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EXiTS - Room Escape Game

EXiTS - Room Escape Game for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by NAKAYUBI CORPORATION located at 神奈川県川崎市川崎区東田町1-2いちご川崎ビル602-A. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun game, I'm always looking forward to new levels. However, I just got a new phone and there is no way to transfer my progress since Exits does not use Play Games. Unfortunately now I lost all my progress on my new phone. Guess I'll have to keep my old phone on standby just to play.
Fun escape room. You really have to think. Once you get it you are so proud of yourself. Only thing is when you switch phones like I just did it starts all the way back at the beginning. Some how they don't recognize your phonenumber's progress.
Most of the time it makes sense on what you need to do to solve certain objectives, but there are some that, even with the hints don't make sense to me. Other than that it's a really enjoyable game.
Great game. The normal levels are relaxing and the hard ones will definitely make think a time or two.
Your basic logic puzzle game. Find the items in the correct sequence to escape. It's easier than others I've played b/c each level is a single room.
Fantastic game. Completed all levels, right level of challenge and game makes it easy to get coins for hints. Brilliant work devs!
A few puzzles are a little too complicated, and the ads every time I take or look at a screenshot with my phone camera are highly interruptive. The in game camera only saves the last picture taken, which is a great feature, but sometimes you need 2 or 3 to solve a puzzle. Other than that I'm enjoying this game a lot. I like that you can choose your difficulty level.
Ok so this by far 1 of my fav games hince ive kept it so long but u dont get anything for redoing levels and u only add like 2 new ones a month thats just not enough im gonna have to delete soon if u cant fix this problem
Great game to play. Nice graphics and no glitches in the game at all. Upload to the next level of games is fast and the game is fun and challenging, but not overly challenging. Kudos to the developers; I can't wait for EXITS II.
Novel puzzles that require a deeper power of observation. Sometimes pencil and paper required, but satisfying solutions are the norm. Well done!
Love the game. Easy to understand and navigate. Absolutely enjoy continuous upgrades and new levels. Could solve a lot of them without the hints, there were a few levels where I got stuck and the hints were not very clear, had to look up the solution, but overall the game is marvelous.
So far so great! Some of the clues are hard for me, but the option to watch short ads is working well to unlock clues. The game is fun and satisfying.
Just got started -- Fun so far! Not 5 stars because I've unlocked 6-7 rooms but haven't gotten any coins yet. Not sure why not. UPDATE: Been playing for months now, and it's great! Challenging but not impossible with hints that are free when you watch the short video or cost only 2 coins when you don't want to wait. Lots more coins available -- for free! -- as the game gets rolling. Nice to play a fun, challenging game that is *actually* free!
I still cannot play the Doll Second Stage until now.. Please fix ittt Update : I already cleared the cache many times,restarting device and all but still the same. The app suddenly close once it try to load the stage. Idk what else should i do.
This game REALLY drains my battery - about 50% in 1/2 hour, plus my phone gets really hot. It actually overheated and shut down my phone a couple of times. Also, there is an error in stage 2/3 of Horror House - the symbols puzzle, 3rd symbol. The notice in the game says to contact the developer about found errors through the Settings feature, Support option, but there is no such option in there to contact them. Other than those issues, this is a great game!
I love puzzle type games and EXITS is my favorite game to play. If a room is too easy then try the hard level. Truly my favorite strategy style game to play.
It is entertaining & I am enjoying it. Some of the clues seem to be backwards from the answer & there have been a couple I wasn't quite sure about but over all I am enjoying the game. I can watch a short video to get a clue or use coins I earned.
I can't bring myself to do an escape room in real life so this was intriguing. There's no anxiety and I love having to think creatively about how two things can be related to each other to solve the puzzles. Definitely recommend downloading.
I really love the puzzles but I quickly went through the entire game. If I had known how long new levels take to come out I would have gone through the levels a little slower... But with that being said I wait impatiently for the new level to be released!!
Excellent puzzles, not too difficult but not too easy. Minimal ads and a lot of levels, though I wish there were more. :)
I love this game very much. So engaging and immersing. The art is pretty and music is calming. It feels good beating a challenging level. The only thing is I wish the data transferred over to a new phone or device. I got a new phone and now have to start the game all over and I lost my points..
Fun, relaxing. I like the camera feature. It adds fun to the game and removes the frustration of trying to remember sequences.
Fun small games with cute graphics and a good level of challenge. Be ready to mute ads at the end of levels, but there aren't many. Advancement doesn't require purchases, and the challenge level is high enough to hold interest without being discouraging.
Really enjoying this game! I got addicted hard. I flew through these levels and the puzzles from Escape Rooms. I very much appreciate that the developers keep adding levels!
Very fun with lots of free content. Ads don't pop up at annoying times. The content progresses as you play and a good coin system makes sure you never get stuck on a level. I didn't know free apps could be this good.
Simple but Satisfying. The levels are increasing in difficulty, and you're not forced to watch ads for free play without hints.
This is the only escape room game I have found that actually feels like an escape room. While some clues are straightforward, others require some thought. I love the different themes and that each level has its own background music that fits the theme. The only downside is that there are only about 2 new levels a month, but considering how much thought seems to be put into the levels, it is understandable. Plus, I always have something to look forward to each month.
Lots of fun puzzles that aren't hard but also aren't super easy. Great balance :) No need to purchase hints.
After completing the normal level (lots of games) and the hard level (several but a few less games), I completed the 2 special levels and then ... nothing! Apparently, you have to use coins to buy more levels, so I started back at the beginning of the normal level, but there are no more missions to earn coins, so this "free" game is a lie. It's just a bait and switch, not truly free. The constant notifications are irritating, too. It was fun while it lasted. Now, I'm going to uninstall it.
What a PRECIOUS game series that both challenges & entertains -- a MUST HAVE for puzzle/problem-solving enthusiasts 🧠❣ I simply cannot put it down since installing -- all my FAVE games/activities are so NEGLECTED these days 🙃!! Issue wise, if only the camera saved pics when exiting the game {❣OMG at the convenience of a camera function❣} & the game often needs to be restarted for the correct solution to work 🤷🏼 + I have a few minor suggestions, but all in all, it's more than worth 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
I love this game and a man named John too. I want to marry him. Going back to the game, these scape rooms are awesome! The design is wonderful, the characters are super cool, the puzzles are very challenging and catchy. Amazing and smart experience. Highly recommended. You have to watch commercials to open new levels but at a very friendly level. After all is a free game. Enjoy.
This game is amazing! The developers are constantly coming up with new levels, and the ads are not bad at all. You have many opportunities to advance on your own, without using coins. You just have to persevere and think outside the box to solve levels. It's a game I come back to again and again to pass the time.
This game is so much fun. The different room themes are great, and the puzzles are very creative. You actually feel like you're doing a real escape room. This app is just so well done.
I've always thought this is the best virtual escape rooms I've ever played. However, the recent update produced a bug when you play ads for hints. I've watched 4 ads to the end, but even when the ad closes itself because it has ended the app tells me I need to watch until the end before I get my hint. I've recorded this, if you need evidence. I think it is insane that the ad closes on itself then tells me I exited prematurely and didn't earn the hint.
Requires complete attention and observation. Lots of satisfaction upon solving, even when you use hints.