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Erica App PS4™

Erica App PS4™ for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by PlayStation Mobile Inc. located at PlayStation Mobile Inc. 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway San Mateo, CA 94404 United States. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
App itself works, no issues there, but beware of your power saving settings... Both dualshock and PS4 will try to turn off due to "inactivity" while playing the game. That's stupid... And immersion breaking :/
It's ok, but I prefer the controller so I don't use the battery on my phone needlessly. I thought it would show more on the phone, be more interactive or collaborative somehow, but it just literally turned my phone into the touchpad from my PS4 controller. Worked smooth though, and had no issue connecting to my system using the wifi. Just not my cup of tea 🤷‍♀️
The app worked wonderfully for me I didn't have any of the glitches that were described by the critical reviews but maybe I just got lucky the only issue I had was the fact that it's not as sensitive as it would have liked it to be but other than that it was great
The Erica App for PS4 is great. It maybe a little hard to control somtimes, but overall its amazing. Plus who dosent love a hotspot just for your game.
The game is trash. If it was just decision making to advance the plot that would be fine. But on numerous occasions it ask you to flick to open a box or flick to light a lighter etc... there is no choice in that, just a gimmick to lengthen game time it seems, annoying as the plot is quite thin and they try to drag it out. If this game was a normal movie/TV show there is about 45 min worth of plot. But it so padded out with gimmicky motion controls to make it a 2 hour or so game.
Really enjoyed the game and app works perfectly for me. My only complaint is the game could have been longer but with all the different endings it's worth playing through multiple times.
Surprisingly intuitive control method, feels very natural after just a couple minutes. Wish the app somehow incorporated the phones tactile feedback at some level. As for the game itself I bought it and FF7 Remake at the same time and so far I've enjoyed Erica more. (Edit: Using a note 10+ and have to lift my finger to complete actions, possibly due to the resolution of the screen being read wrong)
Amazing app works wonderfully and really improves the experience. Connects instantly with no problem and is a must have for players trying to play the game.
App works great, but doesn't really add anything to the game. You can perform the same actions using the controller's touch pad.
The controls are a bit confusing but you get used to them after you play for awhile great story and amazing acting really kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next in my opinion 1000/10 such an amazing game!
This was pretty cool, although there were times where it made me choose a choice I didn't want, still good though. Good story too!
Not being in 100% control of my answers or miss-clicking was really annoying, especially since I can't go back and fix it to the answer I had originally wanted. Other than that, I liked the game mechanics. Also, the gameplay was not totally clear on explaining why or how anything was happening.
Cute... kind of like Heavy Rain style controls. All these people saying it was hard to find... I literally opened the App Store and typed Erica, it was the first thing that popped up. It really doesn't get much easier than that.
Doesn't work for me using WiFi, even using my phone WiFi and connecting my PS4 to the same WiFi doesn't work. The only way it works for me is using my PS4 system as a hotspot. It does work pretty well and as much as I love the style of game that it is, I wish it was a little more responsive or being able to turn my phone to landscape rather than portrait would help immensely. I tried as it gives you a bigger window of movement in line with your TV screen however, the controls did not work.
Love the app, interesting take on how to play your game. It's so fun playing Erica using your phone as a controller. You can do things on here that you can't do on a controller, and I love it. Keep up the good work XD
Loved the game and the companion app works great. I wish there were more games like Erica. My phone connected with the ps4 almost instantly. The phone control felt way more immersive than the standard controller.
Not worth downloading. It's just a bigger touchpad which the PS4 has. Could have been better if it had choices show up so you can tap to pick them.
Game won't even load. After I press the play button just goes on a black stary screen and stays like that
This game was really good and the phone was pretty cool. Sometimes it was confusing what to do but I really enjoyed playing erica with my phone
Paired almost instantaneously with my PS4 Pro. I found it easier to use than the DualShock too, I ended up switching to the app a few minutes into the game.
Works well. Absolutely no setup required. Just connect it to the same wifi as ps4 and its ready in a sec. The game is unique and meant to be played with this app. Great experience so far.
The app works great, I thought you'd have to connect it with your PS Account or even have make an account for Erica to link up, but it's surprisingly fuss free! The game itself is amazing. Really weird and very very different from your average game. I think it's something you would love or hate, personally I LOVE it!! I hope FlavourWorks make more game that are so gripping!
It worked for maybe an hour but then I got a text. The app kept sticking after I paused to check the text, it kept getting disconnected or just wouldn't respond. I restarted the whole thing but it didn't stop. The controller isn't as cool but the app is glitchy af
Great camera work and video quality. Phone as controller works pretty well. Goes south from there.. Clunky story line. Minimal action. Boring for the most part.
Best experienced with smartphone my a**. On Note 10+ it runs in wrong resolution so I can barely pause it (there's no button shown, but I can click on the corner), gestures are terrible, I have to repeat them two or three times for them to go all the way, it disconnects immediately when I go out of the app or lock the screen and even the error messages don't show properly, upper line (or lines, how am I to know...) are cut off. Playing with Dualshock is much better. You should be ashamed!
I thought it would make the touchpad easier than controller because it's a larger surface but it's somehow worse. The controller is bad too, gave up on the game entirely.
I liked using it on my phone and I definitely had better control then when I used the controller pad. The game itself is very interesting and not to long, about a 2h gameplay for one ending. 10/10 I would recommend
Sadly this didn't work for me. Despite both devices bring in the same 5ghz network, the app couldn't find the ps4. Additionally, because both were in a 5ghz network, the ps4 could not successfully be turned into a hot spot. Game is absolutely beautiful though, these are the graphics other games advertise and fail to produce (which i wouldn't mind so much if they would stop advertising what they aren't selling)
I played half of this on my friends PS4 today and yesterday! Really cool app..I'm downloading it now on my tablet!! This is one of the best games ever and hopefully there will be a Erica 2 cause it left me on a cliff hanger
What a fantastic unique idea. I hope the studio get a bigger budget to further develop this idea in the future
causes your phone to freeze have to literally manually shut the phone down or rip the battery out not good for chromebook or other smart ios systems
App works extremely well. My PS4 is hard wired from the modem. My phone is connected by my WIFI only. You don't need to turn on bluetooth, location or your phone's data on your phone for this app to link with the PS4. I have the Samsung Galaxy A50 and both game and app worked 1:1. Erica game was free to PS Plus user for July 2020 and so glad this app exists. Make the game much more enjoyable.
i mean its a cool game.. i played a similar kind of one which was called hidden agenda.. but this game erica.. was, just everywhere! i mean its good but not great and i didnt understand most of what happened....😅
It works as a controller for the game, but it seems like this is just a gimick. A normal PS4 controller works just fine too.
One of the only Samsung9 reviews so far, no plus, the companion app is running smoothly. I actually prefer the big screen over the small touchpad.
The app suggests that I can become fully immersed in the game by using this app but, unfortunately, all it does is act as a replacement touchpad for that wonky and absolutelyuseless controller one. While it does this much better than using the controller's there is nothing in this app that couldn't have been done with the sticks of the controller. Connects to the PS4 automatically so there's no need to sign in to the PSN so that's good too. It's not fair to rate the game here but it's good.
It's a very nice and pleasant experience. Also it's a unique type of gameplay. The only complain is the weird sensitivity.
I use this app, everytime I play, but I wish you could talk through your phone in the app, because I like to stream, and when I stream, I like to speak and tell how I feel about the game, but it's unbearable to use my controller, and when I don't, the controller disconnects randomly, so maybe add an easier way to stream and I'll give 5 stars.
Works as advertised. Adds a more tactile atmosphere, by which i mean, it feels much more intuitive compared to the default Dual Shock controller. Personally i think these guys need a pat on the back, especially since it's a free companion app.
The touch pad usage on your phone to the ps4 really doesn't do well. It is shotty and doesn't track well. During QTE it really is a let down.
Pixel 4xl, worked great. Nice control method but I would have preferred the rock pad on the dual shock. Plus because my dual shock was not used, after a while it would turn off. After a while the PS4 would notify that it was going to sleep. Only was to stop that was to turn the controller back on. I guess I could have gone into system settings The game / movie was ok. Took about 2h to run through to the end. No idea what the other endings are like as I don't have enough interest to find out.
App worked instantly. Definitely increased my immersion. Exceeded my expectations on functionality. Intuitive interface. Will never overlook games like Erica again. Bravo
This is more the game than the app... basically every time I get immersed, suddenly it tells me that more of the game is loading and I have to wait...
Didn't finish the story even once. Multiple times I was asked to standby while story "downloads??" , Interactions were unnecessary and irrelevant. Boooring!
Technically works very well, but using the phone is completely pointless. The phone is only used as a touchpad and there's no reason not to use the controller, I was hoping it would do something like calling your actual phone or have you read text from the phone or something like that. But no, just a touchpad.
Cool app but it doesn't fill up my phone screen fully. It works well with the game though it just be nice to have this look like a full screen on my S10 phone for the app
Not really necessary, I actually preferred using controller. I had phone disconnect in the middle for some reason even.
It was so easy to connect with my playstation, and really enhanced my expiriance. The animations are so cool, really good game too!
Cool app, used it for the first time and it worked great. Id love to see more apps that can interact with ps4 games
I love this game on ps4 but I don't like the controls for the DualShock I think it should have been something like you move but analog stick in you click one the buttons to select this configuration with smartphone is somewhat better granted it is hard because I have to concentrate on two screens but it's a lot better than the DualShock mostly because I have tremors which makes it harder to keep my hands Stihl
Mandatory for all the right reasons, we all know dualshock is great, but it is known to have issues. This app runs like butter and the seamless connection is honestly brilliant.
For murder mystery acting.... these new comers are brilliant. I like interactive stories. Reminds us me of escape rooms. Brother in law showed it to me. And now we are goi g through all the scenerios.... Totally awesome story plot. If you like hidden object game stories or murder mystery or escape rooms then yeah totally worth it. Not meant for kids. Great make up. And graphics Funny thing. My brother got the cop to try to kiss him. N I being a girl. Go figure
I wouldn't play the game without the app. It seems pretty darn cool. Artwork is really cool. I've only played it for about 6 hours and hope it's a very long game. It really does hold your interest. Clear winner in my book on the PS4. Don't know about other game systems. This program functions really well with the game.