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Eternal Legend:Hands-free Idle MMORPG  in 2020

Eternal Legend:Hands-free Idle MMORPG in 2020 for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by HiPlaying Game located at 香港. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Had this installed for 30 mins before finding a reason to uninstall would be playing my other games an it would be trying to make me purchase 4800 gold an bringing up to option to charge it to my card everytime I would push the back button it then would bring me back to the game I was playing not worth having it downloaded if it tries to force me to top up while playing other games.
I changed my review because I have some issues with the devs. Even if it is a great game and I enjoy playing the game keep freezing if we are more players on server, usually when we try to do the dungeon and another thing that I complain is the stages... for god sake are we punished because we play? I understand this is a pay to play but to don't be able to pass more than 20 stage in 24 hours is a little too much. I am speaking of server 1308,and am not spending more money until you fix this.
Good game and easy to play 👌💯 have a best people inside the game, and a good guild.. Good guide system. Drop rate is okay. But hard to evolution need to take step by step slowly. Easy hands free while take a rest. Nice sound wave. And very scary when war sound. By the way i love this game veru much.. Im not buying any vip pass maybe i will buy some for the next evolution. But i need some recommendations for always keep DC while attacking boss, war and doing combat please repairs the problems.
You keep dropping my level I was 141 now 138 sort this out.. I've spend money on this game I'm vip 4 and what's point me spending if your keep lowing my level this happens every day and now I'm getting annoyed loosing 2 or 3 levels a day!!! If no improvement is made I'm afraid I be uninstalling... server 72 genesis1
This game is the purest form of money grab to date that I've seen. And I've played a lot of money grabbing games. So many different systems. 3 different item systems alone - normal equipment, divine equipment, refining equipment. than there are wings and other similar power up mini systems. Multiple characters that all need the same things redone, and you've guessed it, EACH of systems that I mentioned, and more that I didn't bother can be leveled up almost exclusively with money.
The recharge is broken. Does not give the gold requested towards VIP level. Also whoever is doing your math is totally wrong. The rewards given and the claim for gold for purchase is drastically off. False advertising at its best
I saw your ads on YouTube, you taking Diablo III contact and using it for your advantage. Your game is not even close to that, stop doing that
Only installed this so I can leave a review. I saw one ad for this game and it was gameplay from the God of War ps4 tutorial level. Next time if you want to advertise the game as something it isn't at least try to make it look real (also don't use gameplay from one of the most popular games in recent years).
I have paid money for this game and it is not worth a single penny of it. To private message your friends costs 100 dollars which imagine how stupid and inconvenient is to pay such money for a basic human right - communication. 48hrs and no response from support. On our current server S2934 there are 4 players online per day. I request my funds !
this game is quite fun, don't make this game boring, I am a player with weak Ce, better this game holds a festival once a week or once a month, such as sabug or cross sabug, only with a relatively long time to play the player from another server, so that the player the weak spirit or try to become stronger until the event arrives and weak players also enjoy this game
I've enjoyed this game for a very long time..... Until a few days ago all my in game stats were reset😐 idk if it's Google's fault but plz try and fix this error.
Not sure how to bind account to save game, my levels go up then drop mysteriously, which is bad for competition of lvl reward. You cant join old servers to play with a friend whos been playing, and no in game customer support. Big pay to win as well. Good graphics though and first week playing is fun
DO NOT install and fall into the same trap as I did! A copy and paste game I previously played a year ago, Immortal Blade Idle RPG. PAY-TO-WIN. You will reach a wall at a certain point and will have to spend in order to maintain in the ranks.
Kinda fun, but sad everytime I open it, it makes me start anew character and deletes my current I was working on.
my personal opinion is it's a great game with a hell of a lot of different features and it's also the only mobile game I'm eager to go back to every day. I would recommend everyone at least try it. if you dont like it then fair enough but if you do like it then happy hunting:)
Reinstalled to make sure everything was working properly but game has no sound. Seems like it would a fun little idle game but w/o any sound it's just boring after a few minutes. I understand it's an idle hand free game but still would nice to have sound effects and music.
This game is utter trash. There is no background music, the graphics are from early 2000s, the battle system is completely auto making the objective just a click walk through. How can this be even called a game? There was no thought put into the characters, or story plot.
I enjoyed this game for a few months and I was #1 on my server without spending money until they recently merged my server with another and now the #1 guy is 2x my power. I'm #2 now and lost all my titles because this p2w player beats me in everything. This game has 2 names. Legend of Blades is the other name.
A good game though it is simular to other game apps, but at the end of the day its still fun to run rampant killing or being killed, whilst taking down bosses,or dungeon etc. Its free to play or p2p depends on you of which way you go. Does get a little laggy in places but I just put that down to congestion, it dosent last long.
After merger, the game always getting lag/buffering. Now the game take more longer time to login than before. And the merger have issue about server strength balance. Some server have many top players plus many active strong players, while other server have less strong players. Even in top ten there's some server have 4+ players and get top 5 spot in the list, while other server only have 1-3 player in top ten & only in the last/bottom ranks. There's no way the less players can win the war.
The game is good, but the thing is actually the first account that you would use will not be connected to any Facebook accounts or Google accounts. Then there will be a pop up message saying to connect your account to Facebook or emails. Now when you try to save it you'll start from the beginning and you'll end up losing your first account which you have already paid for. I was top 6 on that s1964 named alpha. Now its gone🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
I tap the game icon and load to a hundred percent it has an error . The error is "error code 1:-]" . And it stack ..and that i close gam then restart again anf it repeats that all over again.
After gaining 80+ lvl on both characters my account disappeared, in caseit was linked to google account but isn't saved it from wiping. For god sake, at least refund me for purchases if you decided to erase my account.
Always level down...why do i keep on leveling down??please fix the game leveling..sometimes i level down 2 to 3 times a day..just like now i am going 142 i go back again in level 140..yeaterday i was 144 then go back to 140..please do some actions..this game was fun and nice..
Bad. Game is good, everything is behind a pay wall. If you pay, it just requires more paying to progress. Game can be played for free but you wouldnt stand a chance as it takes time and servers constantly merge. It is also available outside of its region, but does not have any events outside of its regional time. Edit to bot: I have emailed your support several times and have never had a response. I don't believe you.
I truly did enjoy this game, I've even cashed out quite a bit in my short couple weeks of playing, But i cannot recommend a game where in which i worked hard and spend money to be #1 on events and my reward item glitches and is lost and the support which is on their facebook just gives me a run around and does nothing! I mean is really damn upsetting, i pulled a "try hard" for this game keeping my #2 top player on my server which doesn't come cheap and in the end i just felt scammed/screwed.
The game itself is broken and has a lot of issues. You don't see hp of monsters in real time. Game is crashing way more often than it's working. Every day maintenance. When you reach lvl 157, it goes down after that. I made some purchases and got really dissapointed and requested a ferund from the developers. 3 mails later and over 2 weeks, I didn't receive a response from them nor money. Now they have banned my account. I wouldn't recomend any game fromthis type devs as they arent professional.
Fun but atleast let the f2p players make guilds maybe like the 1st player to login in new server can get the benefits of getting a chance on obtaining a lvl 1 or lvl 2 guild to make it fair for the f2p atleast
It starts fine then as you play it it just annoys you to buy things with real money then when you buy something it feels like they annoy you with more. Somethings you can't even use with out buying a pack. The game is not worth playing tap tap hero's is way better then this trash wish I could give it 0 stars.
Legend of Blades, Era Origin, Infinity Sword, and This, are all the exact same game aside from the titles...Obv put out by the same people under different companies...All that's done is the icon changes in the app store...that's it. Report these douche bags.
Game is actually alright, however it is a major... MAJOR pay to win game. Ridiculous really, and theres several games almost exactly the same. When you start, you're already given around 4 different things to buy that are "special". It would be nice if you couldn't buy materials and had to earn em. And dont get me started on VIP...
Your game is a trap why? You want to read our personal files and, photos. Yeah I know it's so the game can function good. Lame why there are decent adventure games that doesn't, require login in then, your game is going to get a bug or bugs. Which is true hackers so your game sure big time. An you would say that you may have things in place to stop hackers crappie. The reality is we all may have online banking an, personal work date as loyer an judge an so on. Yeah playing game helps us 2 chill
First: high level char can compete against low level chars for boss gear this gives top players a very un fair advantage. Second lost my account twice now after developong a lot. Gone cannot access sent me to set a new character. Over all i think its a very pay to win game that will tirn most people off. Too much content un available unless you pay losts of real cash - i dont mind giving a few dollors when developers make a very good playing experience that all can equally enjoy greedy devr
Misleading ads i tried to play this game thinking that it was going to be like the one i see from the the ads, but its a fail and the sad part is the graphics are like 2D or 1D i think its im playing a game from my old gameboy advance. Worst graphics, and also the annoying thing is its in portrait mode, the one they show from the ads is in landscape mode and if I'm not mistaken the game they show from the ads is a game called Diablo, correct me if im wrong. Very misleading so disappointed!!!!!!
Make the ring spirit follow the characters everywhere and into battle, not only when they are reviving. Cos it doesn't show up most of the times. Fix it and I'll give you 5 stars
This game, i mean dude its awesome simple i like simple.but...theres but...every game has its weaknesses.. N this game its biggest weakness is Money..everything is all about money u want to create guild u need at least vip 3..soon this game will lose their costumers..not everyone love spend the money on the simple game... This game good for nothing..all i like about this game its classic..that all.. Stay clam stay fokus..
This is the same game as Legend of Blades and Infinity sword. It also requires access to your identity. Why the heck would it need that to play a game? It seems like they're trying to steal information. If you want a fun game, I wouldn't trust this one. I'd rate it 0 stars if I could.
This plus Legend of blades plus Infinity sword are all the same. Why would you have 3 apps here that are all one and the same game?? I downloaded each game and all ended up going to the exact same character, given you log in on the same server for each app. Not a bad game but this is more like a milking cow. The race here is not who gets stronger but who can pay more money.You'll find it in game on one of the weekly tasks. Shameless owners tsk.
-0 star dont ever play this game you'll lose money without planning refund or compensate.. many ways to lose golds, click bait like ratting you through a cheese with a trap waiting for you! Stay away on this game! Public warning! Devs are not responding... I played on a server put some amount to the game but later... No more players just weeks later... Its I haven't finish the game for a months now we have only 4players in our server! Dont play this game this will rob you!