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Fairy Tales ~ Children’s Books, Stories and Games

Fairy Tales ~ Children’s Books, Stories and Games for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Amaya Kids Play & Learn Ltd located at Mykinon 10A Nolly Building Office N°21, Nicosia 1065, Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is so much fun, this app made Reading more fun and this game is also like a pop up bookand there are many kinds of books or stories to read. We can read the story by our own or the app can read it to us. And when the pop up starts there are some fun games we can play. I suggest you download this game. Cause this game makes reading more fun
I really have fun reading a story in this app it also have a fun learning games inside the story for kids, this could improve thier english reading that's why I wanted every one to use this app because it is not boring at all, no ads and free. I love this I really recommend this app I don't have any complain. Thank you for making this app I will rate it five star. It's the best
I love this app. Not only does it read the stories in an interesting way, it also has few activities in the stories and it's fun to read. It's a very good app for kids.
I love the stories! I downloaded the app for my 2 year old daughter, but in the end it's me watching them all ;-) Logging in every day to collect the coins slowly. There is only one thing that I'd love to see changed: If you bought a book for coins, it's only available for download in that specific language. If I want to read the same book again in another language I had to invest coins for it again unfortunately... Would be lovely if it's free than in all available languages...
I love it can you add more stories! Can you add stories in Arabic language 😊 Wil be fabulous. Thank you
I like the visual stories, but problem is I'm unable to reset my password... Clicking the "Change Password" from the Password Recovery Email just goes directly to a unloadable site with a message "This site can’t be reached"
First time using this app & my children loved it right away. We like that it helps us read the story & has interactive games along the way. If there was a way to read one word at a time so younger kids could follow each word along the way, I'd definitely give the app 5 stars. Nice job!
Very good presentation of stories. I recommend to shorten the stories and increase the interactive parts to it.
Magnificent and beautifully designed app. One of the very few apps aeveryone in the family can enjoy. Absolutely love it. Thank you.
I love this app because it teaches us reading and a lot of nice stories. I also love this app because it also explains the story that we are reading, and this app can also read to you. Well done for this app. I love it as a 💯%!!!!!!
The sound quality is very bad it gets slowed down and can't hear anything properly the stories are good and the app to but because of this sound problem we can't enjoy much so kindly fix this problem that's why I am giving it only four stars if you fix this problem I will give full five stars
I love this app i try this app when i was young and i like it very much i then deleted it because my tablet has a lot of problem but then i search so much in play store but i couldn't find it and now i can play games and read stories everyday thanks for this app.❤
Awsome. I love this. But one thing i want to say, there should be meanings available with this, so that it can be easy to learn for all.
Simply amazing. Not only do I use this with my students of all ages (and it's a literal delight for all of them. Sometimes I feel like teens and adults are even more fascinated and excited for the story time than the kids!), but I use this myself as well, when I go to bed, when I need to relax or when I just can't sleep. I just love it.
This is so adorable. My 1 year old isn't old enough to sit still through it all, but he loved the interactive parts. I think shorter stories and more pictures would be perfect for him at this age. Maybe categorize the books by ages and make some more that are appropriate for very young children. Still giving this 5 stars!
Love the story's on the app my son has enjoyed this app for two years who is now six and definitely helps with reading and learning.
I love this app 😍! Its so cool but when I want to read another book I don't have enough money so do something about that😃😅.
I really like this!! I can read it to sleep 👍👍. I hope there's more new stories add to the app, that would be great!
More then half to books i have my daughter can't open which is disappointing. We have purchased all but one book and can only open and read 5 of them. Please solve the problem!!
I love this app! I use it during my therapy sessions with school age clients. They love the pop up pages and so do I. It keeps us all interested.
This made my daughter have interest in reading books. Seeing her have the desire to read with hope to get interesting stories amazes me. She calls me now for stories. Good job. I hope it will be easy to be getting more coins as day progress. Thank you for your initiative and creativity in developing this app and thank u for making bedtime stories more interesting.
Very interesting I like it alot as its good for the baby's brain development. I am getting so addicted to this short stories as my baby loves them alot😚
This is the best children's book app out there!! I LOVE that it has the option for it to read to you or you can read it yourself, & even more so bc of the interaction scene pages. I just love. I am uninstalling all the other child book apps on my phone because this is best. Thank you for bringing the stories to life for my daughter whos in 1st grade.
What an amazing app. I absolutely love it, as do my children. It's got some amazing features. Download, you will not be disappointed.
this is the best aap i have ever used... there is so much new to learn and it is very easy to understand...i love this aap and recommend this for kids💜💓💕💞
The app is good and so are the stories. You can read yourself or listen to the adaptation, which is well done. Fun mini games in between the storied are great addition. I love that it gives you coins daily, so you can collect to buy new stories. In that way it's free and also fun for kids. My child loves it. However, recently something happened and now all the stories we had are gone and I can't re-download them. It shows 99% or 100% but then "connection lost" all the time. What's the problem?
Just downloaded the app and listened to a story with my 5yr old boi....in 10 mins he was asleep but it had me so caught up that I listened to the very end and took part in the activities! lol! it's an experience! I loved it! Awesomesauce!!!
Really great teaching and learning all app for kids of all ages cause it gives u the option to read to your child or for your child to read the books themselves.
A very nice app for story telling to kids. my boy is 4 years and he just loves it. the animation and small interactive games are very well made. a definite app to have in mobile for all parents.
Great app for kids. I was sceptical because most apps such as this are annoyingly diappointing and full of ads. The only downside is that it comes with one story, and without paying it can take a while to unlock another story. However its understable that you pay for the coins to unlock, which are reasonably priced since the app has no ads. Revenue needs to be earnt, and i will recommend this app to others.
Fantastic app. My 3.5 year old son loves it. The interactive pages are a great idea. For those who want more books and don't think the free daily coins are enough, it's simple enough to purchase the coins. Your local bookstore wouldn't give you free credit just because you visited their store and walked out without buying anything, right?? This is what this developer is doing, yet there are still complaints about it. If you buy in bulk (enough for 7-8 books worth of coins), it only works out to be ~$3 per book. Bargain!
-FUN, colorful and INTERACTIVE stories! -FREE to build your library fairly quickly. -Verry well ballenced, - every few normal brightly colored pages of story (that can be read to you), there is a pop up page that acts some of it out and everything is interactive.
Perfect for kids....instead of playing silly games my son is now reading and unlocking so many more story books. Awsome idea to make this game
It's a nice app for both kids and parents.. but my problem is the audio is not working properly.. please fix it immediately 🙏😊
It's really good for kids because they learn to read. You can also unlock different types of fairy tales. But they are very long. They might not be that long for everyone but they are for me
Beautiful, maybe something to do to get some free coins, no adds, but a game. Perhaps record the story with your own voice.
a very good app , but there was a problem because reading was so fast and there was no way to slow it down .
The books audio visuals are quite nice. Wish there was easier way to open a new book rather than earning 200points each day and to continue doing so for 10-15 days. And more choice of books.
My daughter just love this app. My only problem is if you have to change device's, the app becomes hard to find.
I would like to recommend everyone especially who are between 5 to 10 years old to install this app, read books of their choice everyday ; there is 3d animation in the books so they will be able to understand the stories better, you can read them offline without facing a minor problem and at last, the language is English (which can be understood by everyone of the world) but they can be able to change the language if they want. So, download this app now.
I love this app so much. Thank you. It's available again in English. The only problem is of sound. Please make recording again.
Very nice app but there are problem it is so annoyen bc there are only 3.000 coins but in other. Story apps they give 23000. Thousand coins so make it as a update . But I give 5 star. And I can't even buy story'
my daughter like it very much. i didnt have probably paying for extra coins. wish i had a highlighte to follow along with the with automatic reader. other love it still exciting to my daughter.
I LOVE this app! My little sister loves the stories and how she gets money everyday for reading! She loves to buy the new books and set goals for herself to get to 2000. I honestly love this app, not only does it teach reading it also teaches morals, helps to raise goals for young ones, and it also has cool games for young kids. I truly love this app. You should buy it!👌
This cute little app has fun stories with quality acting. It's perfect for vacation since we don't have to take a bunch of books for our little one.
Kids love this app. And we have unlocked about 12 stories. When I upgraded my phone, I had forgotten my password. The reset password functionality was not working. I emailed support and they sorted out getting access to all our books on my new phone. Thanks!
I just love this and is great and it gives you a option that you can read it your self or they can read it for so download it is amazing but it is just that if you have I unlocked book then you have to buy it except the one they give you for as a present but you need to buy it with the coins that you get in the game and also another thing is some of the books are locked 🔒 but otherwise it is a good game
My son I love the app, but why is there no puzzle with the story "wish upon a star"? That story is clearly different from the others, which is fine (the story and the artwork are lovely) but we're missing the interactive element. I use the app to teach delayed gratification to my son, so he's a bit peeved about saving up his daily free coins for a story with no interactive challenge.
Love this app! The books are great. My children and I read a book every night. I love how interactive it is, and the options to have it read to you as well!
The books themselves are great, but the coins take forever to collect. it would be nice if there were some sort of bonus for 5 or 10 consecutive logins. Also, some of the games are way too hard for a young child. They require really quick reflexes and excellent hand eye coordination. my wife sometimes can't even do them!
very good really enjoyed it an the puzzles are great for children also the option to read it or have the story read to them is brilliant. The only downfall is having to wait to get coins for the next story as the wait is very frustrating for a child.
Really nice stories and enjoy the interactive bits. However, after collecting coins to open the 'new book's, they don't download, it says check internet connection -all the other books open fine. Shame as now there are 6/7 books which won't open. (Can't complain to much as I didn't pay for them-just collected a lot of coins over the months). But would love to see the new stories
Spent money to buy coins/books a long time ago, downloaded on a new tablet and the restore password link that gets sent to my email is broken. Can't sign in.
This app is a great way to involve your children! It allows you read the story or the story will be read to you and your children which is nice! The only bad part is the fact that you have to have so many coins to move on to the next story. I'm not sure how to get those coins? Anyone know?! This is my first reading app. I would like to know if there are any more are out there that are free???
Really love this app very much... Means a lot.. My daughter has loved this & I & my wife has also loved this app!!
This is now my favorite book app in the world now. I absolutely love it. It has a lot of choices and it is educational. I highly recommend this application for children.
Very nice app and my kids enjoy it but I don't receive the daily chest coins. It keeps telling me that I have received that for the day but it doesn't reflect on the total coins and hence, I can't get more books. In all, it's a wonderful app for kids
My children and I absolutely love this app. It is interactive, and it gives the option to read yourself or to be read to. The reading is clear, and I love it that where there are songs, they are sang so beautifully. And what I love most about this app is that I can accumulate daily points to give me access to more books. I recommend this book to mothers out there as a great introduction for their children into the world of fairy tales.
I like this not like love this because it was amazing I never had played that type of game . It was the best game.one more thing plz add some new stories.
It is very efective game for kids for learning English story it's good but they can't read more stories because of money in the game so it is requested that not allow money in the game for reading books
Great app, my son loves it. It would be nice if more books were added over time. Also the price for buying coins to unlock books is very high and 200 coins per day is quite a wait to unlock a book at an average 3K coins per book
Fantastic app, my daughter loves this, in book games are great a keep her busy with being able to do them herself.
My kids love it, and they are watching, so I'd actually give it four stars because it forced me to give up $15 to make my kids happy, and that doesn't deserve 5 stars. But like I said my kids are watching, and they insisted 5 stars. Luckily they can't read complex sentences like this...alright, they are bored now, gotta go. Good luck parents! Fml! 👍😂
please fix the audio, it is almost a perfect app if only the sound effects does not slows down by itself. thank youu, if you were able to fix this immediately, i might change my review.
I love this fairy tales story but the teller suddenly tells fast and suddenly tells slowly . But anyway it's a very good app. I love this app
Excellent books....have to wait a while foe the reward to build up but it's worth it. My kids love them.❤
Overall it's a good effort but I found an issue on my android phone having this app that the stories shown in this app in Android phn was less than the app on iPhone .... As i have iphad for kids ..... Why this difference between the same app on different phn types off?????????
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So good for childrens. It really helped my little brother. Now a days he reads all day and doesn't waste time playing games.
I really like these books, the interaction it makes it fun for my grandson, he likes to read but this just makes it more fun for him. But I am having a problem buying coins to be able to buy more books. Don't know what to do. You don't have a number to he able to call customer service to solve the problem. I would say this is my only issue.
It's was a really good for me and my sister she was really enjoyed in reading skills and she impoverished her engish speaking
The books are amazing there are all the fairy tales I know. If you like classic tales this is the app for you. It also has tiny games in the story's. It also has a picture version of the story and it pops out. I absolutely have no bad things to say about this app. 😃
i read only two story books and i am not able to open other books cause i dont have enough coins and i want to claim more coins but how frankly i tell this app is forcing the particular player to give their e mail id and password to claim coins the is the app for childrens and dont know e mail id and password so please change this
paid for 22000 coins and never received it update: its 7/18/2019 Gave the information to the email below, no response. No coins or refund. Contacted PayPal to dispute the charge but they couldn't help either. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY WITH AMAYASOFT, IT'S A SCAM. Update: 8/19/19 Finally received the coins after almost 3 months. it shouldn't be this complicated to get an in-app purchase.
Love this app and way the story are told. Shame I can't seem to buy the coins 😔 keep pressing 1 tap buy but nothing happens or it freezes
This is bloody brilliant 👏 👌 🙌 Amazing fairy tale ever! I am adult but love this app so much, just can't wait to have a baby with my husband then I could tell show this story app to my children's in the future ☺
I really loved this app 🥰.But I gave it 4 stars because the problem is with audio which is not played properly .I really can't read books or listen to it with this bad audio . Can you also please raise getting rewards more,it will make it more easy to unlock more stories .Please fix it.🥺
Never thought I could find an app to deliver such an amazing story time to my kids! They could stop wanting to listen to more. Trusty mms when I say you get what you pay for. It is free and come with one book. Trust when I say, you will want to tale their 50% of deal. I feel like they're is no need for it, but I'll take it!! My kids say thank you!!!!
Lovely stories. My 5 year old grandchild loves listening to them and enjoys the interactive pages. His favourite app on my tablet.
Great little app to share interactive stories with the kids. My 5-year old loves it and her 8- year old brother is pretty interested as well. I don't pay for many apps but I'm pleased to have paid to access more of the books. It's a nice addition to our bedtime routine at the moment.
This app is amazing, I can read it again and again for my son and nieces and nephew but can you kindly add more new stories. Thanks
I really like this app because it has lots of fairytales its fun and exciting to read and ive read 6 books so far and i love them all
1 star - Quality is good, if a little clunky. 2 star - Good parental control -3 star - Cost, 23 stories with average amount of coins required been 2K+. To buy 3000 coins that is £3.59. Such a shame
It is a bit expensive, wanted to buy just the 3000 coins for 5 dollars but it said transaction declined, not because of funds. There are 200 coins a day, so a new book once in just over a week and thats not too bad. Toddler loves the games, but is stroppy cant afford more, especially as others have had difficulty with payments!
"That was an amazing story"- my daughter It would be better if there was a one off cost for this app to get more stories. The stories are also abit interactive which is good.
This app is perfect.I love books and must read them all the time but sometimes I mist read in my phone so it took me some time to find a amazing app.Like this app has almost all the kids book I like not like Magic Tree house or something but,like Puss In the boots and more those books also have READ MYSELF and READ TO ME
This app is so great. I have a question; how to turn off the background music. Frankly, I can't focus well when read the stories. Please tell me how to inactivate the music. Desperately need help!!
The app has in 'Puss in boots' is the only free story! I was extremely sad to know about purchasing all the other stories with real money! U hv a great graphics! It was too good! I was happy about the way you recite the story! I uninstalled the app after trying all possible ways to get a few more stories! Bt all in vain.....pls pls I request you to add all the stories for free!!!!
This is amazing and exactly what I have been looking for an open library of fun books to read to my baby when he is born. It has all the great stories I loved growing up and at easy access too. I love all the extras and how you can choose between being read to and reading the books to your children yourself. If your reading this and not sure if your gonna get it I'm just saying you should it's really amazing!
I love, love, and love this app. I am so happy that there is a interactove reading app especially this one. I love reading the stories and it feels like a real book with the page flips and everything. I like the read to me feature but i think it would be great to have more ways to earn coins. Overall this app is amazing
it's very fantastic book..but I give 1 star only for the coins..for open a book we have give 2000 to 3000 coins and daily we get only 200 coins so it takes too much time to collect 2000 coins..and after collection of 2000 we can open only 1 book..first time when I read that book it was very interesting but because of coins I lost my interest completely..YOU SHOULD INCREASE DAILY REWARD COINS TO 500 OR ESLE DECREASE THE COINS FOR OPEN THE BOOK TO 1000
It's a great app to read fairytale stories. I really love reading the books even if I'm not a kid anymore. The books are entertaining, though some of it are lock and you need to open it with a coin but they will give you 200 coins each day so that's alright. Highly recommended especially if you love to read fairytales (like me).
I love this app. I just wish the app was toddler proof. All she does is change the pages and keep logging out.
It is a very good app for telling stories to children. Really engaging. Very nice illustrations and interactive segments within the stories. Absolutely wonderful 😀👍🏻
the stories and the story telling is good but it takes to long to unlock the books with only 200 coins a day.
I downloaded this app a long time ago and I must say, it is a fantastic app to have as our 6 year old absolutely loves it. We use to log on daily to collect the coins and we've read all the books over and over again. We're still collecting point but I would like to know why there aren't any new books. Will there be any additional new books? Thanks. I woukd have given it 5☆ if it had a large book collection.
The BEST story telling application! Me & my daughter loves it!❤️ We're nearing to download all the stories from this app.Hopefully you could add more stories.Thank you for creating such a wonderful app.👍👍😊
Delightful app! It is even for me a pleasure to read\listen and play. I have one month old babyson and after the book he is sleeping tight) highly recommended 👍👼😉
It's just a great app!!!! I really love it and it is exactly what I needed ! You don't even have to read... I use it in English for my daughter, a lot of stories. I wish there were more stories in German. Please, add more. 😊🤗