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Escape Game Collection3

Escape Game Collection3 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by nicolet.jp. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've played the games once (from the 3 collections) but they were so addictive and so much fun that I re-downloaded and -replayed. 😵 I want more
Not too easy (for the most part), not too hard. I finished all the puzzles without looking anything up/using any hints, and the game is very intuitive. The ads are unintrusive.
The puzzle is not too hard, it become easy when you get the hook of it. I sometimes use the hint when im lazy to think lol. Loved the halloween one.
I've downloaded every game from this developer since I've found them. The escape games are just so cute and I like how they challenge my mind without being too complicated. I also love love love the hint system, as I don't have to pay for hints, should I ever need them, and instead just have to watch an ad :D
Absolutely in love with these games. The graphics are cute and the puzzles are challenging but doable. I hope there will be more of these games
Love it. Cute graphics, puzzles not too hard, lots of running around. Wish there was a note pad to save info in or a camera to take picks. Hard to remember the longer puzzles from place to place.
Love the number of free games available, the art and design, and that the games share the set of characters. I felt like I was going thru a story book from one game to the next. Overall very whiokesome.
I have played all the collections game and i can't believe there are not more. I am addicted to this!!!!
I'm still playing Collection 1. Just to comment about Moon puzzle. I checked other single puzzle, all are included in Collection 1-3 except the Moon one. Will you please include them in this Collection? I would like to play all of your puzzles in a Collection.
Terrific puzzle/escape games. Very good layout of the different scenes and puzzles. Lovely stop motion animations. No useless clicking around on dark screens with obscure pictures. Everything is crisp and very responsive to touch. If you're meant to use an item or click on it it'll respond to a larger area of the scene you're in. Puzzles can be very challenging now and again but are doable for most part. Love it so keep them coming.
Poor controls and graphics. Couldn't navigate Beaver House even with hints for the coins. No help or answer is given to get past it and the colors are off. I tried for 20 minutes and left my review and uninstalled. Too bad too, I love these Escape games and have gone through 100s of them. This one though, not so good.
I love playing this game, but I gotta say once in a while the clues are waaaaaay too obscure (i.e. Halloween: 4 colored worms each need to be aligned with a tool. Once you pry off the board though, there is, in my mind, an arbitrary map/maze to follow. Meaning, you could interpret it so many different ways.) Other than that, I can't get enough of this!
It is a fun game and every stage is nicely designed with a cute story. Some of the puzzles are straightforward yet it is challenging enough for you to keep playing it. Perfect for killing time.
I really like these bundled games from Nicolet! No two puzzles are exactly the same, from game to game, there's always a cute story premise, and the puzzles are just the right level of challenging for whiling away some time. The graphics are adorable, video sequences are smooth, controls are simple. And if you do need a hint, the system is nicely set up to let you try & figure it out with a nudge, but will give you the answer too, without being maddening about it. Great set of games.
I love these collection puzzle games. I've played and enjoyed 1 and 2 before this one. Not too easy, not too hard so definitely fun to play and think about. The first clues point you in a good direction and the second clue (after hitting answer) helps a lot more but sometimes, if you're stuck, the "answer" hint isn't always great at helping you fully understand. Thoroughly enjoy this cute, critical thinking puzzle game!
These puzzles are challenging. There are no ads during a game except to "pay" for help -- entirely the player's choice. I have trouble identifying some of the images, probably because it is based on a different culture than mine, but mostly it makes sense. I really enjoy these games, though. Excellent work, developers!
not bad petty easy. no walkthrough is needed. BEAVER house has a few back n forth. So if you like the escape with a bunch of back and forth solving then this one is for you.
I dont know how to play? Because it dosent tell you if i new what i was doing i would rate it 5 stars but because i dident know what i was doing i rated it 3 stars.
Overall a great game, but the Clay puzzle is really frustrating. The hint to open the worm's door makes no sense. Even after watching the YouTube walkthrough (which I have never done for this game before) I don't understand how that is supposed to work. The box in the attic isn't very intuitive either.
Beautiful ... One or two tricky bits but I saw wonderful logic and a great story. And it made me laugh.
I love this game. I have installed and played all the escape games of this developer. Its sad there is no more games left. I hope there will be similar game added by this developer. Waiting for more..... Game is interesting and equally challenging. Graphics and characters are cute and decent. No tacky graphic and motions.
Quite a cute game to pass the time. I feel the first game in the collection was a bit difficult as you get used to the mechanics of the game but otherwise the puzzles were nice and the graphics were the cute as well.
Great little games, they certainly make you think, tricky but how I like them, love them! Thank you!!!
Not bad, could be better. Not really solving puzzles so much as going around collecting codes for combination locks. Many can just be guessed; others you have no choice but to guess. For example, in Clay, the small door with different colored worms on it. I have no idea how to read a flow chart like that. And, since I don't know what it's even called, I couldn't look up directions. The hints, in these cases, are worse than useless. I solved it by process of elimination.
I love all of these escape games. So cute, clever, and well planned. No ads unless you're stuck and you want a clue. These games have become comfort activities and things I do to unwind after a long day.
Christmas one- the photo of the 5 of them in an order was misleading and ended up being a red herring. Last puzzle with colours was too easy. Otherwise good and am really enjoying the games.
Love the stories, graphics and hints. Game is fun and challenging. Looking forward to part 4. Wish i could take pictures of clues within the game, otherwise i would give it 5 stars
What I like about the game design is that I was able to come back after a few weeks and continue where I left off without too much trouble. This means the puzzles aren't convoluted. I finished some areas quickly in one sitting while others took more time. Hints aren't needed if you're patient enough. The puzzle style has become all too famliar though. Some puzzles seem to be not open for solvability until a certain trigger is met.
Addictive game. Beautiful graphics. Challenging rooms and some good walk throughs online. Found it very relaxing.
I find these escape puzzles (and the previous collections) to be addictive. They are taxing enough to get your mind working, but not too difficult to solve. Sometimes I'll need to use the hints, but that just means watching an ad, which is fine because the game doesn't bombard you with ads, unlike some other games.
This app keeps opening the ads in my browser even when I didn't click the link. This happened even on the other games under THIS developer. And this never happens when I play other games from OTHER developers. Very jumpy and glitchy too. Very disappointed, I used to like this game.
Very cute collection of escape games. Clever puzzles, adorable graphics and super cute storylines create a charming game experience. Highly recommended!!!