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Endless Night Drive

Endless Night Drive for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by RAIN CITY STUDIO located at Moallem street, Bandar-e Anzali, Gilan. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is awesome helps ur relax .Add the time change while driving from day to night and a raining day then the game would be perfect..please update
Really good game that can give a bit of spooks but it needs more life like different cars and maybe you can get out the car. I really want like the long drive PC game but for mobile and this is familiar but not that much but good overall
Please add new cars and also add new places. I got bored of driving around in the one place😞😞😞
It gets dark in 9 minutes and it rain I thought it will sun and clear in. night what happens if glitch comes 8_10 minutes but it's not my tablet so I decided to buy in that store look small market update the game Is the sa.e everything is cool but bad I RATE IT 4 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐
I love this game, but i would like to have a clear day time, a choice to pick car, and have a highway or something ya'll good a creeping my out with this game but i love it it helps my focus and relax.
for some reason my phone doesn't work at all whenever I press the buttons it doesn't move at all I can make it turn will left and right but I can't get it to start
Oh man I've driven a similar road irl. 33 miles of dangerous called Rim Road. Good job with the design. Im so glad my built in fm radio app works with this it brings back fond memories of traversing Rim Road at night. That said, this is the only game of this type left on the app store, I get what the game is about but pretty please let us look around more. ❤️ I do love it, its just missing something.
Is exactly what it says it is. You drive your pickup trough the countryside in the night. Sounds are good, although the sound of the engine could be improved and toned down, the controls are a bit funky (the car feels a bit too slippery) but alright. I would appreciate bigger view distance and more driving environments. As for the graphics, its stylized and apart from the grass looks good. Overall this has space for improvement, but the game is already pretty good for vibing and ads are rare
This app is so great it helps you relax your mind sort of like a meditation, i just wanna request The Creator can you add daytime but do not remove the rain it should be like a foggy sort of dark morning but do not make it to dark, and can you add more roads too that would be really nice like an Alps, mountain side, or a Street but at 3 am that would be really really cool. But all in all it was a very great game.
Wow! This is the best endless driving game I have played. But you should include more maps and should improve the interior of the pickup truck. Also you should add a manual gear system. And at last this is my request that can you make an endless rally game like this.
I love this game and it is very calm, two things please can you make an update where you can switch the headlights off completely and choose which mode of controls you want. Thanks for the game keep your hard work up and never give up
This game has great potential. Two lane roads with yellow line can make it nice, further high beam should show more terrain, and some more objects in terrain can work well.
A very well done game, excellent terrain generation and vehicle physics, along with lighting. Very relaxing to play with music. I can't sleep good, so it's a good time killer. Overall, great game. However, I do have ideas for future updates that would be fun too see, just in my opinion. - I would like to see more updates that could include third person or a way to exit your car. I would like to see new buildings that you could walk in and explore, and maybe a few minor horror elements for fun.
It doesn't really work when, you uh, Can't TURN. What car game, doesn't let you turn? That's like making pumpkin pie but taking out the pumpkin. It isn't a car game without turning! Because, when you can't turn, then you can't play.
Everything is good expect 2 things. 1st is controls, car was sliding all over the place. 2nd, boring. Its boring as hell, you just drive, that's all. No views, there is fog, fog and fog. No other cars, feels like a lonely place with no wildlife, trees, and no people. Please add more stuff it would be cool.
it's awesome but the controls I dont like it maybe you should add the power steering and add more places
um this game is kind of relaxing but I think you could add, like have other cars that drive past you or Infront and have like alot of trees and big bushes in areas so it makes it look like a forest and add little towns. Another thing you could add is a radio or more animals. I know this takes time but adding stuff like that would keep me playing. I would like it if you made the driving easy also. other than that the game is alright
I like this game but can you make a person and that you can exit and enter the car and cat items like rifes pistols and add stuff that you can find a side of the road and add houses and nske that you can drink, eat, sleep.
this surpised me, this is the kind of app ive wanted for so long. its relaxing and never gets old. the graphics are good, the sounds are amazing and its a great experience.
This is...like a piece of art. You just take it in and enjoy it. There is no objective, its just there to calm you. The graphics by themself arn't good, but the lighting is beautiful and makes up for it. The sounds, the lighting, the weather effects, just make the game so surreal and therapeutic. Could however use some better controls.
Amazing game but..... Not exactly what I had in mind. I suggest if you want to develop another game similar to this one, then I suggest making it in a city, just an empty city where you have a large map with a highway, suburbs/streets and maybe a country road. You can even make multiple cars and add in-app purchases for some of them
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Great potential! I really like this game so far, I think you should add more! If you need suggestions I would be very happy to provide!
It's a very relaxing expirence and the graphics are good, BUt I would be happy if there was a bigger variety of cars except for just one, rinky dink, pick up truck.
Finally!!!! I love your game,,,, but we recommend to update your game, tho it has a perfect graphics,,, please add some more map.
It's OK. But there is nothing interesting.When I download this game I thought there will be some scary creatures. But there is nothing. You can only drive the car.It's so boring.... I will give it 1 star.But I give it 2 star because the weather is scary.😞😞😞😞
Game is good but it needs some changes like pls add some other vehicles passing by, add trees, add different places. And day mode.
Great environmental sounds. This game concept is very promising. Maybe just change the location? Instead on the middle of nowhere, set it on a city and on a countryside. ✓
this is a good game but........ theres a scary glitch When i almost crushed the rabbit i lost control and i saw a fox like thing before i crashed and respawned but it was scary please it could be a glitch... plesse say its a glitch
Beautiful game! Can you make a proper road version, perhaps? And make it so you can switch between the dirt road and the concrete road? Other than that, a beautiful game!
Really cool game all it needs to be the bwst game ever is if it has day cycle and you could exit the vehicle and find some gas to refuel the car.Please make it just like long drive game if you haven't heard of it then search it on youtube
Love the game but u should be able to turn lights on in the car and please add other cars driving along the road and other animals
This is the perfect game for minimalists like myself. Driving at night has always been relaxing to me. Great graphics and action. I would pay for this game and hope it will always be available. I have been thinking. What would make this game even better? Make it a 3D VR game using a VR head set. There are so many distractions in the world and even when you're in a room but imagine being completely immersed in this night driving game. A real escape from everyday life driving down a dirt road.
It is GEM💎💕. It is so beautiful that i will recommend everyone to try. LOVE IT. Kudos to Devs team for such a lovely app. REQUESTS: 🔥1) Add an option for users to listen the soft music( like in main menu) while driving with adjustable volumes for both Ambient & music sound. It would be great. 🔥2) Make an V.R. version of it also with controler. That version would be blast💥It will be more imersive in V.R. or You can just add an option to switch on/off for V.R. Mode. It would be great. Thanks
I hate this game because this game you play is nothing not scary but boring first impression you like a happy and excited to play but after you play so long for discover in this game you like ugh.... So boring nothing happen this game please make suspicion this game like you drive in the car and you suspect anything around the road just like that please update this game I love but nothing happen this game you drive for a long time and you back the same place after the first you place.
It's pretty fun, I like the controls and it's so simple. The only thing is, the path usually stays the same and there are very least amount of elements in it, it is lacking of trees, maybe like woods, villages, and others, yet however I like how mysterious the driving is and how it contains a little bit of eerie concept in it.
Its a great game but please add more environment around because its just trees,plants and rabbits. And maybe add some traffic.
First I think it's a type of game in which we drive a car and we see some ghost or something but when I downloaded this game it gives me the felling of real driving. Thanks to the devloper
I'm sure doctors would even recommend this game. It's simply the best to relax the busy mind. There's a smoky glitch at the dashboard of the car, or it's probably my phone, that the dev can edit. But to me it's still perfect and fixing it would make it most perfectest, excuse my grammar. There's just something so great about this game that it really does work. Maybe there needs to be a scientific exploration as to why it works, so more games like this can be created. Thanks dev.
Amazing game. here's my reccomendations -please make it easier to see?? The place is already extremely dingy, it's actually terrifying -please add some life, like maybe some other cars, trees, stars, the moon, the houses could look less abandoned, with some lights on maybe. Maybe more houses, maybe flowers as well. Idk. Something to make it look less like a place where I'd get chased and murdered lol Overall amazing game though. I love night drives.
I really enjoyed it. There's something about driving in the dark with only your lights to light up the way. With that said, I think it would be great to see it with a bit more features. Seeing a bit more of the map through your lights would be great; I'm thinking different kinds of lights (LEDs, HIDs, etc) and beam patterns (fog, driving, flood, spot). Having the option not to respawn (unless needed) is also nice. But overall, it's a great starting point. Hope to see a bit more soon. Good job👍
Thank you for making this game very relaxing i would be happy if you add different seasons like snow and day night options❤️❤️❤️
Love it! But could you give us more cars, a daytime mode, plus other roads to drive on such as two lane paved backroads? Also different weather types like snow would be nice. Great game, I really hope you add to it's the beat game I've installed and played in a while
Best thing ever even though it has no end that's what I like, but idiu can please please add some people, like walking in the sidewalk and sitting around fire in the yard where the House are, and add a animation to when u hit them or hit something please please please
You need to add some more details. A view of a village far away or cars passing by some lights in the distance.
I feel like this game is underrated. The pictures are actually worst than the game and the game looks BRILLIANT! Graphics are really good and that and I really reccomend it for long journeys like on a plane or something. But maybe add traffic AI?
Worst game ever, no perfect control, no specifications, no map, no thrill, no adventure, totally bored game, uninstalling
This is great for relaxing but please add more types of road, for example a motorway going through endless landscapes like corn fields and mountains, or twisting British country roads, with a nice v12 Ferrari to relax to, this would make the game absolutely perfect and i would love it forever
This was the coolest game ever the end of money play this make sure everybody play this everybody is everybody play this game give it three likes cuz it's not the best of my game but it's the best of the thing though Because it's like that doesn't mean it's boring
Wow i cant believe that there is a game like this maybe consider it giving more features like gas stations flat tires etc.
can't believe this game exists. it's as if I built it myself with what I exactly want. just searched with keywords the other day and can't now I can't believe there's a game like. it's absolutely the best game ever. endless drive through the night and rain time to time. I wish I was employed so that I could donate something. a HUGE thanks to the developers. you just brought my imagination out in reality. so much relaxing, takes my stress away, feels more than good. it's a med for me. THANK YOU.
Relaxing game & time killer but it would be more fun if we have more places to drive and few more types of vehicles . By the way its a good Game. :-D
It's a very good game..but the map is very Scary..would like to suggest if the is in city where there is no people...
RELAXING.... but not for long bcuz you can't see where you're driving, it's just too dark, but the driving has a realistic feel and sound,... I like this APP!!!
Great game, controls,sound, graphics everything is very nice. If u can add some other cars on the road and some uphill and down hills
i kinda wish there was a pause button and when it rains how do i turn the windshield wiper on and i also wish there was a city mode or multiplayer bc it was just boring...theres nothing to do
Game seems stupid and meaningless. You just drive, no end. Just weather changes and rabbits run on the road sometimes.
Awsome game,im lil jordan and i love to play and rate games,for this one there isnt anything wrong and to be honest i love it,but can you guys please add a radio in the car and can you make the steering wheel visible so that it feels like your in the car...but still awsome game........
Great game but you should add more modes and expand the map its sooo boring going to the exact same path over and over again
Nice game. Good graphics really enjoyed to play this game. 😍 i highly recommended to download this game.
#1 Super Awesome Game! But Can you make this game for day and night cycle. And add some AI vehicles. That would be so much fun. And add exit vehicle and walk system. It'll be perfect. I really love this game. ❤
wow just wow. Truly Impressive work bro ✨💪 Please i'd want to recommend these features for its next update: -more weather like winter night with snow❄️, windy🍃and Hard rain with lighting⚡ -add more houses or town -new location randomly like on Mountain, Bridge and beautiful Town. -new animals crossing the road. The graphics, Texture, FPS all is fine for me tq brother and i really² love all ur hardwork on this game and we really² enjoy playing it❤️ I hope ur reading this Plz reply if u do🥰
Nice game. A different kind of experience. It's like a night rally stage. I wish there's a finish line or challenging corners. Thanks.
This game is really amazing. Graphics are just awesome. It will more amazing if the creators add some mission in this game. Otherwise this is very good game.
I LOVE IT but you need to start the engine by holding the light button every time you start a new game.
This game is so nice but please give 24 hours and all seasons and many cars trucks bikes motorbikes and we enter or exit to our vehicles like indoneshia bus
A very relaxing driving experience, nothing to earn nothing to buy so you can just drive and enjoy it