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Escape game:prison adventure

Escape game:prison adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by BusColdApp located at Room 02, 15/F., Block C, 6-24 Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would have enjoyed this if it wasn't for the constant pop up asking to rate it. Literally from the start it's popped up approx over 30 times bear in mind I've only got through a few rooms. I cant review it if I haven't played properly stop pestering me!!!!
Not that bad ...pretty exciting....the fact that there are less hints is really cold👎....the game is challenging here and there so... I suggest more hints
Its a pretty nice game but i really don't like the spin thing...When i spin i always win an ad...is it deliberately doing that...Infact you won't get anything if you win an ad on the spinning wheel...
Puzzles and graphics are good - some easy, others very challenging. Some of the scenes are very dark and small items are difficult to see. I would like to zoom in on items in the inventory... It's sometimes hard to tell what they are.
I loved this game! But, I would definitely recommend playing some of the developer's other Escape games first to get you familiar with their style of game, because unlike their other games, this one allows you to advance to other rooms before all puzzles are played and tools are found in the current room you're in. So, you keep going back through rooms to seek out anything you missed or didn't have the tools to work on earlier. It's awesome, but more challenging than typical escape games!!
I like, but above difficult. I must use many hints, not possible to solve it for me. I like hint that pointing location, how to play the puzzle; not the puzzle direct solver.
Fix the hint ad thingy, doesn't work when you watch the ad for A hint. other than that it's a very good game.
Wow that was fun. Some puzzles are seriously hard, some I just couldn't do without hints, but I seriously enjoyed this. On to some more!
I completely enjoyed the game. The puzzles were a bit challenging but not impossible. The graphics were decent and the flow of the game was enjoyable. Thank you!
It's a great game!!! For real though, kind of wanky, I don't know if it's my phone. But it's amazing; 5 stars if it weren't for the ad hints. When I get ads for hints in the wheel, it views the ad but it doesn't count as one hint. Keep wasting my chances to spin the wheel.
Much more challenging than 100 Room and Hometown escape games. As in the Hometowns, clues carry over to other rooms. For me, taking notes was a must. Use your own system for labeling the rooms as they are added to the map. No one room provides or requires a lot of clues, so be prepared to jump around. YouTube walkthroughs (thanks, youtubers!) Can give that needed hint. Only a few clues that this amateur would consider obscure. Enjoyable.
Far too confusing, collecting far too much items at the one time, backtracking all the time is confusing and ultimately boring.
2 things, have pencil and paper to keep track of stuff and use YouTube, not hints If you get stuck, don't know what to do, Ok, 3 things, pick up everything as you go along and use the map to skip from room to room. If you've done the 100 rooms escape series, you'll recognize a lot of props and games. Lol when I went back to my cell and it was on fire from the torch I left behind!! Took me two days, but I'm old and it's after midnight. Fun, challenging, don't stress, use YouTube for help.
It definitely has many challenging puzzles!! The only difficulty is that you're able to go from previous rooms, into new ones than back to old ones again. There's a fluid flow. You find hints and tools in all different rooms. This makes the game more difficult, because you have uncertainty about which direction to go within the rooms. I end up using a hint to find where on the map provided that I should go to next.
To many levels at once and not all sections work as needed. Had to use the hints section to do something I had already tried 6 times
It's strongly recommended to play 50 escape rooms before, this one is much harder since it's many rooms combined. They should show on map which rooms have pending actions, sometimes is very hard to find the right point to click in the screen.
This reminds me of the original "Quake" game of yesteryear. It takes you through some thrilling levels where logic and thought rule. I enjoy the experience!
I went from 3 to a 2 star cuz I cant get back down from start point back to underground after I put out the fire in my cell advice to every1 it's a good game til u put fire out then this game is really starting to get frustrated and I'm about to delete the game PLEASE FIX GAME ASAP AND FYI #2 IS A LOT BETTER THEN THIS 1 CUZ U CAN ACTUALLY B FREE
Difficult & confusing. Too many rooms unless you have an awesome memory. Hints need to be more available. If a game is free sso should hints be free
Fun game but having to go back and forth between rooms with no connection between when you pickup items and where to use them is very confusing.
It's challenging that there is one level with many doors to unlock and many puzzles to solve. I feel like there should be better control over touch. Plus after sometime it's clueless, can't recognise what to do.
This is the best escape game I've played. Excellent choice for creating rooms you could go back to, the only thing I dislike was the graphics I had to put my brightness to max in order to see your darker room.
I just started playing the game, but so far it looks very interesting. Great graphics. Will reevaluate after a few more levels. But all his games are fun and challenging.
They are pestering me to rate this game and I just started so here you go. I will give it 2 stars for now. Nothing spectacular. Same old same ol.
I was trying to play this game but an ad would pop up which i understand but it doesn't show how to exit the add after it played no close button so everytime i click start it would show and ad with no exit for it for me to try the game
The game is okay, but after the tenth time my game was interrupted nagging me to rate them, they get a one-star and my middle-finger.
This game is good if you like game where got to such a room to things solve puzzles to escape each room you need to be good a at maths on same of them the puzzles as they are quite mind bending. But they give your brain a good working out.
The game is indeed challenging, The hints are terrible, I have no idea what is going on. It shows you graphic (hint) to go up or down a level..But you can't tell if you're going up or down. But in the process you're losing the hints...
Loved it the whole way through. The inclusion of a story, no matter how simple, gives the puzzles purpose & meaning and the departure from the "Can you escape [x number of] rooms?" pacing of the previous games removes the problem of players absentmindedly setting a precedent for each room thereafter.
I love playing these escape games there's a lot to do some of the puzzles are hard but you can skip them if you build up your hints.
Too much popup notification asking for rating. It does not allows to play the game and keep on prompting for rating every minute which is frustrating to play the game.
I just finished this Escape Prison Puzzle. So far this is my third in the series. I'm going to download another as soon as I am finished with my review. You can't beat it for free. Are there some flaws? Sure. But it's was definitely fun. My only criticism is you need to have directions for what to do in the mini games. The free hints are great. Some levels were pretty hard. Others I got right thru. Thanks for making these games interesting and a really great way to kill a few afternoons.
Difficult and not fun. There are almost no hints and the explanation of the puzzles is confusing. It also keeps asking me to rate the app every couple of minutes. I finally just quit.
After reading the reviews I had to try i have downloaded 5 escape games.I have to say as an advid gamer love all kinds these games are very challenging and soooo addictive!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤ keep making them I find the puzzles to find the keys very intriging.
Fun game. Some hard puzzles, some easy. Not full of ads. Helpful hints and free hints. Good story line. I liked it!!
I like it. It is diffuclt but that's kinda what i like about it. Also that the puzzles are not easy and that it challenges the mind and makes you think more. So if you don't like games that require you to think then i would'nt recommend playing this game. Otherwise i like it.
This is a very very very nice game💖I love it.💫🌹 Thank you cause you create this app!💟The game is hard but not boring. It's offline and don't need internet 👍 It's not just for girls or boys.I am a girl and love this app😍
Wasting clues..when i use a clue it sends me there but nothing happens or there's no information. Doesn't let you know if you have doings all the clues before you leave the room so your just pressing all over the screen for it to send you back to the last room four forward. Waste of your time.
I enjoy this game .but hinds are useless. Only show the map .but still ending up in previous room??? I don't know if i am playing it the correct way lol ..
The game is very interesting and can keep us occupied. I wanted to give only 4 stars just because, i did lose my patience, figuring out one door. But it's a well thought out game. Needs to pay lot of attention to details and also, needs good memory in order to figure out what goes where. Over all, you will love the game, if you like to figure out lots of puzzles and also find stuff.
Stuck. Won't let me move back to previous level, can't move forward. Clue just tells me I need to go someplace they won't let me move to... Giving up, don't waste your time.
This game is awesome and it challenges your brain i like the fact that you have to go back to the other rooms to solve some of the puzzles
Fun game! Very much like the other "Can You Escapes" with the mini-puzzles and games, except you solve multiple rooms at the same time, carrying items from room to room. This makes it extra fun. The environment isn't as pleasant tho due to the ghastly prison, and the game bugs you to rate it every few rooms you move to, which you need to do a lot to solve the game. This is irritating! But I still enjoyed the game very much.
This is the best escape game I've played by far. I've played all the Escape 100 Rooms games and they were brilliant but the added element of moving between rooms and back again made it more complicated, in a good way! Hints being available too made this very enjoyable. Ten out of ten. **edit June 2020. I thought I'd have another go, but after installing it again, it's part way through the game with nowhere to reset it. I know I definitely completed it last time. Weird!
The game is mind blowing and helps I think deeper but there should be more ways to get the hints that don't require payments or watching ads
Challenging game. Need to solve a lot of puzzles. Need to be observant of surroundings and link the clues to a puzzle nearby. Prison break with a sci-fi storyline.
Very enjoyable game. can be difficult at times, which to me is a good thing. No issues for me to get hints when I needed. The hints dont always give you the answer, they just help guide you in the right direction. A few puzzles were frustrating but solved them eventually. Had to use hints for only one puzzle because I just couldn't put all the pieces together. Downloading other games now!
Super hard to locate some items. Pixel clicking gets old fast. Puzzles are great. Plenty of free hints. I mostly used them to see where to go - the place is huge and all muddled together... Make items and doors more visible.
Excellent game. Good graphics. Great puzzles. Needed some help but feel it is one of the best games around
I currently have 9 or 10 or these escape games on my phone. They are so addictive. I just love them. A reasonable amount of hints are given. My only issues is that I play on my phone so some rooms show up very dark and hard to see, which may be the point of the room. I intend to play them all. You can buy hints but there are plenty of opourtunities to watch a video and earn hints. Also the ads are small at the bottom of the screen and dont interfere with game play. Good job!
I do not do well with escape puzzles ever! This puzzle is one that has been so productive for me. Because after I have tried every clue their hints have made their escape games mor enjoyable with less stress Thank You
Suspenseful game- love the graphics. Puzzles are good and tough, not super easy cheesy. Nice variety in puzzles. I also love how you have to return to past rooms to use new items you have picked up along the way. Keeps you interested. Lots of places to look in each room- LOVE this one!!
No ads, longer than a lot of other escape games..not 5 stars because the background music can not be turned off without muting all sounds, and the music is really annoying
It's "OK". Some of the clues are way too tenuous to be figured out laterally or literally. And as you're not told what each item actually is, you don't necessarily know that you already have an item that you need!
There is no logic for how to move through the game or where any clues are. The map is nice but would be nicer if marked with things to do here or something. Items don't make sense on how to use. Really makes the game suck.
Choppy story line. I would rather tap items instead of dragging items to use them. To busy of a background.
One of the best challenging escapes out there. Instead of escaping one room at a time, your overall goal is to escape prison, so the puzzle pieces carried over to other rooms. You're running back & forth, the map was helpful for location, but it would serve better if it also helped mark where all the unfinished games were. Sometimes you find puzzles you can't complete until you locate all the parts, which could take days if you don't play often. A couple puzzles were way too vague to solve.
The part where you have to spin to give you the tips, you have to spin so many times before you get a tip, all you get is ad after ad, its ridiculous otherwise I would have given it more stars, Stop the ads, its too much, thank you! Really you need to something about spinning for the tips Ive been playing almost all day, n still spinning for tips all I keep getting is Ads Ads Ads this is crazy you cannot enjoy the game, its not worth downloading, don't waste your time!
This game was very frustrating because you end up with a million objects and no idea where to put them. The map layout is extreme so you have to keep returning to rooms. Ad hints are pretty useless and online walkthroughs are different to the game. Reached a point where I was tapping away mindlessly. I enjoyed the game, it just got tedious after a while.
Really liking this game but would like a camera to take pics of some clues and the map should show when you are done in a room, too much time wasted backtracking to try and find a puzzle or door to go back to.
The game was good but is very short it ended in a day.the most annoying thing is the spin wheel it's just stupid , you have to watch the adds and whot get any hints besides that the game is very good
Puzzles are complex, but that is expected. What's really infuriating is that the free hint system is designed by absolute scum. 6 times out of 10 an ad is rolled, on FIVE separate occasions, for a supposedly 1/6 probability roll. All to annoy the player into buying hints. But not me. You underestimate my patience. I finished without a single cent spent. Add player monologues to hint at the situation. Add picture hints for every puzzle. Especially the lockpick. I didn't know you had to swipe up.
A lot more challenging than other escape games because you have to move back and forth from the rooms. Fun.
Usual great standard of logic, absolute brain workout. Some easy some frustrating but all very entertaining. Love all the escape games.
Game is fun if you like (BRAIN) games where you really have to pay attention to almost everything you do where you go. I like it cause it keeps my (BRAIN) active and also exercises the old thing. I would give it 5 STARS but every game out there could use a little bit more. You know something here something there. SO NO GAMES DESERVES A PERFECT RATING. (BUT THERE IS A FEW THAT ARE DAM CLOSE). UNTIL THE NEXT ESCAPED ROOM OR BUILDING STAY FOCUSED AND ALERT.
Enjoyed the puzzles. Did not enjoy: hunting and pecking in the dark, sifting through junk for random pieces. (The correct rock) Ended up bored.
The game is fun and difficult, but the map is so large and hard to determine where else in each room you can go
Has some good puzzles that really challenge you, just finding it hard to follow as the items collected are not listed. Its hard to know what to do next when you aren't sure what the item is and you can't enlarge it to get a better idea of what you need to do next.
I think this developer's escape games are the best out there, but this game has no structure. You know where you are on the map, but not which room you are in, and the clues are poor. I have collected so many items and have no idea what to do with them! Also no indication as to which rooms you have completed so when you get stuck you can waste a lot of time in rooms that have nothing left to give you. Very frustrating 😠
Very hard game. Finding some items is by luck rather than skill. Clicked on something several times thinking it looked suspecious, but it took a clue then clicking on it again to reveal it.
This is a very good game. I love challenges and adventure. But some time I stuck in puzzle but the hint doesn't work. I don't like that. So I give it 4 star. By the way good luck.
If it wasn't for hints and walkthroughs I would never have beat this game. Most of the time it's fine, but the number of barely visible doors, really specific codes/clues, and backtracking 8 levels to use an item is a little ridiculous.
Looking at the other reviews and I'm wondering if we played the same game. I had ample chances to earn extra hints before I even needed them. I ended with like 6 hints when I finished. This is the third escape game from this developer that I've played. Ads only for hints. This one is harder than the others. Excellent mini-game puzzles. My only compliant is that it's often hard to tell what your items are.
I LOVE the multiroom/map escape game concept but this ones map is too big/way too vague and jumps around so much without giving you any hints at all what your looking for where you need it or how to use it. So its too big + too vague = bad combo. Vague goes for doors, too. Im tapping to find stuff and suddenly Im in a room 3 rooms away cause I accidently tapped on doors.
I have to give this game 5 stars because it an awesome game. I didn't drop my device till I escaped the room. Quite challenging sometimes and even stock on two occasions but was rescued by the hints. Great games guys
Too many things going on at once. Would be useful to know what some of the things collected were called as pictures can be unclear
Very frustrating because can never get enough hints unless you buy them. The free spin never seems to give free hints. Ready to quit the game and uninstall.
Loved the variety in puzzles and the challenge. I likes that it was a back and forth escape rather than straight through one door to the next. Will definitely start on the next escape in this series.
This is a great game. It was very intriguing and long and that is what I liked about it. There were a lot of obstacles that you had to come back I got lost a few times in it so I had to use a lot of hints but that was cool. Definitely give this game five stars