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Escape game: 50 rooms 3

Escape game: 50 rooms 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by BusColdApp located at Room 02, 15/F., Block C, 6-24 Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Takes too long for hints to recharge when you run out. Also this game is very slow. Like a hidden object game but slower.
The game is not so good, so I gave 3 stars. At level 37 there is a piano, at there I tried many times to solve it but it didn't work so I saw youtube and I tried but then also it didn't work.
I love solving all the puzzles and finding clues. Yes some of the puzzles are infuriating but the relief after it's all over is addictive.
Good time waster during the pandemic. Some puzzles don't make much sense, even when you use hints to figure them out, but overall, it's a pretty decent game.
Fun to play. Some of the puzzles in previous games have been a bit Cryptic. In previous games when you use a hint, it has solved the puzzle for you. This doesn’t give you the chance to see what you've been missing and learn from it. Other than that, a very entertaining and addictive game.
The game itself is great. It has some very challanging puzzles and then some simple ones that take common sense. But because of the ads it makes it frusterating. The ads are to big for phone and you can't exit unless you press out of game and come back. (I have an lg stylo which is pretty big phone) so fix error and I'll rate 5 stars!
It is great for keeping a mind sharp. Some of the puzzles are easy but then you get a few head scratchers that you do not see the connection to the solution.
Really like this game, can be hard in places but you can usually get through, even if you have to cheat sometimes. All I wish is some of the puzzles have no help at all and for a while your not even sure what you have to do. But saying that I love these games, they are well thought out.
Not enough info to solve the puzzle. Sometimes you have to do math and there's no clue that says to. Also when you switch rooms, the screen goes black.
Well the game is so interesting nd good but Hints shuold be given in this game once in an hour or more Without hints it's difficult to play after level 30 Of course it would be helpful to have a time consuming approach to this encounter
Frustrating, hard levels at time. Wish the game would tell you more than ( play this game) maybe a little more info on what to do. But very addictive..
I hope there's a name for every item that having found and hope there's a free hint everytime solving a puzzle.but's so far it's a fun game.
Best game ever🤞🤞🤞... It's challenging but I love it coz um a person of challenges....... Even though sometimes I feel like giving up.... It's the best game I have ever played
Level 21 has tiles by the door that you have to arrange. Before clicking into it, it shows 10 tiles, which would make the puzzle solvable, but when you click into the puzzle, there are 11 tiles, making it impossible to solve. I have to spin for hints now, and watching the ads won't give me hints. This would be great if you can fix the bugs.
Puzzles have a range of difficulty, some easy some pretty tough. Makes you think. Very good graphics, although some room a little too dark. A few puzzles were solved accidentally, minor glitches. Would play other puzzles by this author.
It's cool game but when you need to pass the play this game* it harder than you think it is if it only had to make it better I'm sure I will get a 5 star rating it will make me feel better.
It is very good app. Its level solve very quickly and very playful and excited to play the game. In every level their is something new and use of mind
These escape games are good for brain food. The higher the game number ie... escape room I, escape room II, etc... the more challenging the game. If you like a bit of logic type games, the escape rooms can be fun.
Not too many adverts like some other escape games. Pretty easy to play. A description of the items collected would be helpful.
Fun and challenging game...gave it 4 stars and not 5 because sometimes there's ads that cannot be closed..I have to close the app and reopen all over just to get rid of the ad and sometimes even after doing all that I get the same ad and have to restart the app again
The game is mind-blowing, challenging and exciting... But why don't you add some bonuses for more hits.
Not so much good and Not so much bad... It's a nice game...But there is a problem that Hint... When u reach a highest level then you have difficult for a 1 Hint.... So fix this problem... And Obiuosly It's Easier Then 1 and 2... So Fix It...
I loved the game itself. Your bud mini advertisements don't let you play the next level ive just played 3 levels send every time that ad would come up and id have to close down the game completely load it back up to finish the level and again to start the next. I can't play this like this.....
I just started it, but it's fairly easy with the hints, but some hints are a waste because they are things I already found.
Its irritating to encounter an ad after every level. Why do l need a hint for a puzzle l have already solved to get the object doesnt make sense there is need for change. This one is too easy
Excellent puzzle game with some really good ambience. This one is much easier than Room50 v2 that's good, but really like the harder puzzles even though some where very complicated. This is an excellent series.
this game is very good and interesting. keep it up. just that some of the puzzles are a bit difficult that 's all. apart from that u guys are the best
Good game for the most part. It can be frustrating with some of the puzzles where it doesn't tell you what you are supposed to be trying to do.
Please for the love of God change the spelling of the word cancel from cancle its annoying. Maybe harder puzzles and more multiple room levels.
Love the game but some of the clues some times don't make sense, the puzzles you do not get to see what is expected in some of them. I can see why some people give up playing the game. I have been stuck on the light for three days now I am following the clues yellow red etc but it will not work?
It's an overall amazing game but I gave it four stars because sometimes when I can't get through a level when I want to spin the wheel it won't let me
A new level in online escape rooms. Well thought out rooms with serious challenges. No cake walk here! My daughter and I spend our Sunday mornings here. Maybe the best online game we've ever played. Thank you.
Great game it really tests your ability to think and I like the fact that it's not too easy and it's very addictive
Overall great game! Not too difficult (on some games the puzzles require too much thinking) I like laid back puzzle games. And I've played all of these games. This is by far the easiest one. Level 35 needs to be fixed. All you have to do is click the door and you win.
Is anyone else having a problem with level 45? I have a painting, and a box with numbers. I try a hint it takes me to the wheel. What is the glitch? FIX IT!!! But the most frustrating is when I spin the wheel and it lands on AD I watch the entire ad and never get a free hint. Fix it!! I have to say though there have been some puzzles that seemed impossible to solve there are ways to solve them. I thought I would never get through the tiles on level 21, but I just did it!! I feel empowered.lol
Brilliant game. Even the fact of ads been present they are short and only after a level is complete! Much better than any other game
I enjoy these games But after watching the ads I never get the free hint, also the mini games give no clue what your supposed to do the only thing you can do is wait til you have 3 hints to enable you to skip the puzzle!
On level 20 so far and I find each room to be too short and too easy. In your 2nd game it was too hard. Maybe it will change and get longer here soon but there needs be a happy medium. I'm also not sure what's going on with ads. Many don't have an X to move on. You have to exit the whole app just to get rid of it. Never had that problem in the other games.
I love the game but only complain is the items collected are too small to see, so don't know what it's used for. It would be great if a description is given when we found something so we know what we had collected. Otherwise, game is interesting.
Short attention span only. Puzzles are too few and too easy. Waste of time and such a disappointment after #1 (which was spectacular).
Really enjoyed this escape game. Loads of puzzles to solve, would absolutely recommend playing. Some easy puzzles and some a little more taxing but not so obscure that you can't figure them out. Thank you developers for such a brilliant totally free game!
Good gaming experience. Only one thing. Sometimes you can't get back to the game from the ads. I have to close the game and go back in.
I love this game. Very challenging. I like the way the hints show you how the got the answer instead of just solving the hint. The zoom feature would be very useful to see some of the smaller clues.
It is very excellent game here are so many levels some hard and some easy in this our and kids mind get sharp of memory and thinking in this game if any difficuilties occurs hints ate also available and also a wheel from which we get hints and so many rooms u play 1 and then unistall it and download 2 so gorgious game love it ever in my life game Thank you
A bit dark hard to see areas sometimes to pick up things. But loving it. Also if I can't get the puzzle, and I use hints, I'd like to stare at the puzzle longer to see where I went wrong. It disappears so you can't.
pretty great escape room game, definitely one of the best thats why I gave this game a 5 star. lots of challenges! I've even been stumped quite a few times and have to take a break. but love the challenging rooms it's nice they give a fairly easy ones here and there even after the hard ones. get this game if you want to put your mind to the test
I would think this would be more enjoyable on a larger screen than my phone but all in all I'm enjoying this. Different than I remember in 1 and 2, if you don't highlight the item that you want to use, it doesn't recognize it and indicates that "you can't do that" when in fact, one just needs to light up the item.
I really enjoy this game but some puzzles that should be relatively easy become impossible without a hint because the colors are unclear. For instance in level 40, one of the numbers under the billiard table is supposed to be yellow but looks white. And on the paper with the equation one of the balls is supposed to be orange but looks yellow. Kinda frustrating.
On my phone the clickable areas are not easy to hit. There are little ambiguities that make some puzzles require a hint. Still a fun time waster. Too many ads.
Having same problem as I have seen in the reviews . Level 21 but otherwise game is great. Also hear there are problems on level 45. Hopefully you guys can fix "em" .
Wow amazing game , the only thing is that sometimes adds pop up and here Is no X button so you have to close the app.but other than that the game is grate
Could possibly be a great game if I could play without the ads freezing on the screen. Causing me to have to restart the entire over.
Good game but after every level there is a static advert with no means of closing or going back. The only way to get rid of it is to close the game and then reopen it.
Good gane, however it would be great if you showed how to do the puzzle games instead of just showing the end result after using a hint.
so far so good but it would be better to rate at the end. many of the mechanics in the prior version were difficult to manage and made solving the puzzles impossible, anotherrwards, ordinarily solvable puzzl;es became ardous because it was difficult to manipulate the pieces or the goal of the puzzles were unclear. many puzzles offered some direction but I hope in this version it will be better. I still enjoy the game overall.
Some rooms are so dimly lit, can't make out some of the objects in the room. When clue items are found they should be labeled because some objects are unrecognizable. There should be a walk through when a person is stuck. Still I enjoyed playing this game!
I love this series of games - they offer a nice balance of puzzles, in terms of the level of difficulty and the variety of puzzles type.
I love that the difficulty is varied, so that right after a particularly challenging level, I can breeze through one and give my brain a break, and sometimes when it gets too easy and I start to lose interest, there's a challenging one.
This is stupid. I cant get out of room 5 ive paid for the hint like 30 times. It will not let me go beyond. Fix it.
This is my third version of these games and I think they're great. Watching one ad per round is fair. The only complaint is that the rooms are very dark.
I wish you could turn off the music but keep the audio when you click on things. Really enjoy these games, I wish there were more
Great idea. Make tons and tons of the same game with the exact same pos ad system just designed to earn them money off. Simple fix but they don't care. Money hungry delevopers with no passion for their field.
I arrived to room 20 too easily, can't stand the new music. 50 rooms 3 is easier than 1 and 2, that makes no sense. Why is that? I deleted this one and will pass to game 4, I enjoyed the other two - way more! I agree with other comments. "Congratulation" and random clicking for hints. Please improve this one.
Interesting game. Finished it with in 3days. But some of the puzzles like "play this" needs min. details as how to play it.
Every time I complete a room an ad pops up that doesn't allow me to get back into the game. I have to close the app and reopen it and watch another ad before I can Gerry back into the game again. The game was fun but the wsy the ads lock up the game ruins it. Going to find another escape room that hopefully won't lock up from ads.
Ad orientated. But interesting. So it gets me from 1,2 and now 3. If you're finding for something low budget and puzzle orientated,this is for you.
Very dark rooms and items very small ... can sometimes not tell what they are supposed to be. Wish there was a way to skip some of the puzzles (usually towards end of fihuring out the room) as I don't like puzzle building.
Third class game, i don't know what the viewers have given4-5 star ratings? Either they belongs to game developers or they have just given their remarks after getting their fees....you don't know what you have picked and where you will use it..,totally blind game....i actually want to give-5 ratings but they don't have option...deleted the game within first page....
This is the best game ever i like its grapics and the fact the all room are different and its not that had though there are some challenging level like level 23 and am sure to try more escape games
The rooms are really fun and sometimes open up to rooms within the room! A lot of the puzzles are a little too easy but some of them are challenging and abstract. Artistically the whole app is really well done. Only critique is that the rooms should have more puzzles.
A good overall experience. A good mixture of easy, hard and impossible puzzles to solve. A walkthrough is guaranteed to be needed at least once!
Entertaining. More closely relates to real live escape rooms than most other online games. Improvements over 1 & 2, but still a few hiccups and the hints button can be accidentally touched when not wanted. Even with this annoyance, I recommend this game.
I think it's s good game, fairly easy but challenging enough at times to frustrate you. My only suggestion would be to give instructions on the games. Some are not self explanatory. Some of the tools are not immediately recognizable, so a tool name woukd help. Lastly, instead of completing a game, give an option to spend one coin on a hint, or the three to complete it, again, some are not self explanatory, but we would like the option to figure it out with a clue before we give up completely.
I mean its free so cant complain would just be nice to have some idea on how to play some of the mini games like hardly any of the rooms or puzzles make any sense at all and some of the hidden clues/items you cant see!! Shame really i love these games but this one is a no no for me!!
It's a good game but the ads are not the greatest and you cant get out of the ads easily its which gives the game less stars
Would be great if I could exit out of ads after they get done playing. Have to exit out of the game and load it back up after each commercial break.
Great Fun! No problems with the game at all. My 8yo likes to play and I help her when she gets stuck. We really enjoyed this.
good fun, but occasional puzzles so bizarre that even watching the walkthrough it is impossible to see how the answer was obtained. it would be nice if when you "bought" a puzzle pass some explanation of the answer was included.
I enjoyed playing this game,sometimes there's hardship in tricky puzzles inside that requires patience coz I m stocked up on a certain level.cant use the hints coz of poor internet signal in my place
Easier that parts 1 and 2 I thought. But maybe that's because I've got used to how to play it now🤔. Either way, good, because at least the vast majority/all of them "made sense" (even if i got bored/frustrated and used the hint on 2 rooms😉)
I'm working my way through all the escape room games. They are fun. Sometimes the items don't have a logical use and you just end up clicking randomly all over the place. I'd love to see the spelling mistakes corrected. To get a hint you have to watch a 'vedio', and when you complete a game it says 'congratulation' 🤣
I give it a 4 because some of the clues dont add up to the answer but otherwise fun. Easier than some of the others but still a little challenging. Suggestion pleaee add to allow people to view the hint answer as often as needed instead of requiring to use another hint to get the same answer again.
The hints button is too sensitive. I've activated hints without meaning to. Otherwise pretty fun. Wish that some of the puzzles had a way to explain the goal or the rules for the hint instead of skipping.
It is fun. But do have problem with a lot of areas being too dark. And sometimes you press on areas and it doesn't come up until after you use the hint.
So exciting! The only thing is that sometimes it takes more than a tap for it to work and I think some upper levels seem easier.. it should be harder.
It's decent but some things you can't tell what they are so you're simply guessing how to use them. And some puzzles leave you completely in the dark as to what your supposed to accomplish. Also, you're sure you tapped somewhere but the hint tells you to tap that same place. Why didn't it work the first time?
Some levels are relatively straight forward some are really hard. You learn as you go along. Never ignore anything!
Ive played quite a few of these types of games including many in this series. This is probably the best so far! No glitches...clues are readily found...puzzles are solvable. Very pleasant experience! I wish they would fix some of the other ones for ease of use.
it's good. After all, games are meant for passing time. So checking logic is needless. Graphic works are nicely done. unlike meaningless, comprehensive Jigsaw puzzles from other developers, this one is moderate except one with spinning wheel in 45 or 46(don't remember correctly) level. Actual picture or figure being seen once puzzle have been solved doesn't make any sense. Overall nice experience.
Challenging and intriguing. Some games are very difficult. Some images are very dark. When it is so difficult, it takes the fun away and becomes frustrating.
this game is amazing i love it so much it makes me have to use my brain and it builds clues back up over time very inventive ways to do this would say just check everywere click on anything its really fun anx enjoyble game slightly adictive would highly recommend
Well i wrote my review in 50 rooms 1 and 2 now I'm in the third so I suppose that mean I loved the game much I'm playing all the editions but i can say about that the third don't give much the difficulty and the challenge as the previous editions its little bit easy but in generally I love the game ❤
When the ads came out there is no where we can push the 'X' button at all. It is so irritating that we have to exit the whole game and to go back in again all over each time the ads pops out.
I was so happy with the game, till I got the mini puzzles in a room which are designed for 700 IQ and above, now that was not my problem, however when I asked for a hint it tells me 3 needed... Ok watch another ad etc and no hints, by now they practically forcing me to buy. Out of principle I won't and I will get it done cause I live this game so much!!
All good until you reach level 29,there is a piece of o screwdriver hiden under a table ,it seems like if you do not hit the hint button you can't find it,also a lot of useless puzzles most of them have nothing in common with the gameplay...
Great game, I'm really into it, I've done escape room 1 & 2 already. On a mission to complete all escape rooms there are available. I'd definitely recommend these games to anyone. It's a great challenge.
Its a very interesting game and in this game there are many different types of puzzles and some brainy games . In this game we use our brain and solve the puzzles and search for mystery key in this games we go in next room to next room I well guest that who like some types of this game it's like this game also .... Thank you I love this game 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍☺☺☺☺
Some levels you don't even know what to do and others you can't see at all so your just tapping anywhere. Abit disappointing 😕
So I personally would not recommend playing if you have anger issues- especially on level 12, I just sorta gave up on that one. But overall it's a pretty fun game
Amazing. Love to play escape games and this is one of my favorite. Airplane on level 20 really didn't make sense to me but everything is ok and easy to solve. I am on level 28 within 2 days
This game is not ordinary, you always have to think. It comprises of puzzles, sums, and concentration. You will find your answers to many of the puzzles by searching for it. It is unlike any other game. You need to be vigilant at all times. It's extremely relaxing, regardless of your attention to detail at all times. I recommend you lock on daily, even if you don't really have time to play, this way you benefit from the hints that the game provide you with, if you find yourself stuck.
Very relaxing. Puzzles not too had. Just finished all 50, had to use hint on some puzzle wasn't sure what I had to do. Still an enjoyable game.
Amazing absolutely incredible and very interesting it's a super game and helps you become more aware of your surroundings although it's quite challenging it's still fun and hints are easy to get it's as simple as an ad
Am addicted to this game. Each level gets tougher and am getting more skills. It's a lovely game less ads and so on. I just love it
BUG ON LVL 41 Stuck, I use hints in the main room. It points to a table with the phonograph. In the screen with the phonograph, the hint doesn't appear anywhere and I can't do anything. Might be pointing to somewhere offscreen or just completely bugged.
Lots of fun. Played 1 and loved it. Hated 2 though. The graphics are little too dark in a few of the levels, and 1 or 2 levels were harder than I actually want to think when I am trying to destress but overall I really like this "50 rooms" series.
Addicting game, but sometomes i have to press twice to get a response. Also please renove pesapal ad as it doesn't give an option to close it and there's no way out until you close the game and restart.
really like this game, but imo some of the puzzles are illogical. or maybe it's just me that didn't get it. either way, i already deleted this game because the free hints stopped working and the puzzle i became stuck on seemed really impossible to solve. personally i think the ver #1 of this game was better. would still try #4 and others tho!
just started this series, I've tried most of the escape room and am fully satisfied with them. I am only on the 4th game with this game player but it seems to follow suit and right now I'm feeling this could also be lots of fun. I'll update as I make progress. Lorraine.
Hi, your game is great and challenging but when i first read the comments i thought that some puzzles were really unsolvable. I decided to see for myself so here is the progress i made. I went to level 21 without using one hint. Everything is working fine and i don't deny that some puzzles were tricky like the plane suit case. It was a tough nut to crack but i figured it out. This game requires patience and good thinking. If you think its too much simply delete it ,but dont blame the game.
Really enjoy the difficulty level. Have to think but despite getting stuck now and then the puzzles are not "impossible" Some of the dark rooms can be hard to see so have to randomly tap everywhere. This could, of course, be my old eyes or intentional.
Let Me Outta Here: it's a lot of fun. Frustrating at times, but watching the videos online helps. Since I am claustrophobic, this is much better than the real thing!
The game is ok and I love the music, BUTTT.... 98% of the smaller puzzles inside the rooms are unsolvable (on purpose) and after watching ads to get hints, I didn't get any hints, so it's either "keep spinning and pray for free hints" or PAY UP! very scammy (no surprise there).. oh and there's no such word as 'cancle'... учите аннлийский, уважаемые создатели игры..
I think you should have it to where we know how to play the little games within the rooms. Other than that fun and challenging
Need to complete more levels. So far so good. Sometimes find it difficult to see a small item in a darker area becsuse of screen size(ie phone.
This game is really fun the only thing is in one of escape rooms there was two parts and I didn't realize that the second part for a half an hour so I hope the developer can make an arrow of something please!!!???
Really good game, nice and challenging and the graphics are lovely. The only thing I don't like is watching an ad sometimes doesn't give me a free hint so I end up watching a lot of ads for no reason.
The "play the game" part makes no sense. Those games are confusing without any instructions on how to play them. They just want you to buy hints to pass them. I'm going to uninstall.
Pretty addictive! Great puzzles! Well, mostly... occasionally, even after the hint solves a puzzle, the puzzle still makes no sense. Ludicrous! Wish we could just get hints and not the puzzle solved entirely for us.
I like this game, its a great game but i have spun the spiner 6 times and only once i landed hints, your riged it so it looks like you have a 50 50 chance but you dont, when you fix that then i will give you 5 stars
This game does exactly what it says on the tin. The puzzles are good and not PHD difficult, the hint system is really good which to be honest, you don't really need it much. The graphics are really good, the game is very well thought out, SHOUT OUT to the developers. I love these games but a lot of them are stupidly hard and glitched so much plus the ads, its beyond making a bit of money, it's a bill board masquerading as a game. This game is clean, no glitches, and the ads are none intrusive.