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Fairway Solitaire Blast

Fairway Solitaire Blast for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Big Fish Games located at 906 Alaskan Way Seattle, WA 98104 United States of America. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've gotten to level 500 and I play every day. But now I'm just frustrated and I don't want to play anymore. You have to do every board at least twice because you have to figure out where you're going to complete the challenge. I use 3 wild cards every time. It's just so frustrating I like a challenge I don't want to win every single time but having to play each board five / six times to figure out how to beat it. Not fun anymore just frustrating !
Smart and relaxing game with no ads, so far! It is simple and there isn't time limit! Only thing is the animation before each level, is too slow and kinda sloppy. But I'm enjoying it very much! :)
I used to love this game. Never an issue. But after the updates it is glitchy just like the other players are saying. Why fix something that wasnt broke?
Is anyone else experiencing problems with this game? Everyday I have to uninstall it and reinstall in order to play. Been happening for a few weeks now. I keep on with the updating to no avail
Was a great app, but now it sucks, wen I complete something now it tells me to restart game to play, restarted game n its still the same thing. So I'm wont be playing no more.
I have played Blast for several years. Now too many glitches and is not fun at all. No prize when l get to the end of the holes. No way to open the Watchthem. Win 3 medals but only 2 post on board. My sister has same problems. Had removed and re installed. Lost over 10 000 tokens. Very disappointed.
I would rate this game 4 stars it's actually one of the better solitaire games out there I love the fact they have a lot of power-ups and the option to buy power-ups so you can con't to play the game uninterrupted that relay what solitaire is all about playing a card game by yourself for as long as you want I'm going to stop my review here cause I've just started playing this game a couple of days ago I'll be back in a day are so to finish this review up ta ta for now
i have been playing this game for years. i am experiencing glitches in current and recent tournaments. Hole scores are not always recorded, lives decrease when they shouldn't and there are instances when you regress to completed holes. I used to rate this game 5 star. I dont recommend this game until game support fixes the glitches.
I will change my review to 5 stars if you will just do an update to stop all of the glitching and freezing. I am currently trying to play a tournament, and the game keeps glitching. After each round, it'll either freeze, tell me I have no tickets (even though I beat the round), or tell me the tournament has finished (when it has 3 hours left). Please make this game more playable. I have a Galaxy Note 9 that I got a month ago, so I know it's not the phone.
I just want to say that everytime I play the Tourneez or game always freezes on me. I restart my tablet and with no success it freezes always on the last card or it the last card doesn't turn. Besides that I like the game,hope u can help me
Great, fast going game, helps to clear the mind fun to play with friends to see who can get top score. Never ran out of cards before game is over, great feeling, makes you think.
Just finished 2nd in a tourney, didnt get my reward. Also while playing the tournament I kept getting disconnected from the game(an error with game, my internet connection is fine) which cost 4 tickets and about 43 stars. Am I being discriminated against for being a free player? Sure feels that way. I only got this game for relieving stress and all it's done is caused it. At least the game is polished but you can do that with a turd, doesnt make it good.
I don't even know why I bother to give my opinion! Today I can't play at all. Can't even open the game,it says " unable to connect to the server. Account validation failed " what even does that mean? This game is full of glitches and very frustrating! I tried to uninstall and install again and I lost all data. Why ? Please someone tells me how to do this without starting all over again 😀 I UNINSTALLED THIS VERY FRUSTRATING GAME 😀😀 but you don't really care, DO YOU?
Everytime i put this game it loads up but u can"t flip the cards ???? This game works on my cell .. But how come it os not working on my tablet and played in there for years ??? The big fish game you added is totaly worse then it was the new game u added .. I was really happy with the other way it was workin @😧😧😧😧😧 just lost 50 free hearts 😬.... dispointed of the way you tryed to corrected the problems can even get the free tokens or items you can get for xtra coins
Won't connect to servers. Will have to start over again with daily game. This game lags alot. I enjoyed playing but will delete because of glitches. Maybe will try again next year to play.
The latest update is awful!! The game is slow and clunky now! Also the daily challenge now only shows the top five scores so you can't see how you did against everyone else! I used to enjoy playing but now it is so painfully slow I may uninstall it. Update - Wish there was a rating lower than 1! Now the daily challenge no longer records that you played it! I had over 300 days of daily challenges and they are gone and I am back to day 1 and it still won't record that I played! I'm done!!!!🀬
I love all card games, but this games us very addictive. I find myself not wanting to put it down. I love all the graphics, and the cards the sweep away some card. I even think it's cool that cards even bounce on other cards.
I love this game! But my goodness........ it NEVER connects! I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing works. It's so frustrating. Yes I can play the game but I never receive tokens for winning a level. I can't purchase tokens. I cannot view anything. I cannot even view my account at all! Please fix.
I have been playing this game on my Samsung tablet for years, with very few problems and loved it. Recently, I can't get the game to open. I have tried everything and nothing I do has worked. I have other games that are still working on my tablet. I believe the owners of this App has stopped supporting it. I have no choice but to delete it. I refuse to waste anymore time troubleshooting it.
I used to play & enjoy this game everyday to order my mind & get ready for my work day. But the new update has ruined my days. It is very sluggish & awkward. Many graphics are unfinished & the cards are smaller & jiggle. Why? I'll wait to see if another update comes soon, but I will likely Uninstaller it. I am extremely sad.
This was one of my favorite games. However, it has become super glitchy. It takes forever to load and end a game, it takes winning the same level multiple times to register, and most of the time the cards do not even loads correctly. This is especially annoying on levels where you can't make a mistake because even if you tap the card, it does not go away. I was really hoping the update would fix things, but it seems to be worse πŸ˜₯
Worst game i have ever played its rigged you are just after peoples money well ive put enough monet on this game and im tired of being ripped off. Dont play this game ive played better ones then this. When i have 40,000 and it takes all the way to 0 without winning a hand this games rigged yhey just want your money. And i will be looking to find out how to turn thus game in.
I like the game very much.... Buttt I notice you give too many of de-fusers cards & anti hazards cards the least cards are used.. I notice some unfair and low awarding on tokens on tournee game play. This game does need improvement especially giving tokens and less on repeating card. #ROTATION ON CARDS
This was a challenge in sequence thinking. Enjoyed the changing courses.. I am enjoying it more each time I win a challenge.
I used to play this daily, but uninstalled at about level 450. I reinstalled it again, but I'm unable to connect to Facebook to retrieve my past progress. I submitted a ticket with no reply. Other glitches seem to have manifested since the last time I used it, including display glitches when collecting stickems and a randomly dissappearing bottom bar, neither of which can be fixed without restarting the app. Given the length of time since the app was last updated, I suspect it's been abandoned
For the past day or so my game keeps saying unable to connect to the server which I've never had a problem before and now I'm going to lose my progress of over three hundred and eighty days because it won't let me connect it for one day! Please fix this before I lose my progress!!!
Pretty good game. I'm.pretty far into and ita great. only thing is sometimes it can get a little slow and glich here and there. Other than that, I think the game is great and challenging.
Upgraded the game 2 weeks ago and just played again. WOW! Differences!! The cards are smaller. The wild horseshoe is strange. The game Begins by opening up your next Fairway hole instead of the daily first. And totally forgets about the tournament. Used-to-be daily opened if you're past 3 days, and I am. If that was done, the tournament would show up, and that didn't. I'm really not liking the differences between the old and the new versions.
This game used to be awesome until the last update. It won't let me purchase coins, it lags, and I'll pass a level but it won't register and I get stuck on a hole for at least a day or two until it will let me continue. Please fix this, I've been playing this game for years and used to love it when it worked!!!
It's quite obvious the developers made a cash grab. I haven't played something this bad since Candy Crush. The game makes you think there's some skill involved with a random set of cards. It's actually designed to make you buy power-ups and lives because there are rounds that are impossible to beat unless you play them over and over to try and get lucky with the right setup. Stay far away from this trash! It's a typical Facebook-style game which runs like garbage and has greedy game mechanics!
Very nice game. Very challenging. So far it's been a little glitch which is why I've rated it 3 stars instead of five. The glitch would be tolerable if it didn't happen all the time. It also freezes a lot. Once they stop the glitching and the freezing of the game I will happily Grace you with a 5 star rating.
This was one of my favorites but with the upgrade its terrible...slow to respond and terrible graphics probably will delete it!
Been stuck on the same level for 3 weeks and the card pile litteraly gives you nothing you need for the board. Ive litteraly given up just pressing the stack of cards to realize i have no moves in any possible way. Im all done gonna delete later
Long time player, but after a break, it's almost unplayable due to glitches. Stickers covering cards in perfect games. Hanging up at the end when the board is cleared and having to force stop the app to move. Or one game where the cards just wouldn't turn over when cleared. I even shuffled and still a whole board of card backs. I got a screenshot of this nonsense. Its awful. I guess I'll try again after a few more updates.
It's been fun for months. Had to uninstall it, too bad, it was fun but the numerous glitches have made it very frustrating to play. I play games to relax. Can no longer do that with what used to be a great game.
Okay so a month ago all of a sudden the game quits kicked me out. Now I can't get back I've done everything possible to get it to open to no avail. Contacted developer a few times and still nothing with me losing everything that I have earned over a long period of time. Very disappointed!!!
Very time consuming. Love it! πŸ€— best Solitaire game so far. I have played many big fish games and Solitaire games. This one is the best. Why? very different. The animated toons are great and keep me laughing even after I've seen them do the same things. Very cute creatures running around the screen. πŸ˜ƒ I just started the game. Just wish it was more people playing. Well worth the play, even between breaks, changing classes.πŸ‘ The only flaw cannot connect to FB and retrieve same game points😣
No pun intended, but this game is a blast to play. Hardly any ADS!!! Good game to play when bored. Doesn't hurt to try a different way of playing solitaire.
I enjoy the gameplay, but I can't afford to buy boosts. It would be nice to have some options to obtain more boosts without having to pay for them. Uninstalling.
great time killer, and addictive!! however, it logs me on to seperate accts. sometimes, causing me to lose my progress
I like the game but it keeps glitching, particularly the tournaments which now frequently start on hole 7, 8 or 9 and have all the levels checked when I haven't ever played them.
PROS: It's a fun lighthearted game. Has a challenge to it, but is woven in. I tried other solitaire games .... Don't compare. CONS: They try to get you to join fb. They say it's hard to keep your progress if you don't connect them together. This is why they get a 4 star instead of a 5 star.
Cards do not flip over. There are special cards you dont have a choice but to play. Thats fine. But for some reason there is one card that wont flip over. I have had this happen on every level. Which means i have to quit the level, lose my progress on that round and wait for it to happen again. I am only 5 levels into the game, and cant advance since i cant clear the board with the card stuck unflipped. Im not playing anymore levels like this, so im uninstalling it today.
This game was fine two days ago, now today I keep getting a server error. Not to mention it keeps blacking out when it is working. Why not leave well enough alone. I've played this game for 3 years and today I'm uninstalling.
Try playing this game once again and it's still not working the daily you don't get your coins for winning it please fix it I've been playing this for years and I'm very frustrated with this
It's super addictive, I actually lose track of time playing it. I am not much of a game person but this game has grabbed me and I'm hooked. The graphics are good even the music is good all In all its just a really good, fun game. It also keeps your mind going especially when your trying not to make any mistakes. Thanks guys keep up the good work.
This is the best doggone game ever. I am totally addicted. You guys need more games like this one!! LOVE IT!! 1 month later and still loving it! Still my favorite! Still holding on! Having a BLAST!
Absolutely love this game! I was upset when it left the pc. Just got a new phone and am ecstatic to see I can play again. Recently started the game, so was happy to get back level 274, my bombs, and power ups!
Few months ago I wrote how my favorite game now has issues that prevent me from playing said favorite due to error codes. Well few months later no change. Support team I heard is "gone"? What does that mean? Developer is not working to fix this? And it's not just me other people are having same problem with the same results. Shame to cause I've had game for 2yrs with a lot of lifes and power ups if developer is not fixing issue then take game down from google play.
Loved it until I reached course 11 and the last hole is impossible to beat. 30 cards and they want a streak of 24 and in impossible formations to get more than a streak of maybe 10. ruined the whole game. not fun anymore and uninstalling to find something better.
UPDATE IS HORRIBLE! Lagging makes kt unplayable. Even if you deal with the lagging, the glitches will make you shut it down eventually. Used to be a great game...
pretty fun and time killing i just wish there was more things to do and possibly a club with points and maybe even a jackpot wheel or something because to be honest it gets a little boring after a while but im sure it will improve
Great Game Very Addictive... But Been Gettin These ((Critter Cards )) Have No Idea What They are Used For ? Havent Been able To Use The On Anything, I Have Like 70 Of Them. DOES ANYBODY KNOW What They Are For?
I've been playing Solitare Blast for a couple of years now and I love it. Its fun, its actually free with very few ads, and its available to play offline. There seem to be endless levels and losts of different options of game play. The only change I would make, and it may already be available, is the ability to reset the game without having to reinstall it.
I have played this everyday for many years but today it went all crazy. Having same issues as alot that have commented already. Hope you get it figured out. Dont want to find something else to play but i will if it doesnt get fixed.
FUN! The most fun I've had playing a game in a very long time! Not frustratingly difficult but challenging enough to stay interesting. Absolutely love this game!
I really really love this game ❀ im hooked, but its so annoying that it gives me options to watch an add for power-ups, stickers, and lives but every time I try to watch one it doesn't let me. It has never, not even once, let me watch an ad. It just kicks me off, other than that the game is amazing. Please fix the problem
Its a fun game. But it stalls on you a lot. Need to work out the kinks invthat department first. Then this game will be freaking awsome.
Terrible update. It used to be a great game, but lately whenever I play it restarts the wrong level, doesn't give me rewards/stars for completing levels(which sucks if you use 10 powerups for a difficult level), or it'll show quit options when there is still a full deck. Not playable or enjoyable.
I have played Blast for several years. Now too many glitches and is not fun at all. No prize when l get to the end of the holes. No way to open the Watchthem. Win 3 medals but only 2 post on board. My sister has same problems. Had removed and re installed. Lost over 10 000 tokens. Very disappointed. Dec2020 Getting worse. Can't even play at all. Claims no internet. Unable to establish communication Very frustrating. Need to uninstall . Lose all boosters and token. No fun
As described by other players I havdd played for a long time but since the last update the game has become extremely difficult to play with a lot of glitches and freezing up. It seems that it would be easier to stop playing the game and move on to another one. I used to really enjoy this game too.
I really love this game it has really good graphics lots of different types of levels it's also a good way to kill spare time if a person is bord I highly recommend this game y'all won't regret it one bit! 0!!!
I like the different challenges, boosters and the ability to win tokens and boosters without having to reach into your own pocket and pay for them as often.
One problem solved: Can't watch Watch Ems? Get out of game. Close all apps. Run Advanced Task Manager. Run AVG. Open game. Let all animation occur, click X on any pop ups. Make sure nothing is moving. Select Daily Challenge. Select all areas to start & when cards appear, wait til the top left goes away that says what your task is. Then select the Watch Em at the bottom right. It'll let you watch. If you can't watch the next 3 Watch Ems, exit the game & start from the beginning as I said above.
Still stuck on Level 1545 is not clearing all cards. They stay face down and aren't playable or there is nothing on the screen. Have had this happen elsewhere. I had a much higher level reached but because I had the same issue on another level I reinstalled it. Now having the same on another level. I have all but stopped playing anymore. I really enjoyed it until the last update.
By far the best solitaire game. I'm able to play for an extended period without running out of lives, compared to others that I lost within ten minutes. Cute graphics.
sometimes the levels are challenging, but enough to keep u trying, and where u can get thru them, then feel accomplished that u did. The in game rewards are generous, the graphics and overall enjoyment is great. I would recommend this game, I catch myself playing longer then I probably should. Its great to pass time, and feel developers arent greedy, a definite plus. Because they are generous with in game power ups and rewards, I wouldnt feel cheated or bad spending real money as a thanks.
I've been playing off & on for years. I play gin & spades but it's interesting how often I come here 1st. This game is very addicting! I grew up playing all kinds of cards but I have never gone back to regular solitaire. At 63 sometimes I can go a little slow, it's great not to be on a timer, ads for money in fact I can't remember when I last saw one. Even today I have been playing for about 2 hrs. No ads & time goes by quickly. Fun!!!!
I used to love this game! I had played it for years. This new update is absolutely horrible and i never thought i would say this, but i am uninstalling it. The cards dont flip. It takes multiple times to push it for them to finally flip. The whole purpose of this game is to get a good high score by doing it the fastest u can. It is now impossible. Sad to go.
Now I remember why I deleted this game last time, took me three days to complete level 34, when I finally did, I played 4 hearts in a row and cleared all three boards which was the challenge, and it tells me "No Stars Earned!!! what the heck! will be deleting this game and never make the mistake of downloading again!
Reinstalled game because it was so much fun. After a long time away, it seems the glitches have been fixed and I am really enjoying once again
I don't know what you guys have done but the game has become glitchy and clunky since the last update. On average it takes 3 or 4 attempts before the daily gives credit, yes my game logs in and connection is good. Half the time the background graphics don't render correctly when a board loads. You guys took a decent app and made it junky.
So how come you guys are not answering any of does comment...and crying out 4 help!!! Come on fix things we all have been loyal to you guys
This was a great game until the update. Now the animations are slow. The cards don't pop and the booster horseshoe looks huge and out of place. You can't use the same boost 2 times in a row and the cards in play look smaller. Overall the quickness of the game is gone as well as the fun.
I wrote a previous review and at that time given this game 3 stars. The reasons were mainly glitch related. Im changing my rating to 1 due to the updated version is so much worse on all playing levels. Its not only more glitchy, but not it also lags, and i cannot do the simplest of things, for example, i cant even change my card backs. It displays the wrong cards to be played onto, and it does not register cards i tap when in fire mode or any other special modes. I will be deleting, sadly.
Game stopped working again my game is froze up. I have loading and unloading and it still will not work. Instead of going back to my normal game it goes to a brand new board at the very beginning of the game and it freezes right there will not let you make a move. Someone please help. I have over one million three hundred thousand coins and it just stopped. Second time it has done this. I have played every day for years with the exception of when the updates freeze up the game.
I've been playing this game for over 4 years now and have stuck with it because there's always interesting challenges and it's fun and entertaining. That is up until a few days ago. The game has either a major virus or the gamers decided to update it. Whatever it is it sucks! I thought it was just me, but my husband has had same issues. The game is sluggish, just to name a few problems. Please fix or we're both calling it quits, which will be a shame because we both did so enjoy it.
It's a fast-paced game with each level different and challenging but has major glitches. Game freezes and cards don't turn over. Stickers freeze on the screen. Complete game without a mistake is a joke. It says mistake made when you flip a card. This happens on all courses and holes. Don't know who wrote this program but he or she should be fired for gross incompetence. You've obviously hired someone who could write a good program . Thanks. Still a few glitches but overall a much better game
Game has a serious glitch in it. I have reinstalled twice and still it wont turn cards over. You can tap on them forever and they dont turn over. It can be a fun game but at the moment its just frustrating.
ever since I updated app it says "Unable to connect to server" I have checked my network and data and wifi on my phone and it has nothing to do one my end .. how do I fix this ? The issue is on the APPS side and very frustrating. Thank you
I love this game so much. I just got a new phone and when I transferred it from my old one, I lost my progress. I was up to hole 204. But, I enjoy it so much I don't mind starting over. LOL
I like the game although when I choose to play an "undo your last move" card, I get an error to restart the game. This happens when I am 1/2 way through the 2nd round and quite frustrating.
I just love the game its very relaxing to play and gets that brain working and thinking. Im good with playing the game, and thinking how am i going to come up with a stratagy to with win the game. It s a great time killer to play with a little wine and cheese by your side. Love it.
This is my daily go to game, but here lately I'm ready to uninstall it because of all the glitches, freezing, cards wont flip over, I loose speciality card I worked hard for. I love this game, but if the defects are not fixed real soon I will be uninstalling and finding a game that actually works.
Enjoy this game, but would of gave more stars if you did. Why do you set hard challenges then not reward with a star when passed? Frustrating that sometimes you can get 30,000 and 3 stars then other times you can earn 80,000 and just 1 star? Would like to know how the points system is worked out? And if this game is due to be updated anytime soon? Thank you.
Bad after latest update! Used to love this game, but now u have to double tap everything to work & for daily login u have to play it twice to work.
I've been playing this game for a while. I used to love it. For some reason now, it hasn't been loading for me the past few days. I've contacted customer support, but haven't received a reply. I've deleted and downloaded again, but it's giving me the same problems. This game sucks now lol. If I could give it negative stars, I would.
Level 1000 has a glitch where you can't play the cards. Unable to move past it. Please fix quick I really enjoy this game.
Game is constantly problematic, rewards don't show up, when I win a round the game takes away 40 coins before it gives me coins, if I go from wifi to cell data, the game loses connection with server, game wont allow purchases, and now I'm at level 800 and game will not progress so I deleted and reinstalled and now I'm level 1 even though I linked with facebook.
This game was my favorite game, until they recently updated it. Now, the game is slow and does wonky stuff. I have deleted the game, due to my frustrations!!
I enjoy playing cards and this game keeps me focused. I find it very relaxing as it clears my head from daily stress.
I wish they lwould fix the WATCH'EMS. They have not worked right for a while. Sometimes one of the 3 will will work & other days none of them work at all. It stops you from getting free cards, coins & other items!! The reason I gave you a 2 rating is because of the WATCH'EMS I just noticed this game has NOT been updated for quite sometime!!!
Agreed with the previous reviews dated April 29th, lag has not been fixed and the tournament is not reflecting scores or what has been completed. All in all terrible integration on the new system, hope it's corrected soon. Not going to be playing for awhile.
I've been playing this game for years and have enjoyed it, but the latest version is not great. It is slow and the graphics are clunky. Unfortunate. I will be deleting it until they figure out their graphics problems.
This is a great game, however, I just updated and now it's having issues using boosters. Please fix. Addendum: Still having a lot of issues. I have to play the daily challenge several times before it actually registers that I've passed. It keeps moving me to a new course before I've passsed the previous one. There is o update, so I'm going to have to delete it, unless these things are fixed. It's not y device, either. It's brand new and all updates have been made. Please fix....
It sucks, to many glitches. I've been playing this game for years it getting worst every month. I've been cheated constantly. Why hasn't tech support fixed this app. And when will I be credited months of earned rewards etc.
This new upgrade is horrible. The game was fine the way it was. Why on earth would you change it. The overall look and feel currently is clunky and not smooth at all. Please consider changing it back
I love this game, but frankly, I don't think you care about righting errors. I've been playing for a few years & the same errors are happening all the time! I'm a pretty good player, not great, but good & I've been playing the same hole for a couple weeks & along with the other things that you have NOT FIXED - I'm thinking about hanging it up & finding another game. I realize me leaving isn't a big deal, but it makes me sad! Just tired of things not working! I'm saying GOODBYE! 4th of July
July 2020 program change FAIL. When I run out of cards, game does not prompt me to abandon or purchase more cards. Another fail: selecting tools like shuffle, clear hazards, etc... won't respond sometimes when selected. Touch screen response is bad. I pulled up my game on a different unit and the course I am currently on comes up, but isn't current with the hole I'm on. I love this game and am not happy that I can't play it the way it is now programmed.
Great game. Not too easy, as you progress it will make you work for it at times. Ads are few and only last for 5 seconds. Don't have to buy anything to progress but you can. I don't. Really enjoy the game
The game is great. Challenge it has. Since theres not much in manuveral cards. Id like to win Home points or stars a board added to the game so I csn build the little Rascals a home in the trees. Not fix this or that but provide a bed a couch a table etc. A window🀣 a wife Kids a Baby. A wardrobe includine Bachular a bachlorette Lets make it a family Win. Cynthia Taylor of Grand Rapids Michigan
This multi-dimensional, take your skill and knowledge of Solitaire to the utmost level. wants you to keep playin to the wee hours of morn. Is what this game is!!! I play this game almost every day. Once I had 31 straight days on the Daily Challenge. And When I'm playin this 1 is in the top 3 before the rest!!! You will luv playin
Have played for a long time but lightly the glitches have been very difficult to play the game not really happy with the updates
erased my last review I see, several parts seem deceptive, like doing daily challenge when everyday you finish and click collect to get your reward, but then one day as you click collect you realize just as your clicking that it said activate instead, so you've trained me to click there daily and then do some deceptive button switch wasting my reward by being liars and decieving me. no benchmarks for daily challenge, had over 60 days and forget 1 time and go alllllllllllll the way back to 1. lame
Everything was great until I got to hole 151. The game makes it completely impossible to play from then on. Every attempt at #151(20+ tries so far) the cards necessary to complete the challenge are not there, or I complete the challenge, then draw no cards I can play. Every "Tournee" I play has been made so difficult that all the enjoyment this game provided has been sucked out of the game; obviously to enforce a pay-wall for a game that has completely unacceptable prices. -5 STARS!
Loved it until all of the useless updates. I've played just about daily for the past 6 years, and every single time there's an update, the game doesn't work. This time in particular, has been the longest the support team has gone without fixing it. Opened my ticket a week ago now, and have just been told to do steps I've clearly already said I've tried, and the error messages continue. If the game works for you, never ever ever update it! There haven't been any new levels in about a year now.
Stopped playing this about 6 months ago because of too many glitches! Thought I would give it another chance and nothing has changed. Will Uninstaller again.
great it's a very interested in game it keeps you on your toes and makes you think but it could be better but I'm going to keep playing it until i beat the game
Cool is good stuff it's awsome. Really fun. Yaaa. this gives my life meaning. i made a new account and astarted over and i miss the old game. takes my worries away. yaman cool. Blah blah.
Been playing for years but recently and very randomly, some days when I go to watch ads for free lives and the watch ems, I will click to watch and nothing happens. The screen just does not load any ads. Then next day all of a sudden ads may work again. It's frustrating too as I've lost many watch em streaks as well. Tried clearing cache reinstalling etc but it does nothing. It's very random for what days I cannot watch any ads either. I may have 8 days straight and ads load then none load.
I have played this game for a long time every day, my favorite. I'm in level 900 and something. With this new update, my account In the 900 level disappears and you want me to start from beginning at #1. I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling to finally get my original account. Every time. I'm afraid you will lose my original account. I'm not starting over. Regards Sandy
Worked great until the update. Thought if I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it would be better. WRONG!!!!! Please fix it.
I am obsessed! I have played this game for over 4 years now. As a sleep tech it helps my brain bounce numbers around instead of unnecessary life stuff. Counting "sheep" really helps.
The cards won't flip over during game play. I am on level 659 and have been for a few weeks because of this issue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice but no luck. Several others have this same issue. I have emailed the support team twice with no response. Major glitch that needs to be fixed.
i lovve this game i have got some many flags to to gold and have got some many great things out of this game like the flaws mode and the on fire thing i really love those things and hope that you guys don't change anything with this game i love it just the way it is although i could do with out the ads but that is the only thing a hate about the game but other then that it is great and i will play it all the time even on my phone if i knew my e-mail password but i don't so i can't
Just like every other game as soon as you give a great review, you no longer get enough coins to purchase much needed boosters. Way to ruin a great game. It's no longer fun!
I can't believe that a game that I've had for the past four years and enjoy, that I would have to pay to get extra coins to advance to the next level! I hate this! It was fine in the beginning, now, I'm uninstalling! Thanks for the ride!
I have been playing this game for several years and all was good until the whatever change occurred a short time ago. I have uninstalled at least twice and the game still tends to freeze and will not give the drop down to purchase 5 more cards when you run out of cards. This has happened to me so many times, I have lost count! Most of them I only had one card left to play!!! Rating now would be game sucks!!
I am not sure what happened but as I was playing blast, everything stopped. Now it won't let me open or go into the game. My favorite game. Fix it please.
Wouldn't connect atter several tries so I did the reinstall and now I'm back to the beginning. I was on Level 3,600-something with a LOAD of cubes, etc. Pretty pissed. If it's not resolved and my game level, etc., restored (hey developers) I'm done forever.