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Extreme Difficult Sudoku 2500

Extreme Difficult Sudoku 2500 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Ohte, Inc. located at 東京都渋谷区桜ヶ丘町22-14 N.E.S.ビルN棟2階. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great setup, but the Inequality game does not follow sudoku rules with one of each number per column and row. Fix that and it would be 5 stars. Not sure about the other games/boards.
changed review: still fun but i completed all difficulties. they were difficult but im hoping for more levels.
This is the best sudoku app so far. It took me about 6 months to solve all the puzzles except inequality (for some reason there's no 3x3 grids??), so it'd be great if there were more levels. I'm going to keep the app to replay, but I hope there will be more levels soon
The first inequality problem is wrong. The middle top grid does not have place for a 2 according to the error checker.
Best complex sudoku. Only for those looking for a challenge. Hope you guys can add chess sudoku soon.
The sudokus are incredible. Love the different difficulty stages. Recommended it to my mother, and she enjoys it as well. It is my favourite app on my phone right now.
Love it! The inequality gameboards are challenging - I played through them all and wish there were more. Ads only at the end of games and easy to skip.
Only a spastic made this extreme suduko.There is no logic to most of the hard puzzles and this is meant to be a game of logic
I really like this game! But I think when you add a number (for example 7), then all the notes with the number 7 on the same rows and in the same house should be deleted. You should implement a couple of features such as this one to really polish the game off. But even so, it's very enjoyable!
A large quantity of sudoku puzzles and of different variations. The variation thing is what i liked most.
Many, many puzzles are not accurate and cannot be competed due to errors inherit within the puzzles. Very disappointed 😞
There's no way to disable highlights. Also no way to change the theme. If you could add a "no help" mode, so it's as hard as it can be, that would be great. All the highlights and hints take away from the "extremely difficult" sudoku.
Appreciate the large number of puzzles, but the fact that entering a "big" number doesn't automatically erase the notes for that number in all other squares is pretty annoying... you need to manually erase them once you've entered that number in its spot.
Made for idiot most of 400 plus are impossible there is no logical solution people should write honest review puzzle have all piece to complete to many missing numbers taken away means unsolvable puzzle
This is better on my phone.the menu doesn't work on kindle fire. The game also crashes. I just downloaded it, so I have the latest version. I'd definitely would rate it a 5 on my phone. Kindle version is a 3.
(1) Inequality Sudoku: Can you please help users by defining the blocks of 9 squares with bold lines or lines of different colours? (2) Gamers will appreciate the app better if you give them some instructional hints/examples on how to solve complex games.
Not bad overall but at least one puzzle with multiple solutions, and a number which are faulty and cannot be solved.
Difficulty is not as promised: I solved the highest level in 45 minutes, and this time even includes filling the notes, because the app doesn't automatically do it! Other possible improvements: the yellow colour for selected number and notes is not as visible, it doesn't have an analysis functionality to check the level of a given puzzle, you cannot import and export puzzles, it doesn't have a mode which supports exploring "what if" scenarios: lot of room for improvement...
Tougher than most.. may just be due to notes not erasing after solving a number. Still learning the gameplay.
I wish you could set annotations to delete themselves and the UI is far from pretty. Even so, it would be a great Sudoku app, but it keeps crashing AND losing progress on my game! Hours of work gone, over and over!! I'm so disappointed.
I like the pencil Mark's don't auto erase. would like to be able to mark a cell somehow, for me to be able to tell if I have all possibilities penciled in. I can't find a sudoku anywhere with this type of feature.
in my opinion, its design needs to be better specifically, in notes and colors but on the other hand it has many levels with type of models
Horrible, every time i make a mistake it is absolutely unforgiving! I can't stand this app! They need to be take it back to the drawing board and add voice recognition tech. So that it will be more forgiving. Horrible
Nice sudoku fun with barely any ads. Took me a literal hour just to beat level 1 so I might be here for a while 😅
The entries that the player makes could be made bolder. At times it's too faint especially for guys with weak eyesight. Additionally you could also provide for a hint if the player asks for it. Making an entry and then checking whether it is correct is rather awkward
I was talking with you a few years ago when it seemed you were ready to pack it in but I got this game for a couple of bucks back when it was the only place I could find any decent jigsaw sudoku puzzles and at that time you only had a few, now you're rockin' it out! This game is set up the way any puzzler would be proud to have as a friend and home, keep up the good work and stay safe out there in this uncertain world!
Seems to me that level 1 game 9 has multiple solutions. I'm only interested in classic sudoku, and none of the puzzles rates difficult. None of them requires even a simple x-wing. They can all be solved using simple rules and Snyder notation.
The inequality puzzle bring a new spin to solving sudoku however the puzzles are flawed there are many ways to solve the puzzles and the computer won't accept multiple so the game is flawed after all having multiple ways to solve a sudoku makes the sudoku itself flawed. Fun nonetheless and great brain exercise
I like the app its good well done 3 stars cause i tried 2 inequality sudokus and find contradictions in the logic ofc i rechecked many times and use hints for all my inputs (even tho i have to wait 10 min for each) my answers are valid but i still get contradictions feel free to contact me for screenshots
It's fixed now. I've had this app for a while and I love that it has so many difficult levels. Just how I like it. :)
I like that you dont have to turn on/off the notes like the other apps and its pretty straightforward And the list of puzzles with complete or unplayed motivates me to complete everything in that level
Inequality sudoku is nonsence. I followed all inequality symbols (for 1 and 9) but it still give conflicting numbers for biggest number 9 and smallest number 1. Look like sudoku is wrong. I found this problem with all 2 inequity sudoku i played. It was totally time waste. Moreover hint option also doesn't work even after watching ads.