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πŸ” Exceptions 1000 Levels

πŸ” Exceptions 1000 Levels for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by XIVA located at 36 571. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
At first I loved it it was working great. But now it keeps saying no connection and that's annoying because I cant play the ones I want to play .
Really enjoy the game but I would like to be able to browse by category such as food, sport, buildings or nature etc
Problems with this game: You only have 2 hints and that's literally it unless you wanna pay. The bar that shows how many differences are left is in the way, and as is the shading around the corners. Normally this wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that this is a spot the difference game. The shading makes me think there is a coloration difference and the bar makes me think something is missing in one of the images. You really gotta do some rearranging for this to be more playable.
i can spend all day playing this game, it's probably one of the best game i've ever played, so adictive and focusing, i love it but too much ads is spoiling the fun
I like this game very much and I play it almost every day but recently it got stuck I have 4 pic show remaining to solve but every time I try to play this isn't loding I don't know why?? I have the recent update but still am afraid that if I remove it then install it again I will lose all the status and I have to start from the beginning
THANK YOU for updating Exceptions! Even tho I have to do the first page of games over they are just as enjoyable and some just as hard as the firsr time! I have tried other similar games and they are just to easy and predictable!
Very slow to load pictures and crashes now and then. You can't load the next pic without WiFi connection. And the names of locations have nothing to do with the pictures. Ex: "Lyon, France" is a picture of very old caravan without wheels in a shed! Can't give it more than 2 stars.
For the past couple months the game had been GREAT!! BUT for the past two weeks, all the new levels will not load and the last level where the picture was from Japan has not loaded since it was added. Unfortunately since none of the boards will load and since no new boards have been added because the game has a major glitch or issue, I am uninstalling after this review. The game has great graphics and can be very challenging on a lot of boards, which I love! Please fix the game, will install.
I wanted to have a great experience and have finally found my Spot the Difference App, but instead it got 3 STARS. To say I was disappointed would have distracted from the ads that popped up if you just hit the wrong button. Headed to Uninstall. When this App is really ready I would love to know; gave 3 STARS to spot pics.
Best game of this type. It's good they got rid of the banner ads. I will gladly purchase the starter pack to support the devs for this great game
Too many ads, in-between Every game. Very slow. Also - a lot of pictures are dark & hard to see the details.
Great fun. The pictures are delightful to look at. Some of the matches can be difficult, but i very much enjoy playing. Even though the tap can be a little finicky at times, I'm going to give it a 5 star because its a well put together and polushed game.
I love this game. It is one of the most well put together games of its type. I like that not all differences are easy to find. Sometimes it takes a little bit of searching to find the differences. That happens to be something I enjoy about this game.0
I like this game, for one it has 5 more different objects to look for from other games, and some are very small to where you have to use the zoom in and out to find the rest which makes for a good challeng. It has easy to operate controls and is easy to read.
This game is so addictive! As you win the easy ones it challenges you to find those differences in more complex scenes. You can"t put it down!
I really enjoy this game ! I like the fact that you can choose (if you want to) which game you want to play. When you need to stop in the middle of the game & come back to it later, it doesn't make you start all over again ! It comes back where you left off ! It is also quite challenging most of the time...for me anyway, but I am 62 years old ! AND NO time limits !!
Extremely diabolical. Some differences are very easy to spot, others cause your eyeballs to ache trying to locate them. Definitely for players 16 and older. I love the challenge!
I love this game! I wish all the levels were already on the game when downloaded!! Only getting one new level a day after a certain point in the game, really is frustrating!!!!! However, outside of that, I love how challenging alot of the levels are! Helps with passing time!
First of all, I enjoy the game very much. Secondly, I have a little complaint. I know ads are important and all and it is the reason you get to keep making the game better but in the latest update you added lower banner ads inside the level. It is annoying and sometimes cover some differences I need to get. Try to make it smaller if changing its position isn't possible.
I really like this game. What would make it more challenging, is if we have a five to ten second penalty for when we click a few spots wrong (let say three times in row) which brings me to a second idea, the option for a timer to be added to see how long it took us to solve the puzzle, and so we can always try it again to rechallenge ourselves on solving it faster (with the option of only being able to solve the 3 stars puzzle once a day so we dont cheat when it comes to getting a faster time).
Updated review: WOW! Since the latest update, it works better than ever! Online and off, this game is again the "Best spot the difference puzzle game I've seen in a very long time! Beautiful pictures, HD quality and with various levels of difficulty, there's something for everyone and all ages in this little puzzle gem!" Hat's off to the dev team and thank you for all your hard work! I must also say that for a "free" game, the ads are minimal and not at all bothersome like other games. Kudos!!
This game is really fun, and updated daily with new pictures so it is continually playable. I enjoy winding down playing this game, it is engaging but does not require critical thinking. The pictures are challenging, there are not too many ads, and the payable option is for more hints which you can also get by watching an ad. Highly recommend.
Although it is much better and challenging than any other app, it still not the toughest. I have completed all the levels within a day. It would be awesome if you had some photographs with different color gradient so as to make spotting the difference real tough.
The ads open the play store automatically without clicking, they also last 30 seconds and then open another consecutive one for 5 more seconds. Ads after each level, too many. You could put only a fixed banner ad on main screen.
Really loving it, premium play and i loved playing spot the difference games since my childhood. However can you enable an option to let us find pictures from internet and enabling Spot the difference game on them? Would be exciting, wouldn't it?
Challenging! At times frustrating, but that's the fun part. What a relief to find the last one after searching forever, it's a clever puzzle.
I love this game. I love it's soothing music. It is not simple, it's noteasy, as a matter of fact it is a bit,challenging even for he pros. As pros go. 😎 Self entertaining🐺 The only thing I have trouble with is scoring and, exactly where the dividing points are. πŸ’‹But, it's all to obtain game funπŸŽ΄πŸŽ‘πŸ“πŸ‘‘
Best game for short distractions like at Dr office waiting etc, great pictures too...game won't advance now, same pic keeps coming back and if I leave I lose my progress, played one pic 5 times and it still stayed, use to love this game and still would if it worked,tried force stopping and restarting phone an it didn't help....Mike needs fixing for better ratings had great response from developers and changed my rating back to 5, still broke but they seem to care about the players
The game takes forever to load regardless of how fast your connection is. If you by some miracle get a level to load the details in each picture are clear and they're honestly fun to play. I've managed to complete over 20 levels but it has taken me ages. The screen will constantly go all grey and you can't click on the levels. Keeps insisting I have no internet connection when I have full bars. If you're looking for a long term game to invest your time in move on to the next!
Good game to spend free time, but this update has some glitch in it. Opened the app after some time and saw the update option, updated and all my hints (around 140) gone. Also too many ads came with the update.
Quite relaxing and enjoyable, although sometimes the differences are so slight that they're almost unnoticeable. The ads aren't too intrusive, and it feels polished and very intuitive to play.
Challenging game but the hint button needs to be moved. I have lost track of how many times I have accidently hit it. Also some of the differences are so minute I cant tell what is different about them.
I love the idea of this game. Only problem is its constantly freezing up after I choose the next picture. End up giving up and picking a different game to play.
My reason for the 1 star is due to finding out after installing that in order to keep playing you have to pay. You should make that very clear to ppl before the install. I love these sort of games and this one was looking great until the pop-up asking to subscribe. As you can see on all the other points I gave a 5 star, make a free game without it being for a short time only unless you subscribe and I will download the game again until then I'm out of here.
A nice app but spoilt by the ads. Not because they are there, but because there is no option to watch unless and until you request a hint - which is v annoying as you lose focus. Other apps have the option to watch ads at will and accumulate hints for use later on. This makes for a much more pleasant experience. For this reason I can't see myself playing v often.
Having the ads on screen making the images smaller is a no go from me. I was going to finish them all, but not anymore. Thanks...
Very fun game. Has kept me invested and interested. I even did a few side-by-side with my friend. It was like doing a puzzle together and kept us sitting still for an hour or so. Sometimes there are such minute differences that it takes a while to figure it out. I mean really minuscule details that seem so insignificant and takes me a bit of time to see the difference. Sometimes, I don't see the difference even when I use a hint. Causes you to really pay attention. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!
Cool game but...keeps freezing on the exceptions screen ever few games. Forced to close out until error message appears. Will give more stars if fixed.
It said that I needed to update to a new version when I opened the game but when I went to the play store there was no update botton. I wasn't able to play for the first time so I deleted it.
I'm so glad that I found this game 😁 it's the clearest pix,and the zoom cool and challenging but not too. I really love it.
You are the BEST out of all the rest. All I would ask is that you add more, I need to play this all the time. I love it!!!! Who needs hints, just gets me more puzzles PLEASE!!
Best game of this type. However they put adbar inside the puzzle again. I don'to mind ads between each puzzle, but putting ad inside the game totally ruins it. And you still don't give us an 1 time purchase to remove ads either. I can't afford to pay weekly. But I would gladly pay 1 time to have no more ads, but they NEVER put that option.
I play this game every night before bed its relaxing, fun and challenging. Tonight is the first night I let my son play he is 7 he was able to find the differences in the pictures. We were taking turns with each level it helped him fall asleep faster the normal tonight.
Good game with lots of pictures to play til your heart's content. The graphic and controls are good as well. The ads aren't so annoying. But it'd be better if there's detail explaining what will you get if you buy the starter pack. I expect something else but got what I don't really need.
I really like this game, and I would have given it 5 stars but it has one extremely annoying flaw: the clue, zoom and back options, as well as the line that shows how many differences you have left to find, are OVER THE PICTURES! They are constantly in the way, making me guess on something and then realize that the only reason I didn't see it on the other picture is because it was behind the lightbulb or what ever! Please put the options on a seperate banner, they are in the way!