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Euchre Gold

Euchre Gold for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Mana Battery located at Midgården 91 9230 Svenstrup J Denmark. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
In progress but already awesome. Shuffle random draws. Play with others. Fast paced so keep up. Suggest minor graphics/lighting alterations for players without perfect vision, and allow custom profile pics over stereotype avitars. But these are small anoyances compared to other Euchre apps. So far the best pne I have found.
A very enjoyable app. It has random hands, and there is a choice of opponents, abililities and game speed. Well done!
Another Euchre app designed by or for a child this one uses Jokers and the computer opponent passed with a joker and both Bowers and of course when I made it Trump I was euchred. Also there was an ad pop up after the very first hand and the third hand. Yes that's right app manufacturers we really want to buy your software when you're shoving five ads under our nose after two plays. Absolutely ridiculous
I have tried a few euchre games and so far, this is the best. I get more loners and fewer hands with mostly nines and tens.
I bought this app for one reason- no chat feature. The 'most popular' euchre app is plagued with, well, not the most hospitable creatures. Life's too short for all that negativity and...IT'S JUST A GAME!
As a former Royal Engineer who spent many hours in Sqn bars during my time playing Euchre I have to say this is the most realistic app I have come across. There are some slight differences to the rules we used to play in Army in the 80's but that does not detract from the enjoyment of playing again.we have an annual festival in the UK now with a Euchre comp this app has whetted my appetite again. The option to put your partner down if they call trumps or are told to pick up should be an option!
really enjoy the game. but would be better if when going alone and get 3 tricks the score should be one point not 2
ZERO STARS, so predictable it's PATHETIC, BOTS have NO CLUE how to play, WHICH MEANS, app developers DON'T KNOW HOW TO PLAY, COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME
Really fun. Love to get rid of adds but otherwise terrific. Will definately keep playing. Can't wait for few tournament's.
The AI on this is very weird- it goes from fantastic hands to horrible hands with regularity. Other players call up Trump with almost nothing in their hand. Very frustrating.
I would love to give this game 5 star's, but as I have wrote many times before, a player that goes alone and gets 3 tricks should only get ONE point. also would be good to get chat.
Decent graphics and speed of play. Good options for overall difficulty of play. Problem is the play strategy. Even when selecting 5-star (expert) players obvious wrong moves are made given their hand content, along with partner and opponent moves.
I'm learning this game. The massaging that shows up could stay on screen longer, maybe allow me to click through. Otherwise seems 👍
Initially loved it but not as impressed 3 years down the track, the ads are really invasive and the placement detracts from playing, visually.
I like basic euchre without all the "go under" , "lead to the left of the loner" etc. as default play. This app gives me that. Thanks
Way not random opponents have either both Bowers each or between them 8 times out of ten. With 24 cards three of which remain hidden. The odds of both Bowers in ten cards 8 of ten tries is wrong.
So boring because you constantly fold hands, 12 times in a row is just wrong! So many things about app aren't real euchre at all! Why ruin cards like by making something that's so rigged and unrealistic? The constant folding is incredibly annoying because you're bored to death! Not worth your time
Enjoyable, good to play with a Benny. When someone makes the game is to quick making you look to see who made what. But a good game none the less
Best Euchre app out there. I have played Euchre for over 45 years and I have no complaints about this app. Just like in the regular card game, the cards just don't fall your way, or your opponent makes some bad moves. Sometimes you need to take risks to win. This app is as close to the real game as any I have played. I bought it so I can play with no advertisements. It has become my favorite tablet past time. My hat is off to the developers, you created a great simulation of a great game.
I downloaded this game during covid-19 and social distancing.i missed paying the game with my brother- and sister-in law. This comes sorry close to the real thing. You can change the player's names for a more personal experience. Really enjoying.
This app would score much higher if it included the option to be able to go under. It is very hard to see who dealt the hand. The little deck of cards that is supposed to indicate who the dealer is, floats around all over the place. Scorekeeping is not clear and either is keeping track of who took the tricks. You can only look at the last trick played and not all of them. But they are right the graphics are very nice and they do give you a lot of other options on how to play.
This is the best AI Euchre app that I have seen so far. Too may of the others are not (how can I say) not well made.
thank you to the developer for answering my review. hope that "live" partner thing works out and thank you for fixing the loner scores.
Spent years attached to the Royal Engineers playing this in the bar. Great to see their version on here with The Benny included. Good graphics and the AI appears totally random unlike some games I've downloaded over the years.
Online multiplayer is frustrating. Have had numberous losses were other team comes back from large deficit or I get multiple hands consisting of 9's and 10's. That's if the computer player isn't making trump most of the time. When I enter an online game I'm already losing. I realize you can't win them all but a consistent ratio of 3 losses to 1 win is hard to keep playing. After a considerable amount of time playing and only having a 36% win ratio it's time to move on.
No live play Sux. Developer says each update makes AI harder to beat? Isn't that cheating. This game is really bad. I played for 5 minutes, uninstalled. I don't think developers know how to play, I mean really play.
One of the best euchre games out there. It's nice to have a game with no ads interrupting the game play.
Very difficult to see who's the dealer and the cards themselves as the background is quite disruptive, distracting, or any other adjective you care to use. Having said that, at least the developer understands the game and AI opponents play as well as an opponent with a heartbeat.
AI needs some work. How can you call with two low cards. Also, my ace being trump by my partner while he keeps 9 that is uselles.
Multiplayer needs a lot of work still. Everything is huge and takes up the entire screen then they paste an ad on top. No settings to adjust card order, size, color etc. No auto play last card or card in suit. No game type options i.e stick the dealer, p's best. Very annoying sounds when the cards slide on and off the table.. Worst of all.. No chat function.
I wrote another review wrong because I didn't realize you can change players. So you can change players but you only have two choices on the background and the cards unless you pay money. Graphics are good.
Actually, it's a damn good app. HOWEVER, knowing who the dealer is when it's my turn to bid is nearly impossible to determine. I'm ordering trump and shocked to see who's picking it up! Have to uninstall because of too many errant plays made over playing "Who's The Dealer?"
Love playing this game. Its challenging play. Wish there was an option to play with reL people as well.
I just love this game!!! It's not rigged like some of the others games, so it's like you have a genuine partner.
Only a landscape view is presented and no option to reconfigure as available, which is most annoying. A Google ad then appeared at the top, adding to the frustration. The cards are not easy to read under to spread out. too tedious to keep. I'm uninstalling.
Good computer players. Great variety of versions of Euchre. I have tried several online Euchre games. This is the best so far!
I tried three other euchre games before this one and they were all terrible but rated higher than this one.... until now. No need to try any others.
Great graphic design and very challenging playing against the game as well as other players!! Best app for Euchre
It's one of the better euchre apps I've tried. You can set the game speed too which is a bonus for those of us that are impatient & like to play fast.
I like this app. however, I only gave it 4 stars because given that i paid for the ads to be taken away. I think it could use a few more "perks". Such as, I think more options for the cards and tables. A real bummer with only the few selections I'm given. Also, I would really like an undo button. I'm still learning the game and I lose track of cards so what cards have been played would be nice. Overall, a good game.
Wow! An awesome game that actually has an AI that works great! This is the first game out of 4 others that I downloaded that actually works! I've tried it from novice mode on up to master and it still works great. The ads are a minor inconvenience and I as yet have not bothered to donate to the game to get rid of them however I will probably do so in the near future. More to show my appreciation if nothing else! Also thought I'd note that I'm playing this on my tablet rather than a phone.