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F1 Mobile Racing

F1 Mobile Racing for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Codemasters Software Company Ltd located at Codemasters Southam Studio, Lower Farm, Stoneythorpe, Southam, Warwickshire, CV47 2DL, United Kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love this game! On the latest update (per 22 12 2020) there are lot of improvements on preventing collision that works well but there's still some problem like the AWFUL corner cut penalty in some tracks like hanoi, cataluna, suzuka, monza, etc. The system should able to see if the corner cut is in intention or just a slight accident. Dont make the judgement on corner cut all the same, make the penalty system also in the rank point. If the win because of intended corner cut, only give 1 point
Crashes when loading single races. Can it be fixed? 2 months since the initial review and it still crashes on medium or hard mode for single races..
First off, I hope I don't stop playin' this game. It's amazing, I love it! However, Just as we tweak our cars to go faster, y'all developers and **** should tweak the game to be better!
If you don't do the micro transactions you stall out around league 7 or 6. You are often matched with cars that have many more speed points and the high speed parts rarely show up in the boxes. The ai cars in duel mode are allowed to push/hit you. Sometimes you get your opponent's penalty, or the penalty gets stuck on. The ghosting still allows your opponent to push you off the track/crash you, and even in the qualifying mode duels, the ghosted car sometimes flings you wide if it's too close.
It's pretty fun but something really needs to be done to the arses who crash into you/ crash other cars in your way and ruin your race. This somehow gets worse the higher up you go. I've been stuck at league 1 because of dirty players like these
Ok, first of all this is a good game. Racing is fun, overtaking is fun, but there are some cons about this game. First, the AI. Can you guys improve them? Because sometimes when I duel they blocked my path (and can't be overtaken in some tracks) and I end up losing. Second, the ghosting system. I sometimes still got hit by my opponent when they play dirty. You guys might want to improve the ghosting system too. And the warning system too (collision warning, etc). Thanks!
Hi, This game is fun at first until you duel with someone VERY ahead of you, You need to buy the packages to actually race with someone, it sucks because this game has alot of potential. If they would just give us missions that rewards us with certain f1 parts.
I wood suggest a delta bar to compare your current to your fastest ever lap of certain track and I found 2 glitches it's probably only on mine but when you race at Montreal and you set the difficulty to hard lap 1 if your gonna overtake an AI on track you slow down suddenly and the second one Abu Dhabi turn 1 mid corner and suddenly there is a none existent wall there anyway it's good
The game doesn't work well. It halts many times during the gameplay. Because of that I need to close and open it again.
Game is fine, I'm using a mid range device and it drain my battery and heat up, please fix it. And also, can you guys add a team radio and a pit stop? That would be a better experience for a mobile game❀
It's really annoying when someone texts and it disconnects everything. Then you have to try couple of times more to connect. I gave a break to this game like longer than a yesr and nothing changed, so here you go guys... Licenced F1 product? Shame on you
Very nice game ...... Engine sounds as awesome, cars are cool, op graphics . Not 5 star yet! 1) We want more damage on car(currently only tires and frontwing gets ripped off) 2) Sidemirrors not visible from cockpit POV 3) Pitstops! 4) Better single play mode (Campaign mode maybe)
Do not downlod it. This application is money grabber without maintenance. Worst ever customer service. You pay and will never get what you paid for. Application running in 30 fps and sometimes 25 only. Recently game craches and developers faild to fix it and we can't play now. Pieces are so expensive and useless. When you send comments No one will answer. They treat you as a jerk. Do not play it or never spend penny for this app.
Honestly this game has massive potential however it was very poorly executed as the graphics are awlful and a game I say is better (real racing 3) has better graphics and F1 cars it's a good couple of years old now. And if there was ERS it would be so much better and rather easy to implement as well as you can have just one button that puts you into overtake but honestly this game is majorly held back by its graphics and in general how badly it's optimised. Wouldn't recommend just play RR3
Dueling system is a joke & unbalanced. How can I win in my 300 PR car against a 600 PR car? Plus you will lose your rank every time you lose a duel. DRS can't be used in single player mode. Microtransactions... At some point you will feel like you're forced to pay it in order to win
In general its a pretty good game but one thing that is really annoying me is once you get into a duel you lose so much points or whatever they are called so I think you should be able to quit a duel without losing.
Terrible, halfway through a race the game freezes. 2nd time its happened if it happens again I will be deleting this game.. And before the makers reply it must be a bad signal errr no it isn't it's your bloody game...
You really should do something about ghosting going off track or causing accidents without loosing time. Very frustrating!!!
Store and inventory are not really that explainatory. I guess what this game lacks is a good onboarding experience for new users. But once you are into it, you can appreciate the gaming experience that it brings. I would double down on improving the ux for this app which is the thing I beleive that stands between it and becoming a top game. Edit: app crashing incessantly after the latest update.
some part of the game lags too much that the touch become delay. i lifted my finger but the lag game still think im still touching the screen. i end up running off the track and lost duel by more than 5 sec. some other time i am lucky to survive the lag. frustrating
Used to be a 3or4 star game BUT latest update does not work on Oneplus 8.......Gets to the loading screen and then crashes...... Pathetic testing by the devs and now going to uninstall..... USELESS!!!!!!!
The Game was great. But then AI Car keep crashing on you. When your about to take the lead, either the system slows you down or AI Car's smashing your both side particular for the League 4. After the latest update (12 March 2019), this Mobile Apps are getting worst again. I wasted so much time on this game and money, its not worth and not fair what you expect. Im loosing temper on this game. I think they should return back the penalty for abusive drivers
Excellent game and very realistc. It's the best F1 game I every experience. I recommend this game to those F1 fanatics.
This game is worderful in terms of your stearing skills. Its sometimes lags which can cost you wins in duels. Also if this game makes friend vs friend feature it can be next revolutionary f1 game, also I would like it to make feature like making rooms for upto 22 drivers+ AI drivers which it already has in duels grid starts, except the room feature . Also Esports should made more popular for f1 fans. Im in league 5 850level want to enter league 4 eSports.Very great work done Please update 2021
I was spending a lot of time playing this game and was honestly a bit concerned about that. And then you did a software update that sorted all my problems. Now it does not work at all, crashes all the time before I can even start playing. I can uninstall this now without feeling bad. Thanks! 😊
Disappointing. First of all, you can only play in two different modesm, or in single, or in duel, but in duel you play 5, sometimes more, and it's presented an error with the main server. If there is a championship, perhaps I'll install the game again. I almost forgot, in many duels I lost while I seeing my rival cut path by grass. this is not funny at all.
Thank you for this awesome racing game sir,graphics are realistic,controls are good, whenever I play f1 formula one mobile racing I feel like an real f1 formula one racer,it's really an excellent racing game,but it lags during duels please optimise it,and connection error sometimes please fix it,other than this two issues everything this is good, it's an awesome racing game,once again thank you sir.
Great game except 1 thing needs to be added: friends option needs to be added to the game so we can challenge our facebook/Google play friends to duels and races in custom lobby's or something of the same effect. Please devs add a feature that allows this!!!!
The game is stuck on loading page. This is so upsetting since I had made considerable amount of progress in the game and now it won't just load. Dear team, kindly fix it as soon as possible or just let me know what's supposed to be done from end for the same.
The games keeps on going to the loading screen N numbers of times, I mean why do u want to load the whole game if the internet connection is lost, are you guys kidding me its simple just re initialize the internet connection instead of going back to the loading screen which takes 6 seconds off your game time atleast 6-7 times every gameplay.
Very stupid gameplay. When you play Duel, can you just make the duel is between you and other player only? Why on earth other racer got involved in that duel as well. During collision, it will slow us down. Not to forget the ghost issue, can you just make it ghost all the time when having a duel with other player? Are you expecting user to have a real experience F1 racing? So stupid. Waste of time
Good game, but keeps crashing. Especially annoying just as the duel is about to begin, then when I go back into the game I've lost 30-odd points! Won't be paying for anything as app is far too unstable.
It's a pretty decent game. The graphs are ok, scenes likewise... The controls sensibility is a big issue what makes the gameplay painful somebtimes. Besides, it should should have a championship mode. Legendary cars will be awesome. Duels would be better if players had something else to lose with intentional crashes, like if cars were more sensitive to contact that would be also interesting.
The overall experience is good but i have some concerns regarding this game, the first concern is that, the graphics of this game is not so good so i request the makers of the game to improve the graphics and 2nd, i am not able to use the asist option properly, like i dont understand how it works and at the end of the day i ended up using the manuel settings.
Really good game . So realistic but it needs a pit stop. There are loads of options for your car like coilers and Pater's and the are so many upgrades to as well it's amazing but
It was fun at first but now you guys just ruined it your game laggs out, you put me up against people who are a much higher level than mine, and the upgrades are just too limited, I dont even know if you can even consider this a f1 game, f1 2009 is better than this this game it's just a waste of my time.😀
I love this game before this update, but after this update the car is unstable and some times when they hit me from the back my car fly than land on the top of the car no respawn or reset for a min when he finish the race they reset my car to continue the race.
The controls are so delayed in this game; im using a controller and the steering is way to sensitive and i even put it at -10. It just doesn't feel the same smoothness like real racing 3's controls offer. This game has potential tho. And please add more modes.
After the update, I will always touch the barrier even though I am so far away and it also reduces so much speed. It is impossible to drive in Monaco after the new update
A really fun entertaining game.i love how I can be my own character and race on my own or against online people in duels.i love how you can unlock the actual cars like petronas,ferrari,Renault and much more.i play this all the time.highly recommend for formula 1 fans
The new update broke the steering. I have the breaking assist set to max and use the left & right button (on screen) to steer. Since the last update whenever I brake myself (on top of the assist) the steering locks straight and I'm unable to steer. The steering doesn't kick in for another couple of seconds, by which time I'm in the gravel and the other player is miles ahead. So far I've experienced this on Silverstone and French gp's
The match making in this game is utter nonsense. 9/10 times, I was matched with cars that are 1000 points higher than mine. It's impossible to win. I've set fastest lap and still lose. Basically driving a Flintstone car againsts F1 cars. The ghosting system is equally moronic. When I'm behind it doesn't happen. When I'm ahead it works and again, opponent cars are 1000 points better so they just past through me as if I wasnt moving. Match equally powered cars and I'll leave 5 stars.
I love this game,but please add pit crew and also tire look outdated,it should look shiney,some tracks are low in graphics compared to monza its a bit πŸ‘ good,also some surface road should look slik,and have a feel of tire grip,one boring stuff is the AI at least AI should pave way wen u speeding up at it,it should look smart compared to that I think best of all F1 keeping it up
Android version should be called 'F1 Stockcars!' In Duel mode constantly being rammed off the track either by opponents or by the bots. Even when ghosting is on, you can easily get rammed up the rear and be forced off the track. Okay for a free game, but certainly wouldn't consider purchasing any of the pay for items or packs......
This game is awesome but can you add a feauture that will be great for this game maybe in the next season or update.Adding a career championship with our driver against f1 drivers?I'll love it even more....Update 16 is here and no career or championship again..pls man it would be great for you game,everyone would love it...or at least droving woth your favourote driver
I loved the game with its gameplay itself but i have issues on the controls because I use buttons control and in most corners that need a hard turn instead I'm pressing the brakes. Please fix or just make the brakes stay below the screen
This is epic ands it's realistic and I wish there's more race track and types of f1 cars like the first f1 car put that, and there's more players instead of 2,continue your good job developers!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
There are invisible walls in the middle of the track!!? Abu Dhabi and Montreal...please rectify Grazing the wall literally causes the car to stop. How's that even possible?
You have fixed a lot of issues, keep the good work. Also ghost shield could be activated when there is deliberate contact, not on every single touch. I would also like you to add rematch option. And maybe some grades from competitors like + and -, and ban for some amount of minuses, and reward for some amount of pluses.
Very good and entertaining game. I like f1 and this is just like it. Few things though. 1. It would be nice to have another mode apart from duels, like an online grand prix with minimum 5 actual players. That would add more fun and variety. 2. Also, the only adds that i am getting is this one add that says 18+, and a man and woman doing inapropiate things. This is not nice if a 8 or 9 year old wants to play some f1 but then see people having s*x, followed by a screen full of women. Please fix.
Could not get the game to start. Restarted, cleared cache, reinstalled, gave it 30ish minutes to load... No matter what, it would not get passt the loading screen.
Really screwd, I play single player of Abu Dhabi qualifying lap but first corner I was been hit by the AI's and i dropped to 4th, how was that possible, it's ridiculous, qualifying for previous version doesn't have this problem.
I used to enjoyed this game, but after update, my car often suddenly lost power in duel race, its suck (fixed already) 25 dec 20, after update (again), my device being hotter than ever, xiaomi redmi note 8 pro, you guys know why? Clutch button not worked at baku, suzuka, penalty too long at austin, hanoi, and the most weird thing is 295 power lost to 0 power. This is not fun anymore, uninstalled
A really good game which has a lot of potential. Maybe you guys can add pitstops, weather changes, qualifiers and race together(like if you qualify 3rd you start 3rd on race) like that
Great game overall , I hate that AI's break out of no where . What's up with that ? Like I could be having the perfect lap then someone breaks full speed in front of me .
The major issue I faced which spoils the game is corner cutting penalty which needs to improve considerably, I get penalty even when I was pushed out of the track by other cars and in addition to that the penalty is sometimes too harsh like in Venezuela track where we will get slow down penalty close to 10 sec which is then impossible to win. The other issue which I faced is the drop frame rates which sometimes spoils my lap.
Hanoi circuit is ridiculously lagging so much, impossible to not crash.. why couldn't you guys just add low option graphics!? Most devices can't handle this game's graphics!
Oh man,it's amazing,the prizes,bundles and goals are incredible,but the best part is the custom because u get to make it go the way u want it to,at whatever preference best suits you.
I love this game. M playing on iPhone 7. Gameplay is awesome. But Graphics is low. Don't have adjustable settings. In dual ghosting is bad. I faced worst. Opponent crash on my car, I flew in sky literally in sky, I got corner cut penalty, after hitting me opponent became ghost and win dual with 15 second margin. And now F1 is providing player report options after game. Actually lots of people use Android devices and they reviewed this game than app store. That's why I wrote it in Play Store.
Thank you for solving the glitches and introducing ghosting. Kindly consider of adding race highlights feature to the after race. So that improvements of performance and rectification can be done by the driver gamers and make it more interesting.
The game is great. Good graphics and official tracks. The only problem I faced was racing in duels. The AI drivers block my way and i end up colliding with them and my opponent easily gets a upper hand. Also charge some penalty to drivers(in duels) who intentionally collide throwing you out of the track in order to win. Please fix this issue as it has caused me to lose many races which i could have won easily.
This game was good and addicting. But please fix the server problem that i always got disconnected several times although i'm using my wifi or my cellular data connection. Before that problem fixed , for now i give 2 stars. Because its really annoying when you lost a point because got disconnected from server which is it's not my fault. Thank you
The game is GREAT, awesome in every way. Except one. The PAY2WIN concept is the sole driving force of the devs. Give us your credit card, buy this, pay for that. Or stay on Level 1. I've been playing for 5 days, and can't get anywhere on it. Gotta have credits, or "brains", and ya don't get awarded enough for the races, won or lost, to make a dent. It's impossible to advance without BUYING. Oh, and 6 hours to open a box??? I'll stick with EA's Real Racing. I'm Level 36 after 4 weeks. Good Day.
Why do I always race against cars that are waaaayyy faster than mine? I want to race cars that are as equally capable as mine. I immediately quit when I realize the car I am racing simply has an insurmountable advantage. Not worth racing them when I know the outcome. πŸ‘ŽπŸ½
Since I cannot the developer through the App, i hope this 1 star rating will get their attention. Why when i race in duel mode, when i hit the Sand or grass it slow me down, but for all my rivals, they glide through with no affect. Also why does collision shield enable my rival go pass through all the cars on the track but for me it does not work
The game is good but the duels should always be of 3 laps atleast. With the damage on for wings (front and rear), bargeboards and sidepodes indicating them as downforce, handling and braking loss with a written graphic of loss% in white text, as well as tire damage if they don't contact with opponents tyres. Bot cars should be indestructible. Just as players are awarded with resource points for each sector, that could stay the same. Championship points should be nearly thrice of one lap battles.
AI is aggressive. The current nature of the AI drivers makes the game experience really bad. I am at the higher leagues, and the loss caused by the risiculous driving of the AI is too high. They just take you out whenever you are overtaking them.
The game is awesome as far as i love F1 i love this game..but one thing that i didnt like about this game is the handling and the duel mode. It is unfair when you are a left right user dueling with a tilt device user..They dont even slow down when in the grass and doesn't get a penalty when they hit the track limits and still speeding and yet still win?? You call that a driver??Where's the fairness in that?? What im saying is both user should not be in the same server.please codemaster be fair
Why the game asking me to re download the tracks after the update? This is really annoying because the tracks very heavy data wise. The game is good in many aspects but there are many improvements to be made, mainly in connectivity. It loses connectivity for during duels and costs me cups. Do look into it for 5 stars.
Controls should be easy and adjustable, but they aren't. I really really want to love this game cause I love F1, but man these controls are still* horrible. The tilt control goes berserk randomly, so f'ing annoying when it happens in tight secuential turns. The steering wheel only on left side and no possibility to move or "fix" it in place for accuracy, oh and also does not follow on tight turns, it kinda gets stuck in a soft steer..? And the 3rd control setting, least intuitive control ever..
Everything is decent except the penalties in single player mode. You should be able to turn them off or down to a degree. You put one wheel on a curb and you get a 10 second power loss. It's a joke and makes it very unenjoyable. Please fix this it's very annoying.
This game would be freaking awesome if not for such things as....1) one racecourse such as Hungary or Sochi moving at full framerate with a full grid and a track like Zandvoort or Mexico City moving incredibly slow and laggy for a qualifier duel with just two cars on the tarmac and 2) In any form of duel, your opponent getting blasted away at the lights out, catapulting other cars into the air and gaining three seconds a lap every three seconds, and still getting credit for the win. 3 stars.
Cool looking game but horrible controls. Not sensitive enough for F1. Not worth playing longer to see everything in the game.
Not the game the best F1 game out there. Had the game for sometime now ever since the last update of the game the cars are becoming very re1 stable to drive what has happened and is used to be a good quality game. Also been playing Real Racing Formula 1 racing on that and it's much better to play than it is on this at the moment you should follow the suit.
Very nice game with good controls and graphics. It would be more interesting if different game modes like multiplayer option (5-6players) are added. It would also be fun if we could select a charector and have a online grand prix.
Ghosting got a little better with a recent update however some of the engine throttling for corner cuts is super excessive. For example you could cut a corner that maybe gives you a 1 to 1.5 second advantage but then the amount of engine throttling causes you to fall behind by 4 or 5 Seconds I understand engine throttling but that's a little rediculous
Loved this app, good graphic and speed and experience, but still some more gaps to improve, like server errors, multiple time track download. Etc. Still Love it.
Please improve the game and you'll get more player and uset! Improve the graphic make it more realistic, make a option to create a driver by player-self. The game was fun but after play for a long time we'll bored too. It's okey if the game up to 2.0GB. Make it more fun pleaseee!
Usually a great game but the new update means I cant take the racing line on street and tight tracks because its coming up as im rubbing the wall when im not. Not convenient as I've got into the Christmas f1 e sports challenges and some are on tight tracks
The Game was great. But then AI Car keep crashing on you. When your about to take the lead, either the system slows you down or AI Car's smashing your both side particular for the League 4. After the latest update (12 March 2019), this Mobile Apps are getting worst again. I wasted so much time on this game and money, its not worth and not fair what you expect. Im loosing temper on this game. Latest Updgrade getting worst..A lot of AI Car trying to crash and blocking my track..
When doing a single race you get the same amount of experience points for a 1 lap race as you do for a 15, 10, 5 and 3 lap race which is just stupid. Also when I get close to a wall or edge the car just slows down and I'm still on the track not braking but I just stop and that causes me to lose a lot of duels and also the people I am paired with are so much faster than me which just is stupid since I have no chance and I lose most of them now because of the pairing with the fastest cars somehow.
This game is rigged. Opponent goes off track, no impact, no slowdown, retainz same speed and still go fast. You go off track, slows right down. Absolute BS.
I play a lot of racing games, and this is certainly one of the best. A little different, but the more I play, the more I like it. Exceptional!! I love how it save's your game in the cloud so you can access on different devices !! LOL
The engine penalty is stupid, its more of a you automatically lose rather than a penalty and if the runoff slows you down the engine penalty slows you down by 4 seconds, therefore my rival wins by over 10 seconds
The game is really good realistic but the are a few things that should be added to the game maybe in the future but the reason why I rate 4 star because everytime i rotate to the left for some reason it makes me go right! And if i rotate to the right it makes me go to the left which i wish you fix. Some things that you should add to the game is 1: Pit Stop(AI also) 2: it worns you for coner cutting contact why don't we get a pen? All alls the game is good really fun and can you add new mods. Bye
When i have smooth race and just got +20 pts, and when i get hit by cheater when collition shield active and my points -40 points..inconsisten dynamic ghosting system..opponent hit the wall, out of racing line but still get faster..so many bugs and cheaters in this version. Thumbs down..
The game is ok. But there are still some improvements needed like grid start races could have 3 or more laps to make it more competitive. The graphics can be improved also like having pitstops to make the game more challenging there should also be stricter rules in place to ensure that drivers do not go off track and still win
Please, fix the handling of the steering wheel in this game, it always disengaging when i turn, my hands are dry my phone is dry, it is still the same
The new crash shield is garbage. I'm getting hit from behind and on the side and I'm winding up behind the car that hit me. Bot cars slow down for no reason causing accidents all the time. I constantly find myself racing against cars that have 500+ more part points. Everytime their is an update none of my cars handle the same.
Constant connectivity issues, graphics are not good enough, no slipstream effects, no map view on top corner while racing.
This game is fantastic and a constant player but since last update game didn't log in for 2 days now i can only play duels,no events and can't redeem parts or daily boxes. Have tried contacting codemasters to find out what to do with no reply as don't want to re install as things become "lost" ..hopefully this is resolved soon
In general its a pretty good game but one thing that is really annoying me is once you get into a duel you lose so much points or whatever they are called so I think you should be able to quit a duel without losing. Can I also say that when I'm playing a duel it says that the ghosting thing on but in the race my opponent knocked me off the track as you might presume I was really annoyed and angry at that point so I want it fixing please.
Last update is better than this newest update!! the physics really bad!! And many bugs in the circuit like invincibles walls!! I'm in racing line but my cars force to slow, like i'm hit the other cars!!
The game is great...when it does not continually disconnect me from the server and make me lose races. Its quite annoying...and before you blame my connection, I'm at home, on gig-speed WiFi , so that's not it. Love and hate it at the same time...meh at best.
This is an awesome game for f1, way better than real racing. I would have rated it a 5, but its missing a very crucial feature, i.e. racing with your friends. You currently cannot add your friends and play a custom duel, that feature would really make this game perfect.
Its a freaking phenomenal game 😍 loved it very much. But I would like to suggest you to add multi-player option so that we can play with our personal friends. It would be even more better. Hope you'll add this feature.
Would love to tell you its great but it will not load as keeps coming up with server error, turn on WiFi or turn off airplanemode, not a great start have tried numerous times to get on to play, but always the same, will give it a few more goes but will probably end end uninstalling it.
Its a 5* game but the AI is horrible and has made me loose several races. People crashing into me should be disqualified, slipping getting back on track and crashing into me as Im about to pass them... Where is the protection for that???
The latest update has the game crashing on startup for my google pixel 3. Extremely disappointing considering this is an official and paid app. Prior to the crashing issue, I too was experiencing the "invisible" wall issue other players were reporting which resulted in me losing a handful of duels despite driving cautiously. Now I can't even get the game to start up without freezing and crashing.
Its very enjoyable to play!! Very user friendly now but I think the ghosting system isn't really that effective because sometimes they can still push us off track or sometimes it doesn't allow us to take a defensive line because they can just cut through us? Maybe can have a better warning and penalty or banning system
I have been a regular player. But the latest update seems to have reduced the road widths. The clearance at the corners and sides of tracks are visible, but still the car collides with some invisible barrier. (AbuDhabi, Baku, etc.) The latest track update seems to have some issues. Donno whether they are intentional.
Wish I could give 0 stars. The developers make a game that you can not win in. You could have a mresades and you will lose to a go cart. You only get parts for Monaco but Monaco is the last track unlock. I will give it a 5 star review if you removed the dules and give you all the tracks. You can take your car to a OFFLINE world championship. The online stuff will be off the main screen. Basically make the game f1 2016 In 2021
1. The AI racers are messing up all grid starts either by getting in the way and then slowing down or suddenly accelerating much faster than reasonably possible. 2. There is no improvement with the ghosting and it is easily deactivated by drivers when they swerve left and right then intentionally collide with you. Basically I have not experienced any changes with this new update it all seems the same to me.
The game is great, but I got an update that said it was 50 mbs but I was surprised to see it going up to 600 mbs. Fix this issue
This game is fun to play it's just that the controls are in weird places, it really hard to break on turns and u cant take a turn while u are going at 157 mph and the arrows always get in the way when that drz thing pops up it's been like a month and I still haven't used it but otherwise it's pretty cool I like the graphics and also add some car damage like real racing 3 and add pit stops cause how is it an f1 game if there are no pit stops like where is the logic
Matchmaking sucks. For example my current max is 1450 but ill get 2000 hp players. The game is over before it even starts. Also on USA track if u over the line somehow its corner cutting and can't speed up for like 5 seconds
This game is exceptionally good . But it's way too broken.Many things are still to be added for better experience. One of the main problem is the mechanics of the game, even the car is 2 wheel gap away from the corner or wall, the tire stucks with the wall, losing all the momentum , and the upgrade cars are way to fast. Some of the cornering are impossible at such high speed . Please set this thing up as soon as possible, as it's the official F1 game, try to bring type of tyres and paddle shift.
At the exit of the hairpin of Turn 1 of Spa, if I exit the track onto the sausage kerbs and re-enter the track, I always get a corner cut penalty. Is it just me? I really find this annoying. Also, for some reason, whenever you go out of track, you start slowing down. This is very annoying also. Last but not least, I think the penalties given should be added to the final time, like in real F1 races, not getting slowed down for a certain amount of time.
Hear me out on this one ok? The game is pretty good with graphics and whatnot. But the way the AI is programmed really gets on my nerves. Even in tracks like France where the track is so wide, the AI is always tryin to block me off and aggressively defend. It's a very frustrating experience when playing against the AI. Oh and don't forget brake checking also. Codemasters I really suggest you guys look into this and make the AI more tolerable. Im sorry if I sound a bit rude but this is my view.
It is impossible to win. If you turn it will make you corner cut and make you slow down for it and your opponent will overtake you and win. This game simply sucks the only reason why it's 2 stars is because the design of the cars is quite cool
Everything is perfect! The graphics the physics, but. Its to hard to crash an F1 car and the crash animation is not so good. And pls add more sircuits
Lots of fun but the AIs always get a better start then you and cover you off so have to cut the first corner which you loose time from doing anyway then you get an engine penalty (the powers terned down for a length of time) which lasts for ever. Generally coming off part way through the second sector by that time you have lost 5-10 seconds meaning that an less the other person crashes you have no chance.
Game perfectly depicts the real racing world. However the players make use of various methods to cheat and win races. Try to minimize cheating and create fair play atmosphere.
Amazing game great graphics! I love the duels especially when you get to level 10! But I want the game to have pits so unrealistic without them. I also think when you are a bout to lap someone they should be blue flagged. And there should be a safety car. otherwise great game
Is difficult to understood how random races are splited between players. I playes today foar about 1 hour continuesly and I get onlt qualification races, some times 2 time one after another same race. And also if in system I have one more race ib specifuc type, the game do not give me that type, even if I play hours and hours cintinuesly. Please advice what algoritm you use for random give racing type
I WANT A REFUND I recognize im not the fastest around Japan,so maybe,I qualified last because I couldnt find rythm. In the race,I realize the AI have way more pace at the start on the straight.Somehow,I start getting past them around the corners...I was confused cause I shouldnt be able to,since i am tecnically slower,according to the stupid quali times...Then,at 130R Bottas just parks it up mid apex(not the first time with this issue and not just this circuit/corner)and i get a penalty for it.
I enjoyed alot from this game (for at least 2 years since I first started). But the latest update is of a letdown to me. With invisible walls on street circuits especially, I have to be conscious now of not going close to the walls or else it slows my car down. Plus the prolonged corner cutting penalty is really a pain in the ass and just one time could just make you lose the entire race.
This time the update is a lot better but there's a strange glitch at turn 1 in the Abu Dhabi circuit which is interrupting my run. Please look into this because this update has come out really well except for the above situation
I give 1 star or even 1/2 bcos the game make u lose whenever it want u to lose. The game don't let u do the racing at all. The game decides if u win or lose. If it wants u to lose, the AI car will block/knock u out or your car will not perform accordingly at all. I wonder why the game developers create such game when they don't allow u to race according to your abilities. Wonder what'll happens when real F1 drivers knock each other out of the race to win a race. Will Lewis wins 7 titles???
Why wud I play a racing game if I can't accelerate the car myself all I can do is turn left or right, not person said this in all the reviews I read where r these players from 3rd world countries who have never owned a console, or played Gran Tourismo before. UNINSTALLED, u guys play ur baby racing game don't forget to turn left or right.
All in all a fun game but 2 major flaw to me. Every time I have a race at Zandvoort the game loads up everything fine and when the bar is about to be full the game crashes and I get a loss. Other flaw is racing with NPC on the field in a duel. A lot of the time the NPC's seem to have way better brakes then I do or they brake a bit before the ideal point? Resulting in crashes that make you lose the game.
There are multiple issues 1. It automatically slows me down if I'm on top in duel racing and eventually the other guy ends up winning even if he is ranked way lower than me and its not one time occurrence.2.The ghosting mode is useless and works only for some times after that players have pushed me out of track and even spun me.3.the matching system isn't fair , they always pair us with either a player too top in the league or low level guy so that we can't even get promoted or move our ranks.
This game is unreal best F1 game ever for android, its on another level. Code master did it, obviously the people responsible for this game know F1 racing. this game is what I imagined a F1 game would be like But until this now ,all f1 racing games were just gabage. So this game is monumental They nailed it with graphics, sound, and controls. Well done 5 stars
The collision shield in duels is pathetic. Opponent can pass through me but the same opponent can easily block me when i try an overtake. Ridiculous update.
I quit the game today. I Loved it at first, but hearing the same bs answer from support got beyond frustrating. I understand the banding explanation but when your supposedly it the same point according to the timing and your opponent is clearly off track. No track even exists where they are and they get no penelty. Cut corners are way to inconsistent on their penalty and its gotten worse not better so I'm going to try EA sports racing instead. To bad i loved it when i started it just got FUBAR
Great game! Controls and how the game looks realistic when I did the 2 first races. altho my game keeps on crashing everytime I start a race or duel, like the loading screen before the race loads for a bit then crashes, I would have rated it 5 stars if not because of the issue I mentioned.
First of all the please get the contact system in check... It's is BWOKEN!! Any circuit that has close walls to the white lines on the track are making contact impressions on the cars even if we are a good meter away from it... Kindly get it addressed ASAP as it is ruining the gameplay... Especially in tracks like Sochi, Hanoi and ofcourse Moncao...
The gameplay has gone from bad to worse after the latest update. The ghosting system doesn't work....dirty racers are still able to take you out from behind and ruin the experience. And some of the corner cuts are ridiculously programmed. You get penalized even though you take a fair racing line. If the bugs don't get fixed, will lose interest soon.
Graphics - You guys seriously need to consider the graphics. Take Real Racing 3 as an inspiration for the overall awesome looking/feeling motorsport game. Gameplay - The gameplay is sometime lagging (I don't have an internet problem) from the opponent side; sometimes they are behind us and in s split second they teleport to way much better position. Ergonomics - While braking, had the camera changed its position it would have felt way too nice. ☺️
I play a lot of racing games, and this is certainly one of the best. A little different, but the more I play, the more I like it. Exceptional. EDIT: Hey, man...if I connect to Google Play, why doesn't it give me my game back when I flash a new ROM and reinstall? That's a deal breaker!! No more 5 stars.
Developers please note, collision prediction does not work all the time and it costs a lot of races. Please make it permanent throughout the race.
Very good do not need to buy anything I am on league 3 without any micro transactions. Very realistic and is always a challenge.
Fantastic & wonderful game..But your last update very very worst...clear that... add more circuits and add circuit map display live visiblity..
I loved this game . Graphics are great. But performance is not good as I thought. Improve the fps of the game.
Felt the game was bad but the new update made it feel worse. Opponents do not slow down after going off track and no corner cut. Slightest of touch in barricade or wall brings the car to stand still. To make things even worst games not loading crashes each time.
could be the best...but at the end too much problem about software..crush a lot of time...while having a duel...loosing points...not acceptable...and problem about graphic...sometimes impossible to understand the way of the truck cause you race in the sky...sorry...
Trying to work out if this game is fixed so you spend money on the in app purchases, really like the game but litterally get cheated out of one in three races, weather my oppenent crashes out then magically appears 3 second down the road, or my power cuts out on a straight, and whats the point of putting me in duels with racers that have 4 x more engine power.
ghosting system has problems car matching sucks with this i for real though the game would be be better i guess F1 just made the game and left it alone it would be better to just take out the ghost system at all and keep it as a real race jeez.
Would be a great game, but with the new update everything got worse. With the track limit, dip a wheel on a kerb (specially on the final corner on suzuka) you get a corner cutting penalty immediately. The tracks themselves, there's some invisible walls of some sorts in some tracks and slows you down like abu dhabi. Lastly, how do u go from 190mph to almost a complete stop just from slightly grazing a wall?
After the last update I can't even open the game. Always crashes while I'm not doing anything. Tilt option is really bad. After turning a corner the wheel stucks in that direction while I want to go opposite direction, it's uncontrollable.
When racing, even if you don't touch the barriers, your car still slowdown. This was not the case before the December update. Earlier, you could get close to the carrier while exitting the corner, bit now it slows you down even of you don't touch it..... Please fix this, its affecting my experience with the game
Three suggestions: 1. Please introduce track limits (corner cutting penalties) on a the tracks. Opponents running completely out of the track and still managed to win the race is quite frustrating. 2. Introduce weather and day/night conditions on all the tracks. This will make game competitive and more fun. 3. Duel should be of more than 1 lap - often it doesn't feel fair.
Hi when i start the app it loads for like 5 min amd then it gives me an error that says:a connection with the servers cannot be established please disable airplane mode or enable wifi. And i checked the wifi and i have wifi and my phone doesnt have airplane mode. What can i do to play the game?
There's a bug, which causes the car to slow down automatically. Track: Canada, between Turn 4 and 5 after the fast downhill chicane. Very nice game, with lot of improvements in recent updates. Keep up the great workπŸ’―πŸ”₯
This game is very bad no internet access and soo unfair. Every time I failed to connect to the internet I lose throphys this game sucks.
The ghosting system is a good idea but doesn't solve the problem since it doesn't always works and other players can still use the other cars to block me or push me into the wall. It should be active during the whole race. The matching system is a joke... I constantly have to duel against players with about the same amount of points but their cars are 4-500 points better than mine so unless they make a huge mistake on the track I have zero chance to win.
Great gaming experience. Loads of features and loads of detailing. The game compliments the sport of Formula 1.
Very disappointed la.. i spend money for this game, but seeing my opponent not slowing down while off road makes me sick.. why they not slowing down as i do? N then it keep reconnecting, cannot connect to server.. my network is full bar, 4G.. but game still keep reconnecting.. Its turn me off when game keep lagging while im racing.. My phone ram is 6GB.. idk think its my phone.. i played so many games, its hard for me to lagging with my 6GB ram.. I think i will quit soon, if this keep happen
Amazing game, the best I've ever played. I'm a huge fan of F1. This game is full of speed and adrenaline. I love whatching races, the sound of the Care's engine, in the real life and inside the game. This game is immersive, it helps you get focused in each race.
Game is great, and I'm happy that you implemented the shield system, but I have an issue with your manual brakes. Whenever I step on the brakes a bit hard, the car stops and goes in reverse, and this has been happening for 3 times, ruining my laps. I hope you correct this issue. I lost over 100 trophies due to that. Please reply if you have done so. Thank you
It's a good game but.. It would be nice to have the choice of a left and right steering plus brake and accelerater instead of automatic (πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘) just like that if you get my drift. But nice game anyway.
I like this game as it is the best real life racing simulator. It has all real life physics, high graphics, as well as online multiplayer mode which makes the game more playable. I had issue with breaking system because breaking touch area is at centre of screen which makes the game somewhat difficult to play if you are habitual of using only two fingers. I think there should be a specific button which must be displayed on screen such as CLUTCH button on either left or right side of screen.
Love game just need to add a race where players from aruond the world can jion a custom lap race like on tv and also love dual. Thanls for making the game.love f1
Post this Christmas or 2022 update, specifically on Montreal track - speed of the car slows down just before the end of sector 1 (it is getting crashed with some invisible object), which is slowing down the pace and therefore unable to score better in Schumacher event... Please help!
Please include a option in the settings to customise the level of graphics, resolution, like other games.
I would give a 5 but giving it a two for now because recently I've been getting a lot of reconnect problems! Its super annoying! I can't even play matches and when I do, It counts me as forfeiting and I end up losing my points! I'm getting towards league 4 and because of the game reconnecting for no reason, I'm almost demoted to league 6! I took a speed test on my network and its fine. I want my points back. I shouldn't lose points because of races I can't even play if the game doesn't allow me.
This game is very good in many places but there are a few exceptions. Penalities are way too long. You can put two wheels off track and gain a second just to get your engine power reduced for ten whole seconds and let your opponent absolutely demolish you. In other cases the game is very random in suddenly slowing you down for no real reason. Other than that except for the fact that you're signing up for something not realistic it's a very good game.
Graphics are good but the things to add are tyre types, pit stops, aerodynamic sets etc like which are present in fx racer. And yes add tyre degradation and car status also. A full fledge race with these features. It will be awesome.
Really interesting game. Please Make it possible to adding friends and race with them and race with 20 online players(like "Single" game mode) start with grid start and a podium after few laps. My mirrors doesn't work and i always crash with other cars ;). Thank you
Oh....my goodness what a game man. Codemasters πŸ‘πŸ‘ Amazing stuff, u guys did a mega job, but please bring In full races I mean races with pit stops and wet race and all those stuff , please please... It would be great.
Could have been a great game..if the developer is ea. Very bad server. You will constantly disconnected even ur connection mega fast. Even u re playing single player, u will become friends with "bad connection. Please reconnect". Poor planning, so u will always update endlesly. They change tiny bit of the game n you will download all data all over again. Very slow response. If you complaint them, u be lucky if they respond. If they do, it will take a years to respond. As if they live in mars!
The game is interesting. Has options for those who like serious challenge. Up to you playing without assist (even against assisted players, which is mistake by them) and nice/easy car settings. It has many issues though. More than half of my lost duels were due to steering freezings while curving, or freezing screen in crowded battles. Also, it doesn't has an option for championship or full race, even for a single player, which disappoint me a lot in a game by Codemaster. The rest doesn't fit...