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Erase Her: Puzzle Story

Erase Her: Puzzle Story for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Gamejam located at 2810 N CHURCH ST STE 40474 WILMINGTON, DE 19802-4447. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I cant erase the things I need too and it keeps freezing on me.. Love this game but it needs to be updated or something.
I am giving only 3 stars because there are 2 problems in this game. 1.it is so boring game. 2. crushing and kicking me out.
Keeps closing out of no where and I have to restart the story.. Uninstalled atleast the others work properly and trust me there's alot of these kinda games...
Like what all the other people say, it always just kicks me out and it's such a bummer. Please fix this and I'll change the review i promise.
It was fun until it started repeating the levels because I didn't have all the hidden items. That gets annoying after 2 trys.
The game kept kicking me out of the app, there is an add after every level which gets annoying. Other than that the game is fun
I played 3. Levels and i cant get past it because the game crashes and it said it stopped working i hardly have a game crash so honestly its probably made badly 😕
I love this game so much because it makes me come my boyfriend every time he does something we broke up a couple months ago
When i click on unlock new outfit it does nothing till i hit skip outfit. One of the levels ia glitched out called the affair. When the wife chases the maid into the kitched the light doesnt fall down.
I love this app its amazing ok oh and i have a little messege THE GAME CRASHED FOR YOU BECAUSE OF THE ELEKTRONIX THAT YOUR ON DUMMY
Would've enjoyed the app if it weren't so outlandish and offensive. In the first story, the woman that seduces the main character is a trans sexual predator??? And murderer!?
Nice game at first, but then alot of ads and when I say alot I mean alot. But besides the ads it's a good game but maybe not so much nudity.
Every thing is good except the new update, when I try to update it, it wont let me its just like it wants me to keep deleting every thing ive got
This game is very very too much nice I love this game as is there but it is good game this game is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very wonderful game I play in morning, afternoon, evening and in night in every time I love this game very much, nice, wonderful
The app keep stopping and I can't play with out stopping and its a good game but I would give it 0 stars if I can if it would stop stalling and stopping on me I would keep playing it but it keeps stopping and turning off and all this other stuff and there's no ads but it just keeps stopping and that's why I can't get the app
This game is a time killer and I play this game in my free time but why im am giving 4 stars becuz their is a bug or glitch to say in The Affair level where at tge end we cannot erase the chandelier. Plz fix it and i will give 5 stars!!.
Although I have not played this game I can tell it's a good game so srry if it kicks u out it might be ur device? no it doesn't crash and it is very surprising and I often play the game
This is a pretty well made game great time killer and I do think at certain times it's a bit dumb though but it's pretty good.
I cant erase the right thing and wont let me get passed the level, there is way to many ads in this game, its really sexual too.
Sadly have to rate at least one star, it isn't even that good. Crashes at least once every level making it completely unplayable.
I love this game!! Its so fun but.. The game has a lot of ads in it and it dropped me out of the game a couple of times so I just ask for you to fix it TY!
So the game is amazing but the affair glitches and doesn't let you protect yourself by erasing the light bulbs rope and the outfits are to expensive and the ads dont work and please make it less sexual for the children
This game is soooooo dirty 1. WHY DOSE IT ALL HAVE BATH AND LOVE PARTS 2. To many frickin ads 3. Update the game with no more dirty parts
Easy and fun game. There is a bug in the "affair" puzzle. Even following the clue it wont respond. I hope they fix it. I am curious how it ends.
I. Hate. This. Game! It's says people with glasses aren't pretty, the quality is just sad. To add its every boring story ever. Plus it makes terrible assumptions about women, AND THIS WHOLE STUPID GAME IS ABOUT HOW ONLY PRETTY WOMEN GET THE ATTENTION
I gave it a four star because it doesn't have a lot of story's for free and it's really hard for me to find the hidden items. Over all it's a good game.
I played this for about 2 minutes and the app shut down FOUR times. It says that this game was updated today, but I'm having the same problems that other reviewers were having before the update. I could have tried to update this and come out with the same result, and I have no knowledge of this technology. Don't even bother to reply, I'm uninstalling this app, goodbye.
I like the idea of this game but needs work. Too many ads. Solve one thing, get an ad, solve another, more ads. It also keeps crashing. Sorry, but uninstalling.
It's a fun idea but freezes and crashes alot and there's like an ad every second fix this and I'll change my rating
very very inapropriate for a game first level ig a kid played it that level could teach a kid to cheat!!!! probibly the most inapropriate game in this whole intire app store every level is inapropriate im deleting this app forever!!!!!!!! ZERO STARS
On the affair level there is a glitch where you can't actually do the level. Other then that great game
Everytime I open the game, I play for a minute and then it forces closed. This game doesn't deserve 1 star.
A kid mimight see this and think it's a baby game when they play it they see..... Well if you made the game good for kids it would be an awesome game cuz kids play a a lot of games 1 star
If I could rate this zero stars, I would.... the amount of ads every 10-20 seconds of play-time is horrendous. Officially uninstalling.
Actually pretty fun but they're missing the last hidden piece in the halloween prom episode and the last hidden piece is glitched where you can't quite get to it on boyfriend's date episode. Hopefully they fix it.
This game is good but there is not many episodes and plus who would wanna buy stuff anyway? So all that im saying is add more epidodes!!!!!
I don't like the affair one because the level with the lady mad at the other person and everytime I try to erase the light chain and I use the hint it tells me to erase the chain and i am it won't work i'll give it a zero stars but i can't. fix the game but the game is ok i guess
I don't know why my previous review is gone, but it won't stop me from giving a 1* review to this app 🙃. This app's story technically isn't good for kids nor teens, some inappropriate potraits to women. Adultry and cheating are shown as a common thing in the first two stories. I uninstalled it few minutes after I had installed this just because I can't stand with the stories. Just scroll down other 1 star reviews and you'll find many other said this game isn't kid friendly. Peace out.
Fantastic app it's a very very very good application it's best game ever I played I don't know what to say about this now it's the best I give it full five stars 😊
This is my second review and the game is crashing and kicking me out even more than it was before. Not to mention there is an obserd amount of ads. But there are a ton of ads in other games by game jam so it's not surprising that there are a lot but never in any other game jam game have I had the app crash and kick me out repeatedly therefore its a one star from me, which is a star less than my last review. But if someone from the game jam franchise could fix this, it would be much appreciated.
Thx you guys for this game but I gave this game just 3 stars cause I thought that you could've make this game a little if of more entertaining than like making it like a thinking game
I hate this game and I only got ur 5 minutes ago. When I try to erase something it doesn't work and when I use a hint (stupid add) it erases what I tried to erase. 🤮 horibal game. Dont waste your life on it.
I like and enjoy this game quite a lot. I think it's really fun. What I don't like is, I've played 3 episodes so far and I wasn't able to receive more money, I assume through watching an ad, that NEVER loaded. However, claiming the small amount worked perfectly fine. I'm having a similar problem with the finding all the hidden object items. I wasn't credited finding all the episodes in one and I get an X whenever I reveal the hiding place. Same problem, though, the gift NEVER loads.
This game is good and I also think so so that this game is 😏😙🤤 but this game has so many adssee
I just literally loaded this game and it logs out everytime i try playing it whats the deal i would of gave it a 5 star but the way its doin already it deserves a zero please fix it i reloaded hopefully it will be better if not i wont have it no longer if it does better i will rate 5
Actally the game is fun! When i saw reviews they said somthing about the game crashing. But i didnt have those problems at ALL. But i love your game these levels are very fun! Also some are funny too 😂. But its a fun game to play when im bored. Keep the game updating!
The game was nice and all, but it started to glitch out and everytime I passed a level the game would shut down! Please fix this, otherwise amazing game!
Ok its a good game but in one of these episods it like gives u a hint and i used the hint but when i did it it didn't work i think it should have a skip episode option
It always kicks me out and when it does start do work it is very slow this game sucks I would not download it.
Ok, let me just say, I like this game but there is a few problems with it. After every say.. 2 levels it will crash and i have to go through the second level again after i open it because it resets the level while doing that. I don't know if this is on purpose or not, but it gets really annoying, and if you could fix this and the constant ads after every level that would be so great. Thanks for reading my review if anyone did. 😕 But that's what I needed to say. Please fix these.
I usually never vote on anything, but this I have to vote on. After very level, I get kicked out of the game. No matter what I do, I can't stay in the game. Please fix this.
I couldn't even GET INTO THE GAME after I downloaded it, and even worse I couldn't even GET PAST THE LOADING SCREEN without it kicking me out. 1 star.
It keeps saying that the game isn't working. I love the concept, but the game just... It's not as great as I thought.
This is disgusting that this is a child's game and this is the most disgusting thing I ever seen before because kids should not know about that until at least they're 12 or 13 and this really disgusted to me because whoever did this is inappropriate and gross this game should be banned because this game says for young people only and this is gross