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FaFaFa™ Gold Casino: Free slot machines

FaFaFa™ Gold Casino: Free slot machines for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Product Madness located at 30 Maiden Lane, Suite 500 SF CA 94108 USA. The game is suitable for PEGI 18 (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Why went the the game give me bonus the game stop and said relooad the game stop many times fix that problem please or i will no give you stars
What a rip off I have free games and got 5A x30 the bloody games went error and didnt get my winning. Wasted my money buying these. Money Hungry give me back my money.
Total waste of money & time. Games have bugs, all big winning will receive a errors & reload pop out & when u do so, all wining is gone. Eventually u will lose all your coins & ask to purchase more. Developer doing noting & doing even bother to ask for refund.
Game crashing, freezing, won't open now at all. Stopped buying coins long ago because lose them really quickly & don't win anything. Not fun to play anymore.
Do not download Waste of time they have made the game to hard the developer of the game just wants u to spend your money don't waste your money
Needs a better layout and pokie machines like the ones in their other apps 'Lightning Link, Cashman Casino'. Other wise it's very boring with the machines they have
Really enjoyed playing this game when I first download it.one of the best slots games but now it doesn't pay... bonus hardly comes and if you get it doesn't pay you anything... really disappointing..how do I continue to play if the game doesn't pay..
Considering how expensive the cost of buying coins to play this game, it is extremely frustrating that each time I try to open FaFaFa Gold Casino to collect daily bonuses the system keeps on crashing. Keep getting messages saying please restart the game. On the rare occasions that I am able to access and play, the system crashes as soon as I get free games. Therefore resulting in loss of all points that have been won. These constant system failures have been occurring for several weeks.
This game takes way more than it gives. You seldomly get the houses. It is very addictivd. Pay worse than the Casno
Low chances to win credit so to make you buy and continue losing credit. Worse than slot machine in casino though some are the same machine in casino. This is a bloody scam job! You pay with real money and don't even win unreal credit! The developer suck!
Firts Your coin packages are really expensive. This is the second time and the last one that i will purchase coins!!never got a bonus at all!!!i feel is a rip off!!! To bad because you're games and graphics are great, but it is hard when you can get any bonus at all with 80 millions in coins.
For being a free game it doesn't allow very many wins. Most times spin off 200000 within seconds. Also coin is limited, would be nice if you were given more. Would also be nice to play awhile at a time.
Same goes for me. Every time when there is a free spin or a jackpot the error message just pop out \. Not only this, when you got 5As sometime they dont pay at all.
I've reinstalled it after uninstalling it 5 months ago only to uninstalled after two weeks of playing. It's worse than ever, the bonus are even smaller than it use to be, it's harder to win and you rarely got a line hit greater than your bet amount. what surprised me was a 16K orb dropped on 320K bet. It took two weeks of playing to get a free game bonus and most of the orbs dropped were lower than the bet. Minus 5 stars
Stupid game. Whenever got a bonus ie free games, it was lost as the msg informed that something wrong and requested player to download again.if this is the case, players sure on the losing end.
Theres something wrong with this game,it says you have to reload the game,i uninstalle this app and i install again,it pop out the same thing and i instakl again,i can still play a bit but the money just vanished is super lag,how to reload the game?please tell us
Don't waste your time playing this abomination of a slot machine, I spent $15,00000 on 100k bets, what do I get in return? No features whatsoever, better off playing the real pokies..
Ive played five dragons for the past two months, there are no free spins or scatters.. it's like there is no scatters or free spins at all..and the worst of all there is no payment even if you have 10,000000 million credits it will finish without getting any credits to keep you in the game.. it's really annoying indeed.. please do something about it for goodness sake 😡😡😡😡
Four times in one game I got errors. Got almost 40 free spins and then error and lost all my winnings. Fix the game.
Useless app Just like every Aristocrat game Give you nothing not even free spins But sure anyone would spend money on a game that gives you ten minutes of play and not even one lot of free spins
This game is relatively fun. Although. Over the last four days, I have encountered an error whenever I get a feature of any sort, which causes the game to reset and instead of starting where the game crashed, it has started again completely. This, is the "not" fun aspect of the game.
Excellent graphics , a 5 star , and surprisingly very good payouts! at first ! Unless you have lots of $$$$$$ to play or a private betting session with friends then it can get Expensive. There be are 5 major big casinos in a 50 mile radius and if I wanted to spend that amount of money to play then a trip to the real casino would at least give a chance to win REAL CASH . It's nice to relax a home though and enjoy the slot games like real casinos , Love the graphics !
It's getting to the stage that after I'm finished playing a session. Most of the times i feel the overwhelming urge to pick up the blower and dial the emergency services to report a robbery.
Game crashes and says error a lot but only during a hold and spin feature. Only started happening over the last few weeks. Sort it out. People spend money to play and when they win you cheat them out of it. It's not fair sort it bloody out.
The game is getting worst and worst everytime that it updates. It also keeps on showing errors everytime that it free games. Please fix this bug as soon as possible because I've spent a lot of money for this game!
Total let down with the latest update. Instead of eleminating bugs, this version has more bugs than ever! All games in this app keep getting hang whenever bonus or free games are encountered. Frustrating!
This doesn't even deserve 1 star. After having to reinstall thus app twice due to in game technical issues - it has taken 160M coins from my winning credits. Absolutely upsetting. Fix this issue cause this is a terrible experience
Why is it everytime when I play less than 5 mins Error will pop out and said there has been a problem, pls check connection and try again. Even if I uninstall n install again still same problem? Can't even play longer than 5 mins 😒
This game has been great but now it randomly takes credits and doesnt give the right amount of credits when I win.Still not paying properly .Gives credits when no winning line and then takes even more for no reason.Does not pay on big wins.I havent lost credits the game just takes them. How many times do we need to complain before its fixed? Think I will try other apps.
I just played 5 Dragons betting 510 coins and got 5 fish that paid over 13 million credits but they did not add it to my total credits score. I know it might not be very much to you but to me it helps me play for longer before I have to buy credits. Pleahse give me the credits I won I waited a couple of days but they did not put in the credits that they cheated me out of so I played it down and uninstalled. They are quick to ask you to purchase but cheat you out of your winnings.
Every time I bet the game says error and exits the game. Wasting coins, the small amount i barely get, on bets that always say error.
Actually, no star for this app. You should be shameful to ask people to buy coins, when your app always had errors everytime there is a free spin showing up, and the player ends up nothing.
Please remove this game from playstore.👎👎👎since need so long to solve the issues...and till now can't even solve all issues and problem.
Never clear the bug and winning never credited to account after free games (error msg still appeared during free games) Downfall for the app if this carry on.
Better then b4. But 1 big win if ur lucky then lose lose lose. At least you get a good daily wheel to play longer than most
dont download this everytime i won a freespin.. it always prompt error.. or everytime i get the jackpot mini minor major it always promt error.
Not sure why you all changed the game play. We don't need to know what level we are on every spin. Cannot use the continuous spin when that pops every time. Another thing is the bet amount changes with different phones on all games. Some let you bet the full amount when other have a small amount to start. I don't understand? And lastly. When you make it to level ten you have to go out of the game and start it again. That I really don't understand!! Please consider fixing the game.
Hard to win in this game. I can do good for a second then down the crapper i go. Wish i could keep a winning steak going for more then 2 seconds.
A Massive win and then error pops up saying "there seems to be problem with the game. Please try to reload the game to continue playing." Already tried reloading 20x now still same error message everytime. This game is flawed
Lousy! Every time you struck a bonus error occurred and have to abort the game forfeiting everything.
Worst experience ever, ran out of coins so quickly, baught more coins , gave me no bonus at all, asking to buy more coins but no thanks, deleting this rubbish. Rip off
The app keeps messing up right in the bonus round so I've lost million of coins now. Even when I restart it still keeps happening please fix i do love this game hate to lose it thank you and please retrieve my coins because its unfair to your customers. Thank you.
Can't understand this slots machine.had 20 million coins,played 90k per spin.the entire 20 million coins that i spin,i ONLY get ONE bonus spin.super stingy slot machine.worst slots i ever played.
Would be nice if i could transfer all, or some of my coins from FaFaFa, ..... to your 'Lightning Link' casino game, which is way more engaging. btw!! Or add missions, and Tier5 jackpots to FaFaFa =)
Very dissatisfied with your new version FaFa Gold casino. everytime I get in a bonus an Error comes up with something went wrong with the game please reload.. when I reload my winnings is not registering
Super stingy jackpot games ever..if you're thinking of winning big, just dream on. Maybe you're the lucky one. But beware!!! it will eventually suck your coins away from you in no time. I don't understand why are the developers so stingy with the winnings. We bought the coins with real currency, does it pay out with real currencies!!!!! If no why so stingy? Stop purchasing any coins from this developer.
Playing leprechsund, the screen is almost full of leprechauns but, I won 70+ million but it didn't pay the full amount! What a rip off! Investigate please! This is hard enough to win here let alone getting ripped off. Never experienced this on any other slots. Don't play. This game is rigged.
Fun game with great slots with easy to use features thanks developers for making FaFaFa Gold Casino what it is today keep up the fantastic work!!!!.
Don't bother installing. Waste of time! No way to get more credits to play unless you buy it and the daily spins offer very less credit. You have to wait till next day spin or purchase credits.!! Complete waste of time.
The uninstall button works great..This review is true and accurate .. come from actually playing the app. Complete scam and ran by 3rd party to make sure your free coins go away and manipulate the actual game play and wins. It's not random and it's not true casino game play in slot games. All slot games are designed to how the casino or the owner of the app charging people to play the game wants the wins and pay outs to be. .. it can be changed and manipulated by the designer at any time
When Im lucky enough to get a bonus, the game looses connection. This has happened twice! Each time I was betting 1 million! When I re-connect, the bonus is gone! I buy coins all the time. Will be deleting this game!
I like your free games but you always try to make me spend so you are not free and you never give me a chance to have fun because you try to get those credit very quickly so you are really not genuine.
Spent a lot on this game over the span of a day and go 0 feature wins. Total waste of time. DO NOT SPEND ANYTHING ON THIS
Plz fix this game it keeps on saying error as soon as you win and steal your winning or change the name to kaka slots
waste of time and money. free spins takes time to come up and when it does, very frustrating.. very little credits earned.
Please fix your game. For the past 4 days everytime I get a bonus errors message keep popping up making me losing my bonus because I have to Restart the game to play it.
This game over the last few weeks either won't load properly or when it eventually does it constantly freezes or fails to respond. I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times and still have the same problem. I used to enjoy this game but no longer !!!
Please fix all the games coz everytime u hit bonus or jackpot it always glitches its really irritating😡
I reinstalled once again and found it to be much more fair. They are letting you win once in awhile, I was actually winning 150 million at one point. Also, they are giving free coins more frequently. If you uninstalled try it once again, I think you won't be sorry. Well, I am updating my review, I'm soo glad I reinstalled, I took a chance and bet max and I now have 8 billion coins. WOW thank you FaFaFa having a fun time.
Bugged game....was winning around few billions but the game error at the free game and lost all the progress including the bet i used without revert back
FaFaFa Gold is pure class! If you appreciate playing Casino Apps that only present the highest quality games with faultlessly sharp & polished graphics, blissfully Ad-free (may differ if you dont fb connect), uncomplicated easy to navigate App, beautifully detailed & presented, simply lovely to look upon, then I highly recommend FaFaFa Gold. The minds behind the App clearly have pride in their work & it shows, & theyve set the bar for a most satisfying user experience. 10/10
It happened thrice when a finally won a bonus roud then got a pattern with a multiplier of 15 then suddenly an error appears, then my current balance was back to 2M plus, I thought this will be fun, but it seems that they just wanted you to buy more coins,lol. It's a zero star for me
Game takes forever to open there must be a bug somewhere while playing it just jumps out saying no internet connection this is now a ongoing frustration for over a week please fix
This was my #1 slots to play for years until the last few weeks!!!Now it SUCKS! I LOVE PLAYING WILD PANDA but every time you go to the Bonus you get a Error Message and it doesn't give you your points,and when you get a large win it doesn't give you your points!! I sent so many screenshots and I've never gotten a reply!! I'm very disappointed!!It doesn't make sense to play if you are not being rewarded!!!As much as I love this game I'm going to delete !!SIGNED ONE UNHAPPY LOYAL PLAYER😢😢😢😢
Your betting are extremely high. Start of with +- 6000 ooo every day and play out in less than 10 min. Tipically aristocrat games no BONUSES no WINS. Just like cashman casino set for absolutely nothing to customers favor Linda
Full of bugs. Ive been making coin purchases since 2019. There were times i bet big and get free games when suddenly game shuts down. When i restart the game, all money and free game were gone. What a rip off!
Since the latest update on June 8th, I can't open the app completely. It was only until the Loading section and turns to black screen then the app closes. Please check. Thanks!
Every time I get free games. I get an error and it closes out. I have updated. Shut phone off, updated game and phone and it still happens every time. I have lost thousands of coins.
I really liked this game. I re-install it again and when I open the app, it says you lost your internet connect please re-connect so you can continue playing. My internet is working fine. The same thing happen with Cashman Casino , which uninstall just now. I probably think Heart of Vegas and Lightning Casino are having the same issue and this never happens to me. Please fix this issue.
Lots of web errors, reload reload reload, spend more time reloading than playing, on free spins game stops and you have ti reload then you loose winnings latest updated version not enjoyable anymore. please bring back the game with the horses
I have played this game for 4 years! In the last year I have ran into the issue, where the game will show a pop up that stays on my screen stating something about a problem has occurred. ( Only seems to happen when I've landed a really good win) then doesn't add the winnings to my account! Rrrrrr:(.
This is error game !!! Usually error whrn pay and on feature games. The winning coins will gone. Be carefull with this game. Especially if you buy coins. No respons fr customer service. It should report to google as con game!!!!!
Why always, error, or reloading the game, especially if free games, or jackpot features, and all the coins cannot added, or failed to recovering the game, so bad the game this week... .
Too many bugs since last update. Was my best casino game but now it won't even load... keeps giving an error. Extremely disappointed. Please fix error!
Absolutely waste of money and time,purchased a coin package, bet the min lost the lot.if you want to lose money and constantly get asked for you to buy more coins then this game is for you.bet at your own peril.DONT DOWNLOAD.
I have spent over 500 dollars this year buying points to play this game knowing there is no cash value in playing it but I just got a bonus spend and had received all 3 wild and your game froze before before I could go go through the spens therefore the spends game had to close out because it was frozen over 5 minutes and that is terrible when that happens it's to bad that there is nothing that can be done when this happens it's our loss
They don't let you hit a bonus until you are almost out of coins. You can spend millions of coins with no bonus. If you buy coins it is even worse.
2 stars for the games and no stars for the way these game are portrayed only to ask for real money for a game you can't win any money on.
This game suck it keep going off in the middle of the game I use to love playing it take your coins when you spend it stops please fix or remove it.
At first, everytime I play it crashes but they will go back where I played but know it always crash the game and they will not return to your previous game... sad
I had over 63,000 credits and no matter how much I bet or won the money wouldn't go down or would go back up and then all of a sudden I had no credits! Not impressed at all! Fix the bug and give me back my credits!!
I've been using this app for a long time now recently i purchase coins to play but everytime i get a free game it always divert to error i got a few games but my winning did not reflect on screen and game goes error and stops and restarted again. imagine no error when you purchase the coin but theres always error on your apps when paying our winnings its unfair.
After updating the app, i had a lot of error message. It prompted to reload the game. These error happened during free games. Huge winning from either free spins or are not being credited to players account. Its simply gone. Hope this app errors can be fixed with an improved update.
Horrible! Cannot even get much free spins... Make the freaking game easy for heaven's sakes! It's just as hard as playing the real slots! 😠😠😠😠
Can you get rid of the credit views (level upgrade) everytime you flash it. SO DISTURBING.... go back to the original
Crappy game very little bonus or payout doesn't give a little incentive to play the game , like the option to watch videos for free coins or something, not all the time but more then not at all
Great game selection but Should be easier to get special spins. Slight adjustment to make in better win percentage needed, maybe 5%.
Really enjoyed playing this game when I first download it.one of the best slots games but now it doesn't pay... bonus hardly comes and if you get it doesn't pay you anything... really disappointing..how do I continue to play if the game doesn't pay..ever since the update it has started giving error loading game as soon as you get a bonus also the credits are not being added correctly... please could this issue be resolved...
Out of control.. not working notification.. when working points go up and down.. and when I win big points they are not adding. When I get free spins or a jackpot the app reopens and I lose the points.
This game has more bugs and problems than I care to talk about right now it is nothing but junk to try to play. So I am getting rid of it I am tired of the frustration. On top of it all it is nothing but a rip-off to begin with
ok, everytime i 'try' to play your game, within a very short time, get a pop up stating 'there seems to be a problem with your bet', it then returns to the start up screen, and off we go again.my only problem is continuing to try and play this game...please fix this before i pull out what hair i have left... thank you, i hope...
Don't waste money to buy coins.. I win 150 mil but balance is not increased. The balance remain and lost... Not once but so many times happen ....
This games don't deserve of any stars..First of all,free coins are so little and the bet of the games are so high!!! I do purchased with real money for the coins and it's just gone in few spins!! I have won a big win once and it sudden pop out network error and need to restart the games,but once restart those money that I have won't are gone..and now even getting more worse, free games and they don't give you any money!!so what's the point still support for this games????
Lately during playing free bonus games always pop up saying that somethings went wrong with the game then tell me to re-start the game, and the end i lose the free game winnings. make me frustrated when it happens. I reported but not resolved.
It's hard to play with small bonus & will only rely on buying coins for you to play the game. Not like other slot machines that bonuses are superb.
So many bugs on the latest version. Free games keeps resulting to web error. Before, a free game can be recovered everytime an error occurs. But current version will no longer do it. Also, credits are sometimes not given correctly. Very poor customer experience for the latest version😟
What a waste of time crapfest. If you've got any sense at all you'll give it the big miss it deserves. Zero stars out of five if I could 👎👎👎
Still 0 stars. If you eventually get a feature, and it crashes, there is no re-instation when you reload. Had enough
After the latest update on 20Oct, the back button to exit from the main menu is not working. Please check and rectify. Thanks.
I have to admit the first couple of days was discouraged not winning anything felt like better chances at the casino. Today things turned around better winnings. I'm loving the games. Let the truth be told, they entice you and let you win a little and 2 weeks in nothing. This is not a good casino game after all. Don't win and daily bonuses just enough to play a couple of rounds. Find another casino game not Fa Fa Fa. Don't get your monies worth.
It's fun but that's only if your bet is low enough. What's new its all about nothing for something. Stupid getting rid of it.
This game app offers the closest alternative to the real casino experience; excellent graphics, authentic sounds and gameplay but a big letdown is the frequent error occurring when/during a free game is obtained and there is no compensation to coin balances when game/app is restored -- unlike others. Please sort out the frequency of the hitch and also make this game less expensive to play. Update: Had paid again to try but errors persisted; got to leave. Very expensive and disappointing game!
Everytime I fill the side to start ballons I get error come up and game shuts down. Getting annoyed big time
Rip off bs everytime i hit the feature it comes up error and i get nothing when i reload it absolutely would not recommend downloading until they fix the problem and maybe when its fixed and we finally get a smooth gaming experience i will give you more stars!
Always shows a error when there is a bonus and doesn't reset the bonus it just kicks you out of the game
I gave 5 star previously. Now it's 1 star. Since it can't be 0 star. Whenever I win big. The game hangs with network error message. Whenever on high bet and it goes to spin... The error message come again.. everything goes to drain.. Just so u know! Im not a free player. I do spend real money on ur app.. pls have the decency to reply to my emails under support. If I dont see an update on the bugs or atleast some credit refund.. I dont think I'll continue with ur app n i'll switch app.
I love this casino top stuff all my favorite games. Well done. Just a small note to give us bigger bonuses
Not happy, when I'm in a bonus level the game is still hang up & stated that we need to contact support team 😡
Software problems....credits jumping up and down even if no wins....system error whenever won big amounts.....stupid game producers!
So unpleasant experienced, purposely faulty and technical problem that let you restart the game when you about to finish the mission,
Lantern game does not work. As soon as I've filled them all it throws up an error and I'm forced to log out and log back in. Apart from that a really good fun app with my favourite games
Not enough bonuses so your credit doesn't last you long enough to really enjoy the game. Please add bigger daily spin!
Has my favorite games. Updates in game at least more game play. Thanks Keeps losing internet. Please fix.
Have make a few purchased and never win. Worst nightmare is when come to free spin and was making huge win suddenly there is an error msg pop out telling you to shut down or re-download. All your winning just gone like that. Administrator, I am sure you are aware of this and you do nothing about it. I am not surprise that 1 day all yr balance will be wipe out. Many ppl are pissed off with the same issue I have gone through.
Just uninstalled this app. Games could be fun, but they make it so tight wanting you to buy more credits the games arent fun. I dont mind making a purchase now and then, but wont do so on a program that makes there games so tight. Uninstalled for good, there are to many other options.
My min bet is 250k for all of the machines except for 2. My friends have a min bet of 80k on most machines. Why the variance? I never have enough coins to spin. Trash game.
real casino slots...real fun! UPDATED REVIEW: Beware of the coin package. Purchasing will change the way the games play out. Once you start buying coins...they will want you to keep buying them therefore rig the games. Its almost as bad as the REAL CASINO. At least at the real casino you can win back Real Money...while they continue to take their fake coins back in exchange for your very very REAL MONEY...that is so hard to come by. If you haven't brought any coins my advice is to not start.