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Kingdoms Glory

Kingdoms Glory for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by CHANGYOU.COM located at Changyou Building, Raycoon Creative Center, No. 65 Bajiao East Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing, China. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Am like every one else, says off for 30 minutes but haven't been able to get back on, just spent money on it as well proper rip off, thought I'd found a game that wasn't run by the top alliance's but won't run at all, a waste of time
I really disappointed this game the developer never respond any message . Before they do server maintenance they never send anything. No respond for the complaint. Huhuhu.
It's a good game definitely pay to win but can have fun without money something to pass time on iv played it since kingdom 2 which is over a year now
Game is broke, will not load. Ten times now I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Avoid this game. Game is unplayable, check terms and conditions. Refunds are warranted upon request from Play Protect.
This game is really great, if you want to say where? I said you can become stronger without charging! This is enough heart! Now, in the mobile game, I say that the conscience of this game is not the first but also the second. In this game, everyone is equal. It is not that you can stand on the top of the mountain and look down upon all living beings with the amount of money you have charged, but to speak with technology. The playability is really high. Different combinations of arms can play a variety of schools, and the formation is also a hidden danger. Don't feel that the ugly array of others is easy to bully
Terrible... Nothing short of it..don't download this game.. The game said it would update yesterday and it would take 30 mins. Finishing at 10:53... It did not I spent the entire day trying to get in.. The events and quests I should have done,gone. Now what you compensate with this little bit... I was in 12th place on the new event... Now I'm in 60th..
Really fun game. Great infrastructure and community. Easy for F2P (free to play) players to grow and have fun as well as P2W. I have met some really cool people on the game and that just adds to the experience. Highly recommend for someone who is board or looking for a better game than Clash of Clans ;)
Game is full of bugs. First of all if you start a construction and go to map view, you won't be able to speed up your construction or do it for free. The second bug I encountered is the quest that asks you to help people outside the city. The quest won't trigger and I can't progress in the game since it blocks me from advancing through ages. Incredibly incompetent game and a waste of time.
Game is frustrating. I increase my power by 10K, the barbarians increase their power by 15K. Almost impossible to keep up and they seem to attack every 10 minutes. Is this by design so that we continue to purchase speed-up boosts ?? Just curious. On a positive note, however, graphics are beautiful and the heroes are well-designed.
It's sad that the developers gave up, it could be comparable to CoK and RoE yet after 6 months there's only now 18 combined servers which run slow and all the alliance's are well established in each world that new players can't grow. there's so many icons trying to get you to spend $ you can't hardly see the game and I'm using a tablet.so don't bother trying this game unless you want to become a farm. There's absolutely no customer support for anything especia when you don't get what you bought.
I like the game very much, that's why I rate these 5 stars in my previous post. But right now, I'll rate this game a 1 star. Because of white screen issue, Almost 3 days and still counting. I hope you can fix it as soon as Kvk Kill event starts. I lost a lot of phase to KvK.
The only reason to give 5 star is to keep the game alive The ratings are decreasing, I request the developer to fix the bugs and add more interesting events in the game to make it more fun. I cannot find the monthly event which was there earlier. I love playing this game. Please fix it up🙏
unfortunately the paid for items or things that are supposed to extend over a period of time did not go through correctly (1st issue) the developers have not answered my email for a refund for 2 weeks (2nd issue) and the devs are allowing abusive and vulgar language and exploiters/hackers to play... they arent trying to keep players and dont provide what they advertise. the game is a great concept and obviously just a copy of a different game but it has so much potential to be better.. sad
Love this game but having a problem lost my game and can't get it back, every time I try to reboot it it makes me start my game in a different world
15+ yrs of gaming experience and it still amazes me that they continue to put out games that are so glitchy, buggy and laggy. Dont spend any money on a game unless you are guaranteed many hours of fun and enjoyment.I would advise you to avoid any games put out by this company Changyou or you will continue to be disappointed and cheated out of your purchases.
Very fun and creative game. May be sometimes a pay to win but if your in a good alliance then you don't have to worry about those players who spend hundreds of dollars. If not the only disadvantage for me is that i don't get any notifications. No my phone is not on silent and i permitted the app to send me notifications. So if some one can help me with that i'll gladly change my review to 5 stars and recommend it.
Game is worst for serious players. Once a serve maintenance happens all your army soldiers with heroes are disappeared and they are not available. I have tried to contact the support but no response n no resolution. I feel waste of time and effort. I am again at point zero incase of military after 1 week of play. So frustrating
This game is full of bugs and glitch. They will reset players tech, remove troops, items, gold, rss. And then they will ignore your messages and emails. Report them for fraud and get this game shutdown.
After the update 13/3/20201 I'm not able to recover my old accounts. Many members from All the kingdoms facing same problem. Fix the bug so that we can play in our own servers
Good game a lot like rise of kingdoms but every time I click on anything it takes a while to load and especially when bundles pop up. The few times I try to get the bundles it says my internet is unstable for multiple minutes and then just closes. My interent is fine and even when I'm not on the wifi I get this problem. Very annoying and kind of kills the mood of a game when it takes a lot longer than it should to even collect and start training your next batch of troops.
Yesterday server maintenance cause my game cannot load. Reinstall game linked account still unable to retrieve my game.
A great concept. However if you do not have a lot of money to waste. the bullies will take you over really quick and you just spend more time trying to rebuild. At least clash of clans, gives you sometime after an attack. I have no problem with the designers trying to make money. However this was ridiculous.
I can't enter in the game been trying whole day but nothing happen. If this game is not playable anymore then we would like to have a refund!!!!
Simple and easy to use strategy game, do you want strength? Simple game interface, European and American medieval painting style, friendly novice guidance, a lot of benefits for novice, shortened cooling time from allies, real troop assistance, super assembly sweeping all directions, language translation function, barrier free with foreigners... Come on, fight the low-level monsters near the castle every day, collect resources from nearby, lead free props from the wharf, bully week Other small cities in the frontier African alliance upgraded their buildings and tried their best to train troops and create traps
Good game. I really like it except for the fact I missed out on a orenge hero. The king arthur hero that everyone got during the 6 day event. I didn't get the 5 hero shards, 10k ×10 hero XP and the march speeds. I only got 2k gold and 1 hero shard from the last chest and same with the others I didnt get all of the rewards out if all the chests. And so with that being said I missed out on a ton of rewards and had no was to message you guys about it.
I have enjoyed this game over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I have not been able to access the game since yesterday with absolute no notification or feedback from developers. It took loads to get my base to lvl17 and get into a brilliant alliance but this means nothing if I can't access my account. I have emailed developers but no response (which sucks) and I won't bother to waste time any further on this game.
The freedom of playing is extremely high. In the super large map, players can fight with neighboring countries who rob resources and cooperate with their allies to expand their territory in order to obtain limited resources, or fight against each other or win-win results. In this huge world, each player is a large and small individual. They march freely on the infinitely scaled map and fight in real time. When they collide, they really realize the integration of MMO and strategy game. As commander in chief, you can place your troops in any corner of the map, but every step in the game will affect the development trend of the server world.
When I first started I felt like home, only if I knew I had to do research to upgrade my troops.I didn’t get attacked by anybody they probably know to not bully new comers or something. I encourage you to keep making commanders and other kingdoms. But it’s not bad (better then clash of clans because clash of clans is more complicated) why I choose 5 star is because graphics and everything was perfect, I was waiting for a game to grind and play but all of them were useless except this one. Recommend you play
How can we review a zero star? After all of the efforts and time to play this game this is how you do it? Seriously?
OMG this game could be a good game if developers would spend a little time to go round simar games and see how much more improvements they need to do. In my 20 years experience I find this game dumb, incredibly hard or impossible to get in touch with developers. Game chat is in serious need of improvements. Troops overview and dispatch details are poor. I could go on but I'll just stop here. Overall poor gaming experience, been playing for over a month...
there should be kingdom 19 its been a long time still waiting ... I really want to start a new there ... I hope kingdom 19 come soon
No translate in chat, the throne building are labeled in... chinese?? Can not block annoying people in chat. Graphics are passable, not great. Game lags terribly, both on wifi and 5g. The packs offer no real help. This game like many others make teleports to pricey. This is not the "free-est SLG on the market". Even on money hungry Evony I can hit level 11 keep in a few hours without spending money. I have spent 25 dollars and I'm at keep 10. You have a long way to go...
cant even login the game.. spent hours of playing on it developed my castle to level 29 and now i am unable to log in.. dont download this game
I’d recommend it! It’s really good but, here is my advice the game starts really really slow but as you play it picks up really fast. Just try not to rush into everything that’s difficult. Take it slow and slowly you’ll be addicted. Either way I’m really enjoying it and I’m sure will to. ???
I like this game ,I have been playing bit from last 8 months, but after last update , game is not all opening. That's the reason for 1 star.
The game has become glitchy to the point that you almost can't play it. Actions taken don't register, like an attack sent out on a monster, receiving coins invested, or using resource bundles. So far no response from the developers. If I don't get a response soon, I will be deleting this game.
This game is way to unstable i have been playing for 3 weeks now and have experienced way to many problems to justify spending anymore. The developers take forever to fix issues saying this after a 15 hour long maintenance and then 2 days later our entire chat goes down for our server and is still down(has been 2 days) 2 stars for the potential Avoid this game there is many like it, its nothing special anyways.
this game have a lot of bugs and we can even see the developer is playing and its very unfair and hes killing us with all the advantage as developer
Dev are creating so much of glitchy, bugs infested thing. After 13.3.21 update, no one can enter into game. Wonderful update. Secondly, no customer support interface. If you have any probs, no way to directly connect or talk with. Superb Chinese Communist party line of attitude. We have to take whatever rubbish they deliver. Thirdly , it's pay to win but still no one cares to get any feed back etc or no grievance redressal system.
I would have liked to give 1 star. But since in game experience is good. I am giving it 2. Why 2? It is because after making progress now I am not able to login. It says "Dear Consul, your internet connection is unstable. Check again later." But all other things are working and no support on homescreen so that I can contact! !sad!
I finally found a game I like. Graphics are great. Heros are perfect. I like the way you can rearrange your city, not going off of a preset form. I always read these ratings and when I read one about a log in problem I figured it was a personal problem. But now I know it's true. I was going pretty good in this game and the third day I couldn't get on...it will not load. I uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. I am so disappointed.
Overall it's a nice game but...the BUG is still not resolved...its been 2days i cannot use my troops for farming because its stock in the tile. I want to go it back to my castle but it's always says "CLIENT PARAMETER ERROR". I really dont know what should i do, i did already reinstalled the game twice but nothing happened. I seek for assistance regarding this, please do something. Thanks! Also no one respond to my message in the FB page to assist me.😩