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Galaxy Force : Falcon Squad

Galaxy Force : Falcon Squad for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by ONESOFT located at 470 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD, SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very clean game, excellent graphics and designi am trying to put game on a new device and it stays logged into a different Facebook..... Help please!
No matter how well the game plays be aware that the developers are incompetent. Time after time they release a new ship, drone, ability etc, players then buy the item with cash and/or inplay gems/gold only to find their newly purchased item downgraded within days/weeks and worthless. Indicates next to no playtesting. To sum this company up, they recently ran a comp that gave players game resources if they left a 5 star review.
The developers of this game have done well to fix their bugs and glitches in a timely manner. With every new update there are some standard glitches but overall they have done a great job at this game and it has been a lot of fun for the past two years that I have been playing it
It's a pretty good game, but every now and then i've had my rewards cancelled on me. Especially recently. The games chronological clock is out of sync leaving it impossible to collect certain things, and completely eradicating rewards. Obviously there's a few bugs that need working out. As the last medal mission deleted, or didnt count every medal i collected. I lost 100's of medals.
Lots of fun, very intuitive. However it does cost a bit much, and seem kinda hard to evolve your craft. Not upgrade, but evolve. Over a good game.
Fun shooting game..a real good way to pass the time! All around great way to have fun . Joining a team really ups the fun!! Update!! I had a small problem with in app game option ...contacted support and they corrected my problem vary fast!! Thank you falcon squad..great game great support
I'm really disappointed, you guys scam people. After the update if I get to complete time attack mode the game bugs and takes me to the start screen. Fix that, or else I'm done, and want my money back. Also I'm on Android 11 and I bet you haven't optimized the app for it
Fun game but needs less microtransactions and more ways to earn in game currency in decent amounts. PVP also does not have clear scoring and matchmaking doesn't seem to take level and ships into account and doesn't really interest me. Without clear scoring, PVP should not factor into daily achievements etc for folks who prefer PVE.
It's a great game and iv spent a few bucks here and there to quickly rank up or unlock ships ...but it's a very long grind unless you spend alot.of.money Update: taking away another star because they have very selfishly reduced our daily rewards for watching ads and the game has many ongoing bugs and glitches that have not been fixed...but the prices on gems and gold have remained the same ...a reduction in quality but no reduction in price ....that's just greed
This games stupid ads on another game I was playing completely softlocked me and I had to close and restart the game I was playing because this games moronic ads didn't work properly so there was no x button available and I couldn't even back out because the slightest touch on the screen redirected me to this games stupid app store page so here's your review for your annoying game.
Don't waste your money here, fair warning. I played this game 30-60 minutes daily for over a year. Unlocked all the ships and upgraded them all to level SS and higher. I spent almost $200 on purchases. After having seen issues on my phone I decided to reset it. Prior to resetting I backed everything up to Google and Samsung. After the reset completed I found that the game was not restored to the previous state. I lost everything, including 15k in gems, and 2m in gold. I have sent 3 emails to support asking for assistance and all have gone unanswered. This game is decent for a monotonous predictable game. But it is also full of bugs such as the backspace not working to send the exit command. Or how the game resets at midnight and if you are playing it will not give you any rewards. The Ads are ridiculous. 30 seconds for a single ad in order to get the reward. If you spend money for in game purchases you should automatically remove the ads and increase the person's rewards percentage.
I've changed to a new phone & lost all game progress & no settings or way to sign out & back in to retrieve progress. There's gotta be a way but till then I have to give 1, would give 0 if I could. Bloody hell I don't have the drop down menu for lucky wheel or the tool box for the engine, far out how!?!!?!?!!?!!!!!!!
I recently bought Get Gem 20 and my purchase was verified. Unfortunately, I didn't receive the item(5k gems). I haven been trying to contact the developer for help(facebook, game email, developer link), but they haven't reached out to me, which is frustrating. Please advise on this matter and reach out to me so I don't intend to write this review
Dear sir/madam New game graphics are very bad. Please replace old version or any other type. In this updated graphics I don't understand what i go ? Game Aircraft control problems facing.. Please give more opportunities for gums/aircraft cards. You should make more powerful aircraft. And in any stage more options for life.thanks
Game only wants money. Get to a point in the game and it is so difficult to succeed without spending money on upgraded aircrafts. You can watch hours of ads to get points or coins or gems but not worth it
Games okay. PvP is rarely any fun because you get put against people 6x your level, and the whole game comes of really *buy stuff to get anywhere!* but it's not bad to play casually sometimes.
A new event gets rolled out for the new wing of void but cards aren't credited to players account. Devs still need to work on some sort of translation as a world wide game this should've been a no brainier.
This game is super but the only probeblum is that the monsters don't stay stillllllllllll nothing else
I love this game. Been playing it 3 years. But I accidentally deleted it from off google play while downloading another app, bc I needed space. I wasn't aware it was even deleted. I've tried to uninstall/reinstall mutiple times. The game will download but when I hit open from Google or go to my home screen to tap falcon squad to play gray doors closing will come up normal it says loading but never loads. Edited: yes I will give the 5 stars once i seee its fixed and will work after I re-download
To the point!! After a month or two of playing (which is great), your screwed! You better have MONEY TO SPEND! You will not succeed in this game if you don't pay out of pocket, FACTS! They built this accordingly... Can't upgrade, can't get cards (and the ones they give you mostly are not the ones you need), can not get gems (Impossible to get after around level 50ish, and there's hundreds of them), you will not be able to finish this game if you do not spend HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS! MARK MY WORDS!
Don't waste your time on this game 2nd boss is ery very hard impossible to kill him I try more than 50 times but only time waste 😠😑
Can't log into my old account were my ships are more powerful and I've worked for 2 years to build. I'm so disappointed
Returned to this game to relive good memories but tbh, this game got bad. Levels are harder, even on easy mode, everything costs money and PvP is pay to win. Let's say you have the 1st spaceship, you want to win a match for a mission & get some gems? Face yourself with a Maxed out Lightning ship that gets 5000 points in 3 seconds. Support is extremely bad, Instructions are unexistent and the Menus are far more complex. Fix these and you get a 5-star from me.
Starts off real easy and you get alot of free stuff in the beginning. Then get your credit card out if you wish to progress at a reasonable rate in the game. Ship upgrades cost you plenty. You have to buy ships and gems to update your ships. 2 different inapp purchases to upgrade a ship. Ones no good without the other. I read one guy's rating and he admitted he had 5,250.00 invested in this game. Be prepared this game can be very addictive, that's where the inapp purchases can be very expensive.
Cant play summer event that I was playing 4 hours ago Looks like you uploaded more bugs with your last "fix"
So far, so good! It's actually kinda fun, and a good way to pass the time! This game reminds me a lot of that game from back in the day called " Galaga" So anybody that liked playing that game way back when....Getcha Pull off this game, and give it a try! 🀘😎
No explanations on the various items and their uses which can result in wasting resources and time. And of course the biggest complaint with this and most other free apps is you have to pay to advance. Also if people are willing to watch all those ads (that you get paid for anyway) they should be able to advance as far as someone who has paid just not as quickly. But no, as usual greed ruins fun hence the change to 1β˜†.I will be deleting the app after I heal from surgery.
I've given this 1star as it's not Galaga original or a port of this game as it pretended to be in the ad, after downloading it's a completely different game, this is false advertising, stick your game!
I'm just wondering when the makers of this game are going to make things right with for my purchases and the other problems I'm having with this game I have spent alot of money in this game just so I can be treated like last months garbage I'm sick of it make things right with me come we pay your Bill's and the house you live in start acting like it
I have not been able to connect to the server. Paid for gems and received nothing. Fun game if it worked right. Left message on Facebook, but didn't get a response.
I think this game is more then epic and I don't THINK it should have five stars, I know it should have five stars because you can not only upgrade but you can evolve! And there is even alien bosses. Tou get to fight aliens,fight alien BOSSES. Plus the evolved ships I may not know what they look like but I bet there awesome. I hope everyone enjoys the fun of saving your galaxy!
You are cheating the players. I stayed over 90 seconds at level 20 in Time Attack and i did not received gems reward. This hapenned more than one time.
Best game 2019πŸ€˜πŸ’“ But I have spent so much money on this game. Right now everything messes up on updates. I have my account messed up with no help for 6 months. New update today messed up account again. And I get no response from game. Seems you have made enough money to just go in there a fix stuff.
You guys have the worse customer service ever! I pay for no ads send you receipt you respond say need a few minutes to look into it and still didn't honor it! You never gave me my gems for game of thrones conquest but now you have it showing as completed in the new progress tab! I have asked for a refund of everything I have spent in the past year I'm done with your unprofessional way of ignoring your customers you need lessons how to take care of them!!
This game is incredibly fun. It has great control, great graphics, and a wide variety of play modes. You hit a paywall very early on that is one of the most severe examples I have ever seen. This game is fun enough to keep installed if you can severely lower your expectations about progressing quickly to enjoy it.
I have enjoyed most of this game. But if you don't like glitch filled updates and 0 support this is probably not the game for you. In fact if you want any support or customer service I would avoid all one soft games. One thing I pay attention to is when the devs only reply to 4 and 5 stars and the 1 and 2s never get a reply. That in itself tells me a lot about the company. If you play make sure auto update is turned off.
I spent $100 on 42k gems and only received 16k gems on Black Friday event. Sent multiple emails and in game messages to server and even had a friend post on Facebook with no response or help. The only thing I could do was get a refund through Google since customer service is non existent in this game. Out of the past 8 events only 2 worked correctly and 6 of those events were recycled crummy medal events, 6 recycled events and only one worked correctly. That shows how much work the devs put in..
I been playing for 1 hour and so far I like it This is day two yes I keep the play store open for 2 days I found one problem it is slower now for loading and I know it's not my wifi
love it its soo fun just to shoot the bad guys and to me its really satisfing and easy!! love the game Good job!
Green gems disappearing after I paid for them and no reply after 2 emails. I would like my 1000 gems back please and my 5 VIP I've noticed no one replies to the reviews with problems in them. All the replies are only on the good reviews. It's been 2 days and I have not had a reply about my missing 1000 gems. How can I buy anything else if the things I buy mysteriously disappear? Please answer me! Now 2021 June....another 2000 gems just dissapeared and to still no one replies.
Great Arcade Game! Takes me back when games were great like this one, very challenging but very fun along with as much or little competition as you want. And, compared to other games out the, prices of the "geegaws" you might want to buy, prices are right there in the middle in my opinion. Not a game for little tykes. But it sure keeps me entertained, no denying that. And, you can even join a team, which I suggest everyone does, theres lots of benefits! R. Hart - Team Daynger! Yeehaw.....
Simple and fun. Kind of like Space Invaders. I like the fact that the game doesn't ask me to constantly buy stuff. The kids should love it.
Ok at best...lots of ads. But was better before made to update to play more, the update killed the game. Wish did not have to do updates to play. Was happy till then now going to Remove from phone....bye bye....if not broken do not fix
Why is the support so poor? It's hard to earn resources so we pay for items and the items are taken away, we send messages and the response is days then the problem is not fixed.... I am not talking about spending $2 I could have bought 2 ps5 for the money I spent on this phone game and not getting the technical support I deserve.
Extremely pay to win. I've been playing this game for about 4 or 5 months now and if you dont fork over cash, even the basic campaign will take you an eternity to complete since gem and money requirements become higher and higher, while the amount they give you for completing levels stays about the same. Would not reccomend
I am still getting used to this kind of play with the phone. I always thought that this was just another way to keep u glued to a device and spend unnecessary time and money on extras.I was wrong.
You need to sort the PVP out in this game. Clearly some players are getting an advantage of seeing the enemies before you do and you will never be able to catch up with their score because they see the enemies first.
Game was great played every day had the 2 weekly subscriptions 9.99 n 2.99 spent money almost every weekend on dble gems add. I've spent 8k in 3 years on this game They roll out a new interface has massive glitches in it2 gain resources. Nvr tested it first n how they fix it is to set game back 2wks they gave back 1/4 imo what I lost n reset. N their defense they did it to stop the cheaters but treated its user differently when it came to what they took away base on how much user spent
Developers are smart, ill give them that! You get hooked and then you reach a level where the game truly does become dependent on a player's willingness to pay-to-play. Interface has issues frequently that result in competition modules being down for maintenance. Engine upgrades never work - just don't do it, lol. And, oh the ads, so many ads...this has actually gotten significantly worse in the last six months...and I started playing this game two years ago.
I like that you can watch ads for more coin/gems/mystery boxes etc. The game is simple, but enjoyable and challenging without being frustrating. I do wish there was a little more variety in your weapons display i.e. colour change, pattern change, booster changes display. But, it's fun! No complaints here.
this game hurts my eyes, too much shaking, why is everything so colorful?? i barely see my ship during combat. Unintuitive UI, all buttons are small and unobvious, so is the menu πŸ˜’
Allvis good now. Except that gems are so hard to collect and it took me like 3months to upgrade my aircrafts.
I have spent money on this game and have not gotten what i was supposed to get for the "packages".. What i paid for was supposed to be 10,000 gold a day... And some extras, have only gotten 1000 a day and less than the rest promised in the ads.... and have found my "gems" and other items were lower than the day before
They have turned this game into a money grab. Thousands of $ needed to advance fleets. Continuous problems connecting to the server. Absolutely ZERO customer support. Ridiculous amount of ads to watch for very poor rewards. And they want $10/week to have the ads removed. $10/WEEK!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? It should be that amount for a lifetime of ads removal. They are pushing people away from playing the game. Many experienced/advanced have left. The ones that actually spent the money. Go figure
What happening with this game? When I am watching video ads, "after watching only three videos its showing next video after 23 hour." Its happening from last three days. Please fix it and recover of my all lost. Becouse due this problem I am not able to upgrade my aircraft. Do you know I am a oldest player of candy crush saga I am playing that game from last 8-9 years and one of the best player of that game. I am playing falcon squad in the place of candy crush but now I am so worry that why..
Very satisfying ngl I found this game on a ad and decided to download it I I don't know why I think this is satisfying I cant describe it also it doesn't look like others games it's like 8 bit like sonic 1 it looks like there are no ads but yes they are but not on levels I think so I I don't mind the gameplay is clean controlls ez you just drag your finger to the enemy very gud game also why does ads when you download them aslo have ads like 99% of games have ads so why you have ads?
I saved my cards and gems for months and up graded macbird ship from X1 to X2 and a few days later I was dropped back to X1. This is CRAZY! DONT get started playing this game because when you reach a certain level you will probably experience the same thing. I have e mailed them three times and never recieved a response.
Pvp & tournaments you seem to lose or blow up for no reason even when the screen is clear of bombs etc. Makes no sense. Adverts are hellish long. They say 30seconds but forget the next 10s b4 the x appears. Also cant get out of a lot of ads if u dont want to watch them. Upgrade system is non sensical unless u pay which defeats the purpose of the game. No way to convert gold which u always have into cards or gems to upgrade more easily. Otherwise its a reasonably playable game.
Progression gated behind irl time / days. Pay to skip, as usual. Skill / time played has minimal impact.
One of the dirtiest "free2play" companies I've ever come across. You literally can't advance without paying. And it's not cheap micro transactions, we're talking $10-$50. Scumbags.
The new update is bad! I can't see my friends, or buy cards. It'll allow me to spend my gems but does not give me my purchase. My daily challenges do not keep track. I'm an old skool guy, this is an old skool-ish game and its disappointing.
Great game play and graphics, but gets very difficult even on easy level and takes a long time to earn enough items for upgrades. Can't imagine getting past half of the available levels without paying for a lot of upgrades. But I do spend more time than I should playing this game. Need an explanation of the engine upgrades.
I love playing this game. It can be very relaxing & fun until you get to the Bosses. Why are the Bosses so difficult to defeat...To bring down?! Who wants to be stuck on/in a level for 2-3-4 months trying to defeat a Boss...Ridiculous! Then there are times when the game goes into slow fuzzy motion! Until I can get pass that "Owl"... I'm taking my " 5" back!
I hope that you are actually paying attention to your chat rooms and what is being said in the reviews, because unless your plan was to kill the game, players are leaving in droves. Your new update is an embarrassment. Completely bugged out and it appears to have been designed by an 8 yr old. I still like the game but this update was a complete disaster and mistake.
Now the graphics is well design and also the command. Keep up the good works guys. I like the new update.
1.Doesn't register after i spin the wheel, cant claim daily quest rewards 2.On endless mode after completing quest, game is stuck, not able to claim any rewards Upgrade sucks with new UI - why fix something when it's not broken? Interface is not smooth, icons & fonts r hard to read, options & commands r all all over, worse still cannot exit app with normal exit swipe
Reminds me of video games from when I was a teen & loved going to the arcade. I'm barely in to the overall game play & 3 stars is already hard. I'm looking for the purchase button. I need to look for the game guide/help section too. I never do that...
this is a very fun game there is no ads at all and it is pretty simpel to level up and every thing like that the only down fall adout this game is it is pretty hard to get a new ship
I really love this game and keep playing to reach the highest level. I even spend a lot of money to reach a VIP level (9). But what I amazed is there's a players NOT even a VIP and a max ship level.. passed level 112??? What's the point of spending money and being a VIP level if other players can passed this level 112 eventhou she/he's not a VIP level and even not upgraded to the max level.. Please kindly review this matter. Will downgrade my rate for the moment.
Great game! However it would be even better for me if it could be configured for a southpaw. Because of the fast pace of the game if you're playing with your left hand you can not lift your finger of your ship for a split second to tap the special power or weapon on the left when you're in a jam. It would be nice to have these special buttons with and options to put them on the right.
Dropped to 2 stars. Drone revolution is buggy as all get out. Twice i have scored gold rewards and they have not been recorded on the daily tally. Had a 2v2 win - 20gold recorded, and collected 45gold in Endless - also not recorded. Come on guys, if you are going to have these challenges then make sure they work properly. Also, i reckon that the PvP and 2v2 are not working properly - how can i be leading and not miss a single enemy and then still lose? Arbitrary to say the least.
I enjoy this game...love the graphics on the new interface upgrade...a lot of bugs. Communication back, from the dev team, seems none existant at this point, as developers are to busy fixing bugs.
Great game I saw you responded, hopefully you respond again. I'm hooked bro, this game is a lot of fun. But I just have to say that online is a bit rough for people starting out. I still love it but bro, these dudes online have the best stuff, and I'm either trying to go against them or teamed up with one who ends up complaining on the forum, lol. I'm not blaming anyone, but it would be nicer if the matchmaking was skill based or according to your ship, just saying. Anyway, im playing anyway πŸ€ͺ
I'm having problems with this game. I have spent money and bought gems to upgrade my ships, then out came the summer event, which was fun to play. Then, about half way through, it won't give me the missions or let me play it.
With the latest update, screwed up everything. No more quit button to leave the damn game, and even worse cash grab it became... Levels are not incremental they are based on your aircraft, like u upgrade evrytg, suddenly same level is upgraded too.. What is the point of upgrading your aircraft? Ah, also upgrade aftes certain levels are insanely difficult and requires def purchase. Or play forever to upgrade one level. Devs, make it fun, people spend, don't do it by force! Levels are ridiculous
"Pretty good so far" What makes this game an automatic 4-5 Stars Rating is the fact that it doesn't force you to watch an Advertisement every time a Mission ends. Every Mobile Game should aspire to follow this game's ways of satisfying the 'Player'!
The game is th' game, iTz fun & exciting - Whether yer jest a week-end warrior, or a committed alien bug zapper, between the campaign levels ( worlds ) and the more intense Trialz mini-gamez, evn the most jaded of sortz can find sum adrenaline, tho not too much, here in Falcon Squad
Awesome game. So far hadn't had to spend any money. So that's awesome. Helps pass the time when you're out and stuck sitting in the car from taking your family member to the doctor and you can't go inside due to covid
I enjoy this game, theres alot I like about it. I just have one gripe. The new luxury quest DOESN'T WORK. It's a big waste of time to install these new apps, complete the task and then DONT get gems it promises. Needs to be fixed before I give it 5 ⭐s. CRASHES constantly since the update. Video rewards don't play. Used to enjoy the game. Now I can't even play due to constant crashing
Fun and lots of action too. Its hard to keep up with everything going on in the game app. Its entertainment for me because I can keep up with the game better the more I play on the app.
So wbat i think its not really p2w wich i respect but the problem is that the level 28 boss is to over powered so makes every player struggle to defeat the enemy ppl might hate me for this but can you please remove the aliens that can make black holes or orbs its really annoying and i often die cus of that so this game is great fun fact: i was playing this game since 2017 and it was really fun
I invested 100.00 tonight and have upgraded but still unable to play? Just bumps me back and forth and asks me to update again and angain. Wasted $100.00 for nothing. Very dissapointed in this game site.
Fun at first, but at a certain point you need the green gems to level your aircraft to a point where it is possible to complete levels. But the gems are hard to come by in sufficient numbers by just playing the game, so the game becomes a pay to play game. For the first few weeks of play it was really fun, like 5 stars, but after you hit that wall, the game is pretty weak, like 1 star. Also, there are absolutely no instructions. Like there is nothing explaing the leveling and evolving process.
This beautifuly crafted game has been destroyed by lazy and incompetent devs who are most likely understaffed. Over the past year 10+ events were released and only 3 have actually worked. Most of these events were recycled crummy medal events. Let that sink in, recycled events failing over and over again with no fix. Purchases fall through all the time with basically no customer service even through Facebook. New ugly interface released with 100s of bugs right B4 a broken Christmas event. SMH...
It's a money pit but ok game. Rewards are small so upgrades take forever. I was a sucker and spent real money but progress in the game requires watching all the ads to advance if you don't want to pay up to 99.00. That won't get much. It's a fun game and I've played it a lot but I'm changing my rating to 2 stars because the developers weren't happy with 3. They ask me to suggest ways to make the game better. I just told you. Will become boring.
Edit: Basically a very good game (apart from the need to watch tons of ads) but dreadful support. You must also watch your gems/coin carefully. System may say upgrade costs 600 gems but takes 1300 or similar events where stuff just disappears. Either a system error or devious people playing around as its effectively theft. Support totally disinterested. Shame really as you can't trust them with gems that may take weeks/months to accumulate. Maybe you'll be lucky & not have problems.
Pretty good game. I'm rating it 5 stars because there is no ad spam. And its always getting harder and harder to beat new levels. It doesn't get boring after 10 or 20 minutes. So if someone's looking for a cool space shooter game. This one is the one that you need to download.
I do not understand why there are sooo many glitches in this game, why put out an update if you have not checked it properly. It seems as though eveytime there is an update something goes wrong!!! Currently cannot connect to server, as is the same for some others in my team. I follow the rules, I update when avaliable and spend my $$$ on various purchases, yet still have glitches, please fix your issues falcon developers. Not a happy customer.
Low rating just because its waaay to hard to farm gold and other stuff to upgrade. Need to farm for a year to unlock anything. Rewards should be x5 higher at least, even more. This aint wow to farm gold for 5 hours to unlock basic stuff.
I really enjoy but is kinda harder when you made to really far. But i really don't like Hard stages😬. But i wanna say the revive killed me and i waste my time to watch an ads please make the bubble revive more long (not too long) and i will give you 5 star 🌟.
Don't bother with this one its full of bugs, hacked accounts with maxed out gear and every time you log on you risk losing your progression with no chance of getting it back. Support is a joke and when they do take action on hacked accounts the offenders just keep going. There is 1 player in the legends, who had an account banned, but not the original account & he appears to have 4 other accounts in the team, all very high level with lots of resources. Pay to play is very unbalanced.
I actually have this game 5 stars because it's a kick ass fun game. However... the greed for money and the developers complete absence made me take away one star. Would have taken away two but it would not let me erase two. The more points I aquire, the less gems I receive. Had almost half a million points and had to spend over half to upgrade one aircraft. Really guys!? Haven't y'all made enough money to loosen up a little by now? considering uninstalling.. no more $ from me.
πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽIt takes way too damn long to Load. It takes forever for the Loading Screens to clear! I had the game open for 10 mins and in that time I got to play 1 stage, which only took 45 seconds to finish, the rest of the time was spent sitting on the Before and After stage Loading Screens. 🀦 I'm more than likely going to just uninstall the game. Bc it's not enjoyable spending more time on loading screens than you do playing the game. 🀷 Major Fail
So I love this game. It's honestly the best mobile Shoot-em-up I've played, and trust me, I've played quite a few. The graphics are really nostalgic, the background music is perfect, and the pacing of the level progression is very nice. However, I have to give this only 2 stars because after logging back in after getting a new phone, I don't have access to my previous purchases or unlocked ships.
I m a VIP 15, i can't connect to the game for 3 weeks. No replies, no explanations whatsoever. The helpdesk is not even a joke, since it doesn't exist anymore. Don't spend a dime on it, otherwise you will loose everything one day for no reason.
Update 27-5-2021(nothing has changed or improved) The game is fun but the developers don't seem to care about the problems that players have. Any issue I've brought to their attention have been dismissed. Other players I've talked to have said the same thing. Also if you want to be competitive you have to spend money on the game in order to reach full potential of your aircraft. In my opinion you should not start playing this game unless you have a spare $1,000.
I paid for a very low cost weekly VIP to see if this was legitimiate! I didn't receive any of the promised items. I see where it was charged on my account. I don't see where I can stop them from charging my account next week. I admit that I'm still new at this game and really enjoy it. I was reading some of the comments & agree with almost ALL of them!! You REALLY have to spend lots of money to beat the HIGHER level attacks!!! Once I make sure I'm not charged going forward, I will uninstall.
I enjoy this game, theres alot I like about it. I just have one gripe. The new luxury quest DOESN'T WORK. It's a big waste of time to install these new apps, complete the task and then DONT get gems it promises. Needs to be fixed before I give it 5 ⭐s.
I can't open the game after the last update. I hope it will be solved, otherwise I've lost tons of hours upgrading the aircraft, drones and wings for nothing....
Quite enjoyable. Just started playing. Basic but well enough written for a few hours I guess. Dunno why they focus on insectoid types of enemies. Would mind same game 'engine' but with a different theme. LOTS of games like this around. But its nice enough.
Fun Game, seems like they at least let you grind out upgrades in lieu of paying actual cash if you want.
I have many problems from this. First, you can't get spaceships easily. Second, it is so hard to evolve your spaceship. Third, Hard and hell levels has no loots just more coins. But there is also good for this game. First, i get the sky wraith easily, When it is so hard when i played on jan 2020. Second, i love the game. Lastly i've more fun in this game so thank u i will check my review to edit every 2 weeks.
This game is amazing and so fun! I recommend downloading because of if you like these types of games then you would like this game:)
I spent $19.99 for a gem pack to upgrade my engines and the upgrade failed both times but it still took 3,700 gems from me. The contact support button isn't working so now I have to dispute the charge because I can't get a hold of support. If someone rectified this before tomorrow, I will not dispute the charge.
The game is good but the constant music before you start the game drove me crazy so I uninstalled it could not find a way to turn that music off
This game is not a pay- to- win game, and better yet, playable offline, and a great stress reliever for whenever I just need a break.
Glitchy. When I do time attack or blackhole mode sometimes i dont get the rewards i earned. I must have lost between 100k to 150k rewards in gold not to mention the aircraft or drone pieces. It's been really annoying since you need a lot of gold to level up your equipment and it's really hard to come by
$5,276 to watch ads and drain your battery and important spare time. VIP...what a croc of s.... When you get to full level aircraft, they will move the goal posts again and youll need more money, more time to upgrade to top level again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Absolute crooks, learn from the mistakes of others! Dont waste your time
Great fun and diatracting little game. The pvp fight option ia a little screwy i find, often I'll lose a match despite never missing a target and having a point bonus (and the other guy doesn't). Makes it kinda frustrating so I just dont pvp often. Collecting and upgrading ships is fun.
I have played this game for more than 2 years. Initially it is fun, but when you get to the higher levels it is almost impossible to progress. You need ship upgrades to progress and they need colossal amount of gems and as you may guess gems are difficult to get. If only the developer were less greedy for cash and more generous on rewards it might have been very good game. Unless you intend to spend a fortune on this game play up to level 60 and find something else.
I've been playing the game for a few days now and decided to buy a starter package to get a little boost but to my surprise I didn't get anything.I checked and the funds was deducted from my account. So I emailed and emailed and emailed with no answer. It's definitely not worth 1 star but it won't let me pick 0. so take it from me dont buy anything there selling dont install and wast ur time especially with developers that don't care about people just how much money they make!
Seems to function rather flawlessly and with very few glitches or hangups. I enjoy the game daily. UPDATE 12/15/20. NOW IT'S NOT SO FLAWLESS, AS WELL AS LOSING MATCHES IN P vs P mode that I clearly have won. Not by 5 points or 10 either,...ones I've decicevly won....so this game is close to losing a longtime player and backer of the game.
I don't see reason for use of real money, and it isn't cheap. Easy mode is already impossible. Can't imagine on hard mode. You can play for few levels. Not so sure about what buying a ship would do. I say buy a game for set price and knock yourself out. Keep away from free app, that really is not free at all. This is one of them.
I admit that while the developers need to make money, one should be able to buy new planes by playing long enough and earning coins. After a point coins are useless and you need the green gems, which can only be accumulated by watching ads mostly. Most of the planes have to have cards which depend on luck. Also wings can never be accessed because it's just too hard. It's sad that a game with such good gameplay is riddled with money making schemes.
Been playing this game for three years have had a few issues through the time but have been resolved in a somewhat timely manner. Made a purchase over five days ago and still have not recieved still not resolved and now being told because of lunar holiday going to be a couple more days before they investogate. What kind of company offers this little support. My advice STAY AWAY from this game.
The new UI is absolutely f***ing sh**ful. I wish I could install the previous version. I'll be uninstalling this game now. It has always been an average game anyway due to the fact that the developers are very shifty con-artists. Steer clear of this game, folks.
Fast and cool keeps me on my toes. You have to learn as you play. It's a great game. I would like to some information on how to play. I will figure it out. Still it's great game. It's not a new game, this kind of game been around, but this version is much cooler. But still I think knowing how to play and upgrade your ship's would be a lot of help for neebes and me who haven't played this kind of game in years. Play it on the bus, train, or plane.
This game is fun to play but SWEET MERCIFUL HEAVENS there are a lot of ads. The ads give such valuable stuff that I got more from adds than playing so I log in, watch 1 ad to double my log in bonus, watch 5 ads for energy, 5 ads for ship cards, 5 ads for gems, 5 ads for gold, 20 ads for a "random" one of the last four things, and 1 more add to spin the prize wheel. The most effective way to level up in a game shouldn't be too watch 42 commercials per day.
Good graphics and fun to play. Compared to other shooters I've tried recently it's not heavily pay to win but you will need to spend all top 40 players have made 10 + purchases. You can grind ads and earn enough to progress, though. The game has pvp but it's pretty busted as match making is a joke as you end up playing players 20 to 100 levels higher or lower than you. Other modes, boss, endless, rescue, black hole are interesting but limited daily.
New update is horrible. Takes too long to load, freezing my device, bugged, too long to switch between levels. Facebook share options have no more gems & coins now & isn't working on my device.
Keeps taking my gems. 3 times now had over 700 all 3 times now back down to 500. Why does this keep happening? Game is ok. Cant get enough cards to get more drones. I will keep playing for the time being. I think you should give back all the gems that i lost. Well once again i lost my gems. I will be deleating this game if the gems is not returned to me.....i have lost over 2000 in gems. And it takes to long to get them............... And it dont give you enough cards to get a new air craft.....
Don't play this game it's a scam!!! Purchased items from the shop then there was an error saying my connection is unstable but my connection is fine and I didn't receive anything!!! Tried to purchase it again still didn't receive anything!!! The purchases were debited from my account twice but didn't receive anything!!! This game is a SCAM!!!
Good game with lots of great features but upgrades are a problem. They always seem to come with many bugs, although they are eventually fixed. Having changed a phone I lost a new drone introduced at Christmas, which I paid for and despite contacting the developers via Facebook and mail within the app I have heard nothing. This is very poor, I have lost that money and it seemed to be a one time purchase option at Christmas. I understand there can be issues but I expect at least an acknowledgement
Skipping criticism. Huh?!?!?!? Wow !!! Maybe if you answer to our problems you would get 5 star!!!! And again The after campaign level get rich ads is not completely fixed even after the latest update. Can you please fix the damn bug ?!?!? It has been more than a week. Fix this issue !!! Please !!! Do you even care about customer service ?!?!?!?!? Latest update and still NOT FIXED!!!!!
Well, changing my mind here. Played a lot, watched plenty of ads and was preparing to buy a stronger ship when all of a sudden most of my gold disappeared. Used the in game email to attemt to resolve my issue. I was completely ignored. No response at all. Don't waste your time here. Obviously the developers don't care at all if you do or not.
Fun shooting game..a real good way to pass the time! All around great way to have fun . Joining a team really ups the fun!! Update!! I had a small problem with in app game option ...contacted support and they corrected my problem vary fast!! Thank you falcon squad..great game great support. 🀩🀩🀩
I removed a star in hopes to encourage developers to offer language interpretation or at the very least an option to copy text in chat from other players to be manually translated. To offer a world wide game without proper communication tools is missing the mark. Onesoft has a good app here, hoping this update fixes bug issues. How things are at the moment, watching extra ads and spending $ doesn't seem worth the efforts.
Decided to play the game again, and to my surprise, all my progress was wiped. All purchases not available but my vip remained. Also videos don't work, so I can't get any of the bonuses. Will give it a 5 star when my account is resolved.
THIS GAME SCAMS YOU. I downloaded the Casino game directly from the offer page (and have never downloaded or played it before), beat level 7 in 4 days (had to do it w/in 7 days), but I NEVER got the green emeralds that were promised for completing this task EXACTLY as instructed. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Do NOT download any of the games in the offer page thinking you'll get green emeralds for completing the offer. It is a SCAM.
So how do you upgrade your engine mate? Without losing 1700gems?.am not going to be stupid enough to try that again, give people better instructions! or is it better for you not to???. Nothing is going right with this game anymore, upgrading failed but you took the gems no problem. Was only an hour ago I noticed a post from you asking people not to look for excessive freebies, look in the mirror. People should be very careful if they ain't got money to waste
Addictive game, nice graphic. But recently cannot connect to server since 1st Dec, please help solve the problems. My ID 27915891πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
Too much fun! My kinda game, like from the 1980s. With power-ups and good stuff. Lots of ads but you get coins so... Eh. Still a fun shoot-em-up
Game is great fun. Dropping my rating from 5 stars to one. When I first started playing the Developers were responsive and helpfull. That has all changed and they aren't helpful at all. Been trying to get help from them for more than a week regarding an issue I have with my account and have gotten NO RESPONSE at all...