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Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by AxesInMotion Racing located at Horizonte, 1, 2nd floor 41927 Mairena del Aljarafe Sevilla, ESPAÑA. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This app is soooo good i LOVE this game. Its the BEST!!! Exrwme car driveing os so far the best game I've ever played!! It makes everything else on my phone boring. Thats why I like this game so much!! So i gave it 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. :)
Very fun! I just wish there were more to do than just driving. Perhaps maybe you can have quests. Like, deliver one thing from point a to point b. Or races with ai cars.
Very fun bit when a ad comes on it says this site has failed I tried everything u have to leave the game so you can still play I will change my rating to 5 stars when u fix this plz do I love this game and don't want to uninstall
It takes so long to get cars in this game like instead of paying for cars you have to drive miles. And the ads are crazy like so many ads and worst of all, There's one ad that sticks on the bottom of the screen forever until you quit the game and turn off your internet great game but to many ads and to much grind, of course you can buy things but not MI or km. whenever you hit pause it plays an ad or go to your garage or exit it, BAM! ad like a 30sec ad and when you press the X you gotta wait 7s
I like this game it is 🤣 lovely ☺️ interesting Good nice better but I will give it 4 stars because when ever I speed it a little bit I am unable to control it and levels r bit boring u can add that when we drive the car 🚗 it can also go inside the house 🏡 restaurants , parks, shopping malls, banks, e.t.c
This game could be fun but it is very laggy . it takes a long time to load and all it cept coming up with is that the game isnt responding. It is fun to play but i would only advise to people that are paitent.
I love the game and have been playing it since release, but recently it's started crashing for no reason. First when the app tried to play an add it would come up with a screen that said the website can't be reached so I'd have to restart the app, and now whenever I open it it just closes itself. I tried restarting the app, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and I tried restarting my phone, But the issue persists.
This is a great game!I have played this since 2015. But the reason I'm reviewing now is because I am bored.We need missions like bump 3 red cars or drive around the map and it gives u like 50 cash. The other reason is cos I feel like we need like way more maps and since I've stuck with the game so long I don't want to be let down by one update that has needed to be added. Only reason I have 5 stars is cos 1. I'm addicted and 2. U can turn off data for ads so idk y ppl complain about ads!
This app is very good for but there is a problem there's no maps and searcher because I found more things but they see after sometime I am not found old thing and there's like driving mode option but there is no back Mirror so I have my car in rivers but there is no mirror so I am not see back side please solve this problem
The reason why I'm giving a rating of 5 stars is because the game does not have a online option and you can't choose your character and you can not get out of your car and there are only cars and no trucks,no trains,no buses and no bikes.You could add some more cars.
I love this game but so many adds, like every 5 minutes. Also so many little spaces to get stuck in and people do not always want to press the redo button. And this game should give a little more instructions.🙄🙄
It's a good game but I played it when I was younger and you don't have to make all the Interiors in the car look the same
This is a very addicting game. I think it is very fun to play on when your bord. The best driving hame ive ever installed, and it doesnt use up to much of your storage. The only thing I dont like about it is when your in the middle of the game and an add just pops up and you have to pay to remove them. + You have to drive and collect so many km just to unlock a car. But this is a really cool game and overall I rated this game a four out of five.
very good and stress reducing game, i always play it when i am bore or under stress. but want more features in it. can you add racing options, police chasing option and many more, it will be good
I really enjoy this game cause I'm really fascinated in cars and I think theis cars are really sick , I think you should make them cars a little more cheaper and maybe add multiplayer, anyway keep the good work up
Bro this is so good! I've been playing for about ...not long but I gotta write a review on this! I love all if the car modles and I like the way it is smooth, and the controls are also very good. One suggestion though, maybe add a police chase mode so police vehicles chase your car because you were spending etc. Otherwise awesome game! Yeet! also get it rn or you will be haunted for your lyfe ok?
the game is the greatest the new update is the best and you should be only a little bit of cars but now it's the best and you don't have to pay a lot of coins just to get a paint job it's the best game I ever witnessedthe new graphics are great and everything but they need to add something like and stuff everything is old overall I gave a five-star because of
You see I like the game a lot, there a good gameplay, good cars, the game is great! It's just that there is Ad almost every minute. I would keep playing the game but it's the amount of ads that that messes up the game.
So far, the game was pretty good until the adds showed up. It gets pretty annoying when your trying to switch your car until more adds show up. When the game gets laggy and your using a certain type of control option, it messes up your movement in a type of way it makes you frustrated. But so far it's good.
It is really fun i like how you can destroy ur car and it still does what it is suposed to and you can get that same car fixed for free but there are alot of ads that come on wvery 10 minutes so if the creator could change that it would be great
To make this great game have a little more fun then you could make police cars and when you go fast around them they will try to catch you. Mostly this is a great game but I love that the tires are really moving and I want a little more detail on the cars (4 1/2) at least
I have tried this game before and it was the best free offline car game with stunning graphics! I totally recommend it unless somthing happends like this game is not optimized for your phone.
This game is just amazing... It is wonderful with various sets of car ... It have many spiercars really love this game and would recommend it to all after the update. You have really changed the game which made it best . Thanks a lot for update
It is a great game it just missing a couple things. The traffic needa fixed so they dont drive in the middle of the road. Also... i think that our cars need turn signals. And lastly I think the game would be alot better if you gave us some money to start with and maybe put some cute houses for people to pull into and live.😁
This was my entire childhood (kinda) but I really liked the game and then there was this big uptade its very great its like someone took the game and coded from start to finish all up its extremely better, but the amount of ads is still ridiculous I totally understand the fact you need money as well that's fine for me but this much ad kinda disappointed me
This game is the best when I saw it the first time I did not think it was going to be this good so thanks to the creater for this game and i love it but I think in the next update there should be getting out of the cars and see around the whole inside of the car but thanks for this amazing game 🤗🤗
The gameplay itself was pretty good but it was inrealistic as the speed marker is totally false because most or all of the car's engines would overheat due to the speed. Also it lagged a bit.
(Left the BETA to come review publicly.) Use to be the best free driving game. Now its just like ever other one.... Pay to play. Not just pay but pay monthly subscription.
Controls are perfect! Love the cars. Need some new ones though. I have many many ideas for new cars. Should make it so you can spend money on customizations, like wheels and things like that. Will continue to play all the axesinmotion games. 😊
This game is so annoying it freezes after like 10 Minutes and is sooooo annoying the graphics are good enough and the controls are fine but please fix the freezing it's highly annoying I would give this game a 0 stars but that's not an option so fix it please this has such potential
Its a fun game t has a good amount of ads but they have to make money obviously bit i am trying to get the sports cars its going pretty quickly and the game is what u get for a low budget game still in a way better than a lot of other games tbh I played it like 3 years ago and I just came back and I play it all the time
This game is brilliant - loads of places to go and explore, and many cars to unlock. The car physics are very realistic, and each map is designed for a specific type of car. The only problems that I have is that there aren't many places to go of you want to have a track to drive on, you just have do drive around randomly. It would be great a track was added to the game to make it more fun, and possibly more car customisation like body kits or vinyls. Overall, an amazing game that you should get.
I love this game but one thing I could ask. Can you put up an update for this game to where you can lose parts to your car? And i love this new update but last thing, can put an update to where we don't have to pay for the paint colors over and over again.
That game is so great but the reason of puting foor stars not five is adds. adds are so bad al 2 mins they give u an add u cannot play good we can only play good by paying people who dont want to pay can also delet this game... the game is great no need for updates.
I love this game!!!! BUT there's 2 things I REALLY want you to add 1 of them is shifting add DRIVE. NEWTROL. PARK. And REVERSE. And 1 more thing I want u to add this car the BUGGATI VEYRON it's my dream car PLS add it
My brother loves this game but this game has adds in every 5seconds I seriously counted. It is a very nice game but Adds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this game is fun other than the fact that there are no map updates, i played this game 3 years ago and its still the same map. please add some type of DLC, a side map that you can buy for $5 or something. yes I'd be a big update but it would make the "2015" in the title seem like "2021". youd get more players and $$$ lol. But other than that im having fun with the collection of cars (mabey add an online option too? once you get the money to do so ofc)
The game was very cool before the last update, but after the update it is absolutely god level... The graphics is just OP!!! Love this game
I've downloaded this game before and it was really great, I loved it. But now there is ad after ad after ad, there are no breaks. And speaking of which, the breaks and steering are very touchy. You lean the tiniest bit to the ride and all of a sudden you've turned around.
Best game that i have played in my entire life.🤗the adds aren't popping up as much as some other games.👍🏽 so read this and download. The game is cool earn new cars change colors go to the airport or the the city or the back roads🤗👍🏽this game is tons of fun so download it you won't regret it unless some thing goes wrong🤗👍🏽😄😁😁😁😁😁thanks for reading and have fun.
Simply the best car game I have ever played. I would love it if the cars had realistic car engines though, not all having the same. God bless the producer amd keep him.
Great Game but it has too many ads an ad is at the bottom of the screen and when you tell them to take it off the place where the ad was turns white i would give this game a 5 star if you do that...and one more thing when you go in free roam there are no cars so could you put cars and traffic in the game pls😀 but overall it is a GREAT GAME
I have read that update with that high light of " we are proud to something etc " really make me think of it so download it Asap.cause id play it last time and its good but the new update .that interface lots of lag reduce even better smoother to play with daily reward anything icant mention alot it deserved 5 stars.super awsome im happy to it hope more to come
This games is world best game but you have to make towns in this game to make it more interesting but you only have done city, airport and off-road. Can you join desert , mountain,beach and snowy towns in this game 🙏🙏🙏please this game is best but there is one thing missing is that bhai you have to show real interior of car. you have only given one type of interior in all cars please make this game like this this is my request to you if you respected me so please respect my words so please 🙏
This app is amazing.. I can't express my feelings in words... Specially, the sound which comes while drifting just kills me... Its awesome and the last thing I want to tell is that the cars you added are mind blowing... Love you, Axes in Motion team.... 😊
Missing I always play my favorite I would never stop putting this app in the scription actually if you go to my birthday it's scription and then you go to Trinity & Beyond get all of your Trinity & Beyond toys and if you go to my Trinity & Beyond video describing give me a love link into my birthday and then you can have everything you want a lot of stuff I am actually Marinette from ladybug and Cat Noir
The part that I like about it: It's very updated and it's really cool! The part that needs improving: Make the pack cash amount low.
I love the speed the graphics and controls, it's really awesome. If there could be world famous race tracks to choose from that would make it absolutely fantastic! Your team has done exceptionally well on this car game, nothing short of brilliant! Thankyou to your crew
Honestly this game could be a lot better. It is pretty fun, but an ad every 2 minutes, a reset button that if you keep tapping you can fly anywhere, and missing pieces. I have combed the whole map, ( flying with the reset button ) and there are no more pieces to collect.
Its great but would it be possible to add things like engine on or off buttons and indicators because i think it would be a great asset
The only reason of my to giving 3⭐ is here many things can be added, otherwise it's a good game .If there is new map and new level or task added that may be wonderful . I think this comment is help to came a new update. Thank you.
When i choose the steering wheel to control then it always drifts when i turn the steering a little bit. Although it is a good game
i love the game its amazing and stuff with the cars, the fact that you can chamge it to mph instend of kph is great. most racing games i play dont let me do that. but the only thing i hate and i mean HATE is the ads that pop up at the bottom of the screen and out of no where. its good they give u a warning, but i was doing a destrution and an ad poped up and i lost it. other than that the games great. just plez fix the ads.
I love the game I would definitely rate 5 stars except the adds are really annoying and come up alot but to be fair it is completely free so its what you would expect
Love the game! But Have issues with the new update. The old game was pretty much perfect in especially how you could turn more than just the TC off. Now the game has just the one button for it that not only ruins emersion but ruins the overall feel of the car. The new graphics are brilliant, just what it needed, but again the game has now lost some of my favourite vehicles to use. I also dislike the VIP payment as users should not have ads like this thrown at them while playing.
Mistakes in programming😅 1) when we press that restart button Near the repair button for several times, it will be flying and the player can easily climp buildings 《problem is there, The car can jump higher...》 2) make people walk through road side... in traffic mode... you can also add more vehicles... hot air baloons flying in sky😅 ,bus,railway stations etc and need a big car which always try to follow our car and try to break our car... 3)need some more hard work😅 Please rply😊
Great game but can you put a manual car mode and make the cars look more realistic also can you make it so you can upgrade the cars. As well as add more cars. Thank you for reading this. Yours Customer
The game is fabulous with great ideas but lot of ads forced me not to give 5 star ratings.If they improve this thing I am gonna give 5 stars
I've had this game since it was first put on the app store. I delete it in 2018 because it got old and boring, but after this new update I instantly reinstall it back on my phone. This update is one of the best updates I've ever seen and on weird glitches of toy go to the airport and go to the place that has a hole in it if you drive fast your car will go 500 miles per hour, just so you know, and the starter car I waaaaaaaaaaayy too fast for a beginning car but the new update I love it great job
goodest app in the world and universe for driving 2020 update!🚗🚘✔✔☑✅1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣💯💯and the best thing is the 2nd car (5.00 km ) is best for driving in offroad because of its superior grip and bounce . Please please please please please download and share this game to most people you can . 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤗🤗🤗😀😃😄😺😸😻😻😻😍😍🤩🤩
This game is AWESOME. Me and my cousin play it 24/7! It's really fun riding around and it has really realistic graphics! There's a few bugs such as: getting out of boundaries, clicking the flip over button over and over to fly, and using the flip car button to get inside buildings. Oh and I think there should be a full version that has a editor, no adds, and a multi-player mode. You don't have to add these though, and I won't get mad if you don't add them in the game, especially since it is old.
The graphics and all is good but it glitches at every moment which is very irritating. I do not recommend anyone to download this because if you do you will write this same comment. Please improve the photo editors. 2 stars from me.
The game is good and all but it just needs a couple of things: 1. Please put a multiplayer mode in it so we can go online. 2. On one of the radars there's a wall between me and the blue line and the radar is in the airport. 3. On the first platform course there's a jump and its impossible. 4. The Destruction challenge in the airport is more impossible than others so please fix. That's all so if you do all this stuff I'll give you a 5 star.
I like the game but pls add these features like a character when driving your car you could dress up your character make the map a bit more bigger like a bridge that leads you to the main city add some people walking in the streets mountains i bit more smooth and bigger upgrading the ghrapics would be nice you can see place landing a police chase and finaly multiplayer you can meet other player show of cars play infection plsssssss add this thx
One of the best car simulators. Edit: after the last update the game is less fun, taking a star away. It Still is a great game, but it isn't as fun as it used to be. As of writing this, the screenshots and the description don't mach with how the game looks after the update.
Very excellent game. It is the best game I have ever seen in my life and it is of only 53 mb. OMG! I am telling you to increase your ratings then your app also becomes one of the games with most downloads! Like subway surfers ! And everyone wanted to play this game very nice game i have ever seen in my life. Please reply questions answer extreme car driving!
I like this game but this really doesn't need to be the same old game 🤣 I actually have been playing this since 7 years old and to this day I think it's Exactly the same as usual. Please try putting the beta into real action on The normal game please. I know it may be hard but please ☺️ give the game more huge updates so lots of people might just play this game and Say his is the most realistic simulator for a phone 📱
The game is overall very fun. The new update has made the games graphics and gameplay a lot better. The only issues are the starter car is way to good,as well as there are way to many ads. If these issues were fixed I would give a five star
I love this game, its very fun to just mess around and i really like the new update. However, i do have an issue with this game. I would like for the crash physics to be more realistic. e.g, parts can fall of and stuff. If you can do this it would be great, Thanks!
I HATE this app!!! First of all, it goes really glitchy and it keeps freezing for no reason what so ever and my phone never freezes, second, when you try and drive the cars, it crashes into things. If I could, I would put 0 stars.
This game was once a fun game. Now it is not. After the "Super Summer Update," every bug and glitch that made the game fun was patched, and my progress was erased! It made this once enjoyable little game that I could screw around with for a bit just become boring. I would have recommended it, but not now.
I have been playing since 2016. Very good game, great way to pass the time if your bored. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good driver game. Suggestions: Add more customization features. For example, like you can upgrade your car to go faster, or you can make your car grip the road better. Also, make buying new cars easiser.
This game was really fun, for a good 3 months. then I just got board of it. and you might be wondering why. its cause their is only three places can go to. no. 1 city. no.2 airport. no.3 the country side. and more missions would be good too. and 3 months is definitely enough to do all the cool and wacky stunts in the game. so what im trying to say is. There are better games you can get
Awesome game I would give it a five if there weren't so many ads For every the to four mins, an ad comes
No doubt this is a great game and the developers has done a brilliant job.Thus I like this game very much.But the only thing that dissatisfied me is its limited background area.Its been long time since I am playing this game but things didn't change much.So I would request you to consider my problem and make this game a great one.Thank you.
I think Extreme Car Driving Simulater is a very good game because there are different modes, my favourite mode is traffic, which you can drive wherever you want and there are other cars in it, you can go off road or to the airport, there are many challenges on the way (optional) and you can go to the garage to unlock more cars, this is free to install and fun to play, so why bother to miss out in all the fun you could be having while playing this game? ENJOY!!!!!!! 👌
I have been playing this game since it came out, it has very good gameplay and has great graphics for mobile, I would say that if there were more cars and a multiplayer feature as well as races, then it would be even better. I would also like to meantion that I had lost all my progress in this game when the update came around, I lost all my coins and cars (which I had a lot of).
Guys, the reason y there are so many ads is because u downloaded a game that had ads and when you delete it, the ads dont get deleted cuz they already in your device and traval all ov3r your downloaded apps, games, mods, and everything else you downloaded. Finally, about the game... ITS GREAT!!!
I like EVERY axesinmotion game and this game is my most FAVOURITE game EVER. Here get five stars. Actully ive download the 5.2.7 version with UNLIMITED MONEY so yeah. But thus game is the best too. But i dont understand the ABS,TC and ESP.anyways keep up the good work bro
Ive had this game since 6th grade (2016) and this is one of the most fun racing games, not too realistic, and not too annoying. A nice open world game with plenty of missions to do. I'm also glad the game is still being updated! Great work developer! Edit: I've seen alot of reviews talking about the ads, and I agree..there are too many ads, I just didn't think about them when making this review. That's the only thing wrong, is the ads..please reduce the amount!
Great great game Lovett one problem though ads keep popping up every 5 minutes and its really annoying!
I love this game it is awesome there is a ton of different cars you can get and a bunch of cool ramps and jumps you can try there are also missions you can do to get money you can change the color if any car you have you get daily rewards and rewards for driving. This game is awesome, go install it right now!
I really like the new update, i luv how u redesigned the mustang, the bugatti,that grey jeep u turned into a cybertruck, and that dirty jeep is a cool truck, i played this game from 2015, keep on making better updates, best driving game, it has ads, but that doesn't frustrate me, you guys made a great work with this game 😁😁 good job!!
This has been my favourite driving game ever... But there can be still many improvements like- 1)The car damage could be even more realistic like glasses break and at extreme, the doors break and get seperated. 2) We can upgrade our cars.....just to increase the speed. 3) They can increase the size of city.....add new trials, destruction etc. 4) They can modify the airport. Everything else is just perfect.
Giving this 3 star because reason 1 for first star I didn't applied is too much ads, ads after ads giving birth of ADS!!!, and the second reason is the cars are with no stearring. It's very difficult to drive a car without a stearring. Of this 2 reasons, I didn't applied two stars. Honorable directors and honorable studios of this game! Please fix this problem. The rest I like it👍👍👍👍
I liked the graphics and maps but i wish there were more maps available for free roam with some people on streets similar to free roam games
I've played this game for ages and believe it or not I think it should cost money! I love the graphics especially after the big update. I would like to see a bit of a map expansion. Can you also get a weather cycle? This game is quite close to perfection by a narrow margin. I totally recommend this for a game to play while on a bus, waiting for a bus and things like that. It is very quick to set up. I have found some glitch hacks to fix like keep pressing the reset button to fly kinda. GET IT!!!
Good game i am having fun playing this game but i have only one problem of map the map is so small and there is only some buildings and some space between it in city. Every time i get bored driving to airport and to offroad and back to city. It will very nice if you make somewhat a big map
The reason why I'm giving a rating of 4 stars is because the game does not have a online option and you can't choose your character and you can not get out of your car and there are only cars and no trucks,no trains,no buses and no bikes.You could add some more cars.
The game cool I love the cars but I don't like how the creators put the blue prints for the cars in areas that are near impossible to reach. I would give the game five stars when they change some of the locations of the blue prints. But otherwise, this game is awesome.
It's fun to play and I love to play it when I have time you should play it well it does have adds but it tells you when adds or going to happen
The reason I'm giving a 4 star is because of the amount of adverts in the game which is a stupendous amount and there are only 3 places to go. No1. The city. No2. The airport. No3. The country side. But overall this is a brilliant game😁👍
It is a really good game, love the new update with the upgrades to the customising, but the one problem i found was that i went on and went to turn off the ABS and it wasnt there so my only ask is that you bring back the car settings customisation. Pls. Other than that i love this game i have had it about 1 year and its still fun. 😁
good but it took away my car paint jobs in the update i have been play since day 1 and think that police car whould be good a bigger map would be nice and the old way of custamising your car apart form that great i spent hours on the game and would like it if they would give you bages to show how long you have been playing it online would make it evan better best mobial game ever
This is a awsome game, great experiance! The reason whyh im giving this a 4 star is that there must be EVEN more cars too unlock, i just started the game this morning and alresdy almost have half all the cars, hope you can make more cars in the next update!
This game is really good and fun, I love how there's so many cars and you can change your car's colour. The only reason I give 4 stars and not 5 is because I would prefer if there were more environments, not just off road, city and airport. Maybe you could add beaches and villages? I would also like if you changed the water graphics, I would prefer if the water was more clear and you could see your car through the water. Other than that the game is great!
Honestly, I don't enjoy this game because the flicker controls 'drive' me insane however the graphics are really good but honestly if you want a car racing game and you're new, I don't recommend this.
It could use a zoom in and zoom out buttons. But otherwise it can be a fun way to crash into things, break stuff
The new update is awesome! :) Great job on that! Some suggestions. Can you make the traffic cars the cars that we use? For example: One car is a Ferrari, and another is a Lamborghini. Also can we drive in the color workshop? And then there will be a button that you press if you want to change the color. Can you also get upgrades for the cars so we can make them faster? Please make interiors like real life. Also, new graphics, new songs, and a police mode would be awesome! Thanks for reading! :)
Honestly it's the best stimulator game I ever played ABS EBD TRACTION CONTROL works like real life situation I love this game But few updates are required like Adding races Increasing Maps Few technical glitches
This is a good game. But the levels are and we can get easily 3 or 4 cars so I think it should be in level not endless atleast 10 to 20 minutes game and we pass 2 level so we can get 1 car thanks.
O M G!! I had never played any game like this......it's really awesomeeeeee! No words to say. I love to play the car racing games so I had downloaded many games but this is the best!. How can I say ....I want to say that I am so lucky that I find out this game, specialy I like it's sound, it's sound is decent , love it......for this game, I think no good emojies in the emoji chart that I can show that how I am happy.........excellent!🔥🔥⚡😍😍
I'm been playing this for nearly 6 years and I love it until today. The latest update even brings better engine sounds. The UI is modern and I like it a lot. The new car customizations make the game more exciting. The only thing that is missing is the dull environment of the city, airport, off-road. I wish it was more colorful and the buildings have different paints. Overall, it's a legendary game. Hands down.
It's so good I love it so much that other dude just wants to ruin it for u all. Yes there's ads but when u do get to play it it's so good
Four Stars, Since I was in Grade 1 (2015 and yes, im nine) I used to play this but after two years (2017) it got boring cause there were so low places to go, plus the cars looked low on graphics and I already unlocked all the vehicles, I didnt know what else to do, I found it boring soon after. PS. You can find better quality games
The controls are so lousy, this game deserves a one-star. Why don't devs use touch for analog? Would it make their games too darn easy to play and master? Then they should make more complex, challenging games without artificially handicapping players with controls that are only suited to physical, tactile joypads. The PS1 was probably the last console with controllers that lacked analog joysticks and touch is ideal for analog! The only thing "extreme" about this "simulator" is how annoying it is
It was a really fun game I mean yes it got frustrating trying to get one of the cars and I threw my phone and now its shattered but other than that it is a really good game especially the cars
When I played this game at the first time I didn't showed any interest but when I started spending more time for this then I got interested because of cars and stunts that all can do add r less and it is a amazing game in my life I usually create a house in my mind with family taking my aunt or uncle to the airport or showing them off-road and every time I enjoy this game
5 reasons why I like this 1 it has cool cars 2 you could go as fast as you want and you won't get chased after the cops 3 you could design your cars 4 there's different ways to design your cars well not really different ways to design your cars and last but not least there is a lot of different types of cars that you can choose from but they do need to remove the ads
The game is a pretty good. But there are some things and improvements have to be done. I'd like to ask you creators to add multiplayer by wifi hotspot. And add some more supercars.Finally could you please make a manual usage of gears. Then I will give five stars and I guess other will too.
The game is superb but why I gave 5 stars because you can change that water graphics and everything .and one more you can change car and color of car and road so that more people can install this game.And I can see here so many superb games with cars from all those games I only love this game because apart from all here working skills are excellent. And here If we win one level they are saying to clap everyone I saw this one in this game. And i didn't see in any game.that much reality this game.
I really love this game, it plays great and I love the new customization aspect. But I have 4 things for you to add that would make it soooo much more fun. More realistic damage, races, upgrades, and a bigger map. That's it. Keep up the great work!!!!!
I love this game 👉👈 It's super fun,and it has a great map to explore 👀 There aren't too many ads at all,or any annoying pop - ups 👏 I would say "Install this awesome app" cause,really,you should 👍 Please,Please at least try the game,it's REALLY fun 👌
Yeah nice gameplay is easy to play but two problems first problem is that the controller is hard to use like everytime we crash in to something ur car breaks second problem is that why does a ad pop up and why does it have a count down but over all I still think the game is fun and cool that we can fix ur car kee p up the good work !
Awesome game. I put it a 4 star is because the ads they are so annoying cause they pop up right when I was meant to get the coin things and second of all is that you can not rotaite the camera but overall a really good game
I'm sorry for giving three stars but, its just that the way the game has changed is way to much, the game has just changed to much, before the game was 5 stars but now it has changed and well its, bad in my opinion , its my opinion and the controls are a bit more limited and not to realistic because of that. I personally love the original version of the game way more, the original version was better with better controls but a hell more ads so I turn wifi off but the game was better in general.
Ok, Nice Graphics and all. But.. I played on my Samsung tablet for a bit and got lots of stuff. But then I got it on my Samsung Phone and it said I only did 5 kilometres!! On the tablet I did about 200! So I went on the tablet, and signed in again to google play games and signed in to google play games on my phone. Waited a bit. But it still didn't work!
Good game but please add horn in the car so that the game becomes more good expecting for further updates
It's a decent game, but it's quite basic and the boundaries are invisible. This means that if you drive at them you crash. In my opinion you guys should expand the terrain and work on some of the glitches.
The graphics are good but to be honest the drifting mechanisms are not good. And has anyone seen a racing track in an airport! It kinda sucks and not only that, the planes have two pairs of front gears!! That is ridiculous. I suggest the developer to improve the looking of the plane also, because they suck!
You hit your stuff too good on that cars and I can't even find the one for the Hummer I found all of them in that one and plus you had an eight two more vehicles that is all and you need to upgrade your Mustang because I really love your Mustang
Too many ads, for one. There's a banner ad at the bottom of the screen, which is awful. I played for about a minute in freeplay mode and the controls, which were arrows on the left, don't give granular control. Imagine trying to drive with two buttons like that instead of a steering wheel, whether you're changing lanes or turning a sharp corner. You'd be pressing them both a lot just to get yourself straight again. This is inexcusable. I didn't have a lot of faith in Google Play, but I had hope.
Love this game toooooo much but , you know that why I have not give 2 stars more because it just contains same type of places so , is you do something about that the game will much better so I donot give all those 5 stars I just give 3 stars . By the way the game is good , but , please do something about it and one more problem when I like those 3 buttona down on my phone mistakely I came out of the game and miss all winning cars so , please do something about it also .
You managed to make an already amazing game even better! The car models are fantastic and I love what they have done with the update it is so good! Please make the map even bigger since it is really easy to see in a couple of minutes and can get kinda boring.
This is the very very very very amazing game for me and I like this game so much because it have lots of cash cash in this game can spend many many cash we get also daily rewards aadami to get the cash for one day we are giving 50 rupees for the next day it is being hundred this is one of the favourite game for me I like the dirt it is very very amazing we can use it in streeling as well as in a right and left we can also check your phone and drive that options are also good after that this game
What can I say it's a great game I just wish that you didn't have to find all the cars to get them and it takes too long to load sometimes and there's so many ads other than that I love this game it's awesome you guys should put your ratings up that's why I didn't get five stars just four but if you they change some things and made it easier then I would have gave five stars
THIS GAME IS SO MUCH BETTER its just the graphics and basiclly the whole game has improved i would really like it if you would add a stunt mode so you could do donuts lots of drifts and use sport/offroad cars i used to play this game and didn't really like it but now i have been playing for a couple hours AND LOVE IT 1 more thing could you add a map button in a top right or left corner and whenever we tap on it shows the whole map thanks for reading.
Amazing! The map graphics could be better though. No ads comes at a cost of $7/Week. Drift/driving functions are great especially on the Subaru. The game thumbnail makes it seem like a terrible game but the interface is great! Suggestions: The only thing this is missing is a multiplayer function- something like giving players a room code to join. Camera angle that shows the front of the car while driving forward.
This is a very fun game to play for a while, but it gets a little boring. This game would be even better if it had an update. What I would like to see is new maps in the game. Also new cars and maybe better graphics if that were possible and make an online mode too. Please take this in to consideration. I look forward to this game being updated. Thanks.
You get an ad every 5 minutes and 1 ad goes on for a minute and the only way to get rid of them is to pay 2$. Ohh and also every time you try to exit an ad it sends you straight to play store to download it. It's like the developers want us to play other games
The gameplay it's self is actually pretty good in my opinion but the ads are terrible. They will pop up every 3 minutes no matter what. This game could also really use a freecam feature because looking down ally ways is a real pain. The drifting mechanics kinda suck to. Even when I don't brake I will still drift if I turn at normal speed.
Probably my favorite game on my phone. Great graphics, and the cars are hard to get, but that's the challenge. A few recommendations are to maybe add the names of the cars, and to add some more cars maybe. Keep up the good work.
This game ia awsome. Its drift and speed other all thing are good . But this game is just for driving and for buying new cars . We have nothing to do . But driving is extremly hot💥There is so many places to drive . The name of this game is also extreme car driving. Good for car driving, drifting,backflips etc ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: $$$(ÈÑJØÝ)$$$
This game is exallent game because you know we all are play forza horizon car game and crew car game also this games are can not play in mobile . But Extreme car driving game is nice It will dowload in small mobiles also and this game will come with out network also . And C.G.I also good .
The game is fun but the map gets a little boring after a while it's a do what ever you want car game it's not racing but they should he able to play with friends and game developers plz make a new part to the map
Game is fabulous.New update like tier and increase car price also nice . In some the colour option is low but thats okay . Some thing can this game more fab is when we hit bluiding if there is some bluiding damage so it could be dangerous also so some cops in city like when we hit some thing lot then cops come and if we caught then we use that car untill we rescue it. Please consider me thanks. I am very old player.
It's very hard game, but I like to play that. But some times I open the game, I didn't back the game but it back on its own I didn't know how? And when I open the other apps it didn't became like that. Thats why I have given you 4 stars.
This game was my world when I got to use my own phone back 2014. And even with the changes, that I personally think are a little too much, this game still is one of the greatest titles on the app store.
I would like to see more maps and more customization for the cars and for the npc cars to fet dents when you hit them.
This used to be my favourite game, I had every single car unlocked and it took around 1 year to unlock them all and I've been playing even longer, I watched so many ads for coins to unlock them, then the update came, nearly have none of my cars because my distance reset, half the cars that used coins are gone and this game doesn't have the 'good' in it any more, they changed everything and ruined the game, they could have at least made another game and kept the game amazing as it was...
I think it's a really great game but it lacks a few things, for instance, there should be a mini map, with the ability to add a checkpoint, so we can know exactly where we are going, also, there should be a multi-player option to play with friends online, add a few more bioms like an arctic area and a desert, and add a free cam mode, add more customizability to the cars, and the last thing, add a customizable avatar that can get in and out of cars, please consider this, thank you so much.
Hello I'm fire ice gaming and I know that there is a new update I mean yes it's a cool game to play but the reason is I know you added a airport and ofroad update but why ❓don't u add some more details like villages and beach 🏖 and some cities and yes the second reason is why didn't u add Lamborghini Huracan?ok plz note and yes bye
This game is not good there is no point you just drive around in circles trying to get money so you can get more cars and not to menchion the graphics and the controls and the lack of a map is also very annoying that is why it is one star
This game got boring. We only go to three places and its really botlring. And it does not have any gear system also. I dont understand the abs system and all. Add new places plz.