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Epic Summoners: Epic idle RPG

Epic Summoners: Epic idle RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Feelingtouch HK located at RM 1701(228) 17/F HENAN BLDG NO 90 JAFFE RD WANCHAI HongKong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a really cool and exciting game to play with. Every time I turn around and I think what will they do next.
I can't barely start this on an S9. While certainly not a "new" phone it for sure isn't old and still quite powerful. It has started and played twice, but most of the time it crashes immediately before any screen. It tries though.
Don't bother wasting your time. Hoping this game will improve, but after playing 2-3 years, it did not. Only releases new heroes to make old ones useless. Decs and support is bad. UI is bad, too many buttons to click just to do something. Avoid this game
worst game I have ever played needs better graphics and better rewards now I am going to install this junk
i had this game before the charaters look very powerful u should add more characters i had most of them but this game is outstanding it didnt ever crash for me but you should fix the wheel i spent loads of crystals and didnt still win the five star character that wheel is rigid that why i half to give it a four star
This game is good but the only problem I have is the rewards and resources and shop items. I think the developer should put more rewards and events for the f2p players and make the rewards that have been there more higher. Also, the exp and resources should make higher too and the the developer should make a permanent items in shop like the advanced scrolls 'coz I badly need it and 4 star hero shards. But in overall game its good . Hoping for this feature. Thanks...๐Ÿ˜Š
I love this game. But every few weeks, sometimes a month, the game refuses to load past 10%, and being in a guild that kicks people of they are offline for 3 days, this is very stressful. This is the 5th or 6th time i have had this happen, and i am at level 110. I have a similar game called idle heros which is basically the exact same game but with slightly less cool characters, but that game never has this problem. I have sent feedback forms through the app itself but the help staff just say to reset the game and change network. Doesnt help. Not good enough.
This is a fun idle game. There are a fair amount of daily activities. My only complaint is that the micro transactions are REDICULOUSLY overpriced. There is no way I would spend a dime for so little in return. I never do micro transactions so this doesn't really change my opinion of this game however.
Pretty fun just seems alot more like a paid to win type game considering how theres alot of stuff that u cant get unless u pay real money for it but besides that it is addicting
It's a worse CLEAR COPY of TapTap Heroes. Far worse. I don't understand how if you are going to copy a game so much you manage to mess up in-game elements. Balance is off, everything is off. I got this as an offer from Monster Legends. Could never play for fun. An utter waste of time. EDIT 1: Even the wishing pond (Fortune Wheel in taptap) has 1 for 1 spin and 8 for 10 spins.
Good game but it really stops you from progressing by restricting stages to certain levels even if your team is good enough to easily progress through the stages. It makes you have to wait until you gather enough exp to level your account up which does nothing except unlock the stage, completely irrelevant to gameplay and very unnecessary. I often find myself logging in with absolutely nothing to do since I have to wait for the stage to unlock which makes no sense and is very frustrating.
Its way way too hard to uograde your 5 star heroes into 6 star heroes. You need 6 5-star heroes just to upgrade one 5 star hero and the summon rate is sooooo low i got one 5 star hero out of 100 summons.
fun game but you can only go so far before it becomes a waiting game unless you want to spend real money. would be better if it were actually possible to play the full game without paying to play.
Poor directions/translation. Big gacha model, LOTS of grinding, not an idle game unless you want to really suck. You'll need to play at least 2 hours a day, check in every 3 hours, and collect rewards every 8. On top of that, it's poorly balanced. None of the pay to play offers are any good, either. STAY AWAY.
This is one the best games I have ever played across all platform I have ever played on I recommend thos game to all my friends, I love the theme of the game and all the challenges throughout the entire game. I jave downloaded this game on everyone of my old phones and will continue to download on all of my future phones as well. This game is all around fun the play, entering, and enjoyable to everyone who plays it, If I could give a rating higher than a five star I defiantly would. Amazing game
I started this game 2 years ago, quit for a while and came back. It was very interesting to see the modeling of this game at first and i liked the graphics still. As the game went on, things became repetitive, and mostly a free to play player eill be struck with the fact you cant progress further. Like all idle mobile gamr, it happens. So i started saving gems, i got 15k gems as of so many months saving. It gave me 2, 5 stars of other elements. So here i place my verdict: no pay = don't play
So far Epic Summoners looks to be a pretty straightforward game with a good selection of champs, challenges and a fair idle playing pace. The soundtrack is sweet, summons are stylish & unique plus diamond rewards are decent.
its ok. everything is auto. which is ok. more will unlock as i go. but so far. its something. thats enjoyable.
Wow, what greedy app developers. Feels like a half finished game that is scaled to suck money from you. Pretty much a disguised pay-to-win game with unoriginal content. Hate to say it but this is the 2nd app from this developer that is clearly just there to sucker users that are easily addicted to phone games. Honestly these are the slot machines of the game-app world and it should be banned for inflating their ratings with obviously fake reviews. Don't even consider trying this game!
I give it three stars because I was really looking forward to getting the monkey and ive spent 100 wishing tokens and still havent got the monkey. Other than that leveling up could be made easier the purple orbs are hard to get when you need 80 to 100. But overall its an amazing game and i recommend to anyone.
Kinda fun lil game if u like autobattlers. The characters are innovative,nic to see a fresh spin on a summoners game easily learned not complicated all in all good game. Just 4 stars coz the game could use better graphics or better cartooning
Nice I love that game but it needs a translator for messages between players at ( chat and guild box )because there are a lot of players from several countries ,then we need translator for messages and also translator for details guild which sent by the leader
Difficult get strong hero even when paid with money. This game basically paid win game no paid no game. Difficult to level up hero .overall this is worse game only rich player can play but hero design is quite nice that why i still give 2 star. You side should give vouchers to get 1 free hero at beginning just my opinion
Joke of a game. Ridiculously unbalanced to make you spend. I've played for years lol on and off. It's a joke. And it's dead.
WHAT IS UP WITH THIS GAME!! TOO MANY BUGS!! I lost some heroes, equipment, and resources when i opened the game again after some time hoping to earn all the accumulated resources as my characters auto battle. FURTHERMORE THE LEVELS OF MY HEROES ARE NOT IN SYNC WITH WHAT I LEFT THEM WITH. My 5-star hero went back to level 35 when it was level 45 when i left off, many three to four star heroes i got from summons were lost while the one to two star heroes i offered in the altar went back to the game. REALLY??? I thought of the game to be fun, but not anymore due to this gamebreaking bug. I do hope that the developers would fix this, for the future players of this gme at the very least. Never gonna be playing this game ever again after all these issues popping up.
the game is great .. no comment for some of the stuff but the characters can u make more u know EPIC like the tittle of it .. its cute and its fine it doesnt fit the tittle so yeah that my side .. but the good thing is sa game is good .. good quality nice touch of lighting and stuff great and yeah that is all.. thanks :))
game can't get passed loading screen cause of no network when I am clearly on wi-fi and all the other games work except for this one. And you say some bugs fixed? Well I say no it's not back to the board with you guys
Really annoying how you need exp to get to the next level and they say in order to do it play previous levels, but I have done them all and still sometimes have 1 or 2 levels left to do??? ALL things are super hard to come by. Good luck.
I have spent 3 days and 10$ and I have already gotten 10x 5* heroes. After rerolling and fusing I have 6 high tier 5* heroes including, 1x Tier0, 1x Tier1, 3x Tier2, and 1x Tier3 heroes. Even if you go free you can get at least 3 high tier heroes within the same time because of how easy fusion is and how generous the game is. Though progress is a bit slow and you can't play it too often, idle game indeed.
I only did the tutorial/walk through part, but it's way to rushed, it just tells you what to push not really why, it's clear that there's no real substance to the game it's just a quick way for them to make money. Also the characters are 100% a ripoff of WoW. My first two heroes were a Draenei Demon Hunter and a Troll riding a nightsaber
Great game, simple ND passes the time perfectly for MY style of gameplay. Good classic character twist as well
Game is riddled with connection issues. I have good connection all around and can play other games that are 3d monsters that have the screen being eaten up by a variety of enemies and attacks yet for this game its just connection issue after connection issue
I honestly love this game I think this is an awesome game . I think if I could give you 10 stars .This game you almost get summoners every day its a very cool game for mobile and you make your summoners stronger,faster its very nice to play
whilst it's like every other strategy game on mobile, where you build and maintain a city and troops/heros... they are particularly bad at responding (no response) to your queries. no reason to support them with payments if they don't bother to respind to users.
The developer is the best. They help me so much. The game is superb. The hero system is very good event. It's so much more. Four tumb up. Thanks
Was a good game at first but, it need new areas & challenges. Plus, once you get to 10 stars, it's extremely difficult to get the items needed to evolve leaving the game kinda stalled. if you make it just a bit easier to evolve or, at least, get the materials to evolve, it might be better.
the game is ok if you have patience and a passive playing style , however the developer hasn't answered my email for days and I'm persistent , about wrongful purchases that were made , can anyone contact me for help and support please and thank you .
You can upgrade to 6 stars by fusing 5 stars, but how about other heroes? i want to upgrade other heroes not included in the fuse 6 stars list, specially the ones I worked hard to get from events. It will be wasted staying as 5 stars lvl 100 forever. This will be rated 5 stars if you a have solution for that
A complete replica of better "summoning" games out there. But worse. Give it a shot, but I warned you.
An extremely p2w knock off of Idle Heroes... want to speed up the battles like in IH? You better grind or spend some money... You want to Auto Skip those Arena battles like you can in Idle Heroes? You better grind or spend some money... So what happens when you link an Account in Idle Heroes? You got a free 5* creature... What happens when you link an Account in this game? Absolutely nothing... I'd rate this game lower if I could it IS that bad...
I can't even imagine how much bots/fake accounts they used to get that 4.5 star rating !! Clone of Idle Heroes. The heroes capacity is really small. The only heroes you can upgrade beyond 5-stars are from tokens, and their drop rate is really low. The game is too much Pay-to-win. The "Free VIP points" isn't working - you don't get any points from the tasks.
The gameplay is the same as clone evolution, but clone evolution is just so much better. Game has cute characters but definitely not my favourite summoning game. I do love the fact that it is easy to get a 5star character though
This is just a trash reskin of idle heroes. The interface and it's buttons stop working randomly whilst the app is open. I would highly recommend avoiding this game at all costs
Amazing laid back and simple game while your heroes do all the work in battles. Many options for free to play players and I myself am free to play. Although I'm considering buying something so I can get that lovely 5 star hero for my first purchase. ๐Ÿ˜‚ overall it's a pretty fun game but the arena shop needs way more value.
Too expensive. Even if you do get world fruit - the hero you receive is 90% of the time disappointing. I got hooked for a while and now regret the money I spent on this game.
I would give it 5 stars if gameplay wasn't so slow and there are times when u can't do anything in the game because you're level is to low u have to wait for days๐Ÿค” please make extra activites to do while we wait to level up
The game is great mew updare so insane cool but the rounds in a fight is a little too short. It'll be much better if the rounds are like 20
One of the most greediest Devs. They want you to do anything with money. Even the Hero summoning, is worst at getting 5 star heroes. If you want to waste your money, do in this game.
I can't purchase using load in my Globe telecommunications service. I just waisted time and money for nothing.
Horrible..I originally was just playing this game for diamonds in dragon city.and I was like well there game looks good so I get in and its stuck at the loading screen and I exit out and get back in and it loads.the tutorial is too long and it even glitches out the game.and the game itself is just plain out glitchy my internet is good.1.level of heroes go down2.the time out is basically the whole game3.kicks you out allot4.the whole game is horrible!glitch is all it is.DONT DOWNLOAD๐Ÿ˜ก
Very little to do in the game. Arbitrary wait times to progress, even if your team is capable of clearing the next stage.
I love this game, I have been playing this for years, but I did the update today and ever since I havent been able to play it. How can this problem be fixed or if it can be fixed?
Game is addictive... for the first 10-14 days. Then you will realize that further development ABSOLUTELY impossible without buying for real money some game packages. I stay already over a week without even chance to progress, because have no strong enough heroes. And to get them strong over specific tier game doesn't give a player any chance without depositing real money.
Great Game, anyone complaining about reaching a certain star level for other apps are dumb, you need to spend money in order to conplete the task faster, other than that just enjoy the game! Theres alot of promo codes you can redeem if your not a in-game spender.
unlike any other games that i have seen here. this one ask you to get a vip even for multiple summons. and on various other things they have restricted your basic choice which in my opinion doesn't really have to do anything with buying a vip
It's cheating. In Epic Summoners game, there is a Recharge Pack include a card I want to buy when recharging for 4 days. It is very clear to see that it will be valid and available within 14 days based on the recharge pack statement. Now they changed the expire date to 4 days without any notice. The condition just changed by the game company and I kept recharging 3 days already. So It will not available to me on Day 4 which is supposed to be valid within 14 days based on the original policy.
As of 5/28/20 game wont load. Like the game, but can't get in it to play now. Tried to log in today and says it is updating and freezes at 10%. Rebooting device, restarting game, turned wifi off & on, restarted game. Nothing works, just freezes. Tried to log in 6 different times today, it freezes at the same spot. Just played on 5/27/20, since then it freezes. Developer did not respond on here, tried emailing and email will not go through. Removing, do not download.
As others have previously mentioned, resources are hard to come by and alot less compared to similar type games. (Of which this game is a complete rip off of Idle Heroes). The majority of player base are people who have come from a pay incentived (perform a few tasks and get paid via another app) so alot of players come and dissappear. So dont expect to be able to join a full guild. Very frustrating. Also if you have any issues dont expect any reasonable support, service is awful
old school graphics, but good play and lots of fun, ease of functions, good hero summons with lots of different classes, really relaxing and fun anyone in the family can enjoy
I really enjoy this game. I play all the idle hero building games and this one brings something special with the cool heroes with multiple abilities that make for endless possibilities and new leader skills add another layer. thank u for a great game
Amazing! My only problem is it is not as eye-catching as any other idle games and I had to struggle finding a game like this. If you want people to play your game make the title of the game shorter yet concise. And make it seem "inviting".
Just started. Similar with idle heroes game. more childish appearence of heroes but, at the first impresion, you can get heroes easy if you play hard and complete the missions.
Its a decent idle game but the servers are dieing so im losing good quality players who have played for well over a year ....PLEASE MERGE SERVER2 INSTEAD OF MAKING NEW SERVERS try keepimg the players you have before more give up on this game
Played this game for a year and a bit. It is quite nice as a game that you dont need to play more than thrice a day and all the combos are alright. But, ever since its genesis, there were tons of champions released and nothing else changed in the game. Literally. Up to level 135 you level every other two/three days but after that it takes a whole month. Its just very frustrating to play after a while
I wanted to like this game SOOO much, it has a lot of potential, but it falls short really quickly, in the first week you will be lvl 50 (nice and quick) log in every day get a couple of levels from the auto-battler. After about 10 days .... NOTTA takes DAYS to get 1 level up. I'm level 62, and it is going to take about a WEEK to level up another level. I get that it is an auto-battler, but i should be able to play on my own to get xp quicker. Gonna pass as it will take YEARS to level up.
Fun but lacking things to do far into the game. Wish they had more pve like in the beginning of the game.
I really want this problem solved. I made a purchase at this game, but when I clicked 'Buy', I expected it to run smoothly like usual. However, an error happened. I tried a few times but still the error occurs. The worst part is that Direct Billing from Google Play subtracted my credits, but I did not receive any SMS and didn't even received any receipt from Google. This is very upsetting as the money spent for me.
I love the gameplay. Its too nice ๐Ÿ˜š I think I will be hooked on this game and play it in long time.
Past few week..it's harder to obtain a 5 star hero.. Or developer's trying to make this game for only money gaming.. Although I, m already a vip5..๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”
Made it to level 72... Put up with all the VIP functions I couldnt use... The last straw was when I got the meter up to 1000 for summoning heroes... (Silver keys give 1 point, where as gold gives you 10) ONLY TO FIND OUT I NEED VIP 3 TO GET THE REWARD. This game is highly focused on pay to win
Extremely behind other idle games. Epic Summoners has cute graphics, but it's easy behind on so many idle aspects. Heroes need a refresh, game is really slow to get into (others have 3x speed almost right off the bat). Progression is much slower compared to other idles and rewards are fewer. Even events give you fewer rewards. ES 2 is also sadly a hoot mess, slightly better progression, but way to busy (like a web page with 1000 animated gifs).
Hi here's the tip before you play this game 1. collect your gems for the upcoming events 2. buy the heroes in grocery that'll only consume gold 3. collect your wishing token, arena ticket, pub quest scroll. 4. upgrade your heroes that has 4 skills 5. collect the heroes armor and forge 6. don't waste your resources unless necessary 7. Once the event is up you can just consume the item that you've accumulated PS. don't use them unless you meet right amount in the event Enjoy the game
Literally a rip-off of Idle Heroes. Imagine taking someone's work, re-texturing it all, then passing it off as somethung you made. 0/10 Go to hell.
Used to be a fun time killer. Now the event awards are a joke and the battle system is ridiculous when a team half your strength can destroy you because of 1 particular character.
i hope u can fix wishing pond. this wishing pond is bad sistem. i stuck on gold icon for 2 second. i will update my rating until u fix it. thanks
I used to play this game until recently.. Since a couple of days the game crashes upon startup (Android Huawei p30 pro). Support does not help.
amazing experiance good graphic although its a pay to win game there is no currency rather than the vip that you cant get yourself
I give you 5* because it's a fun game so far but I only came for the rewards for another game. Give me free stuff to complete my required quota and a good start then maybe I will stay and invest some time and money here..... Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. *Note you ask me to review the game after a very short time playing (less than 1 hour). I will come back and review my review after 1 week.
If you're playing this game for Tapjoy rewards, don't bother. You have no chance of getting a 7 or 8 star hero within two months without paying for them. The game is unbalanced; a full team with over 60k power can easily get wiped by a single character with less than 20k power. Kinda makes power levels redundant. Other than that, it's a decent looking and playing game. It's just a total grind if you're not willing to pay to advance in some way.
Still trying to figure out the game. something I wish we're changed is skip battle for challenges. it shouldn't be level 80 that take a long time. You can just spend money for VIP but I'm always a F2P player. i might not play this game if I feel like i have to spend money to progress in the future. but overall so far I like It :) Still give it 5 stars
I can't sell my unused hero (low rate hero) or used to be enchantment, there is no feature able to do that and I can't see that. Lack of sorting hero list or management, please add the feature to make easy to access the hero. No vertical mode and only landscape mode, please add the feature of vertical mode as well, so that some people might feel comfortable what they used to. Art style is great, visual graphic is cool, design interface is cool. Perhaps putting some voice effect to the characters will be so great.
Good enough game, makes for a fair time killer for casual players, otherwise a digital ATM for the developers, with all decent resources reserved for wallet warriors and cash paying players. Graphics are crisp and the format is easily accessible. Gameplay does not stutter and freeze, and offers enough to keep you reasonably interested. I rate this four stars simply because it relies upon financial resources rather than ability. Many players are kids with limited cash.
Unable to login from old account, not even an option. I guess if you get a new phone or have your broke or stolen your screwed. That's sad guys
it's been over 5 days since a purchase was made in-game with real money but the items were never received. The customer service was approached via the game as well as via the support email and yet there is no response nor any of the items that were expected for the purchase. This is straight off looting the players. It is not in-game currency but real cash being spent. It is very sad to see you guys act like this after months of playing and enjoying the game.
This game is a complete dud. Tedious, repetitive and very limited game play. Without investing serious coin for a questionable app you will find yourself limited to 5-15 minutes a day. And then it just crashes after an update, best not even bother installing this sad excuse for a game
good fun. yes it will take longer if you do not pay, but its not impossible. great app to pass some time.
a massive hack of idle heroes. it's a scuffed version. the interface is almost 100% identical. not only that they stole sound effects from world of warcraft. this is the most unoriginal piece of garbage created.
Epic Summoners is a fun , Silly , lighthearted , yet busy and challenging game that will keep you entertained fully with tons of different fun levels and aspects of the game. They have well done , fun cartoonish graphics yet, they keep it grown up enough so you don't feel like you are playing a kiddie game if you are above 12 or so. Which as I type that makes me realize another major point..... this game CAN seriously be for just about anyone from 5 to 80+ (hey, believe it or not lots of kids these days are reading and more and more 80+ year olds are gaming as well =^) . It's perfectly fits that popular saying of "Easy to learn, difficult to master!" Now, of course, they offer in app purchases as most decent games these days do so just be careful with the kiddos access but you certainly DON'T HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING in order to be competitive in the game. Although, if you are anyone like me, you'll find some pretty sweet deals in the games store area to help boost your heroes and to continue climbing those stages to try and knock of some of the elite members of the game! ENJOY FOLKS! :-) Hope this helps!
The hell happened to this game? I have login screen stuck for 2 days now. All in all this game is ridiculously overpriced. They sell packs of almost ยฃ100 which are absolutely insignificant and would not affect your account pretty much at all. Also you've probably noticed that game is stuffed with menus saying, "gift" or "reward" but mone of them are free, its opposite - they want some juicy pounds from you. I dont recall if i ever paid someone for giving me a gift.
Simple Don't pay don't play. Don't be fooled by gems. As long as you aren't paying for vip points and other stuff you won't get far
Standard 3 v 3 RPG style game with gatcha tactics. Don't know how it has an average rating of 4.5 on the Play Store, there is nothing that sets it apart from any of the other 3 v 3 gatcha clones out there. Graphics are nice, progression is obviously pay to win. Can't give more than 3* to a game that uses predatory gatcha tactics to get ahead in the game.
Stupid expensive game!! I swear to God this is the most expensive game i ever played in my life!! Any game with vip system you can get to vip 5 or 6 less than 50$ this game you must to spend 1000$ to get vip 6!!! 1000$!!!!!!
No one can afford to pay for 90k gems just to get all of the rewards for the tycoon event, and no one can enjoy the new spirit island because the. Teams are too strong to beat. Plus the gold you get as rewards doesn't come close to the amount needed to make upgrades on anything. This game is made by greedy people who want nothing more than your money.
ever play a game that you feel like you've played a million times before but never wanted to play it...
amazing game no changes to gameplay only thing is I was in the expedition airship store bought 15 5 star hero fragments(I had 35 by the time) I bought my 15 fragments so I can get a 5 star but instead of the game giving me 50 like I should of got I got 45 other than that the game is amazing
Awful, I bought a package and I didn't receive it. I already emailed but they didn't answer. Its also hard to level up your character since the stone is very hard to get.
Too much pay gaming, they need only money, they didn't care about the customer satisfaction, if u become a good summoner u need to wait until u r dead, after reaching 100 level u need to wait one month for the next level, and there is nothing for play after that๐Ÿ˜ค
love the game my brother was playing and he said to me check this game out and I did and this is my favourite game in the world
A nice game with crisp graphics, cute art style, and an easily understood interface. The free limitation is you can only seriously play once a day as you run out of things to do and everything needs to recharge; you can't play when you want, unless you pay. Real money buys repetitive battle skipping, so free players get their time wasted. Playing once a day, it is still quite fun.
Deceptive marketing brought me here. I was supposed to be rewarded for summoning a 6 star monster. Problem is, there aren't any in the game. They're capped at 5stars. I was surprised at how many ways they label their sales, "gifts". Welfare is the most laughable label for their sales. On a positive note, progress is smooth and fun. There are goals to complete in order to gain upgrade materials. It is a pretty good game overall.
I just downloaded the latest update and now the game will not load. I really dont want to have to delete the game, can you fix that bug as well
I've spent a month trying to get a 7 star hero, and still havent gotten the 5 star Captian Hook copy I need to level up. I've summoned over 30 purple tier heros, without getting him. I've summoned over 50 - 5* star heros and havent gotten what I need. Its a scam. Horrible waste of time.
This game is fully geared to make you spend money to get ahead I've played this game for about 2 years and have not seen any consistency except in new features that would hve you spend more money be warned if you play this game it will take you at least a year to get a decent hero lineup and it wont be strong in that time I believe this game is very unbalanced as far as upgrading heroes and accessories are concered
Almost perfect. Needs optimized for Android tablets. Needs the ability to use MicroSD cards, or the graphics to be more optimized. Even those that use the latest devices, a game that is a fun as it is, still shouldn't take almost half a GB of storage space. Other than a few phones, and fewer tablets, support MicroSD. Most max at 128GB on Android. I really love the game, it's the storage space needed, that is the largest issue.
It downloaded from play store perfect without any problem but when open the game as when the game had to download update all files for it as it finished update files to be able play the game it all of sudden crashed. I try open it up as it Instantly crash within 1 sec. fix the bug
Was only playing to try and get a six star hero for currency for another game. But it takes to long. The only way to get a six star hero faster is to buy one with money. Regardless of that I still play it but not as much anymore because once you get lvl 65+ it starts to get a little slower. You have to wait just to level up and do things.
Don't waste your time or energy on this game like I did. I've been playing this game for almost a year, and with each update, parts of the game either freezes up on you, or you're kicked off the game. I wrote to them, but they NEVER replied back, which, to me, makes me think that the developers couldn't care less about the game, but they love for you to spend your hard earned money on their game. Most of the players don't speak English, and the guilds are ridiculous. I won't recommend this game
Warning for players, do not download. I once downloaded the game and uninstalled, on 04-18-2020 I reinstalled the game. I was very disappointed, nothing changed except the difficulty. I never did get the monkey character I wanted, leveling up was hard, fusing characters is impossible. I recommend the game to anyone who is willing to pay there way. Highly disappointed in the characters, game play, and leveling up.