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Escape game:home town adventure 2

Escape game:home town adventure 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by BusColdApp located at Room 02, 15/F., Block C, 6-24 Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A game with definite challenging puzzles. Some difficult to figure out how to play but enough hints are available to help solve if needed. Overall an enjoyable game. I am writing this review before finishing the game.
Frustrating at times cause hints, collecting, and solving problems are intertwine throughout the chapter. Also asking every other move to rate this app is why only got 3 stars. Not cool. Ok really to do proper justice for a excellent escape adventure, im giving 1 more star cause i really enjoyed the game, i need to use youtube 3 times cause i earned free hints daily and could watch movies often as i wish or spin the wheel for chance of free hints. But the nagging, intrusive, pop ups
Pretty disappointed with this one. Graphics are fine, but often can't tell what I've just picked up. I don't have any idea what the story line is as there is no dialog, just movi g stuff from here to there... the hardest part about the puzzles is figuring out the 'directions' of what you're even supposed to do. More frustrating than fun. Deleting...
Would rate 5 stars but this app will not give you hints for watching ads as stated. Ive watched ads 3x and I still didn't get any hints at all. Waste of time.
The game is challenging and fun. Only issue is after watching a hint video I never receive my hint. And it's frustrating.
With 2 notable exceptions, I love this game! The amount of puzzles and games keeps me occupied for hours, great premise and graphics too. 2 frustrations: 1. When I click on the hint button it only shows me the room I'm meant to be in. If I want to know the next puzzle to do I have to press hint twice and use up 2, unless I happen to be in the right room to begin with. 2. The instructions for how to play the games are in pictures and almost as hard to decipher as the actual games. Words please!
Half the puzzles are so easy a monkey could do them. Others have such vague or no instructions it's hard to figure what you're supposed to do. Some puzzles are so glitchy that you have to no choice but to skip them entirely. For example, I correctly did a puzzle twice yet it wouldn't "take" so I had to skip it entirely. Don't bother installing this game. It's not worth it. There are much better escape games out there.
This is a fun game with beautiful graphics. I originally gave it only 4 stars because the mini games only have pictures for directions. Now that I've played more, I have found that there are so many entertaining aspects to this game! They even included a beautiful Christmas scene to play in.
I really love this game! It's really great when you finish it. Everything was working great. I don't care so much for all the ads, but the game is so fun that I'll tolerate them. Really good job guys! PS I just finished Escape Hometown 2. It was longer and better than the first one! The graphics were soooo good and the puzzles were just so much fun. Again, great job!
The ad banner at the bottom of the screen makes it not playable for me. The ad is a constant irritant and annoyance. The flashing, bright advertisements, takes away any mood or chance to immerse myself into the game. What a shame.
This is a fun game. Yet, when you get to advanced areas the individual puzzles have 3 with no rules or way to play. It's a fussing game to figure out what is needed. This can be skipped. The fact you can earn hints is why it remains fun to play. I would recommend playing it.
This is possibly the best of this type I have played. I played the first version and this even better. The puzzles are challenging and the game flow is very smooth. I enjoyed the simultaneous equations in five variables - maybe the next version try diophantine. The map is very well done. Looking forward to v3......
I've always been a huge fan of these escape games, but one of my biggest issues is probably the interactions. The fact I had to click on items several times for it to register is annoying. Another issue is my inventory, I never know what an item is, so it makes it harder for me to link items with their respective puzzles. The scenes in the game were absolutely gorgeous. The story was a little hard to follow but overall lovely game 9/10
Home escape 1 & 2 are the best escape games I ever played.. in starting you may think it's boring.. but, after going thru u will enjoy and u will get involved.. the best thing is if u tap the pictures, it shows what is required to complete the puzzles and for every stage u have solve the puzzle games. in other escape games, we don't find these features. I completed the both games with in 4 days.. strongly recommend this.. I'm waiting for the 3rd season.. good work #developers
love this game so much, but there's a puzzle that couldn't be solve, which the one that have 5 pulleys, i've tried it for hours but still couldn't solve it, try to skip but couldn't skip becuz not enough hint n couln't even get free hint by watching ads 😥😥😥 maybe i'll just delete it before i could finish this game as there's no way to pass that puzzle, the instruction for the puzzle also not clear, just a picture without the step of how to play...
Really great game. Keeps me guessing, although I sometimes can't figure out what I am supposed to do, even with the hints.
Might be a pretty cool game if directions for the puzzles were given. I uninstalled after the 1st puzzle. I had no idea on what to do with it.
Nice that you can play for free. It seems like many of the puzzles are too hard or too easy, but I do like that they are at least different from lots of games where you see variations on the same puzzles over and over. It's better them many pay to play games.
Fun up until the last puzzle. 6 discs, 8 holes. It doesn't say what sequence to put them. I finished that puzzle a couple of times and didn't get it right by you. Then when I finally gave up and used my last 3 hints, it turned out to be some backward moon design WTH???!!!
Enjoyed the puzzles. But wish the direction for them were written instead of pictures. Some were hard to figure out what I was supposed to do.
This escape game was brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it, the puzzles are no push over and u have to use ur grey matter but it can be done without spending real cash but if u can u should buy at least 1 thing each game to support the development team. Totally recommend u try it and see 😁
I'm seeing two other reviews saying the game is easy but I can't get past the beginning with 1 life and a box with 9 buttons. After 2 days of wondering around trying to figure out what the game is about and that's all I get, I think I'll pass and move on.
Fun game it hints are too hard to come by I have no interest in spending hours aimlessly tapping. Not a relaxing game I was hoping for very fustrating
I will rate this game ⁵ stars 🌟 rating. I think this game is very interesting even though I don't have completed the game yet. But I have completed all previous games of same developer. So this game also will be great 😊 I know that. And I also have advise for the people who are interested. I would like to say that if you are intelligent enough you should try this game for sure because those games are very refreshing brain games!!!! 😜 Thank you. Peace ✌️
To obtain Hints via watching ad is pathetic. Despite of watching the ad for about 30 seconds the hint reward is not accessed
The puzzles are admittedly really easy, but there's a lot of them. I've only had to use a hint once because there's no words explaining how the puzzles are done, just pictures. I had no idea what they wanted me to do and instead of doing a hint it completed the puzzle which was a bit disappointing. That's really my only complaint, that it should say it's going to complete the puzzle not give you a hint, and if you wanted to have it complete the puzzle it let you select which one you wanted.
This escape game is somewhat different than the other games I am used to. I normally play detective adventure crime games. This game may not have a story line and a criminal that I may have to catch but still I am impressed with the game very much. It's definitely challenging and keeps my mind busy. I am having a lot more casual fun with having less to remember. I find myself playing this game more often than the others. I'm hooked to this game hard to put it down. Enjoy!!!!!!
This game is too underated !! The game are so cool its puzzle and mini games are soo challenging no other escape games is better than this one !!! I recommend this game so much to you guys who love puzzle and escape games
Great game. I play a number of escape games and this is one of the better ones. I've played the first one ana this one is even better. The puzzles range from easy to hard, so you won't fly through it all. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more.
This game is so good and it makes you use your mind a lot and its music I mean the sound is kinda relaxing so I just love this game I know a lot of people like this game the same way I do
Enjoyed playing this game that offers lots of different types of puzzles but 4 stars only because some of the puzzles did not make any sense and would have liked some instructions in words rather than some snap shots of pictures that offered no explanation whatsoever.
A great puzzle game, some puzzles are a lot more challenging than others, very intricate levels. Love it
Just started playing and so far pretty decent. Ads, yes for hints thats ok. Not a lot of annoying unwanted hints or tips. It allows you to play at your own pace.
Finally a game which was played without purchasing anything, truly a free game. And the only mystery game ever which I was able to play till the end. It is interesting and playable. Would only suggest for giving hints options more ofter.
Great game! I like the way most places let you know what you're looking for. Hints are easier to get without tons of ads.
The game is long and the ads arent too intrusive. But the minigames are the worst. Instructions are just a couple confusing pictures, you have to try to guess what you are supposed to do. Even when you finally figure out through guessing what your objective is, they just arent good puzzles. The point and click part is too easy. Decided to uninstall before i finished because its just not worth my time.
Very good game. But whenever I spin the wheel to get hints it doesn't give me any hints after I watch or view an ad. It happens multiple times in a row.
Great game but I reduce two stars because if I want a hint a see a ad for it. Than also, I can't get the hint.Many times I face this problem. I want you to fix this problem or suggest me something. Because it's a little wasting of time to see ads again and again for a hint.
Good game. Played the first one and loved it so downloaded this one too. I like how this one is many rooms to look through to find clues, instead of just 1 single room. Challenging but fun at the same time
Can't play because of ads! I get the opening ad and I can't close it to move forward I have a Moto G stylus Very frustrating Zero stars if I could, until it's fixed .. don't bother
The challenges are alright but the instructions for the games aren't clear. Some give partial instructions but are not clear on what the end result should be.
I am thoroughly enjoying this game. There isn't much telling you what to do except with pictures, but if you play escape games you can figure it out. There were a few puzzles that were more difficult than others, but I feel everything averaged out to just be difficult enough. I am almost done and, like I said, I have enjoyed it so far! I love this developer's games.
It's a good game but sometimes the puzzles are a bit confusing also a hint would be better than having the whole puzzle done for three hints
Excellent game and long too. Great puzzles and game gives you enough time to solve them before resorting to hints. Really enjoyed it.
I'm stuck on a problem that you can't possibly complete I have tried every variable, so it makes me wonder is it glitch or something else .3hrs scratching my head it is mathematically impossible I'd send a snap shot but you don't have in app support I would give 5 if it was not for that. Sorry guys
Loved this game... Brain twisted and so challenging .. I needed to explore the entire place to gather things and there's always a ways to make a way .. nothing is impossible ... That's why i highly recommended this , u wont be disappointed , anyways ive finished it until the end .. and there's also a story with it.... Love they're happy ending... More games pls... Hopefully a horror genre .... Done on Home Town adventure 1 as will.
Fabulous, not to hard to frustrate you. But hard enough to have fun. Great to keep my mind busy during these hard times with Covid. Download it you won't regret it. I play with my grandkids. Even my daughter joins in.
Every time I want a hint and I press the "Watch ad" button, the ad appears, but it doesn't countdown. It is just a static ad... I wait for a bit, nothing happens and then I close it. And I don't receive the hint. This happens almost every time and although the game is pretty good, I am on the verge of deleting the app. Just becouse of this.. It is really annoying!
Best game I've played in a while!! Lots of game play, just right challenges and interesting settings. Awesome!!
It's an incredible, mind challenging game.I enjoyed the setting of clues of different puzzles in same place with different rooms, but I only gave 4 stars because whenever I can't solve a puzzle and I really want to get hints from watching ads or spinning the spin wheel, it doesn't let me do it.Thats why I gave 4 stars but other than that, it's a cool game.
I just started this game, a little too early to tell if I really love it. I like it so far, but the picture instructions are definitely......different.
I think it is great that it is free. I have 1 wish, that the instructions for the game were written out, because the pictures dont really help that much in figuring out what is supposed to be done, other than that, good game!!! Good cear graphics, not much of a story line, though. Still, it was a fun puzzle game.
The game needs instructions otherwise you have to go to a hint but that doesn't give you a hint, it solves the puzzle which is not my reason for a hint. I am enjoying the game
Beautiful! And the difficulty is just right. Makes you think and also relaxing. Really appreciate the hints, too. Please make a home town 3! I loved the style and the dreamlike atmosphere of the other two!
Great puzzle adventure, u run out of free hints but u can spin wheel and watch ad or win hints..Like the style. ! Fun and was long.!
Whenever I want a hint it's not available and Whenever I spin the wheel I only get Ad ........There are no daily rewards also on this app but this game have many levels and we need to use our brain very much.
I like the game. The story line isn't really there. The only thing I can think of is that after you are done with an area, instead of being able to select on it again make it not selectable or being able to select that area again.
Let me finish the game then I will give final thoughts. But so far, at Level 4 the puzzles are great. Some are easy, most are medium and little are really hard. I would suggest 1 improvement to the developer: Those puzzles that have been fully solved, make it so that thet can't be clicked again. That would be less of a hassle for the player and I myself prefer that.
This game is nice because this mission is very tough and need to explore more place to find the hint to solve the problem
Fantastic game if you like the style. This full game has small ad box at bottom but not so intrusive you can't enjoy the game. A few sassy comments and a jumping mouse add interest as well. Appreciate that its free to play other than hint purchases you may not need. Great game!
This could have been such a great game. I mean it is if you have the money to burn because you are going to need them for solving these pesky little puzzles. Usually they leave hints so you could still try but these might as well not be there because they are virtually useless. They don't tell you anything important besides the obvious. I am a little fed up with it, honestly.
I like the game for the most part but some of the games don't make sense. There is also a lot of back and forth throughout the levels which can be a bit annoying. Overall, a fun way to pass the time
I really loved this game! It is a better game than 'Home Town 1'(although I did enjoy playing it too), I hope you are planning to do a 'Home Town 3'! I'm getting excited thinking about it. Can't wait. Pins and needles, pins and needles!
Solved puzzle and it wont do anything. The game only sucks bc..i hate games with absolutely no explaining or instruction. I never know wht im supposed to do. Annoying as hell. Cld have been a really good game but...no. Uninstalled
Absolutely loved this game! The story was interesting, puzzles varied from easy to quite challenging. Graphics were gorgeous. You could watch ads but it wasn't necessary. The creators did a great job!
Fun game. Puzzles can be tricky and lots of clues spread out over several areas. Nicely thought out concept.
Uninstalled . Most games difficult and having to watch many ads before you get 1 hint. Final straw was being unable to complete a puzzle then this chinese ad which I could not minimise and get back to the game.
I'd give more stars, but because I have to spin the wheel, just to watch ads, instead of getting hints, there's no point in keeping the game. Though I really like it.
Good game but wish there was more word clues. Plus i watch the ads for games rhat are for nore clues and nine times out of ten dont get the free clues from watching aaaaan some of thise games are oeetty gross like blowing clothes off a girl. Why is that gane even a thing?
This game is very fun and needs brain power I understand that but an out the Christmas room I don't get it it's keeps the showing the purple boul. And I clicked on it and I don't know what to to with it but it's very good
If you get annoyed trying to get to get coins but everytime you spin you get ads, No coins DONT PLAY IT IS REALLY ANNOYING. Ever since l bought cell phone I have been playing escape games, but this one is annoying now, you need to spin to get clue and there's 4 ads. It is so hard to get clue points. I am about to uninstall this game.
Good up to a point. I am at the minigame that you have to use all three shapes to, I guess, light up all of the squares. I have no idea how to win this one. Even checked some of the game walkthroughs to see what I was doing wrong. The walkthroughs even seemed to struggle with this one. The idea is to be able to win the game. Annoying. Going to uninstall if I can't get it soon.
I was really enjoying the game untill it started spamimg me. Now every time I hit "start game" it goes to an add that covers the entire screen and has no escape or exit option. I've restarted the game a fre times but the problem presists. Sadly I'm uninstalling the game. Deeply disapounted and waste of time cause I'm losing all the progress I had made.
Good game, like hidden object games, very structure and clear for the finished room, so we're not looking for the things in the room which is already finished. One thing that need to be upgrade is the hint or the instruction in the min8 games that is not clear enough what we need to do, may be needed description in text not only by picture. But the games iz good, really addictive. Thank you..
I love this game because it is brain tasking game but I just wish the puzzle had more clearer hints and the hint numbers could renew themselves after a couple of hours without paying for it... Just my opinion though
I've played a couple if the games from this creator. They're not bad and and I like the tone. They puzzles are a little easy, but the mini games they create are my favorite part. It's also blessedly low on ads, mostly being used for hints. The only thing I'd hold against them is how often it interrupts you to ask you to rate the game. Edit: now that I finished - I'll definitely recommend the have for casual fans of the genre.
Love this game. Some puzzles aren't very straightforward with their instructions but I've been addicted to this game
I appreciate the organization of the map and as you unlock new rooms old ones will "close." I like that there is some back and forth on each cluster of rooms without it feeling overwhelming/too many rooms at once. The hints when you click on items are helpful as well. Takes some of the unnecessary guessing/clicking away.
Great game. Like 6 hidden rooms in each level and theres i believe 6 levels. Theres SO much to search and SO many puzzles that its almost overwhelming. Not too difficult to complete tho some puzzles r harder than others. Worth the play. All free no ads just at bottom of screen.
Would be a bit more fun if there was a few special levels to earn hints. Especially when most cannot afford to buy them. Other than that game is a lot better than the rest. I truly enjoy the Mystery.
Just awful. The puzzles are unintuitive. The hints are completely moronic and have no actual information about how to solve any of the puzzles. The entire "game" is meant to make you watch as many ads as possible. It's one thing to make the game hard, it's something else to make it so poorly designed so you're forced to watch ads to get hints. More than once, I had the puzzle correct and the game said it wasn't. The game is a scam.
Another great games. Some puzzles were hard to do but it was fun none the less. Thanks again for not overloading us with the ads. It helps to actually want to play the game.
Better than I was expecting. Sensitivity needs work and it needs to textual explanations for the puzzles (visual how-to's just don't work well unless the users can read the developer's mind) but over all it is challenging and fun. Worthwile for a free game.
Some puzzles are a bit confusing, the instructions can be a bit too vague. Overall amazing game. I had a lot of fun and I really appreciate that they marked a tick on the room once you're once so you don't go back and forth between rooms.
It's a fun game but it's confusing sometimes to know what to do I love that you can get hints just by watching little ad clips
The puzzles were challenging and nice, but i think the hints were just too vague and some of the puzzles didnt make any sense or didnt work for me...if those errors are fixed i think ill give it a five starㅡㅡstill, enjoyable
Delightful and engaging. I wish I could have turned off music but not sound effects, but that is a tiny thing. I love the map and the hint system. I was glad to make an in game purchase just to support the creator.
Don't play more than once. Spent money on clues, can't play the game more than once through though bc it won't let you adjust the silver clock... Sucks.
It's fun, but have watched many ads for hints and most of the time still no hint. Waste of time to select that option
Love this game. However I think the mini games could have written directions rather than just pictures and arrows.
I've only just started the game (5 rooms open) and was going to quit before the 2nd, however, after the initial ads I have played uninterrupted and am enjoying the puzzles and graphics very much, would definitely recommend to those who enjoy this genre.
Enjoying this game but the mini game hints are pretty useless so you either have to guess what the developer wants you to do or just push buttons until you get it right. An explanation would be better than a random picture. The good thing is that there are many good clues to get through each room and one click leads to the next clues easily. Not a bad game.
Like the game and all but everytime I try to get my free hints the app won't award my free hints! Please see that it is fixed!
Loves this game. Great variety of puzzles and levels to keep you working towards the end. Downloading the remainder games.
you watch ads to get hints and recieve nothing. Its interesting, but dont cheat If i take time to read the stupid same old ads, than i want my hints. Was going to rate higher. But ads with no hints after you sat through them. Ratings went down.
I loved the original Home Town and this one's even better. The map navigation is a big plus and it's easy enough to earn hints (which you'll need LOTS, so click on the💡light bulb whenever it appears.) Most puzzles are self-explanatory & the difficult ones show basic instructions, but even with that many are still devilishly hard. Just keep fooling with it until you catch on. I loved the Egyptian theme and the graphics were xlnt as always. Kudos to the devs!
It's a nice game but the only problem with this game is that I couldn't get ahead in the game at that level where a girl is sitting with a teddy bear and there was a green coloured wall hanging and we'll have to solve it with some sweets drawings on the paper stuck on the wall even after having lots of hints please fix this in this puzzle game and your app.
WHY DO I NEED 3 HINTS JUST TO COMPLETE A PUZZLE?! This one puzzle in the bedroom on the second level is Imposible! The red and blue butterfly cube thingy one! I haven't had a thingy where I can watch an ad to get hints in forever! It shouldn't be this hard! Oh and every other thing I tap on I get a pop-up where it says "rATe uS!" It's annoying! There are way better escape games... Where it's easier to get hints...
Other games by these developers make more scence as all of the logic is in one place. The logic in this game is so spread out it isn't always fun.
Everyk time I watch an ad for a hint it doesn't credit me and ive gotten no response and it continues to credit me hints.. in my opinion this is a scam! The game is good but do the right thing !
Tried to find something that I didn't like about this game. Failed. A truely good game that delivers on all counts. I'm actually going to enjoy playing it the second time more than the first time because I wont be looking for failures. Played so many puzzle games on Google Play that I've lost count but this one is the best ever. Ads for clues, sure, but you dont need very many if you try. Full free game.
I really enjoy your games. I only have problems with the shooting games. It's a lil hard to hit and not exactly accurate.
Super specific. You have to know what the creator was thinking exactly... Not a lot of instructions. You have to be a mind reader. Some of the puzzles are just too exact...Like can't be off even a millimeter. Otherwise it's great...
Phenomenal game!!! I can't say enough good things about it! It is amazingly lengthy and kept my interest the entire time. Great graphics, challenging puzzles and a unique storyline only add to it's likability... Not to mention the fact that this game is offered for free with no hidden fees or 'pay to play' gimmicks. Five stars to the developers... Can't wait to see what you come out with next!
It's a very good game, and quite long. I almost have 4 stars though, bc too many mini-games in have vague instructions. You can always spend 3 hints to skip it (which is great-thanks), and often I figured it out by just playing it. But the "?" help is often a single picture that shows either the goal our how to move items, but not both. On the plus side there's a wide variety of mini games (several I'd never seen), it's long, has great art and mechanics, a jump map and easy to earn hints.A-
I like some of it very much. But there are games that are absolutely impossible for me. The question mark that's supposed to help just has a picture which makes no sense. I end up collecting hints so that I can skip the games. I particularly hate the ones where there are (say) 5 pulleys and they all operate each other. Drive me crazy. So frustrating and if you don't know what you're supposed to do it's even worse. Please stop asking me to rate the game every few minutes. It runs it.
This game is for new players to the world of "using your brain games". I would give a higher rating except that I very much dislike when the game tells me "It looks like a hint!" or that I need to find a certain item to play a game. However, if you're new to this type of game then it will be perfect for you!!
Yes, spin the wheel to watch ads, because this is what everyone wants. :| The game is retarded, the graphics are horrible, and I'm somehow supposed to guess what I have to do, no clues whatsoever. In other words, a complete waste of time. Dont Don't install.
Very fun and challenging. It took a little time to understand the style. Not sure if there is still a clue within a picture after all items are retreived. Some additional wording would be nice, some items are hard to tell what they are. But mostly a great game that is challenging but not impossible like some. Great job and really appreciate a game you can actually play without constantly being hounded for money and contantly interupted by ads. Thank you!
Half the time I don’t even know what I'm supposed to do to solve the mini puzzles. The hint clue buttons (question marks) sometimes are more confusing than helpful.
This is an awesome game. Keeps you busy for a while. The puzzles are easy but not to easy some of them still needs brain power. I love this game!
There needs to be a hint timer to add more hints without watching ads every single time. Should be a max of 3 on the timer or 5. Also, if watching the ads you should get the hints period. Not using a spin and not getting anything.
I find it to be challenging but when you watch an ad for a hint the hint does not always show. Also some game are missing the object/instructions
By far the best game they have made! I played this one before the first, I am downloading the first one now. The puzzles are hard enough but not so hard that they are more aggravating than fun. Great imagination all around and very well executed!
Very nice for a distraction. Puzzles are fun but not too difficult. Hints and controls work very smooth.
It won't help you when you get stuck, I was on 3 different spots that were hints but didn't know how to work it so I pushed the hint button, it tells me to leave that spot but didn't tell me anything else and took my credit for a hint, and I'm still in the same spot I was in to begin with
The first and best game i have ever played. Live the animation and puzzles are definetely next level. Please make more like these. Thank you.
It's very good and sometimes challenging and all free! I was waiting for full version option to pop up but it never did! ;) Mini games are fun, skipped a couple cuz they were too frustrating.
Great escape game. I loved the mini games and that I could use hints when the going got tough. A 30 second video was a nice way to earn a hint. I liked that I could leave the game and later return to my exact spot. The map was very handy for leaping room to room. Well thought out game.
I enjoyed this game very much. The reason for 4 stars is the instructions for some of the puzzles aren't explained that well. Thankfully there is a walkthrough on YouTube that really helped me on those ones.
I really like this game. Your in a nice room touch the torch your in a scary room. But now stuck on a puzzle you need 3 hints to skip when I spin I get ad. Watch the ads I get nothing. Other than that it's okay.
Such a fun game. Not too hard and not too easy. Its perfect. Love that i can watch adds to get hints!