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Escape Titanic

Escape Titanic for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by App Holdings located at 601 Union St. #4200 Seattle, WA 98101. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game this game is really cool it's never just a reply in any wants me to give it a review so I'm giving in a positive review because I don't know what I'm supposed to do next supposed to give me help
I can't fault this game at all except to say that its too short... Its very exciting and kept me on the edge of my seat till the very end. Graphics are superb, the challenges are brilliant. I've played it so many times, uninstalled and reinstalled again and again. A huge THANK YOU to the team... Are there any more of these?
It's not an offline game. Requires internet connection to load ads every time the game is started. Without the internet connection this game will not play. After going through the initial few minutes of play, you are forced to pay to continue.
The game was very nice and easy, completed it twice in 30 min ! One problem its a very short game u should add more level this game is good !
I enjoyed the game soooo much and then got to the part where you need to inflate the lifeboat/lifejacket... No matter what I tried (blowing swiping etc.) it didn't work... Frustration level 100!
This game sucks. I'd like to continue but when I watched 9 videos in a row to get free hints (supposedly each video), it does nothing. Also there is no tutorial and have no clue what to do in the engine room or anywhere else for that matter!
It's not worthy this game is very short not too many challenges it's not worth it to pay for a game like this don't waste money and time i will not recommend it.
You can only claim one free hint by watching a video, you get spammed with ads at least once a level, the levels are disappointingly easy, and you STILL have to buy the full version of an already mediocre and ugly-looking game! What a huge waste of time. I would rate negative stars if I could!
The game was fine. Up until I HAD to pay or quit the game. Don't advertise as free when you literally have to pay to continue playing the game. "Oh but there's a free option" which yeah... if you want to do a scam survey where they ask for your details or make you play a game and then never work. Don't bother downloading it. Really disappointing since I was enjoying the puzzles. Also Ads popped up every 2 seconds. A couple even popped up when I left the game which is NOT okay.
Love it awesome just have to play it to know how fun an enjoyable it is words can't describe it just download it play it you got 10 Stars if I could give them to you I'm giving them to you anyway 10 stars on this game
This game says it's free but then its ad after ad, and you have to buy hints and when you watch a video for free hints you don't even get them half the time had it for a day and I'm deleting it. Really dissatisfied.
Its a good game but I will Suggest you to not to download this game because its include Very Tough Tasks. To get hints & Answers These Frauds will ask you to Download another app which cost 500 Rupess!
This is really a cool game, and i loved it! Until 5mins later u either have to pay to continue the game or quit! The whole game lasts about 5 to 10 mins. U escape a few rooms and then u either pay for a ticket or are forced to quit. If u guys made this game longer i would have given 5 stars but it's way too short. And the hints are useless. U can't even tell what the hint is our if I'm using it right? Too hard for hints
Rip off!! Fun game with good puzzles. A short while init gets you to buy the full version to continue. I thought thats ok its fun 20 mins later the game was over. I would NOT of bought it if i knew it would be such a short game. Absolute CON
This is a fantastic Game, although where the captain needs tickets. That part of captain orders ticket I do not like. Because I have to purchase And I do not like that. Please get rid of that And That would make the game so so much better.
It was interesting at first and different from other escape games but there were ads avery 60 seconds. Wayyy too many!! And then as soon as I reached the second level, I was required to pay, or install ANOTHER game in order to continue. What a waste of 15 minutes.
First off, it's a very cool puzzle game. Second: there is an enormous amount of forced ad. Third: beyond a certain point, you can't procees any further, unless you buy the full game or you waste a lot of your time on some stupid offers. I won't. Uninstalled. Sorry, but there are much better options at making money off of us players, it's a pity you couldn't find any better than this method... ☹
I love the game, it's really fun and entertaining while enjoyable and time consuming. I'm not sugar coating this game at all, it does have it's flaws but all games do. However, I played this game a while ago and I've come back to it recently, and it appears levels have been removed which is disappointing because I recall one particular favourite that disappeared it's sad because that added more length to the game as well as more puzzles, I'm not the only who has noticed the less games, am I?
Horrible game ...ads will kill you and after few levels asks for pay and proceed .. Lol who wants to play such loads of ads game and waste money and time ... really pathetic
Ok....This is just a DEMO GAME...and u have to pay further with real money....everything was going good but suddenly a captain comes and ask for ticket at the time when ship is sinking 😥😅
I completed an offer but haven't earned the credit to unlock the game...am totally pissed... I finished Escape Alcatraz with no issues...Please fix.
Compared to similar games this one has bad graphics. Despite that, it require players to pay for it while the games with better graphics don't.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD unless you want to spend a few bucks and download the full version. The game is fun and I enjoyed playing it BUT, part way through it tells you that to continue playing you need to buy the game or "complete a task" (either option unlocks the full game). The task includes choosing another game from a list of games they provide and reaching a certain level in that game. After you reach a certain level you can play the rest of the Titanic. LIES, completing a task does NOTHING.
Horrible. This game is a RIP OFF I have installed 2 games & played to receive the whole titanic game sent 2 emails too. To receive my reward and Nothing. Looks like a scam to me only wish I had looked at reviews before installing seems others have had same issue, with no help ! I will start looking at reviews from now on !
Very poor. You can't complete the game with out playing other games with a purchase. They dont tell you until your half way through the game. It stinks. Let titanic sink.
Im mad at this game because i have needed a ticket are you crazy in the kitchen so i deleted and reinstall it and again i need a ticket so can you pls fix this and disable ads and you need a cutscene before the titanic goes to other town and make a cutscene when jack goes to the boat and in the end jacks family see each other or not its 1912 not 1911
Is a fun game but at the same time its sad game because not a lot of people had the chance to get safe or even made out a life so i feel sorry for the other people that died on the tittanic or the suffer in the cold water
It's a great game and all but at the part of the game with the second description it never loads it says not responding every time
Would have given a zero star rating to this game, the game was a bit nice at first until I was told to buy the remaining chapters of the game or download some.other games in order to keep playing 🤦🤦🤦🤦
I like the way you have to like it's kinda like a game that you have to do puzzles to go to the next level. And if you like puzzles you should definitely try this game
Too many adds and no instructions. This sucks. I'm deleting it. One star for too many adds and no instructions.
I bought the game and couldn't get past a certain spot so I emailed customer service and no one responded. Wasted money
This game makes you pay real money to pass through or play other games even when I tried this it didn't work and I had to pay and for what a stupidly short game.
This game is little bit hard and is more easy then other games that are titianic game but this game is really easy the gameplay is five stars,graphics is five stars and controls is five stars that is a easy game then other game that game are look like titanic game's
I wouldn't say that this game is bad or that the puzzles are extremely difficult, boring, or not at all challenging but it can be frustrating. Sometimes even when I tap or swipe at a certain item a few times it wouldn't budge so I leave it then I die or can't solve the puzzle but then I try it again later and it would work? Quite frustrating.
It's all well and good playing a game but to get to a point and have to pay to carry on to play I'm not on a casino game thanks I was enjoying the game until you through buy a ticket at me three stars
I can only get thru the part where I put them in the rescue boats and lower them and then it freezes which in turn makes me start over from the very beginning, which is very frustrating!! I will most likely uninstall.
You play halfway thru and then need to buy a ticket? The ship is sinking, screw the ticket! Uninstalling and keeping my feet dry!
Very sneaky... the game is advertised as free, however when you then load the game you have to select either to pay for the full game, or you can get it free by downloading another game through its affiliates. Then you have to complete a series of tasks with that affiliate game before you get access to this game. Poor show and absolutely disappointing.
Idk for I but I feel it like an virus...on one of the levels there is one error where every single option is no thanks...idk for u but for me it's totally an virus
Poorly made game. There's no hints as to what to do so you're just left scrambling trying to figure out what the first step even is. The hints don't even work, I watched two ads to see if I could get it to work and it just wouldn't. And there's too many random ads, it's like they're on a timer or something. They literally just pop up when you're in the middle of trying to press on something, which in turn causes you to tap the ad and open up the play store.
It was okay until you get 20 minutes into the game. It forces you to either buy the game or stop playing. This is nothing more than a glorified demo. Oh and well I'm at it, don't waste your hard earned money on hints. You can just lookup the playthrough on YouTube and follow along. Ridiculously greedy developers. As if your ads crammed down our throats every 10 minutes wasn't enough.
Disappointing. The mechanics seem off, touching and tapping and sliding objects just seems clunky. The puzzles are short term and often not even puzzles. No deep thinking to gain longterm solutions here. Not even intuitive at times. Ads popped up at random with no structure or warning and it wasnt long until I finished the first "chapter" and was required to purchase the game for more. I will not be spending money on this game. No way. I found little enjoyment in it.
I liked this game when I first started it, then i had to either pay my own money to unlock or complete and offer to unlock. I choose to do the offer but upon finishing the offer the game was not unlocked. So I decided to email to company who had emailed me back once asking for screen shots of the game still nothing, this was 3 days ago. So I and deleting the game and leaving a review in Hope's no one else has the same issues.
Demo game, you have to purchase a ticket (purchase with own money) to continue the story. I was enjoying the game play up until that point with a few adverts here and there. But wasn't clear that this was a paid game. Sneaky!
The random ad pop ups in the middle of play is damn annoying. Not worth continuing beyond the first few puzzles which aren't engaging enough to keep my interest.
Trash game doesn't even let u complete the full game without money too hard anyway nd very money hungry developers don't install guys its just a trap showing tht the game is free its actually not don't install it
This is good.. But in the middle of the game they are saying to purchase... Please change that option
The game is awesome except a issue it's loaded with ads and when I reach the chef level u have to get a stupid thing for answeres or hints they should be able to decide if they want it or not pls change things also good game for schools
game could have went for longer, more side missions! more interesting, more fun! I can't believe I paid $2 something, to finish playing this, waste of money literally. And I love titanic, took me a day to finish, and that's on and off playing. 😢 have never payed for a game before this one, and it's made me not want to pay for another game ever again. 😰
"Great game"you either need to buy or get it for free for full access by downloading trash games also it doesnt let you see what you need to do in them it just wants to get that game paid in downloads so they could get paid for advertising a trash game like that.
This game looks good however right off in the beginning theirs no instructions on how it works or what to do. So u need hints to get going and they cost real money to get hints. Its then filled with ads every time I try to do anything. Cant get through the ads to even figure the game out or if I would even want to pay for no ads or the hint. This is a game that looks good and I would definitely play if it werent for the above listed problems.
I love this game. it's fun and challenging. Just the game gets frustrating at points, and seems almost impossible at times to get past the minigames that you are currently on. I got stuck and so frustrated at the crank to lower the lifeboat, that I uninstalled the game. No matter what I did, even after getting the answer to the game, I still could not do it. Ridiculous.
After the lifeboat level the game asked for recording permission, I refused and the game crashed and all my progress was lost. Thank God I only paid £1.60
As the last living person to have died on the Titanic I can say without a doubt that this is the most accurate depiction of the harrowing ordeal I and my fellow travelers faced on that fateful trip.