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Escape game: 50 rooms 2

Escape game: 50 rooms 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by BusColdApp located at Room 02, 15/F., Block C, 6-24 Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm pretty good with these kind of things and had no problem with your first game. But with this one, if it wasn't for YouTube and those who make walkthroughs, I wouldn't continue playing it. Some puzzles make no sense or are very time consuming. And then you had to go and have a timed puzzle, giving it only 30 seconds to solve?? You've got to be kidding. Stick with what people like. Why change what wasn't broken? Challenging is fun, but close to impossible isn't.
Fun game. Like the other ecape games, the puzzles can be difficult. Wish they would put either instructions or what completed puzzle should look like.
Totally rubbish app. It will force you to download app. Without it you can't play that level. If you restart, same thing will appear again. Pls don't west your time and data on it. Goodbye Escape game : 50rooms 2
Need to be able to zoom in on some pictures...letters or numbers are sometimes too small to read, but love to figure out how to escape.
I hate how the game forces you to use the hints through two unethical ways. First, the place it's positioned will mean you will almost always press it by accident, losing one clue (or more!) even though you don't need it. Second, the hints are either super subtle (almost zero) or you need to zoom in, a function the game does not have.
The game is pretty good, however it has issues too. The biggest issue I have is certain clues you're given to unlock numeral combinations are ridiculous. For instance, counting the books on three shelves to get the combination. How are you supposed to know this? There's no clue directing you to the books. It is extremely frustrating. Lastly, the ads tend to freeze causing me to have to restart after almost every level.
Mostly fun, creative puzzles. Sometimes a bit random, like level 14 with the panels in the wall. Says 'play this game' with no indication as to what the goal is. So I'm mindlessly moving the blocks around in the hope that, sooner or later, I'll ran randomly hit on the right pattern. And level 9 door same kind of thing. Randomly turning lights on until I finally got the right combo. Overal not bad, pretty interesting for the most part, but needs a few tweaks here and there.
The first version was fun, and enjoyably challenging. I enjoy games and puzzles however the first 15 levels of this game are incredibly hard. I get it is the 2nd version of the game, however the puzzles in the early stages of this game are almost more challenging than the last few levels of the first version. There's also zero hints to help you figure out some of the puzzles, like they give you some weird game board and you have no idea what the objective of the puzzle is. Waste of time.
Great game but every once in a while, it freezes up and I have to wait a few seconds before it responds. Level 45 won't let me pass. I picked up the fingerprint lifters but when I use the first one, the rest go away. And the game won't let me put the one fingerprint I lifted in the lock. No way to escape the room.
In order to make it difficult the solutions are highly illogical and to hide the solutions they have used very bad techniques like when u tap at a place nothing happens then you take a hint which shows the exact same place and then you find something hidden there. May be they have done this so that you would watch ads to get those free hints
Unplayable. Game itself is fine, but the ads don't have an X to close out of, even after the ad is done playing. Stuck on ad screen, can't get back to the game. I didn't hae this problem with the first game. Uninstalling.
The game is interesting however I'm unable to get hints because your system is obviously broken. It loads ads non stop but I get nothing for them. I'm really close to uninstalling the game.
This game has potential but there are some bugs. When challenged with games nothing tells you the goal. Items you pick up are difficult to identify. And the ads won't let you close out of them once they run so you have to dump the game and reenter.
The game has a nice progression curve. It starts with relatively easy puzzle to incrediably complexing one. I have read some complaints about no instruction for mini-games. But for me, the game becomes more entertaining when I tried to find out what each mini-puzzle is about. My only complain is the last 10 levels. Clues are not clear and sometimes players must make random guess in order to proceed. But overall, a great free game.
The game is good and definitely challenging at times but it stinks that you can watch 100 ads and never receive any hints. Idk if this is a bug in the system but it definitely needs to be fixed.
This game is great. Only game I've found that doesn't require add ons. You don't have limited lives or energy. Only ads are at the end of each level and it's really fun trying to work out the clues to escape each room. By far my favourite game Definitely a brain work out very much recommend! :-)
Some levels are very fun and engaging. Most consist of puzzles that take too long to find the solutions, some which are way less obvious or don't make much sense. Clicking on areas is often difficult. Not as enjoyable as the first or third versions of the game.
Chinley very good except there are occasional puzzles which even when you see the answer are insoluble. level 46 has a race against time task making it unsuitable for senior citizens. It could so easily have been a limited number of moves.
I love these puzzles, but the overwhelming demon theme that comes into some of the rooms is really off putting. I like escaping rooms and doing puzzles, why does it all have to include litteral demons, satanic signs and skeletons/mummies etc? Really untasteful :(
Their 1 I gave 5 stars. This one is very difficult and some puzzles I cant do with out going on you tube for a walk through and even then cant get through without 3 hints on the in game puzzles. I love the game but not enough hints or explanation. I even watched an add once forma hint and didnt get my hint at the end of. However it's so addicting.
Interesting fun puzzles. Not a lot of storyline. Lots and lots of ads but ok as free. Pretty buggy in places where I know I have tapped an object several times and end up using a hint to find out it was what I tapped on. Might be my phone screen? Overall it's pretty easy to use. Out of hints now. They were easy to obtain before the first rate me screen.. disappeared by the second.
It would be nice to be able to get instructions sometimes. Also a description of the item in the menu when I click on it. Don't always recognize what it is. The game is fun.
I really enjoy this game i finished the 1st series. On this one is getting 3 stars cause it won't let me out of the 1st room. I get so far and then I can no longer select the next clue even with a hint.
Excellent play! However, the hint trigger area is too close to the play area. I've wasted hints while attempting to make discoveries in the bottom right corner. I won't pay for hints, so it is a little distracting, but I'll get used to it. Thanks for the logic sequences you have used. Great challenges!
Very nice mind muscle work out, what can i say, its challenging in ways you may normally not consider, but that's to be exspected, it's a rationalizing and thinking process, when you need help you have ya tips handy which i've hand no issue with, everythings good to go.
It crashes some times. Needs debugging. Some puzzles are good, but others are completely illogical. Force you to use tips to solve. And those tips are illogical also. Needs a lot of random guessing to find clues. Previous game was a little better, so far. Need an option to only turn of the annoying music, without turning off all the game sounds.
No hint is given after watching ads waited for nearly 1 minutes though no hints are given.......very bad nearly I watched 20 ads for 2 hints....but no hints are given..total interest in playing game is gone ☹
Enjoyable as is the other games in this series I've played. The puzzles and mini-games require more than just trial and error. This one is a little rougher around the edges than #1. The puzzles are more varied, but some of the solutions are so obscure I don't see how they can be solved without hints- e.g. one requires you to discern colors on very small figures in a painting; another involves deciding the order of numbers in a code. These problems are why only 4 stars. I still recommend it.
This game is very thrilling.... I love this game playing in leisures.... You know... When you play it, it makes you feel like a detective.... It deserves rating But one problem is that it contains puzzles to play to get keys... This problem is very awkward for me to play....
I enjoy escape room games very much.. Clue icon could be hidden more on the board, I Often accidentally hit the clue while searching for clues, and clues are often wasted, also the clue bubble could stay Lit up longer, it disappears before I see it often times, could kast longer.
It's great but 3 hints is way too much to spend if a puzzle is a bit difficult 😕regardless of that, it's really fun! :)
Levels are challenging, but some are glitchy, and you may have to waste some hints to open doors that won't open, even if you have solved the puzzle.
I started with four stars, but I'm changing it to three stars now that I'm more than half way through. A lot of the puzzles are a very far reach to solve. Most puzzles are based on assumptions made through random guessing rather than clues. I won't be finishing this game because it's heavily reliant on spending hints rather than providing a challenge that can be worked through.
Good game. More difficult puzzles than its precursor. However, the hint button is too close to the game screen and I keep pushing it by accident. The previous game had the hint button in the corner so this didn't happen.
Great game but some of the ads refuse to close or just dont even get the option to close the ad. So you have to close out the whole game restart it. That's highly irritating but I love the game.
I pressed play and it immediately sent me to an ad. Instead of the game. Then the game glitched and froze as I was doing the clock puzzle. Literally 30 seconds in and the game froze. The time wouldn't work.
Great game with really well thought out puzzles (with sometimes questionable touch responses). BUT I got to level 46 and the game has glitched so I cant finish the level. Would love to give it 5 stars if it wasnt for this problem (and the small little detail of not all my touches being registered). Overall great game though.
Some clues is useless and dont help to open to next room. Need to use hints constantly. When you don't buy hints.. You can't play further due to clues not making sense. They only want you to buy hints all the time. In my opinion. This game is average. You need to have a expert IQ to solve some of the clues or its pure luck. Or you need to constantly purchase hints to help you solve the room clues.
Going to look for another game this has gotten shocking! I played the first and loved it but clicking on what we know we have to pick isn't allowed. Why change anything except for the difficulty of each level! I wouldn't even mind the adds but for the fact of the clicking I wouldn't be uninstalled!!!
The game is good and challenging but there are a few puzzle that lagbso much the puzzle wont even work. Like level 35 i can even go through it because the last puzzle to open the door takes 30 minutes to turn one piece of the three plates, or it just wont turn no matter how long it takes or how many time i press it.
The add hints doesn't work. I watch an ad to get an extra hint and they don't get added. Kind of sucks.
I love the game.Nice graphics and stuff. If only it was possible to start the day with 2 bonus hints. Not everyone is good at playing puzzle games. Apart from that, I see no other problem with the game . I love it (✷‿✷)
What initially starts out as a decent little puzzle game, unfortunately soon makes way for bjects intended only to be found by either frantic clicking or knowing they are there and increasingly illogical puzzles. Watching ads between rooms is alright, given the game is otherwise free, but deliberately making these puzzles pointless to sell clues... thanks, uninstall and remember to give these titles a wide berth.
Didnt work at first. Reloaded then it worked. Lots of clues VERY hard to see...much harder than the first one. Lots of illogical clues that made no sense. Didnt even know what I grabbed most of the time.
These are still great games. Something happened between the first and second game. This one has many more puzzles that don't have a clear logic to them and a higher reliance on clues (baseball shirts, books on shelf, colored pegs on boat?) . Also the rooms are way too dark and there's many tiny little areas to click that are important but not easy to locate. The controls for some of the games is poor (rebuild statue). It's fun but less so and but more annoying than the first game.
Some rooms are really good, tough and make you think. Others not so much. My little enjoyed the first 50 rooms, not sure I'll let him play the 2nd set.
Like it, but the mini puzzle could have instructions, and yes, playing on a phone, it is hard to tell what you are picking up.
The first game was more enjoyable. I've barely started but the puzzles are ridiculously difficult. Level 11 requires us to figure out the password combination... And it is solved by RANDOMLY counting the books on a shelf with absolutely no clue in game... It's a shame :(
Awesome game I want this game very helpful and your gonna be smart I don't have any problem. When I saw this for the first time I thought it was a horror game because the rooms are scary but I try to download it wow it's so very nice and beautiful . I'm done escaping the 50 rooms 1 and I'm so excited to play this game🎮🎮🎮...
The developers have made the game too difficult. Some levels are almost impossible to compete without hints and free hints are very limited. Sometimes even after solving the puzzles, the game won't go ahead unless we use hints. They just want to force you to buy hints. Every level you have to play some games to pass but you have no idea how to play those. I just lost interest to play.. Its too idiotic.
Not sure what you were thinking with the overuse of pentagrams in a very "demonic" hell themed room. They as a symbol are literally nothing to do with such bs?!! .. 🧐 Rating down for that alone. But also glitchy some games are stupid literally not even instructions. Bad graphics. Ad /hint spinner again way more ads than hints. Come on you already have ad after each room and underneath all the time in each room!
Many efforts to avoid that the player would find the solution, in some cases almost cheating (colors that don't match, for instance). The purpose is pushing us to ask for hints paying real money or watching ads using a wheel of fortune programmed to give you 1 hint (you need 3), after watching at least 3 ads. Another trick is putting the hint button quite big, so you easily can push that when you tap on the right bottom of your screen searching for objects. Guy, the honesty would pay you more...
Good time killer.challenging but not impossible.need hints occasionally and some things are ridiculously hidden and you may never find them. don't read into it too much. LEVEL 29 I solved and it did not let me out. had to spend hints to "solve" it even though a 4 year old could have
Some of the images needed to solve puzzles are to small for phones. I think it was designed for a larger screen. No way you can see the jersey numbers in the photos for lvl 8. Not even with a magnifying glass! I tried!
Addicted to escape room games. It's as good as any escape game. Could give a few more hints about what to do with various pieces as sometime too vague. Don't like having to resort to walk-throughs as a last resort.
Awesome Escape game series, patience is key. Some rooms may seem controversial - devils, witchcraft, slight nudity (old paintings). But that's the point - you're trapped! Where others have been before . . .You must Escape!! (before whatever got them, gets you! Of course there'll be blood, fear... etc.!) Free hints at beginning of each day, with option to buy/watch ad for more. That being said - at times, you have to put it down, think& come back to it - but that's everyday life right? Enjoy!
Level 9 you are instructed to play the game. Ok. First run through everything is good..you get one green light. Then some squares change and you are told to play again. Problem....you can only get half done because the only path you can take is already lit up. I've seen another version of this level where you only play the game once. Why the change?
Love these games. Good, challenging way to waste time lol only critique I have is the scarcity of hints and being able to collect them (only once a day) would be great if you were given one hint after completing each room. Other than that really like the series and wish there were more!
Absolutely NO help on how to Play and what todo w/the clues you find. Plus if you want a hint as they suggest you use you have to watcha30 second ad everytime. which is annoying because they don't tell you how to play. Glad I didn't getto the point of in app purchasing. But ads now have more into to sell. Not happy @all feel deceived
Down hill from the first. I tried but i couldn't finish it. Areas and items are too hard to find, making puzzles impossible. I was using hints constantly. I don't know if a tablet would be better, because I magnified the images and just wasn't enough. Skip this one, there are still 10 more to try out.
Enjoyable game although some of the puzzles within the games could do with a bit more explanation as sometimes its unclear as to what's required and you could spend ages or lots of hints trying to get passed them
The game is really fun to play and very challenging. I love this game alot but when it comes to getting a hint especially for the wheel u have to spin to get more hints seems very unfair to get more hints cause it most of the time lands on ads and hardly ever lands on the 1 hint the 2 hints or the 3 hints on the wheel. But I think there should be a better way to help to make it better to get hints only if u really need it or make it where it's not so hard to gets hints for when ppl do need hints
Disgusted. I was really enjoying this game and originally gave it 4 stars but every now and then I notice some type demonic or satanic symbols. I am a christian and would love religion and satanic symbolism to NOT be included in the game. Especially on hard levels that require more of my time. I don't want to see this is a puzzle game.
Games are fun and entertaining however some of the puzzles are ridiculous! No explanation, no instructions and some there is no way of figuring what the programmer is looking for. Started out as fun but it's ending up being frustrating and unrealistic unless you are the programmer. May as well ask what number I am thinking of between 1 and 1,000,000. You'd have a better chance at getting that answer than figuring out what they want on many of these puzzles.
I really like this app, so I will give this 5 star. The other levels are easy but the other are difficult, that makes me crazy.
This is better than all the other games. It's difficult and tricks my brain alot but that is what we want. I would like daily free hints.
I love escape games. I however do not like slide puzzles, hate them in fact. Also it would be nice if there were more instructions for the mini games. It is not fun to play a game by trial and error and then there are some you never can figure out.
This is supposed to be a challenging game and all you end up doing is stabbing at the phone until you get a "clue" none of these clues even make sense. I have played almost every game like this out there and this is the WORST
i forgot if i finished this game or dropped it halfway (i only played it last week but oh well). anyway i really enjoyed it, just rating 4 stars because the #1 was better and this one is... idk what to call it. some puzzles are very easy and some are very impossible to solve. still, worth the download. maybe you can solve what i didn't
The spin for hint ads thing (free hints) never give you any hints and the spin always lands on ad.. Is really annoying..really confusing items etc, and next to no hints available... Not sure I'll keep this game if I'm being honest..
Excellent! Sometimes easy, sometimes really tricky. The free hints from watching ads doesn't seem to work though. Which I guess doesn't allow me the easy way out. More thought needed 😨
Some of the puzzles are really just so obscure that they can't possibly be solved without using hints. I guess that's how they make the money. You have to buy his to solve the room. Still entertaining.
I love the challenge. However some of the games need instructions. I often get to a game to solve and I dont know what to do. I end up using 3 hints to solve.
Better than many others of this style of game. This is not a "find the missing object" game, thankfully. Some nice mini puzzles too.
Really good game. The daily rewards could be better though, going back to one hint after 7 days continuous play seems odd and unfair! Otherwise a really good game.
I Don't understand how you offer players to watch ads in exchange for hints and we never receive those hints even after watching the full add. Also players are forced to use hints even after they click the exact place where the hint takes us back to the same exact place we've already clicked. Please fix your bugs
Started out good but getting annoying. They want you to pay. You have to waste hints on puzzles that don't even make sense when the she the answer. Like somehow you are just supposed to know that 3=5 in a random scenario. You can get free hints but it takes time and I'd rather be presented with solvable logical puzzles
Love escape games! It makes you think, math, algebra, spelling logics, etc... Only thing is need to explain in better details how to play games. Spin wheel need to more hints than ads.
Great game. Some levels are so dark it's difficult to figure out what's needed. I hate slider puzzles as well, so I usually skip with hints. The Free Hints option will give hints or play an ad but watching the ad does not give a hint, so what's the point beyond more revenue for game creator?
It's an amazing game which was very interesting and really make us to think and search for clues. I also played escapes 1 and now the 2nd but sometimes I can't solve puzzles without hints
The game is only okay, aa some clues are not legible. ie: could not zoom into the 4 pictures to count the colored shirts on level 8. If it's a clue, at least let us zoom in close enough to see them clear enough!
With the moving pieces puzzles where I've ended up using hints it would be nice if the moves were shown to solve it so I could see where I went wrong.
I really like this, it's not too easy. However, in some of the "play this game" sections, there's no explanation of how to play or what the goal of the game is. I end up wasting hints because of that. A simple image of the game play would be helpful.
The best escaping game by far. Played the first in one da, now enjoying the second one. I love that from time to time you get extra hints. I love this game! Also, most of the ads(after every level, it doesn't bother me) are not as wack as in others. I can only recommend ;)
This game doesn't make sense at times. You unlock clues for it to do nothing for you to escape.. your basically clicking everywhere because some of the clues aren't visible on the main screen. Some of the answers don't add up either and don't give you any idea of what your doing of the puzzles
It's okay. It has potential. But it would be helpful if the items we picked up told us what they are, if the games told us what we're supposed to do to finish the puzzles, and if when you x out of game to return later you didn't have to start from the beginning all over again. ... Nevermind I thought after I did a review and it didn't throw me out if the game it might be fine... But the next time a commercial came it was reset again and I would have to do everything all over again! FORGET IT!!!
This game is very fun and all but you have hardly any hints to help you out. The game is a bit slow aswell. The quality isnt the best and you should be able to watch videos in order to get more hints .Otherwise its very fun and mysterious.
I understand that this game is supposed to make you think but many of the puzzles, especially those involving numbers, makes no sense whatsoever. Like who tf would think of that. Occasionally there are some ahHaa moments but you'll spend most of your hints on some of the numerical puzzles and many of the puzzles with the stupid cheat sheet hints like the one on level 24
Pretty good. Wish you could use smaller hints to point out one thing at a time instead of using 3 to solve an entire puzzle. I need help to solve it some times, not the game to solve it for me.
Fun game that forces you to think out of the box to solve the puzzles. More ads than the first game but you can get used to them as most of them are 15 seconds or under. Some very challenging puzzles but fun and relaxing to play
Nice mysteries and puzzles but I give u more Stars if u give us rules in any puzzle and game.. it'd be very hard to understand that how the puzzles will be solved like in level twelve's face game on a box..🙁 what's to do with game that had to understand by ourselves... Only this is the problem which I've.😑
I love this game because it is fun and i love challenges and this is the best game i have played thanks for making this game.and even though there is ads after every level a least it is not like them games that u van never skip the ads
I was expecting less if I'm honest....but I'm currently on level 9 just starting....and there is minor glitches...and I mean minuscule...like a button responding slowly....but in no way does it affect the overall experience...apart from learning a few more ahem words....its a solid performance that can take solace in the fact that in among all the dross....your game stands out...WELL DONE
This game would be more fun if they didnt force you to use hints. I could easily win the puzzles without the hints but the game doesnt register me clicking on things so i would be forced to use hints and itll just show me the exact same thing that i was clicking on. Then if you need a hint itll give you five billion adds before giving you ONE HINT. This game is starting to become trash to me. Fix your bugs please. And limit your ads. Ps. Goes for the whole puzzle series apps , they act the same.
It has taken me awhile to get to game #2. I have already done almost every other one in the series. Having said that this is the worst of them all. Each level is much too short, not enough clues and none of the side puzzles make any sense. There is no goal given for most. For example on level 12 all of the puzzles hints lead back to the 4 characters in the fireplace but no movement or set up for what is to be done. It doesn't even require 3 hints to solve. I want to move on with the game but...
Played first edition of this and enjoyed it, keeps your mind active, sometimes frustrating but always enjoyable, so now on game 2.
Nice short escape rooms to play. I like the design of the rooms. References are US-centric. Some codes are very difficult to crack - I don't understand the logic behind them and clues are not always easily accessible - but the hint option is useful to get you unstuck. Overall, you'll have fun with this app and when you're done, you can download the next one in the series!
Too many repetitive non sense puzzle. Ads can't be closed. Relatively more buggy that most other escape game. BTW, this is not really an escape game, just about every stage has meaningless side puzzles
Frustrating loss of precious hints!!!! The hints icon should be relocated! My hints continually disappear just because my hand is hovering over the icon while tapping on areas of the scenes. Otherwise, the games are fun!
Confusion is the best way to say it. Made it to the last room. The maze had me in tears. I never did pass it. The arrows made no sense to me. Maybe it was just me. I don't know. But I'm deleting it now. I've done many of these games. But the last few have been very exacerbating. You need some sort of instructions on these mini games. I hate to think how much I have actually spent on hints! Have fun.
Fed up having to use hints to pass levels,because you have to play games but you don't understand what the game IS or HOW to play it!! Its more like an IQ test than a game!plus trying toplay game on level 12 and NOTHINGS happening. Been at it for 10 mins. Think I'll be uninstalling this game Soooooo frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't like the second iteration of this game, because it's no longer about finding hidden or hard to find items and figure out how to use them to escape a room. This new version has what for me are really difficult puzzles to solve, that are almost like brain teasers or brain training activities by themselves. I spend more time solving brain twisters than I do finding objects and putting them to use. Not what I want in an escape game, personally...
Loved the first game of these so downloaded the second. Some tasks are more challenging than the first game which is good. The only thing is the game doesn't always register clicks there's times I've clicked an area and nothing and I select a hint and it flashes an area previously unresponsive, wasted so many hints via this mechanism but hasn't prevented me continuing through levels, currently 44 as I write this review.
I cleared the first version in a few days so I was looking forward to this. It's been a bit of a let down. Most of the time I can't even play because the ad that plays has no way to close it. It will just stay up until I relaunch the game and sometimes I can then solve a level but sometimes I get another eternal ad.
This game sucks. It doesn't give enough info to solve the puzzles. In order to get tips for the puzzles you must spin a wheel which 90 % of the time lands on ad which doesn't award tips.
I liked 50 rooms 1....but 50 rooms 2 has a glitch. It won't let me click on anything. Even when given a hint it won't let me select it. Half way through level 1 it just stopped letting me pick anything. I've reinstalled with no luck
It's an amazing game I like this game I have already played escape game 50 room 1 and now I am on this in many games there is the problem that the ads are too much but in this game there are not too much ads so I liked this game a lot . Graphics are also too good....
Interesting game .. But sometimes it difficult to find the hidden items... There is no tips for how to play the puzzles.. So it is really difficult to identify. Plz provide some tips.. Graphics are really amazing..
The first escape was good and all but this came up... When i play my samsung tablet i used all hints and watch videos to copy the im on but when i want to use the "watch add for a free hint" i didnt even let watch i thought it was just my wifi but its not the "free hint add" became gray if i touch it i dosent do anything so i said 'oh my this is really real my wifi is very thingy or something' but it happends every single day until i got 50 hard levels i finally did it i said but theres games so this gonna end isnt it thank you for litsening and fix this creator that made this game thank you have a great day/night oh and i also forgot this #covid-19 #coronavirus #staysafe and #stayhealfy (sorry for healfy spell if i did it wrong anyways staysafe!!
I have played several now. They are good. Lots of puzzle's to solve. Therexare adds to gain hints. I just dovleg exercises during them. Some of the gamesxaxquitechardxsome very easy. Some have to be done in order to compleate like this one you must break thecwindow before you can set off the smoke alarm. But over all they are a lot of fun.
Mostly pixel hunting, spent 90% of the game just tapping random spots trying to find the next thing. Would finally use a hint to find out I was in the right area just a sliver off from the actual spot. Very annoying
Its fun but the ads is irritating that u will not be able to exit the ads even after finishing it. Had to restart the app in order to continue the game. Worst of out sometimes closing doesn't resolve it at all.
It's cute, fun, but... it's starting to get a little micro transactiony. The adds have no exit buttons, so they never count for hints. The reason I've given this one star is bc you tap and tap and tap, and even though you got it correct, it doesn't do anything, leaving you having to get more hints. I've gotten a couple puzzles correct and it didn't work until I used a hint, the hint was my exact moves. I get wanting to make money but be up front about it. Js.
This game would be better if you could zoom in on the room & the objects. Daily hints are not always given. Also, give instructions for the games (they are not all self explanatory).
Well its most exceptionally fantastic... Am addicted to it, Escape room 1 was incredible, 2 is even more astonishing, i must say am surprised by the level of initiative, cool one, keep the rooms coming
The game is very challenging, it's very relevant to fill the free time. quite educating puzzle game that has a level in every space
This game could use a better hint or skip feature for the more difficult puzzles. I was forced to quit because I couldn't pass the ⭐ puzzle at level 14. Great game though, just needs a better help system.
as i got into the game, it was terrible. the puzzles were a challenge, loved those. unlike first one, it started to get kinda morbid in room scenes, near the end was profanity written on a door, worst word possible. sad they ruined the game. did not finish, uninstalled. do not get this one! am trying 3 and so far, so good. kinda simple though.
Well I'm stuck in the coach car cause the hint I got will not work so not impressed. Their are a couple of puzzles that was harder than seemed necessary. So the 2 stars is because when you do as showed nothing happens so stuck!!!
In general, interesting. However, some puzzles make ZERO sense even after seeing the solution... Also, hints tend to need to be used 2-3 times to actually solve something. And, the Hint button is positioned to hit very easily by accident. Makes me feel like it's a cash grab to buy hints. Google the solutions ...
Good game, some great puzzles, some a little disjointed. Far too easy to tap on "clue" accidentally! Overall, good fun and a decent challenge. Love the different settings and scenarios
puzzles are really hard and make no sense, when I press close to the bottom right corner it uses up a hint, and in level 12 the tiles in the leap frog game won't go backwards. it's impossible to do that game if the tiles won't go backwards
Very unresponsive to clicks. Have to use hints way too often only to find you have click the same spot several times with no response.
Not bad. Puzzles can be difficult to figure out; end result isn't always clear. Hasn't stopped me from playing.
Love these escape games! Most are pretty quick to move thru a room, so you can get done with a couple on a break. I have to say I don't really care for all the math problems, but I get thru them. I do wish they labeled the items so you could tell what they are and help a little with solving. But overall I give all their escape games 5 stars.
The game itself is great. The problem here is the infinite ads. By that I mean, every other ad that comes up doesn't have an exit button because it is outside of the game's border. When this happens I have to close out of the game entirely and go back in to continue playing. Besides this one slightly large issue the game is fantastic as are all the escape game: 50 rooms games from this developer.
Stick with the first one. This one is garbage. Areas that won't let you zoom or pick up an item until you've used a hint, hints that are hard to see (I am playing on a tablet, can't imagine using a phone!) kind of gross imagery and puzzles with no apparent goal. In fact, in one case when I spent the hints to bypass it, the answer it gave wasn't a legal option! Uninstalled. Loved the first one so I will give #3 a chance.
I like the game it fun to play but when I click on some objects (that are supposed to help with the puzzle) they can't be picked up most of the times. Not only have I had to watch a lot of ads after each level was pased, some of my hints were wasted when I didn't even click on them. I am not sure if it is my phone or the game but most of the time when I'm playing the game goes back to the menue. If you want players to play other games that pop up I suggest that you put it at the end.
Aside from a number of puzzles that don't make much sense, I was surprised by some of the content in this "teen" rated game. There's literally an image of a naked woman spreading her butt cheeks in level 11. I personally laughed at it, but I know some parents of young teens who probably wouldn't find the language & sexual images in this game appropriate...
First game was so much fun with puzzles that actually made sense. I just got past level 14 on this one and I'm already sick of all the obscure nonsense puzzles this game have... it's not creative, it's just annoying. Especially with all the stupid mini games you're forced to play (or pay 3 hints to skip) instead of actual puzzles to try and escape... really disappointing game.
The game is such a brain teaser! But sometimes you just need to use the hint because the logic of the puzzles are sooo nonsense and i find it annoying that i kept accidentally clicking the hint button during times when i need to search for clues! Too dark also. I have to adjust the brightness of my screen which irritates my eyes.
I love playing this series but ... I'm playing on a phone so I can't always tell what I'm "carrying" so I spend time just clicking the screen hoping it does something. I have also needed to use youtube solutions because on a number of games (not necessarily this game but the series) I have NEVER found any numbers related to certain inputs and I find this disturbing. I will use the answer to backtrack to see where I missed it but even then there's no answer.
Only 4 stars because there are occasionally subtle innapropriate pictures within scenes. Totally unnecessary. It diminishes from the quality and fun of the game. Makes me not want to play or let kids play.
Very enjoyable. Nothing too complicated, sometimes you really have to stop and think! I like the hints accumulate. Hints point yiu to your next step, just make sure you are looking at the entire room before you click on because it won't be much help if you are zoomed in on an item. 3 hints will solve a puzzle in case you get frustrated. Definitely recommend. This is the second set of 50 escape rooms I've downloaded. Fun to play a few with the family each night via mirroring to the tv.
Amazing game! Challenging gameplay, no need to buy anything to continue, literally just use your brain. Its really not that difficult, and the puzzles are brilliantly designed. Similar to the first one. If you really can't muster up the braincells to figure it out, there's always YouTube. Me and my husband work together on some to kill time. Such a blast!
I downloaded the 1st escape room and it was good I finished all its levels already but on some levels specifically the robot level, I already got the pattern but it doesn't work so I used hints and found that it was the same with my pattern ....and that part sucks a whole lot Hope that it won't happen here in part 2 One star for now....I'll change it after I play it I'm expecting a lot from this
I've played many similar games. This one pressures you to spend money on hints by not giving you enough information to complete a pure. I will probably delete this one without finishing it.