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Factory Simulator

Factory Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Andromeda Coders located at Россия, Иркутская область, г. Иркутск. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Awesome game. When is the new update coming? Also can you add a feature to let the game run in background(or multitask or the app is closed but not removed by the task manager) my phone can handle it(many phones might). vertical orientation can help with multitask). I will like that feature or atleast x3 or x5 speeds for an hour by paying research points and money... And multi rotate/build/edit other resource movement tools like splitter, filter... Big fan of the game, waiting for more updates.
Brilliant game, highly addictive. No intrusive ads popping up all the time, just a nice relaxing game. The only things I would like to see would be: Filter and Splitter indicators, so you can tell if a Filter is active or a Splitter has one path off, without having to click on it. Stats window, so you can view how much your producing, and, more importantly, how much money you make. Temporary Build Mode storage, so you can move and redesign the factory easier.
I love the game and all but my game just froze I redowloaded it synchronised data, and it said my aave was corrupted, how???I am sad I made so much progress I almost had level 3 miner I took me so long. :C (Edit) It happened like this I was playing on it, trying to get level 3 miner for the new ores, I logged in one time, it froze no production, energy was fine higher that consumption, I redownloaded it and synchronised data and it said it was corrupted . That's the story.
Awesome game so far. I love the new addition of numbers to the splitters, they are smart tools, they can hold inventory. My understanding of it, they cannot hold 2 items at a time, but possible to hold infinite of one item, The filters have the ability to chain , I've got filters set up, chain of boxes for each ore, pick a box, feed it into a chain of splitters, and itll take 35k of ores faster then a conveyer My recommendation for the game, Change the amount/speed conveyor can hold
Everything was awesome just if you could add to auto dispencing from the warehouse out from the unloading areas would be awesome in long runs and make the plan with two or more stotries you know the upper line in some junctions could inject products to the lower one !😁 thanks for reading this dear dev !
I like the game it's similar to Assembly Line which is a game I loved however that game is too easy and simply doesn't have as many elements as I like, the point is this game has a few problems for me 1. I like to make factories for specific items and I like them as effecient as possible (aka not having too many recources than needed in 1 place), but 1 essential thing in this game the splitter doesn't work that good, if I say would want a 4:1 ratio, it splits it in a 3:1 instead. Please fix it.
Loved this game until my cash went from 53k to - 1.6m. I didn't purchase anything and now I have no money. Also, cannot upgrade some of my machines any further because it says I need diamonds but there are no ways to get them
Recent all my shops will not allow me to auto buy items. When i click into the shop to auto buy the menus dissapears when i go to input the time i want. all the random times convyers and machines make trash that are hooked up properly, the game is overall good. Just too much random trash for no reason.
In thr attempts to make a factory game that is different then the rest, they made a factory game that kinda sucks. The main crux of the game is just leaving it on and selling things while you do other things. I played my pc while letting this game just go. Put of the 40 hours I have clocked, I maybe only played 10 of those hours. Fulfilling orders in the end is all there is to do. Otherwise you are just making thr same stuff with different ores.
It might be good but I just don't have the time. Seriously it's got the world's slowest gameplay ever, better wait 6 and 1/2 hours before anything can happen oh wait if I close it don't worry it's not going to keep going.... So like if that feature was in maybe it would be okay to wait 7 and 1/2 hours to complete some tasking. I seriously played this on a 3-hour flight and barely got out of the tutorial. I mean if you wanted it to be slow you've achieved this goal but this is just abysmal.
So i ran into a bug that makes everything work at 4x speed which i actually like, so please implement that as an actual feature...
Other than all the random times convyers and machines make trash that are hooked up properly, the game is overall good. Just too much random trash for no reason.
Fantastic game! My only critique would be the following: I wish I had the option to run the factory while I wasn't on the app. Maybe in order to balance you could hire a manager who would run the factory automatically for you while away but you'd have to pay him a salary. This would also be a better use of all the automation already in the game such as auto buy. It would also incentivize creating more complex factories instead of just building simple production lines to accomplish 1 or2 parts
Needs improvements like no drill duribility, and more than one factory, and deffinitly a way to make every resource without needing to buy things.
This is the best game EVER but there's a small problem for me, it's the fact that you have to turn everything off manually so make a machine for that. Also I bet all of the 1 star reviews are botted I didn't follow the tutorial so I found a epic money generator it's with lava cans so that's how I get my power too creator you are a great dev and I just wanna say I'm a big fan. Also definitely make a discord server. Great game overall great time waster and it's in a good way. Good strategy game..
I've played for about 10 hours total now. It's a surprisingly good game. I love solving logistics problems like this. Reminds me of a tamer version of factorio. Edit: item names in the recipe book would be helpful, tin looks a lot like iron.
I'd like a progress bar. You know, a tab that can stay open optionally that I can bookmark recipes in flow order. Or something. It's very tedious and time wasting to have to go back every time I am trying to reimagine what I'm doing Everytime I login. Plus, cloud backup is corrupt. Not sure if this is on my end, but it shouldn't be.
This game is decent but i can play for 1 hour and im done the next day my prgress is nothing means there is no offline earnings and my concern is the starter budget small we need more plus the starter machine is very slow and the coal genarator is extra slow plus if you put 4 starter machine the energy start to go down drasticly so please improve or fix the machines to be better and easyer because the game is super hard to control your money and energy
Nicer game. Contracts break gameplay, since they give low reward, but generally require to rebuild factory, potentially couple of times. Game needs more automation that can include: automatic turning machines/input/output/belt/etc on and off given some trigger like amount of items in container. Contracts should be mapped to player tech level. Needs a way to show more information regarding machines by default: level, produce, etc. These are essential for good play. Copy/paste must be implemented!
Im not sure if this is the best place to leave a sugestion or not but i reccomend adding something like different difficulty modes, like an easy mode where you dont need to buy repair kits and energy production is faster/drills mine faster. Ive played games like this before and i like the genre so i somewhat knew what i was doing but i can see many people installing the game running it and getting overwhelmed/confused on the amount of things needed to run the factory. 500 word limit on reviews:(
Simple and fun for a short time, but has too many glitches. For example, machines will collect and store resources to build the selected object, but if you change what you want to make you will lose everything stored (I have lost hundreds of resources before I noticed). At a minimum those resources should become trash. I think it would be fine if they were just stored in the machine for future use.
Was enjoying the game until I hit the energy reserve wall. You can watch a video which fills reserves for about 5 more mins of play. Or, you can pay about $2 for 100 gears which buys 2k of reserves. I went through 2k in a couple of hours. I just didn't want to keep paying $2 every couple of hours. I'm all for giving a few dollars to game developers. I'm not ok with a bottomless pit of money grabbing. If there was a way to get over that wall for good, it's not clear how to do that in game.
I love the game it has been one off my most played games but it does need inprovment. I would love if there was more buildings to make more complex factorys. Also having a event every now and then would make the game even more better to play.
Great game, I love how after a while you can get a self functioning factory. I sugest you add a button makes the game faster. If you think that can ruin the pase of the game i would understand.
Game is great, idea is great. Graphics-wise, still great for an 10MB game. The process is very complex and challenging, a very nice game indeed. However, canyou guys make some changes like 1) We can move, and configur multiple devices at once like maybe using a factory editor as a different option to formulate whats the results rather than doing it in the actual game. 2) can you guys make a way to make it Idle, like just putting ona notification if soemthing runs out of power/ supply.
Game got me hooked, but some of the mechanics are quite unforgiving. Too much stuff on the belt: items becomes trash. Wrong material loaded to device: items dissapear. The profit margins are quite thin for the amount of time invested in optimizing a setup. EDIT: Zero intrusive ads. There are some ad watching options and purchasing options, but definitely not a barrier continuing to play.
Terrible I followed the tutorial but turns out the multi splitter only goes to green until you put it to 0 and not only that the multi splitter bugs out the other coal generators if you have 2 or 3 connected only 1 works, the other issue is you must wait for storage to fill in order for the ores to go from storage to warehouse loading area since the storage is bugged out as well. Not worth any time anyone that said this game is good clearly are bots. If you try to say its my phone I have s10+
It's sooo hard I get stuck and Theres not enough info of what the mashine do. Takes a lond time to get money and I can't upgrade it I can't buy points for the upgrade or get from parts or Mashines. I dislike this hard Not good game. When I do an research I have to leave my device on until the research is done. Please fix this. I want the research time to decrease when I'm offline.
Good and simple game of it's kind, but there are 3 things: 1) Apperently, an ore of metal is worth less if it is turned into a bar 2) The sell building does not sell in decimals, and you get no research pts for selling an item in the warehouse if it would usually give pts. 3) researching building upgrades takes an unpleasant amount of time (getting the materials and research pts).
I like these type of games but this is the best 1 yet but the cost when I sell things can be a bit disappointing 😬
At first the game is very good its straight forward and simple but when you discover more things to make more goods it gets complicated realy quick youll know what I mean if you progress more in to the game. But it is what I was looking for, great game recomend downloading it
Great game it should give you more description more emergy/power and at least 2 more choices for the filter and i dont know why everyone is having problems with saving the progress even though all you have to do is go in settings and sign into google play.
Prity simple premise and training, was a little disappointed that it didn't keep going well off but then I realized it would probably make it more borring and most everything can be done well I keep working on it. It deserved a good review simply because its the only game that matches its pace of play, Ive always paused for most of these games and it was a good refresher to not have to.
Splendid Job! Best Game Ever! Highly Challenging and Fun! You need to make sure people don't get bored at the start as it is highly challenging and frustrating... You must consider making a video tutorial for the game as well as there are so many menu's to interact with.. Try to incorporate many new items into the game... QUICK..WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU TO ADD MORE ITEMS TO THE GAME!!! Eg: Get Item Blueprint portions(like1/8) on completing deliveries to unlock Products like Cars,Bikes etc.
Its quite a nice game but do with it was a little faster to progress. The witing for resorces and machines to work it a bit to long. If there was a way to get resorces etc while your idle would be nice.
It was a good attempt. Graphics could be better, but it's still a decent assembly line/factory game. If this game missed the mark in what you're looking for, I recommend Sandship by Rockbite Games. It's just a better game all around. Edit: Just changing the rating because the devs didn't ask for a better one, nice job guys.
It is a great game when you get the hang of it I technically finished the game so I made every thing effencent then took a screen shot then restarted the game from the beginning one thing I have to say is becarefule of your power
This game disappoints me, i still am in the tutorial, it told me to make sure the conveyor is taking from the storage to the warehouse, done, next wants me to unload, done, now where is it? Its not in te warehouse, so you have a major bug there, fix your buggy game.
It is good for its age, has some issuses but none that make it unplayable, mainly small inconsistencies here and there but still has hundreds of hours of game play. My main problem is the start is the products are not worth the set up early on and the beginning ones are a tad off price. It is a in development game love it anyhow, sunk a week in it and im half way through it.
This game is a masterpiece, a very addictive time killer which needs some polishing at some points, i will love to help your team making this game better :D. 1. I would like in the game to be a better way to explain to new players how the game works. 2. To be able to make money even tough i am not in the game, to make crafting 5 times slower when the game is not played so we don't have to wait 2 hours. 3. Better sprites? Maybe everything animated? I cannot write anymore this feedback is limited
Love this game... Im always changing my layout etc etc OCD for the win 😂.. good job creators, maybe add some mini games for while you wait for cash flow or something hehe or maybe like a dungeon keep vibe where you can control a machine in you factory hehe.
Incredible game. Very challenging and addictive. Some suggentions for dev: give reliability status to all machines not just drills, chance to produce defect item which will accumulatively affect price and quality of end product, add machines to do inspecting on material and product quality based on defect percentage
Really enjoy the Game. Spend multiple hours on it over the last couple of weeks, if you love puzzles and building then this game is for you. Would be nice to go back to the "main menu" when you are in sub menu of the filter (categories) or the recipe list. Once you click into a sub category like ore and you wanted bars go back normally means clicking off the menu area and reentering the recipe book or filter menu. Second part would be the ability to filter more than 3 things at one time.
This game really lets my efficiency mind take over. Trying to get production set to use the smallest area and not over producing any one item. I'm having a blast. Note to developer: When unloading large amounts of an item from Unloading area or a storage box, then that item and others pass through a filter, some of the items will end up as trash. Seems as the filter can handle multiple items at same time. Is this a glitch?
I really enjoy this game for it's variety in materials and recipes for making things, as well as the learning curve to set up an automated system. But I also enjoy the fact that all this sets it apart from all the other bland idle games. Although the game is super cool and fun, I am sad that this game isn't as popular as is should be.
I love the concept of the game, love production line management games but this game is too slow. Everything else is superb, animations could be improved, dont see much visual on the production lines.
At first I thought this was a over complicated , grinding game, but after playing for a few hours and getting the hang of the basics I found it to be a great puzzle solving and logistical game. Still a grinder, but fun
Interesting game but the math is a little bit suspect, I have power from 6 level 2 lava generators that deliver 6 power each, and it shows that I am getting 35 power.
Not that good considering the game is WAY to confusing for me, it doesn't give understandable instructions and therefore makes it confusing, but the looks and controls are good.
Loving the game it's strangely addictive, only suggestion / request is a way to auto sell and/or perhaps set a limit in the warehouse so it only keeps up to "X" of an item and sells the rest. perhaps let it run while off? So as just calculate what would have happened during the time away upon return? And lastly some form of "prestige" (unless there already is one I'm not that far yet) for the end being able to reset and gain some type of benifit. Many thanks for a great game thats not P2W.
It's a good game, really addictive. And for the dev, please add underground conveyor and box select tool on build and delete mode, thanks. The underground conveyor would just be underground, and can be placed under another conveyor or machine. Or it can just be the entry and exit point of the underground, then it can have a max range of say 2 or 3.
Great game. Fun and complicated. I wouldn't mind having more design and organizing tools. Like being able to designate areas in color, maybe some text, draft future plans, copy/paste, etc... Overall fun and challenging.
Interesting concept, but slow and tedious. I can't fulfill orders until I make the next line of products, which requires a bunch of blueprint leveling. Offline mode would help with the tediousness. Shouldn't need to stay in game if the machines are loaded with material. Edit: found how to get research points. Would be helpful to add the info to the help section.
Love the game so far but finding there are several things that would make this much better. Intelligent extractors, being able to pull specifically what's needed from the attached inventory blocks to send to a requesting block. Able to sell items off of they hit a certain threshold. If I have > 100 iron bars, sell any additional extra. Ideally via an extractor.
I've been looking for a good factory game like this FOR A LONG TIME. Its fun and complicated, which makes it all the more rewarding when you setting up your factory. This game is not pay to win and isn't constantly bombarding you with ads. You can really tell the developer team put a lot of passion into this game. However there are some issues. Progress in this game is WAY to slow and you are constantly losing money. I believe an idle mode would solve these issues though.
The game is too hard because at the beginning i can't understand what the game is saying and where are the collectors in the build i can't find them my opinion for this game is to make it more understandable
Free and gorgeously designed so far, this has become my number one game because it is already flawless. Microtransactions are still possible and helps feed the programmer(s) but are not required. Awesome game!
Would make it 5 stars if the glitch where you replace the product you want to make while still having resources at the current product you are making. All resources disappear can you make it so you can unload those wherever the machine's output is?? Edit: Sure! But this would make a good feature.
Great game. Lack off offline progress on longer research tasks is a big issue. Fix that and it's mobile factorio
Great game, I like it. Could you please change some information in Help, there is a mistake in numbers about Gems bonus. E.g. bonus rate for goals is 2-10%, but in fact it is 5-15%. The same mistakes are for other gems.
Fun game only problem is that you can't make money offline with your factory. And if that lags the phone too much (having it run in the background) then instead have it so that it calculates the average amount of money that you make a minute or so, and give to you every minute or so. But otherwise great game. EDIT:Thanks
The latest update seems to mess something up. The game freezes every 10 seconds and it gets annoying quick. Please look into it. With that said, I really love this game. I'm already on level 9 assembler.
Absolutely brilliant game, I've played one similar to it before but the complexity and challenge of this is just on another level. The only thing I would say if you are reading this developers, please add a way to label units (assemblers, circuit assemblers........ Etc) so that you don't have to keep flipping back to look at the required things to make a product. Other than that, absolutely brilliant game!
Love the game. It's what my brain desires to organize and create. I hope the updates keep coming. I don't want to sound like criticism, but some suggestions to make the gameplay more friendly, and hopefully not too hard to implement. But unfortunately 500 characters is too few to explain and list. Is there an online discussion community anywhere for this particular game?
Excellent game. Very well ballanced. a lot of attention has been paidnto typically annoying details, that are often overlooked in similar games. If up]ou like logistics and management games this is a very good one!
Great logistics game. A bit slow going but overall pretty good. I tried more complex products but just wound up mass producing keyboards. It was cheaper and easier in the long run DEVs Please rework how spliters work. Right now they split anything that passes into them as a whole. Meaning only one kind of thing on that belt will be accurately split. Add 2 or 3 components and it winds up messing up efficient ratios. Maybe a capacity cap on assemblers.
This game is equally as fun as it is challenging. It offers both passive and active playstyles, you can be very hands-on or shoot for total automation. Steady progression requires some decent problem solving or even better foresight. I would only make very minor changes. I have spent hours playing this and see no end in sight. This is the game I've been looking for.
Very nice game to play. Not getting disturbed by random ads and other p2p stuff. Keep up the great work! 1 thing to change would be the ores color, it's hard to tell the difference from tin, silver and sometimes even iron. *update 24/05* so after playing and leveling, you get to a point where the game can't handle it anymore and the filters start to clog up. Result is a bunch of waste and reduce in productivity. Before it was working just fine although sometimes on the edge. Now it isn't workin
Love the game and all, great concept the only thing i dont like is that it uses red and green to show which direction the items move. Im colourblind and this makes it really difficult for mento play the game. Would you guy be able to add a feature to change this colours to something else, like black and white or blue and yellow or something. Then it will be ***** for me. Other than that one thing, its great game and reccomend you try the game.
To all you assembly line veterans out there I am letting you know that this game is the right game for you it has all sorts of challenges to overcome such as managing many aboundent resources and building materials that will help you progress further into the late game but mostly it is hard starting off with very few items to help you but as you get further into the game you will need to research many things as improvements to building products and also the equipment for further finishingthegame
This is a fantastic game. Played it occadionally since I installed a month ago. Unlocked all tiles and hauling millions. Developer if you're reading this I would suggest you to implement something like a grouping system to group a bunch of component together for the ease of moving it around. Maybe more unlockable tiles in the future as well?
great game, some optimization to the move tool (some times it makes a selection square when you're trying to move the things you have selected already) other than that, Great factory game!
Very addicting and enjoyable experience, but I've noticed something after only a few hours in. Some of the requirements to level up are absurd. Not only do you need to save up enough cash, but you also need some parts, which cost extra money on top of it! Along with that, upgrades take time. And not like they do in other games. The shortest ones are 30 mins, which isint that bad, you but have to have the game OPEN for them to work! The worst examples are 24+ hours. Good game, but to Grundy :(
This is the best game EVER but there's a small problem for me, it's the fact that you have to turn everything off manually so make a machine for that. Also do you have discord?
It takes a little bit to get a good grasp on the rythm of the game, but once you get it down man it is really fun. Usually in factory games you cycle through this process of "Design a product creation line. Make it 100% efficient. Let it run for a while. Unlock new item to assemble." and repeat. This game allows you to progress even faster if you want to go the extra mile and utilize storage and warehouse to save and maximize profit on every single item. Saving items for later helped me a ton.
I have a few things to say 1 it's a great game overall and I have made really complex automated stuff. I dont really have anything bad to say except the synchronization option doesn't work properly I lost a lot of progress when I got a new phone. There is a bug where in the filter and the fuel rod assembler it says the name for the uranium fuel rods are thorium fuel rods. I dont know what the rubber is for. And I am wondering if the game may get more content cause I really like it and want more
The game is good but some times the game just stops moving items from one place to other places and it keeps building the stuff and it just stays there sry my english is bad hope you understand
I'm giving it three stars. Like most other people the game does take forever at the beginning. I know that upgrades will speed things along as they do in most games but there are 140 unlockable blocks in the game. That is a lot of space to make your ultimate factor. And with this game I plan on doing that. But I would *really* love it if the game played in the background. I can close it and the game continued as normal. That would be nice.
This game could possibly be good but it's just another pay to progress app. The UI looks bad and the UX is poor as well. The graphics are the worst of all though, they scream "programmer art". I mostly care about gameplay and mechanics so these aesthetic issues aren't an automatic deal breaker for me. The game seems to be an idle game but it has to be open for real progress. When I tried to use my research points to research a recipe, it wanted me to wait for 30 minutes or pay so I uninstalled.
It's good but a tad confusing and WAY TO HARD TO PROGRESS, you cant upgrade unless your halfway done with the game JUST so you can mine 1 more thing, most the time not even that. Make the upgrades way easier and if you can make it a tad less confusing please?
This is a great game, you just need to think carefully in placing the device so you don't waste resources or make garbages, i hope they add *a group move of devices, it's kind of annoying to move the devices 1 by 1 when designing. *make a blueprint places of devices in making product. *A label or sign that this group of devices can do this product *an option to release the items in bulk like for every 300 sec the box or unloader will release 140 silver 80 steel and 20 iron ingot.
fantastic game. inspired a bit by industrial craft, which I love. I have found my new obsession, ty very much. looking forward eagerly for updates and new content when it comes out. please do not go full eugine krabs on everyone like most other devs. thank you for this wonderful submission.
It's a good game but the only thing is you can go offline and have it still going while ur away don't something and it takes so long to get somewhere so you should add a fast forward option other than those thing great game would be 5 stars if those were in the game
Very good app, however its ver slow, can you add an option to take my whole game to another phone?please
It is fun but the mining speed could be upgraded a bit but over all pretty fun game! So 4 out of 5 thats my opinion
this is one of the best factory games I have played sure its hard to learn I had to restart many times but once you get it it's like a rush you finally built your first lock of mouse and you feel like you are on top of the world 5/5
Good game but if you get a new phone or reset the game you lose all of your progress. In itself this isn't bad but you lose your fill it green gears to. Which is a purchasable item with no way to restore your purchase.
Decent enough game for a factory optimization style game. The big thing that is really annoying is that there isn't any progress in the background. You can't close the app and come back an hour later and have more money or be done researching a technology. Super frustrating.
Suggestions: UI: multiple select for emergency reset; view recent trash incidents (zoom view to trash location or larger icon); floor paint to designate machine zoning; Build Queue - select research or machine and show necessary materials in tooltip. Machines: accumulator/buffer - storage separate from warehouse that ejects items over time and overflows to another output; combo splitter/filter - select output direction for blacklist and split whitelist flow other ways; logic gate machines.
Good game, but need more improvement for sure: idle mode, mass rotation for complex set up, save design for replication, the gem kinda mess up the timing system(ability to remove gem) and upgrade feel more like burden(ability to downgrade), Need way to find out the maximum amount of electricity you can produced and etc. Good point is it has time management, money management, timing is a very big thing in the game your machine can get over stack of 1 items. You can lose money if not managed right
The game is awesome, you can make a lot of things like robots and use lava for energy. Also I kind of wish that the factories would store items if it doesnt need them at the moment or at least turn them into trash and force it through to the exit. That way you make money from it instead of losing the materials to the void.
Good game, but why do you need 18 TIN WIRES, AND 4 METAL PLATES TO MAKE A SINGLE MOUSE. IT LITTERALLY TAKES 72+ WIRES AND A LOT OF IRON BARS TO COMPLETE A ORDER THAT GIVES 500-600 MONEY. Apart from that I have a few recommendations. 1. Buff coal generators. 2. Buff furnaces and macerators. Using both only gives a 0.4 cash bonus. 3. Nerf the price of garbage. 4. Buff repair kits. 5. Nerf drill mining time by 1s and buff drill hp by 50. Thats all. It doesn't even have ads. Good game. 10/10 game.
I honestly loved this game. It presents itself as one of those "problem solver" games as an idle game. The main difference from most idle games is that in this one, you have to think and I find out great. I always loved to see my machine working. Although I find this game very fun, it still leaves some things to be desired. More blocks like the "splitter" or "sorter" would make a great addition, as well as being able to comment the machine. Other than that, amazing game.
I enjoyed the strategy of setting up efficient assembly lines all the way up to the point where my cloud save became corrupted. Only app i've ever had that happen with. Be wary of in app purchases if saves are that unstable.