you
This story is the best! You can choose your own story and you can make love to the person you wanna be with! I honestly think that everyone should play this game, I mean sure it has alot of adds and it takes forever to get the diamonds back, but this game is worth your time! And it's fun and soo addictive!
It sometimes freak me out when I run out of heartsbut when I redeemed they started working today I don't have any what seems to be the problem,do I have to wait for six days for the hearts to start functiong
I think this is a I think this game is perfect for someone who wants to be like controlling about love if they want to choose a love story for someone or something but it's amazing Sammy might be different to you I give it five stars I think it's cool if you love love games so yeah download it if you like this type of stuff
The really fun game but they don't ask enough questions for us answer but it's a really fun game still
I love this game. It is tells you what can happen in your life and stuff. The only thing that does bitter me us that the man does come and interrupt the chapter but it is really nice that he does give diamonds but I just want him to cut that's out a little. And also the chapters are short but still interesting. I like how it is short and understanding and I can stay in it forever
This is really a good game you dont have to spend much money to choose\ the art is beauty and stories are amazing i like it
This seems like it might be interesting, but I can't watch a video for more hearts, and only one heart a day doesn't give me enough value to keep the game. It won't let me double up on diamonds after a chapter, either. If I try, it gets stuck on connecting to server, I have to back out to the bookshelf, and the only way to move forward is to go back to the chapter reward and be forced to watch another ad before I can collect the single diamond and continue the story.
It's a good game, the only thing I hate is that you can only watch 3 ads per day. Ig it's going to be 3, at least rise the diamonds up. Just let us players to keep watching ads for diamonds, you creators still get y'alls money
I love this game but it stop working. I really want to play when i press the game it goes back to my home screen.
Honestly at first I liked it because I like the stories I've tried but now I'm getting annoyed because it is so hard to get diamonds that are needed in the stories especially as the 'get free hearts' button stopped working. Additionally the double up button for diamonds rarely works after chapters instead I am greeted by an ad and then the loading sign comes up and end up having to take only one since no matter how many times I try to watch an ad for another one it won't work. So minus 3 stars.
Ooooo I'm loving this . I've been playing for hours . But please reduce then amount of diamonds needed to make a big decision I'm loving ittt
I like it but whenever I click free heart and watch the video it says connecting to server and it takes too long plzz fix this problem And when I choose diamond sentence it also take soo long then I just hate it Fix this.
This is the best game!! You can make your own choices and each day is a new chapter but if you dont want to wait you can watch an ad! No ads except for that! I would give this game 6 stars if I could!
I don't know that I want to describe my experience right now it's a little early in the game so far I like it it's kind of funny, I like a romance story that also has a sense of humor.
When I can get stars because whenever I am opening it it it shows 0 hearts and I have to to see the add to get hearts
I like this game, like the graphics and the storylines on them but it's kind of misleading on here. The Knight brothers story is featured in the pictures and the description and it makes it seem like there's a choice on which brother you can date when there doesn't seem to be. The only option I'm seeing so far is Ryder. Maybe think about changing the description for this game?
Atleast the game should allow earning hearts, instead of buying or seeing the video or waiting for 24hours. No one is gonna be interested to wait nor to pay. i would have suggested the game to my friends if and if only it doesn't make anyone wait for 24hours or force to buy them with money. So i am deleting this app. i can't wait for 24h for the stupid game.
I honestly think this game is very fun. I gave it a 4 star because i would like to, change my hair color, eyes and like i want to customize how i look.
This game is really very good. I love this game. I give it fore star because it takes so much diamond to make a choice. But every story is very good. You will feel like it is happening you in your real life. It's very fun game I have ever play
I Love this game too much... The stories in this app are soo romantic and awesome, I love them but I want you to make more chapters of these stories especially in "The Knight Brothers (Ryder)"... I love this story a lot please, I request u, please don't write Coming Soon for soo long, Just make more chapters... I'm waiting that when that Coming Son will go and more Chapters will Come... But yeah, This Game Is Awesome dear...😍😘🀩
First chapter seemed fine, wish there were more movement and not just storyline, choice of response is less too which reduce the heroine's personality to either the innocent or the witch girl. Overall, I enjoyed it thanks!
I think this is a really cute game and the chapters are very long and I wished they were short and that's so whoever made this game and if you another game like this could you please make the chapters shorter thank you so please whoever made this game please read this thank you and that's all I want to say by Sadie
I don't know if the problem is my phone or the game server,the ratings so far are great and that's why I decided to download it now but it's not opening...it keeps telling me that it fails to connect to server and that I should try again...pls wat should I do
I love it but takes a lot pf diamonds for the choices i would have give it 5 but no instead a 2 so please reduce it
Not gonna lie, I only just finished the first chapter and I ALREADY LOVE IT!!❀ I have no ptoblems with it except the fact that you can't really make very mny choices. Other than that I love this app so much.
I love this game! I would like to choose more often, but it's quick at loading (Thats hard to find!),It is VERY DETAILED,And I could play for ever thanks for this game!
Omg this is literaly the best choice game I had ever played it is very fun yet it is classical and it is adventurous I definitely recomended this game. It is so fun and I think every body should get it.❀πŸ₯°
I love it. I Love the fact that you are able to double up on diamonds and that you don't have to use all your diamonds on one choice. Its really the best interactive game!
I was playing this while it was still "The Knight Brothers". I was currently reading Adam's version and then I updated the app and the app is like all of the other choose your story games. I liked the same story with different guys and seeing which one I would want to choose. Now the only one that is listed is Ryder. I might give it a chance but I'm disappointed in the drastic change. Especially if it is difficult to earn hearts and diamonds like all of the others.
Money Trap: You get enough credits to get 3/4 through one scenario's story. You buy credits (who can afford $100 for "VIP?") & you finish scenario. You get limited spaces to save story so you'd think saving last section saves whole scenario...wrong. You want to go back to previous section you paid for...not without paying for it again. Now I should've had paid enough for 2 scenarios but now I don't have enough credits. Lastly, let's say you want to try 3rd brother/scenario...wrong.
soo.. basically its a good game overall. good things about this game are: the choices that cost diamonds are usually cheap (unlike in episode), mostly good stories, and is romantic. bad things: the game says that the game is for all ages. SO UNTRUE!!!!!!!! this game should be rated years 12 and up! so i am going to delete this game. sorry..
It dosen't put in the whole body. But it is a really fun game everything fun dosn't cost gems or hearts like other games
I actually generally like this game. The only issue im having with this game are the ads. Now yes you might think or theres too many ads actually my issue isnt that. Mine is when i try to double up my rewards or get a free heart, at times im stuck at the connecting fo our servers screen. I have closed the app and reopened it which sometimes works. But i suggest you look into this cause this might cause some people hate the gamd even more when the ad choices dont work.
I just love this game it's so romantic I feel love with this game and there are somany stories it is amazing. On one problem It requires heart for every single chapter it was a little irritating but the stories was amazing .πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
🌺this Is super amazing it is fun and really calm you down and I think the is fair with diamonds it is just I want to change her hair style and colour and I want the diamonds to go 10 for 1 video that will be super amazing and thx for your hard work there must also be more action plz and Leo and Amy must be a real couple Amy is my character 's name I think Amy and Leo is pretty cool together ooooo ja the ❀️ heart's could at least be 5 for 1 video and the add's doesn't really bother me good job ❀
This game WAS super fun, only until they "updated" the game to be like my storey which is HORIBLE! I would love the game to be back at its oringallly state but nooo. It just had to change to a knock-off of my story. Can I plz get informed on why this game changed so drimaskekley??
i just started playing this game 1 hour ago and im in love with this game its so much drama and more going on in this first story. im defilenty gonna die if this game has to get deleted because of my parents but oher than me drooling over this juicy game you should download it and try it out instead of reading reviews to see what you should do so what your waiting for press the button install now! its no mistake i promise you that.
Its really good I like that u get to choose a lot more than what I used to have so yea but one thing I dislike is u only have 3 options for hair and 3 for clothes
I mean its okay the games fine and stuff but you get tired of the ads and it also drains your battery like I had my phone at 73% but now it's at 7% even tho I've just started playing and only for 30 minutes it usually take at least 6 hours to drain almost all my battery so I think I might want to keep a charger or something close to charge ur phone
Amazing i am accually getting sucked into the story i love it. If u want dramma this is the right app plus the romace it is beutiful. I just wanted some romace but i got a mix of both i am hooked i had to shut down my phone to be able to go to sleep cause i wanted to keep playing it
There's a good-sized at this game and a bad side the good side is that you can play and it is amazing it is wonderful and I love the quality I love how much romance is in the sap but the bad side is that you have to have four diamonds everyday and you have to wait until the next day to give for more diamonds that's why I don't like it but this is my thing and i I'm going to give it a 5-star rating
I LOVE THIS GAME!!! its fun, mysterious, tricky, and messes with your head AND heart! the only thing is it takes so many gems/diamonds to do a single chapter. and some chapters it makes you "pay" another 100 to finish the chapter. But besides that it is an amazing game of love, art, and heartbreak. LOVE IT SO MUCH!
It is a very great game if your keywords aren't working u can choose by taping the dice it only gives u 12 names so u have to choose
The game is fun though.....buh after I waited and watched the ads in order for me to collect my heart,I wasn't able to collect it.instead I was cheated.
This game is alot of fun i love the stories so much that i have been playing for hours and i also live that it came with 21 diamonds when am bored i come abd play this game thanks for making ny everyday and we would love for u guys ro keep giving updates on the game too
This is a great game but I only gave it four star because you have to have the games and I recommend downloading it just you have to watch a lot of ads just saying if you're an in-person person don't download it.
Love this game .it does not has any adult content as compared to other games similar to this game but the problem is that the diamondfor each chapter completed is only one diamond .and the hearts for playing game are not enough .
I just download this game today. I have been playing it for about an hours. I really really love this game. There is no bug or anything. It started off with 21 diamonds which is not likely to be in other games. Stories are so beautiful, cute, so fun and super enjoyable. It's okay for me to wait three hours for free heart again. But it's fine cause I almost completed 1 story today. This game is so pretty and amazing. It super fun to play and has so many plot twists in every story which is great.
I am literally in love with this application even though I just finished a chapter.If I can I will suggest it to my friends. Iam sure that they will love. I even like the ads in this application.
I love this game so much, my only advice would be that we should get more hearts or at least be able to watch more adds to get hearts, and some of the choices should cost less diamonds, also more hair color options and clothing would be nice
Very disappointing πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜ž Characters should be more realistic (playing this game feels like watching cartoon) you should add more options to earn diamonds nd tickets, you should add sweet, young adult ,college romance, office romance, true or faithful love stories with less sexual content.
I use to love this game. It was addicting and I had old version the one called Fall in Love with the kinght brothers now that was Addicting I played almost every day. But then there was a update and didn't let me on the game. So I tried again and still didn't let me on the game so I uninstalled it. And a lot of months past and today I decided to install. When I get in it didn't show the old version it showed your other game called heartbeat so I was piss off so please bring back the old version.
I like how it let's you choose some of the games like don't there just a store you read and they don't let you choose your answer to a question.
just to be clear I LOVE this game I just wish that you dont have to use gems so much and also you should get to pick who you wamt to be "dating" if not this would deffinetly be five stars. again I LOVE THIS GAME!!!
The app is good well i jst finished the knight brothers story.and it was so good and full of romance,,,i liked it a lot.the only problem was with the diamonds/gems,they got me going crazy they are so expensive and i really couldn't chose what really would have been my choice,,,,,,,πŸ™„i couldn't kiss Ryder😏🀣🀣but the game is cool.i fel in love with it if only you can fix the gem thing.the app will be awesome!!
I enjoyed this while it lasted. The hearts never fill up and the option they have to watch an add to gain a heart NEVER works. Also, the feature to double up your diamonds NEVER lets you double up, it just stays with a loading screen which forces you to close the app. Much needed fixes to make this better.
Love the app but pls change the picture yesrerday i was havin a good time playing but my dadi delete it 😩😩😩😫😫😫😫now i just keep seeing "Unknown Error"so pls change the picture!!
The stories are quite good. At least there should be more than 1 way to earn diamonds you have to complete the whole chapter and then you get hardly 1 or 2 diamonds. Hearts it's fine but for diamonds too there should like watch vids and get 3-4 diamonds.We hardly have any diamonds to make choices. More like pay and play
The app was great up until I ran out of diamonds. I tried to gain more by watching adds but most of the time there weren't any available so I couldn't play the game. Other than that it was pretty fun, just wish you would earn a daily amount of diamonds or at least give us more diamonds when we watch an add. PLEASE FIX THE ADD PROBLEM!!!!
It's very addictive, and u can learn at this app like; grammar and chuchu. I didn't give a 5 star 'cause I can't wait to the next chapter huhu.
So far this game is great! I really like the tea it was so shocking as well. But Liza is Petty with a capital P.
I love this app it really is the best. The only complaint I have is there are hearts and diamonds and that makes it hard to do the things on this app. So I would keep this app if you have it. Just be aware that there are hearts and diamonds and if you are on this app alot you probably will lose all of those like I did. So I uninstalled it.
This game is okay it's not the best but it's not the worst it does have a lot of adds.I wish you could choose how your boyfriend' looks
I absolutely love the stories!!! They are just amazing thru are filled with love lust an just lots of drama. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because they only give you 3 hearts( what you use to unlock the next chapter of the story) a day but u can watch ads to get 3 more hearts but then you have to wait a whole day to read more of their juicy stories.
Amazing app.i love all the stories but the one thing I don't like is the hearts like one day one hearts soo sad... I really love that game and ads uff it sucks... I really want you to improve little bit of that so that i can rate it 5
Me Before playing : It seems that this game is good I read all the revies but it mostly hate comments. I will coment after playing this game. Me after playing : What the heck is this game?. This game is really stupid. When I installed it. It showed me to choose a language. Then it said that I must accept something like EULA. Then it showed loading when it reached 80% it said an error occured. Itried again but the same happened. I waste 2 frickin hours downloading it. I'm gonna delete it. Bye
I love it, I am writing to let you guys know something I came across The books are cute but there's one that left me on edge Love for blood was an amazing book but it was sad when i finished it. Please oh please can you make another book about it, it was one of my favourite and the characters are so cute especially Sebastian and Desmond, but most of all Sebastian I just wish you guys could make another book about it please I might even introduce this game to 4 of my friends that use money
This sounds wired but I kinda like love games idk why but if I'm bord I will just open this app and it really fun the only thing is the hearts I click on a ad to get them for free but the ad won't work?
Great game I just wish it was easier to get diamonds but still this is a really good game and I find no bugs
This is an amazing game I write reviews on my favorite games ONLY this is one of my top 10 favorites for anyone of any age I mean it does have a few words for more mature people but overall it is an AWESOME idea and game. Thank you for making the game
This game is amazing! My only complaint is that when you spend diamonds, you dont get enough back to make up for it
When I first downloaded the game, it was really fun until I had no more gems and used the free diamonds but then afterwards I have to pay and I hate how I have to pay they should just have a certain time like in an hour, you get 100 more jems something like that because I'm not gonna pay for for a freaking game. They're just stealing my money.
I really like the game but I'm a dramatic person so for me I think it needs more drama and also well I wasn't going to say anything but since I brought it up wellwhat will happen when we use all our tickets I barely started and I have one ticket left but I'm wondering if we have to wait a whole hour or two maybe but I don't want to wait that long because the story is so good anyways I was wondering why can't you see the full body of the characters anyways I really like it that is all for now🌺🌺
Fun to play stories!!! I enjoyed playing some of the chapters of these stories and the choices you get to make that effect the story. So many stories to choose from and character customization which I always love!
The game is fine. I only have it though because I like the stories. Always when I'm about to uninstall it I change my mind. The reason why I rated it 3 stars is because there are way to many ads. Always when I'm done with a chapter, wether or not I press double reward, there is an ad! The stories are good, but you really need to change the amount of ads!
The game is perfect the storys are good i love it everything look nice the characters that the reason i gabe five stars u should try it
I really love this game,but sometime the diamond is not enough but i still want to do the choice,some people who is not long enough playing this game are not have enough money to buy diamond ( that includes me)..i wish you could decrease the amount of diamond used,and increase the amount of diamond you get after finishing a chapter...about hearts,it seem okay as we can watch ad to gain free hearts,which is okay to me..i wish you could consider my rate about this game..thank youπŸ˜…
This is an amazing app!!! I love the storys, but the only problem is there are so many ads and it lags a bit. But 5/5 stars!
It is really good and shocking but I hate how I push double up on diamonds but It doesn't work and I am running out of diamands.
This game is Great. It was awsome to play it was cool and inspiering. I wish i found this app ages ago. You should defferently play this game. You start with 21 dimonds what most games like this don't. When i fall asleep i cant wait to play the game in the morning. I think everyone should play this game. If you do not think this game is'nt good you are crazy. I apsolutly love this game. The game is fun and interesting. Fall in love is amazing it is a super cool app. You should see all the drama.
I am giving 4 stars bcoz it takes too much diamonds to choose one option...and it won't take diamond..I love the game,whenever i feel bored I play this..the only problem is diamond..or else the game is awsome and wow
I love this game soo much. But after my 500 dimonds wasted i had to watch videos but only 3 each day now i have to wait until tomorrow that sucks you should use tickets instead like 3 and then wait 3 hours to get them back. It sucks.
Im sorry, but not. You put in the description of the game that players can roleplay as a guy or a girl. And i like that because a lot of "choose your own story" games dont have that kind of variety. But i download the game only to find that literally every story's cover shows a girl and it seems that the girl is the center of attention on the cover and i checked, girls are the protagonist in most if not all of your stories. And you dont give the player a choice of gender. False advertisment.
I was pleasantly surprised with this. Originally, I thought it was going to be another app trying to leech off of the dying episode craze between teenagers. Once I got the game I really liked that the characters were pretty witty, especially the narrator. I do think that there should be more options to get hearts. Also, sometimes when I want to double the gems, the ad doesn't load even when I reload it a dozen times, so the only way to get out is to not get the extra gem.
So far so good! I like how the choices are fairly cheap in diamonds. Other games I've played make the most appealing choices the most expensive on purpose, but that's not the case here. Love it. Only 4 stars though because I just downloaded it a few minutes ago.
I love the game the first part is like this is boring but when I get into it ur like OMG it's a really good game.
Okay so like i love this app but the only reason i am giving it 4 stars is because its so hard to get hearts to continue playing and also get diamonds. But i love it naturally epsecially FALL IN LOVE. So please improve on the game. Good work. Thanks. *XOXO*
I think that this is a 4.9 I love the game but facebook login not everyone jas facebook but youcould always do google as another option so there can still be both so everyone can enjoy!
I loved this app! Its so fun to see the boys face when u reject themπŸ˜‚something I wanted changed is the price. I can't buy diamonds, and I'm running low too. I wud rly appreciate it if u lowered the price to around 3-4 diamonds per game choice. Like, in celebrity crush, u cud spy on ur boyfriend for one diamond only. But now choices are SO PRICY! U probably won't pay attention to this review, but I wanted to let u know about this issue for u to fix. 4 stars, and I still totally recommend this!:)
this game is amazing lot of fun and intrest but i would love if u could let the player move a lot by themselves and talk based on the player and not options u could also work on letting the player choose they own story do not just say u want to be a fashion designer let the player choose thank uπŸ˜…
I really love this game so much even tho i just downloaded this yesterday. I definetely recommend this app!
Love the stories and drama, just reading one chapter hooks you in and you wanna just keep reading. One thing I would suggest is daily rewards, so we are able to get more jem's and hearts.
Ever since I started playing this game I couldn't stop. This game is the best. But there is only one problem...the hearts it takes so long before you get more. And only 3😒. But further the game is the bestπŸ˜πŸ’œ
It is really really an amazing app... I just liked it nd i can definitely get you'll that this is a best story reading app of our own own choices.... While reading it really feels like it turns the real emotion in us....Though we choose our own opinions to continue the story it leads in a pure love nd emotional way to the continue the story.... In each day if we would get 5 hearts for per day then it will be perfect !!!