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Escape Disaster: Skyscraper

Escape Disaster: Skyscraper for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Double Coconut located at 632 4th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94118. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm sorry but why I wrote one star is because you can't get through level number 3 can you fix it please like 2 cups spanage make this 5 6 and if you fix it I'll give you five stars and that was all experience I had and thank you for listening
The level where you have to climb is way too hard to beat it gets way too fast I had eight people try ten times none of them were successful I do not reccomend
How to pass level 5 it is very difficult why would you not making easy how many people have tell you.
The puzzles are great. They really make you think. There are a few bugs but you can work pass them. The maze was a big one for me. The line doesn't line up and I had to go to the very edge of the screen to get it to work. I'm currently on Level 40/41. I'm having an issue figuring out the code but will keep working on it.
Help! Love this game but I can't climb up the elevator everytime I get to the top it makes me fall down what's the big deal and how do you do it
Im so pissed I read the reviews and I just ignored it then I test out the it is dumb it doesn't deserve 1/5 it deserves 0/5 but the play store said you can only do 1 but just know that I think it's a 0 level 3 you let me down.
The game is good but very hard. I am stuck on level 5 and I don't know what to do. Please someone tell me what to do.
This is a wasted game because we are on level 3 it doesn't work because I like the recipe how do you do like one jar of almond milk and then and then like two jar of whatever that food is and Lake a full banana well that's easy I forgot what the five cup have to go on but how do you going to do the recipe I only know how to do like level 1 and level 2 like I want three supposed to be two 5 I guess it would be two or four now this is a wasted game
Why the hell do you make this game very difficult to screw with someone! How do you even beat level 5 of "I need to find the fastest way to work!" Its a bunch of poop; the reviews were right, remove the train times, and the blending level, your game sucks, so don't even say our team will fix bugs and glitches, and even say level 5 it's easy to beat and just follow the time on the map phone and map, delete your stupid game because it's just tough school work thats stupid!
Eh, the game is dumb. I bassically can't even beat the game. You just threw your life away making this. Your game and you are slower than a 1IQ 7 year old.
I on level 11 and the hint is i have to open one door at a time and when I tried to open it it won't open 😑😑😑😑😑
Awful game do not recommend you can never get passed level 3 the hints are awful do not download 😑
I was on level 3 making breakfast and I tried every possible combination and it was wrong what rip off
Not to vad except when it cones to level 19 you beed to fix a bug ill block the debree then it says retry
No real clues on how to play this game I got fed up when I reached the elevator. If you're gonna make a game, try to drop actually clues to help out the player instead of vague hints that make the player delete and write bad reviews such as mine. In other words you suck!!!!
The game is horrible when you buy a purchase in the game it will scam you and take what you used your money on
Terrible game. Mainly because of the hints. They aren't even hints, they're just telling you common sense. Also, I can't even get past the beginning. The only parts I was able to get past were shutting off the alarm clock and getting dressed. That's It. I watched a video for a hint on how to make the smoothie and It basically said, "Use the recipe" nothing else. I'm deleting this game. If you're reading this review and you haven't downloaded the game yet, DON'T DOWNLOAD IT
I like the game. the level with the blender was fun. just pass the ingredients between the bowls until you get the amounts you need. figured out the elevator. simple A=1 code.
This game is horribble! I tried ti figure out level 1, but it says It messed up when I had the right amount! Unacceptable!
How to you make a "cup of spinach" does that even exist i cant even put the banana in the bowl and i cant EVEN blend it are you serious fix your game hot beep
Look at all the comments on this game it is the worst everyone says this is the worst game ever. No one can get level 3. This is the worst game ever.
This game is ok, mostly cuz its so hard. I couldn't beat all the levels, but manage to do it? Anyway its good, but bad at the same time. Plz let me know if I made the right review.
Overall its a bad game, by the elevator puzzle it is unclear how the words correspond to the numbers, I've tried many different combinations to no luck
Good game but i can't get pass level 27. I finished the musical note puzzle but nothing else shows after that
I'm unable to say that I hated this game be wiser in order to do that I must fit be able to play this game and unfortunately I was not. Thank U! God Bless!
The evavator where you have to pry the door open cant get it to open after an hour taping on one side beside that its fun and boring this hard as fucl.
This is a great game. However, I am stuck on level 9, because I dont understand what the hint means. Please help!
If I could give a 0 star I would. Don't even bother installing the app. You can't even beat the 3rd level. I tried it's impossible! Worst game ever
I can't even push the 3rd level it is so hard I tried everything no Cup and the hints have nothing useful
This is terrible I can't even get past level 3 it's like u need 2 cups o spinach when there a only a 3 and a 5 it makes no sense I don't recommend this game
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ tbh! This is a very extremely intresting game on goolge play... But the hard part about is that i'm stuck on level 9 which is that i need to put in a elevator code... "Does anyone know the code" please!!!
Cannot get past the level to "trace my way out" the clue was unnecessary. Just telling me to trace to the roof, offered no guidance at all. Deleted.
Everytime I used a hint, it barely explained/tell me what to do. Also, the controls are horrible. I would never install this game ever again.
This game is ridiculous, how do you expect me to make one cup of milk from a 3 and a 5, i can dig it for the greens, 5 minus 3 is 2. but this is the second thing in the game right past the alarm clock that doesnt even blink, and you make it this difficult?? Let us like the effin game first, before you screw us
I never get to level 20, level 19 its hard you have to avoid falling bricks its the wosrt game EVER!!!!!!!!!! i always play in level 19 i keep on trying and trying and trying its stupid i hate THIS GAME!!!!!!!
The worst app ever i cannot pass level 3 it says we need ingredients but when i put the lettuce you said our ingredients has messed you have to pay and fix the bugs