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Escape game : Lost Cat Story

Escape game : Lost Cat Story for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by ザイザックス株式会社 located at 東京都渋谷区 代々木4-33-10 トーシンビル2F. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
super cute! The only thing wrong is that when I wanted to get to another area, the trigger area wasn't all that sensitive.
You start out seeing panels showing how the cat got lost, but once you get into the actual game, it turns into a fish-eye view, which kind of makes looking around difficult. Hints just show obvious correlations between objects, but nothing else. Game seems faulty in that clues do not work.
I couldn't answer the other puzzles, but it was okay. I got a really good ending. :> I'll play the game again.
It was good. Its free and there are no ads can't complain. The puzzels were challeging. 4 stars because the navigation is odd i had trouble walking around so i winded up clicking randomly everywhere but thats ok.
I'm not already stuck on the first level and the hints are so useless. I don't know what to do with the bottlessss!!
A different take on escape games than I've played before, very cute, and the clues aren't super obvious so it makes the puzzles more difficult and fun! I also love that there's multiple endings depending on what you do each day.
This game is wonderful! It's pretty short (but most of escape games are like this), has 3 endings but also makes you think! It looks a bit scary at night but nothing bad happens! The game made me happy at the end (except one which didn't have a "memory" - it was very sad)! 😸
I would give it a five if the navigation were better. Some of the hot spots were very small and hard to find, even if I had found them before. Otherwise it was a sweet game. There are multiple ending. I only discovered one. I didn't want the frustration of the navigation again.
Cute! I like that there are different endings. It was a bit difficult figuring out where to tap to go to a different place for places without arrows to navigate with though.
This was such an amazing game adorable and ❤heart warming❤ but it was fun because it was very hard and it made me not to stop because I wanted to figure out how to get home! !!
It sucks!! Stop saying the hints r helpful. It said the number of cans on the vending machine!!! I copied the pattern but nothing happened please fix or make clearer.
This was heart warming, great time killer, It made me feel more intelligent, and I was just so curious to see what happened! I absolutely love the game and that's why I'm giving this game five stars! I'm very picky about games and this one was perfect somehow! Out of all the games I play, this one was the only game that made it over four stars!!!!
This game makes no sense. The hints have the worst grammar I had to guess the code for the key, what does: the code is related to the number of cans mean? This game is so realistic and adorable I'd really love to play it but the gameplay is bad.
i don't have the same issue with the hint, they are all fine to me. another thing is that there is no indication on how to go to other places so i kept tapping on the wrong place.
Honestly loved this game more than I thougjt I would. I really like the puzzles and they do make you think if you dont use the hints. I cant wait to try and see what else I can do in the game ending wise.
It needs more updates and more cluse, i think but its still pritty good. I think people who like to solve cluse should get it. Soon hopefully anyone should get it.
I loved it. It was sad and at the end is so cute that it even made me cry 🥺. I recommend you this game Hope you like it. 😁
I loved this game so much it was great it was so cute and hard at the same time because u have remember so many things at one time. And all I really have to so is this game is my favorite lol
The game was really nice,cute,and well detailed it is very fun to play and it make you bored most of the time so yeah i would recommend it ^^.
Play enjoy, Nice game for puzzle, i love draw art much, I got to 3 Ending Yeah it Complete, Puzzle It's not difficult, not easy, that best 自分のイラスト描いですか?そのイラスト、めっちゃ素敵きれいです、
Quite confusing at times, but its worth it. Such a warm story accompanying the great art style. This is an amazing escape game.
I love this game! Its so cute! Its kinda hard, but when you solve one of them its so satisfing. Love this game. I really wonder how many ways the cat can meet its owner. Make sure to play this game! 😎😍
Beautiful game... I did break it at one point and I couldn't advance but all in all I love the different endings
Really great game! Its adorable! My only issue is that if you mess one thing up that you didnt know you had to do, then you dont get a redo except starting a new game. If there is a solution, i would love to hear it. But please, fix it. Still love this game tho!
nice puzzle and cute pictures, but the control is kinda annoying. it is a little hard to differ which place you want to visit. well, it is kinda hard to explain...
Nice, fun. But can you please make it to adventure. Not puzzle. But because I heard that so much people like puzzle. So, try to make it that you are be able to change it in settings. Anyways, thanks for reading this.. I would really appreciate it. ( ◜‿◝ )
Amazing! Very cute, beautiful artwork. Only complaint is the navigation is difficult, it's hard to know where to press on the screen to interact with things, you end up kinda spam clicking. Were also a few spelling errors, but is well translated otherwise.
This game is so fun, all I did as soon as it downloaded was I just was laying there, playing the game until I finished it. I like how they make it pretty confusing and hard too! So I recommend getting this.
Its so cute! A cat trying to find its onwer but in the end it did!! Its so cute!! Pls make a Another one of this game its so cute!!
It's okay, I liked the art style used plus how is time based. The puzzles are quite confusing to understand, tho I still enjoyed it. Wish it had clearer instructions and indications/hints where to proceed during the gameplay. The controls isn't that smooth. Still, it's a good game and I'm sure it could be better if they'll improve it The cat is so 可愛い!! 💕
It's touching, and I'm a bit confuse to all puzzles and it's a bit simple at the same time. I'malso hoping that the story continues! That's all
I absolutely adored this game! It was challenging, but fun. The graphics were amazing, and I loved the art in it. I would totally recommend this game to whoever that likes solving puzzles.
boring. puzzles aren't confined to one place. u have to go between places back and forth to find clues. it's very annoying and time consuming. need to watch ad for each hint. puzzles r too hard.
Its so wholesome and cute that when I saw a sad ending it really broke my heart.The puzzeles are fun and challenging.I really loved this game.
I love it already, but i cant open the code box in the uncles backyard without the game crashing.😰
I thought the game was very hard. Half the time I'm asking for hints. Alongside that I tried to understand the hints halfway through the game, but they were ridiculous. I undownloaded it halfway through. It was a time waster, not even entertaining, hints were stupid and there wasn't even a storyline . 😥
it was a good little puzzle game to play, although not fond of the one go system, restarting everytime I screwed up sucked.
I like the bacause it is cute and interesting but the thing is that when i unlock the lock from the box it didnt move then it go back to the beginning. Can you fix it please?
It was short but overall a really fun, cute, challenging game. I really enjoy this type of games not to many like them. It has some ads but its only for hints which you won't mind cause the puzzles get hard! At least for me it took some time to figure it out. But its a good game if you're bored.
I like the art style. The game is actually very simple, but I think I should admit that I need to think more and feels like I should gain my IQ score to solve the hint. The hint is really mysterious, I have gotten the ending 1 and 3. Everyone should be genius to finish this game. I like the music too, the cat is really cute by the way.
i love it! i play it when i was kid 😊😊i miss this game! i search this game until i found it! 😭😭i miss this game very much!! (sorry for the bad english tho -_-)
I really enjoyed this game. It was challenging to figure out what we needed for each ending. I was a little confused because there was so many clues that I tried to get them all first and I didn't really understand where I needed to go next. The controls were smooth and easy to work with.
A fun escape game with a unique theme and adorable artwork! I love how there are mutliple endings, so you can play it a few times through~ My only complaint is that the navigational design makes it kinda difficult to find clues; I'd recommend having more arrows to indicate available locations (especially for alleys and roads where it might not be obvious that it's clickable), and maybe some way of contrasting clickable items against the backgrounds (many are easily overlooked without hints).
Is a biutyfull game ...I love this game!The game end is very sentymental ... Im cry ...IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LOVE THIS GAMEEEEEEE!
Anytime i wanna play this in a minute the game goes back to the menu! I even tried with WIFI on! My tablet is Lenovo, if this doesnt work on my device could you fix it? I really wanted to play it last year! And this year. Could fix it? If not ill go on my old phone. Thank you.
SPOILERS | So I think I downloaded this game 3 years ago. I don't know if this is the game or not but I remember playing it and I've been looking for it since. U remember you were the cat and at the end you died. It was very sad. I laugh cried and I don't cry at games and movies. Just a warning, if this game is the game I think it is. 💜💙💙💙💜💙💜💜💜💜
it's difficult, which is good. it's time consuming, but maybe could you add more problems? the pictures and plot were beautifully done, so I approve with 5 stars! continue the good work!
Cute game. Very logically able to be solved, yet challenging enough to be stimulating. Hints are useful and straight forward, but are not spoilers which is very appreciated by those like me who enjoy figuring things out ourselves but just need a bit of a nudge sometimes. Its not an overly long game and is not super complex, its relaxing and fun and stimulating at the same time. Great little story. My daughter did point out that I was a cat, and there are a few subtle hints making it obvious.