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Face Clinic

Face Clinic for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by GOODROID,Inc. located at 東京都目黒区青葉台4-7-7 青葉台ヒルズ10F. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ok so let me start sayin this app has too many ads(like seriously to many ) which is super annoying..and the game is not even that satisfying ....so yea.. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS APP.
I click start and it kicks me out. Who ever said it was a relaxing game was really wrong. I've been trying out new games to play and this one is bad to play
I was told this game was satisfying, so I decided to download it and play it! As soon as I helped with the client's face though.. I was not satisfied! The sound is terrible and I just do not like the sound! When I got onto the ear level, I was disgusted. The part where you clean out the earwax makes me feel weird! Why make the earwax just straight!? It made me feel weird! After the ear level I just decided to stop playing. Hopefully this helped.
This game sucks. I keeps on stopping at random times. Don't recommend. I am not trying to sound horrible but this game is not for you.
So many ads, other games have a lot of ads sure, but this one takes it to a whole new level, you get about 10 seconds of play time between ads. Do not download.
I would have enjoyed this game. But you cant even finish up with one patient without an ad. After each tool used you get an ad. After each patient you get 2 to 3 ads before moving on to the next. Because of that the game is EXTREMELY BORING. Im uninstalling
The game is very boring and there is a ad every 10 seconds it's very inoying it's just a waist of space
Uninstalling now due to too many adds. I can't enjoy the game, even though it's a fun concept, with so many adds. I understand the need for adds but with one after every task is too excessive for me
SUPER BORING!!!!! I'm disabled therefore I can't work in the medical field anymore. I was hoping this would take care of the fun i miss... Not even close... BEYOND BORING & super slow!!!!!!!
Too many ads,after each tool you used,the ads will pop up and it's happen for every single patient.🙃
There are to many adds if you do one thing then there is an add. Do not bother to download this app it horrible 😫
I like it and all but WAY TO MANY ADS! Every 2 seconds I feel like there is an ad.😠 (don't download)
I love this game and it is so satisfying and I just love it so much don't listen to any of the other rates or anything like that it's actually really fun
This game is not the best it has way too many ads and some of the stuff doesn't even make sense like the YouTube thing I don't know what it's for and it's not satisfying all the noises are gross and it's super glitchy so I give this game two stars please try to recreate this game and make it better ☹️
Stupid. This game is a huge stupid waste of time. Do not bother even downloading. Pointless. Ads galore!! All you can do is one dumb task before 2 ads. So for 5 seconds of game you get 1-2 minutes of adds.
This app is disgusting it makes me want to gag please dont waste time on this app I only downloaded it to stop the disgusting ads. I played it once and it was even more disgusting. I absolutely hate it and it is the most disgusting app. I felt so sick to my stomach after watching one ad. I almost threw up. If this doesn't convince you to not downloaded this app the. I don't know what will. The last time I will ever play this game and I feel sick to my stomach still
This game isn't the best and when every you do one part of the game it gives you an ad and I just think there are too many ads
It was bad it had too many ads and it was disgusting when you had to pop the pimples I was grossed out
This game is horible.The nosie is completly disgusting,the ear level the er wax is straight.There are also so many ads the game lats for about 10-15 sec cant even get through a level without a add if u like weird and disgusting games the you shoukd downkad this game it is completly disgusting it makes me feel like im about to throw up.DONT get this game please the controls are also horibble and it is so glitchy!
I don't recommend this game because the first pachent wile i was working on the face there was a ad and when I kept playing there were more and more ad's like every single pachent.
This was the worst app ever I thought it'd be satisfying and when I got it was just playing gross there was bugs and people's noises noses that you had to take out it was so gross do not download this game it's not with your time
Ok so first of all litteraly WAY to many ads its like one client being fixed takes like 5 second and the ads are like 25 so that doesnt male sense and second when your doing the noes thing who actually gets rolly pollies stucl up their noes? I mean when u pull the rolly polly out it fwels like its actually coming out of your noes #Gross! And the ads seem so relaxing-no if i could have 3 words to discribe this they would be GROSS DISCUSTING and HORRIBLE! Hope this helps convise ya not to get it!
A decent enough game to play in your spare time (like solitaire) but the constant onslaught of ads, even if you don't have wifi is ridiculous. Especially since I see no option to even pay to remove ads. If the option was there I'd at least understand why the onslaught was there.
Too many ads! Had this downloaded for not even 10 full minutes and Uninstalled it because of too many ads!
It is a good game but most people will find it gross so if you don't like say(piping pimples,ear wax, bugs ) I would not play this game. But if you are fine with that then this game would be a bit entertaining. Also after every level there is a ad and it gets anoying and that is my rating.😓👀🖐️😶
First of all I would like to say that the controls are bad. In my opinion this is the most disgusting game in the history of games. This game just makes me want to gag. Also the only reason that I downloaded this game was to get away from the horrible adds. So please for the sake of the food you ate this morning don't download to this game. But on the good side of this game I did have a little fun, it did have to many adds and it was disgusting; but if you like this kind of games then download.
So many ads. You don't even get to finish a whole game and there are ads. A game takes 15-20 seconds and you still get cut off in between
This game has wayyy to many ads.it is not satisfiying. the sound is not satisfiying. so i gave this game one. bc i do not want to be mean .i thought it was going to be satisfiying. i hate thise game. You should not download this game you will hate it
There were adds after every thing I do so if for one level I had to cut the nose hair and take out the mite after I cut the nose hair add add after everything horrible game do not recommend
I give this a shot bc I heard it was satisfying and it is for me I am giving this a 5 star bc I am not like other people I do not care about the ads I just like and care bout the game that is all thank you 💕 for reading!
Probably the worst game I've played its also very disgusting and has ads every 2 seconds. If you're thinking about down this DONT!
I would give it a 0 but I cant over all,this game is bad,ik u are trying to get money off the ads but that is WAY TO MANY and the sounds are juat....GROSS I deleted this game so quick because it is weird Please fix it My sister tried it and she hated It to
My granddaughter cried because she can't finish 1 whole customer with out 1or 2 sometimes 3 ads in the middle of the customer. Do you really need that many dads that it makes a little girl cry because she gets so activated with so many ads.
Pretty gross, not going to lie. Good mechanics, I guess? But it's really weird to just sit and play something like this. I'd suggest it for a prank or joke of some sort, but that's about it. But, this is just my opinion. Thank you!
The game creators do NOT care about the game. They care about the money from ads. This is just not a fun game at all. From a majority of the reveiws im seeing that the game is not enjoyable. I do not reccomend.
The game was great at the beging of course beside the adds though, it was great but then it got to really bad stuff I feel to sleppy to talk about (sorry about bad grammer it is late where i live)
Again to many adds how is someone supose to injoy a game if you keep putting ads every 3 seconds while in a middle of playing please listen to other peoples reviews you will have more people playing if you cut out every 3 second ads! The sound affects are horrible to 😡😤😖
This app was terrible, way too many ads and not satisfying at all. I would not recommend downloading this, it is not worth your time.
I do not recommend playing this game it has way to many ads you can't even finish a round with out a ad popping up its not a very fun game and it's not satisfying this game needs a update
I like the game but only 3 probles which I face in this game 1. To many ads😔😒😠😠😠😠😠 2. The control buttons are not working at all 3. So much Satisfying things I face na 😠😡😡😡😡😡
So many ads that you can't even play the game. I would understand ads in between rounds but literally each time you play a day there are multiple ads that interupt. Not worth it.
Disgusting game I feel like I'm going to gag when my mom pop zits on my face and you get ads you don't get to even finish