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Euchre Free for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by AI Factory Limited located at 23 The Avenue, Hatch End, Middlesex HA5 4EN United Kingdom. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Don't say the computer doesn't cheat because it does. 3x now my partner and I have had the winning trump, and the opposing team has won by laying a nontrump card. And twice now, the opposing team has been allowed to lay a different card than the left bower, when we've played the right bower, which is against the rules of the game. PLEASE FIX
I've played Euchre most of my life, although I love playing, the hands seem to be in the opponents favor.. I have never had so many hands of full 9s and 10s... very frustrating for a serious player... I will hopefully find another game where the deals seem to be more life authentic.... until then, I'll continue to play...
I like the option to stick it to the dealer in settings. The interchangeable oppents are great for sharpening my skills anytime. I love this app!!
Everything is good with play and animation, but, the cards are "stacked" in the AI favor! These games are for fun and entertainment, not for frustration!!!!
This game is the real deal. I really like how you can pick your partners with specific game skills. Very well done. 2 thumbs up.
This game feels true to those long gone days when all the "boys" would gather nightly, drink a few wobbly pops and have a good time. Not many of us left these days.
Whoever wrote this program does NOT know a thing about card playing & logic! Why would you throw a trump card away when it was not led just because the previous player had 'trumped' in? Why throw away the 9 of trump to keep a non-trump ace?
I really like this app. except ..when it's my turn to deal it skips me.it always goes from the person on the right to the other partner.
Gameplay is great, app is smooth and easy to follow visually. I'd like to request the Farmers hand rule. If you get 3 9s or 3 10s (not 2 10s and a 9) you can call Farmers hand and trade those 3 cards for the three hidden cards in the kitty. Two players call Farmers hand = misdeal. Thanks!
If only the deal would go to the right player all the time. I do like it better then the other sites.
Better than the other Euchre apps I've tried. reasons for 4 stars instead of 5 : 1. I wish it had the random players option like the other card game apps from the same developer (i.e. their Spades app). 2. I wish it showed the card tgat was picked up (if trump was made that way) next to the trump suit icon while in play.
I've been playing Euchre Free for some time now and it truly is free...it's a pleasant game and there's never been any kind of glitch nor any other kind of unwanted interruption, so thank you for that...there are ads, but it's to be expected when an app is free...they are short and for the most part they are not that intrusive
I agree with the last review, other team make trump with 10 spades showing on my deal. Then lead with ace spades and both Jack's are barried. No way that is lead unless the computer is aware.
Good game, except in the last 15 or so games I've had one lone hand - & couldn't make trump. Also I'm finding the same player is calling trump & winning about 50% more than the rest of us combined. And if this trend continues then I'm dumping the game. Leah
Apart from having to clear the table,seems realistic,and game seems to be rigged no way you can have multiple hands with no suit in what is chosen and always seems opposition gets unreal hands. Nothing like a real game where odds were even
Love the game play and allows you to control the pace of the game. My only complaint is the inability to play with 'real' people and not just robots.
Worst online Euchre game available. Unrealistic scenarios, piss-poor randomnization (will see same hands over and over), also count on player partner to get "euchred" at least 3 to 4 games a match. Unless you "pay" for upgraded version you will never achieve a winning percentage over 60%. This application is a 3rd grade science project gone terribly wrong.
This is by far the best free euchre game . I have tried a few and all are not dealt fair also you have no choice as to who you play again I enjoy the graphics I totally recommend this version
Experiencing dealers dealing hands 2 or 3 times in a row frequently. Uninstalling app and reinstalling DOES NOT FIX THE PROBLEM!!! Unfair advantage for opposing robot teams getting better hands and even 2 Loners in a row. Worthless at that point to even try to win...
its frustrating to play as it seems the computer always gets better cards. I recently played two games and bif once. statistically thsts not very likely.
This version of the game and the rules I was taught (which I truly dominate) are ALMOST completely spot on.. Therefore I am excited to be able to practice my skills and become even better than I already am!
at first I really enjoyed this, but when I get one of the best players as a partner and they get us euchred 3 times in one game well that is pathetic and really no fun for the player. a 5 star player would not be that stupid
I've been playing Euchre with this app for years. Unfortunately, with the last update the screen turns very dark, and the graphics are glitchy. I hope this issue is fixed soon.
Has a "short" in the ads section. Flashes and changes the background colors. Reloaded this app and has the same problem as the one I deleted.
Good, but so many great hands. Compared to other Euchre games, there seem to be many more lop-sided hands. For example, it is fairly common for a player to be able to play alone and make it. But the game is still fun. I find I have to be patient because sometimes the opponents wipe you, and then sometimes it's you & your partner that get these great hands.
It seems the computer players OFTEN get loner hands while mine usually suck. Otherwise good aesthetics.
Works good if you close your phone though in the beginning of hand after a deal it automatically picks it up for you though that's the only problem
Liked the game better,on my other phone. Now playing is not as much fun. Game just doesn't play like it did. Update,did that,was updated about ago,worse. Person playing the game gets most of the bad hands,has your partner playing like he has no idea how to play. Hope it gets better.
It's a good game, it's quicker than most I've played, most other euchre games have ads every hand, this only has one at end of game.
Thee opposing team gets the JACK most of the time and also DO NOT FOLLOW SUIT all the time ya it sucks. The opposing team cheats all the time pretty sad
The graphics are great. Thd program is terrible. The luve person co tinuously gets 9s and 10s. The live person rarely gets trump cards. The list ve person almost never makes a point whem making trump wuth three trumps or less. The other team constantly goes alone and makes it. I have seen these same reviews. I have tried your program for several months and the more i use it the worse it gets.
I've tried a lot of euchre apps - and there's not much difference in them. It's a ballet watching the opposing team play; one would believe they were actually nudging the other's leg to let them know they've got it. One player claims trump while the other has the trump cards. My partner will call a loner with no trump J - neither one! If I were playing poker I'd be doing great with all the full houses dealt (9s over 10s or the other way) and the four of a kind ... again 9s or 10s.
It was ok after a update now the during play the background goes dark and flickers on off while I play very annoying. I do enjoy when it works
This game is ridiculous, I am a Euchre champ but some how manage to lose this game 65% of the time, I went one round to 15 and had one bower. I have had one lone hand where my "opponents" have at least 3 a game. If you make the game impossible to win it gets frustrating. edit to add: reading through all the other reviews you have the same line, about the AI being random and fair. If that were true so many people would not have the same complaint.
A good site....it refreshes one's memory if you haven't played the game in awhile by highlighting the cards to be played. The only thing I didn't like was the speed at which the cards are dealt ...a little to quick for me .
I love this app! It is my go-to game anytime I want to relax, and can play easily anywhere. Makes waiting in long lines almost enjoyable!
MRKT Alexandra Park (Tridel) ad opens fake browser, spoof SCAM website! Click to turn off offensive ads and they reappear exactly the same over and over and over. No way to report them. Ads play sound at times even in DnD/sound off mode.
This is a great game however it is so RIGGED it's quite laughable really. The Developer will say that the cards are dealt randomly but they are not. You have your win but only for a short period. Please note that the opposition will at least 99/100 have a card to Trump you when you go alone. I also believe that they have the cards to beat you and they are MOST certainly not dealt properly. What more can I say but RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED. "Deals are random", what a load of rot.
Realistic & Well-Balanced Wide-ranging sķill levels and player capabilities allows for an extremely enjoyable and true-to-life gaming experience. As a Euchre player possessing over 60 years of experience, I place "Euchre Free" above all other computer-generated Euchre games. This game is very reminiscent of the Euchre matches in which I participated as a young card-playing enthusiast growing up in 1950s and '60s rural Ohio.
I agree with many of the previous comments. While the deal may be truly randomized it's amazing how often opponents get great hands and I'm four suited with 9s and 10s. Also it would be nice if your partner did not make moves that the stupidest human player would never make.
Why would you program the partners to draw out your Trump!?!? It is so maddening! It makes no sense. Almost a year later and still no fix. One of my partner's would only make that mistake once.
Just learning how to play so far I'm making the right plays. Y husband has been bugging me to learn this card game... thanks!
Good But... I wish the harder levels were determined by skill of the bots as opposed to how crappy the hands are dealt. Passes time.
I can't find a good Euchre game that has a decent AI. At least there are different skill levels you can pick from. I'm tired of my opponents and partner going alone with nothing, trumping aces, and making trump when they have almost none themselves. Any the top skill opponents will virtually never let you make Trump. It's incredibly annoying, but at least they get Euchred more often.
Frustrating. Amazing how many times you get a handful of 9s and 10s, 7 on the trot, and if I had a physical partner I would kill them as every time they lead high trump's. Cannot send partner down after opposition call. Constantly follows a pattern, amazing how opposition appear to know each other's hand. Very basic.
How is it, That this version of Euchre has the best graphics,and the format is just awesome, and yet the the game itself sucks IT cheats so bad that that IT manufactures. .etc.
It's a great way to practice you can go back and correct mistakes. Of course that means you take chances you wouldn't normally take
It's ok, dealing not good however AI seemingly gets at least 2 alone hands per game. What really made me uninstall was the soft porn ads especially when I'm trying to show how my son to play.....see ya
It seems like the game is one sided In reality I think the game is a little more equal where when cards are delt you have a chance of getting some sort of equal cards
I enjoy playing this game. I play it all the time. I get upset when the other team wins three times in a row because our team gets rotten hands.
Makes me think the good old days . I can play for a while and then get to what I was thinking about but at times if I can not play games
I know it is free but too many ads pop up and you have to watch a long demo of a game. Enjoyed the euchre game but it feels like the computer gets more good hands than it should.
This is a loaded card game. This becomes evident when you go back and rebid and play the same hand in multiple different ways (a practice I would encourage to learn the game, to study underlying algorithms/logic, and to assess the probability of certain trends). I suppose this is necessary to achieve different difficulty levels. Got tired of it all after a while and uninstalled it.
Decent game.....but the game can override the volume controls on your phone and blast out a super loud advertisment at will. I tend to play games while in waiting rooms and quiet areas and I don't wish to disturb others. I will not use this app due to the inability to control the volume. Deleting due to this issue. Follow up to response: my media volume is set to OFF which would explained why I mentioned that the ads override the volume controls.
All games by AI Factory Limited are simply awesome! If you are looking for offline games to pass time while waiting in mile-long lineups or in a bus to your destination without any hassle or access to internet, AI Factory Limited games are for you as well as for myself.
I used to play in a euchre league for my local pub, so was really thrilled to find this game where I could practice without the need of other players
My partner goes alone without either bower. Programing could be better. Buttons are too close so you fat finger a lot
I've tried a lot of euchre apps - and there's not much difference in them. It's a ballet watching the opposing team play; one would believe they were actually nudging the other's leg to let them know they've got it. One player claims trump while the other has the trump cards. My partner will call a loner with no trump J - neither one! If I were playing poker I'd be doing great with all the full houses dealt (9s over 10s or the other way) and the four of a kind ... again 9s or 10s. I just deleted
In the top level the game definitely skews towards dealing players 9's and 10's. I kept track for 40 hands and the percentage was just over 38%. It's no big deal, but they should at least admit it instead of saying it's just bad luck. i dropped my rating because in reply to your my review you again claim the dealing it's random. You lie. Deleting the app now.
This is a very good app for one of my favorite games. I gave it 5 stars a while ago with no comments. Now I have a comment after reading the other reviews. If you fail at this game, don't blame the app. The cards are random. I put my opponents at the hardest level and my partner slightly lower. And I still win more than I lose.
To all the whiners out there. This is a good game. I have played euchre for 45 years & this isez to beat. If you want to win all the time go find a game for 8 yr. olds
What a riot! I have my partner and I am sticking with her but had to dumb down the opponents. They make me laugh! Ads are no problem being only 5 seconds. Takes me back to childhood and playing with family. Best game on my phone. Love the undo!
I'm still new to the game and wish the rules would also lay out some common strategies for playing. I had to google the term "couch potato!"
Fun way to pass the time. Important to choose your partner based on what you're looking for or plays like you.
The rules of euchre are not followed. You cant pick a jack up unless you have a suit in hand & opposite jack is not a suit until it's made so cant pick it up on just that card.
Good clear graphics, few ads, easy to play. My only complaint is that sometimes the play favors the opposite team for 10 or so rounds, which seems lopsided.
Might as well just tap f'ng pass on every hand. Played 12 hands and never got a jack turn up on my deal, meanwhile opponents have jack turned up on 75% of their deals. Opponent partner always see to have partners missing trump cards. AI says cards are randomly shuffled, but I dont believe it to be totally true. The may randomly shuffle to predetermined hands. Game defies all laws of probability.
It has been a pleasure to play this version of Eicher and a lot more fun to be had the graphics are absolutely brilliant good work and a job well done to the creator
Overall a good game of euchre. Occasionally partner / computer makes a mistake, potentially causing loss of points. Would be a delightful bonus if the winning trick would automatically move off the board instead of having to click and remove each time. Edit: Thank you for the reply and the handle on automating the winning trick removal!! : ))
Excellent. Simply excellent. It's almost like being back in Eng school killing time between classes. The undo function also provides 'what if' answers though it would be nice to be able to click a box to return to the original results instead of having to back up again and redo all the plays correctly. Because the ads are unintrusive I'm happy to check/follow them, so thank you for that. Other possible improvements: odds on actions, 'what if' options, suggestion availability.
Used to be a really nice euchre game to play with being able to change difficulty levels and options to play by different rules. But now the game CONSTANTLY crashes. Can't even get through a single hand before it kicks me out.
The AI is complete trash at euchre. I played a couple games and players cut tricks with the right bar multiple times. There were so many stupid plays it's apparent they don't know how to play. It was like having three kindergarten age children at the table. Compete trash!!! One star cuz zero isn't an option.
Deleted my previous review so i can drop the star level as low as possible. I complained originally that either there game had been hacked or is broke. These response was they were sorry for my losing streak. Four days have passed and i played every day and it is the exact same.
Need to know why after all this time it has GLITCHES? It gets dark then normal, than dark than normal. Though the whole game.
It was great for a few months until recently when it started crashing non-stop. I tried re-downloading the app, but it still would crash multiple times each hand. I recently upgraded my software from Android 9 to 10 so maybe that has something to do with it?
The opponents called spade as trump and he had ZERO spade. But his partner had a loner but if it had gotten to me i had a loner in hearts. Point is the game literally cheats and its SO obvious it takes all the fun out.
You know that the game know's what all players have in their hands other team 1 will make trump and not have anything the other player will have mostly trump . The state l live in euchre is the state game they brake all the rules don't trump your partner's ace and never lead trump to the other team we would kick you out for that!!!
Enjoy the game but recently having a lot of issues with colors going dark and changing when ads pop up. Does this have a bug in it?
Enjoy playing with just 9's and 10's? Then this is the game for you! Boring. You NEVER get a good hand to play. Sure, you will win matches because of your partner, but days after playing I have yet to heve both bauers. Bye bye
Game is not random. The chances of the face up card being a Jack is 2 to 3x more likely of the CPU is to the left of the dealer. CPU players rankings are worthless, a high rated CPU player on your team is terrible but on the opposing team they play very well.
I play this game probably every day. Good game. Need smarter and dumber avatars.. too many average avatars.
Very well made game. Not too complicated with ads and easy to change settings. I'll be buying the paid version for sure!
Opposing A.I clearly is aware of everyone's cards. They will call trumps with a 9 knowing their partner has 2 Jack's and an ace. My 5 star partner however will take lone hands and lose 4-1. It's horrendously unbalanced to keep you at an unrealistic annoying disadvantage. The worst version of Euchre possible.
Fun game, good way to teach a new person. Playing against 5 🌟 players they just always get good hands so that's sucky. But still a good app
It has really improved my Euchre skills. Easy to play. Used to be a bit buggy but no crashes for a long time. The bots could better players at expert level. But, that's ok because I like winning. Good simple game without a lot of ads.
I enjoy the interface of this game and like the idea of changing players. However, there are too many other players with my problem: can't get a good hand or call trump. AI gives fantastic hands to coumpter players, I get 9s and 10s, hands with cards from every suit, or my AI partner goes alone. This is less than random chance, there is a code issue, and making excuses doesn't solve the problem. It needs correction if you want people to keep playing.
raising or lowering the difficulty has zero effect on your opponents skill all it does is gives you better cards as you lower the difficulty. Its a shame id like to play maximum difficulty but you just get garbage hand after garbage hand and the only way to get better cards is to lower the difficulty.
Nice to find a good euchre app. AI players are fast and intelligent. Only complaint is that it's a little confusing when someone else chooses Trump, particularly when you're partner is going alone, but it's a very minor close in an otherwise great game.
Design, speed, look is good. I like the undo feature for practicing. But the calls are ridiculous. No one would call trump with just the right and an off ace. You need to know how to play the game if you're going to design it.
Just because I do not want Facebook you guys see that I lose almost every game. It stinks. I like to play game also But I have no desire for facebook. That is pretty dirty.it has not changed I am lucky if I get two cards alike and they receive their hands with one suit so of course they do the winning. And how do you change the difficulty? I really would like to enjoy this game if the dealing is for everyone. Not just the players that are east and west .I would like to know why no Down Under 9&1
Your opponents seem to get quite a few loners if they are trailing late. This is important to note since the developers didn't bother to give the bots the ability to order for a euchre. Guess you can use the undo feature to cover your partner's mistakes. Update, game has become unplayable. Just lost a game 12-0 against 3 consecutive loners. Opponents getting at least one lay down loner per game, sometimes two. My partner has no idea how to play, orders up the right to bots and then plays alone.
My family loves to play this game but I never learned to play. I wanted to learn and this app was straight forward enough that I feel confident to play with them now. I especially like how you can play with different levels of players. Thanks!
Fun to play with minimum pop up ads that stop game play. Easy to play the game with lots of ways to add variety to the difficulty
Best euchre game ever. Had it for a few years and was very pleased. Suddenly on or about June 20th it became unresponsive. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it many times. Still says the program is unresponsive. Help!!!!
I can tell the deal is a set up. However it serves an entertainging purpose sometimed. Not reall a challenge. I have uninstalled this app. Too darn predictable.
After 20 or so games with this app I am uninstalling. The AI goes it alone way too much and makes it, of course! I can't even get a hand good enough to call trumps and the opponents are sweeping the board. Too boring watching the game being played around me, as if I'm only there to feed them cards.
Everything appears fine. I don't feel comfortable in bidding though, probably due to inexperience. A few tutorial hands would be helpful
I like it, however, the old version would sweep the finished trick away. This new version you have to tap on it to clear it and continue on with the game.. Sigh!
Typically, a player will be dealt a support hand and seldom a winning hand. Most hands, actually, resemble a poker hand with every suit represented. Opponents seldom turn down a card they deal whereas I seldom can pick up a card when I deal. I expect the game to be competitive and fun, but it feels like on every I'm only ever meant to support my partner. Boring.
Awesome and quick games! Can play a match on 5-6mins. Love the stick the dealer option. Only small feedback: when choosing trump after dealer passes, those selection option buttons are too small :)
Another Euchre app forcing you to play in portrait mode. And look we're not stupid if you require us to sign in with Google and Facebook it's obvious you're just trying to retrieve all the private information that Google and Facebook willingly provides to anybody that asks.
Love the diff strategies we can use , one thing could be improved, it can go by itself instead of me continually hitting screen.
The software graphics are the best I've seen for a card program. Everything about it is good except; The program leans heavily against the human. The games characters playing against the human almost always get a Jack or an A on the deal. This will last for numerous hands in succession. The human gets lots of 9s and 10s.
This game does not allow you to win very often. It allows opponents to play alone and win 4 points a lot more than I woild expect and gives the opponents better hands. Also I chose a partner who "seldom makes mistakes" but gets euchred frequently. I have won fewer than 33% of the games I have played when I would expect to win about half. This could be a good game if some things could be adjusted.
I just played 4 games straight and never had one working hand. The computer players gets great cards and I basically just watch the the computer play and I lose, very boring. This seems to be the same story for all the card games made by this company. Uninstall, again. I need to play with real people. 😒
game looks great but gameplay is lacking. no matter which skill player you choose they will play as if they aren't your partner. they will never lead trump when you make it they also will not take the trick if they have trump when you make it. quite often one opponent will make trump on nothing and their partner will have all trump. cheating.
Mobilityware apps are all high quality experiences. They are well-done, solid, and reliable. And fun!
Your games crash after the latest update. Open the app, crash, try to open again, crash, etc. Not just Euchre, spades too.
It's a good app and the UI is good as well, although the game itself is heavy on the bot. You rarely get cards to act on (lots of 9s and 10s), if you get a Jack on your deal you will have none of that suit in your hand, and the bots control the game play. At times it doesn't even feel like you're actually playing. Not realistic at all - and, the expert bots aren't even that good.
Seems to follow the rules I learned by. I have not had any of the problems other player have had. The deals seem fair and the players play logically.
cards are random. i have 52% winning. 2 issues: 1.) If you call trump, no matter what, your partner will NEVER lead trump even if they have a bower and the situation dictates it. 2.) there are too many instances where AI goes alone on a hand you shouldnt - they have left bower, 2 other trump cards, and then low non-trump cards. In many games they are going alone on these types of hands MULTIPLE times, only get 1 point. Unrealistic; you play WITH partner for chance of TWO points with those hands.
Your opponents seem to get quite a few loners if they are trailing late. This is important to note since the developers didn't bother to give the bots the ability to order for a euchre. Guess you can use the undo feature to cover your partner's mistakes.
This game is poorly programmed. There are only eight 8s and 9s out of 24 cards. It's not coincidental that your hand will have very often four out of five cards will be 8s and 9s, and very often 3 out of 5 cards 8s and 9s. This happens too often not to be programed. Enjoy playing euchre, but not this one.
The AI is terrible. In the first day or so of playing I've seen the best bots get euchred on a loner multiple times. They routinely do stupid things like give away a trick they could have taken even when they are last to act. Also, it would be nice to have an option to skip irrelevant turns (the last two turns if a team gets euchred in the first 3, the last turn if the team that called it has 3 tricks but lost 1) and to shortcut guaranteed tricks (JJA of trump with 3 tricks left in the hand)
App will skip turns. Such as the computer will pass but then choose. Also, sometimes computer partner will not play logically. For example, if they have a trump and can play it sometimes they will not play it or they will play a high trump even know they can't win instead of throwing low trump. If it were not for these 2 flaws the game would be great. No, the computer skips a turn. Basically, the computer to your right will pass and then it should go.to the next player but they choose a trump.
I took this game off my cell. I love euchre when it is fair but this game SUCKS BIG TIME!! I am constantly getting 9s and 10s and quite often with no trump or one so small I lose it in the first play that calls for it. If I get a decent hand it never comes to me. Another player will make it before it gets around. I don't mind when that happens sometimes and I don't mind losing sometimes but it gets real old fast when it is most of the time. PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS SO WE CAN ENJOY A GOOD GAME.
This is a good game. I know its random but computer seems to win most games. Still is a challenge only if my partner knows to give away when the point is taken.
This game is a rip off. The opponent team almost always draws a J (jack). They always have the advantage. The card shuffle always goes there way. They always have loners. While you set there with your thumb up your a_ _. Your game needs big renovations. Mike
More challenging players just get stacked hands. Play against 2 5 star players. Never win a game. Just stacked in their favor.
As usual this game cheats , you must put your cards in the Crib first Every time .So the A I knows what you put in there and puts in tbe crib the best combination for highest score . Also knows whats in your hand to play best card for Score .They will say its randume cards but NO WAY can score 16 to 24 points to over take you at the end of the game , ahead by 31 and lost .
I like the game play but there is either a glitch in the A.I. logic or my partner makes trump decisions based on what my cards are. I have only been playing this game a few days and there have been 2 times where I have held both Bowers and my partner went alone in that suit. In what world do you go alone without either of the Bowers??? Someone else posted the same experience....something is off there. Added reply...the result of the play is irrelevant. You should never go alone with no Bowers.
The free version dealing is rigged. Opposing players get way more lone hands and almost always have just the right final card to stop a winning trick.
The game is smooth, with an easy to use interface. The AI is a competent opponent who will give you your money's worth. I highly recommend this game to anyone interested in playing euchre.
Used it for years. Best one. But lately they've started forcing you to watch a one minute ad before every game. It sucks bad. Time to find another game.
Better than Euchre 3D. In Euchre 3D, players trump partners Aces because it is the only one in their hand so I believe they think use it or lose it. They will also lead the right bower when the opposing team made trump; therefore clearing any trump their partner may have that possibly could take a trick & maybe even euchre the team who made it. I found Euchre 3D a very upsetting & annoying game as it seems that I am playing with amateurs & I chose Pro. Euchre Free is a more professional game.
Decent play, games are usually pretty competitive. Strategies are fairly close to actual play. Not too many ads.
Raising the difficulty somehow shouldn't be an option. It only seems to mean that I'm guaranteed to have lousy cards, and when the clown on my left calls the trump but the joker on my right has all the good cards I wanna cry FOUL! This game couldn't be much farther from reality than it is. I'd wager that I would be much more successful playing Euchre with an average partner against any two players on the planet than I am against this game. I guess not all random # generators are created equal.
A lot of loners. And sometimes the other players play cards that don't really make sense. Its almost as if they know what cards everyone has... 🤨 I still play it every day tho.
Updating my earlier post. I have been playing euchre for years. It's clear to see that those who designed this game, they're not euchre players. It could be so much better.
The 5 star players play like 2 star, there's several euchres every game and they play terribly. The only card game I've ever played online that was worse than this was a cribbage game that just stacked the deck to make it hard to win. If you want to learn to play euchre it's nice, if you want to play with intelligent people, go to a kindergarten class cause you'll have better luck.
No matter if the other BOTS order any card they don't have any other card in that suit and WIN, designer says it's random but OBVIOUSLY they have NO CLUE WHAT euchre IS!!! IT'S NOT RANDOM, plus I've been robbed of dealer numerous times, NOTHING RANDOM ABOUT THIS APP, COMPLETE JOKE!!!
I love this game and the way this app is set up for the most part, but there's no "no ace, no face, no trump" rule option, which is a bit frustrating... Adding in some more rule variation in a game that's this old would be helpful.
Uh.... The game just gave my opponents three lone hands in a row. Same player. Dumbing down your opponents has no effect on the game. I endure the ads but this is ridiculous.
STAY AWAY!!! Here to confirm what many other reviews have stated. Dealing is not fair. Higher difficulty CPUs are not such due to skill. The deal is stacked against your team. Proof is in the many loners attempted and won by opposition. Also, out of frustration I started trying to undo moves (cheating, I get it) in an attempt to win hands. This didn't affect the ratio of tricks won!
Ads at bottom now lagging game badly. Unplayable now due to flashing parts of screen. Screen goes dark now and color dropouts now when ads change or some screen touches. Ad bar and other elements flashes rapidly at times.
3* to 1* ..4 games in a row and only once did I have more than 1 trump.. stacked against you very heavily and it shows..uninstalling.. Say what you will developer but your game needs HELP! Maybe you better Play your own game .
Its not about unfair play, the game controls the competition level, it should be set on the human being, it should be the game against you but it appears it is you against the game and its in control. The game should be designed to make you better.
Sick of getting unusable cards all the time, whilst the opponents get all the good cards.if it doesn't improve I will stop playing. There is no challenge if you don't get the cards It reminds me of poker machines, you just can't win .
I'd never played euchre, but got this after seeing it recommended by other apps from this developer (which are all awesome). Am not disappointed, it's another no-nonsense game that does exactly what it says and doesn't try to be anything else. Perfect.
really pretty good game one major annoyance. one of the ads called Final Fantasy XV doesn't time out and let you back out of it to play another game the only way to start the next game is to read start your phone. A really major annoying
Tried it again. Still the worst logic engine I've ever seen in a euchre game. The user interface is nice, but that's the only good thing about it. The person that wrote it clearly doesn't know how to play Euchre.
I have a number of your game apps on my Samsung Note 8. All of a sudden all your games keep flashing between light and dark. When they go dark, I can't read scores or cards being played. It really is annoying. Is there anything you can do?
Ads for some news app always downloads no matter where you touch the x. I don't want any I don't load myself. Make Ads all close or download in boxes like the others.
Features that would be nice: a way to see the hidden cards at the end of each hand, a way to play all hands "open face" to help new players learn, a way to "auto finish" the hand when the outcome has already been decided.
The game and geaphics are good, but the video ad between games get old. Its faster to close and reopen the app.
Absolutely scripted to say it bluntly. Amount of one point games is ludicrous. Computer biased is ridiculously laughable CPU player one picks up CPU player gets four tricks. 9,9,9,10,10 cards dealt is insulting our intellectual minds. Just deal the cards naturally and stop pumping the CPU. Please don't tell me it's random with the dealing. My credentials are Ph.D in Mathematics and I have studied this game for six months if you need proof. Kind Regards Andrew. J. H. Shaw III
The game itself is close to how euchre plays but I have been having at least two 9s in every hand I've played. The AI controlling the computers is also absolute trash, making terrible choices and plays, choosing trump based on a single jack, it's a nightmare to try to manage
Overall it is a good and fun game and. Easy to play, but seems to favor the opponents. For example, it allows opponents to play alone and win 4 points a lot more than I woild expect and gives the opponents better hands. Also, I chose a partner who "seldom makes mistakes" but gets euchred frequently. I have won about 40% of the games I have played which isn't bad but I would expect to win about half. Still, it is a good game that is fun to play.
Great playing experience. Cool can change players and difficulty levels. Thanks for a fantastic free game!
For a euchre game with partners, it is pretty fun. The player profiles are interesting. For a computer card game with interaction, it is pretty good.
It's pretty fishy when your opponent's get dealt loner hand's back to back yet you and your partner have not seen one in over 10 games. I am deleting this game!
I live in an area where few people play Euchre, so I've really been enjoying this game. I wish it went just a little slower so I could observe and plan my plays at a more realistic pace, but other than that I love it. Great game!
The game was great then recently the game is going dark then light again. I did make sure it was just this game. I tried everything I have on my phone nothing else does that. I even uninstalled the game to be sure. Still it was the game not any thing else. So I reinstalled the game after I tried another euchre game. But I did uninstall that b4 I reinstalled your game. Still it started the same thing, light to dark. I can't deal with that. There definently I something wrong w your app.
I do really love cards and Euchre is top shelf with Sheepshead. BTW, I hit the perfect hand last time I played. Yep Diamonds with both bauer. I thought about a loner for almost a second.lol Good product!!! I tried others but people out there get to touchy and critical. This beats em all!!!
when ever you out skill your opponents they give right and ace to opponent next hand and give free march every game, keep a consistent card algorithm and the game might actually be fun.
Lot of fun. Characters all truly play different, so it really does feel like you are playing against different competition.
Not for the extreme novice who's never played b4. I wanted to learn to play quickly so I wouldn't hold up the other players who already knew how to play, the rules were somewhat vague, at least I thought they were. I do reserve the right to come back & change the rating if by some chance I bump my head at a later date & the rules suddenly become clear to me this is after 11/2hrs of 2 star game play, (self explaining for new users while playing, not just high lighting cards would help)
The dummy people made suit every hand, maybe one out of every 25 hands you get to make suit. Not a fun or fair game.
I love this game. But recently, it has been changing from regular screen lighting to going darker. It looks like it has a glitch in it. It is very frustrating. I even uninstalled and reinstalled to see if I missed an update. Nope, I didn't. Please fix. Thank you.
Is a good basic game except the Bowers come up way to often and after a while you can predict what the computer players are going to do.
Very solid game, good flexible AI, you can choose the toughness of your oppoinents. And It really helped me become satisfactory in playing in the real world, before COVID-19 happened. Lovely game. Would like to include more of the various rules that different versions have, like bottoms. But I'm still a new Euchre player.
The opposing team almost always wins. It is often that my cards are mostly 9's & 10's. I'm not expecting to win every game, but it'd be nice to be a bit more equally balanced. There's no rhyme or reason as to who will start with the first deal, but it's mostly the computer.
I love yo play euchre but the computer will decide who wins. The players make some of the most illogical plays i have ever seen. A seasoned player knows its rigged. Some games you can see hand after hand avatars know when and what sequence to lay out the cards. Its very amusing to watch. Why can't developers come out with a game without giving a computer to much knowledge to determine who wins. And dont put in obvious plays that are so dumb there unrealistic to begin with.
Very good free to play game! Ads are not intrusive, AI seems reasonable. Minor things would like to see changed: It kinda sucks having to tap at the end of each trick... It can be annoying. Also, I wish the last trick when the round is 3-1 would be auto-played to save time.
What's with saving the trump card until the end of the game, instead of trying to get 2 points. Also I've noticed trump cards played unnecessarily...for example 2 people have played the 3rd one puts on trump and the last person plays trump as well but trump wasn't called and in most cases it would of been a euchre if that 4the person has saved his trump card for the next round. Sometimes I wish I could talk to my partner cuz he does plays I just don't understand and makes no sense.
like it very much BUT the computer seems to favor the other team with loners and it's pretty annoying, especially when your teambis winning and then lol ose because they get more than one in a game. also, PLEASE change it so the dealer doesn't always seem to pick up the turned up trump card... third, PLEASE stop having them call trump all thr time, especially when the scorr is close at the end and we end up getting euchred to lose the game.
This game is ok, but I consistently have at least 2 9s and a 10 almost always. This is not a true deal
Excellent game. Realistic gameplay. I like that they tailor the players for certain strengths and weaknesses. This company makes the best card games!
I want to like this terribly, it has a nice interface & descent game speed. It also has a horrible algorithm that is just too obvious. You'll spend most of your time watching everyone else get fantastic hands while you're sitting on 9s & 10s. Your AI partner will go solo, throw out his offsuit first to allow them their "stopper", THEN throw down his bowers(?) to take 1pt instead of 4. Over and over and over and over again..,
It just doesn't ring true. When you play for a while and your record is good then your hand is stuffed with 9s and 10s. Uninstall and it all resets and its pretty even for a time. And for God's sake. The ads are obscene. 30 seconds between games? Worse than US TV! But closer the app, reopen and the ad goes away. Frustrating because it's a fun game and quick. Spoiled by silly features and ludicrous adverts.
I really enjoy playing this game. The only issue I have is that the opponents turn up an extraordinary amount of bowers. At one time I counted 6 your of 10 deals just one player turned up jacks. Where my partner and I both only turned up 2 in 3 games this isn't the norm when playing with real players and cards.
Fun. I grew up playing this.and I love it. But, since no one west of the Mississippi knows what Euchre is, I have to play on a machine.
Settings no longer work. Canadian loner will not turn on, turn up to dealer won't turn off, partner makes it with no matching suit cards.
Very solid app but occasionally the AI will make some extremely poor plays that no human player would make, even at the 5 star highest intelligence. Ex. Failure to trump from 3rd chair when I led a Q offsuit and 2nd hand played a 9 and instead of trumping with a trump I had ordered it to pick up it laid off and caused us to get euchred or Ex 2. AI always orders up in first chair with both bowers of the upturned suit and nothing else when proper play is to wait and call next.
Here it is 2020 and this game is still doing the same thing it keeps freezing and then it's throwing out all nines and tens every time it's not throwing out no face cards and for the 10th time I've deleted this game😠 and please you need some new robot players these ones are idiots..
great time killer at airports and waiting to meet friends who run late.i have 5 different Euchre apps on several devices...this is my favorite!
Don't even bother with this game. It is one sided and CORUPT. They certainly got this game all wrong. Possibly the worst of the worst. I'm sorry but I have to disagree with your response. One sided play is what you have done. I play Euchre all the time however your game is RIGGED. How does the opposition get so many trump cards is unbelievable. You need to fix this mess you created. Your reply is non human as they are always the same. All pre done, pathetic really, just like the game itself.
Even on 10 stars. The chance at receiving a decent is slim. I would not bet at all on the game. I am a lil over 500, but I feel like the AIs on both sides get more loner hands than I. So the reason for 3 stars.
There is some sort of glitch in this game. Forces me to play a trump when I have the suit that was played.
A well designed game that only deals 9's, 10's, and Queens to the human player. Your random number generator sucks.