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Escape game : prison adventure 2

Escape game : prison adventure 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by BusColdApp located at Room 02, 15/F., Block C, 6-24 Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Definitely challenging. Worth a try if you have lots of patience and lots of time. I like the creepy theme and graphics. A few puzzles are pretty difficult. More hints would be helpful. Doing 1 puzzle for hrs can be discouraging. The multiple rooms can be confusing.
I've played 1, 2, 3, and the first prison game. Coming from that perspective, it's not quite the same. There are interactions with NPC's, which is new, and you are playing an actual person. and then there's all the freaking math. Apparently, your character is an accountant. I'm still going to finish the game, but really, I like puzzles, not equations. Also, if you have played the other games, you'll recognize a few of the regular puzzles.
Im re-reviewing....At first I thought this game wasnt as good as the first cos of all the people to talk to but if you keep playing they go and it gets to be like the first game which was a great game about a person escaping on their own. (Its worth playing for the hilarious use of the England when they speech :-) Hint for players....rate it from the first time it asks cos its constant in every scene as you go on. -Only at first few levels but hopefully all these people go away soon and the real game begins. - Update.....The people have gone! Yay! Its same as first game now. Great! Good graphics and interesting games to play. Update. I've finished! I escaped! I'm freeeee!! Awsome game. Heaps of puzzles and more of them toward the end. Cheers developers. Well done. Chur.
It's a cool game but i get really irritated when you watch a video and you get no hints and the puzzle where you have to move the red dot through the maze by tapping the screen is really cool but it's like watching molasses dry,it's just so painfully slow and cause the red dot is really big it's hard to get through the narrow maze cause your constantly getting stuck on corners and you can't see which way you supposed to move cause the red dot but other than those two complaints the game is fun
Great puzzles but they dont make it easy to understand what you need to do and no hints just skip puzzles, which isnt what i want to do
This game gets a one-star because it keeps on wanting me to rate it before I really even get a chance to play it next time try not to be so pushy with the rating
Very fantastic game but there is a problem of hints....very less hints.....too difficult puzzles Overall it is good
It's quite a good game with lots of little puzzles to work out in order to progress, but the thing that spoils it for me is every few minutes you get interrupt by a pop up asking if you enjoy this game please rate it!!! Bloody annoying that is, do the developers really have to keep begging to get ratings!!!??
After completing Game1 in 5 days I decided to give this one a try. The story line is very different, same haunting music but some of the games/challenges I do not get. It also doesn't allow me to watch ads for tips as in previous game play.
PLEASE PLEASE, we need more games and parts of these games, I completed all escape games 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 , and home town and prison 1 and prison 2, and tried to play Egyptian museum but there is issues at level 2 so can't load well and can't play it hope you fix it with big thank you, it's best games you are the best team so hope add more games please please....
Massive let down on this game, the puzzles give you no indication on how to complete them. Why it's highly frustrating! At least tell us how to do the puzzles instead of leaving us to figure it out
It's hard to figure out in some places, at least most puzzles can be worked out but a little more help would be good. I have wondered the hole map so many times and still don't know what is next or can't find what's next.
This is a brain challenging game that needs a relaxed mind. It's fun and I can't get my eyes away from it
Excellent. Yes there are few puzzles that have been used elsewhere but overall a rewarding challenge, spread across a wide number of locations. There some easy puzzles, some challenging. Ads are little repetitititive but you only get this if you need to get extra hints. Hints and map are useful features for those with lease than perfect memory. Can be played offline. A couple of instances of violence.
I like this developer and this is the fourth escape game of theirs I've down loaded. Medium hard at times. Excellent mini-game puzzles (my favorite part). Ads are pretty much just to gain hints. The part I wish they'd stop is asking me to review the game literally every minute from the start of the game. How can I know if I like the game 1 minute in? These really are good games, though.
I've played a lot of escape games and I do unfortunately have to say that this is one of the worst I've played. Don't get me wrong, I get you are trying to make people think without giving them clues but it gets too boring after a while, especially when some things do not make sense. Even the top equation was wrong and did not make 5.
Interesting game, but I agree with most of the comments , the puzzles are very confusing and hints don't help much
I used to like this game up until the dialoge was removed. I know the grammer was not the best, but at least then you could have some short little story going in the background. Also, the hints system is a little wierd as the wheel has a one in 25 chance of landing on a hint, trust me, I did the math.
My only issues are there are too many "rate the game" popups, and the spin the wheel for free hints. Honestly, I lost count on how many times I spun the wheel and landing on ad. The wheel needs to be fixed to make it where you get hints more often.
Still very early on in the game but so far it seems pretty interesting. A bit confusing but similar games like this are, at the very beginning. I can give a better review once I get a bit further into the game.
I've enjoyed most of the games in the series. But this one is ridiculously void of the clues you need to solve the puzzles. You'll need to use hints, which are frustratingly difficult to come by, unless you buy them, or endlessly wait for them to replenish. Neither does the game provide you with a running total of the rooms you've escaped. Graphics are great, but I believe you'll find other games in the series far more enjoyable.
This is a fun & challenging app with nice graphics and these developers are AWESOME 😎 because they don't collect and sell your email address, search history, or other data like some similar apps! The "advanced math" puzzles some people are freaking out over are simple algebra, fractions and there's even a little bit of addition... it's not calculus, but if you really get stuck, there are always other ways of finding answers.πŸ€” Have Fun!
Its really great. For having a like this it's really need to have a great mind and some other skills to to pass the game
Actually liked it till the "please rate me" pop up started popping up a little too much to be honest. Bloody annoying.
This game will make your mind as detective You will start noticing small and minor things Awesome 2d puzzle game ever i played......πŸ‘πŸ»
The ads are very annoying. I would pay to get rid of them, but I can't concentrate on the game with ads popping up repeatedly.
It's overall fun & challenging. The only complaint I have is that after watching the ad for a free hint, the hint is not rewarded so you're watching a bunch of ads for nothing.
Personally I think the game is cool.. I only played Escape Game 1, then I got this.. It's really cool.. But I really don't like the idea of always popping up the "Rate me" message so often.. Well, I've come to rate it.. Lol It's a lot harder than the Escape Game 1 that I've played.. And I almost always need to use hints to play the mini games... That saps the fun out of it... Apart from that, your game is really cool... Thank you P.S. I'm only doing this to get 3 free hints to pass a puzzleπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
The game is fine. The constant pestering to rate the game before you've played enough to rate it is not.
As I truly liked the first escape in this series.. This is an entirely different vision... The 1st puzzle as you leave your cell is neat.. Takes a min to figure out.. Not that hard though... Then..You may need some decent math skills before you download this one.. Not fun. The entire beginning of the game deals with crunching numbers.. I did that in the 10th grade.. Hated it.. Can't tell you about the rest.. Game keeps notifying to rate it every 2 minutes.. Here it is.. Uninstalling...
Slows down and freezes during certain parts of the game. The game is fun and challenging to play, once you get past the bugs.
Its a good game but needs more instructions to the puzzle especially those which are too hard you a told to arrange the βš™οΈ you cant because there are no instruction telling you how to do in the puzzle.
Best escape adventure game by far played first and second I've been dying for you to make another one PLEASE MAKE A 3RD there are no other games as good or like this if I could rate 100⭐ I would trust me πŸ‘πŸ˜‹πŸ±πŸˆπŸ€―
It's good, but it lack story, or should I say, there is no story at all. And that makes the game pointless
It took me three days to complete, finally awesome, lot of clues, think easy but the harder it goes on it comes more to play, take the car and go away. ...
Having completed all 11 escape rooms this game really makes you use your brain trying to remember where all the rooms are on the map. I don't like the fact you have to use a hint for the game to show you what room you have to be in though
Good but annoying at the same time.some puzzles you are forced to use hint due to the puzzle being so small. And some puzzles do not comply in the common logical lineage. Do your self a favor if you play this just click on the rate me pop up the first time it pops because it will keep popping up till you do. 3/5 stars
It's a great game. It's kind of based on Shawshank redemption movie, at least the characters are shown from that movie. By comparing the other games made by this company this is not the best, in my personal view. But still a good game to exercise some brain power.
Most ludicrously outlandish ending I've seen in a while, in a good way. This accountant is apparently James Bond… As for the game itself, I feel it crosses the line between 'logic' puzzles & 'guess what the developer is thinking' puzzles on more than one occasion, but others might have better luck. Shamefully, I had to pull up a walkthrough on YouTube for two particularly diabolical ones: I still didn't & don't have a clue how those puzzles worked even with the solutions in front of me… (β•₯﹏β•₯)
would be better if the current mini game would be saved when the app closes. As it was, the game accidentally closed, and all of my progress in the freakishly long barbell game was lost. Bland story. Also, hints are placed too close to the tools-- you know, the area where people click on a lot?? Wasted a lot of hints when I didn't really need them. Uninstalled. Story's not really exciting. Wasted my time here.
I played this game and completed it 9 to 10 days. Amazing game with excelent ghrapics, it has lots of puzzled . My mind after playing this game have sharp as compare than before. But one problem in the game is some puzzal is meaningless, some brain sharping. Whatever over all game is super.
The most frustrating puzzle games ive played and it was great. Almost every puzzle requires assistance solving n elements are well hidden n yet obvious at the same time. Top notch
Love this game. Click around and find clues and solve puzzles. Played a long time ago & recently installed again.. Still fun.
The game was good. But my only problem is some of puzzle do not have instruction and when you hint, it doesn't appear
Finished pt. 1 yesterday .. . & just got started on this one. Am loving it .. . I think u guys hav done an amazing job once again though I think the prison inmates r a bit unnecessary. Personally, i think the game would be much better without them as they r not animated .. . so. doesn't feel .. . real. More like statues, I guess. But, the puzzles r gud enough 2 force me to think, stretch my imagination .. . What more could I ask for. Nways, hats off on ur work. Keep up the gud work. Tk Cr.
Asked me to rate it too many times and i got annoyed, not a bad game but quit trying to force people to rate your stuff.
I like this game, but most of the time it doesn't give you your hints for watching ads. And as for the mini puzzles you have to solve, I would say about 65% of them are very confusing and to figure out how to solve them.
I'm still not done yet. Some of the games are still frustrating but I must say it gives hours of fun. I wish the hints were given more often but so far I'm making them last. I think the graphics are great!UPDATE: downgraded. Sat through a whole bunch of videos each time hint thing came up and I did not get extra hints. This happened at least four times in a row. I was at 6 hints and I earned no additional hints. Used up three because I'm really tired and could not solve a puzzle. Now back to 3.
annoying the hints. Placed at the poi lnt that you must click to go back. Very annoying to asking you to rate the game every second
I really like the way you have make the game adventurerous and what make it more special is the addition of the prisoner and the cops
Almost done with a puzzle when I click on the get hints button- pops up an add you can't close AGAIN, I have to force close and restart the app, and had to start the puzzle over. Get hints is broken. You watch adds and get nothing for it. I wish the button wasn't even there, half the game is spent force closing and restarting. Kind of a mess.
Some of the puzzles are boring and tedious, like making math calculations or solving complex jigsaw puzzles. The items in the inventory don't have text labels and you generally can't zoom in on them, so sometimes it can be difficult to tell what they are. Likewise, some puzzles aren't clear as to the objective. The overall story and the characters are an obvious homage/copy of The Shawshank Redemption. The English grammar is terrible. Overall, it's a good game, but it could be improved a lot.
It would have been a great if not for some of the illogical puzzles, some of them makes no sense, no direction on how to solve them so one have to guess how to get them solve. It no fun game at all, because of this and can be depressing. However, I like some of the challenges, it requires attention to details and at least an average level of IQ to get by.
Good game, got to think outside the box with a lot of the puzzles. So.e were a breeze while others stumped me
Ask WAY too many times to rate the game.....every 1min or so.....ridiculous. Clues are so vague, and puzzles are obscure, and non-intuitive. Waste of time. All games by this developer are a waste of time.
Great game but the option to watch videos to earn hints doesn't work at all it's sucks not to be able to watch ads to watch it. Some of the puzzles are too complex and difficult to unlock. Am stuck at a level for the past day or two. Kindly fix these issues