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Executive Command

Executive Command for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by iCivics located at 1035 Cambridge Street, Suite 21B Cambridge, MA 02141. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is amazing .I love the game. I would like to give some advice that there should be 4 things to be added. 1) Make elections for the president's post. 2) Allow the President to make own laws or acts. 3) Allow the President to make his own committee of head of departments. 4) Include some more problems and situations like spread out of diseases. This would make your game a blockbuster. It would be thankful to you.
Once I figured out where all the laws go, It was fun, tried to play game as a liberal president- it was an epic fail presidency- That was pretty funny! Wish there was chance at a second term in office, other wise 5 stars for this game.
I loved this game a lot, but I hoped it was longer with more options & gameplay, really enjoyed it, Thank you.
Great game but it needs to be competitive there is no opponent.No vice President . Good game but needs improvement i hope there will be reelection in the next update
This is a really interesting one.. brief but really interesting. One can learn a lot from playing icivic games... play Argument wars now .
the game is awesome. I have a suggestion please merge the games win the white house and the execuitive. This will make the game more interesting
The game is so awesome but try to merge it with win the white house it will be sooo good.... it's just like you campaigning to win the presidency after win you can start your duty as a president from this game...
It's fun for about 5 minutes, but every bill that you approve says "YES, thoughts are good choices!" Or "OH NO, that one isn't very good". That's the whole game. Super boring. Game isn't even finished. Don't waste your time.
Policies and agenda bill are too obvious, it gives you a bad or good one to pick and it's not fun. You dont have to use your brain to think which to pick. Also it is way too short, add some random events in and allow us to re-elect for lot longer. It's a shame, I enjoyed it but way too short. Lots of potential
Its good but i'll appreciate if the addition of an election, vice president and the other presidential stuff
To be honest this is the best game ever. And i also think that it is very underrated among other game. Developer's of this game has done a really great job! They should feel very proud of it :-)
When it comes to acts of war. Make the choice more logical. Sending the coast guard to invade a country is a terrible idea. They don't have the ability to do a full on invasion. Marines and the Army does. I had to go with coast guard the whole time. Really pissed me off.
The game are great but it's to short to play it... It's very short, I wish make it longer to more fun...
the game is excellent but the only you should organise a election first and then you should give the option to attack on another country
Its one of the best games i have played, but i am just giving it 3 stars because it ended very soon. You could have added more on the game story. After a ruling period the game ends
nice game but my suggestion if possible. can you please include an election. I love this game and I use it for fun everyday
of course add threshold percentage approval for a second term, cleaning up the previous terms messes, judiciary picks, budget,Amendment 30 reelection for 2 stellar terms, impeachment oposition in the form of other countries and grassroots .p. s.The ultra-right or ultra-left slant of the PREZ shouldn't matter as much as what's being reminded.
Great game, but it's too easy and obvious. I would recommend you join win the white house with this game that way you can campaign and if you win become president. Also make it more realistic make congress support or oppose the president and make impeachment a factor in the game.
This game is fun at first but it does get boring. But over all improving options and making it to we're you can get reelected would be fun and more realistic (considering that the president if they we're really liked could be reelected). Also this game could use more character design things.
It's a very good Exec simulation game only it's too short. Would like it if it had more random laws, reelection, and more stuff. But in this version, it's already great.
Pretty easy, straight forward game. Took about an hour or so to complete. Not much replayability. Reduced a start to the obvious left leaning bias of the game. Checking out the other apps by the developer to see if the bias continues.
I agree with the other comments you developers make it too easy to win and I agree that with "Executive command " you should be able to go for re-election and make your own cabinet and department heads and I would allow player to see who they want to go to war with. But over all it a pretty good game
Love the game, lot of great stuff to do, a couple of suggestions though. First I would like to see more policies, international trips, and new military reports. Second, can you make the timer show the months of the year going by like you did in county's work.
I recommend it but only once after you reach the top (and for me that was only my second time playing i got 100) it gets boring and stale please add more events and no not new laws
The game is great. It would be better if you could port your progress in Win the White House over to this one and have your candidate in WWH do the stuff in Executive Command. A merger is overdue.
It's one of the best games I have played but re-election should be added to it.. Any way good job lads
The game is a great one. However I wish it could include starting a political career on the hill, contesting primaries, running a campaign and then the white house
It's a nice game but it's too short as I finished it in less than an hour ..... It's really addictive game ... keep it up...make more games like this
The game is great but I would request the developer to make it more complex like allowing for an election and a re-election run, being able to create your own cabinet/department heads and mediate over public holidays. Make it more real
A game full of potential but unfortunately falls short. The concept of this game and the actual gameplay are both interesting and fun but I would recommend not bothering. The game takes about 30 mins to complete and gets a little tiresome and repetitive at times. I found it ridiculous after completing the 4 year term that you cannot continue for reelection.
Super fun but short, I finished the game in 35 minutes and all I can do is replay but deserves 5 stars :)
Fun for a while. But that's not really important since the purpose of the game is to teach kids how the elections work and it does that well. It does what it's supposed to do but don't expect to get more. I you have nothing to do then play it. It's free anyway.
Fun game the first time around would like to see different things happening instead of the same 2 plots.
Great game just wish was longer like make it so you can run for a second term and also get elected. That would make it so much fun but it still is a great game
Pretty good except The countries you go to war with are not real countries. We need a nuke war with North Korea and China and Russia in this game
It is very clear which side of the political spectrum created this game. Its a good concept, but includes heavy support for Medicare For All, AND increasing taxes and government funding. A game shouldn't push one side of the political spectrum. Its just not reliable.
Personally I think that the game should have an option to continue going for as long as you can, by having over 50% support you should be able to run for another term once the current term is over.
The game is nice and politically accurate. But you should add the other departments. And, there was an error that, in third year of presidency, there were two State of the Union addresses. It was supposed to be done every year.
The game is good. But the controls are horrible. Especially when you click buttons at the bottom of the screen. The game becomes more horrible because of sudden crash when I tried to click that specifuc button. First gameplay experience becomes horrible because if this. 5 stars if you fix it immediately.
Tons of fun! My friends and I love playing executive command! It's both an educational look at presidents and government and a fun and even challenging game about being the president!
Excellent Game The only thing I wish this had is the opportunity to run for a second term and maybe combining the games where you run for president with this one would be great. I'd also like the ability to focus on multiple things at once and have a complete agenda versus focusing on one topic.
The game is very informative and educational. It was a bit boring and dry. After playing a few games it is no longer worth it but for a quick fun game to do highly recommend.
This is a very intresting game i love it very much but i am giving it 4 stars because it is a small kind of a game please developers increase the gameplay
A very good, educational and at the same time quite simple simulator of a presidential race. I especially like the descriptions of party values and voice acting! Keep it up, I wish you success in your new future games!
It's OK but I wish that their were 8 years instead of 4, there's nothing really else to do as well. My suggestions are more mods (I think I spelled that wrong) like where there are more war and people can turn on you.
Fun very fun and educational I have played a few years ago and happen to stumble across while searching for Star Wars games. For parents this game is very child friendly and educational I learned a lot from it and I thought I knew a lot about what the president does already before I played. I recommend this for any kid who wants to learn about The Presidents job. I experienced no bugs or glitches when I played the only thing is it lagged a little bit but it is a good game for kids period.
Really fun game! Very repetitive but overall quite fun pretending to control a country, Bit unrealistic could make it like emails instead but overall 100% Recommend. Very good to kill time
I love the game, been playing it since 2016 and i still always want to play it, just wished that the game isnt as short as it is, just a few choices and a quick war then its over, would be great to extend the game further
JOB WELL DONE DEVELOPERS! You made an app that can be enjoyed by someone. You experience being a president for hours. It is too easy to play and not challenging but it is fun to play. Qe hope that there will be update so that more people will enjoy your game. Thank you for this app and more power to all of developers.. If only I can give this 10 stars, I will do that because this is a superb game..
Imagine walking in a grocery store trying to get all your items while answering time-sensitive emails from work. That's this game. No politics, speeches, debates, crafting executive orders, etc.
The game should continue after 4yrs by running again for Election if the prez wins the election then he continues for a second term, but if not then the game is over
I like this game. Although it is simple and limited, it is enjoyable. It would be nice to see an expansion and update of this game, as I would be prepared to buy it for a reasonable sum of money 🙂
Good game I wish to give this game 10 stars . I played and I was very happy with this game . Very good Keep it up Icivics . Please also saw the actually war so that it will more interesting.
Awesome game that doesnt lean hard in a single political agenda. My only gripe is that I was only Prez for 4 years, not because I wasnt liked, but wasnt allowed to re-elect.
This game is great. Try and merge it with win the White house. Trust me , it'll be epic. I install and uninstall this game. Over 2yrs. I think a merge or a change is long over due. Nonetheless, your games are awesome. Merge the ideas, you'll repeap the benefits. We hope you are listening to us🥺🥺🥺😭
Hi Icivics the game is great but, i still want the game to be realistic enough, Like for example you will add to the game what will happen in a war like a war environment and what will happen in a Diplomacy talk... Can you please like show us what will happen not just in papers but we will try to see the environment of a war and really go to an Diplomacy talk please i hope you can understand!!
I love the game! It's so awesome and realistic. I ask only that y'all updated so you can run for a second term.
Short but very sweet, this game is a joy to play every time but still gets old eventually. Definitely add more features and everything, I can't wait to see this game's potential make it something even better.
Great game, but it's too easy and obvious. I would recommend you join win the white house with this game that way you can campaign and if you win become president. Also make it more realistic make congress support or oppose the president and make impeachment a factor in the game. Can you also make the presidential experience more real the president doesn't just speak to congress, deal with war and sign bills.
All your games are pretty good. You guys make some of best simulators out there dont know if thats sad or good. Hope you continue doing more. Only complaint like all too short add more problems. Make your games harder. You should add your Win the white house game with this one. And again add online to Win the white house would be killer to play other real people.
This game is great I only have two things why cant you run for re-election and go for another 4 years and it can get a bit repetitive sometimes but the game overall is very good