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Enterchained for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Featherweight located at 210/410 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Violence, Blood and Gore) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game I have in my tablet and both of my smartphones but, there is a problem the limited gameplay this game has. If you completely correct the fact of this game being limited towards its gameplay by making a online multiplayer and adding more quest I will give it 5 stars.
Great game needs a multiplayer/coop aspect or else it gets boring. Also there is a glitch where if you try to execute an enemey in the entrance you will get stuck there. Great idea, I recommend this game it is one of a kind but I REALLY WANT TO SEE A MULTIPLAYER ASPECT!!!
I love my AI little buddy he's efficiently brutal and I decided to name him Brutus. Love this game. It's just plain wrong on how awesome this game is. Thank you for developing this game.
Everything is good plus the dominant color is black and is battery efficient...just like what evertone says,add multiplayer mode and another thing, you should add a setting in which i can command my companion to kill or execute someone...one of the best games i downloaded...
This game has some amazing potential. I'd recommend adding multiplayer and more ways to play. You could also have a free for all AI mode that is more realistic, but with the chained guys still as the player(s). If you add that, I could see a 5 dollar PC port on Steam.
This game is great fun. I've spent quite a while on it and I've almost completed it. I just need to finish that quest for the Boulder though, 8 kills in one throw is tough :(
I played the game for a while unlocked a good amount of stuff had SOME fun with it. I think this game has potential if the updates include new Maps with maybe lets say spikes on the walls and enemies can kick you around and if you OR an enemy hit the spikes its an insta kill Plus it would be LORE FRIENDLY also make a mode where you battle animals like tigers and bears that is ALSO LORE FRIENDLY maybe there should be a mode where you fight gladiators that were real like Flama or Spartacus or the emperor himself Comodus who is actually kindof a wimp seeing how he got himself involved in the arena. There's alot of possibilities and this game can go to alot of good directions just do some research and Update i know its not easy but i believe in you and this game. This game is in a good place, but it Can go to better places!
Love Love LOVE this game!!! Only problem, needs multi-player, more items and features. Really addictive game though!!! Just sucks that I finished the quests already😔
I love the concept of the game, no in-app purchases, either. Which is a big plus. I won't spend too much time writing this because I want to go eat some tacos but believe me, this is a GREAT game!
Is too unpredictable, hard to get throw kills and chain kills for quests when ally just does exact opposite of what you're trying to do, and if you follow his lead he continues to be erratic.
Very complex and easy game. The ai feels like its a real person and is very helpful. Wish the art style was better. It would be awesome if someone made a 3d multiplayer wave killing gladiator game.
It is what it is. You'll like it if this kind of thing interests you. It's just a fun and "enterchaining" game. Hahaha
The only difficult things in this game are two quests the scythe and the boulder other than that a very nice game a few bugs where the friendly A.I. Is stuck and can't move but could use a tutorial or a journal of what enemies are what and what they do and possibly add some lore as of why you are there and what happened that got you there.
This is a game with real polish. Best game I have played from app store. They could have charged £3.50 I would have paid it. Sequel?
Awesome game but the movement controls are just bad, It only moves 30% of the time that I try. Maybe I just got a smaller screen size than the games aimed at but the rest of the game is great.
Gem of an experience! I didnt get it initially due to the art direction but in a moment of sheer curiosity about the chain mechanic, i caved, and i fell in love in the first round alone. The only thing better than the solid mechanics is the hilariously awesome name. Great work!!!!
I love it! However, you can end the game in one day, except the 1 throw 8 kills, that's pretty hard. Anyways, there seems to be a bug where you just suddenly fall even when there aren't any enemies, usually happens in the start of the game. I hope you add multiplayer soon :D
The boulder is impossible to get I have all other items but no combos I make on my character allow me to kill 8 people in one throw only 7 can someone help me please?
It's so fun to pass the time! I like the game especially nexecuting people when they try to get up :)
I really like the game it's short awesome and it gives you lots of challenges but could you make it two player so I can play if someone else that would make it more challenging cuz then one person could go the other way and you could go the other way and you guys can get stuck it makes the game challenging but fun
Well deserved 5 stars, putting in "powers" depending on the god (odin,loki etc...) giving the player the ability to strike foes with thunder would be an awesome feature gameplay wise.
While the graphics aren't what you would call "up to date" by Modern gaming standards, this game still manages to beat the other Gladiator games on Mobile like "I, Gladiator". The system and mechanics are amazing, and the simplistic design. This is a game that should be paid for, but the developers generously distributed for free.
Simple, brutal, crazy! Would've been nice to have a tutorial initially though,I got thrown into the arena without any idea of the controls! Can totally imagine Russel Crowe saying "are u not enterchained...?" ;)
It's impossible to kill that many enemies with 1 sword throw. I love the game, but this part is KILLING me cause I can't pass it. HELP!!!!!
Try making a multiplayer mode. Since the description says the game is about 2 gladiators fighting, why not have two fighters with different fighting styles/thoughts? It will be both fun AND annoying! I'm looking forward to it. Keep it up guys!
better then my spelig skils. The game is really fun, and the concept is great, having to execute enemies after knocking them down. I found one glitch where after the partner dies, sometimes, the chain stretches and pushes the player away. I managed to get beyond the arena in the blank black space with a corpse pushing me along. Otherwise, great game! Just an idea, if you get to it, could you consider making a sword that's really hard to unlock that goes through giant's shields called the lightsaber. Thanks!
Simple control, gory gameplay, equally gory friendly AI, various enemies with different behavior to ensure different strategies to kill them, no IAP. If this is not the best game ever I don't know what is. Edit: I just noticed this game actually was released in 2014, looks like I've just become Internet Explorer, still an awesome game!
This isn't quite my type of game, but I'm impressed with the developer, and I wanted to show my support. If you like sword smash games, you'll love it!
Guys that freeform joystick is really hard to control, could u make a static joystick as well thank you
It's only a dollar, and this fun simple button smashing game. It is so easy to learn. There is no iap so its not a pay to play, and the hundeds of items give you perks.
Simple button masher where you fight waves of enemies and all the while, complete quest to get various tiers of better loot. Would love to see a co-op mode over local wifi added in the future. Overall, little fun game that can be quite "enterchaining".
Awesome game with no ads, permission! Really loving my brutally efficient ai buddy. Think it can be an awesome coop game as well
Smooth gameplay, it's easy to get the hang of and very addicting. The missions are fun and challenging to complete whilst rewarding as well. I know that if there was a multi-player option it would be even better! Also looking forward to maybe new items, new enemies and even bosses.
THREE SUGGESTIONS: Make the movement joystick non-static so it appears wherever the screen is tapped. I think some games have this, and this one would certainly benefit from it. At the very least, move it out of the very corner of the screen. Its a nuisance as is. TWO: Put in some kind of obstacles in the arena to move around, for the chain to get caught on or trip the player/ai. THREE: This game is perfectly set up for some form of multiplayer, Bluetooth or otherwise. Get 'er done ;)
The AI companion just makes it so much harder to do some of the quests. I have to do 10 chain trips at once and instead of running through and around enemies he charges right into them. Even with the "Smarter AI" helmet equipped. And there are times where I just fall down for now obvious reason. It's like he just wanted to lie down. Please explain that
This game is cool and all , but way too brutal. You completely overkill the enemies..it's just too much...