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Escape game : 50 rooms 1

Escape game : 50 rooms 1 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by BusColdApp located at Room 02, 15/F., Block C, 6-24 Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Way too many ads!! Some of the rooms make no sense. Lots of random tapping as many clues were not clearly apparent. Sometimes it is hard to figure out what the tools are that are gathered. But it was entertaining. Solved the game in less than a week with minimal hints.
Some well thought out puzzles. Enjoying it so far. And, best of all, if you DO have to use a hint, it does you how/what you needed to do to complete it! Unlike other games of theirs where they skip passed so you never know what was needed!
Whoever says this game is hard it it. Although it is, it tests your brain I had to be thinking instead of clicking to solve things, which is good. Whoever doesn't like this game it's normally because your stumped and you ran out of hints which I can agree with is sad. But I like it has weird ways to your brain and you just to think outside the box.if you want a good challenging game to test your brain download this.
Literally the worst escape room game I have ever played. If you click hint while in something, all that it does it tell you to click the back arrow and nothing else. I do not reccomend this at all. There is a ridiculous amount of ads, and it is almost impossible to get hints on the wheel, the most I have ever gotten is 1. I think I made it to level 12 when I had enough.
It's fun, but an ad after EVERY. SINGLE. LEVEL is a bit much. It's the same add too. Just makes me not wanna play a game about decorating an old couples room.
I like this game a lot. Personally i thought it was going to be one of those games that have nice themes but boring experience, but instead it happens to be one of the most fun games i have ever played. I recommend this game for everyone to play cause its full of fun.
I like this game, but some of the levels are too dark, too colorful and the collectables are almost off the screen, it's really upsetting when you get stuck in a level because you didn't touch the pixel 10 light years away from the screen.
This app is amazing!!! I loove escape games. This has to be my favourite! I love that there is 50 levels and Im in the 22 level! In the start the levels were easy but the levels go on they become more and more difficult. I love so much this game!!! You should totally download this game!!
It's an ok game, but all of the rooms are sort of the same. And sometimes if you tap on certain items, it will not give them to you.. need to change up the escape rooms, like zombie room, buried alive room, bank heist room, etc.
Only on level 4 but so far so good. I already played 50 rooms escape 12, so I thought I would go back to the beginning and start with 1 and work my way up. Very enjoyable and takes up spare time that would be spent doing nothing. Rated G so my kids can "help" me level up.
Very good game.The challenges are daunting which makes u even more excited about the game .But this game doesnt give enough hints .I mean the hints should be reloaded for about 4 hrs when exhausted.
It's nice game . Out of 50 levels some levels are very difficult wheter as some are very easy but I enjoyed this game very much . It's a mind game . Over all good πŸ‘πŸ‘ . But when I spin that wheel then there is always add ................
I like this game but I am only giving it one star ⭐ cause it sucks when you don't have a hint & don't know what to do next? I know that if randomly given a hint the game will not be inserting but please decrease the amount of time needed to get a hint. Many of the people who installed it got annoyed by not getting hint in less time .
I like πŸ‘ the 3d and challenges, i don't even want to use any of my clues right now, it is a very nice game, it keeps my brain moving and awake, i love this, it's not a game to me it's more like a challenge!!!!
It's a great game but I think you should add a little bit more hints I don't mind the ads because they only last like about 5 seconds but I think when we do the spinning wheel and it lands on ads we don't even get anything we should at least have an ad that lets us get like three hints or something and we could get the spinning wheel every 30 minutes that lets us have hints instead of ads. Besides that, it is a very great game even though it's challenging
I started out REALLY liking this game, but once you get up to about half way through the rooms, there are some puzzles that don't make sense without some kind of explanation or clue. And when you select the option to watch an ad to get a free hint, half the time the game doesn't even give you the hint after you watch the ad. It's really disappointing because I love escape room games, and I was really digging this one until that started happening. Other than that, awesome, entertaining game.
Some of the levels are quite fun but there some levels that has no logic at all, literally makes no sense. Even when you use hints you gonna end up like "how does that make any sense at all". But overal was a good time pass.
I like this game is interesting. Each room is different from other but it takes much time to solve puzzles. Some puzzles were easy to solve but i stuck in level 22 which is difficult. Overall game is good, i am enjoying this gameπŸ’“πŸ’“
In general, the game was fantastic. I was able to complete all stages. It was challenging every stage and makes your brain works harder. Whenever I got stuck in a stage with no hints left, I just closed the game and reopen, then I got a free hint. Hehehe I like it how they include different puzzles to solve which did not make it boring. It was fun playing this game.
Very addictive, awesome game. I will definitely be downloading the next one. Had to look up 5 puzzles so really makes you think sometimes but doesn't put you off.
This is a fun game, its just most of the time when you reach level 11, its hard, you wont know what to do, but i didnt reach other levels, so its hard to tell
Android 10" screen. Could not finish level 25. Cheated by googling walkthrough, chart to left of exit door has coloured blobs in walkthrough, all black in my version 6 May 20. Also blue cube stays shut in toolbox, but is open in walk-through. Maybe walkthrough is Windows version?
Awesome game...really takes some patience and attention to detail. Makes you really think out of the box. Minimal ads and they can be skipped after 5 seconds.
It's entertaining and has good puzzles. It can be tricky to figure out where to look though, especially when it's an obscure or non descript feature like the corner of a shelf... just keeping tapping around
This game is very nice . But there is a very big problem that is, after playing a level there in front of you will be only ad . Means after one level you get ad then afterwards crossing another level again ad . I am getting bored seeing the same ad . Ohh I forget to tell you that they are not even showing different ads they only showing one single ad . In first you will not understand anything then after playing 1or 2 levels you understand this game easily.
It's a fun game, very straightforward, and is a really fun way to pass the time. There were some parts that i still don't get but nonetheless the game's pretty good and i had a lot of fun with it
This is a great game! I'm playing 50 rooms 1 and I'm only on level 23 and I'm hooked. Of course it has ads but they're not all long so it's not as annoying as some games. I love that you can access so many levels in one app rather than downloading multiple and I also love that they get progressively harder but not so hard that you cannot sell them
Good game destroyed by commercials. I don't mind the huge amount of add, as they are the ones making the game free. But now the game got stuck on an add without the possibility to remove the add. So I guess I will just have to stop playing. Pitty, as it was a really good game.
Entertaining game, as some of the puzzles in some of the levels are difficult without a walk through on youtube, and even then, still difficult to understand how the puzzle was solved, anyone who says they found it easy has most likely used a walk through to get the answers, as on level 50, the puzzle answer is wrong, the degrees written in the picture, in the main room, do not match the colour spikes on the wall, selected in the walk through, to open the box.
Really enjoying it as a quick past time. I like that some come easily and some take a little more thought. Makes it fun without being overly tedious.
Still Level 8 just downloaded.. 6:15 why is it not working i feel dum right now... πŸ˜… I don't get it ... its fun yet the 6:15 honestly... i asked my sister what time it looked like to her then she said 6:15 i feel so dum... Its bringing me down how do people do this but imma keep playing. It excites me when i don't get it. 4 stars so far i'll make it 5 when im gonna make it. Just wait for it.πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Œ Wait i got it..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Excellent game. I had completed the game months ago.I was able to escape the rooms and without paying for buying any hints and without using any extra hints. By only my mind was able to excel the game. I'm very happy. I forget to rate the game so I am rating this today. Five star rating 🌟 worth it!!
Very difficult without hints.pressing all over the screen for clues,only for a clue to reveal itself in the same place I've pressed multiple times.most adverts can be closed after a few seconds,and some you have to watch in full,but there is one that pops up the most and just stays on the screen with no way of getting rid of it,so you have to close the game and reload..very,very annoying!..bit dark in places as well,so can't see objects to collect.would be four stars without these foibles.
It was amazing! I just finished this, escaped all the rooms and feel like now I'm a bit more observant and smart. I installed this game bcuz I wanted to be smart enough to solve riddles and YES! I wanted to be like Sherlock or any smart detective although I can never be one of them. This game does need some improvement as some of the clues were almost impossible to solve (Long live my dear hints). and YES there are ads but I don't have any problem with it as this game is free and it was expected
This is a very nice game deeply enjoyed it BUT wat go on with this ad on the game escape room 2 whatever , like everytime i enter to play i see tht game( escape room 2 ) helang bathung if im need for a new game i will go press more games kanti wat is the point of tht options if yall still going to advertise the games , if i want more games i will go install more , stop advertising nonsense i dnt have data for nonsense agha man😠😠😠😠
Two stars because the graphics are really good. Only two stars because it is extremely difficult. For me even the clues were hard to understand. Shame because it could be very entertaining, but it is far to obscure.
Got to level 39, couldn't finish it,even though I looked at walkthrough on youtube, every video I saw,it was a roll of tape on the sideboard,but not in my game? Also followed every single step,but things didn't open for me! Very frustrating having come that far,but can't continue,the game is now uninstalled! Fix your glitches, maybe I'll try again!
Game is fun can be frustrating at times when you could use logic to figure out code but because u cant find the offical clue it wont let you unlock/continue. Room varry in difficulty, got through 1st 25 rooms with the 3 clues provided for free, stuck atm, hoping to win more clues as i really dont want to pay for clues. But there is that option. Surprisingly not too many adds which it nice change from most games. There leaps in logic can be a bit of a stretch. Hence why clues are needed
Overall fun. Most puzzles are clever, but with one annoying flaw: on phones, some of the images are too small to see, including items. I imagine a tablet would work better. Having played #12 in the series, I can safely say that this becomes less of a problem later down the line
This game is very enjoyable really fun i have done every level and I will tell you, you should try it out it does get a little hard but you can get a hint by watching a video or if you have hints then push the button to your right at the bottom I hope you enjoy it and have fun even though it was kind of annoying with adds
This game consists in clicking randomly on the screen until finding a area that will zoom in, where there will be an object of interest or a rather obvious clue. The ads after each stage are short but the sound can't be turn off despite having the game on mute, very annoying. Graphics and controls are basic, have a look at the Japanese escape games to see what good looks like!
(Some lvls you have to really think, dont go str8 to hints, THINK!!) Great game! I recommend this to anyone who likes puzzle games and actually using their brain while also wasting time! LOL.. Some levels are easier than others, even higher up, but that's the fun of it! And yes, there are ads, but you get one ad (5 secs) in between each room, and then an ad (30 secs) if you want an extra FREE hint, so it's not bothersome to be able to play a FREE game! Thanks developers, keep them coming!!! <3
I first downloaded this I was not able to escape the rooms,then I uninstalled the game . Then after a few days I thought that if I can complete the all rooms then my mind could easily play other escape games so I am now able to escape the room .so in my way this game is very nice to sharp our mind
I really enjoy playing this game. Just not enough chances to get hints. And the spin always lands on ads. Not hints. Only other way to get hints is to purchase them. (If you want to continue playing)
I really like the game. Especially that make your brain think fast. Solving puzzles, finding objects, etc. I was getting. A new start to finish 50 levels.
I will not complain about advertisements because what else can one expect for a free game. I don't understand why the graphics are so dark, I often simply guess that something is on the screen to be collected and so touch all around, blindly, to find it. A description of each item would be helpful because again, it's a matter of scrabbling around to see if something fits somewhere. Both of these things turns this game more into a guessing game than an intellectual game... which is sad.
This game is very nice. Because when we sit free we play this game. and not feel idle.This game pass the good time. Sometime I can play hide objects but this is not interesting.In this game we find the key of dressing then the other key found which unlock the door .In hidden objects the things are show we just found them. But in this game we unlock the door. So, I know this is a nice game
The game started ok. But then these ads would show up in the center of the screen right in the middle of game play. And you can't hit the X because there's already a Google ad at the top of the screen. All this and I only got to level 2. I'll come back when you appropriate the ads or get rid of them altogether.
Every time you watch an ad for hints, you never get them. I should have at least 12 hints from watching ad videos. Also, you should get more than 3 hints... You should give 5 at minimum. Other than that the game is fine. Fix the issue for a better rating.
Very good game, with just a few annoyances. Like not being able to figure something out, click hint, only for it to highlight exactly where you've been pressing all night... Which mysteriously works AFTER you've used a hint. Sometimes a code doesn't work because you haven't picked the paper with the code up. Even though you've seen it. Adds at the bottom are annoyingly close to the back button; deliberate I feel as I've caught it lots of times. items you pick up could do with a description
Simple little escape rooms. Basic puzzles. Rooms are pretty strange and creative looking. Hate that you can't tap on the items you aquire to see what they are because the items are pretty tiny and hard to make out what the hell it is. Hard to use an item when you have no idea what it is. Also dislike that some areas are touchy and you have to tap a certain spot to get anywhere even when you thought you tapped it.
It is a super fun game that will give you smething to do while you are bored. If you are stuck somewhere you can get hints when you earn them in other rooms. I suggest that you get this game instead of any other games. 😎
I can tolerate some puzzles with unintuitive and ridiculous logic. But actual experience in music (composing) might be detrimental to solving puzzle 48. I'll restrain my annoyance by posing a question instead. What would happen if you start judging the pitch of the note based on its distance, especially on historical scores handwritten by the great composers? Because of this, I started to suspect if some of the previous 47 puzzles gave me a bad mindset on certain areas or fields of interest.
After a few rooms, the necessary objects are impossible to find, and they don't make sense. There are also some a aggressive adds that make the game play not very fun. I constantly need to exit and then reload the game because there is no "x" or way to escape the add. Please fix, otherwise I think that this game has good potential.
Really fun game and very challenging. It's really good for your brain health which helps prevent dementia and Alzheimer's later so that's always a plus. It's really funny sometimes how obvious the answer is. One time I was so frustrated I just shook my phone and that was what it took to get through one of the levels LOL
Rather annoyed at how few times the spin for free hints pays out. I can understand the need for folks to buy hints. I can understand having people watch ads for free hints. But, to spin a wheel of chance that very rarely pays out is annoying. Especially after a person has paid for & used up hints. The watch an ad for a free hint that pops up while playing, has no rhyme or reason of when it appears. I feel proud when I don't need hints to solve a room.
Recently downloaded and I've made it to room 11 with 0 hints. It's all pretty intuitive and not too complex, the hardest puzzle I've experienced is remaking the starry night. Ads after each stage are fair, with no apparent pay to win aspects. I'd recommend playing if you won't get frustrated at the first sign of stagnation, all the information is there.
Very nice work people.Some clues take a minute to figure out how to use them.Enjoy this escape room,thank you!one thing bad is rooms 14 and 15 are way too dark..plus I don't get all the equations.but still trying to figure things out. Well I played it,fun but rooms keep getting darker,so have to delete.if you ever make one where you can see in the rooms,would try again. Thanks!
The game is a lot of fun and challenging, but I don't get the daily hints like I'm supposed to. I'm entering a puzzle answer on level 50 that I'm almost certain is correct, but it won't accept it and I can't seem to get any more daily hints. Hope I don't get stuck not being able to finish!
This game sucks. You get to level nine and the clues just stop working. It's obvious what needs to be done but the program won't take the input. So you're stuck there wasting clue after clue because the program won't allow you to do what you need to do.
It's a very good time saving game. But my one problem is that when spinning the free hint wheel I get more of ads than hints. That's my only problem.
It was fun until i came to level 19 i did everything i was supposed to do i even looked at a walk through and did the exact same things as on the walk through but it still wouldn't let me pass. On level 19 the tablet puzzle i was doing it and i did it correctly i put in the exact same code as the walk through even found the code in the game but it wouldn't let me pass i know i put the correct code in but it won't let me go to level 20. Its a really fun game but if you would mind fixing that bug.
I wasn't aware it was going to be a pay game. You can only get so many hints a day? Well, I only got about 6 and not even watching an add get's you more. I enjoyed what I did get to play, but I don't like games that are over in short order, or then you buy. I can't imagine buying after I've only got out of a few rooms, HA! I was just getting familiar with the game and I'm done. Too fast, I won't piss away my money while getting used to or learning a game.
Update. Uninstalling. I'm obviously not smart enough to get the the vague associations. I must be pretty stupid. Room 6 made no sense at all. This is a hard game to play on a phone, you can't see much detail. Lots of clicking around to find limited info.
I really liked this game! Play at your own pace and the puzzles aren't impossible to figure out. You also get a lot of opportunities to earn hints if one needs those. The scenes are beautiful and not too difficult to interact with. Very relaxing, fun and challenging without being annoying and frustrating. Well done game!
This app is amazing . I wanted to play a game like this . You need a good presence of mind . Moreover all the puzzles are interesting leaving some which are illogical but I enjoy playing escape rooms !!
Hint chances and Ad. Whenever I spin for a "CHANCE TO WIN A HINT" and it lands on "AD" it doesnt play an AD and doesnt give you a HINT chance after the spin lands on the AD. But whenever it does land of chances for HINTS it does fullfill the chances added to the game. Please fix the AD part for the spin wheel to enter for the chance at another hint added to the game. Big Thank you. I love it so far and am past 22! Been playing it everyday now that i downloaded it! Awesome game though!
Love the game, it's a lot of fun and gets you thinking instead of just mind numbing play. The only issue is with the free hints, verse Ads, 99% of the time it lands on Ads and if it does land on a hint most of the time it doesn't pay off. I usually have all the clues, but sometimes a hint is needed.
I saw the ad. Looked interesting but I have no idea what you are supposed to do here. Round 1 points out objects. That is all. What do you do with them? I don't see any method to this. Are there any settings? Any rules or playing instructions? I'm not sure if there is an icon with instructions somewhere. Seems to be hidden. I saw a gear and turned out its a hint button. I really like the idea but it had me confused right away. 😬
This game is not good .because when we arrives to certain levels the game does not move .the trials with low end mobiles is not good asper my views.so i prefer that the installation of this game is useless.but the game is interesting and when the game lost its control we will stood up in temper its sure thing asper my views .good graphics .good sensitivity.but please change the problems of the game .if you do that it will sure become first in the next historical year.its a sure thing
Entertaining escape game. Plus points: rooms are quite quick to complete, so good to dip in and out of. Medium difficultly with some tricky sections. Minus points: hints are pretty worthless and some objects very difficult to spot. Good fun though.
I really like this game, it's very fun and interesting. One thing I really like about this game is every levels are different. From a cozy bedroom to an alien place. (I guess ≧﹏≦) But, my one problem is that, there's an annoying ad that you can't skip it or even can't get it out of screen, an had to delete all the recent apps. I still gave this 5 stars hoping that you could do something to make this amazing game better, thank you!
It's more like a click-a-thon than an escape room. You can only observe & interact with things that lead to solving the room, so it ends up being a bunch of random clicking on a static image. Apart from the occasional "puzzle" that defies all logic or invisible clue, the rooms are too short & easy & all follow a similar pattern. These guys straight up stole assets from other games. Such as a gun from Mass Effect and a poster from Street Fighter. They don't know how to spell either it seems.
Fun and good graphics, but a bit hard to see the 'clues' as a phone screen is a bit small... could do with a zoom function, and a description of what you are holding when you select it. Otherwise an engaging game and I'm happy to recommend.
It's nice game . Out of 50 levels some levels are very difficult wheter as some are very easy but I enjoyed this game very much . It's a mind game . Over all good πŸ‘πŸ‘ . But when I spin that wheel then there is always add ................ I have given 4 stars because of this reason otherwise I will 5 🌟 stars if this problem will not happen ........
I can't even get past the first level it keeps freezing at the same spot and I don't know how to fix it ❀️
The puzzles are way too easy. It may be better with a story line of some sort. Also I dont think an ad is needed after every room. I spend like 1 minute opening the room and then get hit with an ad I've watched already.
It was interesting I enjoy playing the game but the hint was limited you have to keep trying until you finish the episode before another room is open,,, the annoying part was in some puzzle there is no tip or clue to know what exactly you playing is until you use your hint... Well so far so good I love the game. So am rating 4 stars
The game is fun but hard to navigate in terms of the lack of conventional game settings. Idk I cant really find the options for the game, or bug report button, and usually you can click and look at the objects you pick up but you can't with this one. The wheel of fortune for hints was funny tho. The main issue is that sometimes when I touch certain objects they don't react, and now I'm stuck at level 21 cause I can't get the star thing out of the vent. Maybe I missed something tho 😩😩
This game is far more better than the others. The graphics are so good and moreover the puzzles and games are not too hard but not too easy also. You just have to use ur brain a lot! If you're looking for a game to exercise your brain this one is definitely it!! No complaints . I highly recommend this one because it's one of the best games out there. PS : i dont usually give reviews but i feel like i have to for this one because i was really really happy with itπŸ‘
Very nice,fun,challenging,exciting.....i mean its a very wonderful game i've come across but too bad it goes up to 50rooms. I wish it could be more since it's so much fun but I still love the game
Thanks to the developer... I barely used hints while escaping those 50 rooms. Not to easy & Not so hard too. You have to think about every focused place mix them all to find out the common thing among them. Most important thing is don't chase for a particular thing. While starting the different level, look closely every objects that will help u to find the sequences.
I am just speechless about this game... It's just awesome!!!!!!!!! Vry nyc game😊...... Pushes your brain to work harder plus I also love the graphics they are freaking awesome. If you're looking for an escape room then this is the best one and I personally highly recommend this game. Thank you to the developers who made such an interesting game. If there was an option to give it 100 stars I would give it😘😘😘😘.......This is the best game i have ever playedπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°........ Thank you!!!!!!😊😊😊
Cool game havn't had to pay any money and or watch any ads "if i don't want to"they give you an option to get a hint say if you get stuck on a clue or just plain don't know what to do, but i've made it thru level 5 w/out having to use any hints.overall i would very much recomend this game to anyone who likes puzzle slash clue solving mystery seek n solve games lotsa fun..
Gets you thinking! Easy to get the clues, so it's not a frustrating game. No pop up ads every 10 seconds! It would be smoother if you could double click on the clue in stead of having to hit the arrow to close the clue that pops up. Also, then pictures are small so they aren't clear enough to see what they are.
i love the game. The puzzles are fairly easy but when i view an Ad for some hints, i dont receive any hints. please fix this. It looks like other people are having the same issue as well
After playing all 50 rooms, I found this to be very engaging and satisfying. In some rooms, its hard to progress because the places you must explore don't seem explorable, so you're kind of tapping around randomly.. or you pick up an object and have no idea how to use it because you can't tell what it is. But I made it through all 50 rooms without running out of hints! Usually, I didn't need them. Just patience, thinking, and persistence. AWESOME room designs too! I already dled Part 2! ^^
It is not a game bad but the thing that I don't like is the sound because it is like a stressful and horror movie sound but the game is really nice and you can do better who invented this game and I finished all the levels in obviously two weeks by the way because it is too easy also I really love the game so much you can improve also I want to say that when I spin the wheel it always lands on ads I dont know why that's the thing that I don't like also it makes me like angry duhhhhhhhhhh
This game has too many ads and as soon as I went to select "play" it turned right into a ad. But this is basically the only way the devs make their money so I understand, other than that, this game is very fun and it would be a 5 star without the ads .
Fun brain game but, it would be tremendously helpful if you'd let the player know what the found piece is. It's very difficult sometimes to tell what it is. And at least "some" explanation of how a paticular game in a room is played is needed. Currently all that is says is "Play this game."
I love this game so so much! It's easy but as some room it's hard but most of the time I can solve it and escape the room, for me I would like to give 6 stars if I could, overall this is a very nice game πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Many mini games are boring and there's no clue about what you have to do, maybe you think that that is an interesting thing, no way, it's annoying... this is a game for those who don't have anything to do, they can stay hours without thinking anything else than your game... after working you want to relax, no chance to do that playing your game, so better uninstalling and choosing something to relax and having fun... sorry. BTW, the objects are too small, sometimes you don't know what object is.
Great game but if you get stuck it takes forever to get hints unless you spend. Most of the time when you watch a video to get a free hint, it doesn't give it to you.
The game was where nice and interesting I even complete it's levels till 22 but now it's stuck at that level .I watch walk-through on YouTube and do same as they, but nothing work they and I have the difference password ,that might be the reason, but now I am uninstall the game because I couldn't go further now.,and let me know what i am doing wrong all though the game was good thanks for making such games. 😊
Fun! Very fun :) I wish there were more rooms within a room (like a full-length escape room) but it was still a great game! Edit: Just finished the game and I'm bumping up my star rating to five! It's one of the best escape games I've ever playes, with challenging gameplay and few ads. Definitely installing the second and third editions :)
Ads are annoying and you can't X out of some of them and you have to shut the whole game off and reboot because you are frozen on that ad. Wish we could opt out of ads. I may just give up on game because of the constant interruptions. Otherwise the game is fun.
The game is simple to pick up and pretty straightforward - it's mostly easy with the odd challenging level but overall it's a decent time-passer - however the adverts are INFURIATING. Each one is an autoplay video, and even if you have your device on silent - the ad music plays and has to be manually muted. There's an ad after every single level, and as the levels generally take 1-2 mins to complete, that's a LOT of invasive ads! Fewer ads would be a great improvement to the fun of this game
Some levels are easier than others. Aimless clicking on most of the levels, there should be some indication on where to begin at least. Don't get stuck with no hints, you'll be clicking forever trying to figure things out. You may even waste a few hints on 1 level at times. I don't see me playing this game much longer. I refuse to spend money on it.
It's free, it's decent. More of a kids escape game. A few decent puzzles but overall very easy and repetitive. More of a "touch everywhere" kind of game than an actual escape room.
I gave it a 4-star because the hints are too small. You press a place many times,nothing happens unless you use a hint or clue. But all the same,the game is super duper fantastic,keep it up. Someone should help me with level 22's puzzle,urgent
Ads interfer with the game. I can't get past level 6 because an ad keeps popping up and there is no way to close the ad. I've rebooted the app multiple times but the one ad prevents me from going further.
game is nice and interesting too every level is new and challenging the other it's a brain work game but the thing is at some levels we doesn't have any idea to move even with a hint we can't do anything like that i just stucked in 22 level still i dont know what to do so that i am uninstalling this app. I am telling u the thing is u should need to update it some more like advanced so that it will be helpful to some other people who was in the situation don't know what to do. Make some fun also
I cant get past level 22 because the barrels wont change colors. They only turn pink. Please fix i really like the game.
This game is very nice but some levels are difficult. I love the game,among all the games i have in my phone ,this one is the best .πŸ’–the thing i love about this game is that ,if you finished one level,you will be motivated to play the next level.
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Wonderful graphics, epic puzzle designs, and it's completely beatable without any purchases whatsoever. (If you have troubles and can't function just get on YouTube you cheater.) All you have to do is use your brain. This game determines if you're genuinely intelligent or lacking common sense.
This is a very good game anf make you brain work but the things you must solve some of tyem are easy and some of them something between them and some of them are hard and it doesn't give you hints easy but at all it'a good game but there is a problem let me tell I'm on level 40 and I know what I have to do with the bells but it doesn't let me tap on them in them for the times I have to and I even used a hint but it told me what I knew
If you like to test your brain then this is the game each level has different things you have to do to pass that level and when you get stuck you can use a hint but after a certant amout you eather have to buy some or watch a add. But all in all it is a really fun game and it tests your memory and in some levels you have to do a little bit of math.
This is amazing and full of fun, I like this, this is the good game ever, I saw that I'm really something on this gameπŸ˜‰ my brain work so good and of course i really succed, you know on this game you must expect anything because that can be a code, I'm intelligent you knowπŸ˜πŸ‘Œ I really like this game...download it and have fun. You will enjoy it... BGE-I mean best game ever.
Absoulutly terrible. I haven't even had a CHANCE to even play the game. As soon as I pressed play to start the first level it imedietly popped up with an ad and there was NO WAY to close it. I even tried restarting my phone to try and fix the problem but nope. Every time I enter the game and try to start the first level it gives me an ad thats impossible to close. I looked at the other reviews and it seems that a few other people have had this problem too. I do not reccomend this game.
Was enjoying this until level 39 when the fuse would not go into the fuse box as shown on the videos on you tube, so I can go nowhere now. Disappointed that I got that far and now it has gone wrong
It's honestly a great game but the ads popping up out of nowhere and not being able to exit out of them, forcing me to close the game and start over is extremely annoying. It didn't do it a lot to be a bother until room 30 and it did it like 10 times.
Just started playing 30 mins ago and i like it so far. Only on room 4 and not too challenging yet. Rooms are dark and hard to see things if I'm playing around light, even with my brightness on phone up all the way.....easier to play in the dark!
Unable to access clues on android smart phone - either not a complete screenshot, muted colors, or items don't move. As it is, the room itself has the same view all the time when not zoomed in for a puzzle piece or solution. The room doesn't rotate or do anything else that would be helpful. Clues are wasted figuring this out.
Love this app as it gets my brain and memory working which has improved my memory i'd say and my ability to solve problems. Only thing is the excessive amount of advertisements even for a hint is annoying although i do understand why there is so much ads so fair play. 😊😊
good game. sometimes hard, sometimes easy. but when i got to level 48 the batteries would not load in the car! tried about 5 times resetting and trying again. even looked at walkthroughs to see if i was doing something wrong....nope!
the level 33 the makes no sense at all even watching a video on it!!! Puzzles for me are things that makes sense when you resolve it. Level 33 does not. You have to keep clicking on a random pattern.
Yeah in the beginning i thought it was too easy and i was going through the levels too quickly. But it got a little harder and there were some tricky puzzles that i enjoyed. Not overly complicated but very addictive and teaches you about the mechanisms of escape rooms. I have downloaded rooms 2.
Started off as a really good additive game then hit level 39 to discover one of the items needed isn't where it has been from other people who have played the game. But of a con, I suppose it will miraculously appear if I bought some hints (or was lucky to win one in the spin wheel)
Few things one is the spin the wheel to get free hits need some balancing getting ads way too often at least give a free hit at the end second I think level 39 is bugged cause there is supposed to be a thing of tape on the desk there isn't and one of the items is bugged too sum kind of lever looking thing but it's fun please update and fix the buggs and I have uninstalled and reinstalled it hopefully it works
Really enjoyed it. There's one level with an eraser which was very confusing as there was no clue what you had to do. You can get hints by watching adverts. Highly recommend
Entertaining, even if frustrating at times, because some of it is just pure luck or guess work, instead logical...but only sometimes. Also, a lot of well dressed and designed areas make it interesting. Only true issue is playing on a phone, and things are hard to see well sometimes....otherwise, a fun game.
First time playing a game like this it seems to be okay the ads don't bother me too much it's tolerable but I have to keep playing to see how I'm going to like it but so far so good
Game is ok. Unfortunately I couldn't complete all levels due to a glitch at level 48. I was unable to insert cell in the toy car. I reset and tried four times but it didn't. Sometimes it is too difficult to make out yellow and green colours. Background of few levels are really messy.
This is a nice game,am playing 50 rooms 1but am hooked in room 30 and am hooked in the puzzle if l can see help l will be happy but all the game is amazing and there's too many ads without hint nd its very annoying u ave to find solution to it oo
I don't normally rate things but this game so far is satisfying. It's super simple it I have no actual complaints so, I don't know that I would say quality is 5 star but simply the fact that I haven't run into a problem yet, that is 5 star worthy to me. Ads are annoying but at least you are able to finish a room before you see an ad, however, you do see an ad after EVERY room (so far..). As far as the game itself, that is personal opinion and everyone's differs. The game is basic but good.
Very bad play interruptions continually. More interruptions for ads than any game i have play before.
A lot of the puzzles don't work (Again on Lvl 37 where the buttons don't stay pushed). Been struggling with a few puzzles then checked the YouTube Walk-through and it is suppose to work. Usually resolves after restarting, but doesn't work with lvl 37. You can use a hint (or 3) by means of either a purchase or trying to get one via the Lucky Wheel thing - which mostly gives adds... If the developers want to make games like this they should at least be ethical in the way they go about it.
Started playing these escape room games at a higher level. Playing level 1 is so far too easy. It is a good level to learn and understand the concept of the game for the beginning player!
Great! I wish the viewing of the item up close would so I know for sure what it is. Would be a bit better. But in all just the type of game I like!
Defeated the game in less than a day. Got to room 25 within an hour. On a smaller phone the "clues" were kinda hard to click on, even if you could see what they were going for.
I get that you need to show ads, but this is the first game I've ever played that actually showed me an ad BEFORE the first level. Absurdly irritating.
It is a good app for playing game like a puzzle.You can improve your your thinking power by playing it.When you will go to solve any room in this game,you will think more,you will try to think how to solve it,how to get door's password,door's key,door's card.You will go to easy to hard level and you will know how to solve anything by learning previous door escape solve.I had completed this game's 1-50 levels in 2 days.Anytime you need hint's tips,you will get 1/2/3 hint's tips after many ads.
I really enjoyed it, and might replay in a while. A few of the steps were very obscure (who'd think to look at a nondescript spot in the middle of a wall?) but there are enough clues to get by, and ads only happen at the end of each room, so it does not interrupt the game play.
Rooms look very nice, all different, which makes it more exciting to go to the next one. The puzzles are a bit too easy ( no hints needed to solve any) and hiding places repeat themselves over and over again (like there's always something underneath a pillow). Commercials after EVERY room. Over all quiet nice to play.
This game is challenging and fun, and I enjoy solving all of the puzzles to escape each room. The only real drawback is the constant ads that follow each "win," and the lack of free hints. I don't make purchases to help my odds at winning ... but rely on my own skills and free "helps" along the way! It's definitely worth trying to escape!
Great game! Loved figuring out all the levels, a few are quite tricky! Need some math, puzzle, pattern, and sudoku knowledge. Finished all 50 levels, quite quickly, going to try the next one! It's best to play this without distractions.
Not badx has alot of bugs tho. I enjoyed this game till I realized I was trying things that didnt work and then wasting hints to figure it out, only to have the hint make me do exactly what I tried all ready. But this time it works. I cant count how many times I would try something and it wouldn't work so I'm stumped then I try it again and it works.
WAY TOO MANY ADS. Most puzzles are pretty logical, but there are a lot of puzzles that rely less on logic and more on trying to guess what the dev was thinking. Plus the hint system is really stingy considering they are the only way to solve some puzzles. Meh.
The game allows you to use your brain in order to escape each room. They range from rooms that are easy to escape from to challenging rooms that cause you think for a bit to complete brain twisters that'll have you confused on what to do next. You collect items in each room,some you have combine with other items to complete a puzzle. I'll be honest,I had to use hints on half a dozen or more occasions to complete a room. Some of the puzzles get really tricky. Fun to play, check it out!! 4/5
This a really great game but when you are finished with your room it will show you an ad but really great
Hi frnds !!! I'm totally finished all the levels in this game πŸ˜‚ really I didn't expect... I'll finished all the levels but this is a amazing game so much of puzzles I think this is a brain but a good game I love 😍 this game very very very much I'm now only πŸ’– installed the no.2 escape game .... I'm very happy today this is really good game ...but one I'll used some hints that wise I'll won some of the levels πŸ˜‚ this is a really superb game .....
This is a very Super Game...And I am very glad to say that I completed this..The reason why i am giving only 4stars is..there are a lot of ads..after finishing a level..there will be a ad..and when i am trying to get a hint by wathching ads,it only shows ad and doesn't give you hint..These are very bad ...
Fun game. Fairly easy puzzles. Usually I play Haiku games which are a bit more difficult. Would like more of the maze, puzzle piece, reassemble picture (where pieces actually move squares, not trapped rotating same place) instead of tapping everywhere when you can't find that one item stashed under the bottom of the couch ... one tiny spot you didn't tap..lol.. but still a great game!
There are to many ads and also start us off with more than 4 hints I'll let i go this time but dont let it happen again
Great game in all. Its amazing for passing time and is not to easy. Does not have that many ads and most of them are just pop up ads. 10/10
It is an amazing mystery escaping game. I just love the graphics, sound quality and above all, the mystery and the challenges. I appreciate the effort put by the game developers. β˜ΊπŸ˜€πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ