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Escape Room: HOPE

Escape Room: HOPE for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Anh Pham located at Japan, Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ku, Shinkoyasu 1-20-3, Yokohama BayView 307. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Can't light the candle. I double tapped to zoom in the candle, then clicked the match to select it, then click the candle - nothing happened. I went back double clicking the match and all reverse operated, same result.
Used to play a lots of escape game,this is one of the game that I choose to stay and play. As most of the time I will just uninstall the game from very beginning, just because the graphics is not nice. But this, the graphic is good, the control of viewing or grabbing objects is easily accessible.
Trying to play, freezes every time, especially when you try to use a hint. Mind you, the ads always work. I give up.
Good game with interesting puzzle design. It was just hard enough to be challenging but not frustrating - except for a few instances of dark-colored objects being too dark to see details. In the 3rd level, for example, the screws look like black dots or holes, so I would have never realized they were screws without looking at a hint. But since the game has built-in hints, and you can pay to remove the ads, (every game should do this!) it's not a huge problem.
It's a great game except there are far too many "let's take a break" commercial breaks. I mean after ever single problem being solved. Little silly. Also there are a few times I needed s hint but the game stalled and I couldn't get anything gir a few hours. Had to stop playing. Please fix the bugs.
These are good escape rooms that keep you guessing. Some of the clues are difficult to find, thanks for the hints.
Puzzles are good, but the lack of animation when navigating and the counterintuitive controls ruin the experience.
Some good puzzles, but so many adverts that it spoils the gameplay. Updates don't seem to be forthcoming, so uninstalled.
Pretty good puzzles but so many ads. An ad pops up every time you solve a puzzle. Its like you are being punished for solving the puzzle.
I love escape games, found some of them difficult, so I needed a hint ,if you need a hint you have to watch a ad and if you need an answer you have to watch an ad ,when you get the answer you have to watch another ad, far too many ads this is the reason I'm giving you 4 stars.
After the first level, the next one has an ad for every puzzle solved. Even if this is a nice game, the ads just made me loose interest and uninstall this game.
This escape game is very nice. I like the background music and how the logic is implement by the game
Decent escape game for free. You can guess some of the puzzles. Sometimes the game would stop responding or freeze.
How long before new stages are released? I using mb's keeping your app installed for no reason. And now an update to change the title screen but no new chapters... I really liked your game too but this is ridiculous
Clunky controls, annoying ads, reset unfinished puzzles, "hard" levels get increasingly illogical and frustrating. Uninstalling.
Well over all it's a good game, however when I couldn't figure out the answer for the fan (in the first hard level) I watched an ad to get the answer when I tried the code it didnt work I tried every thing and nothing worked. I'm still not sure why its not working :(
Never have I ever seen so many ads in one setting. When you hit the menu button there is an ad. When you solve a hard puzzle they "reward" you with an ad. And many more. Just ridiculous. It took me longer to view the ads than play the game. I will not be going to the 2nd room.
In the last game, the game hangs every time I try opening the cabinet drawer in the hallway. Please fix it.
Not so bad, but for the last room some spots were laggy, took a while to react after the touch, some clues were useless for escaping
What was the candle for??? Great puzzles, balance between challenging and easy. Ads are necessary, but the timings were unfortunate. Should get rid of the "let's take a break" ad, at least. There are already enough!
Non logical puzzle solving! Most of the time I'm question how and why instead of "that makes sense lemme use it somehow" The mechanisms are also flawed, you'll tap somewhere and it won't react meanwhile there's a clue there for you...or overlapping clues won't give accurate input. Overall just messy
I really wanted to like this game but the ads are incredibly excessive. I have no problem watching an ad for a hint, but you want to go to the menu? You have to watch an ad. Look, you solved a puzzle! Let's celebrate by watching an ad! How about NO. Two stars for a decently challenging game, but the constant game interruption is absolutely ridiculous and for that you guys get a prize, too! It's called "uninstalling your game."
1.You MUST be able to take pictures in the game to use it to solve puzzles, there's no such an option here. 2. You can't go back and forth on a half-solved puzzle, because you will see it has been reset to it's initial state which is frustrating. Play the game named "Exits" to see how those two issues are covered at their best there. Sorry you don't get many stars!
I love how the games is not too easy but not extremely hard so that you don't know what to do next. It's great.
Quite challenging in some parts but greatest problem is the control, the area to press is sometimes too narrow that easily touched the next or get out of the screen so you need to do it all over again. It also hanged that I can't continue but to uninstall the game. That is extremely frustrating.
good game deserves higher rating than it has. I noticed the final puzzles are designed to be more challenging, but more than one of them is arbitrary rather than logical. still managed to figure them out but they could be improved.
I love playing escape game's 🤗 this is different then the others I play. why can't I get the hint to work? says video not available right now every time, needs to be fix, other than that I love the game 💕 graphics are nice controls are ok.
Great game. Great logic. A little clunky with responsiveness to tapping and accuracy, but once you get used to it it's okay 👍😀
Wonderful game.LOVE the hint option on the menu. Really nice to have more than one room to find clues to escape the house...love the ending....play to find out!! NO SPOILERS from me!!
Puzzles aren't hard even though it keeps saying "you've solved a hard puzzle". Would like to see some harder thought out puzzles. That said the game itself is fun; however even tho the ads are a quick 1 page poster like and I get you need ads since this is a free app but there are just too many....basically after ever solved puzzle, so if there was 10 puzzles in a game there'd be 10 ads. It's a little much. Thanks for the game tho developers.