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Enemy Waters : Submarine and Warship battles

Enemy Waters : Submarine and Warship battles for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Teapot Games located at Chandanagar, Hyderabad, Telengana, India. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Implied Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it's an ok game. You have multiple ships to control but can only control 1 at a time. they have no autonomous functioning so they won't defend themselves, attack, or evade when you're controlling a different vessel.
Love this game could play all day long if ain't got anything else I see it, I like it, I play it, I don't stop
Please add some more submarines like - Type-035G ming class, Agosta class, Gotland class, Oscar 2 class and Fleet Snorkel subs. Nice game..... There is some problem with this update.....
ok... the game is nice for a 2gb ram phone very releastic environment for my phone only... but it would be nice if subs have counter measurements..... ability to fire guided torpedo..nuclear warheads..or something that can be fired beneath the surface..and also on multi-player when i go stealth enemy can detect easily...pls fix that and also give details on underwater like rock seaweeds and etc..give also details on the game.also improve sub stealth..in multi-player
Best game. You should on graphics and devlop it. Add new type of submarine and warships. Better gamplay
Just started, So Far so good. A little quaint, Different from the general run of naval warfare games. The controls are simple and not too sensitive.
THE BEST GAME i have some ideas to make the game better u know can u add some people walking in ships and add some sonar to detect the subs and add some waves like stormy sea high waves like that ur game will be better
Really smooth graphics and control...realistic. more missions would b awesome...wish ppl get on the multiplayer maps....maybe a new solo mission map?? Kool game devs
As a user of this game I just refound it, It's a good break from the more popular online games and is a good offline time burner. I really love the controls, Ships and gameplay.
Loved the game its very nice and it would be a lot nicer if it has a sandbox mode that we can trigger enemy convoys to ambush,escorts and others
Marvellous Game.Best effort by developers,thumbs up. It need a very few improvements e.g 1》there should be separate keys for FX and background music, 2》More deadly Destroyers should be added with guided missiles, 3》During offline play every Time Google play games interpret the game,it should be fixed. 4》screen must be mirrored according to your submarine or distroyer heading. 5》map doesn't allow to zoom in while dragging subs and destroyers to place them at their desired location. Thanx
Best 3D game ever... The under water,... And the view of does Subs... So amazing. I hope they will develop a modern ships too.
It was real awsome! i really liked but after the level you have to take a treasure im the sub, i quit
Game sucks. Annoyingly numerous and long ads. You never get enough money to buy the necessary ships to complete all missions. This game has a lot of potential if we could win more.
great strategy game, just wish the story line went a bit further, after defeating the enemy. haven't had the opportunity to play on line so l can not comment on that.
Fun game simple controls, good smooth running gfx. Map and/or mission area for sp could be bigger. Another bonus is the small dl size, I would recommend to any naval enthusiast.
I will buy a ship or a submarine on the campaign part of this game then I will go into a mission and as soon as I get done with the mission the ship or submarine will be gone if there's any way that you guys could fix it I would be willing to give it a better review but right now I'm just very angry that I keep half thing to buy things and in it gets to a point where I literally don't have any money on the game if you guys Can fix that I will give It a better review
this game is cool but I FOUND A BUG you can't play wihout internet then after playing you can now play offline .oh speking of offline it will say teacup games then it won't disapir
Its a good game but sorry to say. The online server is bad. Very bored to waiting other players. Sorry my english is bad.
It's a good game but I would like it better with aircraft carriers and airplanes also can you please make it easier to use the map. Another thing is that if you could be able to upgrade your own boats/fleet. I really like this game so if you guys could do this I would rate it 10 stars if their was 10 stars.
the game sucks im stuck in screen for waiting 4 hours and the mean time im playing battlefield 2 for 6 hours and i check on the game is still stucks pls fix the game HEY GUYS! I HAVE A NEW CHEAT! THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! 1. download Lucky Patcher on Chrome or Google 2. Install/Click the LP and Press done, Click the App and cheat this game! 3. is on all the tips in Turtorial beginners LP on YouTube
This game is attully very very good, the graphics man soooo good 10/10 But please let us costermize our controls
That was good game..There Are lots of Titanic And Destroyer and Cruise battleship So please add a Small Ship
I would rate it higher if your tutorial wasnt aimed specifically for people who cant tie their own shoes. Right... Other than that, its a great game.
I downloaded this game but when I start the tourial the stopped working I reinstalled it 6times but same problem
Easy to learn...simply controls and live multiplay action with a variety of ships to choose from,this game is just two thumbs up& ten toes down. Awesome game...
I am giving 4 stars because when i start the first level. The ship and buttons didnt appeared fix this glitch otherwise recommended good game
At least we're finally a game I can play that is interactive and inexpensive I should wait in the five but I wasn't even playing it for a few days
This game is so addictive. It's like some sort of sea war adventure. You finish one level and you feel eager to move on and conquer the next! Graphics are ok . . . i guess. Although I can't put my finger on it, something about the game feels a little sub -standard. But it might be just me. Apart from that, the game is awesome!! Ahhoy!
when I play the game the first level of the game it's just show the aerial view and you know what's worst it happens 5 times or 4
Its fun but the ai need work when I tell a sub where to go as soon as it sees an enemy it attacks it and its really annoying.
Not worth messing with. By the time you control just four oil wells you'll be facing enemies that can kill you very quickly and you'll have to do it with vehicles that are much weaker than the enemy.
It is a totally awesome game. The campaign missions wonderful and the campaign map itself is great. The entire graphics and gameplay is great. Never thought of getting so much content within such a small game. All I would like to have is a sandbox mode in the game to spice up things a bit.
Firstly. I love the waters. And this game has underwater view. Thats exciting, and beautiful, with good graphics, it making me feels like stay underwater and explore the seafloor. The gameplay is good and realistic. You need a right timing in firing torpedoes, that test.and.develop your skill in timing. Overall, thats good, realisitic naval warfare
Let's start with the camera - tap to continue. And that's the whole game! Winning has never been so disappointing...
I cant play anything. I can only open it no controls ni boat no nothing only a big scenery of sea please fix it
Nice simple easy to use and fun to play. Nothing complicated works fine also. So far I just started so we'll see how it goes from here but so far I'm liking this one.
Too many ads some last 30 seconds and you cannot skip them. Controls are erratic at times ships do not respond and some missions repeat.
It's a nice game, but something is missing an aircraft carrier, please add some on your next update please.
Overall good, but not satisfied. Try to add various warships and their weapons variation and also aircraft carriers. Just expand the limits.
This game is very good.i love this game and i am playing two time.and my favourite game. Jay hind.and but only small improvement in game.than a new features in game.and ok your game.
Just started but so far the graphics are good the game is interesting although I would get rid of the king and use a different avatar but all in all for a free game, it is really fun
this game is amazing, amazing physics, amazing graphics, amazing gameplay, and more. but what would make this game even more amazing is a stricly sandbox mode where you can mess around with your ships.
This game is great but one problem:the "health" line of the ships is short and the sea should be more realistic with more locations.
Started off quite easy and fun ,once I opened the level for multi player but chose to play campaign instead ,it got ridiculous !!!2 submarines I was using against 1destroyer and 1 submarine escorting a lead ship 🛳 No matter what I did ,it was impossible to save the lead ship !while I controlled 1 sub the other would take a pounding and the lead ship also !you can't control both subs at the same time !totally stupid
I like the game but there are many things I would like different and I may not to mention them all. (1) I'd like to have a free roam feature so I can explore the ilands and have all your ships out at once. (2)it doesn't let me put in enough ships in a battle . I have to battle 8 ships with 5 ships in one of the games.(3)I would like it if the devs could make the ilands more detailed.(4) I'd like to sell the ships I'm not using for money. Please fix these problems devs.
I love this game..the controls are fine,the graphics were astonishing and the storyline are fair enough...but can you please add some aircraft carrier so we can play with warplane assists.. and of course add some open wolrd were we can meet other ai enemy or pirates.. and make the story campaign longer.. but anyhow its an amazing game... Great job to you devs 'cause it wasnt a pay to win game for me... 😊😊😊
I love how snobby and realistic the king is. It's pretty cool how you get to sink all of the ships. Also, it's so cool to drive a sub and drop depth charges. IT'S SO FUN! And realistic. ;)
Hi Teapot Games, love this game of yours very much. I was wondering if this is a good time to maybe make a suggestion. I was wondering if you guys could possibly add like an open world function to the game. I think it would make the game more interesting. Like I said just a suggestion, it's all up to you guys. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to take command of submarines and love your game. Thanks.
It's a good game but for one thing. It is not clear when and where to buy or play..and takes days that get any money and oil when you don't spend real $$. Duuh, right?
Awesome game. Just nothing more to say. No complaints, just like the greatest game I ever played. Such an addictive game!
I love this game! Great controls, pretty good realism (except for ships getting shot while beached and then flying a mile high). I just wish more people would do the multiplayer. Overall great. Also, please add more variety of missions. I'm always doing the same thing so it does get boring sometimes.
It was once my most favorite gam but then when I downlod it again and go to the game in the first level after that there will be a stupid glitch please fix
Good game good graphics the controla are good but the reason why i put four stars because theres no many ship to buy pls add some more ship and submarine
Sorry to say this game has so many issues I don't know where to begin. One main thing is when I submerge my submarines and leave to go to another one I can see them resurface by themselves, now what kind of hell strategy is that. When I want my subs submerged I want them to stay that way until I make them resurface. This in itself is a disadvantage given the enemy the opportunity to destroy your ships when they had a chance to survive if they would have stayed where you put them at.
when i download this and i play on tutorial and the man said before the king arrives start with the camera first and it glitch i cannot play it
I love this game has a multiplayer but i did not give 5 stars because its online so i wish in the next update multiplayer is the only online
Good games but this is game is traitor if you play campaign he well ve crashe do that install this this suck
most stupid game of all times,they don't give you a chanse to understood how it's working and you only can crash! Give the chanse of the new one!If you don't understand that you will crash too but in the real! :)
I loved it best game, good control. Good game play , good graphics, In the nextupdate/version let there be more ship& add missile, rocket. That is why i gave four star.
Nice game, but I wish there are more players online and the allied ships and subs, pls make them like, not manually guided through the map. Pls make contrls like, formations, allies control their own ship, a deploy button or stay down. I dont want my crew dependent to me. I will get straight ti the point, I love this game, but multiplayer, ally ships, pls make them better.
This game is really stupid. When you get far out in the game you have to control multiple ships. That's not the problem though because when you are using one ship the others don't even try protecting themselves and you lose ships really fast. Also subs dive super slowly and it's stupid.
Nice gameplay and realastic graphics but at the middle of the is choppy please check it out once . Thank u
Overall, this game is okay, but every time I attempted to coordinate an attack, my vessels automatically went to the nearest target rather than following the paths that I drew which ruins the fun and your performance. The graphics are good, and it's cool that real submarines and boats used in real life are in this game. The submarines should go deeper and there should be a second map of missions to add to the fun. A reason why this game is so unpopular is because of these slight flaws.
Please add some more submarines like Type-035G ming class, Agosta class, Gotland class, and Fleet Snorkel subs. Nice game