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Endless Balls 3D

Endless Balls 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by ThinkCube Inc. located at 1108-250 Consumers Rd, North York, ON M2J 4V6. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Way way to many ads. Could have been a good time killer but an ad after every single level just spoils it. I uninstalled it just because of the ads.
This is my favorite brick breaker game I've ever played! I've been stuck on level 2286 (no joke, I spend way too much time on this game) for at least a week but I'm determined to beat it!
Glitches and ads. I don't mind the adds as they were short and you could click them closed. But every time I played it would close between levels and I'd have to restart. Now it does it dozens of times before I can even resume play. uninstalled sadly. Was a great game.
I am loving the game, it is relaxing and fun. Some stages are a challenge, while others aren't. A nice balance. Easy to play both on and off line.
Too many adds. When i have game on mute adds are still loud. Adds do not close easy, many adds made to trick you into opening the app store.
Tried it, level, advert, level, advert, rinse and repeat. Advert for the game implies that the bricks fall over, not true so more false advertising. Uninstaller works good on it though.
I saw this game in an ad in another game app (surprise!) - the ad is VERY deceptive! It is nothing like what is shown in the ad...NOTHING! But I did give it a try. Not a bad concept but poorly executed. 3D playing field, but only viewable from 1 angle?! Aiming is not very accurate &, no, it's not me. Let's too hard very quickly. And like most games lately waaaaay too many ads (at least it's not pay to play). Deleted this game a mere hour or so after trying it. Don't waste your time.
As per other reviewers I too saw this game while playing another game and thought it looked great. It is not as good as the advert but it's OK. But, if you like adverts then this is the game for you! Sadly your enjoyment of advertising will be disrupted by the game. Seriously the ads are overwhelming for an underwhelming game experience.
Kind of incomplete. Needs more flair and more info...a ball count maybe. Not as fun as it should be. The 3D aspect is very cool. Needs more work.
Loved it a lot. Got to level 250 then game started to bomb out continuously and it is extremely annoying.
Great game but too many annoying ads. There is an ad free paid option though and I will be taking advantage soon!
ENDLESS BALLS 3D its one of those STUPID games that say harder than u think so its proberly not hard at all first I go on it and it kicks me out good! but no its not like that the ad that I got of this game is very cringy in several ways 1. the girl in the bottom right corner isnt even playing ur game how? BECAUSE SHES TAPING AND SWIPING NOT HOLDING AND AIMING so according to you THINKCUBE pretty girls will make people play ur game? 2.harder than u think u get an infinate amount so its not hard!
Why would i want to pay for an app that has so many glitches, stops by itself and wont work. Clickbait ads are completely different than the game play.
I like it and would have gave 5 stars but every once in awhile it just turns off out of nowhere and I'll have to open it back up.
While some aspects of the graphics are unique, this version of brick breaker doesn't add anything exciting or new to the genre. Also, it shouldn't be getting hard already at level 9. I'll play these games for hours, consuming ads on the way, but don't make it frustrating so early. Thank you.
Feels rigged that you can't get very far into the game. Not enough balls either. At the end of some levels when balls have ended the line drops down and it freezes and you have to manually do a drop down just to play next level. You've wasted a line of play.
Nothing like the ads. The graphics are sluggish and unsatisfying, and the sounds are sharp and painful.
I've seen some bad comments and I don't get it. Adds, got to Pay the bills. Game play works Good and is fun too
I really like this game...when it works. It freezes on me constantly after the first shot. Sometimes its so bad I have to reboot/power cycle my phone and sometimes that doesn't even work. So between the freeze-ups and the usual as irritation, I can only go 3 stars...would be less but when it works I really love it.
It's ok. The balls don't alway do what they're supposed to. Numerous times I've made my shot against a flat wall of bricks and had my shot bounce back at me as if I was shooting into a corner. My shot should have bounced upwards between the wall and the bricks. Not back at me.
I play lots of different types of games uninstalling the ones I don't like but I think that I really like this game better than most except for my solitary games. Just do have 2 many ads.
Usually with as much goin on in these types of games and the smooth/crisp graphics, you'd expect a lag. Especially with as many balls bouncing around everywhere but, with as much going on it maintains its smoothness and is a great spin on typical brick breaking games and for that I give it 5 stars. Good job on keeping me occupied. As far as ads, ads are ads are ads. Everyone has them. For us ASMR folks any way you could do an update to add sound to the bricks? After balls are shot it gets quiet.
Despite the game play, decent for boredom with nothing else to play however it needs to be played on levels that you could replay. This game does not offer replay nor does it offer to go back on any other levels.
Great game. Buying no ads actually removes ads and the 3D aspect is really fun. Well worth the small amount to pay to remove ads to support this developer.
ENDLESS DONALD TRUMP ADS - I play games to escape. The very last thing I want is another reminder that idiot exists. Choose your advertisers better. I choose a different gane.
Great game, great physics. I'd recommend adding more features like the ability to change the physical characteristics of the balls or the objects to make it more interesting.
Too many forced ad's, levels are fast so I spend more than half my time watching ad's. Not worth playing...
So far I love it. The layouts have not yet become impossible. Right now they are just hard enough to be a challenge but not so hard as to be frustrating.
Extra 500 balls is a lie. I paid for an extra 500 balls on each shot, you only get 50 to begin with. I paid for 500 BALLS. It only gives you 500 points. Rip off.
Just a way to get you to watch ads..starts with a game you didn't want ..you'll never get to the game shown because you'll delete it well before because of all the ads...πŸ‘ŽπŸΎπŸ‘ŽπŸΎπŸ‘ŽπŸΎ
No bonuses really to speak of. The view keeps you from lining the ball up correctly and its got some really annoying glitches. After level 100 the game becomes too difficult to play with the existing glitches. Great concept, really poorly executed. Not worth your time imo.
Great game and fun to play. Just accept the fact that the game CHEATS. i.e. You aim the balls to in a specific angle and they go in a different angle so as to not help with the objective of clearing blocks. I am at game 533. It IS IMPOSSIBLE to pass unless you spend a ton of money on power ups. Again, just accept the fact the game cheats and it will be fun...until you get to game 533. Either spend money or uninstall. I chose the latter.
Not 3D. The ads showed a game where the tiles are actually 3D and are able to interact with one another. In the actual game, the tiles only have a 3D appearance; they are static and do not interact in any 3D way. This is a reskinned 2D game.
the ads get in the way they're way too huge i cant get into the settings or the other buttons at the bottom i dont even know what the other buttons even are. disappointing because this kind of game is something I'd enjoy.
In the ad for the game it looks like if you hit the bricks they start to fall over...... that's not what happens in the game. The tiles fall down perfectly and there's there's no big crash or anyting that the ad advertisers for.
I've got to say I really like the game but the only problem that I have with it is there are just "TOO" many "AD'S"..!
The UI needs updating, particularly the three buttons along the bottom - bomb, fire and 3d. It's ridiculously easy to press the wrong button.
Love it!! A 3D version of the game I usually play, constantly. On level 500? on the other one. I'm on 19 here and can tell that it will be more challenging. 5*
All in all, not bad.. The 3D is quite good, sounds are as per usual for these games. Do you start getting extra balls as you progress or is it just 50?
it's a cool game but there are entirely to many ads. There should not be an ad after every level that is ridiculous
The levels 668 onwards get nearly impossible to complete. I think I'm on 672 or so now. The fun is gone when a level can't be completed. I'm willing to watch an ad for 50 more balls as many as I need to, to complete the level. Only three distances up for a second chance is not possible to complete upper levels. You need to have an option of 100 balls for an extra ad. I had never played this until February. Its sad that the game is nearly impossible to advance now.
Amazing graphics. Have played other brick games but this is the ULTIMATE. So satisfying to watch...even the audio is fantastic. Love it
Very cool game. Kind of like a puzzle in that you try an pick the best angle to remove the most objects.. Easy to burn time up... ads are not as bad as most games..
It's a decent enough game. However don't bother paying to remove the ads, as it only removes the 5 second ones between levels. If you need a second chance, you still have to suffer the 30 second ones. So much for paying to remove ads πŸ™„
Dont waste your time, it starts out ok but once you get to level 18 they still only give you 50 balls so it makes it where you can not pass the level
This isn't the game in the advertisement, its completely different, not even slightly similar. Im sad I can't even give 0 stars.
The game does not give you instructions on what to do.it has no music to f Go with it just bleeps. It would be more exciting if it has a fast beat music background and if it eere also a game agaist time to make it more challenging.
I had hoped for better graphics. Maybe they improve later on, to become more like what is shown in the advertisement, but frankly I can't be bothered to wade through the levels to find out.
Not a bad game but the app keeps closing down and the bottom of the screen is covered, allvthe time. by adverts. very annoying.
this game is amazing just a few more adds then i would like but other than that it is great and i am happy to be the first person to review it tbh.
I am not even going to down load this game, due to the many negative review's. I'm also one who likes to play a game.... NOT Watching adverts most of the time. Thax but NO Thanks.. won't be Down Loading..!
started out great. then started closing after every level, now I can't even play, it opens then closes. sent feedback over a week ago and have had no response and the game has only gotten worse.
It's a good design and I love the 3-D effects. I did notice a stall on some of the levels. I'd have to forfeit one of my chances to get it to let me run the balls again. Outside of that it's a pretty cool game.
This game is fun and I would have given it more stars but everytime there is a Domino's ad it freezes for some reason.
Doesn't obey any rules of physics or numbers. You can be watching something count down and when it gets to 40 or 30 it will just disappear. Balls also simply disappear. Bizarre. Follows no logic. Edit: 1600 levels in and I'm deleting. The ads are ridiculous now. A 30 second, followed by a 15 second ad that you can't close, meaning I have to close the game. Preposterous.
Cool idea .. except we all already know it from 1000 similar apps .. the 3D adds very little to the experience itself. And if you need a reset button to recover "stuck" balls then this is only laziness ;) And way too many ads .. lost me at level 4 ^^
Very bad experience. After 3 level uts completely stuck .. sometimes the ball is not stopping its motion even without hitting the blocks.... poor quality.
Only 1 star as while the game is good, I'm spending more time watching ads than actually playing. I understand you want to monetize your hard work but I that's ridiculous!! Even when asked to rate the app, you still manage to slip another ad in the process!! Game will be uninstalled in a minute!! Shame as the game will actually good fun!!
awesome never had anything like this in my end tired life what keep playing but getting tired sorry maybe one more
The same amount of balls even though the amount of blocks increases greatly each level, and at times gets so hard to do you can't even beat the level with a second try. Too many ads, unreasonable challenge's. Increase level of balls and game would be better ✌️
I'd give 0 stars if I could, not at all like the ad which would gave been stellar. Great potential and poor execution, the only thing that sets it apart from regular brick break games is the stack. The flow sucks, lack dynamic effects and super buggy with balls getting stuck. ADVERTISE IT AS IT IS!
Game is ok I like it but the when a ball gets stuck under and disappears to where I have to hit it down. Happened 3 times now. Will rate higher if fixed.
The game is not like the advertisement. The concept is similar, but you're not downloading what is being shown. Does not always accurately show where your "shot" is going. Full of ads that sometimes crash, forcing you to exit altogether. NOT recommend.
The game could be better... It had a lot of faults. Some of the balls hit the walls for some time and they dint even come down
Good game play, but the novelty of 3d wears off quickly. Especially with the ads. Takes about 30 seconds to play a level, then a 20-30 second ad. Didn't look, but I'm sure you can give them money to stop the ads, not me. I'll deal with light ads elsewhere for a similar game.
The ads are annoying. Some can be skipped within a few seconds, but others go on for about 4 minutes before you can get rid of them. Uninstalling this just because of the ads.
great game I love the 3d Im on level 18 and can't believe all the great designs keep up the great work
Great game. I like the strategy of trying to get the towers gone. I just wish you would get more than 3 points per level. 5 points would be good maybe even 10
Its a good fast game...just a shame there is advert after every level...while i understand the adverts keep the games free..but after every level for 30seconds is a bit much after a bit...you get more advert time than play time so end up deleting the game..
The ad for this game is very misleading. It looks nothing like the ad, in fact reminds me of a very outdated video pinball game. Don't waste your time on this one.
The ads wreck the game. Too many, too intrusive in that even when you skip the ad ypu still get 5 seconds of looking at it before you have to exit it again. There's no indication for 99% of them when they end and as ever, muting the game does not mute the ads. That the makers tolerate/promote this style doesn't inspire confidence in paying for the game. Also frankly the gameplay is ok but nothing standout and the ball aiming is jitttery & not as precise as others of this type.
Great game extremely fun to play but uninstalled game after only 7 levels....way to many ads....at least 2 ads after each level definitely turns game into disturbingly ad extravagant joyless waste of time.
Got to play 3 levels with out ads... i thought maybe this would be a good time killer.... WRONG after level 3 ads every level and I deleted the game.... come on dev's when are you all going to learn we hate ad games....
Starts out ok but when you get higher the watch a video to continue seems to "mysteriously" not work that well anymore. This happens on so many games we all know that this is on purpose to make you use your stars.
Doesn't obey any rules of physics or numbers. You can be watching something count down and when it gets to 40 or 30 it will just disappear. Balls also simply disappear. Bizarre. Follows no logic.
Super Duper fun. This is the best balls and bricks game out there and I've tried alot of them. Loving it, well worth downloading for sure!
This game is so relaxing. Ads help you win levels but if you dont want them just play with mobile data/wifi turned off. I am at level 2150...some levels are excruciatingly difficult but that's what makes it so good.
I like the game however it took me three goes at getting the first level compleat I gave up after level 3 it's because the balls get stuck either going vertical or horizontal and would move to compleat the level with out starting again a couple of times the balls did move up and down slightly when moving horizontal but leaving one ball moving horizontally for all time ,
An ad before and after every level. Overly simplistic mechanics, with a long aim assist. Over all this is not a fun experience.
Fun and very addictive! But... after a while you get to a level where it is completely impossible. Also many of the ads don't work properly, you have to quit the game and restart. Lot of fun in the beginning, but these flaws ruin the game after a while.
Boring. Redundant. No variety. No challenges. No way to exit game without forcing a stop. Aiming the shot is overly sensitive to movement and not accurate. Do not recommend.
Ads, ads, ads and not how depicted. I get game devs need to sell ads but it gets to a point where the number of ads is ridiculous. Combine that with an app that looks very little like it was represented to be and it became a quick uninstall for me. Skip it.
The game is fun but has a few glitches or things I would prefer different. First im surenyou have heard the balls often get stuck in a crosswise infinite sequence, second it doesn't make a noise when you hit lower blocks on the towers which makes you wonder if anything happened. Other than those so far its a fun game.
Laggy. Its a great concept and when ir runs smooth its really fun. Unfortunately, it seems to run real slow half the time and get really laggy. Definitely takes you away from the immersion of the experience.
Fun but the second chance option does not work, you hit the option, you watch a video, and it does nothing
Graphics at the cost of gameplay. The ball doesn't always go where you point it. The game is not like its advert. The 3d obscures the view of what the ball is hitting at the top. Adverts every level with no option to pay to turn them off AND when you have the game on silent the ads still come on full volume which is irritating and makes it unplayable in public space.
Ok of a game. Still has abit of flaws with balls getting stuck bouncing back n forth from side to side or when the balls come back I still have to reset the ball count to go again. Love to give it 5 stars but not there yet.
Doesn't look like the add, has anoying sound effects, level 1 is laggy (did not even bother to play the rest of the game). If I could rate minus 5 stars I would.
Decent time waster, good challenge, but a little repetitive. If it charged me $2 to get rid of the ad's, I'd pay it.
Often hangs when app branches off to run an advertisement and can't return to the game without dumping from memory and restarting.
You click on a video, to watch, if you want more stars, but you don't get the stars, rip off .. little Tip in regards to the adverts, when one comes on the screen, i come out of the game and immediately go back in again, and the next level is ready to play .. you're welcome
App keep force closing on me no matter what I do. I really like the game but im ready to delete it...
Tried the game got to level 5, saw 10 ads no fun for just trying, for tye first 5 levels I noticed a bug that many time balls got stuck in the level. So you Needed to use the button to recall your balls. Would maybe be a cool game if you don't mind ads. Maybe you can get a free ads game but I already lost interest.
An interesting take on a ball breaking game that looks good and plays well. The while thing however is totally ruined by so many adverts even for a free game. Every single level, every single time you do anything you get anther long advert. Such a shame
Fun little version of a ball bouncing game, but glitches badly on the last ball regularly, causing a "double drop" of the pieces. The "watch video" feature when the pieces get to the bottom to continue the game only works 50% of the time. Needs more coding to fix
Endless ads. Every level you get an ad . Lose you get an ad , win you get an ad. If you're listening to music or podcast on phone the ads cut into them. Sort the sodding ads out !!!!
basic stream of balls to break bricks game with a 3d element by making stacks whose heights are dependant on the number of times you have to hit the bricks to break them. Its fun to watch the stacks 'melt' but the animation of the balls is horrible. It isnt even animation. Its pictures of dots with drawings of motion blur displayed in a row. Its so bad looking I uninstalled it after 6 levels. If the programmer could make moving streams of balls like all the other versions I'd play it.
Ads are in the way. They cover the bottom of your screen so you cannot see what controls or buttons are there. Could be a fun game, but the ads take the fun away. Uninstalling this game.
I had gotten to over level 3311 and had to replace my phone, so I lost all of my progress. Otherwise I love it.
Fair, but can't get past level 3584 without paying for more stars. I'm sorry, but, while this game is fun, it's definitely not worth paying for. Time to move to another game.
Fun game to play. Great that it is endless. Very relaxing. Occasionally the ball is stuck in the middle position but overall fun.
Terrible! I get to level 6 and nothing happens. I have to keep refreshing OR!! Call the balls back when I wasn't even given the choice to send the balls off??? whaaaaa.. viruses for sure. Please fix.
Paid for no ads, but still get ads? When I click the no ads icon, get an error saying that I've already purchased it, yet the ads are persistent. Makes it really frustrating
Pleasant enough game but it should be renamed Endless Adverts. Almost one after every level. I know it's free and the adverts support that element but when you spend almost as much time watching adverts as you do playing it's time to leave. I've uninstall it.
An alright game spoilt big-time with far to many adverts. I found Endless balls a fairly satisfying & fun game to play. However with having to put up with adverts every time you complete a level it just got very annoying to the extent that I couldn't be bothered with it anymore.
Pay to win. No rewards for viewing ads. And if im new to the app why am I starting in level 86. That doesn't give me time to collect stars.
i have the old one & i just downloaded this new one and omg i LOVE IT ! i totally recommend this game. its a good one to pass time.
Faaaaaar too many adds. I understand the need for them. Interest is lost after a few levels because more time is spent watching adds.
soooo love the game but I can't even get to the settings button or home button because of where the ads are placed.... please move them
Fraud: this game has nothing to do with balls. The game is about blocks or bricks whatever you want. The cool scenes you see on the advertisement are fakes to draw you in
Cool game. One of the advertisers ads is freezing up and not coming back up so i have to close the game, lose my progress and start over. The ad is for puzzles survival. Please fix this? 😁
**UPDATE** I just reached level 80, I am a fan of brick games, I LOVE this game, GOOD - majority of ads are just images and can be dismissed quickly.. BAD - the ball can get lost in the tower of bricks and never come out, so you have to dismiss that ball to move on to the next.. to me that's irritating ALSO...the ball will get stuck in a pattern where there are no bricks and does not move... again you have to dismiss that ball to get the next.
Level 673 is impossible to win. First tried it in March and this is now May. Deleting game. This is when ads to continue the game would help.
I like it as a brick breaker game but there is an ad at the bottom that covers game controls including settings. it's ridiculously frustrating and won't go away.
Good graphics and physics. Some levels are impossible of you don't spend money. I understand needing to make money but just sell the game then. One purchase and done. Needs varying sound effects - not the same sound every time. But still clever. A speed control to slow down would be great.
An ad after each level. A good game but disgusting amount of ads. Thats the only reason for 1 star! Otherwise fun game really liked it
One of those time sucks! Burned through the first 30 or so levels and it started to get thinkable. It's certainly fun to try to get balls trapped above to keep the blocks going. Often I'd get them stuck and the occasional glitch where the ball goes through the blocks. There is a view change that I didnt notice until I'd played like 80 levels. Got to 101 realized it's all just the same and uninstalled it. A thank you to the creators, I had fun.
Ok gameplay but TOO MANY ADS. It just asked me to rate then made me sit through an ad to get to this page. That's ludicrous.
As to be expected by any game that pays for Facebook advertisement, this game is full of ads. What's upsetting though is that the game is nothing like their Facebook advertisement that drew me in. Also, because of poor integration of banner ads, the game lags terribly on the highest end devices. Several other noticable glitches. Overall what you get out of the game in a small amount of fun is not worth dealing with all the advertisements and issues. Immediate uninstall.
Advertised as 3d gravity modeled. Just another ball shooter with a stacked block element. Balls frequently get stuck perfectly horizontal requiring use of the drop button. Several times had to use it when there was no ball movement. Little challenge.
I love playing this game ... it really makes you think ... I think I'm addicted ... cannot go to sleep at night unless I have played at least 10 levels ... killing my sleep pattern ... but who cares when you are having soooooooo much fun. Well done guys ... keep up the good work πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ€—πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
This is a killer game! It's not like any other I've played. It's so easy but at the same time it's hard. You get 5 stars from me because once I start playing, it's hard for me to stop. One small change would make it perfect, for me at least. I'd love if when there's only 1or 2 balls left, if maybe we could have the option to send more balls out even though the other 1 or 2 are still bouncing around. Or not. Either way, thanks for a great game! I love it! 😁
This game is just a rubbish. When i played it and ball is in middle and destroying every block the ball goes invisible inside the block. I tell u not to play this game this game is a rubbish.
I purchased "no ads". The first time I had a problem with my phone and had to delete and reinstall, the ads came back. When I try to click on no ads it gives me the message that I already purchased it but the ads won't go away! Rip off!
Nothing wrong with the game but the adverts are ridiculous. Actually I quite like the game but cannot see how it would work without the adverts so it's got to go
Decent concept, but not the game in the ad. Sometimes the last balls get "hung" under a falling tile and you have to force reset the turn and the balls move so fast they don't all strike the boxes. I had a line of 10+ balls left that headed to a "4" block, they all bounced off and only took the score down to "1"
Great Game. Cool concept being 3D Lot's of variety. ONLY bugbear are the ads, after every round. Gets very frustrating and annoying.
Ads between each level, 10 sec to 30 sec. Still some bugs in program where it thinks a ball is out, but not and have to press balls down button. Bounce angle doesn't seem right all the time. Some fixes and game play will be better.
Deceptive marketing strikes again. There really is no 3D aspect to the game. The pieces are just raised up, but give no actual change to the game. This is the same old brick break game that has been around for years. The marketing advertisements are a lie.
I like the game but adverts obscuring the screen and controlls are utter nonsense. It pretty much destroys all experience. It would be 5 stars otherwise.
It's the only game I've ever played that has a commercial after each and every level and the commercials are longer than the levels
Far too many ads! Basically it's one advert per game you play. You actually spend more time watching the adverts than playiing time. Got fed up within minutes of installing. Now Uninstalled. Avoid!
Why would i want to pay for an app that has so many glitches, stops by itself and wont work. Ads are completely different than the game play.
Excellent game but the adverts let it down, jeez every time after a clear round or a failed round, gets very tedious and makes it virtually unplayable
The 3D part of this game is a good idea. The rest, like the sounds were not very thought out. I really had to quit playing and uninstal it. You were on the right track but, didnt see it all the way through. Sorry.
Cool game had issue with android web view app froze most of my apps had just made 5$ purchase lost out on that money but cool game can play for hours deleted it when the web view problem arose so lost out on five dollars most important was I was on 2120 th board now have to start over
Great game, lots of adds, put off any type of connection to internet to avoid apps... Played a few levels before logging off for the first time...
1st 2 levels in a row a ball got stuck going horizontally and never stopped. Other similar games eventually change the trajectory to avoid this.
Not bad for a different take on the ubiquitous bricks-n-balls game. Would like to see easier means of changing the brick colors (points are sooooo sloooooow to accumulate). Ads are a given, and the "back" button quickly gets rid of them. However, there is one major gripe I have... you cannot "back out" of the game... that is... you have to hit the "home" button and close manually. Most certainly a pain, and keeps this from getting five stars from me.
Could be good, but an ad every level after lv 2, come on, spend more time watching ads than playing. You dont really deserve 1 star, but 0, but as you have to rate the game to comment 1 it is. GAME NOW UNINSTALLED.
Was having a great time, until suddenly it starts playing the f'n angry birds theme. Even when i go to a different app. Turned the music option on and off, no effect. For the love of God please figure this out
Not only are there 30s ads every two rounds, the game play is also buggy with balls running in endless horizontal runs.
Potentially a good game, but there are way too many interruptions by way of ads - uninstalled within 5 minutes. A shame.
made it level 25 and just couldnt take it anymore. game play is fine but an ad after every damn level is a bit much imo
still the commercials are hanging up the game I was on level 111 and had to uninstall and reinstall the game and STILL they are hanging up the game and I had to start over from the beginning...I lost all of the levels I accomplished!!!
Power ups would be nice or at least 2xtra chances instead of one. I'm level 1479 but got stuck on 1478 for 2ΒΉ/Β² weeks straight. Extremely frustrating!
It's a good idea, but seeing an ad every level is just too annoying. Also as many have mentioned, this is not the game that is advertised. Uninstalled why lie about a game, do you think people are that stupid?
I really enjoy the challenges on each level.. It is really fun & makes you have to think strategy to beat each level..
Pretty awesome game just like a light switch when you flip it on the light comes on we might not be sure how it works but the light turns on regardless that's what this game reminds me of because a lot of it doesn't make any sense with the numbers and what not but it's still very fun and fun to watch
Fun game but way too many ads. Making you watch an ad in between every level or every time you want to restart a level us too much.
This game is typical of so many other games of it's ilk...tooooo many ads. The game is boring. I uninstalled it after playing less than an hour.
Was OK, some challenging levels. Just got annoyed when you had one ball left, running for some time and still hitting bricks and then went back to buttom, the game doesn't recognise it and you have "get the ball back", which pull the bricks down twice and makes it harder to finish levels.
Completely different than in the ads! Just a simply block breaker clone. Nothing special. Not worth the download.
ads are in the way. cant even finish level 1. the balls got going sideways and wouldn't move. couldn't force them away. un-installing.
This is the second time I downloaded this game. Its even worse now. One star!! Ads after EVERY LEVEL!!! If you allow ads to come up after every level, your not creating a game for others to play, your object is $$$. Good luck. Uninstalling AGAIN.
It's supposed to be endless balls, but they only give you 50 balls. Thats not my idea of endless. Some levels are immpossable to clear. They also only give you 2 chances to clear a board. I think they need to give more chances.
I had this on my Samsung galaxy S10 plus and it worked fine. I have just got the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra, and the game jitters and lags so bad. I'm going to have to delete it as its not even worth playing anymore.
If I could give 0 star I would. I have s10+ not a big as the note but still a pretty big screen and with the forever ad at the bottom of the screen you can't see any of the content buttons. Lame.
Not the game showed in the ad....once again! I'm tired of seeing an ad for a game that looks interesting, only to find that the actual game is completely different. This happens all the time. Be honest with people! I'll stay with it for a while, to see if you have the integrity to respond to this rating, but since you probably won't, I'll likely be uninstalling in a week or so.