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Exponential Idle

Exponential Idle for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Conic Games located at 661 Westluke Av., Côte-St-Luc, Québec, Canada. H4X 1R3. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very good idle game, you have to be involved at the at first to get the upgrades and such, but once you get the automation it becomes a true idle game, watch an ad from time to time and back to your business, true idle game where de developers did a very good job!
The premise of the game is silly. This isn't what grad school is like. I feel like the minigames could do with an explanation of strategy. Silly is good, this is a wonderful prestige idle game
Great idle game. No advertisements, very well-thought gameplay. Always fun to open it once in a while to check out the progress. Very frequent updates with free new features! Keep it up! EDIT: latest update added lots of new replayability stuff, thank you!
Pretty much what I expected. Updates regularly. I half liked and half disliked that I didn't have to design the perfect math expression for auto prestige but not needing to perfect it made it more accessible. Ultimately I'm satisfied with the game and the progress was well paced for my liking.
5 stars for fun gameplay, and 5 stars for app design! Fun game to play and to let sit (the idle part)! Contains ads, but they aren't forced on you, instead you get bonuses for watching them. The developer didn't create a pop-up message asking if you like the game, and then ask you to rate it. Instead there's a link I the settings page. Also it had a clearly stated privacy policy that is easy to read and understandable! I wish more developers followed these practices!
Very cool to strip these idle accumulator games back down to just the math equations. Still easy to grasp if you aren't a mathematician though don't worry. Quite fun, straightforward and I don't think I've seen a single ad or annoying popup yet
It is a really good game, especially for people who really like math, like me, because the game is alot better when you can understand the equations, but aren't all idle games based on exponential growth in one way or another?
Edit: more content added so there's much more to do and I love it. Bonus star added! Cool but short. It's a nice take on the idle game but so limited in content that you will be done in a couple weeks at most.
Well, as a kinda math person I found my favorite idle game for now. No pay-to-win or annoying ads, reasonable price for upgrade, interface is simple and great, though I feel like upgrades/variables button could be a tiny bit bigger but that's nothing. It's just great, huge thanks to the Dev!
Does exactly what it promises - a very clear-cut incremental idler. Minimalistic user interface bit with very good and detailed explanation about every part of the game. No annoying forced adds. The only adds are for getting temporary boni for free.
One of the best idle incrementals I've played. It took me a minute to understand the complexity of the formula and the variables, but then it made sense and the game was great. I very much enjoyed the gameplay and the story that went with it. It was a very clever story to tie into an incremental.
This game is oddly fun. I barely understand the actual mathematical expressions so it ended up making me learn how they work. For some reason the knowledge behind it made the game so much more entertaining. Still working my way up through the numbers, but I feel like I'll reach it sometime soon.
5 star for support on this latest update, thank you to the developer for posting a hotfix the next day (Sunday)! I had just gotten hooked on this game. Easily the best idle game I've ever played, and a surprisingly engaging story. For a maths nerd this is exactly what I look for!!
I stopped playing idle games a while ago because they're ironically too time consuming, but this a true idle game. You check the game whenever you want, and it doesn't take long because the true progress is made when you're actually idle, unlike many other idle games. There are no intrusive ads, and the only ad available to watch gives you a nice boost, but I haven't even felt the need to have it active so far.
Educational however I see greater potential for learning and playing with equations and derivatives maybe continue to expand upon it and teach math with it.
This is one of if not the best idle games out there. It has ads but they are completely optional and only provide a small buff. If I had the money I would happily buy the owner a coffee. Edit. It also has some great puzzles, one a sliding tile style one and another a 2d rubiks type one.
Quite polished idle game, might need some balancing but i can be wrong as i am less than a week into it. Dev is responsive on Discord and fixed one issue almost instantly. Kudos for the game 👍
Really fun concept and great execution. Perfect for those who like math and clicker games like myself.
This game is just as the name says. It's an idle game about Exponential growth. Play it, leave it for maybe a few hours, and when you come back, everything will have grown exponentially, to a certain point of course. The game does require a lot of user input, and has a great story behind it. As far as I know, all the equations in this game are also logical and real.
Very good game, completed it in 6 days! It was very satisfying and the story was quite interesting. It would be nice to see some new content released for it but overall it's a great game perfect for offline play!
Really fun and it feels like I'm making actual progress, especially when compared to other idle games. I like all the automation upgrades, and it has made this game very relaxing. It is anti-frustration incarnate.
Pretty entertaining thing. Not much of a game, but not really anything else. It's basically like if you took a typical mobile game and stripped away everything other than the underlying mechanics. One thing it lacks is providing a need for developing a strategy beyond just buying everything as it becomes available (give or take). I think it would work a little bit better if it included randomness (I feel like probability distributions can be incorporated easier) and maybe branching upgrades.
As others have said, very user friendly design, and it's managed to keep my attention over the months. Lots of great resources on the Discord (linked in-app)
Starts out pretty active for the first few hours, especially if you get into the minigames. After that it takes some thoughtfulness (and math!) to keep progressing quickly. All and all, this is everything I've wanted in an idler. A but more content will be nice, especially if it adds more automation. But I really appreciate that it doesn't drag on forever.
Absolutely great! When people look in my phone they think I'm busy with business)) Would be perfect if you added some other puzzles.
This is a fairly relaxing idle game. After you get the three auto buyers its about 99% idle. I just login daily and do a supremacy.. as such it lacks the interactive creativity and depth of some other exponential idle style games. Am sitting on all achievements except time played and clicks, and finding it hard to rationalize grabbing those.
nice little app, downloaded it bcause I was curious, weirdly addicting. I tune in several times to check on my Phi value haha. :( finished it quickly. I don't know what to check when I'm bored now... need another idle game ;((((((
I've been stuck at the end of the game for over a month waiting for more content, but none has come, just progress getting slower and slower. ee4550 seems like a dead end. I have no idea how some people went above ee4600. Cheating, maybe?
Best simplistic iddle game, you really get to go in depths in your optimisation which is something most idle games dont really allow
Can't launch up app after last update!!!! I fxukibg loved this game, but fix it please as fast as u can, I'm too addicted to this game. Thanks for fast response!
This game is... really fun! The concept to combine a clicker with math truly sounds beyond boring, but it is way more fun than A LOT of the other idle games present on this playstore. It really is not necessary to buy the ad-remove but I hope the developer can still enjoy a coffee from my small donation. ^^ Please keep making such intriguing games!
Let's be honest, the only reason people play idle games is to see that neat little number get bigger and bigger as you buy things to make it get bigger faster. Well, the premise of this idle game focuses entirely on that gameplay loop and nothing else. No ads (unless you want extra bonuses), fun achievements, and a very satisfying gameplay loop are all included in this game, plus, it's still getting new updates. You don't even have to understand all the math stuff. Definitely a great game.
Probably the best idle game I've played. Love the continued updates by the developers. Most idle games just go stagnant but the Devs are doing great work containing to work on this!
The strangest part about this game is that it's actually fun. I didn't expect that. It got recommended to me in the play store. This is kind of a funny example of really basic addictive principles. This game is so visually simple yet can suck you in. Auto-prestige seems to get introduced just at the right time when the players would usually get bored of too much in-app time, the upgrades seem to be just right most of the time.
Overall I think as an idle game it's a good concept, it's free, unless you can't to support the developer for a boost. However even on "low" this app is a battery hog, which is weird to me. Recommend playing it fully as idle unless you are near power lol
Great game overall! I love the storyline that goes along with the idle game itself. The equation is a bit confusing, and I think something should be added to where you can kinda see (in simpler terms) how an upgrade or variable affects and increases the equation (like a percentage).
This game was very fun! I loved it, and played it religiously for a while. It's a bit sad that it had a definite ending, and I was able to reach it within 3 weeks, but all in all, a great game!
This game is awesome... You will most likely have fun and accidentally learn something about math in the process.
Great insightful game. With almost ideal ui but one minor glitch of accelerator button. Would be interesting to talk about it with my friends.
OK, this is a cool idle game, but the best part is hidden away in the prestige feature. You can program your prestige times with all sorts of functions like a first differential, or log10(). Very interesting. Fun to mess around with.
Great little idle game. Star economy could maybe do with a bit more balancing for the early game, but leave it running for long enough and it's not really a problem.
Great game. Can feel a bit grindy until you unlock auto prestige. Does need something in the instructions to tell you to tap the word variables to access the upgrades. I played for almost a week at dt=1
Enjoyable idle game, I personally don't understand mathematics particularly well and it wasn't a barrier. I have reached the end of the current content. Once you unlock the auto prestige option it becomes very easy as an idler experience but still worth some time when you're on the bus or just bored.
This game is really awesome. Good story, good UI, i love everything. Only one disappointing, there is no option to adjust automatic prestige reset (in particular the db variable). It can be useful to change it from a a static value to a range of percent (for example 250%, 1000%, etc.). Edit: I haven't seen it, sorry! My bad!
If you like math and you like idle games, then you will like this. It's just pure fun, it can be mindless if you want to just ignore the math and just watch the money go up, or you can try to follow along and brush up on some cool math concepts. It seems rather fleshed out, and the developers seem to be quick active in add content and fixing bugs. Update 2: I have been told that missing updates may be due to play store heavily caching info, which makes sense. I'll watch out for this and update.
A clean, professionally done idle game with an engaging premise and mechanics. Fits nicely alongside titles such as Antimatter Dimensions and Universal Paperclips
It has some nice progression, Never felt pressured to spend money or watch ads. and I like watching the graph.
Amazing game! Probably the best idle game I ever played (partly because I am a mathematician myself). I particularly love how it is not focused on being online/present for quick progress. Just waiting will boost your progress a lot because of the stars you then gain.
it's a simple game, but that's what's good about it - there's no urgency, no rush to do something in a certain amount of time, automation is unlocked without much effort, decent progress even if you leave for a few days
The game is interesting, and differs from many idle games. It starts as more of a clicker game and then becomes an idle game. It's quicker pacing leaves it at a loss of content quite quickly, after just a month or so of playing you'd be out of things to upgrade. However with constant updates I feel like this will change. All in all, a good and new take on clickers/idle games, with interesting pacing and theme. I'll probably go to a five star when new content keeps coming out.
Great idle tapper game, however I feel that more explanation on what each variable/function does as it loses the learning points and becomes bigger number=good score, could add a more in-depth tutorial on the equation, which variable does what, so it's easier to understand. overall a great game!
This is one of, if the the, best idle games ever. The maths may look complicated but don't let that dissuade you. The game works really well as an idle game and if you're familiar with the format then you'll have great fun with this. The minigames are great fun and really engage my brain. The best part, in my opinion, is that you can watch unlimited ads to build up the timer. I could queue up for days worth of boost in one sitting. On top of that the developer seems a really nice person. 11/10
This is an interesting "adventure" -- not about slaying monsters, but about exploring very large numbers, finding mathematical tools, and building an engine to generate those numbers. I also like the music. The adventure is like peeling an onion: and with each layer I found myself thinking, "Oh, that's interesting" or "clever" or "nicely constructed." There is a sizable list of achievements, and they are thematic, enhancing the "adventure" experience by encouraging the players to explore.
Best idle game I have ever played my current auto-prestege formula is "max(ln(ln(lf)/ln(f))^2,1)*(costUpP(1) + costUpP(2)) < smooth(mu + dmu,2)". I only wish I could use a similar formula for auto buying of veriables and upgrades.
Cant get itover ee5000... The first theory is too expensive, with 5200 i'd get 1 more σ, which would not allow me to unlock a new theory, and jut working with the theory is too slow aswell. I also only got 20 σ for ee5000, there should be 20 if one is awarded for each ee200. Resolved, Thank you
It is a very nice and minimalist game. Doesn't force ads on you, doesn't force you to pay for some meaningless currency. This game is amazing and relaxing.
This is an accurate simulation of my time through academia. GPlayStore asks me "is this game *complex*?" to which I've had to reply 'no'. Hoping the developer will add an _exp(ix)_ upgrade at some point, and I'll happily change my review.
Free? Yes, and in a good way. There's a benefit to add, but they aren't necessary, they are completely optional and unintrusive, and the price for a permanent ad bonus is very reasonable. I'm happy I bought it. The gameplay is also really interesting if you like math. The most interesting challenge is way at the end which makes the grind up there worth-while. I only wish theory 9 gave a bonus of some sort (it doesn't at the time of this review).
Excellent idle, ads aren't intrusive and although the gameplay gets a bit linear towards the end its satisfying to see that offline progress works well. Feels like a game that may last around a month unless I'm missing something at the end of the game but it's refreshing to be able to "beat" one of these games!
It's decent for what it is but I was able to beat it fairly quickly and there's just no more content left...
This is the idle clicker for me, and continues to scratch that itch. It's got that dopamine rush of tapping some upgrades and putting the phone down for a bit to pick it up and see progress. But I love the quirky little story (especially as someone who has gone through research, it hits home sometimes), and the depth to the game means there's some legitimate strategizing that can happen. I may not be smart or dedicated enough to make my own routes, but I have plenty of fun anyway!
Alright idler, no adverts, and autobuy for upgrades is always nice to see. But there aren't really any decisions to make, no strategy seems to beat "hit buy all until you can auto hit buy all". It's not so much a game, but, neither were the first idlers to be fair. Solid average
Fun. Some of the achievements are annoying if you try doing them in a single sitting but that is more on me for trying to rush something when you're intended to do those over a larger amount of time. Patience is a virtue I have yet to master
Great game, not greedy, can watch a few ads to get a bit of a boost, but really not necessary to progress. Every bit of content makes you think at least a little bit (I suppose you could just hit all the buttons at random and end up progressing at some point - but that's no fun!)
Good little management game, didn't expect the automation upgrades like auto prestige. I like the music too. And I randomly pull it out in public with volume muted and people think I'm a bigshot looking at my stocks, I do some tapping and mutter "mhm, yesss we're doing excellent." Then I put my phone back in my pocket.
I pretty much never review games but you really knocked this one out of the park. Very easy and lax idle game, story chapters are mildly entertaining and I enjoy the premise of actual math behind an idle game. It takes about 2 weeks to reach endgame as of now, which is a liiitttle bit short, maybe a fun addition could be upgrades for the recurrence relation between x_i -> x_{i+1} ?? Lots of fun, strong recommend.
Great idle/tapper game. Does not require any math but it is nice for the extra immersion. Yes, this is kinda story driven! It has a beginning middle AND end! Took me about a month. Such a novel concept to have an idle game that doesn't slow down to a crawl close to the end. It doesn't even bombard you with ads and other P2W BS. Great game! Addictive enough to keep going even after finishing it!
This game is very interesting and, as far as progress goes, very balanced compared to other idle games. I played this game till 100% completion and I would strongly recommend this simple-looking game to people who enjoy idle games, or other games around that genre
This game stopped being fun. Some weeks ago, a big update deleted several variables and since then it doesn't progress at all.... The growth is super slow, nothing happens for days and days, and the player can't do much about it.
Really fun little idle game, the lack of forced ads and really streamlined idea is really refreshing. QoL upgrades are well set up as well, only extra thing I would love to see is a "previous max" line that shows you when you overtake certain maxima eg previous prestige or previous supremacy
Hands down the best clicker I have ever played based on mechanics. It doesn't bog itself down with flashing lights and super special deals every two seconds. It respects the players and their time. Honestly I think most of us play these games to watch are numbers go up. No clicker has done that aspect better.
Awesome game, great dev. Makes my nerdy heart so happy. It is the Factorio of idle games. I just hope that supremacies can be automated at some point so you can truly automate, analyze, and optimize everything like you can in Factorio. It would also be nice to be able to add settings for the autobuyers.
Surprisingly addictive Makes you look very clever because of all the numbers and fancy equations. Doesn't have any flashy graphics which is very good. I never did the star-generating minigames but now I'm at a point where I've long since left the main storyline behind and automatically generate stars at such a rate I'll get more stars doing nothing than actually playing the games. You can go really overboard and design your own equations in auto prestige. No intrusive ads = amazing!
Lovely game if you like idle games. Not greedy with ads. It is just a bit short but has regular updates so I am sticking around, waiting to discover what comes next. The game was broken with an update and fixed within 24h. Not only the dev is very reactive but also polite and bothered to reply to my comment quickly.
Pretty neat game. I certainly don't understand a lot of the math stuff, but you dont have to. It's a fun idle clicker. Developer is great. Had an issue with the game after update and mailed them. Got back to me quickly and offered solution that fixed it within an hour.
Very unique sort of math and story adventure game. Thanks for making it, I really like the automated processes that can be setup. Please make more games like this.
Takes all the good aspects of an idle game and removes all the garbage. Excellent progression system, requires you to optimise well in order to progress quickly.
This has something special to it, it's different to the other incremental games, for the first mobile game this developer has/these developers have made, this is a great start honestly this game is so fun to just spend my time on, I would 100% recommended. Can't wait for future projects if you plan on making any more games.
One of the greatest idle games for those that appreciate a minimalist aesthetic. Alsothe idea of letting the player see the actual algorithm that is propelling the growth and editing it directly is a wonderful inversion of the regular model. With mini-game easter eggs and regular updates, this free game s a absolute gem.
This is such an addicting game. After an exchange of information with the dev, this app is working better than ever. It's good-looking, precise, and works the way it should. I've of course uninstalled the game, though: I'm not crazy and don't want to be. All this tantalizing math and precise clicking sounds is enough to keep you going for hours, days, weeks. You may never stop. But I'll probably have to reinstall it again. I think I miss it already. Oh, God help me.
This game can be great, but it's not quite there yet. At the moment, once you get enough stars to unlock everything (which isn't many stars at all) you only need to log in for a minute or so every day to supremacy. There are two minigames, a sliding panel puzzle and the equivalent of a 2D Rubik's Cube, if you want to mess around more, but the prize is just more stars; you get a few for completing a minigame, but you get a few hundred if you close the app for a few hours. The game has potential.
Fun idle game! Unique "story" and pretty active game play, despite the idle title. I saw it compared to Antimatter Dimensions once. Very different. This is a simpler shorter game, but it's very fun. I would recommend to a friend! Also, extremely active devs makes me think that in the future this game is only going to get better.
Very interesting and original game. It involves a lot of brilliant idea and the use of math and also some coding. I love the soundtrack and all the quotations. I hope in bright new updates 😊
Quality game, relaxing and educational. Well kinda educational, I don't really understand most of the math but it's interesting nonetheless
A decent idle game. I can't really explain why I like the game. There isn't an all lot to do. But it's quite mesmeric. I liked the GY!BE reference in the achievements, even if they've mistaken the name of the band and placed the exclaimation in the wrong place!
I'm happy that this game was in recommended section once. It is the perfect idle game for me. Not flashy, no constant ads, frequent updates.
smooth idling game without pushing ads. The game had been made for its players more than a cash cow it would seem. Im looking forward to any other this designer makes. clean screen layout.
Quite addictive and really fun original spin on idle games. Very nerdy (in a good way) recommend to anyone who has an interest in maths. Dev is a research doctor in computer science and it shows, very tidy code and interface.
There is no option to proceed, after language, time format, date format page, just one option to close the app
After finishing the game, I can safely say that this is one of the best idle games I've ever played. It's not pushy with adds, there are no push notifications, and because of that, you actually want to check on it. Great game.
If you like math this will drive you crazy because the developer doesn't understand exponents. Buying three 10^1k upgrades shouldn't use up a noticeable portion of 10^3k resources available, and yet it uses it all up.
Very interesting game, I'm consistently engaged. That might be because I'm in love with math lol, but very fun. Also, dt > 6,250,000 should yield star after star like a clock then, no? I wouldn't know for sure, as I've only been playing for a few hours; I'm not that far yet. Edit: lol stars don't even matter by the time dt > 6mil.
When you get to f(t)=4,700 it practically stops regardless how many 1'000's of stars I collect/prestige/Supremacy's I do. Still a fun game though.
Everything i want in an idle game. The automation makes it less of a chore which some games fail to do. Makes it enjoyable to do and progress
This is a great casual and nerdy/mathematical take on the idle game. It has all the things you would expect but probably the best way to see you progress, a graph. Seeing it rise, fall and spike is surprisingly rewarding. I'm still trying to improve my equation and I hope you do too!
Great update. One annoyance is that being far in the game (ee4380) before the graduation update came about, I could graduate 16 students at once. That onyl gave me Cheap Labor achievement. It should also give me everything up until Too Old For This.
It took me 28 days to reach the final story chapter. This has to be one of the better idle games I've played. It has a simple interface and is fairly easy to learn. Oh, and no ads. Seriously, this is an interesting game. Pick it up if you've got the time for it, which isn't much.
Feels like you are constantly doing progress, game speeds up, numbers grow exponentially with every prestige and supremacy. That feature + story are what makes this game unique in idle genre.I liked some achievement references there. No bugs encountered so far, no intrusive ads, 5/5
Great idle game with a minimalist approach. No fancy graphics, just raw numbers with two systems of prestige. However, the latest update has prevented me from opening the game. It's crashing before it can try. Please fix, this is such a great game. Edit: Newest update fixed my issue with no progress lost. Thanks for the speedy patch.
Love the game, really puts forth the reality of the term exponential in the end. The story is nice and simple, but still pulls you in to get the next tidbit. Like the graph it gives you to show your progress when you come back from offline. The only issue I have is how wonky the graph gets when you accelerate when coming back from offline, it feels like you lose some progress, but I don't think you actually do. Otherwise it's an all around good game.
A true idle game. Ads are 100% optional in addition to having the option to pay a very reasonable amount to remove the ads entirely and gain the boost they provide permanently. Full automation is unlocked as you progress further so you don't feel like you're missing out on major progress if you can't check in every couple of hours. Honestly, this is the pinnacle of player-friendly design.
"Is this game realistic?", asks Google Play - Yes, in a way, you have a visualisation of an exponential with an aim to increase its value. :D (FYI, it also asked, "Is this a skateboarding game?", thankfully no :D)
I love it! It's exactly the kind of idle game I'd fantasized about. None of that cartoony, ad-filled, time-jumping, "please come back and play!" BS. Just...exponents. Numbers. The stuff that makes those other kinds of games really run, and scale, and progress. The story is cute too. I just got to where I need to pump those rookie numbers up to get to infinity (the second to last chapter) and I'm eager to start "really" playing! Thanks you for this game, please let me know if I can help support!
This took a few minutes to "get" And I've been having a great time with it Cleaver concept Cool Fun Takes up a lot of time And I enjoy the academic challenge. I like trying to optimize the results as opposed to just brute force and time... Thank you!!
Very enjoyable. I was weary at first because it looks so basic but man is this a fun one! I've been done with the game for quite some time now when are we getting something new? Can you make it so I can disable the offline progress graph? I see in the settings you can turn offline progress off but I assume that's all progress not just the graph? Sucks sitting there for 10 minutes waiting to play Added new content!
I think the one issue is that you can complete the story mode in just a few days. Other than that, great game.
great game, fun concept. and the new update brought in an incredible amount of content. developer is very responsive, too!
Honestly, I did not expect to like it, but I am enjoying the gameplay. From what I've seen so far, you can automate pretty much everything except the supremacy mexhanic which makes it a lot more AFK which is what I wanted. Thanks for the game :)
It's just a repetitive idle game dressed up as "intellectual". Spent an hour on it and the progress it mind numbingly slow. The lack of forced ads are refreshing and bumped my score up to 3 but in terms of the rest it's an idle clicker and one which requires more clucking than most.
Solid incremental game, without needless fluff and no obnoxious free-to-play monetisation implementation. Unlocking the 'buy all' option is a great feature. Presentation could be considered a bit bland (just very gray) with still some room for improvement in the UX in terms of layout.
This game is so good. I normally really hate incremental / idle games, but the focus on math here really drives this game up. Be warned though, it is very slow during the mid-game. Honestly, the game could end after the Second Infinity (transition into mid-game) and it would be a good game, but those who have the patience for mid-game and later, go for it.
The most transparent exponential idle game out there. It feels like any other, be it "cookie clicker", "egg, inc", "venture capitalist." But this one is different. This one will be the one that stays on my phone for more than a couple weeks, because this one pulled back the curtains and rather than hide behind a fancy ui with wistful analogs of eggs or cookies, it proudly displays its bare formulas! Understanding what is going on in the background of those games IS what this game is. Yea it neat
I like numbers. I have downloaded this game because I enjoy idle games (at least CC) and mathematics. After basically finishing I still found myself opening up the app every once in a while when on the toilet or in similar situations. And it keeps getting updates so my toilet visits are kept at engaging levels. Do not be scared of the maths they are just a part of the presentation. However understanding them may aid you on your journey through this lovely experience.
One of those games where you just need to click to move on. No actual development or anything. Not even any maths, at all.
As fun as you would expect any game titled with "Idle" to be. From a nerdy point of view the game is quite enjoyable though and i have found myself wearing a sore thumb as a result. Only a single purchase i have seen to enable constant ad multiplier so its definitely not a cash-grab app. Fun game and a great community, would recommend giving it a go! :)
I'm sorry to be so negative but this game is unfathomably dull. It seems to reinforce the stereotype that geeks are obsessive compulsive or is that the other way round.? it doesn't teach anything about math and only demonstrates that endless tapping will never get you to infinity or beyond. I recommend cookie clicker if you want something infinitely more fun and visual with the same basic premise. Although I wonder what infinity x nothing is?
This is a good game to relax on, just hop on every once in a while and you'll just progress. (I like the little storyline btw)
No tricks or microtransactions. Just an option for a one time purchase to remove ads which isn't even that expensive. I wish more games operated like this.
Great game, it's been fun for a long time but I had what I thought was a bug. I just pressed the buy (max, 10,25,etc) button! The team helped out with responses around 5 mins and pointed that out!
This is the only idle clicker I actually like. It doesn't pretend to be more than it is, but provides a simple but interesting story.
This is an idle game that is ethical. No microtransactions, no loot boxes. It has a clean interface that presents information in a clear fashion. After a small amount of time it becomes largely automated and just need to check in once in a while.
Interesting but not heavy on graphic fluff. Could use some variations of the minigame choice - only 2 very similar games. Rather short compared to most Idles
I never thought I'd be leaving an idle game 5 Stars. Exponential Idle was just the type of game I like: having a dark theme minimalist visual design and a game based around gigantically big numbers and equations. Up my alley. I got it on Halloween and had been playing it through until now. As of today I can say that I've beaten the game and now eagerly proceed towards 100% achievements. I look forward to the next content update!
An upgrade and idle clicker game with a story and math. I don't personally understand the math, but not having ads forced on you is a definite plus in this day and age. It's a shame that it ends though, I was hoping for more than endless prestiges when the story ended and I got all the acheivements.
Good game, but plays audio even when I have the game minimised. very annoying when I'm trying to watch YouTube or netflix and I have this open but minimised
Very well made game. Regularly updates. It's a long game type but it's a good app to mess around on when you've got the time.
You modify an equation to reach "infinity," with no prior math knowledge required. Aside from that, it's an idle clicker game with a simple, nice interface. The only two complaints I have are A) lack of late game content, which the devs are working on, and B) the explanation for how each part of the equation is modified is a little too hard to understand at first. I fully recommend that you try it out.
My miniscule brain can barely comprehend what is going on, but I have been able to notice one bug. I use a custom equation for my auto prestige and every time I enter the app it triggers a prestige. It could be a problem with my equation, but I'm not sure. Here it is, "(f*61/60)>d(f)". Hope this helps and keep up the great work!
I know nothing of the math involved, and this game is still fun and satisfying to play. I like the simple, attractive interface and pleasant ambient music. The gameplay is fairly hands-on at first but it quickly becomes a true idle game that you can check in on periodically. Unlike some of my other favourite idle games, this one is not too long (although it seems you can keep playing, perhaps indefinitely, once you reach the end of the written content). Thank you for this game, developer(s)! :)
I'm sure this is a good game, as it's rated 4.8*. But when i opened the app, i don't know what to do. It's just a free level up button. I can't see numbers increasing and stuff
One issue I've encountered is that tapping the formula rapidly can mess up the auto-prestige formula I'm using (that works wonderfully otherwise, including with the acceleration button). The formula I'm using: (d(db) * 60) < db I think that it's either: overflowing somehow in the calculation; or the tapping somehow overrides the standard rate of increase and doesn't seamlessly transfer back, allowing a low reading to occur. Tapping can cause almost constant prestiging leading to no progress.
It's an idle game in it's purest, mathematical form. And I love it! The smooth progression and followable story make it one of the best idles I have played!
I find game play slow and confusing combined with. Sense of a small turnout possible at the beginning of the match
Simultaneously a confusing and simplistic game! Centered around the basic idea of incremental games (a function which simulates growth), it feels extremely primitive, minimalist, and yet still compelling to watch the graph/function evolve. There aren't many obvious strategies, so you have to explore yourself. The most interesting part is that it is somehow both unaddicting, but enjoyable on return (offline progress good). This saves much of my time, and I greatly appreciate it. 5/5
I don't usually make reviews, but I thought this game was an exception. Excellent storyline to a maths filled game that isn't a game that slows down your progress because you're idle, it rewards you. Very good
a game that shows no pretty designs, charismatic characters or unbelievable environments are required for a great game. really liked it. however, it finished faster than expected. but I'm not going to remove a star for that. cheers!
Great idle game. Love the ability to craft a formula for auto prestige. In the current update the app force closes every time but so far updates have been quick and I believe it'll be fixed in no time! Edit: Just within a few hours it was already fixed! If you're as addicted as I am to idle clickers then definitely try this one out!
The game introduces new concept which makes it stand out, however it does not impose any challenge or much of thinking-action to move forward.
Not your usual clicker clone. But thats a good thing. The story line does engage interest and the consept of the formula actually kept me thinging about the game even after uninstalling once. If one is the type to love min/maxing stats then this game is for you.
At first glance, you'd think this game would quickly get boring with its extremely minimalist visuals and design, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Unique and engaging take on the ubiquitous idle game without all the IAPs encouraging limitless spending. Happily paid for the only in-app purchase of $1.50, and would do it again. Keep up the great work!
I personally don't understand the maths elements of this, perhaps that could be better explained. But it's very fun, you sort of get the hang of it, vaguely understanding the meanings Occasionally crashes. very good concept.
I can really appreciate the work and care that shines in this game. I feel you have made a game that scratches my brain's big number itch, but if I had one critique it would be that the automation upgrades don't seem to be nearly as useful as just buying variables, especially because I had to supremacy an extra time on my second y exponent upgrade because I ran out of stars and I didn't have enough variables to make it to the numbers that would give me 96 phi. A small criticism on a superb game.
Would recommend 10/10. Thank you for creating an idle game that actually has an end to it, thank you for making reasonably obtainable achievements and goals. Finally! Someone that makes a completeable game. I will check back frequently for updates because you deserve the recognition. Also toss these guys a few bucks for a well designed game.
Great game, simple but fun, my only complaint is that it starts to become really boring at a certain part, you just upgrade for 10 minutes, then prestige, and repeat for about 15 times till you can get a supremacy, then you do the prestige process all over again, it's a bit annoying but not enough to lower this to a 4 star.
Amazing game, easy to understand and never gets boring. They know how to make you continue playing. 10/10
The best idle game/cookie clicker I ever played, no paywalls, nice story and interesting. If you are a math nerd like me you absolutely should play it, but if you are not into it no problem! The game can be played easily without knowing anything about math! And as a bonus it have really nice minigames and a great community behind! Great job man!
A great challenge and interesting decisions to make as you progress through it. I've reached the end now and finding it slow, but I'm changing the parameters around to see if I can squeeze something extra out of it. Really enjoyed it.
A fun tap and earn game, but with mini games that are also fun and trying to get to infinity with the maths.
Very unique game. Only thing I would improve is in game achievements translate to Google play games achievements as well
This game is one of the best idle games I've played on mobile and a refreshing change to the other, more predatory, games you can play. Infinite offline progress and only one in app purchase to remove ads which is nicely priced. Dont let the concept put you off, it's an incredibly simple game for people who like to see numbers increase. I wholly recommend.
It's a really entertaining game that keeps you coming back. I would rate five stars but am only giving it four because when you open the game after playing for a while, the opening screen lasts for a minute of just watching a graph slowly grow. It wouldn't be such a big problem if it was consistently like that from the beginning of the game but it takes longer and longer the longer you play.
I have never seen such dedication to an app like this developer has for Exponential Idle. They have had consistent updates (sometimes multiple in a week) that have improved the game over time. Not only that, the game rarely shows you ads unless you explicitly look for them to boost your progress. Such commitment and dedication convinced me to spend the $2 to get the permanent boost. The gameplay is fine for an idler and the story is kind of silly. But it's a well made game.
Idles are fun until they're not, then you play with your phone's clock to cheat and have a bit more fun for a while, make sure you're not missing any late game content. Not in this one, which won't let you play after it detects a time change. Also, the buttons are small and it's difficult to tap super fast without changing menus or scrolling.
ASMR for mathematicians. I researched the exponential growth function more than I would have though to on any ordinary day. Thank you developers for reminding me how the function works. 10/10.