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Ever After High™ Charmed Style

Ever After High™ Charmed Style for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Animoca Brands located at Unit 417, Level 4, Cyberport 1, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game was nice and cool but the problem is that the black sides and it must be full screen and first I installed the game and then deleted it and install it again but it still de same its weird and tiny but I love ever after high so sad
I love the game but.. when i open it the screen was very tiny i restarted my phone but its not working Fix it please☹️☺️
It's a really fun at first but you only get to dress up only four of them and you have to buy the rest. I really want them/the creates to fix that please.
I have installed this game before and I really liked it but now when I click on the app it glitches I see raven flashing on and off on the screen. it's a real disappointment. could you pleeeeeeaaaaaase fix it?! :3
This game is amazing the the rezon i gave it 2 stars is because the charters look less good than the ones cartoon if you type in :ever after high it Will give you the cartoon thanks for reading:)
A Cool Game I love Ever After High and the show but I don't like that you have to buy things like clothes and characters. Other than that, I LOVE THIS GAME.
This app is just right😍😍 in love with this game ... but wanted to tell one thing that the princesses should be for free and accessories also... that would be fantabulous if it was free.. so.please it's a request make that for free
so I downloaded this app when I saw it the screen is So Small like really small and I can't even play because It's small pls fix the app
I hate that I can not download this game but so i give it 1 star :( do you agree? did you have this problem? Like if you did
I will not give 2 star because one we need more designs and the other because more characters should be open it's only a little bit fun you you should have mini games with it
I love this game! it's design is beautiful, and it's gameplay is simple. I do have a few suggestions, such as, when you are dressing up a character putting a back button to go to the last stage, ex: on hair press the back button to go to lipstick. Also it would be super to change the original color of the hair. Otherwise, I absolutely love this game!
This game is soooooo bad I can't even imagine, the screen remains black , I have tried installing it 3 times , pls do not install it , worst game I have ever played , usually I give good ratings but yuck just don't install it , I would like to have a reply by Animoca brands hate it !!
Hi, my daughters love the game and they play it almost daily (Galaxy Note 8). But just after Christmas, the game crashes during boot up. As I've purchased the full set previously, I'd rather not consign this game to the android bin. Please help! (Update) I wrote the above in early January 2019 and now in August, no fixes or anything.
I do love the game but u have buy a bunch to really enjoy the game if they could put maybe pets and add more characters (free)I would give a five star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I hate the opening it is so small and I am going to explode i got in the game but it kept shrinking and shrinking igave it to pls fix it
I am in LOVE with this game I love the graphics and the outfits I have no complaints right now because I only just got the game yesterday and I got on it a couple of mins ago like 20 mins ago but I just adore it 4stars because i I Don't know if it'll crash or somthin' but I just love the game so I totally recommend 🤗
i think there is a glitch because wen i finish my charecters the makeup and highlights in the hair it grows off the charecters face.
I rated the app 1 star because when you try to get more people the app does not work Evan if you are connected to wifi
Not a ice game, it's not fun. You need to buy the rest of the Characters for the Ever After High. And there should be even princes.
This is a nice game but I can't really unlock other characters they have lots of kid playing this and some of them can't unlock items that very pretty can you please stop unlocking items that needed real money please don't download it you needed a real money
I like this game but it's screen does not get get at all , so I delete this game but also I really want to play this game
I like it but some people can't buy things some of us is children who doesn't have real money so I don't think it is fare to ask for real money to unlock the more beautiful thinks so please make that right or people are not going to dawnoload it other that that is is nice
I love this game if your looking for a good dress up game this one is the best! But the only problem is that you can't unlock the other characters
I like the app. I mean, it's lovely n all but I gave it 4 stars cuz at the beginning there's the hand that instructs you how to play and it keeps on going even after you know how to play and you can't remove it . It's so annoying but other wise it's a great game.
I LIKE YOUR LITTLE GAME AND I LOVE YOU💟 SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
I love the game but I can't get to the other characters. to get to the other characters I have to buy them
I think this is fun except for 1 big thing......I CAN'T PUT MAKEUP ON CHARACTERS WITHOUT IT FLYING AWAY! creators of this game,please fix that and I'll give this game 5 stars.
If you can give your credit card number then only dow.this app because there is plenty of things that are lock only by giving real money it can unlock
Used to LOVE this when I was a little Kid went to download it for my little sister it was a HUGE disappointment FIX IT!
I think it's a really good game because you get to Meet You Ever After High characters and I haven't unlocked any of them yet because while I just wish I could be decorating briars dress because she's my favourite
I think that this app is very fun. But, you need to pay to get more charecters to dress and more clothes.
The screen is zoomed out or something and it won't go back to normal I tried to fix it I even restarted my phone but still nothing
I like to watch ever after high but I don't like dress up games so much but this is still a good game.
I do not know if it is my tablet or this game,cause whenever I save the ever after high doll I do,it comes with all the makeup and hair dye off the doll.But other than that it is a good game.😃🙂🤔😐😑😡
The screen is TOO SMALL i barely see anything. I haven't pass the birthday because it wont click whatever the botton there cause there is NONE. Please, FIX THIS! I really want to play it.
My daughters loved this app, but they bought a bundle update of 12$ by inadvertently clicking just one button because of an advertising pop-up! I have to thank the "48-hours" refund policy of the Play Store. Lesson learned, app uninstalled!
Is this a joke?! I watch the Ever After High series and I'm a fan, I downloaded this game, thinking it would be fun but as soon as I open this app, I SEE THAT THE SCREEN IS, LIKE, 5 TIMES SMALLER THAN MY DEVICE SCREEN. Is this a fake?! I don't know what happened but the screen is SUPER small and you can't even see ANYTHING. Then, the game screen loads and it's even smaller than the other screen that showed a brief playthrough of the game. I REALLY WANNA PLAY THIS GAME BUT THE SCREEN IS TOO TINY!
This app is OK but I delited it the next day I mean like you have to pay for a lot of stuf. So if you want a simeoer app. But better get the monster high one. That is better. So you can get ether or both but. I prefer monster high.
I like it . As we can say this game is just rigth or this game is the fairest game of them all. But the characters are not properly made. Update it again please.
Amazing app beautifull dresses but how to unlock Darling charming and rhe other characters I want to unlock them
i like the app couse when i first play it it was fun but....when i cheat it i does't work is something wrong with the game...beacuse its vip i want to open it but i can't so im giving it three stars :(
It's a very good app the only problem is once I'm done it comes up with all the makeup and hair colour 2x the size it should be. Otherwise very good app!
This game gets a NO for me when I downloaded it I was really excited but I opened it and the screen was so tiny I cleared the data again but it did the same thing,Fix it please.
What kind of game is this my phone is glitching with this game and the screen is turn into smal square!!ugh!😠😠😠
it was just okay but whenever I thought I changed the way their hair was it would get messed up and then I realized it was a dumb idea to keep it from me....🤔🤔🤔
Toooo much good, but I don't like one thing that I can't lock other girls and things 😠😠it is asking to pay for it 😠😠. Nice❤️❤️
This was a really bad game.More than half the items were locked and they only had one (1) yep one (1) black person.I also did not like the selection of characters that were free,All of the other EAH games have those basic characters like this one.The outfits weren't even cute and the game took so long to load I thought ot was an Ad,I checked it wasn't and then I thought it was the commercial,Nope.It was way to much money to buy the things that go on top of the dress for 3.99 & 4 characters 12.99
I had the game before and I loved it now the screen goes tiny, the last time I had it I bought the full version so that's $13.00 I don't get back.
It's amazing! Magical, spellbinding and absolutely hexcellent!!!!!💖💘💞💟🌈🌈🌈❤❤❤❤
I really hate this game this game does'nt give us full screen it just made me hate this whole thing bit when I get to light you won't get to sugobaki~ but when you get the light I still have to chance to fight you must never have to get it was the yandere sugapi but when you get to know your area isnt in the lead for the event after high is the best game then you if you tried to get to fight me just don't be in the when you even get to kill your same YOUR JUST NOT THE BEST YAndere
My daughter plays this game but now when she open its at her phone, the screen is really small. Can you please fix it? Other than that the game is really good.
When I finished making one of the characters and took a picture, the game just crashed and it kept crashing, it was very annoying...
I downloaded this at my tablet when I was small and loved it. But now I wanna download it at my phone, It's really small. I downloaded it again like 5 times but nothing happened.
very good game 👍👍 I just love the Princesses but I suggest that do not lock 🔐 the characters
the game is...okay, the only thing that bugs me is, when it ask for you to put your date of birth, the day's only go up to 12, I know for a fact that my birthday is the 30th of May, I know this game will not update anytime soon, but can this problem be fixed? Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Hi, my daughters love the game and they play it almost daily (Galaxy Note 8). But just after Christmas, the game crashes during boot up. As I've purchased the full set previously, I'd rather not consign this game to the android bin. Please help!
I forgot why I deleted the game the first time I got it. Then I downloaded it again and remembered. THE WHOLE THING ONLY TAKES UP LESS THAN 10% OF THE SCREEN! You can't see anything. You can't even start the game. You had one job guys. One. Job.
I am sick and tired of this stupid game because it won't work!! I've got no time for this ****. if u want this game, i suggest to go somewhere else instead. if u want a real game, i don't suggest this one at all.
I think this game is great but most of the game you have to buy and what if little kids want to play it and they can't. that would upset them. if there into dolls and dress ups this game is good but because this game is for all types of years thus game wild be good . if this was my game I would of made it all free but they have to get past levels to unlock the people and clothes. I would put money and they can buy them and all sorts. so can you please make thus game free and upgrade it please..
this game is mediocre you only get certain outfits certain shoes and a certain things about the other stuff you have to buy that is very crazy me
This game is so fun Today i was at a party 24/12/18!!! There was a dress up game!!! First: i did not know what to design??? Second: I thought about this game?? Third: I design how i design the ever after high!!! Fourth: My team won because of me and the game!!!!!!!!!!!
The game is pretty bad,because there is only 2 characters and I have to pay a couple of bucks to buy the whole app.I liked the original Ever After High App better cause the price is lower and there's lots of games.But the game is great,just fix up some bugs then I will rate it 5 stars
I like this game but when I opened it first time the game should be horizontal but instead its vertical and very small in middle of the screen 😫😒😕
I like the game but there is only four characters to make and there are lots of things were lock I don't know why so please unlock some more characters and things so I will give it 5 stars and please reply me ! 😤
My friend's little sister LOVES IT! everytime she uses my phone she will immediately play in this app, now I'm at my new phone, and now she's excited to play it again!
Its great but plzzz add poppy O hair (Holly's twin sis),Ashlinella,And plzz make it alllllll free so little kids can enjoy it.Plzzz donot be like coco play!!!!!
It's an amazing game ,it teaches you how to do makeup , but l have tried to unlock the characters that were locked but never worked
This game is HEXELLENT!! But I really want an epic winter update and new characters as well: Rosabella Beauty, Ashlyn Ella, Blondie locks, and Crystal Winter!! The game would be fantastic if you did.
for some reason when i opened the app oliys just raven glitching which is sad because this was a good app
It is not in full screen and dose not allow me to put it on full screen this is stupid game I did not even get to see a thing in tho game l 2ant to rate it 0 stars huh I will never ever install this game 😠👎😡😤
i love this app so much and i will never deted in less i have to s but if my dad does i will ask him if i can redowlaed it and he might say yes or no
It did go full screen and I couldn't see the controls because they were too tiny. If this was fixed I would gladly give it a higher rank
Half of the characters are unavailable to dress up and half of the outfits are unavailable so see to it
this Is one Of the worst apps Ive Used In 2019 Every Time I Made an Charater It would Move The Makeup. Of the Charater's face PLEASE FIX IT! also If Dont Im Not having This app Ever again!
it's good but you only have 4 characters for free you have to pay for the other characters it's the only thing that's bad with this game other than that everything is hexellent...
I downloaded this game but when I went in the display came so tiny and it wasn't working properly so uninstalled it and installed it again but it still isn't working. I want the producers to fix it.
The developer updated the game in 2016 does not reply to anyone and does not fix bugs in the game and the screen is too small
I love the game but i bought a google play card and when im tryna buy it it just says loading and i waiting over two hours and it still aint working pls fix then it will be five stars
Again, I'm the biggest fan of ever after high and this game is just right, but you only get to dress up Apple White, Raven Queen, Madeline Hatter and Cedar Wood. And the others are locked and its ok, but I have one suggestion can you please add diffrent colors to the hairs, shoes, skins and bags to make them more fabelouse ? because I want to make them fairest.
I love this game it is so fun but recently I can't open it. Which really sucks as I just brought the 13 dollar pack... could you please fix this. Thx