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Escape game:home town adventure

Escape game:home town adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by BusColdApp located at Room 02, 15/F., Block C, 6-24 Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the multi room approach; some of the puzzles/clues are bizarre. Some of the other puzzles are difficult to play on a touch screen smart phone.One puzzle I found frustrating was where you had to mix liquids together the liquid measurements were 6mg, 7mg, & 4mg.The measuring cups provided were 3mg, 5mg & 8mg. I finally figured out to use the smaller to measuring cups & dump into the 8mg cup. The other one is the Chinese checkers in the office w/planes. No clues. The pieces don't move.
Love it so far! Only problem is the name of the objects isn't there next to it. Apart from that it's a good adventure game so far anyway.
How do you take 3 people on a boat that only take 2 people, that is how much of a bug and glitch some of you mini puzzles are. Am stock at the priest, the green guys and the canoe. That has shown that some of those puzzle are not designed for anyone to solve, but rather for one to buy hints in other to pass them. It 1 star for me and I might have to uninstall at this point.
It took about 10 times to finally get it to load properly. On chapter 7 i could not find the salt for the formula to get the numbers for the puzzle on the wall. I finally got the answer on a you tube video but no matter how many times i tried the answer it would not work so i finally deleted the game. Other than that i enjoyed the game
My favorite so far for escape games, fun, interesting, great graphics, easy to interact with all the items and puzzles, no ads! Made sense, was logical, bummed it's over. Going to look for another by same developer Great job guys!
The game is a little bit confusing, it needs a fresh mind otherwise it is an enjoyable game and it is also addictive. No money or internet connection required, you play free.There are only few ads,if you watch them you get hints.
Beautiful music. Beautiful atmosphere. Clever puzzles. I hope it doesn't start asking for cash or stonewalls me at some point with some extremely difficult puzzle
Varied puzzles, which can be solved with logic, rather than some other games that I feel can occasionally stretch what you could reasonably expect to figure out. The vague sense of a story is also a nice touch.
Pleasantly surprised at how good this game is, and being free to play makes it even better. Puzzles are entertaining and challenging, but not too difficult. Looking forward to playing the next game in the series once I finish this one!
The game is pretty interesting as the quest is continuous. However, the game is giving away clues to what a particular scene needs which makes it less challenging.
Annoying. Having played games from other companies this has got to be one of the most annoying. When you find things it isn't always obvious what they are and it doesn't tell you. It let's you go back to places where you have already found things when there is nothing left to find. I am only on the first part and I'm going to uninstall !
Fantastic game, one room is connected with other. Puzzles are little bit easier than other escape games but not simple too. love this game.
Ok so far, but ... it has 2 of my pet peeves: first, I get a common universally-usable & very totable tool (like a knife) that is used once & goes away; and the scenes are beautifully executed scenes but there are few clickable, actionable spots. So far, no thinking has been necessary to solve any of the puzzles because the whole solution is given. Thank you!
The game is great like 50 escape room kind of way... but sometimes the mini games doesn' t have instructions which kind of confusing. And I don't want to sound rude but the ladies except for the narrator are useless and a bit creepy i must say...
I played so many puzzle games. This one was the best. So many logical levels. Trust me and dont judge by its graphic.
Update 14/08/2020 I decided to give it another go, big mistake. When I was mixing the chemicals there was no way to empty the bottles when I finished with one colour, then I found out there should be a rug on top of the shelf. If it's mandatory for the puzzle why on Earth do you let me start the puzzle? Uninstalling yet again. 1st review: It's mostly about tapping all around. It wouldn't hurt to write what are the objects you've picked up because sometimes it's hard to see what it actually is.
Don't waste your time. Some of the puzzles are almost impossible to solve. I lose interest VERY fast because they're incredibly hard to solve. I spent a half hour on one puzzle and couldn't solve it. Then the "free hints" has a bad bug. You watch a 30 sec ad to get a hint but after watching the add YOU DON'T GET A HINT. WHAT THE HECK?! They just want you to waste money on hints.
So far, so good. Execellent graphics. Option to skip puzzles. (Costs 3 hints), but worth it. Enjoying it very much.
Very interesting game ! A good choice to have a rest. Fascinating graphic & a great amount of various puzzles & tasks. Captures your attention from the very beginning & doesn't let you off. I recommend everybody !
Nice history, with a bug. In the "Rose hotel" crossing the first room ,there is a table with a small cactus, if you take it and use it, you could have it again despite if you had used it before and you will get it on your inventory until the end of the game. That is the only issue with the game but is a fantastic history on it. Thanks a lot !!
When you watch an add for free tips from a wheel spin, there is no timer so when you exit out you don't get the hint. Its just a cycle of not getting the free hint each time you try. Just a ploy to make you spend money on the hints. This is very misleading and frustrating. Not impressed!
A really great game. Lots of twists and turns. I love the set up. The different rooms. Will be looking forward to playing your other escape games. Good work.
The puzzles so far are not difficult. Because I was looking for a relaxed game that's ok. The Hint system is a bit quirky. I accidentally used one & then backed into an ad movie 2x when trying to use a hint. Some screen areas are dark so I missed a couple of clues & had to go back so I could proceed. I am enjoying the game & will update after more levels.
Really liked the game. Nice artwork. Game play was flawless. The obvious things that need some attention have already been mentioned by others. Additional text in the puzzles and inventory items would be helpful. Very enjoyable game. No problems experienced.
Okay so I finished the game. I enjoyed it. I like how it wasn't overdone with ads and I like how the hints were set up. Some puzzles were challenging but not to the point where you can't finish them. I plan on checking out the other games you have available.
Some easy, some obscure. Overall pretty entertaining. Couldn't get one puzzle to work trying to measure out 4 grams of some liquid so I just used 3 hints to move on. When free hints are offered for watching an ad, it is a good time for a break. Take the freebies and use them, as there are items in some really dark corners you may not find otherwise.
Really good game, I love this kind of game it passes the time though so you need to watch the clock. overall I would recommend this game its fun and the graphics are great
Loads of puzzles, most very easy but a few take a bit of time and thought. Enjoyable and fun. No problem getting free hints by watching some ads. Very few hiccups for me. Worth downloading. Thank you.
I just finished this game... This game Contains a lot of puzzle. Some puzzle are hard to get but when you understand what to do to then it's does not take much time to finish.
This game is great! Lots of things to find and puzzles to solve. Y'all put in a lot of work to make such a variety of scenes and the range of puzzles has driven me to not want to stop playing...it's so much fun & exciting to find out what's behind each door & around every corner. My only suggestion/desire for the game is to have some kind of "completed marker" put on the map locations that are finished. I'm VERY grateful that y'all provided such an interesting game for us all to play free!!🀘
Awesome game! I downloaded this game again, but it has been awhile since I last played. Looks like you updated and added some new features to the gameplay. So far so good.
I am really enjoying the game but there are times I have trouble picking items up and moving from room to room when there is no arrow. Otherwise, the game is challenging and I love playing.
Gave a two star because there wasnt a " training/ teaching) course before playing. I've played games like this before and we were shown how to play. Would've given more stars, but the developers failed on that part. Only plus is we can watch videos to get more hints.
I love this game!!!! This is awesome ,and the fact is that it's so intresting and had no ads , I love this though and also I love these types of game 😘😘😘
Well the puzzles were mostly fun and satisfying to solve, but I wish the hints would walk you through some of the puzzles a bit instead of auto-solving it. The ending also seemed a bit abrupt, but overall a fun game.
This games would be great if you could get some clues and not have to use so many hints save hints for hard levels, people playing shouldn't have to spend money to play games especially as it, it is supposed to be a relaxing game
A good escape game with some challenging puzzles but a pain in the *** trying to remember where a puzzle is when u finally find the item u need in a different room. All rooms stay open even if u finished a room but keep ending up in it tapping on all the puzzles u already did. So tired of the repeat that i opted not to complete the town. Good luck
Perfect game,very attractive especially for hidden objects games players,difficultys is just right,make you think and relax at same time
Why do you have ads to get free hints, if you're not going to give them after you watch them. I have watched at least 30 ads for nothing, and haven't received even 1 hint.
Thoroughly enjoying this escape game,however I have one suggestion, when a clue has been discovered it would be more enjoyable if that clue could be excluded. I keep clicking on the same pictures even though I have already discovered the clue and am looking for the next one.
After playing home town 2 I'm a fan! Very challenging puzzles, some are so difficult it takes me hours to solve.. Luckily there are hints! One of the best escape games I've played, incredibly well made, compliments to the makers!!
This is a very challenging and interesting puzzle game. However my one gripe is the efficiency of the hint system. A hint should not be wasted to tell you to close the interactive popup window, it should close it by default and then show you the next location.
Terrible game...total rip off. They made the games so frustrating that you have to sit through a million ads just for a remote chance to achieve a hint (which never comes.) Unless, of course, you want to cough up lots of $$$$$$.
I just want to say that what a game if you start playing this you can't stop your mind and thinking it is very interesting to solve every puzzle some puzzles are really very difficult but if you use your mind you can solve every puzzles amazing good I love it
Objects are small and hence difficult to identify. Either name shall be given or upon touch it should be visible in large size. Left down side continuous add is seen which obstructs to go back. Some objects are hidden in such way which is difficult to search. It is tedious to go from one room to other and return back.
Don't care for the music. But the game is good. Piano should be whole notes and nice chords, not repetitive 8th notes... please.
I like this game but Im annoyed, because you keep popping up a question every 2 minutes about a damn rating !!
Fun at beginning but just like some of the other games it does not really explain how to play some of the puzzles and you use a clue and still no description on how to play.
I was breezing through fairly well until I got stuck on the paint room. It says I have to have 3 hints to pass a puzzle and I've tried to pass the puzzle with strange emblems that goes with 4 circles. I even purchased more hints and still can pass that puzzle! Not happy right now! Help!!!
Nice game. Love it not very esay to find everything but very intresting . I am not giving 1 stars because of big ads I have to watch to get a hint maximum 2 hints in 1 ad should be given to us.
Unsure. So far it seems fun but every time I go to a new room the "rate me!" window pops up.... Kinda annoying and takes away from game play. Let's see if rating makes it go away!
Harder than normal escape rooms. All levels are connected. Can't let the guard down. The hint here can be used much later. But it's fun nonetheless. It'd be better to play separate rooms like rooms 50 type.
My new favorite developer and series in the play store. Long game, but not a never ending one, so that there is a feeling of completion.
This is good game.And I like to play it because it is very fascinating game but I will give only three stars because there are a chess game which I couldn't complete. I tried to complete it many times but it didn't complete. So this is the main reason that I quit this gameπŸ˜’πŸ˜”
I really liked this game. It was fairly short (took me less than a day) but was definitely entertaining b/c of the story format. The only thing that was irritating was the CONSTANT reminders to rate the game. It made me almost delete the game halfway through because it was popping up every 5 mins of game time, No lie. Time 4 Home Town Adventure 2. I'm hoping the review issue doesn't repeat.
The developers of this game is mad or something i just cancel the popup of rating 100 time during the game but it apears again and again thats why i want to give this game -5 star but sadly there is limit of only 1 star 😑😑🀬
Loved it! Some running around but most clues are near their intended placements. Patience is a requirement. Some basic math skills are needed. I enjoyed it wholeheartedly.
Poke every spot on the screen in hope of finding a smaller screen to poke all of in hope of finding items to use. Rinse. Repeat. The graphics are cluttersome and blend together. Also, there is no logic to how items are used. I.E. the game hints I need pruning sheers in order to pick up a brick from the ground and a token that are both sitting in the open beside one another. Found like 5 items then deleted the game before I ever entered a building.
The game is good but some puzzle games are so hard, seems to be impossibe to solve.we use 3 tips to solve a puzzle but the puzzle automatically solved by using hints and we can't know the correct method to solve it.so provide correct method to solve a puzzle by using hints.
This game is fun to play with the intetesting puzzles. Although when one is to hard to solve your stuck and it can take a very long time to get all the hints needed.
Very fun, I like the old style & setting. The puzzles start easy & then get mega hard as you progress.. So be warned! It's got too complicated for me without using hints. The room key slider puzzle was near impossible for my punny brain to handle. There are moments where you just have no idea what to do, without using hints. It's an excellent game however that the developers should be proud off. Highley Enjoyed.
Love it first time player it is a great game with a good storyline and fluid game play graphics are good too and the best thing is free too play thank u so much for making these games already downloaded the second already for when i finish this one.
Very easy, almost too easy. Would be nice to see the name of the stuff you find in the tray. At times it's hard to make out what some of the items are. The constant asking to rate game was annoying. How can I rate 2 seconds into the game. The map is way too close to the hints. Kept hitting hints when not needed. Just wasn't as enjoyable as some of the other escape games.
Game is not so hard like lots of people say. Use your brains. Everything is doable and logical. Last puzzle was brutal but even it i did with no hints. Get your thinking cap on!
Keeps cutting out on me .. that's my only problem with the game ..cant be my storage , which is usually the problem but not this time .. but I love these games ...
I love those puzzles. But I hate when I need to spin the wheel to get some hints. I'm not really a lucky person so I'm always get ads then hints. There's puzzle that u can't solve by watching walkthrough videos.
Its a good game to use your mind. Its easy to find any clue tap the picture it shows what you need to solve. But some puzzles are imposible just stuck your mind.. but its good enjoyable
I am rating this app 5 stars! Hands down it is one of the best escape games I have ever played. This game is so well put-together, I honestly didn't want it to end. I am actually on the prowl for more games by this developer because I enjoyed this one so much. My only issue is that the game freezes and locks up. I had to close out and go back in quite a few times which was kind of annoying. Props to the developers for the amount of hints you receive for free!
Nive very interesting app. I am thoroughly enjoying it. Awsome graphics and awsome clues. Every little object is useful to open other objects
Would give 5 stars but it doesn't give you help with what to do next. And the puzzles are sometimes hard and you have to buy tips that don't help you 100%
game is fun to play, however when you spin the wheel for more hints most of the time you land on an ad.
What a marvelous game. There are so many rooms with exciting puzzles. Play this game one time you will love it.
I didn't think I was going to like this game and almost deleted it, but gave it another chance. The game is actually pretty easy if you can keep track of where things are and what you would use them for. Good time killer.
Graphics are great...but need more explanation for puzzles...just a picture doesn't cut it....hints do not work even after you watch ad...some of the features don't work until you close the game down and restart...go back to the drawing board on this one πŸ˜’
Frustrating, the most annoying part was the message requesting me to rate the game kept popping up, why don't you leave that to the end, the only reason I have left feedback is to try an stop the pop up message And yet again, inundated with this stupid message, let people enjoy, and complete the game before asking for reviews
Great game! Good puzzles ! I also like the grapics! BUT... I don't enjoy it when the game keeps on asking me to rate it, so, the only reason I am is because, me and my friend were satrting to get annoyed! Either way, pretty good game...
The game is very enjoyable and fun. Fair amount of advertisements for a free game. It would be even better if the items collected had a written description of they are. Sometimes it is hard to understand what you just picked. Also, when using tips for the puzzles, it would make it much more interesting to have an explanation of how to solve them. Overall it is a good game
I just finished the game. It was incredible! I do this type of game all the time. This was by far the best yet. I can't believe it was free. The graphics are beautiful! My only criticism is that it was a little difficult to know what to do with the mini games. Instructions would have been nice. Thank you for several days of enjoyment. Great job! Hope to do more!
I love the adventure it awsome but... can make the game like when you are playing a level game πŸ€”so when you complete the following you can move to a more advancted level and scary and harder level if you can't make that happen it,s fine i love the game
I really like these games.. they are MUCH more fun and tricky than just the single room escapes.. i love how u really have to remember where u see things and theres so much more to have to find.. great platform
There is a need for simple directions on some of the mini games. Although this could be a strategy to have you use hints. It would also be nice to know if you've completed everything in a room. There are a few glitches, like cactus you use but continues to stay in your inventory. I enjoy the challenges but a few are odd.
A really great game. Lots of twists and turns. I love the set up. The different rooms and challenges with the back and forth, U have to stay alert or it will have U reeling. Will be looking forward to playing your other escape games. Good work.
It's and could be a great game, but.. I have problems with not being able to use my inventory to complete tasks, it won't release the item, very frustrating, it's a little slow moving without excitement, it could be better by fixing the flaws.. I will continue to see if it gets better..
It's fun to discover the different rooms in the town, having to solve various kinds of puzzles to keep going. It's challenging enough but not frustrating
Enjoy the game but I feel a name of objects put into the menu would be helpful as it is not always clear what it is. I also feel once an item has been collected you should not be able to zoom back into the same spot you found it as it feels as though I have missed something.
It's a nice little game. But i doubt know what the ending is because it asked me to rate it every minute so I'm taking it just to get the annoyance. Other than that, not bad,barely any ads.
This is a nice game but graphics should be designed properly apart this everything is such a great time to you right and all the best for your life animation ok and you did a lovely game that I loved and so many people liked this game and Happy Christmas to all of your family and friends and you also have a nice day and Marry Christmas πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸ‘
I wish there had been a brief explanation on how the game worked at the start as I had not played an escape game before this one. It was frustrating. However I found other player's instructions and was able to make sense of it. After that I really enjoyed playing it!
Very good. Not impossible and not that easy. Some you need a hint of course. No ads shoved down your throat. Id recommend.
I got stuck on one puzzel. The puzzel didnt open the drawer and i dis it over and over. Fix the problem and ill give it more stars.
The puzzles made you think and were easy to solve. I liked the way the game tied all of the rooms together with the clues. I did get stuck a twice, watched an ad or two and got the hints I needed to move forward. I'm only giving it 4 stars because I was able to finish it in a day and wish there were more rooms to unlock and clues to follow. Overall a good, addictive game.
Brain adventure! Have to remember where you left off. Challenging because the clues are scattered across several screens!
Most puzzles were a bit too easy, at least once you worked out what you needed to do. No pay, never asked for money or for watching ads (although you CAN watch ads in exchange for hints).The only ad was a very unintrusive banner at the bottom, outside the play area. Very good, a bit short. For those who say that you need a mat in the puzzle with chemicals and bottles, no you don't. What you need is work out a way of getting the right quantities WITHOUT leftovers. Recommended.
Great puzzle game with lots of variation. Makes you really think so ignore reviews saying puzzles are too hard, says more about the player than the game! Prefer the room games as puzzle parts stretch across multiple rooms in this one which my poor memory forgets where things are! Hint/ad thing is broke and doesn't always work but maybe cos game is old. Helped me concentrate though knowing there wasn't an easy way out
Nicely done- not too much of a pixel hunt, visually stunning, and a good variety of puzzles. Good length too, not over too quickly but no real repetition!
Great game. Puzzles are difficult but doable. Great that you only have to work on a few rooms at the same time (you don't need to go back to room 2 to find the solution to a puzzle in room 12) The hints are useful, they can show you where the next puzzle is or give you a clue, but they don't show you the answer (as it should be)
I love this game. Lately I've been playing all the puzzle adventure games I can find. The graphics aren't the best so it can be hard to know what to click on but I had so much fun. I wish the developers will make more games like this one.
Didn't like it as much as some of their other games, there were a few major problems with it imho. By the end there were ~20 rooms with several times of backtracking, but no markers telling you when you've completed a room. Several times I had to use hints just to figure out what room I was supposed to go to, especially when you get something like a jug that you're supposed to fill with water and three water sources. Pretty sure the measurement puzzle was glitched with no way to empty the vials.
I love inventing games. That is, the game where we find the hidden objects ourselves. It is very thrilling. Find each room and open each of its cupboards, which is totally cool. I loved it, but I did not know how to play a game like chess. That's why I quit. No matter though, I will find the rest. This is a very good adventure game. Definitely loved it. Thank you very much. πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
Fun game! The puzzles were fun to complete, only reason I gave it 4 stars is the instructions for some of the puzzles were hard to understand. Thankfully, there is a walkthrough on YouTube that helped me on the more difficult ones.
It was excellent, and the puzzles were challenging. However, the ending was a bit too anti-climatic for me. You put the gem back and not really much celebration for you saving the the town.
could be a great game, but it is very ponderous. it needs the screens where youve collected items to NOT pop up when they are no longer needed. Not everyone can remember if they have collected something from a particular place, so you are constantly clicking on it. but there is nothing to be gained from it. this just makes the game play confusing...
Excellent! Intriguing & thrilling! I loved every second of it.. The game lasts long and challenges are medium hard πŸ‘πŸΌ Can't wait for more🀘🏼
I gave it two stars because straight from the first chapter, at every 4-5 moves, I get the 'rate me' popup and I cannot disable it in any other way! It is really annoying and is ruining the gameplat experience for me. I like the puzzles but I don't like the fact that sometimes I don't understand what some of the found objects are are there is no preview or description for them.
I don't understand how to play the jewel game in the room with the model planes. There are no instructions. The walkthrough I watched skipped past that part using hints, so I'm clearly not the only one. I hate the hint system because (a) if you're in the right room, it tells you which area of the room to focus on, but if you're not in that room it only tells you which room to go to. And (b) it doesnt actually give you hints for the mini games, it just skips past them.
After asking to review for the third time in 5 minutes, here it is. Stop pestering people to review. I am focused on solving the puzzles and it takes me out of the zone. Have a skip function. Having to use a walkthrough several times does not make this game enjoyable. It brings me out of the spooky setting of the game. Overall, this game has a cool art style and setting but offsets that with game mechanics that interfer with a relaxing gameing session
Its ok, It would be nice to have closed the spot where you found all the clues from to let you know theres nothing there anymore. And also could you label the items we found to know what we're going to be using it for. I mistaken one of the tools as a screw driver but turned out to be a shovel WHAT?!! Also the part where you're measuring liquids where the heck do i pour the exccess out, i had to do it all over again. Can you FIX all of that..pls
Fun game, no unsolvables. Only suggestion is that when you highlight an item in the tray, it should tell you what that item is; if you are playing on a phone or tablet, kinda tough to make out what the item is sometimes.
I think I've played this game before. Maybe on my PC many years age. Good game. Somewhat challenging puzzles. Rooms are a bit dark making it difficult to find objects you need.
A pretty forgiving game. But honestly nothing more than just puzzles though. You know the game seems to offer a sort of story but it's only from the beginning and end. If the puzzles supposed to give me a meaning well it doesn't offer much. The game is simple but challenging. You can skip it if you want. You can move from map to anywhere (but you don't need it much). If I had to sums it, the game is fun but no story to offer. You find people but they too don't talk. Kind of a let down.
I was thrilled to play a game not bombarded with ads every other click. I actually got to the point of requesting ads to get hints. This is how it should be done .. make me WANT to see ads for my benefit. Thank you for getting it right!!!
I am enjoying this game. The puzzles are challenging but not impossible. The graphics are good and I haven't found any glitches as yet. I always love games from this company.
So far it seems to be a decent game. One ultra-annoying factor, shared with many other escape games, is the lack of any sort of description for inventory items - which often *cannot* be determined from the image alone. And -1 star for asking me every minute to rate the game even though i have done so already.
Home escape 1 & 2 are the best escape games I ever played.. in starting you may think it's boring.. but, after going thru u will enjoy and u will get involved.. the best thing is if u tap the pictures, it shows what is required to complete the puzzles and for every stage u have solve the puzzle games. in other escape games, we don't find these features. I completed the both games with in 4 days.. strongly recommend this.. I'm waiting for the 3rd season.. good work #developers
Dont like it as much as other escape games. Theres more mini games and less codesfor piecing things together. The graphics aren't very smooth& the different images can be hard to see because of all the framing. As a result it's not super clear where you can click to find objects and clues so I find myself tapping all over the screen kind of aimlessly. You have to click the each right spot or it won't open, seeming like nothing's there. Still playing though so....
So far so good. It would be nice if it said what the items are when you pick them up example screw. But I like how it says "I think I need this" so it makes it a bit easier. So far I love the rooms and it flows very well. Not too hard as well.
I would give this game a 5 if they gave written instructions for the mini games. I believe I read another review, that I agree with, when it comes to the game instructions. I just sort of guess by the picture and some times you don't even have that. It would also be nice if you put a check mark on the completed rooms when you look at the map. Otherwise it's a fun game that truly is free,so thank you for that.
Great game the puzzles make you think, calculate and strategize the hints within the game are very helpful also. Are you making more games like this. I am going to try your escape room versions next. πŸ™‚ Thx enjoyed the 2 I have already played.
Not sure if it is supposed to be this way but when I'm mixing the potion I get the yellow liquid and the blue liquid put into the flask but the extra blue liquid stays in the beakers so I can not add the clear liquid.
Fun and not to hard. I like the hints about what you need to use at each mini puzzle. I do wish the found item showed a name so I could identity what I just picked up. So far it has been fun.
I hate the repetion of having to go back to previous rooms! It creates boring guess work. I recommend paying attention to the map, and jotting down location of unsolved puzzles and what is needed to solve it.
Constantly being interrupted asking to be rated so here you go! Some of the puzzles make 0 sense and are utterly ridiculous. Other than that the game is enjoyable for the most part minus CONSTANTLY being asked for a rating!
This game was a waste of my time because if you get stuck on a puzzle and you happen to have not enough hints then you get the option to get free hints but if you land on an ad then you watch a 30 second ad for nothing. YOU DON'T GET A HINT! So then you have to wait until you have enough hints but by the time you have 3 you have most likely lost any intrest in the game. This was pointless and is now going to be unistalled!!
You have to press everything on screen because of graphics you chosen. When you picking object it do not say what it is and sometimes it is hard to guess what is what. No intuitive at all.