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Evo Pop for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by ZeptoLab located at 2 Eaton Gate, London, SW1W 9BJ United Kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've been playing for over 24 hours now, and it's a great game I can't put down. It is extremely pay to win. I have made no progression in regards to new evos... more of a shame really. I love the game, but come on give me something I don't have to pay for!
Completely unbalanced ang baggy garbage where you can't normally play without money. U can have a top lvl, u can have a top-star character, but every time u reach a top-3 rating, u loose against bots, which cast around of billion spells in one second just because they can, so if I don't wanna loose your win-streak, you must pay. Even if u survive after spell-spam, u still probably loose, because another bot has his evos guess where? Yes, under f*****g ground and somewhere in the air.
Not a bad base game, could actually had been really good. But it's ridiculously overmonitized. Just to play the game you get 5 'energy' max that refills once every half hour. If you want 1 game a day it works, otherwise you need to pay up.
Oh! What a game it is! I just love it. It is simple small but great. Good graphics joyful multiplayer mode. Various evos to play with. I would recommend all of you to play this game. Dev(s) keep it up keep making apps like this. Thanks for reading.
This game has a lot of potential but it's too easy to start then at some point it only gives you 2 viruses as enemies every single time and one of them just grows way to big then covers the map not letting you do anything at all. It really seems like you guys didn't know how to make the game harder so you made it impossible. Also I spent 5 bucks for the pass thing for this stupid game
Fun but no cloud save, it's a fun game but if you delete it and reinstall then you got to start from scratch. What the point of recovery of purchase when that doesn't work this game is fun. But the development needs to progress with cloud saving and an idea of what recover purchase means
Only two stars because although it's fun to play, the costs to upgrade and keep playing are too high and the rewards from playing are too little. So it takes forever to play enough to afford one upgrade let alone the many that are there. The game makes it so hard to progress through that you end up having to use real money to play, making it a pay to play game, which I'm not interested in. Thanks.
Different "characters" to play, each have their own strategy in this head to head game battled out on a variety of playing fields. Could use a change of playing fields. It seems like they just copy paste with a few differences.
Fun game. It's definitely of the best on the play store, in my opinion. However, I do have some problems with it: some evos are plain annoying. Turtle and Ghost are literally invincible unless you have certain evos and strategies of your own (still annoying though.) Also, the championship is kind of pay2win as non-payers only get a certain amount of tokens per day, and even if you win all your championship matches you are still going to come at 20th place.
Bad game. I started 2021 with this game. The worst decision I have ever made in my life. Period. Feral is too overpowered, Poisonous does NOT even effect Feral(Even though it's the Poisonous' only job), this game is broken beyond what I expected from Zeptolab which made great games. The disappointment is on point in this game. My disappointment is immeasurable and my year is ruined. Keep up the great work, developers! And the pay to win will feed you leeches more money.
I would have given this app 5 stars if they hadn't added the new timer feature. It has taken all the fun and fairness out of the game. I was 10 away from 300 and the other player had 25 but because they were higher than me they win? Editing to update my reviews to 1 star from 3. The new update has made it where earning medals is impossible. Using a 2 star evo only gives 5 star opponents which are impossible to beat. Losing takes 30-40 pts and winning gives 10-15pts. Lost a paying customer.
Good Game, but a lot glitches. When playing some Evo's get inside the land, therefore hard to eliminate. Also, when run out of time the water level keep rising and doesn't eliminate the opponents and I lose the matches. It's very frustrating when playing in championship you lose the win streak because of the glitches. Yesterday it happened, lose the win streak at 14 win. Today I lost the streak at 11 win because the water level didn't eliminate them.
Unbalanced pay to win. One evo (Virus) can start in such a way that they defeat you instantly, so long as they've paid enough to level up this character. Used to enjoy this game before they added this evo. I've literally lost before I have I have enough action points to do anything, and most people now play as this character.
You have some bugs that need to be addressed. One major one is with the spike evo. They don't die in sudden death, or they are out of the map or something. I have lost several games I should have won due to this. Or I just have to give up and get placed third when I should have at least been second. I just started playing and this is the first major bug I have noticed. This does not seem promising. How boring to constantly lose when you actually should have won?
This is one of my favorite games. The problem is, is that every single matchup, I get put up against the two virus evos (red and blue ones). It's probably 1 every 30 matches that I get put up against one person (AI) who does not have the virus evos. In my opinion, the virus evos are a little too overpowered, and I lose most matches I play against atleast the blue one. Not even 20 seconds in, there is a virus evo atleast half the size of the map. Other than that it's still a pretty good game.
After the time has passed in game, there comes sudden death (simple means last man standing). So if any player is at the top position of the scenario and the other players are at a lower place, then the top player wins without doing anything. Ridiculus Game. Graphics is good and first 2 stages are good.
I just started playing and I can't advance my 2 Evos without shards. I wish there were more ways to collect shards than to open chests. Since I can't earn Gems, I have to wait 4 hours every time to open a free chest and hope I have shards to upgrade my Evo.
I love how I will knock some players off the board completely, which means they should get eliminated, but they still somehow exist and when the timer runs out, even though I know for a fact I sit on a taller platform than them, I'm the one who loses because of the water. I cant believe I payed for this game. This has happened so many times to me and I'm getting fed up with it.
Game got 10 times worse after the update, can't collect gold easily and overall the new "cool" abilities are awful. You should not be able to survive in water for longer as the point of the sudden death was to instant kill them. Plain and simple they shouldn't have tried to add abilities.
The games super easy, then it gets to a point where it's just the exact same thing game after game, and it's so annoying, because one of the enemy's is always a ghost which is the most annoying thing. Also the AI seems to get energy a bit faster at the very beginning of each game, making some games simply just a 10 second instantant lost.
Too long to wait for energy. And no matter what rank you get in battle you only ever walk out with 10 coins. Barely enough to make a scratch in your characters. This is a pay to play game. Not a pay to win as you only play against bots and they rarely beat you.
I originally wrote that this game was fun and interesting, but if you advance far enough, you'll fight the same two virus AIs over and over again with maybe one in ten chance of some variability. I used to fight many different opponents when I started but for a week it's been hover and virus. All this while they have the audacity to suggest I pay FIFTY dollars for a specialty type of evo. Why would I even want a new type of evo to fight the same predictable battle repeatedly.
Decent game, alright to pass the time, but it is NOT real multi-player, and is deceptive in trying to get you to think that it is. There are also notifications that you can only get rid of by paying money, which again, for a game with no real multi-player, feels pointless.
Okay game but it's not good. I completed all the maps with ONE EVO type, because it never gave me anything more. Even when I paid to open more chests. Playing with one type is hard and sometimes impossible depending on the random opponents. This game need to increase the chances of getting new Evos and Upgrades to be enjoyable.
Interesting mechanics but it's clearly not multiplayer as you would assume as it works without WiFi. The main problem I have is the energy usage, you have to wait quite a while for it to refill, I'd rather just play without that but otherwise the game is great.
At first it is addictively fun but I'm on the moon level and I haven't lost a single game. It would be more fun it it were a bit more challenging. Also if you pay you have to pay once a week to keep your benefits.
The game feels incomplete, but I greatly enjoy it. My main issue right now is once you get a lot of experience you are only matched against the same type of Evo: Virus. This is counterintuitive because the best part was playing against a variety of enemy types, and it makes it literally impossible to try new evos you may unlock.
Its honestly extremely unbalanced. You accru coins way too slowly to meaningfully progress any of the really good ones to a high level. The ranking doesn't seem to account for rarity or evo level. I'll play glutton level 5 against virus level 9. Those too are nowhere near the same power level. It need to be fixed. Or maybe stick to cut the rope?
Fun, but... restoring purchases doesn't work if you reinstall and support is non existant for that matter. The site zeptolabs doesn't exist any more. Plus: the game freezes frequently, making you lose all trophy progress.
Descent game basically but horrible in the progression. I paid for the premium but the vast majority of chests are all coins. No new creatures or upgrades. Now I'm at the end of the progress and there is no point in playing till the new season. Chest progression is too slow. Update: with the inclusion of artifacts the progression is even worse than before. A new currency and new useless items means less or a chance to get new evos to try out. This game is just going downhill. It's a bummer.
Fake multiplayer. This game is not multiplayer. It makes it seem like you're being matched with real people but they're actually bots. Just make sure you're aware of this before spending money.
I like the game but it has been buggy here lately. Other evos win the match and they are not on the screen. You can't always eliminate your opponent because they are underground. So it's ok at this point. If the bugs get fixed it will be better. And I agree that there is a big push for $$ but that is what free games are made to do.
I love the new music! Progression is very slow. I only get to play a few matches a day before all quests are finished, the few rewards you can get other than from quests are not worth it at all. This has resulted in me spending around 4 hours playing but still only unlocking 3 evos. Evos, maps and berry placements need to be tweaked. As of now, ghosts are annoying to kill, and turtles even more so. Sometimes it's impossible to survive because the opponents had a size boost.
Evo pop starts off as a fun game, but there are too many soft paywalls. There are many "points" systems in the game: tokens, coins, gems, trophies, power, victory points and upgrade points. These systems overlap in a variety of ways, but ultimately limit each other. With only 4 hours played in the game, I have to either wait until tomorrow, or pay money to earn any more trophies (as my evos are maxed out). If this is a fun game, but becomes pay-to-play very quickly.
Devs don't reply. There is either a glitch or cheating. Sometimes after you eradicate someone, there is a few off the map where sudden death cannot kill them. You lose everytime. Previous update removed the free chest in lieu of viewing an ad to get it. Way to go. Also, why do we need the icons to jiggle when the evo points have accumulated? No real UI improvements. How about more content, like evos, or worlds, or maybe, make it easier to progress. Things that improve the experience.
Zeptolab is known for great physics puzzle games but this one just barely makes it. Games are quite linear for each type of evo. And higher up, some games have 0 counterplay when virus evos claim the entire board within seconds. A bit more depth to the game would be nice. Overall its an ok time killer and somewhat strategic game.
Really enjoyable. But right now I play a max-level feral and I constantly get faced with 2 Virus; which have the habit of growing ridiculously faster than I can and often I get killed almost instantly, and their 'magnet' affect seems to be super powerful and long range; unlike mine which is not. I feel there is an unfair buff to the AI that needs some more tuning. Otherwise really fun, you can have 4* when I feel less cheated by the AI. PS: Haven't spent a penny, there is no need.
Fun game, but held back by some poor coding decisions and ideas. I think I speak for most people that I'd rather see an ad every 10 games or so rather than having eeeverything held behind a pay wall. I have been playing for a good 7 hours now, and have only 4 different type of characters. And even though they are all maxed out, chests keep giving me more of them that I can't use instead of any new characters. The variety is much too hard to access. Also, facing turtle and feral is miserable
Yea uh, this game is hot garbage. Do not spend any money on this game. They will tell you to go sit on your thumb if you change devices because there is not a save feature on this game. Go figure? They don't have a single problem taking your money while imposing archaic game design by not having any form of cloud saves or account recovery. Seriously do bother playing. Btw if you're past 30 days of purchase they cannot refund you any money spent.
I'm dropping from two stars, down to one! The tournaments start, but then disappear before they're finished. It takes an eternity to earn enough coins and crystals to do anything. 5 energy an hour?!?! Overpowered meteorites. Spike evos that won't die! Do not spend money on this game!
Game is pretty good, there are all these people complaining about the pay walls and that people are buying the evos with better abilities. Everything is open to free players too, it just takes longer to get. Which is fine, if you don't want to grind don't play the game, but don't rag on something if you are lazy. It has its share of bugs like all games, I'm currently stuck on the home screen as the button to claim my season reward doesn't work, I have a video of it if the devs want.
The game is fun. The downsides are the incredibly stupid A.I. opponents you get matched with (confirmed non-human match ups by turning on airplane mode and still finding matches instantly). And the stupid A.I. using the water raise power to screw themselves and every other opponent (including me). I feel like this game would be better if we actually played against other human beings. So for the false pretense, i give it 3 stars only.
Look, i love the game, but there's alot of problems i want to address. 1. Sometimes when you either win or take 2nd place, the game will bug out and put me in 3rd place, and it's been annoying. 2. Can you PLEASE increase chances for a evo? it doesn't have to be all of the rarities, but it's been boring cause it takes about a million of these boxes just to get a common one. 3. I only learned just now that i have been fighting against AI and not real people, can you actually do that?
TLDR: Fun game, fun idea, WAY to many micro-transactions. Pretty good gameplay, fun levels, decent variety of blob things. SUPER GRINDY. They require you to get 2 kinds of currency to level up units. Cards and gold. You need cards (which are only in chests) and gold which can be won with games. AND they have an energy system. 10 games and you have to watch an ad or pay their premium currency to fill up again. You can buy creates with premium currency, or buy any of their NUMEROUS special offers.
I've always wanted a game like this, and this game pulls it amazingly. But the grinding aspect of the game does make it tiring, and the quests reloading every 24 hours is too long. There's also a bug which sometimes, it doesn't load. The 6 hourly chest pauses the time sometimes, and I feel like 6 hours is too much time. Coins are extremely hard to get without buying the season pass. Please fix these issues, as that's what's hindering this game to be almost a perfect game for me. Regards, Gueli
This game has potential but it takes forever to get 5 lives that you play in 2 minutes then wait again another hour to get more. The description does not say it's multi-player but it does give a false sense of this.
I like this game.....BUT.. I would like to play it on multiple devices with my own account I dont want to download the game and start from beginning and follow the stupid instructions I already know. Please keep some account safety logic. as soon as possible. Other wise if the phone bricks or got lost I cant lose all my progress.
Don't bother asking for help with anything in the discord, they're just going to ban you as soon as you speak up. Paywall at the start, buggy game will cheat so you can't get win streaks, makes INVISIBLE enemies to guarantee your loss every single time. Mass of screenshots to prove it. Don't bother unless you're gonna pay 10000$ for a small amount of fun. If you want to win be prepared to break a game engine because that's the only way you're going to.
Fun game but I'm tired of over 90% of my battles against 5-6 Star enemies when you only get 1-3 stars without paying. Enemies can get 1-3 moves before you can even make your first since your guy hasn't got the energy to do an action yet. Lastly the attract skill is massively overpowered. Pulling you from the other side of the map in some cases. Insta pay to win strategy. But 5-6 Star guy, grow 1-2 times, attract. GG in 5 seconds.
Okay so this game is absolutely great for quick rounds. And its really quite enjoyable. You absolutely dont have to spend money to win. But i have 2 major issues. The hover evo can actually win during sudden death if they keep duplicating and makes it even if I have 200 massive evos, i lose to hover and it's a huge way to kill a great round. And the swimming ability is too powerful as well. Then the spike evo glitches almost 1/2 of the time. Where it cant be killed along a wall.
The gameplay is fun and it looks fun. Some people complain about it only being vs AI, but I don't particularly mind- I'm not big on PVP. However, the progression through the game is slow- slow enough that it feels like you're getting nowhere. After several days, I haven't gotten enough of the "gems" to purchase even a single box (which all contain randomized upgrades- so even if you do spend $15-20 on unlocking anything but the base 3 types, good luck getting it developed at all).
The reward system is broken. As you get stronger and upgrades more costly, rewards should also increase. You get trapped in a map series, get about 10 coins per game but need 7500 coins to upgrade your Evo. Also, a terrible bug, where even after the opponents Evos fall, the count bar says they're still alive. You can sit for 2.5 minutes on a map empty of all but you, and still see both enemy bars go up, only option is to get 300 Evos. Didn't get better, so uninstalled.
It's fun at first but like others have said you get to a point where you only face specific evos and get overpowered very easily (looking at the virus evo, how do they grow so quickly?!) so after a while it's just loss after loss which doesn't make the game that much fun to play.
I loved this game when I first played it, even paid for the subscription. However, a promotion came which gave people chance at a new character if they paid. Now, the game is entirely swarmed with that 5 star character and the matches are always won by whoever has it, no matter their skill level. This effectively ruined the game. PS, as someone who paid for the subscription, I feel slighted that the highest character I had was 2 star. What exactly is the point of that subscription??
Everything was fine, until yesterday, the game keeps on crashing, and the touch is not responding, I can't start or launch the game. I reinstalled the game, my all in app purchase & progress is gone, now have to start from the beginning..
Purchased something, didnt recieve it... go to restore purchases, still nothing... go to purchase again, it says i already own it... looked, they took the money, but no goods received. Oh on top of the deleted discord, and no other contacts that are valid in the game this is the only place i have seen so far that works. Until resolved 1 star. Tisk, tisk.
Intriguing little concept of a game. Cute, but a few matches later, all against brain dead bots masquerading as players, I just didn't see myself investing much time into it. Coupled to the way it slows down to a crawl on my aging phone, thebuninstall hammer came down swiftly. "Reminds me" of Merge Tactics in visual and design style, with similar progression and monetization schemes. But it's different! And honest. A tad aggressive on the ads though. Cheers.
I like the unique gameplay and the multiple ways to win a match. The game has a bit of a grind to it that is much worse if you do not put a little $ in. Any game you enjoy should get some money coming there way, but the pay to win aspect of the new tournament is agravating. No amount of play will get you any where near the top spots.
The thing with physics based games is that they're at their funnest when you get to push the boundaries of the physics. A three minute timer steals any creativity in choosing how you want to win. You're bottlenecked into the same strategy every single time because you have no time. I find myself winning games with 00 seconds left on the timer every game because I'm having fun until I'm FORCED to win.
This game is a fun concept. It is quite fun to play when you're extremely bored and have nothing else to do at all. However, there are many flaws. • You don't play against real people, only A.I. • There isn't an add friend system. • Once you get to a certain level, you only play against overpowered Evos like Virus or Hover. • It takes a whole day to reload the quests. • The worlds are just repeats but with different names. • The game bombards you with stupid offers that are way too pricey.
sudden death sucks, coin prizes for winning are ridiculously low, evos Glitch through land, game isn't multiplayer and instead has shtty bots. honestly I hate some of the maps but I guess it makes it more interesting. the zoom needs to not have the buttons covering the bottom half of the screen too. other than that pretty good, occasionally spell drag doesn't work and instead moves the view but other than that, smooth gameplay, unique ideas and generally fun gameplay. needs to be fixed.
So! I would really like to give it like 2'5, i haven't played it for long but it's a fun game, main problems are following -Too low power. -Too low power recovery. -Too little upgrade cards. If these get fixed this game will actually be fun and a game i will keep playing.
I kinda wish that this was a Multi-player game, opposed to simply facing AI every match. It becomes rather repetitive in all honesty. I love how you're forced to use every evo in order to unlock new worlds, but it would be really nice if you faced more things than just virus and helicopter after a while. Throw in some smog, pudding, original, even balloon!! Better yet, allow players to face eachother! At first I thought that you were facing other players, but it's not the case. Disappointing.
The game is good. The energy system is a little frustrating as you can soon run out of it and having to wait a long time for it to refill. You don't really have to pay into the game although if you don't you will soon realise you have the worst Evo's and will have to work twice as hard to win, although possible!. Would give 5 stars for higher energy cap or lower time per energy.
Fun game but do not like how your evo's can get stuck off-screen somewhere, then after the water has filled the screen, you still have a few evo's left. I just played a game where one player was eradicated before 3 min was up, then myself and the other had 3-4 off-screen, each. Well, all of the sudden mine drops to 0, and the game says i got 3rd place, when I should've recieved 2nd at least. Nonetheless, I don't like that your evos can get stuck off-screen. And coins and chest are not enough.
Gameplay is cool and all, but other than that it has a bunch of problems: 1. Game is exclusively against bots 2. It often comes to a point where the game becomes stagnant as you can't gain trophies or levels 3. There are little indicators almost everywhere (little red exclamation on top right of something) of p2p, thereforw if you don't pay that will always annoy you 4. I often get a notification saying my free chest is ready to open even though there are no free chests ready to open
I love this game. But it's getting stale. I knock out quest in fifteen minutes. I play harder with the tournament(which I'm good). I would like more challenging opponents (matches last thirty seconds to a minute). And stop limiting trophies on progressing worlds.
Love The Game BUT!!! After level 4 called SNOW TOWN no matter how many time you win, you will NOT advance another inch until you spend real money to buy extra coins and points that I don't need to win. This game seems RIGGED stuck at the same exact spot although I win most of my battles. 573 score for 2 days now. Will uninstall soon enough!
Fun concept, but definitely Pay to Win. I am consistently going against opponents who have Evos that are locked behind a pay wall. Not sure the algorithm that chooses your opponent is very balanced, or what it's looking at, but it regularly matches my 2* common Evo against 5* rare P2W Evos, and always AI controlled opponents. Not so much fun like that, probably uninstalling soon.
I really really loved this game, however there are far too few maps. I've started seeing just the same levels over and over again, even when I move to a new island. Sure, the evos I'm versing change, but that's not enough to stop the monotony. Love this game and sunk so many hours into, but would love to add more maps to help it keep feeling fresh!
Pay to win. Seriously, you don't have to level up anything nor develop any kind of plan/strategy if you're willing to fork up a few bucks. As mentioned before, you play solo with AI controlled "opponents" who use cashshop Evos and if you don't have a cashshop one yourself, it's pure luck if you win any round you're in
Many bugs that need fixing, over priced in-game purchases, the notification triggers are always way to early, missing chests from "competitions". Over all game play is fun, but not challenging. Until bugs get fixed and rewards are given this game will remain mediocre.
Since it's a pain to get ahold of zepto, this game is great and you don't need to pay to win. However spike is broken, he glitches into the ground and walls and you can't eat him, the tire breaker doesn't even kill him, I just lost because 1 spike was glitched even thoughi should have won
Game are cool, but it has several problems with timers. Mission and Free box timers often stuck if the app remain in the memory. After 7 hrs sleep I remaining time was 3+ hours for Free box. When I exited the app (without closing it) I had less than a hour to next daily mission. When I opened again I saw 23+ hours until next mission, and all were finished (It did not refresh). And I got "Video not available" message 3 or 4 times in a row when I'm trying to open a free box. I love Zeptolab games since Pudding Monsters, this game can be easily 5 stars without caching bummer. :/ Real pvp should be hilarious against friends or real opponents.
Use to be fun but now I only play the level 5 virus EVERY time. There is no randomness with the opponents. You don't get new evos unless you are willing to pay a recurring $5 every 2 weeks. I lose even when I am the only remaining evo left because some glitch allows enemy evos to be left alive even after being knocked off the map. Too many things against you unless you are willing to pay $10 per month. This is more or less a glorified money grab. Dont waste your time.
I love this game but it is plagued by bots. If there were more players, I'd play more often. I don't know if there just aren't many players or if it prioritizes bots for some reason, but fighting ferals that sit there and just magnet pull all game until you finally send over an evo to stomp their annoyance into the ground gets old real fast
Played this game for quite a while, and had a lot of fun. I also spent money on this game. But due to a bug that caused the game to not boot up. After I reinstalled the game, and redoing the repetitive tutorial, I found a "restore purchases" button in the options menu. Only to find out it's there just for show, and if you do end up spending money on this game, your save and progress, along with any purchases you've made, will not be carried over to a new device or a fresh install of the game.
GREAT GAME!!! I wish there was a version where you could play against your friends over lan or blue tooth! I would for sure give it 5 Stars otherwise! You can play offline and all the other reviews are just people hating on this game, i like that it is full of overpowered evos at the end. Maybe make more variations of overpowered evos in the future!
Meh. It's a great idea, but just like CATS, the game-play isn't great. The battles end prematurely too often, I could win battles but the game calls it. Let players play them out, perhaps have a "draw" button after x-amount of time where the game then judges who is the winner.
Fun game, clearly single player. Won a tournament easily, with a 3* evo, but all I face is the 5* virus one. So very dull now. You need to get trophies for each evo to unlock the new stage. All the bad evos have no chance against the virus evo, so I can't level them up to open new stages. Fun game to waste time, but don't expect progress. Just enjoy it here and there
Good game but yet again destroyed by in game purchases. You get only 2 evo's and that is it. So the other players that buy evo's are better and you get destroyed really easy. The point of the game gets lost as you grind your way hoping the next evo will unlock but sadly they dont. You will forever be stuck unless you PAY. DON'T DOWNLOAD. At 500mb it's a waste of space on your phone.
It has everything it needs to be a million dollar game. If they changed getting energy to 5 min instead of 15min a lot more players would stay. This would get rid of the boys that now play the game. I also think some of the "evos" need to be more balanced. This can be an amazing game, just need the publishers to stop being fn greedy. Honestly addicting game just needs to be more customer orientated.
I seriously hate sudden death mode and the blue virus. The blue virus you are forced to face off against almost every time you choose to use a virus and it is completely maxed out. It makes playing virus not fun. I want to play against random sets of enemies for an unlimited amount of time. Sudden death really takes away from my experience too, because the timer is too short for some of the strategies i used to use to win. Please change the game back 😤
The problem with tha game is that once your evo reaches max rank according to to their level and if u don't have enough cards to upgrade them then you are stuck. Free chest takes hours to load again and we can't do anything if there is not enough cards even in the chest. Tasks are finished quickly. There not much rewards in this game. Can't play more while u r stuck.
Fun concept but still a lot of flaws. A lot of flaws. (Randomly disappearing evos, evos apparently living of the screen, evos refusing to drown etc.) And the game is so heavy it crashes itself constantly (and your game is gone not paused).
The idea of this game is great and lots of fun, but there are some downsides that made me lose interest fast: You only "randomly" get the first 3 evo's, the game is made to look like you can get the others, but the only way to get those is by paying($$$). The game is made to look like you're playing against real people but they are only AI. Pretty obvious by the names (all caps for example). The amount of evo's in a match increase rapidly causing the game to lag significantly halfway through.
Super fun! I've seen comments on how the game is pay to win but I can assure if you're looking for a fun time, this is it. The fact that you get only 10 chances to play even if you win is pretty lame though:( Overall a fun, lovable and beautiful game.
Really fun game! Well, until your energy runs out, or the enemy Evo is bugged and you lose for no reason, or late-game when it takes SUPER long to upgrade anything. When I got this game a few months ago, the energy cap was at 10, which was great! I rarely felt like playing all my games. But they lowered the cap to 5, and it feels like I always have to watch ads to continue playing. Power-ups are a cool idea, but not balanced and takes way too long to upgrade. You only play against ai, not pvp
This game is fun, great concept, but the excitement doesn't last long. Don't be fooled, you play alone. Everything is build in this game to make you spend more money. Good luck on getting new Evos... Even the ladder you compete against is fake (computer generated name); you'll never be able to catch up, except if you spend a lot of money, maybe? Worth trying, but don't put your expectations too high.
Great game. Few issues. 1. The spikes get stuck in the background which leaves the only option to win is sudden death. 2. Asking hundreds of dollars to get coins is ridiculous lol. Try lower like the season pass and you might be in luck. Good game. Bad marketing.
Was playing well, loved it. Stopped playing for about a week. Came back and the controls DURING game play doesn't work. I can move the screen but when I push the icons they REFUSE to work. Screen is clean, not cracked or scratched. Please fix it. And yes I did Uninstall it and reinstall it
Definitely takes lots of grinding, but I casually play and once I got 1st in the championship I was able to boost a lot of my evos. Also, the maxed out poison evo with the evo bank artefact is OP. Overall I have fun playing, however there are days when I feely gameplay is useless as the upgrades are too expensive for earning so little
I love the game's concept, it's loads of fun (well done). Unfortunately it's riddled by the same old problems - just let me play as much as I want and don't limit me with energy, progression is slow and also time-gated with new quests taking a whopping 24h to become available 😑 Overall the game gets a 3/5 due to those 2 unfathomable decisions
It's a need game but definitely a pay to win if I have ever seen one. Be careful! I went to upgrade my unit but didn't have enough coins so it took me to the store to pay.....$1500!! Real dollars for 2000 in game coins. Deleted and will never download again.
Good game at first, got to around 2500 trophies. Starts to get stale only playing against ghosts for a while then after that viruses.Then it gets to a point where it's about unplayable, the other evos start getting action points faster and immediately take over the game. Pretty much get to the point where its pay to win
The game is great. I love the concept. Three stars because the timer for the free chest sticks. It says 4 hours before bed and after I wake up it is still 4 hours. I should be able to get 3 or 4 chests a day. It takes days sometimes to get my 4 hour free chest. Also, the refresh on the daily tasks don't always happen. EDIT: They fixed the timer! 5 stars!