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Expanse for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Digital Garbage located at Russia, 398046, Lipetsk, Stahanova 4. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'd give 0 stars if i can , it's a waste of time , there's no games like red alerte . Anyway u can't controle your army and when they shoot they do no damage , there's 1 type of soldiers and u can't build more than 4 category. I wish it would've been better , i miss red alerte 2
Clunky dune 2000 port. Animations are nearly non existent. Menus are jankie. Audio is barely passable. Needs lots of work. Hope dune is public domain..
Can't wait to improve this old game, I really love this game, please dev improve this game as much as you can.
Very poor don't download The concept is cool but the graphics and game play are extremely dated. It is like rts games from the mid 90s. It doesn't compare to Art of War or Gates of War. If they upgraded the graphics and gameplay it would be good. But basically that would be a new game. Sorry I Uninstalled after 10 minutes.
its a ok copy of command and conquer to be a good copy it would just need different units for the factions so there not the same, beter AI, more elaborate buildings for tech, aircraft and accommodating structures.
Can't wait to improve this old game, I really love this game, please dev improve this game as much as you can, sorry for the english 😅
not bad... some bugs. troops behave kinda weird. sometimes they attack enemy troops other times they just stand there and get wrecked. it seems like enemy ai is much more intelligent than friendly ai otherwise it's a good game.
very well done game need the graphics to be touched up other wise very close to the original game well done
Terrible Controls. Game won't close build menu if structure is ready to be placed. Easily murders you in tutorial due to timing of an attack during building tutorial, so if you've moved your units at all to scout starting area (so you can actually know where to build!) you get molested by enemy units since you can't select and move yours because a building menu TAKES UP 90% OF THE SCREEN AND WON'T STAY CLOSED. Game uninstalled, ignorant design like that ruined it for me in the first five minutes
Pretty good game if you are into the classic Command & Conquer games. Game play is not bad but the controls and interface needs a lot of work. I still enjoy this a lot and hope development continues.
to be honest, the game is terrible and need improvements and nailing up the resolution to at least nice pixel pc graphic. the game is glitchy and buggy but it runs great...plz developer , try to update graphics and GUI and main menu also the controls. this game with these glitches and controls is a PAIN IN THE ASS!!! need more tweaks and updates and more...etc
This game for many I think is downloaded for the nostalgic reason because I remember playing this on PC all the time as a kid. Overall I'm satisfied with the gameplay, however there are minor things that can make the gameplay 100% better. One iconic thing about Dune 2000 was the cutscenes explaining everything or just narration for the mission bio, I have to admit I was disappointed this game didn't include that, I would happily pay the extra 2 bucks to have that included. The bad reviews come from people who haven't played RTS or who aren't experienced because this is a decent game and the campaign is not hard to beat. The gifts you get at the end of the mission I find is a waste of time you don't need it. The ads are nice because you can even choose ads that are profiled towards you and they only show up after the mission, which is a lot better than halfway through. A lot of people would be willing to pay 3-5 bucks if you guys really beefed up the content and made the overall navigation and HUD more streamlined. There should be a button where you click once and with one finger drag a box to select your troops. The units have minor bugs and glitches but nothing a patch can't fix. Building is a little weird to get used to but is difficult for people who like to keep a neat base. There should be a building mode where the map transitions to a grid and that way you can line up your buildings more evenly. You have potential for a great game here and people would be willing to pay 3-5 bucks maybe more just for the nostalgia. Please don't do micro transactions for this it will hurt the game. Overall it's a pretty fun game but has plenty room for improvement, I hope you guys listen to what the players want and I really do appreciate you bringing back a nostalgic game to mobile.
Dune 2000 remake if anyone has ever played it on PC was solid rts back in the day, this literally looks like a semi-HD version slightly diff style but same units, same terrain... you can almost never select any of the units when you try moving around the map it try selecting stuff and when you're trying to move an item that moves the map instead, definitely needs a lot of rework...
Game has programing problems gets stuck in loops so you cannot advance to next level , dosent respond to the commands you give.
Downloaded game. Couldn't navigate past a very annoying explanation of privacy policy for ads to actually play it. Extremely poor navigation. Uninstalling..
Its hangs sometimes but i think it needs to be updated ...and d graphics need more work to be done so as d control but i still give a five star because it really qn interesting game
I try to play daily.But I've never Won any Game.You are under attacked even in First Match.There should be one Tutoral for everyone & also A guide app is needed.
Another good RTS by digital garbage, based on the old Command & Conquer games. This one seems like their version of DUNE 2000 (sandy alien planet, spice-like resource). Very cool, I plan on diving in as soon as I finish Red Sun. Totally worth the price!! Maybe on the next one you could squeeze in some cinematics, cutscenes, or voice-overs for more story and character. Give us some flavor, and some hero characters (Like C&C commando chick, Tanya).
Hey bro make this game like command and conquer 3 red alert. And improve its graphics. Why there is not any ships or water units.... Only land..... Please improve graphics and gameplay....
Closest thing I can find to "Dune 2000" on PlayStation 2. Good job. Don't seem to be able to find many command and conquer style app games
game play is ok. pretty close to command and conquer on the CP. some features not present but did not affect gameplay much. story pand buildings were the same throughout each level and each faction. very difficult to maneuver turrets because they are so small on a pho e screen. all in all. this game will most likely satisfy your cnc craving but know tht you won't hve dogs or yuri in the game... can not infiltrate enemy bases or buildings and very limited options for freeplay
I love the whole idea of the game But it's difficult most at times to move structures to the required place and at times it lags the developer needs to really take a look at it please
absolutely f $#%/^ love this game if u liked command and conquer and mis playing it for hours on your pc then welcome home
Hi Guys Really Nice Game As A Command And Conquer fan Ive Searched Everywhere For A Game Such As This Classic Base Construction As Well As Harvesting Operations As Some Of Us No This Game As DUNE 2000 On PC I'd like To See More Impressive Updates For This Game In Near Future Like New Maps And New Missions In Game Play..
Also giving this game a 3, It keeps crashing and no updates of modifications are done to the game to improve an errors
i like the concept of this game, it reminds me of StarCraft. Anyhow, once the game gets more units and/or vehicles on the map, it won't let me move my units (only select and attack), also the purchase units screen keeps appearing during game play unnecessarily. Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
Good game but crashes every 10 minutes and the save option doesnt work so you always have to start again making it impossible to play
I kept having an issue in Skirmish where the enemy kept building turrets inside my base. I would destroy it and they would build another.
I liked red alert when I played it and this game has the same aspects except for you don't have time to build up before you get destroyed controls could use some help as well. Potential to be a good game, but I lost interest within 10 minutes.
It's C&C but with less atmospheric music. The intro needs a cool narrator voice - Morgan Freeman? The tutorial is so so. AI is stupodly focused on killing harvesters so it was piss easy to demolish it. I literally breezed through the first 3 missions without any sweat. UI is serviceable but a way to create "attack groups" would be nice - hard without a mouse i know. How about a square pre-selection and all units in it can be the group, then once selected they are assigned an icon alfa, beta, etc
This and red sun are almost perfect. One annoying thing is all the buttons are extra sensitive and I constantly start building stuff I dont mean to build. But everything else is so good i couldn't really complain. Please make a new one but kinda upgrade everything if possible but stay true to the game.
This game has a lot of potential after playing it for the first time. Controls were a bit different & sometimes unresponsive same for its settings like with the icons, etc. but managed to get the best of it through trial & error. Im not sure though why others would say they dont have much time to build up their forces bec it should still be tolerable esp if can handle fast gameplay.
in nxt update? please make possible to save a game in skirmish mode? anyways, I love this game very strategistic :)
Good to have an alternative to c&c but its suck with too many bugs & improper codings.. ex: units keep rotating when their way blocked with each other or grouped together, draging problem & sometime clashed with a control panel etc. Graphic, music & sound effect need to be more attractive. This game shouldn't be released. The game "warfare inc" is much better than this. Fix the bugs 1st then u can have a higher rating.
The game keeps on stopping on my Android tablet. Could you please improve it or tell me why it stops on my device.
Great game Dune 2000 for mobile app would of gave it 5 stars but game play is a little rough but playable the building menu needs some improvement icons are to big there is a options at the top to put it in grid form also the build menu pops out/ in annoying when trying to attack only need it if I'm going to build. The other thing is enemy doesn't give you much time to build up forces and rebuilding after you destroyed there mcv building make it harder to bet but I still won though
It deserves 0 star . helicopter is useless,mission 2 is very difficult to complete . I am totally dissipointing through this game.
I like your game but so you can make another rts that is offline with earth attacks like bombing and gunning.
so gave this game a review a year ago , came back to it and it is still bad. Drag and click moves the screen, options button doesnt work. game is still a crappy recreation of C&C red alert
Oh my gosh, what a wonderful homage to/clone of Dune2000! I've played the first couple of levels with smooth gameplay so far, and it really takes me back to those old Command and Conquer days on the pc. Thanks so much! (Is there anything Tiberian Sunnish on the horizon?}
This game could be amazing if it was possible to build only what you need. The building list needs to be scrolled to reach war factory, but every other building is being built because it only needs to be touched to start building. Fix the build menu and make building selection effective. When the screen is touched in order to scroll down the building list, buildings on the list are being built on the way down to what you want to build. I play on S9+
horrible, in the campaign, when I built my barracks, it said to build five gunners, simple, unless the enemy comes in and destroys your barracks, and then destroys your power supply, what good ai for beginners, just right off the bat send 15 enemies at me, excellent work creators. by the way, never downloading this again..
Dont download its not like rusted warfare its terrible u cant place building wher you want, no water and limited stuff you can do mechanics are confusing i mean where the money comes from in game, when you tell a unit where to go, they like get confused and knock into one another and no sense of direction.
It's a great Campaign, But at the 9th level at the Scientists Faction was too hard it was impossible to destroy the enemy base with weak tanks and a few men, improve level 9 please...
Cute idea but a Dune2000 pc clone....needs a loooot of work, really sloppy gameplay, bad menus, bizarre animation for unit moviment... But still its a cool rts port
This is one of the only few ACTUAL RTS games for mobile, and with the bug fixes its FANTASTIC. Plays a lot like the legendary RA2 but on mobile AND very good controls. As long as your phone isn't ancient this game is awesome.
hey buddy, cool game. .... why does it keep repeating level 4 in camp mode.???? is that as far as we can play or are thier other levels? if so hit me back with some answers please. cause this games wicked
I find it hard at first but now I always win in skirmish even in higher level enemy. If you get the right patern of what to build first, you won't loose. There's a bug on miner and the production bldg. But try to sell the bldg and build a new one. That's how I overcome it. Campaign is the that I really find hard because of the monster who eats my miners. I haven't find a way to overcome that still. But it's a great game. Controls are ok you just need to learn what is everything for.
Fun gameplay but no planes or jets such a fabulous game why not add 5 more for each category infantry / planes tanks,add air factory dont forget a few super tanks and planes so technology bldg is fine
dam close to dune 2000 definitely like that, could give you more to do though and the building placement makes no sense but all in all still enjoying it
Well wat i think is add some Other nations like Great britain, korea, and russian but has different kinds of vehicles and powerful troops that every nations have
This is a great game! Its very similar to Command and Conquer - Red Alert. I've been looking for this on a mobile platform for years.
Lack of control for units. Map freezes and you can't move around. Played level 4 three different times because it didn't save my progress. Gave 3 stars because it has promise.
I'm giving it a 3/5 for a great concept, pretty good design, an alright story, but it needs a lot more polish before it can be called finished.
Can you guys fix the a.i path finding everytime i move a bunch of troops to a spot some of them just goes in circles
it could be a good game but it's running glitchy. I would check out machines at war and land air sea both same rts developer
It's just WAY too hard, the enemy has rocket launcher units and gunners, you have gunners ONLY, can't get past even LEVEL 1
Have you ever tried playing your own game? Were you able to use the controls? This game seems like a half-assed attempt at developing a game. It's almost an exact copy of command and conquer but done so irritatingly small making it very difficult to play and see.
Great old school RTS Clone. If you've ever played Dune 2000 on PC back in the day, this game is a nice nostalgic time killer. 👍👍 Controls can be a little touchy but it runs great.
i will installed this app if playable with friends offline via hotspot or bluetooth connection ..it really popular soon if you add this in your game.. 😊
I can't open the game they said Context3d not Available i dont know to do pls fix it pls i really need to play
The game is impossible to control and unplayable. I tried and by the time I actually managed to get a couple of structures down the enemy killed me with like 2 tanks it's ridiculously unplayable I'm guessing most ratings are fake or on tablets.
This is the best game i've ever played in my life.The graphic is good in fact everything is perfect in this game.You will enjoy if you download this game
I so wanted to love this game, but in the end I hated it. First is the fact that you almost instantaneously get attacked by an enemy who is always much more advanced than you can hope to be. Second is the controls, the screen locks up during battles, doesn't pause, you just lose the ability to access controls, all while you're getting wiped out by the enemy. Also production of units is limited to one single unit at a time, no ability to stack production, lame. Epic fail of a good idea.
this is a fairly solid RTS for your mobile phone. although there is no real gripping story, the gameplay is solid. I would really like to see the developers add a pause feature and a way to reference and look at unit types would be good as well
Skirmish freezes, attempted 3 times to build up, unresponsive. As an old school c&c fan, was looking for a game I would pay for. This could have been that game despite much needed improvement, but it just freezes. Anymore than 15 minutes of playing skirmish and the app becomes completely unresponsive. will attempt again and update review in 1 week.
garbage the devs names don't lie half of the time the buttons don't work and I thought there was troops bein made but NOPE it was frozen and ballencing bad like first level is a breeze second one is like crapin out bricks with nails pokin out of them.
Great game potential except at level three, none of the buildings can be built. They are all greyed out. After saving and restarting a few times options.for buildings appear but you can't place them. Very glitchy still
The game is glitching, difficult to control units. An AI charge at your base almost immediately. You have no time to build up. Uninstall and one star from me.