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Erase Story: Draw and Brain Puzzle

Erase Story: Draw and Brain Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by FUNNII located at 20 COLLYER QUAY, SINGAPORE (049319). The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm giving this one star because this is very inappropriate and I'm like 10 and there is way too many ads And also every single time I'm looking for the hint I use the hint and it's what I was trying to do this game is too dumb and inappropriate So are the ads very inappropriate I'm sorry but this game sucks
Its a really good amd fun game, but its nothing like the ads and on level 70 it asks you to download their other game, and if you click the X in the top right it sends you back to level 1. So in my opinion, I don't think you should waste your time on this game.
Really!! This game has so much ads!! All This game really ever did was show me better games than it!! So much ads, after every level there's an add. If I turn my internet off, it doesn't let me play the game!! I'd really rate this game a zero If I could, but I can't so a 1 star for this stuid game!!
This game is a waste of time. It's to easy and I got to level 29In almost 15 min. I would not recommend this app. Also it's nothing like the add. It's literally stick figures. It's so lame. So I hope you don't download this game because It's not right . (I think it is so easy that it shouldn't even be a game. Thanks for considering this.)
Way too many ads! I am only on the beginning levels and they are pretty cheesy. Hopefully they will get better as a progress if I don't decide to uninstall
Kind of lame. Like when I try to erase something obvious and the game won't allow it until I pay the 20coins to get the clue, which turns out to be the thing I just failed to erase. Like I said... LAME!!
There is an ad after every single level at played. It is quite annoying. And the graphics are really bad.
It is very fun I think I just wish those lists as but you can always just turn off your internet you know but as I was saying there's a bunch of ads and yeah wish you could fix that but also this is a very fun game it says like in the video ask me a little sooner rape but I only gave it four stars because it adds you know I don't like ads at all but otherwise it's a very very good game that's all I got to say
I like the game but there are WAY to many adds😑. This game may be good for someone very very patient but not me!!!!
Well it's an amazing fun game but there is too many stupid ads and I'm not gonna pay in real money to get the ads away so dont try it on me
The game has to many ads like come on and I would erase something and it would be wrong but when I take the hint it is what it said was wrong!!
Get ready for ADS ADS ADS!!! And False Advertising. Nobody gets naked. If this is the future of gaming, we're screwed. Like literally a 3yr could play this and be bored senseless MOVE ON People....πŸ’― not worth the 5 min of ads Uninstalling
I would love this game a ...... 0 starts but I can't so many ads and it said do you want to stop the ad. they only want the money and to stop the ads you had to pay. like I can pay but money just for a ad
Ok first off, the ad was a scam. Second, there are way to many ads. After every scene there is a ad. Ok here is a helpful tip, turn your phone on to airplane mode. This will make it so the ads can not play. I hope this was helpful.
It is a great game but sometimes it doesn't pick up what ur circling or erasing and u click the hint but it is exactly what u were doing! There are quite a few ads but I just disconnect from the WiFi and they don't show anymore. Other than that the game is great.
Ad after ad, and its the same ad every time! Its getting annoying. I reccomend a different app with less ads, also, children who see the add are most likely traumatized by it.
The game is fun but there in in ads and when I mean ads I mean a lot of ads but you can skip them so it's a great game :D
Total waste of time it's not a game it's a never ending series of ads pretending to be a game very very poor
Commercials every 5 seconds, but u can "PAY" 2 take them off. Deceptive marketing... game is nothing like advertised. Had 2 give it 1 star, but it's really a -1 star... don't waste your time!
Too many ads. You cant go to the next level without watchung an add. Im ok with ads but not to get to each level.
The ad for the game is misleading. The game itself could be fun if there weren't so many ads. Ruins the game.
It won't show me what I have to erase it's just blank I don't know how to explain it but this games a bust sigh..
I gave this a one star bc theres tomuch ads so fix that and I will change my review but I'm deleting the game so yeah soooooo fix thattttt
It's very good game I like it I play it in my free time there are ads but if we play it offline the ads will not appear
I don't know what people are talking about! Ads are how people make money and this games ads are NOT excessive! Thank you for fixing the bugs tho!
Too many ads! I have never seen this much ads🀨 story is also boring. Developers u should improve it . Too boring 😑😑
There was way to many adds u cant evan complete 2 levels in a row there is an add in between ever single level do not down load this game its realy bad its also super laggy I have a new phone and my phone frozed at one point I don't recommend this app
This game is not the best. They scam you into watching ads even tho you know the answer to the problem. Sometimes the ads would not work even tho you have great internet connection. Yall need to fix that. Also just drawing a circle on each problem makes the game boring like I can do that ANY DAY ON ANY GAME. The game is just like the other game they made just with a different name. The games kinda just boring. But the dev's and creators did great just fix the problems people are asking. Bye!
Okay game, interesting concept, far too many forced ads, one ad after every level and if you don't take rewards for watching ads option you are forced to watch the ad anyway and get nothing.
A good game. Quite a few ads that ruin your experience. And, instead of proggressing into the game, after sixty or seveny levels you restart.Also i completed the game in one morning . I wouldnt recommmend this game . Please take away some adds and add more levels.
Do not download this game every time I play one level it always gives me a add after playing each round DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Pretty enjoyable. However, there are just way too many ads and when I try erase the source of the problem of the level, I have to cover said problem. Not circle it. Fix these problems and then I'll change it to 2 stars to 4 stars.
So the game's real fun to play I mean it's kind of easy you know the only problem I have with not giving it five stars is the fact that you must watch a video to get coins if you don't then you lose them and that's just not you know not fair you know you beat the level you should already get the coins you won
This game is horrible, You can't even get past ANY level higher than 3, (Without watching adds, It's Annoying) fix this please! 😠
I give this game a 1 star because of the ads!!! When i finsh it has ad's and unappropriate ones pls fix it and fix bugs people want to be fixs or i will report this game😑😑😑🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬 !!!!!!
I didn't want to give this a rate...but i had to. This has happened to me a lot.And i am kinda geting mad. It wont let me into the app. If this is not a problem you can not fix please give info to someone who can if you know anyone who can. Please respond so we can work this out. Thank you!!!!
There's way too many ads,after every single level there's an ad and it's not at all what it was like in the ad
I do not really like this game because There are too many ads... and it is really bad πŸ‘Ž its boring thats why you should not download this app.
The app is fun to mess around with and all, but there is WAY too many ads and I am an extremely patient person so I guess a 2 star is the best I can give. :/
it's a good game but to many ads and I finished it in under 2 hrs once u get to lvl 70 u have to download a different game to keep playing.
I was in the first four levels and nothing happened it was blank glitchy and I had to watch 30 Second adds this game is really bad I would not recommend it
This is a good game, yes, but there is tons of ads so I give this a four or a three. I do not recommend this app to people who do not like ads. Pretty much every second round you finish/fail, there is an ad right after.
I DFINETELY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE. it makes you spend game money but to get that you have to watch like a million! Adverts. I am uninstalling this straight away and nothing can change my mind.
Not like the ads will give it a try and rerate later if it gets better. Too many ads between each step as well
Everytime you complete a level there's an ad you have to watch and it really sucks because you wanted to just play
This game isn't worth the time to download it doesn't play fair all it wants you to do is buy a hint even if you guess correctly you still can't move forward unless you purchase the hint that they want you to watch another advertisement not worth the download don't waste your time
There have been at least three puzzles so far where I had the correct answer and it wouldnt accept my answer until i spent coins for a hint... THEN it gave me tje exact same answer it just said was "no good". Deleting app after posting this review.
I give this game a 5 star because its so fun and easy, even though there IS ads i dont care because it lets me skip them in 5 seconds, thats a very good deal!
I love the game. Why 3 stars? Too many ads. Ads start every level its so annoyingπŸ™„ every time its hard then gets extreme even tho I downloaded it today please make it less ads.
Fun game but the reason why I give it a 3 is because WAY to many ads and also when I was playing a game a ad came on and the ad for this IS DISGUSTING ITS GROSSS PLSSSS DO AN DIFFERENT AD FOR IT UGH but fun game :)
THERE IS WAY TO MANY ADS!! it's like your watching more ads than actually playing the game!!!DON'T PLAY THIS GAME IT HAS WAY TOO MANY ADS!!πŸ‘Ž
1 star because of the ad. Everytime you finish a level the ad pops up and its the SAME ad EVERY FREAKING TIME. For the last 3 day of me playing this game everytime an ad popped up it was the same one EVRY TIME. I was so often that i had it timed so well that when it popped up i could sit my phone down and wait then when i picked it up the ad was over.
Broo this game is dumb legit you can erase something and it does not work then you can ask for hint and its the thing thats not working i do not suggest this game
After I do a level there is an ad!!! ITS SO ANNOYING. And the ads are also very inappropriate. This has to stop ITS SO ANNOYING.
I just wanted to rate this game, not type/comment, I dont know what I'm writing for but I like this game! You might like it too, so why not try playing?
It is a very fun game it is just the ads it is annoying sometime and if u don't agree it is ok I understand but plsss take away the ads and let us kids enjoy the game without ads bye that's all love u allπŸ’•
Worst ratio for play time:add time I have ever seen. You will spend 2-5 times more time watching ads than you will playing games. Not at all like the add I watch about the game. Not even close. I am so sick and tired of fake ads that dont actually represent the game.
I can't get pass level 70 because it wants me to download a different game (I did and I still can't get lass that level) Don't download, it's a waist of time as well. There's an ad after every level
Theres so many ads they come like every 5 seconds and if I'm erasing some think itll be wrong I take a hint and it's the exact same thing and when I try to erase that? It dossent work
This game is awful. I keep doing it correctly but it doesn't work but when I use a hint, it works and when I do an erase on the right thing, it wants a specific shape. I have used almost 50 hints. Deleted and never to be seen again.
Its a really fun game and all but some levels seems ridiculous and inappropriate. Like on level 16 thier face seems inappropriate. Sometimes when I erase some things and get a hint I do the same thing but once I use a hint it works.
It's not letting me pass level 70, there is another game and when I x it out it puts me back to level 1. Four stars, it's a good game, but too many ads, and LET ME GET PASS LEVEL 70!!!
This is terrible! When I get a hint, and I "erase" that item/thing, it is incorrect and when I do the whole thing it literally is correct, and the ads man, I wanted to rate this 1 half a star, because the erasing is bad and the ads are infinite!
This is RETARDED !!!! advertised on thing and the game is different. Would not Waste your time. IT REALLY SUCKS!!! The only reason I gave it one star is because I couldn't give it less. As soon as I'm done with this it will be uninstalled.
The game itself is pretty good. The best part is the adds arent a problem at all. Its pretty standard actually. Watch a video to get extra money or gifts. And so far the levels are all diffrent. This is a nice game to just sit and chill with
The reason why I give it a 1 star is becuase.. THERES SO MANY ADS!!!!! It's a good game for maybe a 7 year old if there that patient but I'm not.πŸ™„ Fix this!! 😑 I've never seen so many ads in one game. It's like I'm watching more ads then really playing the game. This is a horrible game! Like I know you have to have ads to keep it free but really this is way to much like bro your not even playing the game anymore your just watching ads the hole time! Please do not download this app.!
Apart from the misleading apps, this is a very simple pseudo puzzle game whith the sole challenge to work out why the erase function did not work correctly. Stickman gfx, offline playable.
BORING AND FRUSTRATING! Over 10% of the time, the story will not advance even if you erase the correct item. You have to either watch an ad or spend tokens to advance, and then the app erases what you had already erased. additionally, items along the edge of the screen cannot be completely erased.
Ive only been playing it for 5 minutes and ive ordy got 100 ads its so erratating DONT GET THIS GAME!!!!!!THANK YOU FOR NOT PLAYING!!!!!!:)
This game is horrible😑. Let me explain, when you try to circle something it doesn't let you therefore you think it's wrong. So you proceed to waste coins and you had the right answer the whole time. The game just wanted the circle to be mathematically perfect. And not many of us have a drawing compass on hand. (No offense what so ever to the creators)
I love this game but ... today when I was playing I finshed 59 level I lost all my hard work and I was begging to come back in my head I kept go on backing the game and I was sad it took me 4 days
This game is good but the reason of giving of 3 stars only is that it had so much ad and I am on the level 70 and the next level is not opening . devolper of game please improve it ......
Drawing circles from edge of screen is impossible!!! Watched a video to get passed level 13, same problem on level 14. What's the point in playing a game if you just end up watching ads and not playing πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
Don't download, there is an ad at nearly every level, 5 seconds of game play and you have to watch at least 5 seconds of an ad. Don't waste your time, not to mention deceptive ad as to the look of the game.
This is an AWESOME game! I only rated it 4 stars because there is SOOOOO many Ads! The lot of ads isn't necessary! For those who don't mind the ads, I do recommend this game. But for those who can't stand ads, this game is just not for you! Besides the ad thing, it's excellent!! I love it all! Great game!!
It's doing okay game might have a problem UC and it original game where there are no updates you can choose an episode why you why you deleted
You can only play twice before you run out and have to watch a million ads to be able to play more.Other than that it's fine i guess.
I don't like the ads, please lower the amount of ads in this game. It would help the game alot more. Thank you, Laila!
I keep playing the same 70 levels over and over again, there's an add after every single level, and it gets boring so fast, you also have to keep erasing on part until the game decides you erased it a specific way
I hate this game here are a few reasons why... 1: why so many adds 2: I have money for the hints and every time I try to erase it spends my money on the hints 3: when I erase something right it doesnt erase 4: ide rather read a very boring book than play this game. And 5: It doesnt show anything inappropriate yes yes I know you think I'm a godamn pervert but the adds show this and the game doesn't like cmon..
I love it except for one thing I thought that you would be able to erase enything you wanted...I am so sadπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
Another click bait game. Super simple 'puzzles' TONS of ads! No real story line, just random puzzles.
Every single level theres a damn ad. And you get like 5-20 coins per level. So that means like for the whole game its like 1000 seconds of ads. If i could give 0 stars i would.
I went to the first level, with the bees around the roses....I put a circle over the bees 2748828 times and so I use a lightbulb to get a clue, AND THE CLUE WAS TO PUT A CIRCLE AROUND THE BEES. SO I PUT A CIRCLE AROUND THE BEES SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS AND IT STILL DOESNT WORK.
No just no, you get an ad every 5 seconds and even when you erase what you have to it still tells you you're wrong making you spend coins for nothing.
I beat the game in one day but it was really easy I didn't need any hints it was really boring, let me guess you guys are thinking how long did it take for you to beat it well it took me 36 minutes but it was really boring as far as the game go's it's good other than it be really short and also I tried to get the game started back up because my niece was screwing with my phone and it made me restart so not so happy with that but good game.
This game is so bad would not recomend. I tryed to do a level and you circle 1 thing and nothing happens so you assume it is wrong and then you waste 20 coins trying to find out what it is only to find that you had the write answer but your cirlce was not gramaticaly correct. Even with the coins it still takes a good 12 mins to actualy get it right. I mean please change this not every on has and digital compass in there pocket. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
First of all way to many adds. It also doesn't let you erase anything sometimes. It's doesn't let you do a single level without an add at the end witch also gets on my nerves just like the game does
Having an ad after level is beyond annoying. I can understand you need revenue, but does it really have to be every couple of minutes
I like the game and it is great but almost every time a level is completed there is an ad and I don't like how that the only thing in the presents are 20 coins please put some outfits or something and it says once you miss it it may be gone forever and yeah I don't think 20 coins will be gone forever please add outfits and hats
This game is terrible. It will not let me make any circles where iam supposed to. And there are to many ads. Do not waste your time with this game.
I gave this 1 star because it wasn't what it said so many adds and you can only go to level 70 I do not recommend if you do play put your phone tablet etc. On air plane mode
Too dang many ads. Play a scene get an ad. Or pay 1.99 to remove them. Quite frankly, game not worth it. Screw your ads, deleting the game.
Cool I guess but it could be better but maybe you could stop making so many ads that interrupt everything
It has a lot of ads but it is not 1 second and then 1 second later there's a ads its its funny and it's fun.
Not the game featured in the ads at all. The ad featured girls from the app game Campus, and being able to erase their clothes. A blatant lie in the ads for the game. Making people sit through an ad on every state is annoying, and the game is not worth paying $1.99 USD to remove them
AD based game 1 to 3 seconds to play each scene then a 5 to 10 seconds AD after each scene. 70 scenes and at least 70 AD's. BS GAME! To collect extra money you have to watch an AD!!! VERY EASY and BORING game. Took 40 minutes to play the whole game. Save your time and download and play something better. There is a lot out there. Worst game ever!
So um why doesnt it have the graphics that were presented on the ads,in the ad it looks almost like a real person not stickmen and dont even get me started on how many ads there are.So i am very disappointed
The reason I gave it 4 stars is because there are so many ads. I really do love the game but less ads would be better.
I would give your game 5 stars if it were not for 30 second long adds after every level also your game is very lagging and glichy and i understand that u need to earn money with ads but wht about doing buy all dresses for $ or buy all furniture for $ you can even do limited time offers or buying skins or different hair styles
Lovely gameplay but not so exciting. I would LOVE for there not be an ad after I succeed erasing the correct section!! It would also be nice if they were on adventures kind of like it is in multiple stories similar to 'Henry stickman' which I would reccomend to play. Also I do find it extraordinary that you can change the outfits on both the girl and boy also what I believe is their apartment
Way to many ads. I would lessen the ads and make the videos ads to get more hints and for the free stuff u earn. But it's a fun game to play around with.
Good, but sometimes you have to circle things more than once for it to work, and there are quite a few ads, but overall really fun