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EvoWorld.io for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Pixel Voices. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like the implementation. Some remarks on last levels/balance changes but I would say this is awesome.
When i click on open it says flyordie.io keeps stoping. I uninstalled did not work. I restarted my phone. Did not work.😑😑😑 pls fix the problem.
It is so good game tho,but can the creators make all characters looking real because I see them like cartoony type and sometimes I think they are stupid looking when there like cartoon, and,yeah so please make them look real when it will become real,I will give more than five stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
I love the game but...the more better rank the more you lose xp also if you leave the game and rejoin you cant login in mobile
It's a great game but what I hate is that when you die you lose alot of experience. Also I hate when it restarts my progress everytime I join back. I play on ios
This game sucks the loading takes alot of time so I'm not able to play for me that loading never ends for me like I waited alot of time and it still didn't load
This is a great game, I love the time it gets to evolve I love the levels and I love the players. Yes there are a lot of times when ur stuck in a wall but still it's a great game
Pls fix this one problem is that I can't level up bc these people act so annoying and even when they are at max level. Can u pls add when the person gets max u give then a date of how long they can play for. Second people keep camping and this is a good game but it's the players they are sooo annoying so pls fix it.
It's good but I hate it when you die you lose like allot of experience.Can you please work on that but other then that it's such a wonderful game I love those cute emojis I think you should add more so more people will visit your wonderful game Edit (1) ok the game overflows with ads when you die and it didn't even let me back on the game so I had to get my experience up all over again!Oh and did I mention it takes FOREVER to load in?I might go back to wildcraft(or wildlife)bc this game is yuck!
Their is a glitch that I do not LIKE it keeps on logging me out pls fix this if u do I'll give 5 stars also add music it would be a bit better and I also tried unstalling it it didn't work
I rate this 4 stars cause it is soo hard the higher lvl people will instakill you and also sometimes there are glitches in the movement rest all is good
It's great but it's actually on chrome just search flyordie.io and you will find so there no need for app unless you want toose space and be lazy
It is amazing some fixing is sometimes it doesnt tell you what your gonna be next and pigeon has a little to many predotors
Can you like make a part of fly or die and put like new characters and the game is really really good game
Why so many ads and by the way everytime I die I am the level that was before my level so like say I was blue bird I die im a duck again and when I die everytime I have to watch a ad
The game is good i like the way it shows you the animals you can eat i love there's a bar of how much food you have.U also can grow to a reaper i think because i seen a grim reaper in the game and i just put one more star for no reason the one bad thing is that dont really like how slow you are in the swamp so can develper can you make the player a little faster in the swamp and sometimes I get caught by red outlined animals in the swamp.
This is useless, you can just search it on browser instead of installing this, otherwise, this "game" isn't game in your phone, but it opens you the browser. Controlling is really bad and buggy, on computer its really good, sadly not on phone. Anyways, this game is really good and actually fun, but because of the browser and bugs I gotta give 3*.
It is a good game but have some problem. When I die and click on respawn it says I will get an amount of XP when respawn after watching an ad , but when I respawn instead of getting that XP I loses that amount of XP , this is really annoying. And also add an offline mode to it to enjoy gameplay. Thanks
Love this game I gave it a 4-star not the 5-star because the game is a little bit frustrating but it's ok I love it but my brother doesn't like it so much but it's a good gameπŸ’–πŸ‘
Worst! First thing it cannot be pause. If we have to do something important then it will killed by dehydration or players. Kindly add the pause button then I will give it 5 stars or else....
I agree with all the ratings once i was playing for an hour and then I could not move like at all I just died over and over again intill i just left cause i could not play.And also can it save so you do not have to restart
I saw how good this game is but i can't play it i don't know why always when i try to open the app it say's ' Unfortunetaly fly or die io has stopped ' so i don't know why. Do you know why this is happening?
It is a good game but when people are the reaper they just attack for no reason u can make a private game so u will be able to chill
Overall Great!Two problems.The Pigeon has TOO MANY predators!Another Thing is that Predators Such as Mad Bat,Phoenix,Demonic Imp,and Dragon like to camp at the snow biome...waiting for snowy owls.To me it's actually annoying me.Every Time Im a snowy owl and I go there A ton of predators are there Idea:make it that when u pass the snowy owl you automatically teleport out of snow biome And when you try to enter again it won't let you.
I love it but I don't like to that when I leave I turn back into a fly And when I die after the video I lose some exp
This game is so fun just that it's hard to survive because lots of people can eat you but it is super fun.
I like it but every time I try to eat someting I have a 99.9 percent chance that I will not get seen and killed by another player
Great game but can you make it so that when you die you only go back one evolution because I died as like a swamp monster and got sent back to like a stone eater
Very good game but I give him 3 star because if I close and open again it restart my all progress so please fix it
This is a great game.But I gave it 4 stars because when you die your level decreases so you have to gain that level again.Because of that it takes forever to become the bone reaper.But it is ok.Nice game,updates,graphics. KEEP IT UP.
The game is great, but this isn't an app so much as just a link to the web page. It's difficult to play this game on my phone because my browser always wants to back out due to gesture controls, and it's also a pain trying to fullscreen this game on certain devices. It would be a whole lot better if this game actually could be played from a game client app.
Doesn't load any faster I spent a whole 7-day not playing it can you please add some attachments so it can be more faster to load because I rated one star because it's so unacceptable
I rate this one star because when I first opened the game it wasn't even loading so I uninstalled the game then I reopened it and it was still loading can someone fix this problem please!πŸ™„πŸ™„
Its a good game the only thing i dont like is that if uenter the very far water on the jungle ur traped if a big player u just gonna die
I love the game but the thing is I used to play it on phone and now when I rotate my phone it won't rotate like I don't know how to describe it i rotate but it wont
This game is so much fun! I love going in space and.... losing my oxygen... not that but i love seeing the cool space monsters. Get this game to get interested in playing other games. And is it free? YES! free and it takes up like no space!
This is a really good game but the reason I gave it 3 stars is because the ads. I respawn each time it's an ad, I die it's an ad, And when I start guess what, it's an ad. Its shoves it down your throat fox this soon.
First of all, just, make it so that you can see your predators. Second, fire and poison are overpowered, so make at least a duration to "remove" said debuff. Last of all, make things like worms and bread more common. Otherwise, this game is a masterpiece. (Oh some audio or music at the very least.)
Rvery single time i die an add louds and i havr wifi so its so long the voice So i dond really rexomend to put adds 100% of the time when i die and play again so can you fix this add problem also i got some thing i need i need more bread for the bird evolotion!! Other that that its a pretty good game
I played on computer in this good game. I'm from Russia and there are some mistakes in the text. BEAUTIFULL. I really like it!!! But there is one minus. It is very dark under ground. Can you make it littly brighter.
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The game is good but swamp needs a nerf so like the wasp and hornet swamp needs a chance to poison prey.Since swamp doesn't have a chance to poison it makes it hard to not get annoyed by it. So please nerf swamp monster.
Great game! There is only one tweek getting into the game takes forever. I have to try and try again but when it eventually get's me into the game I have so much fun at the game. I have no intention of uninstalling the game I also think you should add more creatures into the game, it's not bad that there's only 45 creatures ( and counting ) but just why not?! Overall great game.
Its a great game and all but..teh mad bats and other animals camp at the snowy place waiting for snowy owls and other animals to come and eat them its not fun beacuse of that and also i NEED a single player version also why do we have to leave severs that were too small and i made and account but it isnt working qwq
Its so fun to play with all the different things to play as.100%recommend try and you will see how good and fun it really is
It's fun and all but at the same time you dont need to download it because you can just do it on chrome so it's much better to not lose space on your phone
Great game BUT I get hornet and then there's like 82 Grimm reapers in the server and I just die ALOT so yeah maybe make it so like you start halfway where you left the game?!!
One problem you need to make something to teleport people out of the snowy owl area because I have died 5 times to grim refers I have died to a ghostly reaper I have died to,3 mad bats,7 phenexes,5 dragons,and6 demonic imps. P.S my username is enter nickname
All the app is, is a shortcut to the website this game is based on. You get to use VERY clunky touch controls which just doesn't work well when playing against PC people using mouse and keyboard. Would love to see an actual app in the future.
Cool game but i dont like that you cant fight back even you do tiny dmg but u should be able to fight back
This game is great! Nothing is wrong except that it is not that realistic that wasps can attack birds, And that birds can attack other birds? It is wrong but at least it makes it more fun!
Very good game I do recommend you play but there is a slight glitch that delays your flight but only if your having a really unlucky day
Can't you create this game to play as a app.browsers are keep lagging and action buttons are not workink.i like this and hope you create this to play as app not browser πŸ˜“
Great game! I finally got to the raven when a green creature came that poisons me, I died before reaching the water. It was just out of my reach because of the poison but my point is that you make fire and poison less op. Like once I just kept getting killed by poison. Please. Otherwise it's a great game, oh and also one suggestion, could you make it so that when you level up you can get to choose between different creatures much like diep.io? It would be great and would add so much variation!
The bugs of the game somtimes make it easy for you to get away from a predator and somtimes they help the predator
this game is very very fun only concern sorry for the spell wrongs im a kid but i think it is just very raging like when u get to grim reaper it gets way to stressful when u die thanks.
It's a great game but theres a problem my device does not load when I turn on the game please fix this and thank you for reading
It is not even a game no save and it is just a website trash game (website) remake it into a game and put in saves. And bad controls and you can do better than that with the graphics gameplay is ok but you die to fast.
It's a good game, but I feel like it's unnecessary to create an app that only links to the website. That sounds more just like a shortcut and less of an app. Which defeats the purpose of the app all together. So why can't you guys just convert the game into app form? I'll give more stars once I understand why just a shortcut was uploaded and not the actual game game.
It's a really good game the only problem is its laggey and gets annoying when you want to have fun when your a teenager because games like Roblox,Fortnite and Io games
This is the best game I have ever seen but it never seems to load. It always says "loading obgects 0/100" and it will never load! (I cant spell)
To many ads and you can just search up other websites to get this. My brother was playing this and said there's too many ads! (Search up other websites)
I've been playing this game online but it's just so hard that's all are the people who keep killing me players or npc either way I hate it I just died a lot but there's nothing you can really do to update it except make it easier for me
Really frustrating but kind of fun wanting is your teaching people how to be bullies and whenever you die you sometimes go back to the one you were before the one you are please fix those bugs
Even though this game is kind of hard to control on mobile and is still really good on a computer some people might disagree with me but it is the best way to play it even though it is a little expensive and I know it's hard to find this game without searching it but it's still really good game
I like the game but if you get eaten you will lost some of your exp im gonna delete this game and there's an ad's if you died pls. You can download it but just listen to this on my word's so that's all.
Its a good game but theirs a lot of ads and it's hard to level up sometimes. It's a hard game and can be frustrating sometimes I love the game though.
This game sucks because you have to actually have it up and down and it's reborn down up and down and why that good if it's really complicated
This is a complete masterpiece the best .up game I,ve ever played in my LIFE why just why 3 stars so OK there is a lot of ads BUT IN THIS GAME TAKE AWAY THE ADS AND WALA A SUPER MASTERPIECE THIS GAME IS AMAZING ON COMPUTERS AND LAPTOPS TRY ITπŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈπŸ™‚πŸ˜›
This game is super hard took me an hour and a half to get to a hawk and it took me a whole week to get past the falcon a week can you make this game a little easier this game is too hard seriously I don't like that you made this so hard I just don't understand why is it so hard to make it easier make it like a easy mode or play with Bots and then you could choose whether you want to play easy mode or hard mode or extreme motor very hard mode or very easy mode or just ghost mode the game is hard
I raided it a five-star because it's entertaining and fun although I'm on phone and it's pretty difficult to control the insects
Its Amazing! Evolving, Growing, Water, Everything! And It Makes Sense! And Theresn bosses, THAT makes the game even MORE AMAZING!
Its sucks because very time I play this i get stuck on snowy owl and someone is always waiter there for me it i can't get past it make it easier to level up and make it so people can just stay on the server forever once they get reaper they have to leave because people just camp and its very hard to play the game u would not recommend it to anybody ots horrible
The game doesn't even load I hate this game everytime I try to play it it stays paused can you make the game even better
when i make a review it means the game is the WORST.1. it is sooo laggy like joining the game and hit the w and a or d it takes like three seconds and 2. make a real game not a website so it has controls so it is easier to play and 3. it does not save progess say like you got 483854k and you die but you leave the website than poof you join back and a fricking fly again. those are the 3 reasons this GAME SUCKS.
great game but pls adjust the controls because they make it difficult to avoid predators and land on food. And also, can u fix lag?
I actually liked the basic conception of the game . And with that I can clearly say that the creators deserve a 5 star . But I would like to see a graphics evolution in the future and if possible some other new birds and stuff . One thing I would like to say is if we could have in game friends . But still great job guys and keep going
I am DONE with this game. 1. Every time i get KILLED there is a non-skip 30s ad 2. Why isn't this a app instead of a browser game? 3. Every time i try to escape a predator someone blocks me off so i get killed 4.This game is way too laggy 5.You should NOT install this app
The game itself is good, but the controls on mobile could really be improved. The controls are laggy and VERY buggy on mobile, and this small problem affects the entire gameplay A LOT. The graphics could also be a bit better, and something I found out, if you die too many times the graphics completely mess up to the point where you can barely see ANYTHING.
This game is so fun and it sucks when you die but at least you don't go back to far, I find it hard to eat other players, but I still have fun
It is good in fact really good and I think u should download but It can be a bit laggy it would be 5 stars if there was no lag but now it is 4 stars
This game is so good, but it lags and shows me so much ads there are ads when I die and when I respawn Too Much ADS. I Can't Take The ADS
It's a good game dont get me wrong, but i dislike how all this app does is launch the website on google. It would have been nice if they reduced the lag and upgraded the graphics by making the game run in the app and not on google. At least the gameplay is fun.
Creativity is good but this game just opens a browser, i get 10min to 20min ads every time i die, U CAN'T EVEN SKIP THE ADS and i always get targeted by the grim reapers when i am a pigeon and there is a swamp monster closer to them!,.
I love the high levels and largish map size. Would like to see more ability for the lower levels to escape, especially when they only have 1 or 2 things to feed on. Players just block the only exit which takes no skill and gives other player no chance. Should have at least 2 exits. Also, idk how the experience out of game works but I got to Phoenix and got kicked from server due to population and after 2 hours got to be a freaking butterfly... some people are joining at crazy high evolutions.
Honestly this game sucks.you don't even get a forcefield when you die and every time you die.no matter how many times.you still get a ad.
I would give it a five star but whenever I open the app it brings me to Google and I can't play so can u fix that and it keeps me in the loading screen and I can't play please fix that.