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Is a Casual game developed by FLERO Games Co., LTD located at Wemade Tower, 2F, 3F 49, Daewangpanryo-ro 644beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyenggi-do, Korea. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i used to play this game before and it went great. but now when i reinstall it, i can't log in to my account and the game keep stopping. i can't open the game anymore
The game took so much to load i can't get in the game i know i don't have enough patience but i've got things to do.. Nice game btw
I love and want to return the game but the major flaw of the app is that everytime the players install or reinstall the game, you are forced to make a new account and start from square one even worse to the loyal veterans of the game since there's no way to return to your last saved even though they've already saved it via email, facebook and such
For a few days that I'm playing this, I LOVE IT ALREADY!! But there is a bit problem sometimes when I watch some advertisements it doesn't work..and I'm a bit confuse about how the everyday log-in works because everytime I claim it in the 7th day I only claim the bonus & if I claim it in the 1st day it resets to day 1 ..can you pls fix this? I do love playing this game..because their is not much games are like this :) I would really appreciate if you do fix it ... :) tnx in advance
gameplay is ok. i came back after being gone for so long but over the past couple days i noticed some stuff i feel needs to be fixed. for starters there is no way to expand to other towns without first paying irl money for the seeds for the second town and the expansion prices are too high. the free seeds for ads rigged as well. the most seeds i ever get from the ads is 1 and thats if im lucky to get any seeds at all. it would take a long time for me save up. i now remember why i quit. plz fix.
No longer working as of yesterday. I click the "google login" and the app freezes, then crashes. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't work. App worked perfectly for weeks prior, no crashes.
I love secret bistro, but this game isn't fun at all. It's way too slow, the quests constantly hinder your progress, and every single action in the game comes with loading time. It's just boring because you have to constantly wait.
I reinstalled it after having not played 4 some time.. It's a cute , pleasant game. Then I remembered why I uninstalled it last time....you can't fit ANYTHING on the little slab of land that is supposedly a town. And the only way I have found to expand it is buy purchasing-for a RIDICULOUS amt of real $- 2nd & 3rd towns?! Please tell me there is some other way to expand your land that doesn't cost so much money. Bc it is a cute game! But u can't FIT anything on your land?!
I love this game I've been playing it for years but I feel that it's always lagging recently and the video ads don't work at all, we don't have enough chance to get seed, and sometimes the game crash. Maybe you can upgrade the space or delete the inactive accounts so that it can run smoothly again :)
It is a good game BUT the Eco thing is just really unnecessary and you need to buy a lot of stuff to get it.
I've been playing this game since February this year, and the only downside is that it keeps crashing a lot! Good things the design and the color of this game super cute and detail-oriented. This game is the only one I'm not uninstalling for a while. So please please don't crash crash crashhhhh huhuhu
I'm so disappointed that I can't login with my Google account. It always crash and stopping and force closed. So disappointed.
As of today I can no longer log in thru facebook-I have spent a lot of money and time on this game-and am pretty upset. I tried uninstalling then instaaling again-but nope
I would give it 5 stars but it keeps logging me out of my town (that I have linked to my FB) after I moved to a new phone. So I'm not getting my notifications properly. Which is really frustrating for a time based game. If there's a fix or someone could help me, I would be SUPER grateful.
Hi guys, The games has been problems for logging it dose not login right the way but it took to the Facebook login every time I tried to log in and I need to choose between my own account. It so anything, please fix.
Honestly love the game but sometimes it can't be opened, the game said my wifi connection is cut off but I checked it to login with another game, the connection is very good. I don't want to uninstalled it though 😭
It was a fun game..i just wish you could just expand your town instead of going from new town over and over.
The game was totally fine. A nice time killer. Until the game wouldn't open and when it finally did it reset me to square 1. Everything I had. Gone. Totally not worth it if thats what happens.
hello. i just download this game but i cannot open it. it keep saying i need to reconnect to 3g or 4 g wifi. but my wifi connection is 4g and good. why still cannot open? i also play your secret bistro, its an been open just fine. nbut why this game cannot open. please look at this matter
Thank you for helping me recover my google data to facebook account! I missed the game. It's a happy place. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Love this game! I've been playing it for a while now and it has so many cute features. I enjoy the farming aspect and decorating my town. Great way to relax and be creative!
The game is fun, but i can not load the ads. Please fix this. Thank you. (22/4/2021- No, it's not about RAM or internet connection. I can see Ads now, but i didn't get the seeds after.)
Why on earth would u need permission to access contacts and make phone calls? And without that permission we can't use the app. Uninstalling it cause that's pretty suspicious. If u house r gonna spam my contacts with Ur adverts that's the worst cause there doesn't seem to be any other reason for u to be asking to make calls/accessing contacts
This game cute and fun, kinda addictive too. Cons it crashes alot in my phone, I can't find daily login bonus except when it's open first time in the morning, and I can't get seed with watching ads it's keep turn Grey counting seconds then I gain nothing, no pop up ads too. Can you please help me with this? Thank youuuuu
Very thankful that they took care of a free player like me. It took a long while but they restored my account. Thank you.
I don't recommend this game at all. Not only is it boring, but the idle system is disappointing. Plus, the permissions it requires are unnecessary and invasive as other reviews have pointed out. Your income comes from production buildings and actively selling crops and products. You have to collect products in time or they disappear. It dissaudes me from wanting to play at all. I have more issues, but limited characters, so this is the biggest crux for me.
Everything is good except whenever i tried to get free seed no ads appear. Only the countdown reset. Hoping that this can be fix asap
It said i have bad connection , and refreshed lots of the time . :/ im using wifi right now , i tried to watch youtube videos and downloading videos and it didnt even have the issue regarding to "Bad internet connection" . please fix this baby
I truly love the game! So much fun and everything is so beautiful. Contact support if you have an issue; they are friendly, helpful and quick to respond. If the app crashes / screen goes black, just clear the app's data, but REMEMBER to log in with a social networking service (Google/FB etc.) beforehand. Open the app and it should be working fine. :)
Same problem of game freezing for "google login". Emailed support but they couldn't give any further assistance. This is the worst.
But WILL anything change? I keep coming back to this game after time has passed, thinking, "Why did I stop playing this again? It was such a pretty little farm game," and every time I begin again, I am reminded when I do not return fast enough and all my produce and goods are wasted. Is this a feature that you may change? I know it has always been this way, so I doubt it. I don't mind waiting on things, but being forced to return for EVERYTHING or else they're WASTED is agrivating and insulting.
The game is cute, and fun to an extent. Sadly we have to depend on seeds for almost everything and how repetitive the requests are. "Sell 50 of this or sell 50 of that." I want to enjoy this game but I hope you guys seriously come up with much better ways to aquire seeds, and quests that aren't the same 💀 Also there should be a way to find out who's online. Since this game went downhill last few years, there's too many non active players. LISTEN TO OUR SUGGESTIONS.
I have played this game for months and I really like it. It is harder to obtain seeds that you need to do the purchases. But the good thing is that once you are on higher level, you can only log in for once every 2 or 3 hour to collect the produce and it's very convenient for casual gamers like me. Though it is appreciated if the produce waiting time is to be made longer before it withered. But overall, this is my current favourite game.
it's definitely a p2w game..i like it but i love the My Secret Bistro more 💋💕 i just wish that u don't need a requirements of seeds to buy in shop..u know, seeds are hard to get unless you purchase it .so, i'm not recommending this to those f2p players. gB💕
I haven't even started paying this game and I'm already disappointed. I don't understand why a casual game needs access to my contacts and permission to make calls, record videos, and take pictures... sorry but I can't trust this game so easily.
Lol..im glad i didn't spend any money at all..just right before i can purchase something..then it wont access my facebook saved account..thank yu really..for making me realizing it early..or else i could have spend some money and regret doing it later..the game is good..it just i doesn't guarantee any longer experience..i have a game I've been playing for 4 years..and yeah..this game is the total opposite..just been here..for two months..and this is what happens..thank you anyways..
I liked this game at first, but I eventually grew to hate it. It's loading time is forever and sometimes it will crash; you can't get far without spending a ton of money on "seeds"; watching ads to get seeds doesn't work 80% of the time; and it rarely has new props to decorate your village (instead ompting to reuse the same assets every update or so).
I love this game and I have been playing for so long. I am connected with the game through my google account. Recently I switched to a new phone but I can't log in with my google account. The game just freezes. When I restart, it didn't log in. I don't know what to do now. How do I reach customer support?
Beautiful art decent story arcs but very pricey for goods not to mention the limit on friends needs to be higher than 150 and if you really going to ask for 80$ then at least offer a full town skin a few pets and characters a mass of seeds and plenty of gold make it worth 80$
why i cant connecting to my google account😭 i cant save my game data, also why so hard to get coins? comparing to my secret bistro easier than everytown, pls fix that, ill change 5star if it got fixed, thanks
the game itself is good (at least by the end of lv 5) and the artstyle is great. but there's too much paid content and it's more of social games than solo farming Sim. also, it's on the weird side between idle and active game play, due to "spoiled" mechanic, you can't idle for too long, but you have to wait quite awhile
I love this game so much!!!! I've been a dedicated player for 4 years and I don't ever intend to stop playing. Could you please release the Korean decorating theme on the American version?? It's so beautiful!!
If it means that my phone goes haywired by this game, by all means no thank you. I merely only started on the first few hours and it brought my phone many difficulties. May be a nice game, but ain't gonna work on my account.......
Update:Can not log in fb. Level 57. Sorry to my friends! I guess this is finally a good bye....I did everthing I could, even switching from google to fb. Now fb doesnt work either. (Very thankful that they took care of a free player like me. It took a long while but they restored my account. Thank you.)
It was fun I spent so much money on it and then I was not on for a while and now my town yoyocat is done for I had to start a new one please dev's help I spent like 70 dollars on it and now it's worth 0 please fix
its a very fun game, i downloaded it in my ipad and it is very fun but now it wont download i cannot get to the real game. I request to check your storage first thank you. But DONT get me wrong its a very fun game.
Game won't launch. Asks for permission to manage and make calls, access files, media, pictures and take pictures and record audio before it loads. I denied everything but access to media (for assumed game saving). Shouldn't need the other permissions to play, plenty of other games work without needing to see my contacts and manage my phone calls. Seems sketchy. Game keeps autoclosing at load screen.
Game is really great but after 4 days of installation , it suddenly began crashing randomly and as of today , it will not open ...it keeps sending me back to my homescreen