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Experiment Z - Zombie

Experiment Z - Zombie for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Brain Vault located at 9900 SPECTRUM DR AUSTIN, TX 78717-4555. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, Shock and/or Horror Content) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game sooo much. But, I wish the map was expanded and they added new locations like a huge city, or random locations like farms or little houses here and there. Also I wish that there were more guns like pistols and uzi's. I also wish there were more stuff to craft. Like walls and door, to build your own house and base. Also, I wish there were campfires and stuff that don't dissappear. And, I wish there were more zombies and creatures. It would be my favorite game. Plz read πŸ™
I liked it, its honestly the only game of its kind that I can find on my phone. I love the freedom of it. Now the down side.. the controls are kind of wacky BUT I eventually adjusted which made it more fun IMO. I think you should have made the boat able to work and the glitching.. I got stuck in the wall and can't get out. I really hope you do more with this game I see you haven't touched it in 2 years.
This game's controlls are the really bad. It's hard to shoot, hard to aim, etc.Because of that I allmost dont play this game. But somehow I still like it as it reminds me of DayZ.
Update the game here are the things that you need to update 1)when you are unable to connect to a server you lost all your stuff gear and weapon like everything 2) add more places so we can loot 3)add more stuff in the game like weapons,gear and vechile
This game could become one of the best mobile games if the developer fix those movements,graphics, vehicle sound! I will surely playing this game when these kind of problems has been fixed
If you have the budget, please make an update to the graphics. That was amd still is the only downside about the game. And also the way the characters walk.
Randomly spawns ADS, before you start the game, IN the game, and ending the game!! Incredibly annoying. Bad enough to seem as if its still in its very first beta stages, which is not really worth paying much for. Graphics rival minecraft...and not in a good way. Controls are hard to master, no firing button, and when you scope...guess what...? AD. Also, no way to scope back out. You need to close the app just to get out of your scope.
this game is fun but its just to messi it would be amazing survival game if its fix both gameplay and graphics and visuals it has a lot of potential to be a great game but needs a lot of improvements also the sniper rifle is glitched at some point you use the scope and it glitchs you and had the scope cover your screen and all u can do is move in one path and since u cant exit you have to close the game i lose all of my stuff this game needs a really big improvement
I like it but we really really could of use some updates cous things got stuck in the grown something but I like it the graphics I so showing good and everything but I don't like how sometimes the things got stuck in the grown but I love this game so much but maybe do some updates but I like free fire too but I wish this game wose in to top 2 but I canda don't like how sometimes things get stuck in the grown sometims but I like it but plz am begging you updated it as it updates tell me and I wil
Myself and My brother were playing and we spent 3 dollars and when all of a sudden he dies. THIS GAME NEEDS AN UPDATE AND MY BROTHER HAD HEAVY EVERYTHING. PLEASE UPDATE!
Everything about this game is bad the controls are Awkward to use the Graphics are terrible and guns dont even do anything the zombies are Basically invincible and the list can just go on and on all the 5* Reviews on this game were Probably bots this game NEEDS to have an update
good but need the problem is --[if im look on sky the body is you know ]- -[and final problem when use sniper scope ]-- please fix this problems for now I'm trying to play again i hate the control it's zero star for me 🀬🀬🀬
I like this game but i rate 4 stars becuasu when i got a sniper then i get stuck on the scope and sometimes when i ride a car then the get out button is gone😲
Hacking is widespread, it's often pay to win and the chances you keep what you pay for is practically nothing. If you jump first person view breaks, and if you shoot while scoped into a sniper rifle the scope will be stuck on your screen until you leave the game.There isn't much variety in armor and weapons or at least not as many as there should be with how long this game has been out. Also allow more customization when it comes to controls, your's are egregious. Also you cant get rid of ads.
Just update the game it has soooo much potential, out of all your apps this one has the MOST. And if u do update it try to get rid of the hackers too. Trust me I would make much more profit off this game too if that's what y'all are after.
baddddd it's so bad because I typed multiplayer games and this came up I downloaded it and I couldn't add my cousin and we have been looking for a game for a hour now we thought it was good but it wasn't and it's was only single player so if you want a multiplayer game DONT GET THIS
The only problem I have is whenever you try to go to multiplayer it resets you sometimes and it is very aggravating but other than that it's an overall good game but the graphics could use some updating because there's some things that get stuck in the ground
I know this game is fun online but the problem in here the boat they not work what they do is just sink on the water,you cannot swiming when you go to water they just walking and the zombie is very creepy because they make a wierd noise what i want you to fix a boat and swimming.
1.It's a good game but yeah open and close doors would be helpful 2.character creation so you can choose hair and face and things 3. make it were the zombies cant run as fastwhen shot like more realist and were you can add things to your vehicle so you can put like a machine gun on it so your fraind can be the gunner 4. it would be cool if you can add a wolf so we can tame it.also if you can add more features to the zombies were if you shoot them in the leg then they can crawl like more detail.
Well the graphics were fair, map and movement around the map held real promise . Then theres no tutorial on how to pick up or use items/weapons you encounter along the way! NOTHING ON HOW TO ANYTHING! i think the game has promise if the devs can get it up to the level of redneck rampage which was far superior as far as GUI oh and still is.
The map is WAY too big. Everything should be closer together, as when I try to meet with players, I take around 10 minutes to get there when they are probably gone or dead. Also, there are modders in the game, so they should be taken care of, as they can kill everyone without dying and drop free supplies. The game sounds like a great idea, but poor execution. The game should be fixed from problems such as these.
Please update game I keep losing my loadouts and it had many hackers I will rate 5 but I have suggestions to tip to you if you listen out to recommendations here are mine add more loot spawns fix the bugs of losing loadouts try to add more to the map and high teir loot spawns on the map and work on more crafting options and try to add a quedt option to get more gold
I like it it's just I wish the zombies wouldn't run and I wish you would only take a headshot to kill them but other than that I like it!
Requst can you add gloves andd new guns its ben like a years the last update And add more location like city , labolatory. Add more armor like delta force armor assoult armor,kevlar armor, last requst how to get reed to make rope.?!?!.;(
The game was good... But to control the character and pick up the item is very hard for me... I hope u can improve your system and there will be many player want to play your game
It's okay but way to many adds it used to be good but now it sucks don't play it's an add party Sorry to put it that way
Bad game,graphics are bad, i do not like the controls at all, i highly recommend you do not download it
I think the game is good but the bugs need to be fixed and also add character customization like hair and face also add more zombies but the big thing is the graphics its still a good game but better graphics. Plz update soon. πŸ‘
Some of the gameplay is really good but you see, the low quality and of the graphics, sounds and movement is quite annoying but definetly not the most important. What is however annoying is the fact that the game just randomly thinks yooure a hacker sometimes and will put.a big yellow hat on you, it messes up the entire 1st person mode and it allready sucks, and 3rd person mode which can use more work in the first place. The anti cheat program is very easy to get through. Please update more.
Ok great game but one problem when i drop and item it does not appear in the ground or enyting so please update it ok reply this comment ok make your game better ok
It is a great game but you should improve the graphics and then the people will love to play this game
I like the game but,when I press quit it just putting an add every time...it's not even making me leave the server.....and when I click "main menu" it gives me an other add and not even going to the main menu...... Pls fix this bug...I really liked this game,and I want to play it without bugs...
All you DayZ fan boys will love this game, usless loot zombies walking through walls, vehicles you cant drive, useless loot, walking sim, boring, unimaginative and an asset RIP off, A must for DayZ fans.
It's terrible now if you would update the thing it would be a lot better you could update the graphics make it easier to yous controls there scrambled put less loot every where to that would make it more like survival it does have a lot of potential so just start updating it.
I have played this game and the only thing I don't like is when I run I auto punch and it's anoyying but otherwise three star or five star
This is a great concept for a moblie game, because there isn't mant games like ot out on mobile. The graphics are decent, they don't need to be top quality, there are worse looking games on mobile. My major problem with the game was the gameplay, i hate having to use a thumb stick to look around and the zombie ai is wack because they can hear you from so far away. Other than those problems i have no other issues the mulitplayer works good and a small tutorial would be great.
I think this is a potentially good game here, although there's this really bad glitch involving the sniper scope, please fix. Also the vehicles might need a little work with the steering because a few of them turn on their own. Overall, like everyone says, this game has some great potential, to be really good, but so far the execution is heavily flawed, I hope the best for this, honestly
Fun game but scope is still broken and vheicles keep flipping can u put a fix button and controlls are wonky but still a fun game
Awesome gameplay but needs a lot of work. Pls do something about this if you havent already abandoned the game. Fix all character and zombie animations, add environment noise in background, add weather, add more equipment, fix gun animations, add better graphics, Fix name not saving, and fix the startup menu because it is hard to use. Once all this is done you will see there will be a huge increase in the game. Dont just take my word ask others. More players. More moneyπŸ˜‰πŸ˜. Thx.
The controles were very awkward even when i lowered or raised my sensitivity and the constant ads ruin my progress.
I love this game it's very cool and fun but can you please make the zombies a little bit cooler same with your Character please πŸ₯Ί
My God, what is this game? The controls are abysmal and the way the character moves and attacks are damned.
If I could give this game zero stars I would I mean I loaded a solo player world so I could practice but there was nothing I saw a road and I ran for an whole hour and found nothing I don't recommend this game to anyone it's terrible
Please update the game, controls need a little fixing. For example, a dedicated button for attacking. Lots of potential!
Man it's like the developer went off and abandoned the project like it's nothing and add a bunch of ads for money this is why you give mobile developers a bad name and why there isn't any good ones because of payed bots to raise the rates to a 4/5 then a 1/5 for the game being garbage I wish the developer can complete their games, but I have a hunch that they are lazy and only want money they wouldn't do that too much effort for a small app that people would wish to see big.
I use to play this game and recently came back to it but it seems like now it's filled with ads and there no update the weapons, armors, and map hasn't changed a bit so please update someone that matters.
So the games good I hope they update the game. But I wish they revert the version back to 2.9 because that versions better Hope the devs read this and reverts the version back to 2.9 because it made more sense in that version and the A I was good plus stats worked and there was no camera. Bug or sniper bug
DO NOT DOWNLOAD! GAME WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY! RIP OFF ! Spent money to have adds removed and still shows adds. Paid for in game items and all disappeared upon entering a multiplayer game. Tried to get refund or items returned and never heard back from developers. Thanks for taking my hard earned money thief's!
The game is fun love the graphics and I love how you can drive cars in other games you can't drive cars but I love everything about the game
This was really confusing and it had no point at all. Maybe you can download it and do better than me idk. It is multiplayer though.
High hopes for improvements Almost day z mobile but needs improved controls and hack prevention methods
This game is amazing just needs some update, it has so much potential because so many people are looking for there type of games.
Very good game but I think there is two things more if you add in gamethe day and night timer bar and we can able to open the map into bigger and this was more good if there was add red dot four zombies
Don't trust this game it Secretly use you when you are playing and it drains the battery and it gets your personal information and sends it to people around the world and I know this because of Norton security.
It's so good and you can play with players and you can go with solo mode and if you start you don't have weapons i like games like this and thank you!!! So much please biuld more game!!!!!!!s
This used to be a great game but can you please add a swimming animation, and also add like survivors and please give it a update on it please 😭
i do not think this game is all that bad, one issue was that the world is small and because of this the pvp was very difficult. But after an update they removed the assets of different zombies and ragdoll. So every zombie looks the same. Also the trailer can be very misleading. example, their are many items and features found in the trailer that are not in the game. overall, i feel like game is in need of a lot of adjustments. one thing i would like to see is character customization.
Really good game it would be better if u could build a base and stash loot somewhere without it disapeering then it would be really good over all it's a pretty good game
I love the concept. But there's 3 reasons I would like to say. First, the controls sucks. The aiming really sucks. I always miss my target while using a rifle nor a sniper. Second thing is it's hard to find items. It's too risky to enter inside a house and what you get is nothing. Third thing is please add more buildings to get more loot. It's hard to find a village nor a house when you are running.
I think this game is really awesome and then I think there should be more than 16 players when you create a world. but it is really awesome though. I wish the game creater would do more stuff to the game cuz the game gets boring fast!
This game is great. But why the f*** this game Full of Bugs and errors? 1. When someone kill me, This game said i was killed by a zombie. 2. When i use 3 times the scope, it stuck at the scope. 3. The zombies are too Strong to kill me and too fast. 4. Sometimes when i use any car, im stuck somewhere So i wish this Bugs And errors Fixed
I had idea to update your game make the game in unreal engine or Best Free Game Engines and Development Software Best Free Game Engines – Unity and Unreal. #1: Unity. Honorable Mention: Amazon Lumberyard. Best Free 2D Art Software – GIMP. Best Free 3D Art and Animation Software – Blender. Best Free Sound Design Software – Audacity. Best Free Project Management Software – Trello. this are the engines best for games if you mix blender and unreal engine that would make great graphics
Being a first time playing a game today the controls could be better, the scope glitches as in gets stuck and when it does, I have to rejoin. The scopes are slow for the sniper rifle and I was killed by a zombie right when I first joined the server is kinda bull. I lost everything and don't plan on playing this again unless it's fixed. Fix this and I will upgrade the stars. Thank you for your time. Happy Thanksgiving.
i did like it the only issue i experienced twice was a zombie walked through a wall n the 2nd death was bc a zombie hit me through the wall if anything alot of other things were fine but the clipping n attacking through wall are my only biggest complaint and it needs drivable and craftable stuff
I would rate it five star but because the game is so BORING. but fun playing with friends, graphics suck.
This game would be an amazing game if you would add more places on the map made more guns and the ammo not so rare updated the graphics put a variety of zombies around the map and give the players a starter weapon like a pipe or something and fix the scopes and make it to where you can aim down iron sights but overall with a little bit of work this game would be a five star game
I would be ok with ads when you start up the game I would be fine with ads after a game BUT ads during a game no thank you that is just pure greediness
Well.... When I put the game and i saw "made with Unity", I realized I had made a big mistake because Unity games are fund of being terrible games but I even have hope in the game when I saw the loading menu but when I played the game, I realized the game was just...."Unity" as in bad graphics, poor gameplay, terrible controls, terrible concept.... You know what, the game was just terrible πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•.