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Extreme Car Driving Racing 3D

Extreme Car Driving Racing 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by AxesInMotion Racing located at Horizonte, 1, 2nd floor 41927 Mairena del Aljarafe Sevilla, ESPAΓ‘A. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game but wish that you can change the position of steering wheel and accelerator as it is possible in Dr. Driving
I love the game it has police chase and you could escpe from the police its a fun game i love the game but when you escape from the police ore cach a thife you just get 500 dollars in game and thats not inofe so i love the game you guys did a great gob
For v3, It needed a minimap,more cars,stunts,police chase,more events,customizing your car by yourself,map expansion and it needed RTX Graghics
Boring and limited if your gonna have a car game why can you drive only in the city ?We need to be able to go other places and do other things. And other people need to be in the city...I mean if you're gonna have a police car it would be no fun If you had no one too arrest .
I 😍 this game it is very good app for Android phone on the phone and he was going on with my πŸ‘ͺ and I was just thinking that I was going on and I have her number is this
OMG!!!!! I don't have words to say about this game Its the no 1 game In the world 🌍🌍 I love this game. I like the most chase mode 🀣🀣🀣.
When i downloaded this game i thought that it will be a great game untill i chose the police level the police cars just looked weird could you make them look a bit real? Also could you adjust the speed on all of the cars because they may be a bit fast but every time i get chased on a strait road they catch up a bit until you go round corners then you get busted but there is one thing good about this game the graphics look good and there are a good choice of cars but i had to put one star sorry
this game got me into it and i dont really like most car driving games better than need for speed keep it going but there probably should be more ways to make money
I like this game it is a wonderful game What I like about it is that you can press a button that you make you see behind you when the police is at your back and I also like the police mode
When I was playing on escape mode, they are sooo many police cars, and when I was playing on police mode, I am the only one who chase the suspect...
Oh god! Mmm..m this is the shiiizzzzz but needs a lot more work. Add a crown Vic 2009 model nypd and simulated traffic optional pull over ticket giving exit car option change of clothes mission bankbrobbing everything to to with police mode
You should make the handling and acceleration of the cars better. Other than that the game is pretty good.
Best game we beat the police car and hide on the offroad tester place there we hide there on up side the point will credited best game
The new police mode is just great! Even the physics of it all.......... Man! However, whatever happened to the hillside and airport that were part of the map in the previous versions? Please include that as well in the present and other future versions. It would also be better if there are more, faster cars like Ferrari, Bentley Continental GT, Audi R8 and others........
Cool game but it would be cooler if the world was bigger and there were more cars and challenges to play ,more game modes and the police chase is πŸ‘Œgood and also some AI people, plz add these features.
My experience was good but you should make it to where you can jump out of the car and ran from the police as well instead of getting chased by the police in just in the car just to make it more fun the police chase us to and you and you should put Tesla cars Ferraris, Dodge, Mustang,.
i love all your game they are very good despite the bad graphics some times the game is lit and easy to play.
It's a great app but I think it needs some work on the graphics and add more cars otherwise this is a good game
It's not fair becuz when ur a thief in the game then there are more then 5 police chasing u and when it police is the only 1 chasing the thief+the thief car could fly when he takes corners
The game is great but compared to extreme driving simulator this game has no other places you can go, like the airport. The graphics is also not like the other simulator i wish you can update it
The only thing in this game at would change is when I'm in chase mode, can I at least have some backup? Because when in escape mode, you have like 5 cops chasing you. Also, your wanted level is only at 1 star. It has to go up to 5 or something. Other than that, this game is great!
This is a awesome game i love to play this game .when i am click a botton then the car was fly it s wonderfull my opiniyne is you have a fun then download this gam πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸΊ
Very fun but use some improvements such as the criminal having more of a variety of routes and not one direct one and could the criminal have realistic car handling cuz wen I am chasing them they take a hard turn with ease no oversteer and no understeer just round the corner. Also there has been a lot of clipping issues but other than these two issues the game is very fun and can keep you entertained for a period of time
A lot of ads each time thatvyou open the game there are like 15 ads in 2 minutes . The game is good and fun but the ads ruim it
Adss are troubling btw the game it was so boring and it is good but there is no adventure in this game graphics are bad !!!
well the problem is when I was in chaise mode I didn't get backup and I was in escape mode many polices are coming but this is a cool game πŸ‘
Well this is kinda a mini need for speed hot pursuit with 2 sides but the area is so small. Make the cops more aggressive as i somehow go 80KPH/50MPH and still not get busted.
Please , we have begged the developers so many times to add more cars but if you don't want to update this app then please put a police mode on the Extreme Car Driving Simulator as to make it more fun coz once you travel the entire map there's nothing else to do , so please add a Police Mode to Extreme Car Driving Simulator 😭We Beg!!!!!!!!
relly good game good graphics but car is to turn always drifting please fix but really good add more places and vehichles
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Grandma cell phone cuz I really love that you guys put a mode where you can be a police officer or criminal I just really love that type of mode
Really fun game. I love this game and the normal extreme car drinking simulator fame but it's only the new extreme car driving suitable u later 2 that kid don't like.
i hate it when im in chase mode the right turn button wont respond when i press it and then when i use tilt controls when my phone is in stable my car turns left pls fix this
we have been trying out new things and sometimes it takes to make this happen again later in and the second half black half a million times better to be able too many videos belonging the same Day service for more details on this device name not found any questions
I like this app, but when I choose chase mode, there are no other police cars to help me, when I keep escape mode, there are so many police cars coming to me. Please keep the chase mode as so many police cars to help me catch the theif
this games fun and all,especially the police escape,but you need a new map this is soo old and it gets boring pretty fast ,anyway hope you update this app and give a new bigger map,would've given it 4-5 stars but the map is a big problem
My police cars and thief cars are so fast the Porsche Cayane is not a bit fast can't catch thives properly but good car. Think they gotta add more cars like Camaro, Mustang kinds like that but no complain good game so just gotta play the game man.
you can add health, helis, heat levels and more to make it look like a nfs game. It's good otherwise as well. Make the cops harder a bit since I'm good at all kinds of games after I get the hang of them.
LOVE IT!!!!! If only the cops don't go ballistic on u like gta 5 police. And the emergency lighting system is going x8 instead. Add new settings for police lights like fast, slow x2 and x4 or add multiplayer.
Hey guys , i really like this game becase its so fun to play and the controlers are so cool when i was 7 years old (or less) i was playing this game , your gonna love this game and i know how ur gonna love it
This is a great and satisfying game! I love itttt!!! I really recomended this game for everyone who finding a satisfying game!!!
Average good. What is the purpose of the vehicle spinning round and round like a crazy driver in this game!? Quite funny, isn't it!
Every extreme car driving simulator, I always spam the flip button and made my car fly. That is hilarious but not only that. I was on top of one of the buildings and the police are camping there which is really funny. If you want to try it out just go fast as posible and spam the flip button and BAM. You are on top of the building.
This game is very nice but there is one problem , that there are not many cars like extreme car driving
What's up with the whole gear stuff like srrsly dovelerpers step up ur game other games such like this are more desint and have less frustrating time trying to move the cop car around obsticals in real life they just go bang and that obstical is down eg: lamp post traffic bridges like dudes step ur game up
COOL game but put a bugatti and an agera in the game,add AI people in cars and make the map bigger like extreme driving simulator but still awesome
I wish it had multiplayer mode where u can play with your friends overall it's a good game to play. (:
This game has lot's of fun. Due Anytime If you touch the cop car your back side you will see Raid of cops.
you got to collect all 10 vehicles to win five bad guy vehicles in five police vehicles when you get bummer. When the rain start turns red when the police chases you that means busted means you have to try again whoa this is a lot of words super cool game right please collect 500 Words the schedule a lot of cool sometimes this sounds like a really good wind on the bottom collect 500 words to make it race car emoji what about a race car sound
I love this game it is so good I really love this game it helps me not to get bored no more I love this game please support this creator of the game this is the best card game I ever played in my whole life I played it since I was little the first game I ever played is extreme car driving simulator I play this back in 2014 and it was so fun I rate this game 5 stars cuz how good it is πŸ‘!!!
It is a very good game it have many cars and graphics and the most good thing is that it is also for 3g phone but I don't get that how to collect money and buy new car please tell me that how to collect money
Amazing but could u add offroad and airport and make it like the 2021 version please instead of 2015 or 2016
Developer sir do know what is bad πŸ‘Ž poit Your game πŸ₯Ά 1. Car control and other button is white color and so biggest So it's cover all mobile screen and i think it's very very irritatingπŸ˜–πŸ˜‘ 2. Please upgrade other cars graphic whit runt on the road 😊🌹❀
Its good, just a few ideas. First off add more maps for us to choose like: Berlin Paris Manhatten Next off we need an expanson of the current map, add the offroad map and airport map to it and maybe the citys I named above. Third and the last idea: an graphic improvent
Worst controls and the map is small and the cars are less than 15 older versions are better than this
Good game because when I have to unlock the last car for 10000 credits then I how I unlock the last car for 6000 credits an the second last car also! This suprised me!😯😯😯😯
this game is the best.but can you add more cars and trucks. if you do it I will be very happy and more interested in this game☺☺☺
This game won't let me move or press a button and it's making my devise slow. Pls fix this so I can put 4 stars.
I Don't Even Know What To Say About This Amazing Game. I Mean You Can Literally Fly On Buildings That Is So Cool. Well What I Want Is A Derby Mode Like In Wreck Fest Where You Can Choose What Cars You Want To Derby, And What Car You Want. I Would Love A Derby Mode. Still Without It, I Still Enjoy The Game.
The controls are horrible. You have to click 2 inches away from the button to make it work. Sometimes, it doesnt even work. The graphics are bad, and the game gets boring after a minute or two.
It's a good game no ads because i disconnect my internet no bugs no glithches if i splled that wrong but yeah i like it
It takes so long to get to 4000 cash for the new car so I'm giving it a one star. Other than that, the dents and things in cars are good but they got rid of the places like the offroad place and the airport.
Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing game you can even get out of the map not like extreme car driving simulator you can even get inside the building it is an amazing game Thank youπŸ˜€
its not bad but i would like to see a mode where you can actually race other cars like in gt racing or real racing.
Almost as good as the other extreme car game. Only thing i wish there was the airport and off road like the other one. But the police car is a bonus!!!
It's Great to play. Add some Cinematic Cameras you can control with like your planning to make a movie.
Good fun first car dents up when you crash you buy the blue car and crash it There is no damage game could be inproved
its a super good game i reccomend downloading it its the best game i ever played the controls are easy and theres tons of cars and modes again i reccomend you download it.
This game is good but i escape from police in 2-9 meters I go to the paint work shop and change my car color and go to the city police are reset his places.my garage has only few cars. No new update in 2020 year and old update in 2019.
This game is amazing! But it need a few updates -Day night cycle -lights -New map -Bots can crash and make angrier when you crash them and they to know switch the speed -Multiplayer mode(or add police cars into multiplayer game) -Improved map -thief more easier to catch -the title match the game on start screen And thats it! This game maked my kid life more easier! I recommend it for kids but adults too Have a nice day!
Improve the game add a railway station, airport, port ,beach,many vehicles please add this and this is good game super graphic
I love it! Its just that the police car dosent turn very good and that the robber car turns way too much!Please fix this.
It dosent make sense for when im in chase mode that i dont have any back up, the thief makes way sharp turns and i end up crashing my car, maybe add some new cars, places on the map
I love this game but the problem is that the thief in chase mode can take sharp turns easily and if I get him to crash to the building he instantly teleports to the road and escapes I can't do any of those so please fix it It seems like the developers are making it hard for me
I like this game dut there is a bug in the game I cannot look back i have to reverse to look back in ecape mode
This game sucks!!!! I don't usually write reviews about games but i had to this time around. The controls are horrible. How am i supposed to catch up to a criminal when the accelerator is too close to the reverse and when I'm driving, suddenly the car starts going back I hate this game and i don't recommend it to anyone 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
I love it but can we get more cars ,backup and helicopter if we lose them so we can follow and the more cars for chasing and in escape mode wanted level till 5 stars and more routes do more games like these and do this as an update so people will install and love it I like ur games soooooo much
Super game but when we became police it became very tough and when we became so many policies will come
Nice game with good graphics and nice crash physics.please add more types of police cars in escape mode .Anyway ,a nice game
Amazing game . Thise who not having any work to do they can play this game . Give some update for this game
good game except police mode; why can the criminals go through walls and the cops can't? I mean seriously that's ridiculous
It's really a good game. But it's graphics isπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜… so please improve graphics.
Great game I have downloaded both the multiplayer version and this one but why couldn't you just add multiplayer to this one? There is no map other than city in the multiplayer version and fewer cars but other then that best racing simulator I have ever played!
Its a fun game when your bored are your mind but you also have to deal with ads after you play one round