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Eternal Senia

Eternal Senia for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Sanctum Games Limited located at No.353, Henan Rd., Xinxing Dist., Kaohsiung City 800, Taiwan (R.O.C.). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
good game i was playing it in a while now, as for the ads its just somewhat closes without loading idk the reason why. but allin all good game to play
I rate it 4stars because this game is good but, its hard you need to click and click after you get tired there is no auto mode.
The graphics are very simple, but they remind me of the original Eternal Senia game. I love that a sequel has been created for it. The fact that this is a side scroller as opposed to a dungeon crawler, like the original, really gives it a different feel. The contrast between the two games makes this much more interesting, to me, to try it and play until I beat it.
I enjoyed playing this game but I can only give it 4 stars cuz it's not really the type of game where you'll play when your bored so yeah ...the game is nice tho
One of the best game i've played. This sequel turn out so nicely and the after story also so great it's explaining every detail
Great game, despite its many flaws. Gets grindy fast and turns into a monotonous clicker game. Despite that, this game is great.
Been playing for a few days...super addicted. Love the fact that u can play without buying overpriced items or diamonds like other games of it's kind.. great game..thanx
The game is great but having semi essential permanent upgrades behind a high pay wall isn't. Let's face it, if the developers want to cash in, then they should have priced them around the 2.99 mark to get people through the door to buy something. 8.99 is simply way too much.
Edit: Well, I really don't play rpg but luckily once I installed this game. This game is just marvellous, simple yet so amazing . The storyline, battling system, characters everything is awesome . Maybe there are or there will be many many great rpg games, But this will be always my favourite, no matter what. Definitely worth downloading.
Love the game so far! The graphics are good! Anime lovers will appreciate it. The music background also reminds me of Ragnarok.
i love this game . i hope more stories will come, also why do players' server change as they reach lvl 100 or certain power? i had to reset my game just not to join the server with high power .. i'm not getting enough resources to draw ..
I was just looking for a game that I could play offline and also in portrait view and I happened to bump into this one *maybe because I was attracted to the anime design haha* The graphics is simple yet so great. And I love everything in itttt
Watching videos sometimes dont give the rewards. For example after watching ads the chest x5 multiplier was ineffective, same goes for watching ads to gain 3bp and its frustating cause watchings ads to gain bp has 24hrs cooldown.
An RPG game with idle/clicker elements mixed in. A continuation of the first game, whoch I'm still trying to finish. It runs fine on my potato phone, although I do feel bad beating up the cute mobs. Nevetheless, a great game overall, with a nice story and alright progression curve. Keep up the good work, dev.
I really love the game. It's so satisfying to play, so smooth and so addicting. You can play it all day. I hope in the future update they add more content to this game. I really love it.
Good job, developers. It's a good game, wish to see updates of it. I liked the story the most. One of my favorite games....One of the best RPG played!!!!!!! 😆 😆
Very interesting and I like the story :D back to it I go to finish this game and level up some more lol
A game that ended up making the old players from the prequel disappointed. From a free game with decent gameplay to a freetoplay with trash gameplay. What is trash about the gameplay? Everything. From the fact that you are required to tap a tons unless you pay for autotap, to the fact that the skillsystem is nothing more that dmg cheeser. Every single ally is behind a goddamn gacha and the only way to get currency are ads and pvp. And the story? When i got to there, im too tired to even notice.
I love this game!, Well what I can play of it. Idk if it's my phone or the game but I cannot proceed past chapter 3 boss. That devil thing. The battles play out fine. I can do the trails up to that point over and over but once it tries to go into the next strory chapter it crashes every single time! It's done it over 2 dozen times now back to back. Idk why. I can't get any farther
This game is a wonderful idle clicker game with beautiful art and an amazing story. The characters are well written and you do care for them and their struggles.
Amazing story and gameplay, the gacha rates are not good but the currency to do gacha Summons are easy to acquire(gacha isn't really needed to play the game it's just there).
Its a good game. If I uninstall this game I end up reinstalling it. I like the story. The only thing I have to say it can be really annoying to grind constantly, but it can be fun as you get more story. Its a pretty good game. Recommend if u like grindie games with a good story.
It's a fun game. I like the animation, it's simple but rather nice. The game feels cohesive as a whole, definitely a full package.
I really love this game been playing a while, but I have recently noticed that when I am trying to watch the ads to either double my rewards or claim the bp and gem reward nothing happens. Sometime I am forced to watch ads and recieve nothing. Please fix this issue, it has nothing to do with internet connectivity
This game is super fun. I didn't think I would enjoy a clicker game but I am still playing and enjoying it! The only thing I would like to be changed is the BP refresh rate. 30mins is quite a lot of time for 1 BP.
Its an Eternal leveling up. After all the long days of leveling up your Weapons and character you'll find youself Getting your ass whooped by enemies that are lower level than you. And obtaining allies just plain dumb You have to have luck. Everything and is repetetive and this game Has alot of bugs. It's not worth wasting your time.
Best tapping game ever. That's what I feel about it. 😌 I love the mc i.e. Senia. Her spirit and Braveness and the way she does everything to save her sis! 🥰 the only disappointing thing for me was the death of Hugo 😭
Played the original on Steam, this sequel, while different in genre, plays just as good as the original game. Pretty free to play friendly too.
It's a really great game. It has good Graphics,Gameplay, and Controls.(Well... the controls is just to tap.) I't also has a wonderful storyline. I am not surprised it is Editors Choice. I wish the Creator would make more games. Keep on the good job!👍
I really like the game so I gave it a five star. The only thing I would like to be different is if when you equip a weapon in the first slot the weapon the character is hold should change that is just my opinion though.
it's a clicker rpg game, but it's good for killing times, overall the game is simple, but the dev get the job done with it, story is ok-ish but still enjoyable
Entire game is geared around the cash shop and adverts. Companions are fairly useless given the amount they attack. Graphics are ok, rest is just meh
Game pretty stingy. As someone who dolphins/whales games. This game just doesn't feel good to spend money in. And the gameplay got too stale to keep me around long enough to be sucked into spending money. Had a few fun hours, but then it got too stale.
This is a cute little game, more clicker than typical rpg, with a nice story, decent graphics and good content. My only objection is the amount of enemies on each level. You could cut the number in half and the game would move at a better pace. Nice work!
Just finished playing half of the game Good storyline Easy gameplay (semi idle/clicker heroes like) A bit grindy Pay to win sadly Reward system adequate Nice graphics Excellent soundtrack I hope you have fun playing it =)
I would have rated this higher the game didn't crash on me quite so often. It is especially annoying when it crashes after I select a domain boss as I lose all of my DP points which just happened like a minute ago x.x That and the card drops rate is pretty low and I wish I could do something with all the extra green cloakies I have since it's already maxed. Otherwise it's a fun and I suppose easy enough game to understand and play. I like all the characters and the story is good.
Amazing little click and grind, grind or spend and grind, some ads, but hell the devs deserve some moonshine, and theyre still adding chapters, lots of fun for fans of clicker heros, i wish ch2 was like this when i prepaid for it.
I played this game in the past and I almost reached the end of the game but sadly I had to delete it and now Im back to play it again. By the way awesome game I love the characters.
Nice game , simple , not a big flashy game but its very enjoyable so far , only reason not 5 * as ive not played long enough see how it stands up .
It's great tapping action game. Tutorial is easy to understand. Leveling is quite simple at first 20 but beyond level 50 and above it will be very slow since it will take millions of points just to add one level. I wish the developers release the next chapter of the story, anyway its a great game and anyone who might read my review, I recommend you this game.
DON'T BOTHER DOWNLOADING The support staff does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the glitches in their game that keep preventing me from getting ad rewards.. I have emailed FIVE times already about this problem, but all I got was a snotty response to check my internet after the first email... The next time it happened, I was included screenshots of the issue with my full bars of LTE data to PROVE the internet was not the problem. My issues have yet to be addressed..
Great game!! I usually don't play much RPG games or battling games like this but I really enjoyed playing this one a lot! I highly recommend at least giving this game a try!
Looks and feels very simple which is great. The leveling up can get a bit teadious after a while. The main interface isn't crowded as heck whic is also great. I would like it if they sort the inventory by type (sword, material, medal/accumulatives, card) and rarity, at the moment it's sorted chronologically which gets a bit messy... Overall tho, great game
the game is simple and pretty fun to play, especially if you have played the first eternal senia game on steam. The only problem for me is the useless duplicate of already maxed card. like, i have about 10++ dups of vice bishop, demon lord, etc that just sits on my bag. devs should add new feature that allows us to trade dups for crystal/amethyst or whatever then it'd be solid 5* from me as a player.
One of the best Indie games I've played, f2p and grind system is balance. Highly recommend for someone who wants a full offline game enjoyment.
It's all alright as long there's no error or problems. Such as account service, slow downloads,no network connection things like that.
Real satisfying, the art is great and the gameplay is simple. A perfect game to play during your free time carried by the pretty anime-ish cliche story but in a good manner. It really is satisfying though to do combos by just tapping and swiping on the screen. Can't keep myself from saying "ora! ora! ora" while breaking my phone screen using my fingers. Good game though, I appreciate the effort the devs put on this game. Thanks devs!
The game is solid minus one particular thing. The platinum trials is a ranking system based off of how quickly you defeat enemy mobs. There are cheaters that have scores that are unimaginably high compared to everyone else. If this is fixed, I'll give the game the extra star it deserves.
I love this game.Even though its a tragic story about senia,I still think its really fun beating up the monsters and trying to find senia's sister.And for some reason, my attack was reguced if it's a glitch I hope you can fix it.that's all.☺😊
I like this game...I never find such this offline game that very interested except for the online game...Well keep it up...Thanks for this game...I will able to save of my credit anyway..Thanks keep it up.
I love this game, it's so fun. I never get bored of this game, it has an a amazing story line as well and the graphics are absolutely beautiful.
Very enjoyable, no complaints! I also bought one of the upgrade, not exactly for PayToWin, but because I used to love the first- Eternal Senia game on PC, so I'm repaying the favor for all that fun I had, keep it up and... Please update the game! I guess?
This game my most favorite. I am rating this full 5 stars because it has no errors. There is also an option of Saving cloud where u can save your progress. I just love this game... However i have already completed it i want the story to still continue the ending was also sad tho. Overall its an amazing game.
The game was so much fun but I have some suggestions for the game I think it should have a shop where you can buy armor and stuff Because during my experience it seems like the player has a disadvantage on the health because the domain bosses does so much damage so I think you should add some armor and stuff.
Please fix all the bugs and i rate it 5 star cause i hope you would add more things like a pet i havnt played it yet so i dont know anything
I played the original game on steam like 2 years ago and stumbled upon this game randomly on my app store. Anyways I played this game casually for a week and managed to get late game gear f2p. Mostly my drive to finish the story was the main incentive. This game is a tapper/gacha game, but the original game already had simple combat so I get why it can be a mobile game. Very decent game, would play more if there's an expansion to the story arc. Level 74 Senia, at this time of review.
The game is pretty good but annoying. Every time I went to buy a companion everytime I get a two star character and never get anything higher than that. Many a time this happens all my Amethyst gamestone gone to waste . Pls fix this .
Basic game but it is a lot of fun. Only problem is the gatcha system same as all others but the core game is fun enough to ignore the gatcha part.
I truly enjoyed the game and the story. It succesfully made me wanna know more of Senia's adventure. Even though the game gets to start being hard, it's not like you'll get stuck at that. Anyways, I love the game and it's story. That's all
the game is fun but i think there should to be a way to fight in the game without having to keep tapping and just pressing the screen instead
This was a very entertaining and has a wonderful story line 🤩🤩🤩 And this game is easy cause it's a tapping game 😊 keep up the good work guys.
Please optimise the game it's really laggy even my phone have a good performance and please when you update it optimise the game.
Really enjoyable game with great story and waifus.Overall the only thing I would change is the long Domain of trails cooldown.
BEST TAPPING GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED..The Graphics Fits with me who likes anime and the story is great. What Needs improvement you say? The fighting scenes during a story. perhaps you could animate it or something? But over all this game is great Recommend it to my fellow anime lovers.Im hoping the next update would reduce me to ashes over the beauty of the game
GAMEPLAY: Smooth, Fun, brings something new to the Tap Idle game genre with its executable skills and companions that are actually impacting your overall DPS. GRAPHICS: Cute, Clean and really matches the feel of the game because its pleasing to the eyes. OVERALL: Try the game out, it's free and you might get addicted to it unexpectedly, like I did. LMAO
Dude, this game is AMAZING! This game is simple yet exciting. Basically you are this hot anime waifu and you fight monsters and level up. You can get different attacks to defeat monsters. You meet characters along the way and make friends. It's amazing and if you like adventure, battling, and waifus, this is the perfect game for you!💕✨
This game is a great solo phone game. No pressure to play everyday just drop in and out when you want. the gacha has good rates but you don't even really need to use it. I spent 15 bucks because I wanted to the support game. The game is grindy but that's what I like the best about it. I wish more phone games followed this example.
Enjoy this game quite a bit. Gameplay is simple and it is fun in its own way. I say, give it a try and you will find this game as a good pass time.
Great design, music, and story. Game has a very basic focus on gear and improving urself in general. Mostly focuses on the story which is what it's for. Excited to see future updates for this game and the devs
Lovely Story, Good graphics and awesome character's design , The Music is also good and calming. Just a suggestion,that we can change/costume the Main character cloth,Sword,etc. This game is almost perfect Just need a little bit improvement and the main character is flat , that iswhat i Don't like about the game👀
I love the game,it has a good story and you dont need money to get stronger. It is ideal for those who want to pass time with a game that has a good story.
Interesting storyline and graphics. But the style of fighting kinda boring because u just tapping on the screen. I do prefer something like rpg where the character can avoid except just defending. I hope for much more entertaining fighting because im easy to get bored over something😓
Game's not too shabby, for very simple gameplay, I happen to find the enjoyment that I like. Its rare for me to keep a game on my phone, this one's being kept installed until I 100% it.
It's good. Though I wish the app-in purchases were a bit cheaper. 14 dollars for a permanent upgrade? Really? Also, I wish the side stories would become available soon. Lastly, I think there were some bugs. I tried to claim my 5x gems and bp and it just kept giving me the original amount of gems, as for the bp I never got to receive my 3 free bp for the day. Just let me know when the next updates and fixes are coming. The ads don't work anymore, I can't get bonuses or the amethysts.
NEVER never pay for this game. F2P account has a magnitude higher chance of getting 5-star from chests. Paid account's 5-star rate is clearly much less than claimed 11%(=6% roll + 1/20 guarantee). In addition, BP ads AND continue ads does NOT remove after paid!!!
I never thought this game would be this good, especially the characters design, I love how the story revolves around senia and her sister, the music is also good. I can't wait playing hugo side stories..
Itʼs very wonderful; all aspects of the game are perfect in my opinion, except for one. I cannot, for the love of me, connect to the so-called “internet” that this game is checking. Hence, I can never play ads or anything of the sort that will give me extra gems. Please fix this. Edit: it suddenly began working again. Thanks!
All went nice during tutorial but after it s a complete fail, no matter how nice story it is , you re forced many levels behind mobs cause you cannot return and grind at least, if you upgrade the weapons you can t upgrade your girl so another fail and you die by boredom stuck at a miniboss. Nice story, simple smooth animations too repetitive, almost nothing to do in it, except watching your character way behind lvls getting her a,, kicked by simple mobs. Pity, it could have been a nice game
The game is so beautiful and attractive. If you wanted a game for pasting time YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS.
Could have given a 5-star but the shop prices are a little too steep for me. Wish there is at least a one-time discount for first purchase of any of the current bundles. Still, game is great and will do continue playing!
I really like this game, I watch you're ads everyday... But this ads make my tablet unstable and it closes. It's especially annoying when you're at the platinum trials. I need to reboot my game every different level and before the first level to ensure it not close... I played the first version and this one and really like them both. If there's a VN version I'll buy it in an instant
Really great game you really don't need to pay for you to get on the rankings.. Btw when I go to watch ad to get an additional amethyst/BP.. I do get to watch the ad but after it finishes so I can claim my reward it doesn't give it to me , this already happened to me a couple of times not all the time but only a couple so pls fix this ty
Fun game in general just I kinda hate the click cap sure it's to defend against auto clickers I get that but it's kinda low to be honest
I've played a lot of idle games in my time. In my opinion, there's not enough to stand out here, but I love this game so far tbh. It's one of the better ones. Why do I say that when it's not very unique? Because it's not too different from the BETTER idle games I've played. And the differences it does have - higher difficulties, a story, stuff like that - actually are good things, so yeah. I give this 5 stars. Good game
I love it, kinda a grind, but in no way a bad one. Story is great, combat is fun, BP is cool, and the companions are where it's at ^__^
very fun game... love it!! but i have some 'complain?' or 'suggest?' (idk) its about the story.. i know.. maybe im still too early to say this (i havent complete the game) but i would say.. i think its gonna be better to 'longer?' or 'detailed?' or 'improved?' the story.. i mean.. look at last chapter/stage (arc 1).. the last story is.. too fast... why aphinor do that to senia? how they manage to escape the tower? and many more... i think if you can improve the story, its gonna be great game!