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Is a Action game developed by Crescent Moon Games located at 488 Charlton Road Ballston Spa, New York 12020. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game has: open world, story line, role playing system, side quests, secrets, weapon upgrades, three classes. BUT! World is almost empty, story line is a bit short, side quests are just "to have them in game", there is almost no loot. But still I give it 4 stars because I believe that Crescent Moon Games try to bring mobile gaming to a way new level.
Lots of fun but a bit short. The main quest plus bonus quest can be finished in just a few sittings. The worst thing about the game is that there isn't more of it. The story really builds and then it ends abruptly. Would love to see more or a sequel.
I loved what happened to this game? it's broke now, I had about 20 hours logged in, now it won't even boot up.
This thing's unplayable. First, it doesn't support the PS4 controller. It seems to detect a controller is attached, but nothing works. Then it goes on to take ages to load (internal storage) and doesn't let you skip the uninteresting story sequences. When it finally starts, no visual joystick on the screen and you have to guess? Even when you finally seem to guess where the touch controls are supposed to be, it's all so bumping that I got with motion sickness after a minute. I'm dumbfounded... just took it because it was free, but I won't play it even if someone pays me to. Don't waste your time or money on this, don't say later you weren't warned.
Good game, just wished it had more depth, guns, vehicles, more quests/story and less empty lands. Other than that, excellent. Sad the dev abandoned the game. Published by Crescent Moon Games, build by someone else, so don't hate on CMG!
I would recommend this game to anyone with a device that let's it reach its full potential. All the bugs and lags have been fixed. There is more to discover in every corner of this world. Also I think that multiplayer should be added if single player is available even without WiFi.
Paid for this and downloaded to my Nexus Player, but it won't respond to the controller as soon as it reaches the menu screen.
Not sure if this is my issue or yours but the bluetooth controller works for every action except firing and reloading...you know, the most important buttons of the game.
I love the graphics. And I also enjoyed the initial premise and story line. But this thing in no way is compatible with the standard Microsoft xbox one Bluetooth controller. The developer has the same problem with some of their other games. Like stellar wanderer. And it's a shame nothing was done yet to fix this. Hold up 2015? This thing has the seen an update since 2015. Buyer beware....
Fun game. Although it is short. Was hoping for more content like Ravensword. My only big problem with this game is it really needs a map. Was always getting lost.
Can't play it all because the game doesn't react on gamepad at all though it finds it and switches to gamepad mode, also gamepad buttons are shown at menu items. Same thing with the another game - Mines of Mars. On start it selects gamepad mode, shows button icons, but no reaction on buttons.
This game had potential but upon running to the end it falls short of ravensword by alot. Way less enemie types way less hiden things to find way way less story. Very short game. Not happy because with the graphics and story idea this could have been a fantastic game. Would love to see a remake. Just say mulagan
It's awesome but there are still a few bugs, such as going on vehicles and falling through the floor. and maybe add some more animations like backwards walking. other than that, it's fun and addicting!
Just wanted to buy this before you guys sell out another great game to that absolutely horrible GameClub model. I hope Crescent Moon someday stops giving their games away to those greedy clowns.
It may be an ok game but never worked without massive lag on my Galaxy Tab 3. I can't play it at all, waste of money, Refund Please!
its like unfinished there's berly missions at all not much to choose from with characters you can't sleep through the night I put three stars because there's no game like this but its like I'm playing unfinished game more vehicles, more guns, better game play more clothes please, needs update love game but please update this game worth it need more to do besides missions lots more i I injoy a game like this if made right more shops more stuff more life and I can't turn up graphics for some reas
I love Crescent Moon Games. I played "Ravensword: Shadowland" and it is one of the best games I have ever played. "Exiles: Far Colony" keeps the outstanding graphics I saw in Ravensword. The difference of day and night is great and the vehicles are nice. However, I have to say that, overall, I am very disapointed. There are ery few missions and I beat this game in less than three days because of how short it is. Not only that, it is very laggy, it is really hard to aim without a controler, there are very few weapons and vehicles, it would be nice to have a map without the need of going to a teleporter and there are very few cities and a really big desert in which is pretty easy to get lost without a map. The biggest problem is how short the game is and I am not the only one who thinks so. Really disappointed; fix the game.
Graphics are absolutely amazing! Gameplay is fun, although way to short! The game needs a severe update to remove the lack of emptiness that throughout the game. Also a mini map would be nice because it is easy to get lost. Please consider these changes, and then I will alter this review!
Es un juegazo, pero para los gráficos que tiene, sobrecarga demasiado mi tablet. He jugado a juegos con mejores gráficos y han funcionado muy fluidos, y no constaban 8 eurazos...
Very disappointed. I love Crescent Moon and their games. This one is okay but frustrating because it shows controller support but only with shield I guess. It also won't let you change the graphics unless you have a shield. I have root access controller mapper but the left analog stops working the second a controller is connected. Why handicap your game for everyone but shield users? The others are right as well, HUGE map but Really short campaign, lot of places to explore but nothing in them.
One of the best game i ever played, except i can't set the graphics. Why there are only Standard button on the graphics section? My phone is mid-low end, and i can't set the graphics. Well, this is the only problem for me
Please fix the controller support asap otherwise I just wasted £7. I enjoyed Strike Wing Raptor, another Crescent Moon game, so bought this. I have a GPD Q9, a gaming tablet with built in joypad that can operate in Xbox or PS3 modes. This worked fine in the other game but this one doesn't recognize the controller at all. I can only assume that it only supports the Nvidia Shield joypad.
This seems like the base of a game, not the actual game. It's not very long, the main mission ends remarkably abruptly and there is nothing else to do afterwards. It doesn't matter what weapon you pick as you can max it out ridiculously quickly and then you can kill everything in a few shots. I feel like I'm missing something here but none of the main characters have anymore quests for me.
Horrible controls. One second into the game I got jammed between the rocks and Anderson and couldn't move which made the game completely unplayable. It didn't help that the graphics are extremely dark like the developers are too lazy to program for shadows, shading, and textures. No info on how to shoot my weapon. Grade = F. Uninstalled.
Not a bad experience, especially considering when it was released. Could do with more NPCs, greater draw distance, the shadows are a little glitchy, and it doesn't streach to fit the screen of my s10. Nothing game breaking, still a fun game
I wish there was a little more guidance when getting around. It takes a while to get anywhere so when you find out you were going in the wrong direction the whole time it is quite frustrating. Some of the sound effects for instance on the hover bike are looped in a way that makes it seem really obvious it is a loop. There are just some things here and there that will help make the game feel polished and finished that I feel it is missing. Overall though great game, especially on the Nvidia Shield TV.
Like everyone else said, it's the bones of a game. It's lacking quite a bit of depth and the controls are buggy. Finish this game and I'll change my review.