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Evoland 2

Evoland 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Playdigious located at 11 rue Hermite 54000 Nancy FRANCE. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fantastic game, great gameplay, complicated story and a lot of different game genre's with a pinch of references! There is also a difficulty level: Adventure- easy, Good Old Arcade- medium and Hardcore Challenge- a true hard mode If you ask me, the hardest challenge in the game is completing all the music tracks on Hardcore Challenge on a phone, you will remember this experience for a long time..
Game crash and bad controller response I get killed too often because the jump button I just pushed didn't work. The crash causes me to restart the game and I lose hours of game play.
If you love 80's and 90's video games and references galore then you will love this game. It takes a looong time to get used to the controls but the gameplay and story really make it.
I want to play this game fully and enjoy it, but every time when I fight plum and get to the mines it literally becomes impossible to progress. When you die in some rooms in the mines the minecarts disappear and there is literally nothing that you can do about it
Fantastic game ...1000% better than evoland 1..... I'm 31hours in and I still haven't finished the game ....I absolutely love ....the controls are a bit dodgy but I think the issue is my thumbs Hitting the wrong part of the screen .....
I've played this game 100s of times on my computer and love it, especially the card game. Here on my tablet, not so great. While the game itself is exactly the same, the controls are wonky and I'm using a steelseries b,tooth controller. The pc version is better all around, the puzzles and timed actions are ugly on this app and must keep repeating things that were easy on the pc. The game however is still a great one even on this, it's just much harder to get through.
Awesome game, super enjoying it so far except that I reached the arena, fought the Bears and died. And now the game stops progressing after I'm introduced by the arena guy and won't go any further. Really sad!!
Alright so. So far as for controls are a little diffucult but when it comes down to story. 10/10 i love the way you change from newer retro games to 8-bit/16_bit to 3d. I havent gotten to the 3d part. All i can say this has to be the best android game i have played in a long time. If there will be a 3rd game i will play that as well.
Got an error that crashed the game. "Unexpected exception" or something stupid like that. It was all of like 5 minutes into the game... I haven't played this for 3 years so I wanted to get back to it with a fresh start. It almost seems like I ran into an issue like this at first back then too, but I don't know. I'm using a PS4 controller with Bluetooth. Don't know if that would have anything to do with it or not. Literally the utmost annoying type of glitch a game can possibly have...
The game is great, very creative and challenging. Story could be interesting. Unfortunately, dialogs are waaaaay too much. Most of the time you just fast forward them and then try to find out if you missed anything important. Also, the game itself is very buggy. The version in running (102) crashes a lot. It just gets to annoying very fast.
Seems there is very little info on why we can't find all the orphans in a main storyline quest outside of this being an illegal copy that Google is offering... Hard to imagine that, though that is all the info I can find online about the bug with a missing orphan. Fun game other than that
This is the only time I game full 5stars to any app in play store.They intentionally borrowed elements from other games and that makes the game more enjoyable.after all main theme of evoland is evolution of gaming.each and every level throws you into nostalgia for the people who grew up playing console games.evoland 2 is very very very underrated game.
With no disrespect to the creators, this is a surprisingly good game. Evoland was enjoyable but quite basic, so I had low expectations for this sequel. What is offered here are impressive visuals; a clever use of gaming nostalgia, built into the fabric of the story; depth of characterisation; a well considered narrative; and enough complexity to keep ardent RPG fans entertained. Is it Final Fantasy quality? No. But it's up there at the top table - not bad company at all! Evoland Trilogy?
If you're wanting a pure experience, this is not the game for you. This game blends several genres including rpg/sidescrolling/and puzzle.. however; the poor on-screen controls make the sidescrolling portion incredibly frustrating. The RPG elements (so far) are basically just leveling, with the rest being hack-n-slash. It's not a terrible game, just difficult to enjoy for more than 5 minutes at a time.
At first I was sceptical about the game. Bro... This game is 🔥🔥🔥!! It's funny, tragic, philosophical, has some nice action, puzzles and fun minigames. Played it for 20 hours now and I'm still not done with the story. So plenty of playtime. Most of the time I play it with a controller. Sometimes with the touch interface. Both work fine, though the controller is way more accurate than my fingers on the screen! If you're hesitating, just buy it. You won't regret it.
I want to give this game 5 stars because the story is just great and the game itself is wonderful, challenging and rewarding. The main issue for me are the controls. Half the time I have to retouch the directional pad to face a certain way and when fighting large numbers of enemies it gets cuss out loud frustrating. Then the camera angles in the 3d world are terrible and half the time I can't see where I'm going. If it was pushed overhead by a little it would be perfect. Or pulled back some.
This is NOT Evoland 2! The original Evoland was an ambitious meta-game with a cool gimmick that it used to explore the history of gaming and poke fun at the various elements that make up games- I quite liked it. This game, however is nothing like it. This is just a generic RPG, with none of the things that made the first game cool. I have never played a game that so badly lacked self-awareness as this, it's so obnoxious. Also, it has the WORST level design of any game I've played. 3/10.
Would give 5☆, but a pretty serious issue happened So Im at the part of the Arena fighting Manimal's 3 bears. I was defeated & asked to continue, I did but upon it reloading it froze so i had to restart the game, I continue saved game, but its just me & the announcer in Arena & the only thing he says is something like "focus on your fight Focus" I can't do anything else. I really don't want to start all over. Please fix this problem for me. I was really starting to enjoying, until this happened.
Fantastic mobile game! It's like a cross between Zelda and Final Fantasy, and the best part is, you don't have to pay to progress (and it actually has a story - unlike so many Android games today).
The "autosave" function is the BIGGEST downfall in the game, other than the lack of experience in half of the game... several different modes give you nothing for your trouble and make it EXTREMELY HARD to grind for much needed experience.....some controls are HORRIBLE and don't scale up with the rest, making some parts nearly impossible for men who don't have girl hands
I loved the first Evoland and this is overall a good sequel, especially how in depth it is. But it can be frustrating at times. On some levels, the controls are too clunky and incapable of the precision demanded of the player, while other levels causes the line between challenging but fun and arbitrarily hard to be crossed. Despite this, the game is too compelling to put down, and the parts I loved (the RPG/RTS levels) made up for the parts I found frustrating (flying, rooftop chase).
Amazing game. Developers put in a lot of effort and you can see it! It's one of a kind and so much more content than the first one. The story is gripping and is as good as a lot of series. It has so many references to other games and lore it's super exciting to see it! Would have rated it 10/5 if I could. Definitely the best mobile game I have ever played.
As others have said, joystick touch controls are REAL bad. Would be better if you had a static dpad instead, no idea why that isn't offered as an option.
The awful platforming section followed by way too long of bullet hell made me quit. None of that was fun. Those insta-kill crystals were terrible. Couldn't make myself endure anymore.
This game is a work of art and one of the best mobile games I've personally ever played. If there's any flaw it would be that on a mobile phone controls can be tricky at times but that's pretty standard in most mobile games. Story, art, playability, variety of things to collect and do, characters, all the rest of it is top notch
The only reason this is deserves 2 stars is because of the effort put into the "gaming tribute or history". Other than that, controls are awful. I cannot move or attack as I want, everything seems so delayed.. I mean, not even counting on when the game freezes (half a second) or even random bugs (for example a mine cart missing in the mine part - after restart was there). The idea 10/10. The execution 1/10. Really poor. (also I don't understand other reviews 4 stars when controls don't work??)
Very much so enjoying this game. Played for 6 hours straight when I first opened it up. Highly recommend a try. It was free for me since I have play pass but I would absolutely buy it if I had to.
Found a game breaking bug. If you try to quit and go back during the innital Coliseum cutscene nothing spawns and you get stuck in there. Auto saved so save file is useless now.
When I get to the announcer in the beast arena and he freezes in mid bow after introducing my character for the fight and all the audience keep shouting I tried waiting for a couple minutes but nothing changed, even tried reloading the save multiple times, this is ridiculous, don't release a game if you cannot fix all bugs first. I will not restart from scratch I am just going to Uninstall the game.
Great second entry to the series, but frustrating at time with mobile controls. Still overall very enjoyable.
good story... excellent concept on traveling through time(video game evolution from nes to n64 basically). very fun. worth the money for sure. onscreen controls kind of suck for side scrolling sections of game... so if u want to enjoy it more use contoller, pretty sure it has that capability built in. side scroll sections and guitar hero parts were hard to do on phone. other than those gripes top notch.
Game crashes about 2/3 of the way thru with an Uncaught Exception on a bad typecast every time you try to enter the children's lair with the 5 keys. Game is unplayable since the story can't progress and no combination of settings avoids the crash.
This is by far the best game I've ever played on Android and was well worth the price. Game play and story are really good and the gimmick of going thru different game styles is cool. It's very reminiscent of the RPG games I grew up on on Super Nes. GREAT Job DEVELOPERS! Ive been pining for a game like this for a long time. A good game with a good story that I'll be sad when it's over. Plus it's a beautiful looking game, especially when in Final Fantasy style. Thanks!
I will probably replay Evoland 1. I doubt I will replay Evoland 2. When you make a game as tribute to old classics, you should celebrate how games pushed limitations of old systems, not attempt to copy outdated design decisions. No sane person ever said "I miss underwater levels, instant environmental deaths, timed pixel-perfect jumps or overtuned bosses". Open world with no objective tracker or maps? No thanks. Also gradual upgrade replaced by gimmicky back and forth jumps. Not a fan.
Fun, jut started, maybe an option for what monters people want as enemies. A mount, different planets, dinasaurs dragons, rain hail sleet snow.
Ive heard great things but i cant play because of the fact that theres a "Uncaught Exception" hope it gets fixed soon i paid for this i think i derserve to play
Tedious very early on. Don't pay full price for this, wait for the sales. Wish I hadn't bothered but for 99p, maybe I'll come back to it but I doubt it. Half an hour in and it's just frustrating due to poor combat implementation - you have to be facing in just the right direction for a 25% chance to hit or defend against a 75-90% chance you'll lose a quarter of your health per second. Buy this as a gift for someone you hate, maybe? Idk
Great game, much longer (and therefore slower paced) than Evoland 1 but IMO it's better. I wish there were more games like this on Android.
Great game but almost every time I open the game I'm asked to rate the game and until now I have pressed NO every time, not ask me later, not yes but NO. Just in case the developer doesn't understand English NO means no I don't want to rate the game not now not tomorrow and not the next 100 times I open the game
I've sunk over 15hrs so far into it and I'm still not done. Put some time into it, it's totally worth a playthrough. Also, recommend playing with a controller. I remember Evoland 1 and I didn't finish it, because the story felt too boring to me. The one downside to this game is that you can't check your current quest and is therefore easy to get lost. Evoland 2 is what the first game should've been. The story is seriously good. It's got time travel, clever jokes, it's VERY self aware and fun!